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Book Human1 Israeli Racism ENG

Book Human1 Israeli Racism ENG

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Published by: yahia2009 on Jan 26, 2009
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It pleases Al-Zaytouna Centre to bring forward to the reader the first
of its Book Series: Am I not a Human?.
This series endeavours to present a comprehensive picture of the
suffering of Palestinians, whose rights have been violated and property
confiscated. It sheds light on the daily agony of Palestinians, who have
been dispossessed of their land, subjected to murder and imprisonment,
and whose homes have been destroyed and honour raped.
Such violations and atrocities occur at a time when the world has
brought the curtain down on traditional repugnant colonization, but left
that of the Zionist in Palestine, and turned a deaf ear on its violations
and aggression on land and man. Ironically, all this takes place at a
time when the whole world is drawling about human rights and his
dignity and liberty to live in peace in his homeland. But it nevertheless,
is completely indifferent towards what is happening to dispossessed
and wronged Palestinians.
Palestinians are human beings, who take great pride in their dignity,

liberty, their affiliation with their nation and world at large, and

contribution to civilization. Hence, before those interested in peace
negotiations go into details, they must realize that there cannot be
solutions that deprive Palestinians their natural and legitimate right in
their motherland, freedom, holy places and self-determination.
This series aims at highlighting the various aspects of the Palestinians’
daily suffering, through focusing on issues like Palestinian women,
children, prisoners, refugees, students, apartheid wall, …etc.


Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies & Consultation

Therefore, it pleases us to introduce “The Israeli Racism:

Palestinians in Israel: A Case Study,” the first book of this series,
prepared by ‘Abbas Isma‘il to whom our sincere thanks go. Thanks
also go to our colleagues in the editorial board for their outstanding


Dr. Mohsen Moh’d Saleh


Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies & Consultation

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