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Agile Basics

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Scrum Team
Extended Team

Scrum Team
User QA


Scrum Master

Delivery Team

Product Owner


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The Players
Scrum Master

Responsible for removing any barriers Not the decision maker

Represents the customer Decides what will be delivered and when Self-managing, self-organizing Typically 5-9 people

Product Owner

Delivery Team

Make and meet commitments. Collaborate for better results.

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Scrum: Most popular Agile method (XP, DSDM, FDD, Crystal). Story: Desired project outcome or system feature. (Epic, Parent) Product backlog: Prioritized list of stories. Iteration or Sprint: 2-4 week cycle to develop, test, accept and showcase stories Sprint backlog: Subset of product backlog that team agrees to complete in a sprint Velocity: Measure of work completed in an iteration. Unit is story points.
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Operating Mechanisms (Ceremonies)

Planning session: To review Product backlog and decide on stories to deliver in the Sprint. Daily stand-up: 15 minute meeting to share progress & struggles. What did you do yesterday? What do you plan to do today? What hurdles are you facing? Showcase: Team demonstrates to stakeholders what it has completed during the sprint Retrospective: Candidly discuss what went right and wrong during the Sprint and then assign specific actions to improve the process for the next Sprint. Scrum of Scrums: Cross project dependencies review
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The Process How it all comes together

Product backlog grooming Daily Stand-up Iteration planning

Showcase & Retrospective

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