A film that tells the story of a 11-year old boy ,his name even taylor .where he live in orphanage .even look different than other ,because every he heard sounds of nature he can assemable these sound into beautiful tones his hearning,and he belive trought the tones he hears it.he can communicationswiht her parents some where to be... In fact even is son of mother named lyla and father named loius.lyla and louis was a popular musican band during them youth ..they have realition ship until the girl was pregnancy..but lyla father’s not want his son pregnancy because the birt of childcan hinder carrer of lyla. When lyla giving birt,lyla in critical condition her father said that her son is dead,in fact the ltla father’s deliver her son to the orphhenage.. Once day even ran away from orphanage this is done to find his parent ,he belive tones he hears from of nature can lead him to meet wiht his parents,he meet with roxy andeven invited to stay in old house where street children live under the rule of a thug named willzard . In this place there is a guitar and even secretly the guitar,but did not like where the guitar playrd by other even play guitar randomly ,without knowing chord scales,but produces beautiful tones .and this make willzard think even can become source of income for him .then even persuaded to become street musican,and even renamed agust rush.substitution name because willzard be scared once day even will found by family even concert is a succes and chance his concert in conjunctions with lyla concert’s ,which was originally considered even lyla is unique with his talent ,began to realize that even is the son was looking for a long time .even eyes were blue very similar to the eyes of louis assured her,,that was his son even unite them ,power heart ,determination faith and fel love them together..

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