Project 1

OBJECTIVE: The main aim of this project is to generate a particular sinusoidal wave with a noise and then processing it by using Labview programming techniques. MATERIALS: LABVIEW software is used to simulate the project. TASK 1: A waveform chart has been created and named as Original signal in the front panel. Then in block diagram, dropped a simulated signal in which I changed the parameters like signal type is “sine”, frequency to 10hz, and added “Gamma Noise” in noise type. Then changed the number of samples to 2000. Then I connected both the terminals by using the wiring tool and saved and run the program. TASK 2: After simulated the original signal, the signal should done a filtering. Then found the Filter and configured it by changing the parameters like low pass filter under filter type and 20Hz cutoff frequency. Then connected the output of the “sine with gamma” simulated signal to the signal input of filter using wiring tool. Then created a graph indicator for the filtered signal by right clicking on the “filtered signal output terminal”. Then saved and run the program.

TASK 3: In this task, a “Spectral Measurements” has been created and configured with some parameters like choosing “Magnitude peaks” under measurement and “Linear” under result. Then made connections from the output of “Sine with Gamma” of the simulated signal to signal input of the spectral measurements. Then a graph indicator has been created by right clicking on FFT peak to show the spectral measurements. Saved and run the program. RESULTS: We get three graphs as an output. In the first graph, we get a sinusoidal wave with gamma noise. This signal is getting filtered in the next graph. In this, we get the same sinusoidal wave but with less noise because of filtering. in the third graph, we get a FFT signal in which only the first wave touches the peak and other waves will be with noise at the bottom. DISCUSSIONS: for simulation purpose, the same signal can be simulated without noise but filtering will be done only depending upon the filter type i.e. high pass or low pass filter but not noise. I got a noise free signal when I forgot to add noise in the first task.


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