FADE IN: INT. LIVING ROOM - HOUSE - NIGHT KYLE BATES (17), he has light brown hair, that is straight. Crystal blue eyes an d a friendly smile. Pale skin that really brings out his cuteness and small bits of freckles dotted on his cheeks. He’s a gay teenaged boy, out in the open about it. He’s kind and sweet. MARI BATES (17), she has black hair, pink/blue streaks in her hair. Night black eyes. Not really a girly girl. She’s the exact opposite of everything a sweet girl should be. MELISSA BATES (40), the mother of Mari and Kyle. Age slowly starting to show. Sh e has shoulder-length shaggy light-brown hair. Bags under her eyes, weak. The living room is in a modern-time style, a white couch which Kyle rests on. A black flat screen TV rests on the wall. There is two doors, one to the kitchen a nd the other to the foyer. Mari sits on an old green/red armchair while Melissa sits on a small window porch with a comforter for her back. MELISSA Oh it’s just. . .horrible. No parent should ever go through the horrors of losing their child at an early age. . . KYLE It’s. . .so weird, I remember just yesterday she was being called on in class. . .and now-Kyle stops, crestfallen. MARI Why are you so upset? Kyle stares at her, perplex. MARI (cont’d) I mean. . .you barely even knew her. Now, you decide to give a shit? MELISSA Watch your language, young lady. KYLE So, I didn’t know her? Doesn’t mean I can’t feel bad for her. MARI Feel bad for her? She was a plastic whore and a bitchy-ass slut! She was a bully, a monster! A FUCKING MONSTER! Melissa stands. Mari does too. MELISSA Enough!

MARI Feeling sober mother? Feeling strong to take on your daughter? Finally ready to be there for me? Or you just gonna go to the damn bar-Melissa is pissed, SLAPS her daughter across the face. Mari gasps, grabs her che ek. Melissa covers her mouth. MELISSA Mari. . .I’m so sorry--I just-Mari fiddles with something behind her back. MARI Fuck you! You-you cunt! Mari pulls out a knife, Melissa’s eyes widen. Kyle stands. MELISSA Mari, what are you doing? Put the knife down this second! MARI I’m giving you what you deserve. Mari SHOVES the knife into Melissa’s guts. She gasps in pain. MARI (cont’d) Don’t--don’t worry mom. This was going to happen anyway. KYLE WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? MARI What?! What. . .? Mari rips the knife out of Melissa’s stomach and she collapses. KYLE Oh God, MOM! MOM--NO! MARI Don’t worry, you’ll join her soon. KYLE WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! MARI I’m making things right--getting rid of everyone who’s out to destroy people’s lives. Kyle runs over to Melissa but Mari just watches as he grabs his weak mother.

MARI (cont’d) Ashley was a killer. She was a bully. Kids took their lives because of her. And mom, she was a fucked-up woman, had a lot of problems. She was leading us down a bad path. Do you forgive me? KYLE You say we’re the monsters? Look at yourself Mari cocks her head. MARI What’s that suppose to mean? KYLE Are you kidding me? Sure we all fuck up. But you, murdering people?! (sobs) I think we have a new low! Mari shakes her head. MARI No. No. No. You’re not getting the point! I’m-I’m doing the good thing here! Kyle drags his mother and himself back into a wall as Mari breaks down screaming . MARI (cont’d) I’M HELPING PEOPLE! KYLE NO YOU’RE NOT! MARI SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT THE FUCK UP! Mari shuts her eyes, shoves her hand to her face. Screams. Mari’s eyes SNAP open. Pure black. The devil’s eyes. BLACK. Silent humming in the background. . . FADE IN: INT. LIVING ROOM - HOUSE - LATER MARI I was doing a good thing. . . Mari is seated in a corner. Blood surrounds her entire body. Long gashes across

her face from Kyle’s nails. The bloodied knife trembles in her hand. She stares of f into space. . . MARI (cont’d) good thing. . . good thing. . . good thing. . . good thing. . .

I I I I Mari smiles, devilish. BLACK. THE END

was was was was

doing doing doing doing

a a a a

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