How to Use the Amazing Power of Prayer

To Help You Solve Problems and Get Anything You Want

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Rodolfo C. Torres

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I am an author, but not God. What I have written here are fundamental spiritual laws. Though I have seen these work in my life and in the lives of others, I do not guarantee that you will get the same results. For man proposes but God alone disposes. Whatever successes or blessings you’ll receive it’s only the Lord you should praise and thank for. Honor and glory belongs to the Lord. Like you, I am only His servant. All glory belongs to God. May God bless and prosper you. Website: eMail:

The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. Get your copy now at -

PRAYER: the Greatest Force on Earth How to Pray and Receive Answers to Your Prayers How Your Faith Can Make You Rich Financially, Physically, and Spiritually The First Amazing Step to Get Anything You Desire Amazing Prayers for Financial Prosperity How to Gain Better Health through Prayer The Amazing Law of Blessing God’s FREE Gift of Eternal Life RESOURCES to Help You Use the Amazing Power of Prayer 5 7 13 23 43 49 57 61 68

The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. Get your copy now at -

The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. Get your copy now at -

PRAYER: The Greatest Force on Earth
Dr. Alexis Carrel, scientist and Nobel Prize winner, said: “Prayer is the most powerful form of energy one can generate. It is a form as real as terrestrial gravity.” Charles P. Steinmetz, the electrical wizard, predicted: “Someday the scientists of the world will turn their laboratories over the study of God and prayer…when this day comes, the world will see more advancement in one generation than it has in the past four generations.” Truly, as Alfred, Lord Tennyson wrote: “More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.” Prayer is the greatest force on earth! Scientists and noted men of achievement believed in the power of prayer.
The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. Get your copy now at -

Galileo didn’t believe that God answers prayer until he tried praying one day. “Oh, God, I beg you. Enlighten my mind so that I may invent something great to further human knowledge,” he said. Shortly, God answered him by leading him to the invention of the telescope! With God, you can do the impossible. He said in the Holy Bible, Jeremiah 32:27: “Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: Is there anything too hard for Me?” “All things are possible with God.” (Mark 10:27)

The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. Get your copy now at -

whatever you ask for in prayer. but believe you HAVE RECEIVED them. It is believing you already have the answer even before you physically receive it. When you 7 . It is believing you have it in your hand even before you can touch it.amazingmethods.HOW TO PRAY AND RECEIVE ANSWERS TO YOUR PRAYERS Jesus revealed the secret of answered prayer when He said: "Therefore I tell you. It The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life.http://www." (Mark 11:24) This is the key to answered prayer. believe that you have received it. believe that you have received them – and you shall have them! It doesn’t say believe you SHALL receive them. Get your copy now at . and it will be yours.

Somebody had to plant that belief. It is touching it and seeing it in your mind even before you can actually feel it or see it. In fact.http://www. a spiritual seed. Your belief is the spiritual seed.amazingmethods.began only as seeing your mind’s eye even before you can see it with your eyes. It is feeling the joy of owning it or living it even before its physical reality. everything you see – the buildings. Get your copy now at . It is a reality when you can believe it – even if you can’t physically see it or touch it. the substance of things hoped for. But take note: That reality has its beginning from that seed of belief. And that seed is as much a part of what you actually see in physical reality. the skyscrapers. that spiritual seed. And soon enough – it became a reality. the bridges.” If you haven’t received answers to your 8 . It is thanking God in advance even before it The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. It is what Paul meant when he described faith as the “evidence of things not seen. it could be because you haven’t believed enough that you have received it. the airplanes .

you only have to wait for its physical manifestation. It’s just a matter of time. Thanking God in advance is an expression of your belief that you have indeed received the answer to your prayer. To be able to thank God in advance is a sign or expression of true faith.amazingmethods. to get answers to your prayers. One woman had been trying to sell her house for a year because she wanted to move to another place. The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. So.manifests physically. Once you really believe you already have it. They looked at the house. She felt more and more desperate as days passed by. But they never 9 . believe that you have received and thank God in advance for them. Finally. you can have it. And she thanked God in advance for answering her prayer. she turned her problem over to God in prayer. That’s first-class faith. Many came. If you can believe it.http://www. Get your copy now at .

Wealth 2. they might have laughed at her. Had her closest friends known what she had been doing. a buyer came and handed her the money. So she wrote down her four desires: 1. She was convinced that she can get anything she desired if she could only believe it. you can have it.http://www. “Are you losing your mind?” But on the fourth day. A wonderful husband 4. she would imagine seeing herself receiving the payment for the house and depositing the money in her bank. Get your copy now at . If you can believe it. A trip around the world 3.For three days. She got the answer to her prayer when she believed she had received the payment for her house – by seeing it in her mind as a reality and thanking God in advance for it.amazingmethods. A beautiful home The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your 10 . the full payment for the house. A young lady learned this secret. saying.

http://www. asking her to join them for a trip around the world. Here’s how you believe and receive answers to your prayers: The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. read the items one by one. In God’s time and wonderful way. they got married. at noon.amazingmethods. She also received an invitation from her parents in Canada. During their trip. Not long afterwards. She would see herself in her imagination. believe that you have received them and thank God for them. she would relax her physical body and her mind. Get your copy now at . enjoying the realization of her desires. And so her four desires were fulfilled! Yes. she met a man. The result? In a month’s 11 . And they both lived in her husband’s beautiful home. when you pray for something. bring out her list. you will receive them. and thank God in advance for the fulfillment of her desires. her grandmother gave her a car and a large sum of money. It was love at first sight.Every morning. and again at night.

Believe it. Be sure that what you are asking God for is attainable and good – in harmony or not against His will.amazingmethods. “Thank you. for the immediate fulfillment of my desires because of your divine love. A lady said. Get your copy now at . Feel it. “I’ve been bringing this book with me wherever I go. See yourself in your imagination enjoying the reality of your desires. you can receive it.http://www. 2.” The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life.001 Ways to Use the Power of 12 . Affirm this thanksgiving prayer when you wake up in the morning and just before you sleep at night.1. Tell God what you need and thank God in advance for answering your prayer. Once you believe it. You’ll love this book. just CLICK the link below now or go to: http://www. “1. (This is an excerpt from my book. I receive them in Jesus Christ’s name.” This book has helped others bring miracles into their lives.” For more information. Father. It will show you how to receive answers to your prayers and use the amazing power of prayer to solve problems and turn your desires into reality.AmazingPrayers.

all things are possible to him who believes. read or saw.” (Mark 9:23) What is faith? Faith as applied to everyday living is the opposite of fear. we have become experts in living by fear. which we got from what we heard.amazingmethods.http://www.HOW YOUR FAITH CAN MAKE YOU RICH 13 . The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. PHYSICALLY AND SPIRITUALLY Jesus Christ said: “If you can believe. Fear is thinking and believing of something bad or negative happening in your life. Get your copy now at . Because of our negative mental conditioning from childhood. Faith is thinking and believing of something good or positive happening in your life.

The result? We get more problems. “Your thought is like a powerful magnet: It can attract to yourself any good thing you may desire — riches. is that . a life partner. It has not been explained to us.we have not been educated about it.amazingmethods. Get your copy now at .http://www. Why? I believe that one of the reasons. Bad things keep happening in our lives. not solutions. if not the 14 . Now. Yet it should have been taught in school. psychologists. happiness.” The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. The purpose of this book is to EXPLAIN why you should not live by fear. And yet. We suffer lack. and mind experts show and prove this startling and almost unbelievable fact — one of the world’s most significant discoveries in centuries. or any good thing you want. let me explain: Experiments conducted by scientists. instead of what we want to happen in our lives.So we always think of problems. I’ll show you why you should live by faith and how to use the power of faith for more joyful and more abundant living. More importantly. We often think of what we don’t want. instead of many irrelevant academic subjects. we keep on living by fear.

he is making real money. he claimed that he started his business from scratch. and invited me to visit his family. “Thank you…I have increased my earnings. But. Get your copy now at . he brought the car with him. They just could not believe it. Another wrote back. It was a red station wagon. The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. To prove his statement.http://www. with some grey hairs. Now. “Your lessons are true.” Recently I met a young man who came across some of the lessons in my book. An uncle of mine laughed at me. a few weeks later many wrote back confirming my statement with their experiences. I can afford your other 15 . some thought I was kidding.amazingmethods. Frank was an old man. he said I was only dreaming. I’ve just gotten the car I have dreamt of.When I first made this statement. They work. saying.” he announced with excitement when he dropped in one day. and now. Perhaps others thought I was losing my right senses.” With nothing but the secrets he discovered and learned from my book. and over 50 years old. The first encouragement came from a real estate agent. Please send it to me. “4 Amazing Steps.

Mark Twain. Using the same secrets.amazingmethods. scientists as Thomas Alva Edison.http://www.. a woman whose husband was having an affair with another woman.without her talking to him face to face. got her husband to mend his ways and be faithful to her. They include psychologists. Immanuel Kant. Pearl S.Another man in his thirties and who started working as a janitor. What do you see? The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. I would like you to try this simple experiment: Look at the air around you.. locked up inside you is a power that can attract and bring to yourself the good things you want from life. Before we go on.. Yes. and Dr.even more powerful than the mythical Aladdin’s lamp. and statesmen like Abraham Lincoln and others. multiplied his income five times in two years. like William James of Harvard University. Luther Burbank. These are just a few of the experiences of others who have learned to unlock and harness the hidden and magnetic powers of their faith. Get your copy now at .. philosophers like Goethe. Rhine of Duke University. Buck. Joseph B. Even famous and reputable men of the ages believe in the great and mysterious powers of the human 16 . men of letters as Robert Louis Stevenson.

they must have been around you all the time. music. Though you didn’t see the radio waves. steel. your mind can broadcast your thoughts far and wide. or wood. lock your door. going through walls of bricks. Your thoughts exist. what do you hear? Words. And they. Just think of the telecasting of man’s moon landing by the Apollo astronauts…from the moon to the earth! Wonderful. although you don’t see them.amazingmethods. isn’t it? Just marvelous! Like these. or wood. they were there all the 17 . You see the person talking. They’re real. but of split seconds! But.http://www. You not only hear music.Nothing. And did you ever stop to think that they were broadcast from hundreds of miles away? And here…they reached you in a matter not of minutes. The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. brick. too. So. too. Now. patch up every small hole. And they reached you in split seconds. more marvelous is your television set. Now. You also see the person singing. Do you still hear the words or music from your radio? Yes! They must have pierced through your walls and window panes. Tune in your radio. seal all your windows. Get your copy now at . Like your radio they might have been telecast miles away. can pierce through walls of steel.

And they can travel fast — in split seconds! The amazing case of Ted Serios.” which devoted two pages on it. like the Taj Mahal. Abraham Lincoln. In another experiment. the cabdriver whose thoughts could be photographed. The Ted-Serious experiments were conducted in the presence of reputable men of science. But still. it was reported that he projected his thoughts on a wall of a room and for a few seconds some witnesses saw it. He was even asked to sit in a Faraday cage designed to keep off all radio waves and electromagnetic projections. One time. proved this.amazingmethods.http://www. New cameras and new rolls of films were used. One time. In the past 15 years. The Women’s Magazine also gave three full pages to his story. John 18 . he was even stripped of his clothes. the White House. experts in their own respective fields and whose words were The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. This man created a stir when his story was first published in the reputable “Life Magazine. photos were taken from the projected thoughts of Serios. pictures of his thoughts were taken. he was even blindfold. and some faraway buildings. Experiments conducted proved that Ted Serios could project his thoughts while in front of a camera — and photos of his thoughts were taken. Get your copy now at .

Dr. thoughts are things! But.S. Veterans Administration Hospital in Denver. an associate clinical professor of medicine. In these experiments.Allen Hynek. Evanston Illinois. Dr. Among them were: Charles JD.respected. Northwestern University. For example— Further experiments on the mind conducted by other scientists and experts also prove that thoughts are energy. and many others. Get your copy now at . Wainwrigth professor of electrical engineering in Colorado State University. Dr. Fort Collins. Ray W. The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. Joseph B. they showed that they could control the turn of the dice. and they can control or influence material objects The experiments of Dr. Hlad Jr. this is just one aspect of the startling discovery. Rhine and his associates proved again and again that THOUGHTS COULD INFLUENCE MATERIAL OBJECTS. Indeed. As a simple proof.http://www. Rhine of Duke University prove this. Rhine and associates stayed at a near distance and concentrated on the number they wanted the dice to come up with. professor and chairman department of 19 ..J. physicist and of the research laboratory of the U. A mechanical device was used to throw the dice to exclude the possibility of human influence.amazingmethods.

unmanned spacecraft to orbit the earth and bring it back— without wires. and left with $50. It turned up with the number they had their thoughts on.000. They say that our brain is composed of 40 to 50 billion cells. But. And these brain cells. This won’t look impossible when we consider the fact that we could accurately control and send guided missiles to any 20 .And the dice seemed to obey their thoughts. more important is this: Our brain is like a TV or radio broadcasting station. Get your copy now at . man’s God-given mind possesses mysteThe “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. Scientists also now agree that our thoughts are electromagnetic. as well as the other cells of our body. are being kept alive by magnetism and electricity.amazingmethods. send heavy. I also read the case of a man in Las Vegas who ruled the dice 50 times without miss. Yes. without strings or material connections. A sound proof that MIND CAN CONTROL OR INFLUENCE MATTER! Recently. It can send and receive thought-messages. they demonstrated this simple but convincing experiments and demonstrations…with the same almost unbelievable results.http://www. Again and again and again.

faith. and circumstances you need to make your dreams a physical reality.rious powers which are yet to be fully discovered and developed. but we have failed to make a thorough exploration of our mind…the result and success of which can solve many of the miseries in this 21 . We have successfully explored the moon and other planets. even outside our planet Earth to find solutions to our problems when the Key is right in our own God-given mind! We’ve missed a great deal in life simply because we failed to realize this age-old secret of the ages: “Our God-given mind is like a powerful magnet. Below. As I’ve said at the start.http://www. We look outside ourselves. is thinking and believing of good things happening in your life. as applied to practical daily living. things. The purpose of this book is to help you develop and strengthen the magnetic power of your faith so that you could attract to yourself the opportunities. I will show you the techniques and The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. people.amazingmethods. able to attract to us any good thing we desire. Get your copy now at . we’ll now know and appreciate why it is of utmost importance for us to live by faith.” Now that we have discovered how our mind works.

For more information.” Whatever is your dream. “How to Use the Amazing Power of Faith.http://www. Get your copy now at . 22 .AmazingPrayers. Much of your success depends on your faith. and spiritual riches.” (Mark 9:23) (This is an excerpt from my I’ll show you HOW TO USE THE AMAZING POWER OF YOUR FAITH. friendship. you can make it come true if you can believe. material possession. happiness. all things are possible to him who believes.amazingmethods. for as Jesus Christ said: “If you can The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life.steps you can use to harness the mightiest forces of the universe and place them at your command for the fulfillment of your desires . CLICK the link below or go to: http://www.

com 23 . thoughts are magnets which attract to us the very The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. If you always think of poverty you will soon become poor. As David Bush aptly said: “Thoughts are things. Get your copy now at .The FIRST Amazing Step to Get Anything You Desire The FIRST AMAZING STEP to make any good dream come true is to – MAKE A CLEAR MENTAL PICTURE OF YOUR DESIRE.amazingmethods. desire. thoughts are energy. or fear is likely to materialize in your life. So – Think of the things you want – not the things you do not want.http://www. Remember this every second of your life – What you constantly think of. If you always think of riches you will soon attract conditions of circumstances that will cause riches to flow into your life.

amazingmethods. Today.” Your mental pictures – your thoughts – can The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. His mental picture came true! Dr. in his “Science of Getting Rich” also said: “Man can form things in his thought. He attracted more capital. Get your copy now at . can cause the thing he thinks about to be created.things which we think. Albert Wiggam considered this business of mental picturing as “the strongest force within 24 . his business began to grow faster. the head of the giant corporation he dreamed of. three times a day.” Wallace D. and.http://www. he is rich. debt is what you will have. he made a mental picture of himself managing a giant corporation. And he saw himself as the head of the business. if you concentrate on debts. by impressing his thought upon formless substance. if you think about poverty. For about 10 to 15 minutes. poverty is what you will receive. needed personnel. the stores and employees working. He clearly imagined the buildings. more customers.” There was a businessman who had nothing but a small store. profitable ideas – and gradually expanded his business. Wattles. “I say. After doing this for some time.

Because – THINKING OF A THING IS THE FIRST STEP OF CREATION! Every time you constantly think of a thing or condition. began his story as we dined The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. Jr. And you will soon have it – unless you stop.'” (Psalm 82:6) If you want something – riches. health. you are taking the first step of creating it. whether you know it or not. You can CAUSE things to happen! Could this be because it is said in the Holy Bible: "I said. magnets that can attract to us the realization of our dreams. you are starting to create it. you can “think” things to physical reality.amazingmethods. of making it happen. Get your copy now at . energy. or change your thought! Yes. If you think of poverty or failure..make things happen. success – you can start creating or making it happen just by constantly thinking of it. you are all sons of the Most High.” with those words my good friend Felix Ibay. I was receiving only a small salary a month as a janitor. `You are "gods". “Ten years ago. neutralize.http://www. For thoughts are really 25 .

I would head straight to my bed and – dream. majoring in accounting. All around me were my boardmates. Thoughts can really cause things to a restaurant one Friday. With perseverance. “A few months later. I was given double my monthly pay. At 31.amazingmethods. I became a messenger and got a raise in salary. he held higher positions and got a raise in salary. studying. ‘I wish I will someday study in this University.http://www. “I was excited! The first thing I did was to enroll at a university! At last!” He took up an evening course in business.’ “And how I sighed when I came home at night. my tears would begin to swell in my eyes as I drove this wish into my heart. Gradually. Get your copy now at . “I had to walk to and from my job. And each time I passed by a university. he finished his course. The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your 26 . “Without passing glances. he was receiving more than 11 times his previous salary a month! I learned he left for Canada and I heard that he is making five times his previous salary.

my father built the house!” The things we see externally first started as somebody’s thoughts. first might have a mental picture or model of what He wanted. mental pictures. “Let there be light. To make things happen. Get your copy now at . The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. It has been said that our physical world is the mirror of our mind. our thoughts. one day.I was talking one night with Delia.” In the creation of the world. When He said. But my father got his truck!” “At another time.’ And my mother again laughed at him. The things that we see existing now first were mere thoughts or mental pictures in someone else’s mind.” He surely knew what light would be like.’ But. ‘He’s dreaming too much. one must take the first step of creation: “MAKE A MENTAL PICTURE OF WHAT YOU WANT. my father again said. ‘I wish we could build a bigger house.http://www.amazingmethods. even God. “I wish I had a truck. my father said.’ And my mother commented. a 21-yearold young lady. ‘I wish I’ll have a jeep!’ But my father got his jeep!” “Then. And she said to me: “My mother used to laugh at my poor father whenever he 27 .

Cut photographs of the things you want.” So. Get your copy now at . Think of it. Then. before you can make your dreams come true and get what you want.The same is true when He created man “in His image. project your mental picture on the screen of your mind at least three times a day.amazingmethods. when you wake up in the morning. when you relax during the day and whenever you can. See it as clearly and definitely as you would have it. Think of it when you are about to sleep. then. Here are some devices that will help you visualize your mental picture clearly: 1) Make a scrapbook of your dream or goal. then The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. Frequent and constant visualization of your mental picture will reinforce its power.http://www. Relax and free yourself from any negative emotion and activity. project your mental picture into the screen of your mind or imagination. just as repeated hammering of a nail makes the nail sink deeper. MAKE A MENTAL PICTURE. Live with it. with great 28 .

Everyday he imagined himself developing and having such a built. put a picture of the car you want. he cut photos of muscular men. 29 . the sculptor The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. When the statue was finished. If you want a car.paste them in your scrapbook. He placed them constantly before his eyes and minds. also paste pictures of the rooms and furnishings you want. And he got what he wanted! This also reminds me of a story. If you want a house. and make them come to life in your imagination. Then go over your scrapbook now and then. One day. in its exact color. Then on succeeding pages. So. etc. but paste a photo of your face on his or hers. If you want a certain job. a Prince called his sculptor and asked him to make a statue of a handsome man. For example – A 15-year-old boy wanted to develop a muscular body. cut a photograph of a person occupying such a position. cut a picture of that house. like Steve Reeves. Get your copy now at . model.amazingmethods.

presented it to the Prince. Get your copy now at . then place them where you can often see them. he made a bulletin board at home. place it in my room. Place one card in your wallet.amazingmethods. all gold and silver medalists. my Prince?” “No. From that day on. “Shall we put it at the gate. one on your desk.” said the Prince. Sr. he wrote the names of his boys. and on places where you can often see them. the Prince looked at the statue and imagined himself looking like the statue. Realizing the importance of setting concrete goals and keeping them in sight. Besides the names he hanged their respecThe “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. Antonio R. people began noticing a gradual change in the Prince’s appearance.. is a father of six talented boys. After several days. old man. The Prince kept on having a mental picture until he looked exactly like it. 2) Write a statement of your dream or goal on cards. another in one of the corners of your mirror. and asked. On this bulletin 30 .http://www. Mirabueno.

His father knew this. told him. janitor.” Starting from his third year in high school. I want a bulletin board for myself alone. however. Arnold finished kindergarten.tive medals to remind them of their goals and challenged them to do better. Make me one and I’ll fill it with medals!” Recently. a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Laws. he will get. and clerk. he finished college – with three degrees: a Bachelor of Science in Commerce. his youngest son. he got! The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life.http://www. In spite of financial difficulties. “Father. he dreamed and saw himself graduating from college. Arnold. Working as a houseboy. “When I have a goal I myself even make pictures and graphs of it. I believe that this young boy will get those medals to fill up the spaces of his bulletin board! What he thinks and mentally pictures always. What he dreamed of and mentally pictured. One afternoon. messenger. And he has already one medal – a silver medal. Get your copy now at .com 31 . who was a little more than five years old then. the older Mirabueno was a self-supporting student.amazingmethods.

Get your copy now at . “You are appointed sales manager. make a mental picture of your goal and write it down on a card or cut a picture of it.000-ayear man with the help of this mirror technique.So. For example. 32 . “Write down what you want to achieve. And you will be amazed at the result.http://www. If you often pray. Tell God what you want and how much you want it. As Johnson O’Conner said. 4) Try prayer-power. I suggest that you read the 23rd Psalm twice or The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life.amazingmethods. if you want to become a sales manager. you may find it more effective to visualize and add power to your mental picture by praying. and place it where you can often see it. look at yourself in the eyes.” 3) Use the “mirror technique” Stand before a mirror. Congratulations!” An average salesman became a $150. and affirm your dream. Then frame the paper on which you wrote it and hang it on the wall. Do this twice or thrice daily for 10 to 15 minutes.

6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me All the days of my life. 33 . I will fear no evil. He leads me beside the still waters. 4 Yea. For You are with me. Get your copy now at . He leads me in the paths of righteousness For His name's sake. Thousands all over the world have reportedly gained peace of mind also by repeatedly reciting and mental picturing the message of the world-famous 23rd Psalm which is quoted here: Psalm 23 The LORD is my shepherd. 3 He restores my soul. 2 He makes me to lie down in green pastures. they comfort me. Your rod and Your staff.’ The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life.thrice daily. 5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. My cup runs over. though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. I shall not want. And I will dwell in the house of the LORD Forever. You anoint my head with oil.

001 Ways to Use the Power of Prayer. but I just BELIEVED that somehow I would receive the money. I did not know how to get it.“Prayerizing” your dream can help you gain greater confidence or faith in its realization. then looked at it several times a day to help me visualize money. I took the first step. 1972. It will help you pray for your needs and desires and receive answers to your prayers). In September. Then interesting things began to happen. I was doing everything I could to solve my financial problem. Make a clear mental picture of it. “1. And I found myself with a wife and a one-month-old son to support. Get your copy now at . the offices of the newspaper where I was working were 34 . The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. that of creating a mental picture of money. Funds ran low so fast! I had to do something before things worsened. The things you want to happen can come true. Meanwhile. Use these four devices to help you visualize your mental picture more clearly.http://www.amazingmethods. (I suggest you get a copy of my book. I cut a photograph of money from a magazine’s front cover. Things – surprising things – began to happen until I finally met and overcame the financial crisis. Visualize it. of course.

If you want poverty. “is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind. Your thoughts or mental pictures today will be the events of tomorrow. Change your thoughts. Get your copy now at .Hold on to it. Run the picture in your mind. If you do not like many of the things happening in your life now.http://www. start changing them now – by making mental pictures of the things you want. “The man who acquires the ability to take full possession of his mind may take possession of anything else to which he is justly entitled. and you change your life! You can control your success or failure because you can control or choose your 35 . you need only to be poverty-conscious every walking moment of your life. Make it as colorful as you can. you have to think of and desire riches to attract them.amazingmethods. If you want a life of riches. “The greatest discovery of my generation.” said noted psychologist William James. The events of today were your thoughts of yesterday.” said AnThe “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life.” Your success or failure depends on your thoughts.

their sickness.000 years ago. It is man who brings evil and punishment upon himself – by his wrong and evil thoughts and deeds. But they don’t know it. Get your copy now at . our Lord. Control your thoughts and you control your life. They blame God for their poverty. powerful. He said: “I have come that they may have life. who started from rags to riches. God is Love. it’s not God who gives it to them. and all bad luck that comes to them. “It’s God’s will. suffering. and merciful God who wants to see His people hungry. choice. their unhappiness. It is ridiculous to think of a 36 . isn’t it? When Jesus Christ. or deed. They are weaklings! The truth is. Do not be like others who always blame God when misfortune befalls them.” they say.http://www. it’s just a consequence of their bad thought.amazingmethods. unhappy. allows bad things to happen to some. ragged. and that The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. If God. by His permissive will. He does not wish any evil for any man.drew Carnegie. It is they themselves – their own thoughts – they make their misfortune happen. came to earth about 2. and sick. He did not come to make us poor and starving.

the law of prosperous 37 . making the lame walk.amazingmethods. that your joy may be full. or misfortune. but be of good cheer. So. poverty.” (John 16:24) He did not come to bring sickness. sickness. glory. making the deaf hear. and power. frustrations. He went about healing the sick. Get your copy now at .http://www. You are here to preach by your life the expression of His Divine love. and you will receive. even raising the dead. He went saying: “In the world you will have tribulation.they may have it more abundantly.” (John 16:33) He like to see us safe and happy! He came to save man from damnation – poverty. He did not come to preach unhappiness or insecurity. And you are here to reflect or manifest His riches. making the blind see. troubles. miseries. I have overcome the world. sickness. He said: “Ask. and problems.” (John 10:10) He came to give man prosperity. God wills only what is good. cleansing the leper. STOP blaming God for your bad luck. sufferings. The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life.

Change your thoughts. your unhappiness are caused by your own thoughts. and you change your life? Case after case in real life proves this. if you are unhappy? Hold this thought in mind: Your life is the result of your own thoughts. CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS. Set your thoughts right. they are not God’s will.amazingmethods. How can you say you trust and love Him. All creation starts from within. The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. Fear is believing in bad things you don’t want to happen in your life. Your poverty. as you already know. when things go wrong.He wants you to be happy. So you can get rid of them because. It’s negative mental picturing. Get your copy now at . Faith is believing in good things happening in your life. in the mind. AND YOU CHANGE YOUR LIFE! So.http://www. Have faith. your sickness. whether it be great achievement or failure. It’s positive mental picturing. Think positive thoughts and you will magnetize and draw positive or good things to yourself. and you will set your outside world right too. Look within. They are your own choices or 38 . don’t look for outside causes. not fear.

amazingmethods. until he changed his thoughts about himself. In 39 . built skyscrapers and made his million! By changing the thought of his organization. an ordinary cabin carpenter expanded his business. By changing his thoughts about himself. he was only 46th in his class list. the star salesman and the flop … the big business builder and the tramp… the healthy and the sickly … the jolly and the sad … is almost always a matter of mental attitude. George Westinghouse’s company was in danger of closing out. The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. “Dumb” students turned heads by a mere change in their mental attitude. At the Military Academy. Napoleon Bonaparte was born to a poor family. since business was very poor.Many a salesman pyramided his sales when got rid of his sick. As long as his thoughts were positive. his empire started to crumble. And he became an emperor and conquered almost all of Europe. one man saved his firm from financial disaster. Get your copy now at . little thoughts and concentrated on grander goals. He was average. The great difference between GREAT SUCCESS and failure. he was unconquerable! When he began to doubt and waver.http://www. just another guy.

amazingmethods. “I bless this thing. neutralize your endeavor and make success impossible. Prophets of old praised God amid their misfortunes. cursing will only make things darker or 40 . And their situation improved. success. You cannot succeed if you think and worry of failure most of the time. “No matter how hard you may work for success.” And then create positive mental pictures of the things you want. he pulled his company out of financial panic – simply by changing the thinking of his organization. if your thought is saturated with the fear of failure it will kill your efforts. concentrate your thoughts on it wholly.” said Orison Sweet Marden. Jailed. Say.But. You cannot gain health if you think of sickness most of the time. Bless and praise everything. That will start the flow of positive thoughts which will help create positive conditions.http://www. You cannot gain riches if you keep thinking poor. and they made them happen! If you want something. Get your copy now at . more business. PeThe “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. Everything works for my good. When undesirable conditions make you unhappy. it will soon pass away. They thought of prosperity.

ter gave praises to God and the prison door opened! Thank.http://www. yet so powerful and truly amazing because these are proven to bring results.” It will show you how to make your dreams come true and achieve any good thing you desire . Get your copy now at . the FIRST SUCCESS STEP to make your dream come true is to – MAKE A CLEAR MENTAL PICTURE OF YOUR DESIRE. Remember.amazingmethods.AmazingPrayers. Change your thoughts – your mental pictures – and you change your 41 .com/4steps) The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. bless. praise! Wish every person good! Creative positive mental pictures – these will make good things happen in your just 4 amazing steps. (This is an excerpt from my book. For more information. “4 AMAZING STEPS. CLICK the link below or go to: http://www. So simple a child can do it.

And whatever he does shall prosper. And in His law he meditates day and night. Nor stands in the path of 42 . (Psalms 1:1-3) The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. He shall be like a tree Planted by the rivers of water. That brings forth its fruit in its season.http://www.Prosperity Secret Blessed is the man Who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly. Get your copy now at . Whose leaf also shall not wither.amazingmethods. But his delight is in the law of the LORD. Nor sits in the seat of the scornful.

All her needs were promptly met.http://www. Meditate on it. he was made district manager. Read Psalm 23 out loud day and night.Amazing Prayers for Financial Prosperity Here are additional prayers to help you claim your share of God’s riches and help you live a more abundant life as Jesus meant for you.amazingmethods. plus commission.000-YEAR-OLD PRAYER FOR PROSPERITY The 23rd Psalm is a proven prayer for financial security. And he got a raise in salary. And watch good things happen in The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. Get your copy now at .com 43 . Three months after he began doing this. One woman recited it daily and she said had never suffered lack for any good thing. One salesman who had a very poor record made it a habit to say out loud the 23rd Psalm every day. AMAZING 2. He’d meditate on it and live it as he goes to work. 44 . Freely. The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. I am receiving more and more everyday. they sold the business and retired multi-millionaires. Think of it as a symbol or an expression of God’s Love and Goodness. PRAYER TO HELP MULTIPLY YOUR MONEY 10 TIMES Before you release or spend your money. I release this. And 10 times this will come back to me. he got an idea which put him and his friend in business. claim: “This is but a symbol of God’s Riches. Just a few years later. Get your copy now at .” PRAYER TO BLESS YOUR MONEY AND MULTIPLY IT EXCEEDINGLY Bless your money.” One man frequently said this and one day.your life.http://www. Hold whatever money you have in your hand and claim: “God multiplies this money and I give thanks.

” PRAYER TO ENRICH YOUR LOVED ONES You can also pray and claim prosperity for your loved ones – and start a floodtide of good things into The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. 45 . And there is always a Divine surplus. and ceaselessly. and every other man gets richer day by day. Get your copy now at .http://www.HERE’S A PRAYER T0 HELP YOU RAISE YOUR INCOME Claim for 5 minutes morning and night: “The limitless riches of God are flowing to me as fast as I can receive and use them.” One man affirmed this and tripled his income in 3 months! AMAZING PRAYER TO KEEP MONEY FLOWING INTO YOUR LIFE FREELY AND CEASELESSLY Pray and claim: “God’s wealth is flowing into my life freely.

amazingmethods. I pray for your prosperity and God’s bountiful blessings in Jesus Christ’s name.http://www.” PRAYER TO PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENTS The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. His good now appears in divine order. “He now goes from success to greater success. “I bless you and the goodness in you. Get your copy now at . Amen. love and justice now flow into your being and Divine right action follows. meeting all his needs instantly at all times.their lives. “God’s unlimited riches now flow to him tirelessly and endlessly.” TO GET DEBTORS PAY THE MONEY THEY OWE YOU Affirm this prayer morning and 46 . And there’s always divine surplus. God’s riches. say this prayer daily: “THIS PRAYER IS FOR ________(say his or her name) “God is prospering him now in all his ways. I thank and praise the Lord that it is so. To enrich your loved ones.

You use them for the purpose of getting rid of your negative thoughts in your life and build your faith in God and His Goodness. So BELIEVE and RECEIVE not only physical and spiritual blessings but also financial blessings in your life. “How to PRAY AND GROW RICH. because as you believe. You have not because you have not claimed your riches and divine heritage.amazingmethods. so shall you receive.Pray and claim: “God watches over all my financial transactions. (This is an excerpt from my book.” Truly God wants to prosper you not only physically and spiritually but also 47 The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life.” Let me explain: These prayers and affirmations are designed not to convince God but to convince yourself. CLICK the link below or go to: http://www. You are a child of the RICHEST and most powerful Father in the universe. They are intended to help you BELIEVE. To receive. For more information. you have to believe. Get your copy now at .http://www.

God Can Heal You And John. Get your copy now at . they said. calling two of his disciples to him. the poor have the gospel preached to them. and to many blind He gave sight.” (Luke 7:19-22) The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. saying. sent them to Jesus. "Are You the Coming 48 . the dead are raised.http://www. or do we look for another?" When the men had come to Him. Then Jesus answered and said to them. 'Are You the Coming One. and evil spirits. saying. the deaf hear. afflictions. "John the Baptist has sent us to You. or do we look for another?' " And that very hour He cured many of infirmities. the lame walk. "Go and tell John the things you have seen and heard: that the blind see. the lepers are cleansed.

Prayer can save your love ones’ or you life. It can free you and your loved ones from sickness. God will heal me. and expensive medical bills. prayer can spell the difference between sickness or health. pain and suffering. For God doesn’t want you to get sick. “God loves me.How to Gain Better Health through Prayer God who made your body knows how to repair and heal it! Two women with the same sickness. God wills you to be healthy. you can regain health and live through the miracle power of prayer.http://www.amazingmethods. “I’m going to die. In many 49 . between life or death. The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. Get your copy now at . No matter what sickness you have now or how sick you think you are. You can get healed if you can only believe it. The first one sighed.” And she died. The second one prayed.” And she got healed. were seriously ill.

amazingmethods. Thus. nothing can challenge or stop the Will of God. not suffering. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TO LET THE HEALING POWER AND LOVE OF GOD FLOW INTO YOUR AFFECTED BODY OR YOUR WHOLE BEING.http://www. not hate. How? Through prayer! Let God’s Healing Power flow into every cell The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. FOR GOD IS THE ONLY POWER! And God’s power is greater than any atomic or hydrogen bomb. God would be willing to answer your prayer. I repeat. nothing. there is no sickness or disease. Love. Happiness. More important GOD’S POWER IS GREATER THAN ANY DISEASE! Where God 50 . Get your copy now at . So TO FREE YOURSELF OR YOUR LOVED ONES FROM ANY SICKNESS OR DISEASE. THERE IS NO SICKNESS OR DISEASE. To pray for good health is to be in harmony with the Will of God. Life. not death. And nothing. WHERE GOD IS. not sickness.The Will of God is health.

no sorrow. Generosity. therefore. love 51 . Get your copy now at . Life. To regain health for yourself or your loved ones. there’s sickness. no worry. life. Forgiveness. and All-Goodness. Yes. Faith.http://www. Thus. and thus shutting God out of you life. sorrow. God’s Will is Love. and death. For God is Health. Cheerfulness. and goodness. all you have to do is to be in harmony with God’s Will and welcome God back into your life. peace. Where God is. you may be going against God’s Will and shutting God out of you life. no death.of your body and your sickness and troubles will disappear as the darkness at the coming of light. no hatred. Kindness. Spirit and Presence manifest in your daily affairs. And let His Love. no fear. And where God is not. where God is there is health.amazingmethods. if you’re sick. worry. fear. there is health. No sickness. For where is God is. Disease or sickness therefore is a warning or sign to you that you may not be expressing or putting into action God’s Will. Hope. no evil. disorder. everything’s perfect and in order. Optimism The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. Joy. abundance. no lack.

OR The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. Get your copy now at . 52 . hopelessness. > ACT UNKINDLY AND SELFISHLY AND REFUSE TO SHARE YOUR LOVE. despair. pessimism. GET DISAPPOINTED. someone. > FEEL SAD. worry fear. selfishness.and Order. > LOSE HOPE. AND SORROWFUL. GLOOMY. > LOSE YOUR FAITH AND CONFIDENCE in yourself. other people. > WORRY OR FEAR SOMEONE OF SOMETHING that you suppose may happen. and God’s Love. confusion. Power and Goodness.amazingmethods. or anything for something wrong done in the past. sorrow. and other negative emotions and attitudes. doubt. you’re going against God’s Will and shutting God out of your life every time you: > HATE. > REFUSE TO FORGIVE yourself. jealousy. disappointment.http://www. frustration. OR FRUSTRATED with someone or something. AVENGE. GET JEALOUS OR ANGRY WITH someone. GET EVEN. SMILE. TROUBLED. DESPAIR. Thus. You’re not in harmony with God’s Will when you harbor or entertain hatred. envy. revenge.

com 53 . promotion. frustration. > ENVY OR RESENT others’ good. kidney trouble. and success out of your being. possessions. order. skin diseases. doubt. You cut yourself from your Source of life and power. rheumatism. headaches. life. Medical findings confirm and prove this. overweight. or death follows. you may shut health. goiter. eye troubles. diabetes.amazingmethods. anger. or luck. painful or lack of menstruation. The negative emotions of hate. selfishness – which are all violations of God’s Will – are the cause of many diseases and sicknesses today. The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. ulcers. peace. > KEEP LOOKING AT THE FAULTS AND SHORTCOMINGS OF OTHERS AND THE DARK SIDE OF THINGS AND LIFE. hyperacidity. blessings. insanity. resentment. alcoholism. depression.http://www. jealousy. The negative emotions cause high blood pressure. tuberculosis. despair. impotency. disease. cancer. asthma. frigidity. And when you shut out God out. joy.GOOD with others. disorder. arthritis. fear. worry. pessimism. > HOLD GRUDGES OR ANY NEGATIVE THOUGHT OR EMOTION. Thus. Get your copy now at . heart attacks.

allergy. colds. arteriosclerosis. happiness. death. and All-Powerful. Without God. all is disease.http://www. loss of appetite. life. all we have to do is to get in harmony with the Will of God. bronchial pneumonia. suicide. juvenile delinquency. All-Good. polio. nausea. disorder. the number of patients in hospitals and mental institutions. want and death. drug addiction. The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. robbery. Outside of Him. theft. diarrhea. as well as accidents. hay fever.amazingmethods. cerebral 54 . there’s no power. Get your copy now at . we will be able to greatly reduce millions of dollars in medical expenses. disease of the liver and hundreds of other ailments and physical discomforts. sinusitis. and prosperity! How do we get rid of these negative emotions and their evil consequences? Since these negative emotions are violations of God’s Will. nothing. backache. happiness. And absence of power is disease. The only Power. For the Will of God is health.epilepsy. because God cannot make a mistake. peace and abundance. mucous colitis. fever. prostitution. We cannot go wrong. He is All-Wise. And we’ll have more peace. and the number of deaths. Medical experts state that if these negative emotions are gotten rid of. constipation. love. and other crimes. coronary thrombosis.

and good. AND WITH ALL THY SOUL.http://www. to gain 55 . BLESS THEM THAT CURSE YOU. We should always remember and heed His Words: ‘THOU SHALT LOVE THE LORD THY GOD WITH ALL THY HEART. To be with God. DO GOOD TO THEM THAT HATE YOU.Thus. peace. Get your copy now at .” ‘THOU SHALT LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF. WHATSOEVER THINGS ARE PURE. DO YE EVEN SO TO THEM. WHATSOEVER THINGS ARE JUST.amazingmethods.’ [Matthew 22:37-40] “LOVE YOUR ENEMIES.” ‘ON THESE TWO COMMANDMENTS HANG THE WHOLE LAW AND THE PROPHETS. WHATSOEVER THINGS ARE HONEST.” [Matthew 7:13] “WHATSOEVER THINGS ARE TRUE. we have to be in harmony with His Will which leads to every good in life. AND PRAY FOR THEM WHICH DESPITEFULLY USE YOU AND PROSECUTE YOU. we only have to be with God. AND WITH ALL THY MIND. happiness.” [Matthew 5:44] “ALL THINGS WHATSOEVER YE WOULD THAT MEN SHOULD DO TO YOU. The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life.

AND IF THERE BE ANY PRAISE. Our prayers will be answered. (This is an excerpt from my book. doctors have their place. you can be healed.” [Joshua 1:9] “REJOICE IN THE LORD 56 . healing will naturally come.But.AmazingPrayers. We need them . let us never forget to pray and give to God what is God’s. This book will show you how to pray not only for your healing but also for others’ healing.WHATSOEVER THINGS ARE LOVELY. For more info. If you can pray and believe.amazingmethods.” God can heal what nobody else can heal. Get your copy now at . And the good in life will flow to us. CLICK the link below or go to http://www.http://www. THINK ON THESE The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. WHATSOEVER THINGS ARE OF GOOD REPORT: IF THERE ARE ANY VIRTUE.” [Philippians 4:4] Once we are in harmony with God and His Will.” [Philippians 4:8] “BE STRONG AND OF GOOD COURAGE. Of course. BE NOT AFRAID. NEITHER BE THOU DISMAYED: FOR THE LORD THY GOD IS WITH THEE WITHERSOEVER THOU GOEST. “How to Use the Power of Prayer for Better Health.

angry. get mad at him. the more you’ll attract persons like him and other negative experiences. the more you’ll attract other such negative experiences. The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. fearful.” “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God. Get your copy now at .com 57 . your natural tendency is to be sad or mad. and try to get even with him. or hopeless. You feel bitter. to those who are the called according to His purpose. The same is true when somebody does you wrong.amazingmethods. But the more you think about it with negative feelings. Your natural tendency is to be angry with the person who did you wrong. frustrated. The more you hate him.” (Romans 8:28) When something bad happens.http://www. disappointed.The Amazing Law of Blessing “Blessing brings the good out of the worst situation or experience. You keep brood or thinking about the negative experience.

say: “I bless this experience or situation. But you must neutralize these negative emotions or you’ll be reaping more negative consequences. situations.” The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your 58 . experiences. I now surrender you to God. and persons.http://www.” If a person has done you wrong which ordinarily would make you mad as hell. Here’s how: When something bad happens. You can stop attracting or triggering more negative things from happening by using the law of blessing. they are attracting more negative events. instead of reacting negatively. Only good will come out this experience.It is very difficult not to entertain your negative emotions of grief. disappointment and hate. This is why those who suffer what they call “bad luck” and accidents keeping on experiencing a string of such negative experiences. and God now takes care of you. Only good will come out of it. They don’t know that by thinking and feeling negatively about their bad experience or situation.amazingmethods. say instead: “I bless you and bless the goodness of God in you. Get your copy now at .

“I bless this money. Next. you have triggered or set in motion the happening of a something good or positive.Notice what you did. You can bless your products to attract the people who’ll benefit from them and who’ll buy them. by saying. you neutralized or took the emotional sting of the negative experience. Get your copy now at . You can also bless your customers and many will come to you. God multiplies it 59 . “I bless you with immediate selling power. First.amazingmethods. saying. “Only good will come out of it. Take whatever amount you have and bless it and your purse. this is one of the laws you’ll be using The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life.” You can bless your money to attract more money. “ Bless every person you meet or deal with. you won’t be attracting more negative situations.” you focused your mind on a positive expectancy of something better. “I bless you and the goodness of God in you. Say. Thus. Say.http://www. bag or wallet. By doing so.” Yes. when you blessed the situation or person.

So.http://www. Once you know them.not only the how’s but also the why’s of The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. “33 AMAZING LAWS OF SUCCESS AND PROSPERITY. Turn negative to positive by blessing the good out of it. It will help you live a more abundant. You’ll be wiser. These are the laws that work everyday in your life. (This law is only one of the laws you will discover and learn to use in my book.amazingmethods. Violate them at your peril.most often.” This is a book you MUST have. bless and get the best from every situation. Get your copy now at . fuller and happier 60 . CLICK the link below or go to: http://www. Use them and you have your rewards. person or experience.AmazingPrayers. you know better about living . For details.

but our spirit lives on to eternity. because the spirit cannot die. But the Holy Bible says. “I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life.How to Receive God’s FREE Gift of Eternal Life In every man’s heart is a secret and silent longing to live forever. Get your copy now at . our physical bodies die. We came into this world carrying nothing. the apostle John said that he wrote the gospel so that we may know that we have eternal life. I know you can feel it. because the seed of eternity is planted into every man’s heart.http://www. Truly.amazingmethods. That’s why you feel the need or desire to live on.” (1 John 5:13) The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. but WHERE shall we spend eternity? Eternity with God? Or eternity separated from God? Most people say. we can know. only God knows. Our and spirit live on. In fact. Not even our physical body. and surely we shall carry nothing out. The question is not IF we live .

com . And they will never pass God’s standard. Let’s face it. It’s because you have already sinned and you have to pay the penalty of your sins.http://www. The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. because by your works or obedience. you certainly would not know.. They don’t meet God’s standard. You must obey ALL His commandments. “For the wages of sin is death. you keep falling into sin and you will continue to fall into sin as long as you are in your carnal body. Get your copy now at . “All of us have become like one who is unclean. no matter what you do.. your righteousness are like filthy rags.amazingmethods. your obedience must be perfect. or will do for you to merit or deserve eternal life with God in heaven.” (Romans 6:23) Not just physical death but also spiritual death. And what is the penalty of sin? The Bible is very clear and definite about it.If you are basing your salvation on your good works or obedience.” (Isaiah 64:6) Why? To pass God’s standard. Isaiah says. it’s clear and definite that you will not spend eternity with God. is doing. There is nothing you have done. and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags.

because without the shedding of blood we cannot be forgiven. It is believing in Jesus Christ and accepting Him as your Savior. All are in trouble. Man can now be justified or made righteous before God by faith . he is guilty of all. That’s the bad news. “In fact. You’re in trouble. Get your copy now at . not one. for no one is perfect.“For whoever shall keep the whole law.” (James 2:10) You disobey one.” (Hebrews 9:22) Jesus Christ having shed His blood opened the way of salvation for . and will be saved.amazingmethods. because YOU HAVE ALREADY MISERABLY The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. None does good. and shed His pure blood for the forgiveness of our sins. It is basing your salvation only on WHAT HE HAS DONE that you were saved. So He made a way where there is no way for the salvation of man. no. and yet stumble in one point. the law requires that nearly everything be cleansed with blood. and trusting completely that His blood has PAID IN FULL the penalty of all your sins. I’m in trouble. By His grace. God saw that no one will be saved by his obedience. and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness. are believing in Jesus Christ and accepting what He has done. you disobey all. That’s called salvation or justification by faith.http://www. He sent Jesus Christ to die in our place. and not because of any merit on your part.

proud as he is . that we might be justified by faith. it says to those who are under the law. “Now we know that whatever the law seek to be justified or be made righteous by his faith alone? That’s precisely the reason why the Ten Commandments were given . Unless we realize we are sick. Unless we see we are . that every mouth may be stopped.” (Romans 3:19) Why? For what purpose? Like a criminal. the best action for us to take in such a situation is to shut our boastful mouths and make us acknowledge our guilt before God. Get your copy now at . caught red-handed and overpowered. we won’t need a doctor. we won’t cry out for help.amazingmethods.http://www. “Therefore the law was our tutor to bring us to Christ. It’s only when we realize our hopelessness fully admit our guilt that we would accept or look for a savior. The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life.” (Galatians 3:24) Realizing we cannot obey all the commandments.FAILED! Although salvation or justification by faith is now available to man. how could man be convinced . and all the world may become guilty before God.

so that no one can boast. and at what a The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. If favor. But there are still many who don’t put their whole trust in the finished work of Jesus Christ because of their pride. through faith-and this not from yourselves. Paul again explained it this way: “For it is by grace you have been saved. not by any good works or righteous deeds we have done. total faith in Christ. what Jesus Christ has done is not enough and so they have to add their own good works or obedience to make what Jesus Christ has done to be valid or effective. The Holy Bible is very clear about this . it’s free.we’d seek a savior and come to Christ.http://www. Get your copy now at . If by grace. it is the gift of God . unmerited. To us. If because of any work.” (Ephesians 2:8-9) Our salvation is a gift. somebody did it or gave it for us. unworked for. because Jesus Christ has already paid for it. because grace is unearned.” (Titus 3:4-5) We are saved by His grace. undeserved favor. then it is not because of our works.amazingmethods. it cannot be grace. Oh. “He saved us.not by works. but because of his mercy.that we are saved only through our faith in . not because of righteous things we had done. And so I did. They feel.

But thank You for giving your Son Jesus Christ who came to die in my place and PAID IN FULL the penalty for ALL my sins so I do not have to die for my sins anymore. Amen.http://www. our Father. I confess I have sinned. I will be in Heaven with You . Get your copy now at . praise and glorify God and live the life you were meant to live as a child of God. I accept Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord. but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. And I accept your FREE GIFT of eternal life. If you want to accept God’s gift. If you said that prayer.amazingmethods. with all your soul. “For the wages of sin is death. say this prayer with all your heart. The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life.forever and for all eternity. I believe that when my life in this world ends. You now do good works not to earn or keep your salvation but only to thank. you have become a child of God.price! What is needed for us to do is to receive it. and with all your mind: “Lord .” (Romans 6:23) Would you like to receive God’s gift of eternal life in heaven with Him? You only have to sincerely accept it once and you are sealed for eternity in heaven.

If your child does something bad.. He will hold your hand. he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. And you are His child forever. Get your copy now at . If you commit a sin. If you don’t want to be disciplined. you discipline him.amazingprayers. “I have died for his sins. The best thing to do when you fall into sin is to flee from it and confess immediately to God who is always there to accept and forgive you. but he is still your . saying. I’d like to meet you in heaven with God . For you are a child of God. but He will surely DISCIPLINE you through trials to correct you and straighten you.http://www. So will God be to you as a Father.when our time comes. You will still remain His child.” Isn’t that wonderful? My friend. be good. Just as your child will still be your child no matter what..No one can take away your salvation from you for once you become His child. God will discipline you.amazingmethods.” (1 John 1:9-10) Jesus Christ is at always at His right hand. “God’s FREE Gift. John wrote: “If we confess our sins. so are you to God.” You can get it by going to: http://www. Meanwhile I’d like to give you something The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life.

RESOURCES to Help You Use the Amazing Power of Prayer The “33 Amazing Laws” can change your life. Get your copy now at .com .amazingmethods.http://www.

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But first let me tell you a little about - The stupendous power of prayer. http://www. Spam blockers have been the major culprit. and those who replied was one in saying. "Yes. No checking account. but the problem remained unsolved.” (Malachi 3:10) He did not only answer my prayers. Even if you have taken the course. You'll find a lesson here so important that you could not afford to miss. But I don't want you to take my words for it. I've referred the problem to my autoresponder server several times.1. I want you to find out for yourself without risking a penny. I know that prayer works because it has worked for me. I know that God answers prayers because He has answered mine. When I began my career. These people have opted or registered for the (3 of 6)9/24/2004 11:27:54 PM . It was not included in the eCourse. No savings account. I had practically nothing. We'd appreciate that. He gave me unexpected blessings beyond my wildest dreams. with a yard full of blooming orchids. praise and appreciation. And you have the lessons in one compact volume of 110 pages. this ebook has a better layout.001 Ways to Use the Power of Prayer not been received. you'll find here new materials. But in the past years. Besides. The printout is nicer and more readable." This eBook is the result. I asked for a house. I've written more than twenty books already but this is one of the books that have caused lot of delight. But I've revised and expanded it. but the lesson has not come. but He gave me a bigger and more beautiful house than I would be content with. I added some lessons. So I asked those taking the eCourse if they'd like to have the eCourse to be published in an ebook. "I've been running to my computer several times today expecting I'd get the lesson for today.amazingprayers." one lady said. I had no bank deposit. God has poured out so much blessings to me I literally had “no room enough to receive it. others were not. I could sense their excitement and eagerness to wait for every lesson slowly turning into disappointment and frustration. that's an excellent idea. While other participants were regularly getting their lessons. Not even a credit card.

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'Move from here to there. Faith is so important.” (Matthew 17:19-20) “If you can believe.” (Mark 9:23) Faith Is the Key to Answered Prayers! You Need the Amazing Power of Faith to Move the "Mountains" in Your Life That Are Causing You Miseries and Blocking Your Way to a Happier.Untitled Document “If you have faith as a mustard seed. More Prosperous Life Dear Friend: Faith is so important. Jesus Christ healed the sick according to their faith.' and it will (1 of 5)9/24/2004 11:32:06 PM .. Faith is so important.. all things are possible to him who believes. Faith is so important. Jesus Christ often rebuked His disciples for their little faith..amazingprayers.. http://www.. you will say to this mountain.. even Paul devoted the whole chapter of Hebrews 11 talking about it.. and nothing will be impossible for you..

how to make it work to bulldoze and remove from your path the roadblocks that have been preventing the flow of the river of God's blessings into your life. if anyone says to this mountain. "I tell you the truth. But you need not lose opportunities or blessings any further . Therefore I tell you." I not only http://www. 'Go throw yourself into the sea. Not only spiritual blessings but also physical and fiancial blessings! Faith is the master key that will unlock the door to the happier and more abundant life you've been longing for all these years. it will be done for him. So we lost lots of opportunities and blessings.” (Mark 11:22-24) The problem is we did not have faith. more importanly. In this book. Faith is so important I had to write this book to explain scientifically WHY and HOW it works. It's like having an Aladdin's lamp that make your fondest dreams come true.000 Years Ago "Have faith in (2 of 5)9/24/2004 11:32:06 PM . you will have a better understanding why faith works and.' and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen. believe that you have receive it.Untitled Document Jesus Christ refused to do miracles in a community for their lack of faith. whatever you ask for in prayer.amazingprayers. Or we didn't know how to believe." Jesus answered. Imagine how life would be if you finally could receive the answers to your prayers! The shocking fact is - Jesus Christ Revealed the Key to Answered Prayers More Than 2. We did not believe enough. "HOW TO USE THE AMAZING POWER OF FAITH. and it will be that you can learn how to use the AMAZING POWER OF YOUR FAITH not only to solve problems but also to achieve your goals. After reading this book.

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amazingprayers.Untitled Document (6 of 6)9/24/2004 11:34:02 PM .

com/growrich/ (1 of 10)9/24/2004 11:35:01 PM . Physically and Spiritually Yes.amazingprayers. God wants to prosper you not only spiritually but also physically and financially.How to Pray and Grow Rich Now Available at Last! "HOW TO PRAY AND GROW RICH" God Wants to Prosper You Financially. http://www.

” (3 John 1:2) Paul said.How to Pray and Grow Rich Don't let others tell you otherwise. the God of all flesh: Is there anything too hard for Me?” (Jeremiah 32:27) “Call to Me.” (John 10:10) The apostle John said.” (Philippians 4:19) “The young lions do lack. I will answer. “And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. “I have come that they may have (2 of 10)9/24/2004 11:35:01 PM . which you do not know.” (Deuteronomy 8:18) Jesus Christ said. but they that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing. just as your soul prospers. http://www. and I will answer you.amazingprayers. and that they may have it more abundantly. because as He said in the Holy Bible: “Behold.” (Jeremiah 33:2-3) “It shall come to pass That before they call. and show you great and mighty things. for it is He who gives you Power to get wealth. The Holy Bible says: “Remember the Lord you God. I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health. “Beloved. and suffer hunger.” (Psalm 34:10) God doesn’t lie! You can actually PRAY AND GROW RICH. I am the Lord.

said: “Prayer is the most powerful form of energy one can generate.” Truly.amazingprayers.” one college student said to me. the electrical wizard. Lord Tennyson wrote: “More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of. scientist and Nobel Prize winner. that it is not good to be rich.” (Isaiah 65:24) SCIENTISTS BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF PRAYER Dr.” Prayer is the greatest force on earth! DOESN'T THE BIBLE SAY “MONEY IS THE ROOT OF EVIL”? Many think. however. http://www.” “No. as Alfred. Steinmetz. the world will see more advancement in one generation than it has in the past four generations. “Money is the root of all evil. It is a form as real as terrestrial gravity. predicted: “Someday the scientists of the world will turn their laboratories over the study of God and prayer…when this day comes. “It’s in the Bible.” Charles P. it’s not in the Bible. Alexis Carrel.” I (3 of 10)9/24/2004 11:35:01 PM . I will hear.How to Pray and Grow Rich And while they are still speaking.

He got his Bible and showed me the verse which read: “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil...” I said. “I’m sure it’s in the Bible.” money if put to right use can do a lot of good to the world. “See?” I said and explained. http://www.amazingprayers.” Yes.How to Pray and Grow Rich He insisted. Money builds your churches. Money puts food on the table. For money is bad as a master. so they believe that money is evil. You’ll find that they often suffer want. because of their wrong belief or attitude. MONEY IS BAD AS A MASTER. BUT GOOD AS A SERVANT It’s not bad to be rich just as long as you don’t make money as your master. many misinterpret this verse in the Holy Bible. “It’s not money itself but the love of money that causes a lot of evil. but good as a servant. Money builds hospitals. As I said in my ebook.” “Then show it to (4 of 10)9/24/2004 11:35:01 PM .” (1 Timothy 6:10 “See?” he said. I have read it. “33 Amazing Laws of Success and Prosperity.

our Almighty Father. it is really easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle. and riches and an instrument to help you do more good and you look up to God as your Source then money is good. (5 of 10)9/24/2004 11:35:01 PM . It is good or bad depending upon how one uses it or upon one’s attitude. for the rich man who considers money everything. goodness. Money can be a blessing to countless lives. In the hands of the faithful man with the right attitude. Money provides medicine when your loved one is sick. Money makes possible all the conveniences you now have. Money helps spread the gospel. Money itself is not bad. if you consider money as a symbol of God’s love.How to Pray and Grow Rich Money provides your transportation. Money keeps you decently dressed. Money pays for your child’s education. forgetting that God is the Source of every good thing in the world. than for him to enter the kingdom of God. Money can make others feel the love and goodness of God. But. as Jesus Christ said. money is a great force for good. But. Money sends your missionaries to other lands.amazingprayers. If you consider money as your master…if you put money first in your life… then it’s wrong. There’s no reason why you should not have it.

It fills prison cells. you will also be able to help those http://www. For lack of money. Poverty causes crimes. Abraham was rich. the lack of money causes a lot of miseries and suffering. Joseph was rich. David was rich. rob. It even leads to self-destruction or suicide. Many of God’s children were rich. For lack of money. and still be a child of God. For lack of money. some girls could become prostitutes. For lack of money one’s children become undernourished. the medicine a loved one badly needs could not be bought. For lack of money. Jacob was rich. however. For lack of money. children drop out of school. or kill. There’s really nothing wrong about becoming rich…as long as you put God first in your life! Finally.How to Pray and Grow Rich LACK OF MONEY CAUSES EVIL IN THIS WORLD On the other hand.amazingprayers. The Bible proves it. For lack of money one’s life is full of worries and (6 of 10)9/24/2004 11:35:01 PM . some steal. God made many of His chosen people rich. many lose faith in the goodness or existence of God. ONE CAN BE RICH AND STILL BE A CHILD OF GOD One can be rich. Solomon was even super rich.

" I'll reveal everything you need to know to prosper through prayer.amazingprayers.How to Pray and Grow Rich money troubled relatives. like: > How Others Prayed and Grew Rich http://www. like these: > How a Failure Insurance Agent Earned a Quarter of A Million a Year > How a Money-Troubled Businessman Got a List of His Debts Paid > How a Maid Received a Cadillac > How a Jobless Woman Received Diamonds Worth $15. "HOW TO PRAY AND GROW RICH. according to the Holy Bible and the experiences of others. NOW DISCOVER EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO PRAY AND GROW RICH In my (7 of 10)9/24/2004 11:35:01 PM ..000 > How a Waiter Made His 4 Dreams Come True > How a Jobless Man Became Vice President > How a Stockbroker Got More Business Instantly > How One Physician Attracted More Patients than He Could Handle > How One Man Was Able to Send His Son to College through Prayer > How a Lady owner of a Hair Salon Saved Business from Bankruptcy .And MORE! You'll learn and discover many eyeopening truths. too. loved ones and friends..

So CLICK on the order link below and http://www.How to Pray and Grow Rich > How You Too Can Pray and Really Grow Rich > The ABC of Prayer > Prayers You Can Use for Financial Security > How to Solve Your Financial Problems Through Prayer > Why Some Prayers Are Not Answered > Amazing 2. once your payment is processed and accepted.if you order now. you will be given a download page and you can immediately download and read and even print the ebook in the next few minutes. But you can get this ebook for only $27 .amazingprayers. This is a downloadable ebook.000-YEAR-OLD Prayer that Still Works > Prayer to Help Multiply Your Money 10 Times > Prayer to Bless Your Money and Multiply It Exceedingly > Prayer to Help You Raise Your Income > Prayer to Keep Money Flowing Into Your Life Ceaselessly > Prayer to Enrich Your Loved Ones > Prayer to Get Debtors tp Pay Back What They Owe You > Prayer to Protect Your Investments > The Amazing Prayer for Prosperity (You MUST use this prayer) HERE'S MY SPECIAL OFFER The regular price of this ebook will be $ (8 of 10)9/24/2004 11:35:01 PM .

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Untitled Document “HOW TO USE THE POWER OF PRAYER FOR BETTER HEALTH” "The prayer of faith shall save the sick.” http://www. It shows you how to avoid unnecessary illness or sickness. It will help you develop that faith which Jesus Christ always pointed out in His healing. “According to your faith it shall be done to you. It will thus save you thousands of dollars in medicine and medical (1 of 3)9/24/2004 11:36:09 PM . this ebook can help you use the power of prayer for healing. and the Lord shall raise him up." (James 5:15) If you or your loved one is suffering from any disease or sickness now.amazingprayers.

> Eye trouble healed. > Diseased ovary healed. 3 months to live who were healed. > Child dying with fever healed > Cancer healed. You’ll read about them and how they prayed. > Stiff neck healed. > Enlarged heart healed. > Chronic indigestion healed. of course. > Acne healed. This ebook serves to help you raise the level of your faith for effective prayer.. > Migraine headaches healed. > Asthma (2 of 3)9/24/2004 11:36:09 PM . > Lawyer with diabetes healed. > Ulcerated leg healed. In all these cases. > Alcoholism healed.. It shows you how to pray and receive answers to your prayers by http://www. > Heart pains healed. And that's only the beginning. > Couldn’t have a baby healed. > Sinusitis healed. > Tuberculosis healed. > Coronary thrombosis healed. man proposes but it is God who disposes. > Crippled hand healed. > Overweight healed. As you believe. even their exact prayers. > Poor eyesight healed. > Chronic constipation healed. > Man crippled with arthritis healed. > Businessman with arthritis and neuritis healed. > Epilepsy healed. > Breast cancer healed. > Cancer of the lung healed. > Woman dying from bronchial pneumonia healed. > Goiter healed.amazingprayers. it shall be done to you.Untitled Document You’ll read cases of patients given 6 months.

But this SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE to you is only $19. You can print it if you wish. Just think of the agony. Rodolfo Torres CLICK HERE AND DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY NOW! http://www. We guarantee you will find comfort.500 miles away and she was healed! DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY NOW In just a few minutes from now you can read this ebook after you download it to your computer. You’ll read how a brother prayed for her sister 6. You will also learn how to pray for your loved ones who may be sick even miles away.Untitled Document showing you how others did http://www.95 if you order your copy Email: (3 of 3)9/24/2004 11:36:09 PM .amazingprayers. suffering you will avoid and the medical expenses it will help you and your loved ones save. and greater faith for your or your loved one's healing after reading this book. The regular price of this ebook will be $47. Reading this book to a sick loved one can help him awaken his faith leading the way to better health and healing. Just CLICK the link below and download your copy now. Sincerely. strength.

with not much sweat and effort. I http://www.. Violate them at your own risk! Or use them to start a floodtide of blessings into your life. We guarantee 100% that these laws will change your life! If you've tried many things but nothing works you may be violating some of these laws! No Matter How Hard You Work..Or Use Them in Reverse! But use these laws and you will rise to your goals and reach your dreams faster and easier like riding an elevator or escalator. at last! The 33 Amazing Laws of Success and Prosperity Here are 33 laws as real as the law of (1 of 11)9/24/2004 11:37:09 PM . You Will Get Nowhere Like a Fish in an Aquarium If You Violate These Laws . Dear Friend: For years. I've been teaching these laws in live and paid seminars.. ceaselessly.33 Amazing Laws of Success and Prosperity Here.

amazingprayers. Or you may be getting somewhere but not as fast and as easy as you want it to be. Or you may not be aware of it but you may be using some of these laws in reverse. Your "break" always eludes you. but you keep losing many. THESE MUST BE TAUGHT IN SCHOOLS!" http://www. then suddenly something happens that pushes you farther back.too busy making a living but getting nowhere..but in reverse. They were like a carousel. always going around but getting nowhere. When good things seem to begin to happen. NOW YOU CAN STOP THIS MADNESS! I'm going to show you how to stop this "madness" in your life. Everyone came out a changed person. They were like a rocking horse.. Stop this frustrating cycle! Once I finish showing you the 33 amazing laws. No wonder you encounter so many reversals in your life. Opportunities are almost within reach.33 Amazing Laws of Success and Prosperity call these simply amazing because I've seen lives change and it has changed mine. full of action but getting nowhere. You may be like most of them . Chances are you may be violating or simply not using or applying these laws. or applying . of them.. something comes about and you find yourself in a worse situation than where you were before. if not all.a better person. not using. When you seem to be moving ahead. And you'll also find out how to change things starting immediately by applying the laws you may have been violating. troubles and setbacks. you'll find out the cause of many of your problems. "FOR GOODNESS' SAKE. No one left my seminar the same (2 of 11)9/24/2004 11:37:09 PM . They were like fish in an aquarium always swimming but getting nowhere.

NOT IN REVERSE! 1. You are blessed for having come to this website and learned about this. . 2. things and events as God wanted you to do since the beginning of creation. How to get in control of your life. for it will come back to you many times over once you've applied the laws properly. or anything you desire How to attract positive people into your life. they've urged me to put these laws in a book so they could read. You can invest your last money on this book and you will not regret it.your dream house. you can see it happen in your life. How to attract the right partner. all you have to do is to use this. How to crowd out and stifle the negative thoughts cluttering your mind. But I wasn't able to do it but not until now.amazingprayers.. The Law of Cause and Effect How to cause things to happen with the greatest law God put at your command. This world will be a better place if only people apply these laws instead of violating them or using them in reverse. They wonder why these are not being taught in schools. The Law of Visualization How to create a mental picture and make it come (3 of 11)9/24/2004 11:37:09 PM .your dream car. 3. . review and refer to it again and again. The Law of Attraction How to make your good come to you. instead of events controlling you. How to change things even without your lifting a finger. The Law of Dominance How you can take dominion of your life. For years. people. At last. How to use an untold secret to supercharge your mental picture. YOU'LL DISCOVER THESE LAWS AND HOW TO USE THEM RIGHT .33 Amazing Laws of Success and Prosperity Many of those who attended my seminars said.and http://www. 4. I've put all the "33 Amazing Laws" in a book. How to stop being a puppet of circumstance and be the overcomer God intended you to be.. How to get more of what you want and get less of what you don’t want. If you can see it in your mind. If you want more wonderful things to happen in your life.

poverty into abundance. The Law of Desire How to make your dream become like a powerful magnet that draws to you everything you need to make it a reality. The Law of Expectation How to expect something and get it. How to trigger a chain of good things to flow into your life.. 8. 7. 9. How to use this law so you will stop missing and losing opportunities and blessings in your life. like the power that launches a missile into the sky.33 Amazing Laws of Success and Prosperity see it transform into reality before your very eyes.amazingprayers. The law that’s the “key” to all miracles. Someone used it and got his dream car! 6. darkness into light. How to make miracles happen in your life. This is the power that propels you to great success and (4 of 11)9/24/2004 11:37:09 PM . How you can use it to turbo-charge and transform your desires faster. The Law of Faith How to use this secret to receive bigger and overflowing blessings. This could be the reason why nothing great is happening in your life. How to use the most powerful energy you have within you to pack power into your fondest dream. The Law of Preparation What you must do before blessings come into your life. The Law of Mental Blueprint An age-old proven law even Jacob used in the Old Testament that helped him gain and multiply wealth and prosperity — fast.. 5. and all you get is heartache. With this. if by magic. How to make your expectation your self-fulfilling prophecy. Prosperity will not come until you use this law. even in seemingly hopeless situations. Discover why the solution to your problems and the opportunity you need — which are already within reach — continue to escape you and pass you by. It can create a dry ground for you to walk across your Red Sea of problems and sufferings. The good or bad you get is the result of this law. there’s almost nothing that can stop you from getting what you want. It can turn failure into success.

33 Amazing Laws of Success and Prosperity

10. The Law of Emotions How to awaken and use the sleeping forces within you to transform your desire into reality. How to use the untapped powers you never knew have such tremendous power. How to use the power inside you — as that of a whirlwind or tornado — to build, not to destroy. 11. The Law of Decree How to use one power God gave in the Holy Bible. How to decree things and make it come to pass. If you want something to happen all you have to do is to use this. How to put the forces in the universe at the command of your words. Discover how to the power of your words to work almost magically for you. 12. The Law of Affirmation How to reprogram your mind from negative conditioning. How to erase and blot out self-imposed limitations that’s stopping you. How to wipe away all the self-defeating beliefs and experiences of your past and creat a new wonderful life of great achievement. How to program yourself to positive beliefs, attitudes, emotions and actions. 13. The Law of Effortless Action How to achieve your goals with much less effort. How to relax and take it easy and make things happen faster and more efficiently. How to use your power of attraction to make things fall into their right places at the right time without much sweat and tension. 14. The Law of Focus How to focus your powers to burn down all that opposes and prevents the fulfillment of your desire, as powerful as the rays of the sun focused with a magnifying glass or as pointed and focused as a powerful laser. How not to weaken and scatter away your energy and power to help you get your desire faster. How to become almost invincible against negative opposition, discouragement and setbacks. 15. The Law of Persistence This law is so important even Jesus Christ made a parable emphasizing its use and importance. (5 of 11)9/24/2004 11:37:09 PM

33 Amazing Laws of Success and Prosperity

With this, no failure is permanent, only temporary. Nothing can get you down. You will always rise from failure to success. 16. The Law of Blessing How to turn a bad experience or situation into a blessing. What to do when something bad happens — and how to make something good out of it. How to stop a string or series of bad luck from continually happening in your life. How to start a chain of good things to happen instead. How to stop attracting negative people and experiences. 17. The Law of Praise A secret so powerful it is repeated again and again in the Holy Bible, but its full power remains undiscovered and seldom used. With it you can make miracles happen almost instantly. Bad situations soon reverses. Worst becomes best. Losses turn into gains. 18. The Law of Gratitude How not to run out of things you’ll be grateful or thankful for. This law will make wonderful things continue to happen. Your happiness will abound. Your good will double and multiply. 19. The Law of Joy How to use this “mental switch” to instantly create happiness in your life. How to control your mood as easy as turning on or off the switch of your electric light. You’ll never again run out of things that will make you happy. You’ll feel joyful continually, you’ll have a taste of heaven on earth. 20. The Law of Love How to have all the love and happiness you need. With it, you’ll live a charmed and fulfilled life. Without this law, everything in your life will be vain and useless. Without it, all your happiness fades, soon or late. Without it, your victory is nothing. Without it, you’ll feel an emptiness in spite of your riches and success. 21. The Law of Forgiving Not using this law will stop the blessings from coming into your life. (6 of 11)9/24/2004 11:37:09 PM

33 Amazing Laws of Success and Prosperity

(Remember this.) Not using this law also causes a lot of illnesses and sickness, even cancer and heart problems. This is one of the laws you will be using more often in your everyday life. You must know it and you must use it. You will never be completely happy if you don’t use it. 22. The Law of Release Discover how to release your money and let it come back to you multiplied many times over. How to free yourself from lack and negative cobwebs of your past that binds you. How to release yourself from the consequences of your past mistakes. How to release a person that continues to burden your emotions and your life. 23.The Law of Non-Resistance How to relieve yourself from unnecessary resentment and tension that are slowly killing you. How to stop resisting and fighting your problems and start good things coming. Develop the right attitude towards your obligations. Why you should gladly pay your debts, instead of resenting them. 24. The Law of Self-Determination How to use this law so nobody and nothing can rob you of your promotions, opportunities and good. When a door of opportunity closes, another opens. How to get the upperhand and gain control of your circumstances every time. Why you should stay calm even if others are spreading false rumors about you, tearing down your good reputation and plotting against you. 25. The Law of Denial How to break the curse of poverty, sickness and failure in your life. A simple and direct way to get rid of the things you don’t like in your life. And how to retain and have only the good things you want. 26. The Law of Right Use How to get more of the good things that you have. How to strengthen any God-given power and talent you now have. Without it, you’ll soon find yourself losing your talent, power and blessings. (7 of 11)9/24/2004 11:37:09 PM

33. 29. The Law of Increase This law gives the key to the solution of your financial problems. The Law of Unending Supply How to experience an unending supply of God’s riches. How to speed up the flow of good and suck in a raging torrent of blessings. everything you now have and enjoy won’t last for long. You’ll get yourself in partnership with the greatest Power in the universe.amazingprayers. The Law of Order and Timing How to bring order into your life. in spite of the confusions and chaos. How to take away the hindrances that delay your good from coming to you. You’ll have the almost supernatural wisdom to get what you want and achieve your goal . You’ll learn to choose the right direction in every crossroad of life. 28. The Law of Unfailing Success With this law. your efforts will be always crowned with success. You have to use this law — or you die. Without using this law. The Law of Growth and Change How to keep yourself moving ahead instead of sliding back. 32. 27. but in heavy downpours of blessings. Thousands have testified on the effectiveness of this law. it’s impossible for your to fail. the dinosaurs became extinct. 31. With it. The Law of a Vacuum How to give away the things that are cluttering and crowding your life and clean up for the smooth and steady flow of your blessings.33 Amazing Laws of Success and Prosperity Without (8 of 11)9/24/2004 11:37:09 PM . You’ll develop the uncanny ability to go or be at the right place at the right time. You shall never suffer or lack again. How to receive wisdom to guide your steps in any undertaking. You’ll be led to take the right action at the right time. as beautifully expressed in Psalm 23 of the Holy Bible. http://www. and things seems to fall miraculously in the right places for your good. The Law of Wisdom How to make the right choice or decision every time. God’s bountiful provision will come not in trickles. 30.

It is for your own sake and the sake of those whose lives depend on you that you should at least glimpse at these 33 amazing laws.amazingprayers. You don't need to bang your head on walls or posts. For orders outside the U. Use them. the printed manual and downloadable ebook costs $15 more (postage and handling included). It never fails to bring you a rainful of blessings that fill your pockets. return it to me and I'll refund your money. WA 98178 http://www. containers and vaults bursting with money and overflowing with the riches of the God. NOT KNOWING THESE LAWS IS LIKE WALKING AND STUBBING YOUR TOES AND BANGING YOUR HEAD IN THE DARK Don't go on living your life any day longer groping in the dark. Why? Because you don't have to. and Canada. But I found out that others prefer to have a hard copy. 81/2" x 11" in beautiful plastic ring binder for just $10 more (postage and shipping included). If after one year you honestly believe from the bottom of your heart that you didn't get at least ten times your money's worth. I give you one year to do that. The price of the downloadable ebook is $37.33 Amazing Laws of Success and Prosperity God Himself challenges you to use it and prove Him wrong. USE THESE 33 AMAZING LAWS FOR A YEAR .com 12246 59th Avenue South (9 of 11)9/24/2004 11:37:09 PM . You can have a printed manual. No questions asked. That's $47. And you can also immediately download the ebook so you can begin reading it while you're waiting for your printed copy to arrive. For those of you who don't want to use a credit card. you can send your MONEY ORDER to us with the name of the book and your name and mailing address to: AmazingMethods.S. a printed manual instead. This is the special introductory price.AT MY RISK Try them. 140 pages. You can immediately download this ebook now.

$47 PRINTED MANUAL (AND DOWNLOADABLE E-BOOK).S. $37 PRINTED MANUAL (AND DOWNLOADABLE E-BOOK). $52 http://www. Rodolfo Torres Choose and click below which format you would like to order DOWNLOADABLE E-BOOK.33 Amazing Laws of Success and Prosperity God bless and prosper you.amazingprayers. FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE THE (10 of 11)9/24/2004 11:37:09 PM . & CANADA. Sincerely.

33 Amazing Laws of Success and Prosperity (11 of 11)9/24/2004 11:37:09 PM .

com 11:38:00 PM .amazingprayers. Rodolfo Torres http://amazingprayers. God bless and prosper you.Untitled Document Here'sYour FREE E-Book Click Here to Open and Read It Or "Right Click" and Download and Save It Accept it with my Compliments.

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