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Your Questions About How To Make Black Hair Grow

Your Questions About How To Make Black Hair Grow

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Published by: hakeemad on Nov 20, 2012
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Your Questions About How To Make Black Hair Grow

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Carol asks…

I want to know how to make black hair grow, can you mix herbs or things in your house together to make your hair grow?
I was reading this thing about African-American hair about how you can mix things like herbs, spices, and foods in your house to help your hair grow fast. I can’t find the website anymore so do you all know of any mixtures I can put together? Thank You!

Mae answers:


As a deep conditoner to strenghten your hair use egg, olive oil, coconut oil, avacado. Egg is the strengther cos it has protien so if you just want moistrising take out the egg.

Mary asks…

how much protein do i need a day to make my hair grow 1/2 to 1 inch in 2 weeks?
i need my hair to grow before my next relaxer. i am african american and my hair grow pretty fast. help me out please!! thanks so much you’re a big help ( in advance!!) now i dont get a relaxer in the summer time will that damage my hair?

Mae answers:
You need biotin tablets, protein is more for strengthening the hair. You should take a multivitamin and a biotin tablet once a day. You hair will grow faster, and so you will have to shave more often too. You can buy biotin from Taget for about $3 for a pack of 100.


Linda asks…

Does natural African American hair grow faster than relaxed hair?
I just cut off all of my relaxed hair (it was down to the hook of my bra). Without getting relaxers, will my hair grow back faster?

Mae answers:
No. Your hair grows from the hair follicles underneath your scalp and nothing can change how fast your hair grows. The difference is length retention and breakage. Relaxed hair is more prone to breakage because the harsh chemicals weaken your hair. It’s the constant breakage that makes it seem like your hair is growing slowly or not growing at all. Natural hair, without and chemicals, will be stronger so it’s more likely that you’ll be able to keep it from breaking off. If you’re used to having a lot of breakage that cuts into your length then it might seem like your hair is growing faster when your hair stops breaking off, but it’s actually not; you’re just holding on to more growth because there’s less breakage. Your hair will grow the same amount it’s always been growing no matter what you put in or do to your hair. If you want to see longer lengths then you need to hold onto that growth and keep your hair from breaking off. My hair went from about 1/3 of an inch to shoulder-length in 14 months, but this is because I kept breakage to a bare minimum. GL. Check out this great book on busting myths about black hair


Susan asks…

How to make my black hair grow faster?
Im african american and I have short hair. My hair use to be long but from too much heat it started to break. It is a little longer than it was. I am back to straightening myy hair 5 days a week. I condition it twice a week. I put in leave in conditionor everyday and also put in hair lotion.Is there anything else I can do to make my hair grow fast. I wish to grow my hair an in a month? Is that possible how?

Mae answers:
Well hair grows half an inch each month on its own. But what I would suggest it try using Mane N’ Tail Horse Shampoo and Conditioner. I use it all the timeand it does aid in growing your hair faster. I’d say massage it into your scalp so it can get to your roots well this increases the blood flow helping it grow faster. When shampooing and conditioning you should use cold or luke warm wateron your hair so it won’t damage it. Even hot water hurts your hair.You can find it at walmart in the pet section. You should drink plenty of water to help condition your hair. Eating Coconut oil also has benifits its not only good for adding nutrients to the hair, but its also good for weight loss and has many more benifits. And don’t forget about exercising, as much as I hate it, it actually helps by increasing the blood flow and stimulating the hair to grow faster. Hope I helped! Btw if your looking for a cute hairstyle to try out for the cold weather try this:


Robert asks…

What products should I use to help my hair grow faster?
Im just started to let my hair grow out and was wondering want shampoos and products should i use to help it grow faster and healthy. I heard doo grow is the way to go but im not sure. Im also a male african american.

Mae answers:
My suggestion is Nioxin, It is one of the most leading providers of haircare products that concentrates purley on the appearance of thin looking hair, and also helps with the growning of the hair. It gives volume, thickness and strength without adding weight. I am a hairdresser, and this product keeps all my clients satasfied. (: Good luck,)

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