Prop Notes

Imitation GunThis imitation gun will be used by the antagonist to kill the innocent, unknown character. The imitation gun is realistic to convey the image of a real gun in the film.

Rope The rope will be used to tie up the protagonist’s hands down to the chair that he was abandoned in. The rope is reasonably thick which connotes reassurance and security.

Chair The foldable chair allows us to tie the rope around the protagonist firmly, which allows us to take shots of the rope reassuring the audience that the rope is on. This chain is suitable for the location as it is not new and not an expensive chair to use.

Flood Light The floodlight will be used to provide light in the location but also build tension and pressure on the protagonist. The lights suit the location of the scene which is rough. Mobile Phone This mobile phone will be used by the antagonist in main, important shots to receive a message from an unknown person. This creates suspense in which the audience is attracted to. Fabric Sack We have chosen a sack to cover the innocent characters face that is tied to a chair. We have chosen this as it meats the health and safety requirements in order to breathe, and also it is cliché in many action Thriller films.

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