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Book Human1 Israeli Racism ENG

Book Human1 Israeli Racism ENG

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Published by: yahia2009 on Jan 26, 2009
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Despite all the aforementioned in this study about Israeli racism and
discrimination against Arab citizens, what remains, as a matter of fact,

is more than what have been presented in this compendium. The file of

racism in Israel is so enormous and so complex as to be exhaustively
covered in one volume. However, what have been documented in

this lucubration is sufficient to expose Israel as an indeed racist state.

The samples presented throughout the book ascertain the prejudice
and discrimination of the Palestinians in Israel, and prove beyond the
shadow of a doubt the existence of two distinct strata of citizens in Israel
that are being discriminated upon in light of a religious-nationalistic

This is probably because of the essential and inherent contradiction
that exists between the character of Israel as a “Jewish state” in its


Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies & Consultation

institutional construction and in giving preferences to the Jewish people,

and which dictates that its name, flag, national anthem, public holidays

and symbols must be Jewish on the one hand, and between its adoption
of democracy in the presence of a another category of citizens who

do not fit in this religious-nationalistic prescription of the state, on the

other hand.

At the end, is it really difficult to see this discrimination rampant there

in every place: In the statements of their symbols and leadership, books
and curricula of education enforced or reinforced by laws? Even that
which is not reinforced by law is practiced daily in their conversations,
newspapers, jobs, transactions, and judicial sentences.
It is nothing but discrimination, if we are to call the spade a spade; it
is racism that is rife to a degree that makes it indeed hard to believe that
all these instances and incidences are mere coincidences, or exceptional
practices. It is simply racism!.


Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies & Consultation

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