Two Minute Synopsis

Two Minute Synopsis Lucas Caine is standing against a wall in an unknown location.

He is eagerly waiting for a text form an anonymous source. Lucas becomes more and more impatient frustratingly assessing the space around him looking left and right for anyone around. To calm his nerves Lucas pulls out a packet of cigarettes to smoke but before he can begin smoking the cigarettes he receives the text. He throws the away the cigarettes in a burst of rage at not having been able to smoke it. Lucas begins to walk to the warehouse gate where he opens the gate with the controls. He walks into the warehouse closing the gates behind him. Has he steps into the room an unknown figure tied to a chair with a bag over his face awaits him. Lucas walks up to the person and points a gun at their head. Lucas’s hand begins to tremble and shake he takes a minute to settle himself. He places the gun gently against the head of the figure. With one deep breathe he pulls the trigger and the body slumps to the floor lifeless and dead. He walks out in absolute shock of the events that have just occurred. He steps outside and vomits uncontrollably. He slowly looks up to find a Mercedes CLS pull up right next to him. The window of the car rolls down Lucas looking inside feels completely terrified and in a moment of confusion pulls out his gun. The scene closes with a bang

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