FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Rebecca Shaw (214) 871-8888 (o) (214) 536-9698 (c) Media Statement November

20, 2012 A formal briefing on the feasibility of a retractable louver solution by Museum Tower’s team of expert consultants with the Nasher Sculpture Center’s leaders and consultants was scheduled a month ago for today, but was cancelled last night by David Haemisegger, President of the Board of Trustees, Nasher Sculpture Center. Retractable louvers were recommended by Nasher consultant Rick del Monte as a potential solution to prevent light reflected from Museum Tower’s glass façade from entering the Nasher’s galleries. Mr. del Monte made the recommendation without providing studies, engineering reports or wind tunnel tests specific to Museum Tower. Museum Tower has had numerous conversations with the Nasher’s consultants and had requested today’s meeting to report on its findings. Museum Tower representatives reviewed German louver manufacturer Clauss Markisen’s technical data, engineering reports and wind tunnel test data. In addition, Museum Tower representatives inspected a building in Singen, Germany with a similar louver system. The manufacturer’s representative, Richard Wilson, said “Clauss Markisen has confirmed that they have not installed the system on a building as tall as the Museum Tower.” A complete study, modeling, engineering, testing, manufacturing and installation will take about two years. Today’s cancelled meeting was to be an important discussion of the difficult, complex issues related to attaching a louver system to a 42-story building that has already been built. We would hope that the sophisticated, knowledgeable citizens of Dallas, who are commenting without benefit of any technical information specific to Museum Tower, would realize that it takes many months to study and test a project of this scale. Museum Tower’s technical team has worked in good faith to study the louver system and find a viable solution since Mr. del Monte’s proposal. Museum Tower is owned by the Dallas Police and Fire Pension System and its 9,200 Dallas Police Officers, Firefighters, Retirees and their families. We are disappointed that the Nasher has repeatedly engaged in communications designed to harm Museum Tower and the Police, Firefighters, Retirees and their families’ investment. (Attached is the Museum Tower presentation)

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