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ISSUE 3 • 2008

The Fabulous, Famous Dyslexic, Henry Winkler
By Karen LoGiudice, Davis Facilitator in Newburyport, MA


other’s Day, 2008 will go down in my books as one really cool day! Ironically, I was not with my children. Instead, I was in Andover, Massachusetts at a book signing with Henry Winkler (a.k.a. The Fonz from Happy Days). For those of you who didn’t realize, he is also a best-selling author and among the ranks of many other extremely talented, famous dyslexics. I really didn’t know what to expect, but I am a huge fan of Mr. Winkler’s best-selling book series, Hank Zipzer - The World’s Greatest

Underachiever, and I saw this as a great opportunity to meet a man who has gone above and beyond with respect to shining light on dyslexia both its realities/difficulties and its gifts/talents. Based on the wonderful character, Hank Zipzer, a 4th grade boy with dyslexia, Winkler’s 14-strong series of chapter books are mostly autobiographical. Having arrived at the function an hour and a half early, I was excited to be right at the front of the line. People started assembling and the buzz of excitement was growing. In one way or another, Henry Winkler had touched the life of each person in line... either with his acting, producing, writing, or some other experience! As people around me were
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Michael’s Great Day
By Jean Moser, Davis Facilitator in Winston-Salem, North Carolina Jean sent us this story on June 7, 2008, shortly before her son, Michael, graduated from high school.

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My son, Michael, is graduating from high school tomorrow. He’s not alone– there are thousands of young men and women in our community who will walk up the aisle, get their diploma, and then throw their caps in the air. There will be thousands of celebrations throughout the city as each family enjoys the beginning of their child’s new stage of life. But my son has a special story. When Michael was five years old, he flunked kindergarten. We Michael Moser, just graduated, is on his brought him home for school and gave way to Wingate University on a soccer him a year to relax. But things didn’t get scholarship.
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In the Mail:
clothes and calling them art. but when i saw the program “the gift of dyslexia” it gave me confidence to be what i want I learned to read at age 10 to be (a cosmologist) and helped me hello, my name is sadie i am 13 i live in understand my self and what was the uk and i am dyslexic. i learnt how to hapaning in my brain, i want to say read when i was 10, by pointing to a word, thank you for all that your Association asking what it means, then memorising has done for people like us!! and i have the serise of letters in till i had a recormended your books to many people! headache. to this day i have problems and i will continue to do so! spelling or reading out loud, i also talk from sadie p. hambleton other kids do. Tutoring made no to fast or confuse words such as : to, difference and her fear and dislike for Our Chloe’s doing great! two and too or write words with the the subject grew. We want to share our 10 year-old Chloe letters gummbled round such as my After assessment in Singapore, name i would some times spell it: ideas Nadine’s success with Davis Facilitator, where Ms. Chua convinced Chloe that Constance Chua of Singapore. or aside. i am good at art, maths and doing Math the Davis way is fun and easy, Math was always a problem for science and used to think i was stupid or she did a Davis program last April. Chloe. I got frustrated and she was often strange and i was bullyed at school for Immediately after the program we in tears unable to relate to numbers as being dyslexic or wareing flamboyant noticed that Chloe was calmer and more confident. To our amazement she scored Copyright 2002 Randy Glasbergen. 80% in her first test a few weeks later! She continues to progress and her average is now 90%. When we ask how she does “Davis” she can’t explain, but says, “I just know it.” Our younger daughter, gifted in math, is nervous that Chloe may become her match! Chloe has blossomed in confidence and responsibility. God bless Mr. Davis! We are deeply grateful to him for making the program available throughout the world. We’d also like to express our sincerest appreciation to Ms. Constance Chua for her patience, continued guidance and encouragement to Chloe. We will always be grateful to her. Yours truly, Natalie L. Tanchip Manila, Philippines

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The student will have to feel the missing beats and not play on them. Unfortunately. That is because they both convey the same rhythmic information in different ways. Notice that the holds line up with the numbers in parenthesis from the line of numbers used for counting the rhythm. D hold hold hold. The student must be playing the material correctly before he leaves the lesson and must have enough material to practice all week long. Much Rhythm is the secret to sight reading. It takes two to four years to get to the point where the student will no longer need to say the note names. one of my teachers at U-Mass Lowell. a third is three. The space in the rhythm can be filled with a system of placeholders. the student would say. E hold rest rest. just add the appropriate number of holds and rests (see Example 4. Each system provides all of the rhythmic “events” in the line.” An often recommended strategy in instrument method books is to have the student say the names of the notes quarter notes. “DDDD. the only problem is that the student will say the notes.” while playing. next page). he will have reinforced the wrong information in his memory.” Now. used to say that nature hates a vacuum. two half notes. the rhythm becomes harder. rest rest rest rest. Example 3: Holds and rests. Saying the interval and chord names can be valuable as well (Example 6). For dotted notes and ties. In it was a note card with the words. Example 2: Rhythm on the note D with a system of placeholders. when a student says the notes and the holds she is saying one thing for each event in the line. Intervals count the distance between notes: a second is two notes apart. Dr. “If you play the right notes at the right time.S. “C rest D rest. Triads are three note chords and are named for the bottom note (the root) of the chord. Each quarter note gets one pulse per note. but there is a catch: in order to play the right rhythm a person must be able to find the notes. at left). It is easy to play and say the note names on measures of quarter notes on the note D. The hold is just a placeholder and has no rhythmic value itself. things are not that simple. Have the student say. It is easier to read intervals and chords if we chunk the notes together under one label. E hold D hold. but there is a catch: in order to play the right rhythm a person must be able to find the notes. we want to fill that space with something.” while playing the notes on a steady pulse. Part 1 By Geoffrey Keith If a student takes home a piece of music and practices the wrong notes and rhythms. It is critical to have a way to send the student home knowing that he will be practicing the right notes with the right rhythms. I once saw a J. DDDD. the instrument plays itself. This is a great teaching tool. Cross out the second note of a tied pair to remind the student that she will not play on that note (Example 5). Bach note holder in a bookstore.THE DYSLEXIC READER PAGE 3 Note Proficiency. etc. Rhythm is the secret to sight reading.” out loud as he plays. and all of the subdivisions if there are any. Similarly. I do not know if Bach ever said this. but it does catch the essentials of playing music. Christopher McGahn. What we need is a way to say the names of the notes out loud in the correct time. This means that he will have to relearn the rhythm later. and a whole note. In Example 1 above. I tell the student that the h stands for the word hold. D hold D hold. whether it is a struck note or a held beat. C hold hold hold. In other words. Chord theory is one . When saying the note names for Example 2. and that it is a placeholder for the extra beats in the longer notes. simply cut the hold in half. if there is a space in the rhythm. “ of basic music reading is about playing the right notes at the right time. To say note names at the eighth notes level of rhythm. For rests I use an r (Example 3. because we can change (or invert) the order of the notes in a chord. but often not perform the rhythms as written. let’s write an h in the space between the half notes and three h’s after the whole notes. while providing a user-friendly guide to when to clap. If we play and say the note names on the same D on four Example 1: Holds and rests. The extended counting provides all of the beats.

but rather when you should play. he is also names through once or twice a visual thinker.) Also. of the more complex aspects of Used consistently. use a in multisensory pointer. “E hold third D E hold third F. for full time music teachers: if you Success Music sing through 40 to 60 lessons per Studio. Charles. I have had helpful parents who have played the pieces for their child. In part two of the article we work at the level of the 16th note as well. but by the time the On piano. G hold received his music second G F hold second F. This will help styles (successmusicstudio. © 2008 Geoffrey Keith get to the point where the student will Play both hands together no longer need to say the note names. If you play the example for her first. to point at the notes. holds. There are many stories of children who when starting piano lessons were Example 5: Holds and rests at the eighth note level. 2002. Use help students gain proficiency in of rhythmic difficulty.” Lowell in 1993 and Singing the notes with the student now runs his own is great ear training for her. E hold hold degree from U-Mass hold hold hold hold hold. point. nine of them working with multisensory strategies. Example 4: Holds with ties and dotted Notes Concert pianist Charles Rosen relates this piece of advice: “Small children with a gift for music commonly have an amazing memory. she has lines drawn between the two hands following the notes. had to learn not to play a new piece for the more talented beginner” (Rosen. Piano teachers have Example 6: Intervals and triads. Example 7: Combining hands. and chord years. saying. such as a conductor’s baton strategies for teaching music to young or a pencil. About the author Geoffrey Keith G C third third third A third A. while she plays before you play . sum the rhythm of the will discuss using lines and colors to student has reached that level two hands into one set of holds. holds and rests music.PAGE 4 THE DYSLEXIC READER the example for her. students with dyslexia. and we cannot go into it will help the student execute the rhythm in depth here. p. and rests while you sing or students. Piano Notes: The names anymore. her keep the steady beat and not He has taught music for the last 18 get lost in the score. which is always after he has attempted to read the piece. The student parenthesis in the extended counting World of the Pianist. Have her sing or say the note. It is not so much if you should play for the student. interval. but had not in fact acquired the skill: they had heard the teacher play a piece through once and could repeat it without mistake. The Rosen. This forces her to read the notation. (A caution music lesson studio. not realizing that they were short circuiting the process of learning how to read music. without my knowledge. usually mastered the notes and on the beat to show the student how References will not need to say the note the hands are organized in time. and visual-spatial learning say them with her. you risk laryngitis. It takes two to four years to hands (Example 7). New York: will focus on counting at that also reflects the rhythm for both The Free Press. 90).com). correctly while saying the note names In theory. she may skip over the process of reading altogether. AD/HD. thought to be able to read music. specializing week. the holds will out loud.

but they have never failed to imitate them. (And people still talk about how good it was!) We had this disconnect between who he was and his experience with school. Not only did he make amazing strides in reading. and the reading exercises. Irish writer and scholar. Michael got closer and closer to grade level. 1) PAGE 5 easier in school. He continues to use his Davis “tools. did the Koosh® ball exercises.” I couldn’t read it fast enough. Slowly but surely. you will command the attention of the world. Michael is graduating tomorrow. Michael was obviously bright. he’s taken. French novelist and critic (1840-1902) “We all want progress. inventor (1864-1943) . and finished at the sixth grade level. and seems to be on the verge of “blooming” as a student. he and his brother had a homemade bread business and sold 20 loaves a week to people in our community.” –James Baldwin. And what a change we saw.” –Maya Lin. Although we were interested. American architect “The artist is nothing without the gift.” He has discovered that he can even “diagnose” what’s bothering him in math and at school and then use Symbol Mastery or the Reading Exercises to master it. She was gracious and caring and answered all my questions.” But I bought the book. progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road. Several years later. He loved animals. but the gift is nothing without work. We spent thousands on a vision therapy program that was fun. We found a phonics program and faithfully followed the steps. and gifted with perception and athletic ability. at the age of 12.” –Émile Zola. He continues to grow in his desire to learn and conquer those things he used to avoid. educator. Over time.. But progress means getting nearer to the place where you want to be. He began the Program reading at the second grade level. Today.THE DYSLEXIC READER Michael’s Great Day (cont’d from p. we have to have resistance. the timing wasn’t right for us to take Michael. Math was a struggle.. survived and completed his SATs and will be attending Wingate University on a soccer scholarship. Then we bought a program that claimed if he could learn to crawl he would be able to read. but ineffectual. he also gained confidence in understanding how his brain works. and cooking. American botanist. best known as the author of The Chronicles of Narnia (1898-1964) “Children have never been very good at listening to their elders. and we are all celebrating! Quotfrombles a Notables . We had this disconnect between who he was and his experience with school. I was browsing through a local bookstore one day when I came across a book with a “ title that struck me as an oxymoron: The Gift of Dyslexia. we built the trigger words. There is nothing progressive about being pig-headed and refusing to admit a mistake. As a very young boy. “To fly. American writer and civil rights activist (1924-1987) “When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way.” –C. Then we tried another one.S. If you are on the wrong road. I immediately called the California office to get the name of the closest facilitator. curious. This book described my son’s experiences and brain in a way that made total sense to me.” –George Washington Carver. Michael did do a Davis Dyslexia Correction Program. My knee jerk reaction was “this is NOT a gift. and even a hands on approach was less than successful. Lewis.

it is not a prayer. and your job is to figure out what your gift is and give it to the world. He talked about his real-life teacher (also a character in his books) who. and agreed to meet with his co-writer.. I am a husband..having spent most of his life believing that he was “dumb.. • You spend a third of your time trying to figure out why you can’t figure it out. and • You spend a third of your time trying to cover up your shame and humiliation for not keeping up. “I stand before you being an actor.dyslexia. Winkler realized that they were not only diagnosing his son. a huge percentage of whom are undiagnosed even now. There is no reason you cannot have whatever it is you are imagining. Henry Winkler entered the stage-front area of the town hall to a huge round of applause.] and I am in the bottom 3% in this country academically. No sneaky. humility. His in-person energy is funny. he hopped up on the stage and introduced himself. and your job is to figure out what your gift is and give it to the world. “Every human being who has a learning challenge–how you learn has nothing to do with how brilliant you are. a blue blazer. He spoke of his parents. unfortunately. Because you learn differently. it does not mean that you don’t have greatness inside of you! Every one of you has greatness inside of you. he found out he could. dreams. This was a good sign. each journey to a new level. a director. and did learn how. What you want. When his agent suggested that Winkler write children’s books about his dyslexia. 1) The Davis Dyslexia Correction program is now available from more than 450 Facilitators around the world. and things just kept getting better! Inside. He continued on to reveal that his natural talents.and the world cannot wait to see what you give. [and author]. and put one foot in front of the other. was once something he felt he couldn’t do. He believes that this potential lives within everyone! He went on to say.he was not stupid. and personality were attributes that enabled him to put one foot in front of the other. .” His story is similar to many dyslexic adults. that it was a clear demonstration that academic success is NOT the only measure of greatness! He spoke of his life growing up in New York–the same apartment building where Hank Zipzer lives. Gabriele Doetsch Leutasch/Innsbruck +43 (5) 214 64 57 and casual shoes..htm Argentina Silvana Ines Rossi Buenos Aires +54 (114) 865 3898 Heidi Rose Pennington /Adelaide +61 (08) 8240 1834 Joanne Zietsch Curtin ACT +61 (0) 2 6282 1225 Austria Annette Dietrich Wien +43 (01) 888 90 25 Australia Brenda Baird Brisbane +61 (07) 3299 3994 Sally Beulke Melbourne +61 (03) 572 51752 Anne Cupitt Scarness.. If you will it. Winkler said. call: (888) 805-7216 [Toll free] or (650) 692-7141 or visit www. pink tie. if you hold it in your brain.” could never do that.. walking toward us–happy to see the crowd.. For he was ushered in by staff. he thought that he Every one of you has greatness inside of you. When his son started showing signs of difficulty in school. he was not lazy. a father to three children [.com/ providers.. and humor.. he thanked everyone for coming and walked through the front door.. But by putting one foot in front of the other. “If you will it. extreme hard work.. he was trying to live up to his potential.. but were also describing him! “ He finally had a name. approachable. a producer. Queensland +61 (074) 128-2470 Mary Davie Caringbah NSW +61 (02) 9524 3837 Jan Gorman Eastwood / Sydney +61 (02) 9804 1184 Bets Gregory Gordon NSW +61 (4) 1401 3490 Gail Hallinan DLS Workshop Presenter-Mentor Naremburn /Sydney +61 (02) 9405 2800 Barbara Hoi Mosman / Sydney +61 (02) 9968 1093 Eileen McCarthy Manly / Sydney +61 (02) 9977 2061 Marianne Mullally Crows Nest.PAGE 6 International Davis Dyslexia Correction Providers ® THE DYSLEXIC READER Henry Winkler (cont’d from p. back-door entrances for him. They are now working on their 15th book. I now have found in my life that that is a phrase that makes the world turn on its axis. his delivery was with such grace. to get where he wanted to be. and you never let your dream go. they decided to have him tested for a learning disability. it is not a dream... Dressed in jeans. himself... Sydney +61 (02) 9436 3766 Jayne Pivac Mordialloc / Melbourne +61 (342) 030 54 05 John Reilly Berala / Sydney +61 (02) 9649 4299 sharing their stories. As the results came back and they learned more about dyslexia. it is not a dream.. Winkler was 31 when he found out he was dyslexic.” Despite this jaw-dropping comment.I know I can’t!” Each progression in his career. didn’t know how. Reflecting on his journey. He was dyslexic! Winkler half-jokingly described his definition of dyslexia as: • You spend a third of your time trying to figure it out. and very candid! He started off by saying. warm.and the world cannot wait to see what you give. always called Winkler lazy and not working to his potential.. taking pictures and shaking hands with awed fans on the sidewalk. we all were surprised to see Henry Winkler. every day.if you will it. He introduced himself to almost everyone. It took two years before he decided that it was a possibility.. Lin Oliver.. who didn’t understand him or his academic difficulties.

what you can accomplish.” “As human beings. 1960) Renée Figlarz Montreal. famous dyslexic. I can’t wait to hear what he thinks about it! Oh. Never say never!’” There were many moments throughout his speech that were incredibly inspiring. of course. Quebec +1 (514) 815-7827 Sandy Farrell Hudson.I have nothing to say.” –Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948). Ontario +1 (519) 746-8422 +1 (800) 981-6433 (Toll-Free) Sher Goerzen Maple Ridge/Vancouver +1 (604) 290-5063 Gerry Grant Supervisor-Specialist Workshop Presenter Waterloo/Toronto +1 (519) 498-2424 . He accepted the book graciously. there are descriptions of disorientation: Hank can’t figure out why he can’t seem to get it. funny. my dream that Henry Winkler will read The Gift of Dyslexia (a book that has changed the lives of so many of the people he is also trying to reach) continues. and he gave special care to direct much of his speech toward them..“ THE DYSLEXIC READER PAGE 7 Austria (cont’d) Jacinta Fennessy Wien +43 (01) 774 98 22 Ina Barbara Hallermann Riezlern +43 5517 20012 Marika Kaufmann Lochau +43 (05574) 446 98 It is amazing what you can figure out...! As a Davis Dyslexia Correction Facilitator... Inge Lanneau Beernem +32 (050) 33 29 92 Peggy Poppe Antwerpen +32 (474) 50 23 32 out his autograph? He did personalize it! He wrote: “You are 1st! – Henry Winkler. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us. but I dare to dream. 2008. honest.You put one foot in front of the other–it is amazing what you can figure out. open.blogspot. Henry Winkler.’ . Karen LoGuidice with Henry Winkler (aka “The Fonz”) and author of the much-loved Hank Zipzer books. I only managed to say a few quick words about it. I with permission.what you can accomplish.. ‘It is impossible. I left knowing that I would always remember this event that far surpassed anything I was expecting... You don’t even know what you can accomplish until you try it. He answered questions and was amazingly open and candid about his experiences.. Ontario +1 (613) 792-4068 +1 (866) 792-4067 (Toll-Free) Raylene Barnhill Fredericton. political and spiritual leader Canada Wayne Aadelstone-Hassel North Vancouver +1 (604) 988-7680 Jean-Pierre Arbour Ottawa. and when I got home and checked Belgium Thera Brugghe Roeselare +32 (051) 24 63 40 Ann Devloo-Delva Veurne +32 (058) 31 63 52 Hilde Duchesne Brasschaat +32 (03) 653 13 71 Davis Facilitator. and.. You don’t even know what you can accomplish until you try it.. our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world–that is the myth of the atomic age– as in being able to remake ourselves. to the Andover Bookstore for hosting this wonderful event! © Karen LoGuidice. I would love to see Hank have a Davis Program and feel the effects of having tools to help him! At the very end of his absolutely wonderful talk. why reading is so hard. Viki Vandevenne Bonheiden +32 (0473) 30 41 51 Brazil Ana Lima Rio De Janeiro +55 (021) 2295-1505 Bulgaria Daniela Boneva Ruse +35 (988) 531 95 06 “on greatness.. he was not going to personalize any of the autographs (per the staff). talented. Never say never!” “I said I could never do this. There were also many times throughout his speech when I could correlate what he was describing to classic disorientation symptoms– and wished so much that I could tell him that there is an easy way to control them! All throughout the Hank Zipzer books. I’d be crazy to think that he doesn’t already have a library of books that have been given to him...... once again I was first in line–this time for an autograph! There were so many people there. at www.” –Wilma Rudolph (1940-1994).ne-dyslexia. Quebec +1 (450) 458-4777 Dyslexia Resources Canada Shelley Cotton Sharon Roberts Waterloo.. In true Henry Winkler style. American Olympic track & field gold medalist (Rome. first published May 14.. “yay! I get to be first!” As he signed my brand new Hank Zipzer book (#14).why he can’t remember the spelling words he studied for . I pulled a copy of The Gift of Dyslexia out of my bag and in the chaos and rush from the crowd. for being such an amazing. There were many dyslexic children in the audience. also... I gave him my book and awkwardly said. and. New Brunswick +1 (506) 458-0494 Darlene Brown Smithers/Prince Rupert +1 (250) 847-3463 Paddy Carson Edmonton/Alberta +1 (780) 489-6225 “Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. Thanks.” Very cool! Thank you..

When an older child asks for help In some cases. Ontario +1 (519) 652-0252 Carol Livermore Ottawa. • Your child repeatedly reports that he was unaware of assignments and deadlines because the teacher “never told” him what was required. an appropriate diagnosis can be the boost he needs to excel in high school and gain admittance into the college of his choice. Your teenager may be afraid to bring up the subject of dyslexia at home. Some common signs that your teenager may have dyslexia: • Your child must repeatedly read and reread material in order to understand it. Calgary +1 (403) 685-0067 +1 (866) 685-0067 (Toll-Free) Kendra Rodych Saskatoon/Saskatchewan +1 (306) 979-7323 Catherine Smith Oakville/Toronto +1 (905) 844-4144 1-888-569-1113 toll-free Edwina Stone Kitchener Ontario +1 (519) 584-0873 Bernice Taylor Riverview. It is important that you listen to your child and try to understand the reasons he feels he needs extra help.C. In any case. He may be embarrassed to let you know just how poorly he is doing at school.D. including college board tests such as the PSAT. Willson-Rymer Mississauga. usually other students and parents will have similar complaints. Sometimes a problem with a math class or the first year of a foreign language can simply be the result of a poor teacher.. it is a sign that he may have a previously undiagnosed learning disability. at least in some subject areas. B. poor grades in any subject can also occur with a teacher who is unusually strict in grading practices. Ontario +1 (905) 882-9292 Rocky Point Academy Stacey Borger-Smith Lawrence Smith. by Abigail Marshall. Your child may find the academic demands in middle school and high school overwhelming. but cannot cope with the greater intellectual demands of secondary level schooling. +1 (604) 222-2258 Helen McGilivray Oakville/Toronto +1 (905) 464-4798 Susan Nikolic-Vicentic Newmarket/Toronto +1 (905) 953-0033 Maureen O’Sullivan Newmarket. . If your child shows significant problems in any one of the above areas. Jr. You might want to take a list of common dyslexia symptoms and ask your child to show you which problems on the list he feels apply to him. very bright children are able to compensate for their dyslexia in the early school years.PAGE 8 Corinne Graumans Medicine Hat. Reprinted with permission from The Everything Parent’s Guide to Children with Dyslexia ©2004. Ontario +1 (705) 783-2763 China Yvonne Wong Ho Hing Hong Kong +852-7323-7702 Livia Wong Hong Kong +852-2810-0282 Often. The guidance counselor at school may be able to help arrange such testing. He may have learned about dyslexia on his own. for a child who has previously done well academically. If it is a “teacher” problem. he knows that he is struggling with material that seems easy for his peers. You should discuss these issues with him and also talk to parents of his classmates to find out whether their children are also having problems with the same subjects. you should seek an evaluation for dyslexia or other learning barriers. Ontario +1 (800) 394-1535 [Toll Free] Julie Locke Truro. as well as to help plan your child’s course schedule to better meet his needs. Ontario +1 (905) 825-3153 Cheryl Wood Huntsville. • There is a significant discrepancy between your child’s school performance and scores on standardized tests. or he may be afraid that you will be angry or upset. You may be surprised to learn that your child has been struggling for years. Quebec + 1 (514) 690-9164 Sharon Permack Thornhill.C. Vancouver. such as algebra. • Your child has unexpected difficulty with learning a foreign language. Ph. $14. B. However. Adams Media. Ontario +1 (519) 762-2001 The Undiagnosed Teenager with Dyslexia By Abigail Marshall Kim J. Nova Scotia +1 (902) 895-9015 Yuko Kimura McCulloch. F+W Publications.95 trade paperback. your older child or teenager may be the one who asks for testing. Your support and understanding is crucial. NB +1 (506) 871-5674 Tracy Trudell Wallacetown. if the problems seem to be unusual or persistent. Inc. • Your child struggles with higher math. • Your child has extreme difficulty managing and keeping track of homework assignments and deadlines for his various classes. through Internet web sites or by talking to other kids. Ontario +1 (905) 853-3363 Tina Panaritis Montreal. Alberta +1 (403) 528-9848 Canada (cont’d) THE DYSLEXIC READER Sue Hall West Vancouver +1 (604) 921-1084 D’vorah Hoffman Toronto +1 (416) 398-6779 Sue Jutson Vancouver. but has managed in the past to hide his problems through sheer determination and hard work. +1 (604) 732-1516 Mary Ann Kettlewell London.

produced by WNED in 2006. radios and other electronic devices in high school. so many meanings. but so did a lot of kids. broadcaster. Demystifying Dyslexia. Since the professional believed there was no such thing as dyslexia. life was good – lots of messing around with sand and buckets. Those stories became recordings and eventually he fulfilled his dream. In his 30s. and even download many of his stories free at: www. and that sent me on this course of not doing well in school. motivational speaker. Now he spends more time writing than any other activity. and he realized that it was “the story of my life up to that time. “I didn’t understand the way the English language went together. including one titled “Inside the Mind of a Kid with Learning Problems. Hazard Warning and Blood Mother. New York after graduation. On average he missed 50 days of school a year.” With his father’s help.” Arrison realized reading and writing were not his strong suits. Lauver says that he graduated 104th out of 104 students. And through his Arrison Family Foundation provided major funding for the documentary. that certainly couldn’t have been the problem! The local education authority ultimated advised Rod’s family that they couldn’t educate him. he started writing stories about his family and friends.theamericanstoryteller. After a stint doing volunteer work in Taiwan and finding himself unemployed. But after he was diagnosed with dyslexia at 29. he began to write. auto-biographical writer. a leading manufacturer of highly-engineered systems and components for the worldwide automotive “Nationally syndicated journalist. Rod evaded some of his difficulties by focusing on the sciences. but spelling continued to elude him. and began to work on his problems with reading and writing. and he was sent to Edington School in Somerset.” Lauver also had conflicts with teachers: At first he received paddlings. collaborating with novelists Clare Littleford and Sally Spedding. the “Riot” mystery/ suspense trilogy: Backlash. but later outright beatings. Breakbeat and Burnout. I heard someone laugh. A far cry from his life in 1992. France Christine Bleus Saint Jean de Gonville/ Genève +33 450 56 40 48 Corinne Couelle Lyon +33 (628) 38 84 41 Jennifer Delrieu Voisins le Bretonneux/Paris +33 (01) 30 44 19 91 Françoise Magarian Legny/Lyon +33 (0474) 72 43 13 Carol Nelson Boulogne-Billancourt/Paris +33 (0) 1 49 09 12 33 Odile Puget Segny/Geneve +33 (0) 450 418 267 Guilaine Batoz Saint-Martin La Bastidonne/Marseille +33 (0490) 08 98 56 Germany/Deutschland Theresia Adler Bannewitz +49 (0351) 40 34 224 Ellen Ebert Ammern +49 (03601) 813-660 Cornelia Garbe Berlin +49 (030) 61 65 91 25 Astrid Grosse-Mönch Buxtehude +49 (04161) 702 90 70 . when he was a line painter in a parking lot. After graduating with a Mining Geology degree he worked in scientific research until 1989. In addition to his radio program. But when young Rod started school. Clement R. Today his fans compare him to Garrison Keillor.” Arrison devoted his energies to building Rod Duncan was born in a small village on the Welsh coast. “I was that kid trying to read. the educational psychologist informed his parents that he didn’t know what was wrong with him. And dreaming of being a broadcaster. and participated in two “live literature” projects. specializing in teaching dyslexic children. Paul Harvey.THE DYSLEXIC READER PAGE 9 Colombia Laura Zink de Díaz Bogotá +57 (1) 704-4399 Costa Rica Maria Elena Guth Blanco San Jose +506 296-4078 Marcela Rodriguez Alajuela +506 442-8090 Cyprus Alexis Mouzouris Limassol +357 25 382 090 Famous Dyslexics Remember Nelson Lauver’s website begins. he became president of Mark IV Industries. humorist. “I had trouble in high school. Lauver tells four-minute slice-of-life stories broadcast on 60 radio stations. he eventually became a better reader. There are so many ways to spell a word.” On his American Storyteller Radio Journal. a book about overcoming dyslexia. stuttering and stammering. entrepreneur and literacy advocate…Nelson Lauver is a guy who beat the odds and changed his life. Back then.” Learn more about Nelson. his sister gave him a copy of Reversals. but also that everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Mark IV is Headquartered in Amherst. Arrison had great difficulty learning to read and write during his childhood in Michigan. New York and Turin. Rod has Ecuador Ana Magdalena Espin Vargas Ambato +593 (2) 854 281 Nora Cristina Garza Díaz Ambato +593 (3) 282 5998 Carmensol Herdoíza Ambato +593 (3) 284 9344 Cristina Mariela Lara Salazar Ambato + 593 (2) 854 281 Inés Gimena Paredes Ríos Ambato +593 (2) 854 281 Finland Elisabeth Helenelund Borga +358 400 79 54 97 published three novels. He studied electrical engineering in college and joined Bell Aerospace in Buffalo. Italy and has operations in 16 countries. or Charles Kuralt. Clement retired from his position as president of Mark IV Industries in 1996 and became an advocate for the reading-disabled. Eventually. he also offers motivational talks on a variety of inspiring subjects.

On Hugo the way of the gears and how to keep Hugo’s eighth birthday. After by sneaking into the strengths and weaknesses. but that picture would be very important. like the writing in the Harry Potter series. At first you seem to know everything that is going on (at least. What I really liked about this book was the plot. But as we know. night he went out and never came back. He hoped that it would write a note (left by his father) that would help him in some way.PAGE 10 Germany/Deutschland (cont’d) THE DYSLEXIC READER Das Legasthenie Institut Ioannis Tzivanakis Specialist Trainer Workshop Presenter DDA-DACH Director Berlin +49 (030) 66 30 63 17 Christine Heinrich Schwäb Gmünd +49 (0717) 118 29 74 Sonja Heinrich Supervisor-Specialist DDA-DACH Director Garbsen/Hannover +49 (040) 25 17 86 23 Kirsten Hohage Nürnberg +49 (0911) 54 85 234 Ingrid Huth Berlin +49 (0179) 896 8007 Rita Jarrar München +49 (089) 821 20 30 Inge Koch-Gassmann Buggingen +49 (07631) 23 29 Angelika Kohn Steinheim-Kleinbottwar +49 (07148) 66 08 Marianne Kranzer Königsfeld +49 (07725) 72 26 By William Edwards William Edwards did a Davis Dyslexia Correction Program with Davis Facilitator Carol Nelson in Paris in 2005. he put everything in the automaton back into place. Little did he know. We are delighted to publish his book review in this edition! Thank you. He taught little and formulas about the automaton. and he saw an automaton of unknown origin. In Volume 48 of The Dyslexic Reader. To “Nothing gold can stay. but was still a vague concept to the untuned mind. it would only draw a picture. but as you read on and the characters (along with the “ . Modern technology was just forming. a fire broke train station at night This makes them realistic. Ordinary townsfolk could not understand the card tricks or automatons or even the cinema. the museum was burnt to the ground. they did not hear a guard shut and job. his father filled Hugo was then taken by his uncle (a many notebooks with drawings. One night while he orphanage. although the writing itself is undistinguished. a turning point. but also a time of magic. his father to renovate it. diagrams Timekeeper) to live with him. we published one of William’s poems. Meanwhile. the gist of things). to oil and adjust the so I can relate to them. and then it was able to write. William! Mechtild Hylla Kassel +49 (0561) 602 78 20 Anneliese Kunz-Danhauser Rosenheim +49 (08031) 632 29 Sabine La Due Stuttgart +49 711 47 91 000 Jutta Meissner Stuttgart +49 (711) 882 2106 Gundula Patzlaff Stuttgart +49 (0711) 23 64 86 0 Margit Pleger Wetter/Dortmund +49 (02335) 84 87 60 Colette Reimann Landshut +49 (0871) 770 994 Ursula Rittler Stuttgart +49 (0711) 47 18 50 Phoebe Schafschetzy Hamburg +49 (040) 392 589 Margarethe SchlauchAgostini Volklingen +49 (0689) 844 10 40 Gabriela Scholter Supervisor-Specialist Stuttgart +49 (0711) 578 28 33 Beate Tiletzek Waldkraiburg +49 (08638) 88 17 89 Andrea Toloczyki Havixbeck / Münster +49 (02507) 57 04 84 This story takes place in Paris in the 1920s. one one of these notebooks. notebooks. a time of discovery. the guard had left. The Invention of Hugo Cabret Hugo Cabret is one of those few individuals By Brian Selznick who strive to grasp the new magic. dry or wet. Hugo retrieved the damaged but a few pieces were missing. his father gave him time. his uncle was a drunkard. One day he was in the attic of the museum out. He is now 12 years old.” gears. He kept the time are people who have both lock the door to the attic. even Reading level: Ages 9-12 though he is only a timekeeper in the Central Publisher: Scholastic Press Train Station in Paris. along with Hugo’s father and his beloved It was beautiful to his eyes (and to Hugo’s). Hugo The characters are neither was working on the project.” His father and the keep from losing the automaton and to avoid rest of the notebooks were no being put in an exception. he took over his uncle’s good or evil. Hugo pushed automaton from the ruins of the museum. because ISBN-10: 0439813786 he is only a nine-year-old boy! ISBN-13: 978-0439813785 His father was a janitor in the museum. This is odd. However.

Silly and fun for young wannabe MacGyvers! I’m Bad! By Kate & Jim McMullan Publisher: Joanna Cotler 40 pages. What initially brought me in was that the story was set in Paris.” and was a finalist in 2007 for the National Greece Evagelia ApostolopoulouArmaos Patras +30 (261) 062 21 22 Zoe Deliakidou Thessaloniki +30 2310 434510 or +30 6934 662438 Irma Vierstra-Vourvachakis Rethymnon / Crete +30 283105 8201 or 69766 40292 Iceland Áslaug Ásgeirsdóttir Mosfellsbaer +354 861-2537 Sigrún Jónina Baldursdóttir Snaefellsbae +354 586 8180 Gudrún Benediktsdóttir Hafnarfirdi +354 545 0103 or +354 822 0910 Ulrike von Kutzleben-Hausen Deisslingen +49 (07420) 33 46 Dr. Ages 4 – 8 ISBN-10: 0061229717 ISBN-13: 978-0061229718 Sturla Kristjansson DLS Presenter-Mentor Hafnarfjordur +354 862 0872 Jon Einar Haraldsson Lambi Akureyri +354 867 1875 Ásta Olafsdóttir Vopnafjordur +354 473-1164 Erla Olgeirsdóttir Akranes +354 694 3339 Hugrún Svavarsdóttir Mosfellsbær +354 698-6465 . so I can relate to them. the Musee* d’ Orsay was once the Gare* Brian Selznick (left) signs books after the 2007 d’Orsay. he’s sure he’s the king of the dinos. So why does he have such a hard time getting a meal? In a surprise ending. The story evolves as much through the * Musee = museum (in French) illustrations as through the text. or a flip book or a movie. The twists and turns in the plot come from the flaws and strengths of the characters. Because I lived in Paris for a year. The book is 550 pages long and like Paris! I made many discoveries myself includes 300 full-page graphite illustrations. In an * Gare = train station (in French) exclusive interview for Amazon. For example. Gudbjörg Emilsdóttir DLS Mentor Kópavogur +354 554 3452 Hólmfridur Gudmundsdóttir Gardabae +354 895-0252 Sigurborg Svala Gudmundsdóttir Mosfellsbaer +354 867 1928 Stefanía Halldórsdóttir Wade Kopavogur +354 564 2890 Ingibjörg Ingolfsdóttir Mosfellsbaer +354 899-2747 Sigrún Jensdóttir Mosfellsbaer +354 897 4437 Valgerdur Jónsdóttir DLS Presenter-Mentor Kópavogur +354 863 2005 Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things By Cy Tymony Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing 176 pages. Angelika Weidemann Ulm +49 (0731) 931 46 46 Gabriele Wirtz Stuttgart +49 (0711) 55 17 18 Mini-Book Reviews By Laura Zink de Díaz Why is this dino having a hard time getting a meal? Just looking at the cover. in the Young People’s Literature category. Teens ISBN-10: 0740738593 ISBN-13: 978-0740738593 C a n yo u t ur n m i lk int o p l a s t ic ? Did you know that milk can be turned into plastic? Or that any FM radio can be easily altered allowing it to eavesdrop on aircraft broadcasts? How about a radio made from a penny?! This book will teach you to make a boomerang with a bookmark or turn a TV tray into a 6-foot robot. So many things can happen in a big city Book Award. they are people who have both strengths and weaknesses. dry or wet. not really a graphic The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian novel. I remember the big clock there.D! Stinky and mean. the clock that Hugo lived behind in the station. I have so many memories of train stations in Paris.THE DYSLEXIC READER PAGE 11 Germany/Deutschland (cont’d) plot) get more twists and the author described it as “not exactly a novel. like NBA Teen Press Conference. and I thought Paris was magical. but a Selznick won the Caldecott Medal in 2008 combination of all these things. but lots of fun for everyone. Also the characters are neither good or evil.A. This makes them realistic. we discover this particular dinosaur may not be quite as nasty as he appears! Especially popular with boys. you know this Tyrannosaura Rex wants to let you know that he’s B. About the author and the book not quite a picture book. what you thought was right seems obviously wrong.

Sounds don’t bother me as much my co-workers. I several years ended after the program.000 last year and $350. really helped me. It’s more “ . Even though they might not be too dyslexia and my dial were affecting my savvy with software tools. I’m 36 years old and I completed a Davis program last summer at The Chicago Reading and Dyslexia Center with my Davis Facilitator. I do this especially with software they’re just not getting. the six o’clock news having killed someone Matching dial settings helps with whose dial was under 4! conversations. that a program grossed $557. I can go back to it and reread it with an oriented. I now feel more confident when I send learned helped me generally with relationships. Before the program I never realized how your computer with you at all times. high my dial rose and how that felt to other I’ve also started using this gift when I travel. When did. functioning at their speed. Since the Davis lot more confident that it’s going to be right program. What I learned from her about page so clearly. Being sales volume spreadsheets in my head and tell able to control my dial is amazing in another way. I was always saying “Hello-o-o” I turn my dial down. for example.” Ireland Anne Marie Beggs Old Portmarnock/Dublin +353 (86) 239-1545 Paula Horan Mullingar +353 44 934 1613 Sister Antoinette Keelan Dublin +353 (01) 884 4996 Aideen Tierney Dublin Israel Luba Alibash Ramat Hasharon/Tel Aviv +972 (09) 772-9888 or (052) 272-9532 Mira Ashoosh Kiron +972 (03) 635-0973 Goldie Gilad Kfar Saba/Tel Aviv +972 (09) 765 1185 Judith Schwarcz DDA-Israel Director Supervisor-Specialist Pearl Zarsky Ra’anana/Tel Aviv +972 (09) 772 9888 Italy Elisa De Felice Roma +39 (06) 507 3570 Piera Angiola Maglioli Occhieppo Inferiore / Biella +39 (015) 259 3080 Alessandro Taiocchi Settimo Milanese +39 (333) 443 7368 Silvia Walter Bagno a Ripoli Florence +39 (055) 621 0541 Rafaella Zingerle Corvara In Badia +39 (0471) 836 959 Kenya Christel Flowers Langata/Nairobi + 254 (20) 72 271 4578 Josephine Naikuni Nairobi +254 (20) 604 347 Manisha Shah Nairobi + 254 (0) 722 492 217 Kimberly Swallow Nairobi + 254 (20) 712 0472 Lebanon Samar Riad Saab Beirut +961 3 700 206 My name is Mark Whidden. but I can focus. In meetings I can pull up program can definitely communicate better. Understanding that people who don’t have dyslexia don’t get concepts like I do has our dials don’t match I feel like I’m racing and the other person is just standing there. there’s no chance you’ll see me on when it goes out. this created problems. If you don’t think in pictures. If someone is tapping a pen.” pleasant to be on the same level as the person didn’t understand concepts as quickly as I I’m with. over the phone I can help them applying the Davis tools to relationships is navigate it. depending on who I’m with. calm mind. my writing. If it’s an important one. A brain like mine is like having dial still ratchets up. database projects.PAGE 12 Thorbjörg Sigurdardóttir Reykjavík +354 698 7213 Margret Thorarinsdottir Selfoss +354-486-1188 Carol Ann Rodrigues Mumbai +91 (22) 2667 3649 or +91 (22) 2665 0174 India Iceland (cont’d) THE DYSLEXIC READER Understanding My Gift “ By Mark Whidden A brain like mine is like having your computer with you at all times. since I can see the relationships. So let’s say I’m in Atlanta. out an email. my year before. I make Since my ex’s dial was usually at about a 4 and sure I have enough time to write it. It never occurred to me to think about website. I can help them just as important as what I learned about understand where they are when they are lost reading and writing. And after mine hovered between 7 and 9. with a smile–or at a 9). Kim Ainis. I always functioned at a 7 or 8.000 the any more. I feel a and waiting for a response because our dial settings were so different. Now that I’m aware that This creates a mental image of me running most people don’t create mental pictures as around them. Although a relationship I’d been in for in a website. what I don’t know how you’d do that. I’d like to share some of my thoughts about how what I’ve learned has changed my awareness of my picturing thinking gift. When I turn my dial and web pages. I can actually how this impacted my see the program I don’t feel like I’m running relationships. and Mark Whidden says ”Use the gift and don’t relationships. I really website in my mind as circles around people anymore. and someone people. trying to explain something vivid as mine.” appreciate that Kim I walk down the street showed me how talking with them on the phone. I don’t feel like I’m running If I have a trigger in a relationship–a circles around people anymore. or anything down or up. I draw my ideas to help them understand. too. I used to get frustrated because people be afraid to tell people about it. (Kim in Chicago needs help with a software program adds. More importantly. I conceptual.

and find a new job. Customers can order a treasure hunt when they wish to give a child a gift for a birthday. I’ve realized that it isn’t always helpful to hash over every image ends won’t look right. Now I bookshelf. path. it’s more logical to cut the boards can talk about the pattern I see in them–I don’t and sand them before you put polyurethane on them. Arana García Mexico. that sometimes come with it are agree. I picture doing them in 10 or like the reverse of a trigger letter. I work on myself through it so I can let it go. Fortunately. To me it’s a lot of projects. “The kids are having so much fun in the adventure.” Verbally. even Santa Claus. D. a gift and how the challenges that sometimes come with it are related. Sinaloa +52 81 6677 15 01 19 María Silvia Flores Salinas Supervisor –Specialist Garza García Monterrey NL +52 (81) 8378 61 75 Laura Lammoglia Tampico. Now if 20 related images were always appearing in I share what I think is the optimal path and why my head. The letters lead the child to a gift that the purchaser has hidden somewhere. they will be frayed. or special occasion. so you can’t read and you can’t type.F.F. I can share what I mind really worked think we should do and didn’t have a I understand how my dyslexia and how I got there. Giftventure creates and mails a series of letters to the child from a mythical character – a pirate. My Until I did a Davis Program I just had a current support person and friend became learning disability and people Lieneke Charpentier Nieuwegein +31 (030) 60 41 539 Hester Cnossen Veghel +31 (495) 641 920 Ratnavali de Croock Oudorp (Aalkmaar) +31 (072) 511 6881 Mine de Ranitz Driebergen +31 (0343) 521 348 Christien De Smit Sluis +31 (0117) 461 963 Marijke Eelkman Rooda-Bos Gouda +31 (0182) 517-316 Jolien Fokkens Beilen +31 (0593) 540 141 Ina Gaus Santpoort-Zuid +31 (023) 538-3927 Jola Geldermans Beverwijk +31 (0251) 210 607 Ineke Blom Dorpstraat +31 (020) 436-1484 Lot Blom Utrecht +31 (030) 271 0005 . during the tenth grade. But now I find that related.” a service based on a game he invented for his nieces. I find that sharing the fact that my brain every time. I now know how to fix the Recently. something I credit to being dyslexic. I used to use them like bullets. she started they won’t be problems any more.giftventure. to talk slower to me! I eventually decided to Now that I’m dating again–that whole new world of emails. the have to discuss them all. I had others find it interesting parts of dyslexia that are problems another validation that and they understand so they won’t be problems. Conversely. I’ve found it makes the Mexico Silvia B. With a new job and a whole new set of tools for learning and working. rationale for how or is a gift and how the challenges and ask them if they why I was dyslexic. If you’re putting up a they’d ricochet off a number of issues. and read The Gift of Dyslexia. and I think it is the best. dragon. He was a very bright child but spent his summers in “dyslexia camp” because he couldn’t read or complete written assignments.” Steve’s latest business enterprise is “Giftventure. “Oh.” shows I don’t need to me and my gifts better. He says that’s “because of my ability to think outside the box. My message to other dyslexic people is. can do something 20 ways and then pick the I used to be afraid to talk about being dyslexic because I didn’t understand how my optimal is interesting to the person I’m dating. For example. Steve figured out his own learning style and began to excel in physics and history. In the past I did all that in my head. Use caution of course: when I told a former manager about my dyslexia. You can also listen to children talk about their Giftventure treasure hunts at: www. really interested in the way I think. +52 (555) 593 18 22 Lucero Palafox de Martin Veracruz +52 (229) 935 1302 Ana Elena Payro Ogarrio Corregidora. Tamaulipas +52 (833) 213 4126 Alejandra Garcia Medina Huixquilucan +52 (55) 1085 5608l Maria Lourdes Gutiérrez Mexico D. there’s a reason. Now. texting–I’m pretty up front about the whole I’m much happier! dyslexic thing. +52 (55) 5540-7205 “ Cathy Calderón de la Barca México D. they don’t realize they are reading and writing and doing what would be considered homework in other circumstances. I now know how to use the gift and don’t be afraid to tell people fix the parts of dyslexia that are problems so about to learn more about it. www. Queretaro +52 442 228 1264 Lydia Gloria Vargas Garza García Monterrey NL +52 (81) 8338 2226 Netherlands Liesbeth Berg-Schagen Vleuten +31 (030) 604-9601 Manja Bloemendal Den Haag +31 (70) 345 5252 Steve Mock Thinks Outside the Box Steve Mock grew up with dyslexia. Advanced Workshop Presenter +52 (55) 5540-7205 Hilda Fabiola Herrera Cantu Culiacan. But now I understand how my dyslexia is how my brain works and what my gifts are. Otherwise.THE DYSLEXIC READER PAGE 13 Malaysia Hilary Craig Kuala Lumpur +60 (36) 201 55 95 picture that is sticking with me–I have to talk relationship better. he’s a successful high-tech business entrepreneur. She is impressed with I tested at a Mensa IQ but I couldn’t write well. Instant Messaging. If you can’t 20 different ways and then pick the optimal see the letter Giftventure is a personalized treasure hunt. Steve says. you can visit the website. and you’ll have to start over. fairy.F. be afraid to tell people about my dyslexia. He even learned to speak Japanese and lived in Japan for several years.” If this sounds like an intriguing way to give a child a gift.

” The fellowship is for two years. etc. Having listened to me chirp about dyslexia all during my Davis Facilitator training (and put up with being my guinea pig on occasions!). She’s finally found an academic niche where her gifts are being recognized and rewarded without a moment’s hesitation about the occasional misspelled word. where her focus will be “Women of Color in the Sciences” (their under-representation. punctuation. Since Sara has asthma.. freeing her from the need to work while she studies and writes her thesis. she’s already completed quite a bit of the course work. vision and dental benefits. I’m biased–I have always known Sara is brilliant. I paused and considered the possibility that in another ten years time. especially when the reading load grew particularly heavy or she had to write a significant paper. during her Davis Program in Mount Vernon. Washington. one of the things that helps the most is for her room mate to toss her the Koosh balls. astoundingly persistent and hardworking. Colombia Judith Holzapfel Deventer +31 (0570) 619 553 Mia Jenniskens Eindhoven +31 (040) 245 9458 Trudy Joling Laren +31 (035) 531 00 66 Marie Koopman Bilthoven +31 (030) 228 4014 Carry Kuling Heemstede +31 (0235) 287 782 Edith Kweekel-Göldi Soest +31 (035) 601 0611 Imelda Lamaker Hilversum +31 (035) 621 7309 Irma Lammers Boxtel +31 (411) 68 56 83 Yvie Leenaars-de Rooÿ Bavel +31 (0161) 433 449 ZeiZei Lerninstitut Drs. But I also know that many of her teachers in elementary. underestimated her–some even devalued her because of her difficulties with mechanics–spelling. I put together the “Famous Dyslexics Remember” section of The Dyslexic Reader. she called me and asked for a program during winter break that year. This fellowship will cover all her tuition and fees. and the department informed her she was their number one choice for admission! Very cool! But there’s more. It’s a competitive award based on “departmental nomination of students who demonstrate high academic merit and whose life experiences and/or graduate academic pursuits will contribute significantly to the intellectual and cultural enrichment of departmental programs. You go. Sara! But there’s more… Sara applied for admission to a doctoral program in the Women’s Studies department at UW. Eventually. because although her program doesn’t officially start until the fall. at 30. Sara. I don’t think Sara was terribly good about doing the followup work. Siegerdina Mandema Specialist Trainer Advanced Workshop Presenter DDA-Nederland Director Robin Temple Specialist Trainer Workshop Presenter Maria Hoop +31 (0475) 302 203 Sjan Melsen Arnhem +31 (026) 442 69 98 Cinda Musters Amsterdam +31 (20) 330-78 08 Bert Neele Melick +31 (61) 259 8802 “ We didn’t discover that my daughter. I know her comments on the challenges posed by her dyslexia would surely include grateful thanks to Ron Davis and DDAI for making these wonderful tools available to so many people just like her! . In April. It will also include health. that part is a real boon! Of course. Davis Facilitator in Bogotá. Sara tells me that when she just can’t get a paper right and has trouble staying aligned to work on it. And if she were..PAGE 14 Jan Gubbels Maastricht +31 (043) 36 39 999 Netherlands (cont’d) Finding the Right Niche By Laura Zink de Díaz. my own daughter might actually qualify to be featured there. And yet. Marianne Oosterbaan Zeist +31 (030) 691 7309 Fleur van de Polder-Paton Schiedam +31 (010) 471 58 67 Petra Pouw-Legêne DLS Nederlands Director Beek +31 (046) 437 4907 Karin Rietberg Holten +31 (548) 364 286 Jacqueline van Rijswijck Venray +31 (0478) 58 73 98 Lydia Rogowski Wijnberg Helmond +31 (0492) 513 169 Hanneke Schoemaker Wageningen +31 (0317) 412 437 Ilse Schreuder Aalzum/Dokkum +31 (051) 922-0315 Silvia Jolanda Sikkema Drachten +31 (0512) 538 815 Last fall she finished up her Masters in History of Science at the University of Washington. and Sara expects to finish her doctorate in exactly two years. She had a lot of other stuff to do! But she continued to use Alignment and the other tools often. Working on it for this issue. Her application was accepted in March. she tired of the private sector and decided to enroll in graduate school. was dyslexic until after she was out of college and had worked for several years as a chemical engineer. This June she walked across the stage to receive her diploma. That was two years ago.” Sara Díaz. but none of us realized they related specifically to reading until in graduate school her reading load increased to about 600 pages per week. Sara received notification that she’s been selected to receive the GO-MAP Fellowship (Graduate Opportunities & Minority Achievement Program). high school and in college. actually). she’s finally found an academic niche where her gifts are being recognized and rewarded without a moment’s hesitation about the occasional misspelled word! As Editor. As an undergraduate she’d had a few struggles.

Did you copy his? No. but also admitted it. Louie. my Mom is a good cook. ‘I am. ‘I am the ninth letter of the alphabet. He missed.’ All right . “Wow!” he exclaimed.THE DYSLEXIC READER PAGE 15 Suzan Sintemaartensdijk Akersloot +31 (25) 131-26 62 Marja Steijger Amstel +31 (020) 496 52 53 Netherlands (cont’d) Kids Are Quick Teacher: Maria: Teacher: Class: Teacher: John: Teacher: Donald: Teacher: Donald: Teacher: Winnie: Teacher: Millie: Teacher: Millie: Teacher: Maria.’ George Washington not only chopped down his father’s cherry tree. Harold. Me! Millie. Simon. Clyde. Donald. “I’m the greatest batter who ever lived!” He swung hard and missed. Correct. name one important thing we have today that we didn’t have ten years ago. No. What are you talking about? Yesterday you said it’s H to O. what is the chemical formula for water? H I J K L M N O. Always say. Undaunted. give me a sentence starting with ‘I. Turkatte Amsterdam +31 (020) 696 4379 Marieke Uiterwijk Leiden +31 (071) 576 2533 Mieke van Delden Leek +31 (059) 4514985 Carly van den Akker Schijndel/Einhoven +31 (06) 15 20 81 73 HIJKLMNO? Louis: Teacher: Simon: Teacher: Clyde: Teacher: Harold: Lucie Wauben-Cruts Elsloo +31 (046) 437 0329 Gerda Witte-Kuijs Heerhugowaard +31 (072) 571 3163 New Zealand Kirsteen Britten Christchurch +64 (3) 348 1665 Agnes van den Homberg-Jacobs America Limburg +31 (077) 464 23 22 Annette van der Baan Amsterdam +31 (020) 420-5501 Hetty van der Well Oss +31 (041) 263 6403 Annemarie van Hof Utrecht +31 (030) 65 86 700 Tienke Veenstra-Sierhsma Meppel +31 (0522) 254 453 Lia Vermeulen Huizen +31 (062) 3671530 Christien Vos Tolbert +31 (0594) 511 607 Vivienne Carson Auckland +64 (09) 520-3270 A Paradigm “I’m the greatest batter in the world. It’s the same dog. Romina Toroz Utrecht +31 (61) 280-1821 Karima P. do you know why his father didn’t punish him? Because George still had the axe in his hand. he threw the ball up again and said. Now class. go to the map and find North America Here it is.” said the proud boy as he tossed the ball into the air and swung his bat..A.. “And “I’m an even better pitcher!” Catherine Churton DDA-Pacific Director Supervisor-Specialist Auckland +64 (021) 448 862 Jennifer Churton Auckland +64 (09) 360 494 Ann Cook Warkworth/Auckland +64 (0) 9 422 0042 Martine Falconer Christchurch +64 (03) 383-1988 Konstanca Friedrich-Palzer Motueka/Nelson +64 (03) 527 8060 Tina Guy Nelson +64 (03) 547 4958 . do you say prayers before eating? No sir.. why are you doing your math multiplication on the floor? You told me to do it without using tables. He looked at his ball and then his bat. I don’t have to. your composition on ‘My Dog’ is exactly the same as your brother’s. what do you call a person who keeps on talking when people are no longer interested? A teacher.. who discovered America? Maria. Now. Once more he tossed the ball up into the air. tell me frankly. Now.’ I is . Millie . “I’m the greatest batter ever!” He missed again.. sir.. Winnie. John.

“ recalls Giammanco in an interview with Dennis Taylor of the Monterrey Herald. switch another one on. at 23. Giammanco is working on two going there. Giammanco gained new insight into his extensive article in the Monterrey Herald situation: “A dyslexic person is forced all his about Giammanco (Dyslexic Makes Good life to think outside the box to (find) ways to bAd Movie) at: www. right? Now all you have to do is switch it off. it has won experience became a scene in the movie. that other people don’t have. All are off at the moment. I’d fake being sick or make any more screenplays.montereyherald. . recalls how he’d break into a sweat waiting you get out of school and into the real world. He child. decipher every word. is the story of a dyslexic fifth grader just trying to get through the school “ Test your logic .com/fdcp?1210912878339 do some of the things a normal person does You can also watch the trailer for bAd” biting his tongue esteem began to suffer these days! His first and I began to hate film a success. each in a separate lamp sitting on a table. From brainden. each switch belongs to one bulb. during junior year in high the DVD is available for sale. That stressful Since bAd came out in 2007. must be Giammanco.php?showtopic=58 South Africa Sharon Gerkin Durban +27 (82) 82 85 180 IMAGINE you are in a room with three Many of the experiences of John Read. walk into the room with the bulbs. On line you can read Dennis Taylor’s he’d ever considered. where the clock ticks down as John struggles a Young Artist Award: Best Performance in a Short Film–Young Actor (Remy Thorne) and with a book that seems twice his size. I feel like that often creates a level of on Youtube at: creativity. producer of “bAd.” says into a sweat waiting his turn to to anything. but Youth.” an award-winning short film about a dyslexic are taken from Giammanco’s childhood. if you may enter the room with the bulbs only once? . other excuse to get to stay home. In an adjacent room there are three bulbs. the main character. The teacher who when school came told young Vincenzo along I just started Vincenzo recalls how he’d break that he’d never amount falling behind. His short film. THE SOLUTION: Keep the first bulb switched on for a few minutes. It gets warm. Nelson +64 (03) 540 3277 Margot Hewitt Kaiapoi +64 (03) 312-0496 Alma Holden Alexandra +64 (027) 485-6798 Bronwyn Jeffs Christchurch +64 (03) 344-2526 Glenys Knopp Darfield +64 (03) 317-9072 Raewyn Matheson DLS Mentor Inglewood +64 (027) 411-8350 Tania McGrath Christchurch +64 (03) 322 41 73 Shelley McMeeken Dunedin +64 3 456 5058 Colleen Morton Gore +64 (03) 208 6308 Kerrie Palma Rodney +64 (09) 425 5941 Jocelyn Print Kaikoura +64 (03) 319 6711 Alison Syme Darfield +64 (03) 318-8480 Lorna Timms Christchurch +64 (03) 363 9358 Margot Young Auckland +64 (0) 9 638 3627 Imelda Casuga Baguio City +63 (744) 42 29 01 Poland Agnieszka Osinska Warsaw +48 (22) 658-2237 Philippines Portugal Ana Catarina Gil de Almeida Lisboa +35 (121) 781-6090 Maria Teresa Henriques Lisboa +351 (21) 847-3515 Cristina Rocha Vieira Lisboa +35 (191) 921 4808 Sofia Vassalo Santos Lisboa +35 (191) 911-2565 Republic of Singapore Phaik Sue Chin Singapore +65 6773 4070 Constance Chua Singapore +65 6873 3873 Vincenzo Giammanco had a miserable time in school. How can you find out which switch belongs to which bulb. as well as a work ethic. touch them and tell which one was switched on as the first one (the warm one) and the others can then be easily identified. “Sometimes it took me two hours to do the same simple homework assignment that another kid could do in 15 minutes. Colombia Rochelle Harden Booth Wanganui +64 (027) 306-6743 Sandra Hartnett Mapua. and those things help when www. Teachers and even some of his classmates humiliated him Vincenzo Giammanco. where Fortunately. was nominated for Best Short Film Starring “I was an extremely creative child. “I had to sound out every letter. bAd. “My selfread aloud in class. http://brainden. Vincenzo is a budding filmmaker and writer. . agree that this school Giammanco enrolled in a class on filmmaking and suddenly discovered that his 30-minute film is a must-see for school dyslexia might actually be more of a gift than teachers and administrators.” Reader reviewers at Amazon.PAGE 16 Wendy Haddon Mosgiel +64 (03) 489-8572 New Zealand (cont’d) THE DYSLEXIC READER bAd Boy Makes Good By Laura Zink de Díaz. It is impossible to see from one room to another.” his turn to read aloud in class.” But today. brain Teasers Forum. Davis Facilitator in Bogotá.

Since we don’t know–those programs weren’t developed in conjunction with Davis–I would recommend sticking with the Koosh® ball exercises. Rather. after practice. If you push too far or too fast you could simply create resistance or stress. when I asked my daughter if she was satisfied with her alphabet. She’s a “textbook” dyslexic. I would be beneficial? A: If by “stably fixed” you mean that the mind’s eye stays permanently at the orientation point. she said she wasn’t. However. Gallen +41 (071) 222 07 79 Monika Amrein Zurich +41 (01) 341 8264 Regula BacchettaBischofberger Horw /Luzern +41 (041) 340 2136 Priska Baumgartner Wettingen +41 (056) 426 28 88 Renate Blum-Muller Full-Reuenthal +41 (56) 246-18 66 Michelle Bonardi Castel S. four of my children. is there is a He’s right handed but could only see “the way to speed up the stabilization of the optimal perception point? For example. but only if they train to the same orientation point. I got some confusing results and am unsure of the next step. If your daughter doesn’t see a problem at first you can use questioning to bring her attention to problems like reversed letters. My 10-year-old boy can’t see pictures very well with his eyes awareness stably fixed at the orientation closed. It is very possible that they in fact train to a different mental state than the ones achieved with orientation. Difficulty creating mental pictures It is very important that the child discover her own mistakes and also that she Q: I did the perceptual ability assessment with have ownership and control of her alphabet. because disorientation is a powerful tool in appropriate settings.” he couldn’t see a piece of cake. When a letter is backwards. Perhaps playing able to go through the next step in the book? My 9-year-old boy got so lost describing his them while keeping your orientation point “shark. Gallen +41 (071) 288 41 85 Beatrice Leutert Stein am Rhein +41 (052) 232 03 83 Erika Meier-Schmid Bonstetten +41 (01) 700 10 38 Verena Luisa Moser Riken +41 (076) 346 93 34 Maya Muraro Stäfa +41 (079) 704 03 07 . What does it mean that he can only see the cake from one side? Will he be moment there are a bunch of brain-training computer programs available. and then reminding her to check her point (or “hands” if she has done alignment instead of orientation). I’m so glad they’re not comparing! Should I have her do it again? Should I tell her it’s not acceptable? She just seems to be sloppy by nature. He does better with his eyes open. that should never happen. There are simply times when people need to disorient in order to make sense of their environment or cope with overwhelming stimulus. should I point out the mistake. You never want to point out mistakes or make your child change things. at the cake” from the left. or have the children try to find the error themselves? I should mention that after a break. The brain-training computer programs MIGHT work. point? If the latter is the case. Pietro. it is probably not a good idea to try to speed up the process. We wouldn’t want that. and proceeded to fix it on her own! A: Congratulations–you did exactly the right thing. Then you can ask the “are you satisfied?” question. One more caveat: If you are talking about yourself. Practice could speed up that process. Mieke Friederichs Reinach +41 (061) 712 42 06 Heidi Gander-Belz DLS Presenter-Mentor Monchaltorf +41 (44) 948 14 10 Elisabeth Gerber Mettmenstetten +41 (044) 767 10 54 Katharina Grenacher Bern +41 (031) 382 00 29 Elisabeth Gut Grut +41 (044) 932 3242 Ursula Hirzel Egler Stäfa +41 (01) 926 2895 Christa Jaeger Riehen +41 (061) 641 4667 Consuelo Lang Lumino +41 (091) 829 05 36 Claudia Lendi St. My Disorientation is valuable at times 11-year-old girl had no problems with the assessment. that comes over time with experience. you should help her find them on her own by asking questions like “are you satisfied?” Taking a break was a good step–you can also use the Davis tools: having your daughter do release. If what you mean is that the process of finding the orientation point becomes habitual so that the person is able to stay on point for longer periods. Ticino +41 (091) 630 23 41 Vicki Brignoli Lumino +41 (091) 829 05 36 Carole Dubosson Veyras/Sierre +41 (027) 452 62 02 Brigitta Dünki Rafz + 41 (079) 318-8300 Ursula Fischbacher Orpund +41 (032) 355 23 26 By Abigail Marshall Let child discover own mistakes Q: My children are creating their clay alphabets. My 11-year-old daughter is not making a nice alphabet: it’s sloppy! The younger ones have better alphabets. I Q: Should one constantly readjust oneself think I’m just supposed to go to the next step at the orientation point after orientation counseling? Or. is the person’s in the book with her.THE DYSLEXIC READER PAGE 17 Spain Silvia María Sabatés Rodrigo Madrid +34 (091) 636 31 44 Switzerland/CH Tinka AltweggScheffmacher St. please feel free to follow whatever schedule of practice you feel comfortable with. as you work with the alphabet. if you are working with a child.

she imaginative 9-year-old son’s attention long might enjoy doing the clay modeling. My fifth grader. Suspects daughters are dyslexic Q: I suspect that my daughters have dyslexia. She seems to be fine. She a great artist. Surrey +44 (01483) 283 088 Susan Duguid London +44 (020) 8878 9652 Dyslexia Correction Centre Georgina Dunlop Jane E. Scotland +44 (01292) 591 797 United Arab Emirates Linda Rademan Dubai +9714 348 1687 Hilary Rhodes Chesieres-Villars +41 (024) 495 38 20 Regine Roth-Gloor Mohlin/Basel +41 (061) 851 2685 Doris Rubli-Huber St. and is right well for her. If the answer to that your fifth grader.PAGE 18 Christine Noiset Renens/Lausanne +41 (021) 634 35 10 or (079) 332 2775 Switzerland/CH (cont’d) THE DYSLEXIC READER Véronique Pfeiffer Zürich +41 (01) 342 22 61 Therese Rice-Schumacher Uster / Zurich +41 (052) 267 5154 Perceptual Ability Assessment because he did not understand that it had to do with helping him learn to read better. although we’ve done lots of practice for the benefit from the rest of the Davis Program? last two years. gotten lost in his imagination during the United Kingdom Nicky Bennett-Baggs Gt. My mastery and reading exercises with both girls. has beautiful handwriting. Will the math program work is unable to do the Perceptual Ability for her even if she can’t see mental pictures? Assessment. Can I work through the symbol handed but could only see the left. was willing to play along and tried her best. I recommend the Davis Young Learner Kit for Home Use It will not hurt your older daughter in (one kit can be shared–just buy some extra any way to do the clay modeling without the clay). Herts +44 (01442) 252 517 Sue Bullen Ayrshire. We have just begun to work with the thought we’d never get through the assessment. didn’t really seem to get what we were doing at all. While most children over age 8 are Orientation tools (Orientation or Alignment). She and I worked through the Davis Dyslexia Correction Orientation Procedures. The Gift of child “gets” the concept of moving the Learning. the Facilitator will take that as an indication that it would be better to start A: At the end of the perceptual ability with Davis Alignment. She really seemed to understand the whole activity. This child is always “lost” somewhere. He also but it was clear that it wasn’t working as wanted to keep his eyes open. then you can move on to Orientation Counseling. which is described assessment you should know whether your in Ron Davis’ second book. Devon +44 (0) 8000 272657 Hilary Farmer Oxford. but all dyslexics need to get oriented in order to can’t identify all the numbers through 10. So. Gallen +41 (071) 245 56 90 Benita Ruckli Sigigen +41 (041) 495 04 09 or (079) 719 31 18 Lotti Salivisberg Basel +41 (061) 263 33 44 Sonja Sartor Winterthur +41 (052) 242 4015 Marianne Schutz Zofinger +41 (62) 752 8281 Andreas Villain Zürich +41 (076) 371 84 32 Catherine Warner Geneva +41 (022) 321 70 42 Margit Zahnd Gerolfingen +41 (079) 256 86 65 or (032) 396 19 20 Sarah Dixon East Horsley. 7-year-old daughter can’t see any mental even though the older one didn’t seem to pictures and is just learning to read three benefit from the Orientation Counseling? Do letter words. understands math but can’t read. Heywood DLS Mentor & Presenter Ascot. I would suggest you try that with mind’s eye and seeing “from” the vantage point of the mind's eye. ready for the dyslexia correction program. but it may not help either. The fifth grader is good at math but struggles with reading and spelling. yes on your 11-year-old daughter. Gaddesden. The third grader struggles across the board in all academic areas. He’s clay alphabet. Berkshire +44 (01344) 622 115 Christine East Kingsbridge. is yes. Your 7-year-old is too young for the program described in the book. you will want to do Alignment as described in The Gift of Learning. more relaxed approach with both your younger children. but she enough to do the regular program–unless he may have difficulty retaining what she is motivated to learn to read. and could easily see her orientation point. She doesn’t understand math A: If a Davis provider has a client who concepts at all. He may have learned. Oxon +44 (01865) 326 464 Nichola Farnum MA London +44 (0) 8000 272657 Jacqueline Ann Flisher Hungerford Berks +44 (0) 8000 272657 . (You will need that book anyway if you want to work on math and handwriting).M. If he wasn’t able to do that. The Young Learner Kit would help you take a slower. The question for the 10-year-old boy is not whether he could view the cake from both sides but whether he grasped the concept of putting his mind’s eye on his finger tip. Without the ability you may not to be able to get your highlyto recognize and control disorientation.

which evaluated state instructional time spent on the five essential applications for Reading First funding. vocabulary. use only the programs the Reading First One of them led five of the panels. Kent +44 (01304) 611 650 Axel Gudmundsson London +44 (020) 8341-7703 Tessa Halliwell Barrow upon Soar. across the 18 participating sites. “On average. at least three the “five essential components were not statistically individuals with ties to of reading instruction. but also by increasing instructional time. student reading comfluency. the OIG’s report revealed that individuals with significant professional and or It’s 211 pages long. West Yorkshire +44 (0) 8000 272657 Maxine Piper Carterton. the major ingredient in the NCLB recipe for ensuring that all children read at grade level by the end of the third grade. First directors were They start with the unproven estimated impacts on involved in the grant assumption that phonemic approval process. phonics. the Inspector General (OIG) issued a report to DI and other reading programs favored by (May 2007) accusing several people central the directors of Reading First. ” the Direct Instruction This is the most (DI) approach to damning of the findings. According to the OIG report. the individuals components of reading instruction promoted by the program (phonemic awareness. Reading First schools when the applications that states submitted devote an extra 100 minutes per day to reading. and comprehension are prehension test scores example. fluency. Cheshire +44 (07754) 534 740 Fionna Pilgrim Keighley. In case you missed it. Pembrokeshire +44 (01437) 766 806 Angela James Reading. In April of this year. but its findings are succinctly expressed financial connections in the executive to some of the instructional materials The list of defects of Reading summary: favored by Reading First would fill this entire issue. Norfolk +44 (0) 8000 272657 United Kingdom (cont’d) The Beginning of the End of Reading First Laura Zink de Díaz. included other approaches to reading the equivalent of an extra six weeks each year. and comprehension). Lancs +44 (0) 8000 272657 Ian Richardson Blaisdon Longhope. this year’s report is conflict of interest. and is available for download on-line. Berkshire +44 (0118) 947 6545 Liz Jolly Fareham. Davis Facilitator in Bogotá. Kent +44 (0) 8000 272657 Elenica Nina Pitoska London +44 (0) 8000 272657 Pauline Royle Poulton-le-Fylde. In addition. the US Department of Education released a report on Reading First. the details. it’s alleged that the subversion of the use! I suspect that school children could panel’s work in this way made a lot of money spend that same amount of time reading and for those panel members with financial ties (Cont’d next page) Carol Forster Gloucester +44 (1452) 331 573 Achsa Griffiths Sandwich. you now have confirmation that your sense of smell is just fine. directors recommended. to the development of Reading First of Moving ahead. For awareness. or have forgotten entitled Reading First Impact Study: Interim Report. Hants +44 (01329) 235 420 Lisa Klooss London +44 (0208) 960 9406 Sara Kramer London +44 (0) 8000 272657 Marilyn Lane Redhill +44 (0173) 776-9049 Isabel Martin Crowborough East Sussex +44 (0) 8000 272657 Stuart Parsons Lowton/Warrington. in question were involved in reviewing 23 vocabulary. Glos +44 (0) 8000 272657 Rosemary Savinson London +44 (0208) 316-1973 Janice Scholes Liversedge. ” state applications for Reading First grant So this stunning lack of impact was money and served on seven of the 16 achieved not only by insisting that schools subpanels that reviewed state applications. phonics. Colombia For those of you who’ve always felt there was a disturbing odor of snakeoil in the unremitting use of the phrase “scientifically-based reading research” by supporters of the No Child Left Behind Act.” significant. in some cases repeatedly. the This comes almost a year after the Office of The entrance toChildUS Department of Education’s No Left Behind building. Oxon +44 (01993) 840 291 Rebecca Ross Lamberhurst. Reading First increased review panel. they were often denied. Herts +44 1442 872185 Catherine Hooper Camborne +44 (01209) 717 754 “ Phyllida Howlett Haverfordwest.THE DYSLEXIC READER PAGE 19 Maureen Florido Harleston. Leics +44 (01509) 412 695 Karen Hautz London +44 (0207) 228-2947 Annemette Hoegh-Banks Berkhamsted. instruction. To make a long and sordid story short. no matter what programs were in by the government of specific curricula. But there’s more: reading pedagogy were named to the peer “On average. West Yorkshire +44 (0) 8000 272657 . until they were re-written to It is virtually inconceivable that an extra 100 include use of Direct Instruction–a violation minutes per day could be devoted to reading of a federal prohibition against endorsement instruction without obtaining any significant impact.

. East Sussex +44 (01424) 447 077 Elizabeth Shepherd Crowborough.” The list of defects of Reading First would fill this entire issue. cited as the basis for this decision the results of the impact study and “mismanagement. And: “Study sites that received their Reading First grants later in the federal funding process (January to August 2004) experienced positive and statistically significant impacts both on the time first and second grade teachers spent on the five essential components of reading instruction and on first and second grade reading comprehension. Surrey +44 (01737) 240 116 Frank Walker Greasby Wirral/Liverpool +44 (0151) 678 14 99 Evelyn White Walton-on-Thames. . Kent +44 (01227) 738 972 Rachel Williamson Hassocks. Complete report available as downloadable PDF document at: http://ies. “Beyond the Smoke and Mirrors: A Critique of the National Reading Panel Report on Phonics.asp 2. Founder Burlingame/San Francisco +1 (800) 729-8990 (Toll Free) +1 (650) 692-8990 Janet Confer Rancho Santa Margarita +1 (949) 589-6394 Anette Fuller Walnut Creek +1 (925) 639-7846 Richard A.” Available on-line at: www. East Sussex +44 (0189) 266-1052 Lynne Smith Brighton. 5. 284 of the 1968 edition. Even if perfectly attained.ed. practice did not make perfect. the longer a school followed Reading First guidelines. Leonards on Sea/Hastings. Edith Fritz Phoenix +1 (602) 274-7738 Nancy Kress Phoenix +1 (480) 544-5031 Arkansas Rebecca Landes Mulberry / Fort Smith +1 (479) 997-1996 United States United Kingdom (cont’d) “ THE DYSLEXIC READER It is virtually inconceivable that an extra 100 minutes per day could be devoted to reading instruction without obtaining any significant impact. The phonic elements are made to precede the that Reading First would be “eliminated under a fiscal 2009 spending measure approved unanimously …by a House Appropriations subcommittee.. They start with the unproven assumption that phonemic awareness.” Representative David Davis. East Sussex +44 (01273) 723 920 Anna Stephens Ripley Derbyshire +44 (01773) 746 277 Drs. chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.” This recipe for reading came from the National Reading Panel report of 2000. p. vocabulary..” California Reading Research Council Dyslexia Correction Center Dr. References & further Information 1. Gerald. Founder Ray Davis Ronald D. West Sussex +44 (0) 8000 272657 Alabama Lisa Spratt Huntsville +1 (256) 426-4066 Arizona Dr. ”” Since grade level is defined as the average of the scores of all students in a particular grade. August 11. it’s a Lake Woebegone-esque fantasy to expect all children to read “at grade level.” –The Psychology and Pedagogy of Reading by Edmund Huey. For 3. ” p. Besides. But these are topics for an entire volume on the history of education reform in the United States. Alyson Klein. Alyson.” Education Week. more delicious news: June 21. to burden the young pupil with the cumbersome technique of such a method and to so fill his mind with the dead products of adult analysis is a crime against childhood which cannot long be suffered. “House Panel Would Kill “Reading First” Funding. Fatima Ali. Bracey. Garan.PAGE 20 Nigel Sharp Isle of Wight +44 (0) 8000 272657 Judith Shaw Supervisor-Specialist St. Reading First Impact Study: Interim Report. Klein. Harmel Marina Del Rey/Los Angeles +1 (310) 823-8900 re-reading Captain Underpants to better effect than slogging through the direct instruction drills imposed on them in most Reading First schools! Another finding: “Average impacts on reading comprehension and classroom instruction did not change systematically over time as sites gained experience with Reading First. 2007. and comprehension are the “five essential components of reading instruction.htm 4. (phonics) must be pronounced intensely artificial and adult in its conceptions. (The panel members came to this conclusion by–surprise!– excluding from their review any study that didn’t focus on phonics. and cronyism. Available on-line at: http://tinyurl. “Nonsense Words that Sent Your Kid to Summer School” Buffalo News.. and is most likely to permanently unfit him for intelligent natural reading. I’m content to see that the truth about the snake oil is finally coming to light. Renée van der Vloodt Supervisor-Specialist Reigate. ix) Essentially. Surrey +44 (01932) 230 624 The Learning People Margarita Whitehead DDA Director Richard Whitehead DDA Director DLS Presenter-Mentor Fundamentals Presenter Canterbury. (executive summary.html?id=3051 Some Things Don’t Change . Elaine M. phonics. Available on-line at: susanohanian. 2008.” no matter what grade you look at. the worse their students performed on tests of reading comprehension. As I was putting together this column. the word is made to precede the idea. first published in 1908. “Granting the care and completeness with which the method [was designed] . and destructive Edmund of right habits of reading and Huey of using language generally.pdkintl. Medige.) And then there’s the classic example of fuzzy math buried in the goal of the program: that all children should “read at grade level by the end of third grade. its ideal has not taught the child to read. Bernadette. as documented by the inspector general. just the opposite of the natural procedure. and the sentence comes last of all. reported at edweek. which concluded that phonics is the answer to the difficulties of all types of struggling readers. “DIBELS Earns Bracey Rotten Apple Award” Available on-line at: http://susanohanian. conflicts of interest.

Hizo muy bien su programa. sino hablado de cierta intervención que su colegio que ha aprendido a disfrutar la lectura. A estas alturas. hemos en grupo. varias veces de su colegio bilingüe (inglés/ Para ella ha sido fundamental aprender español). Luego de que Lucía. lo que tomé pareció que esto merecía una mención en The como indicio de que todo debía estar bien. pero es algo que le obligan a hacer. que mes. pensé.. como la llaman es una producción escrita de buena calidad. no solamente ha tenido Inclusive hemos charlado de la situación política aquí en Colombia. de los padres: tiempo. sentí esa de menos! eterna tristeza de profesora. Durante la primera media hora notado cambios maravillosos en todos los comemos pizza y charlamos. Y también hemos una mejoría académica significativa. pero en el colegio no entienden muy bien su estilo disléxico de aprendizaje. Petersburg +1 (813) 956-0502 Tina Kirby Navarre +1 (850) 218-5956 Rita Von Bon Navarre +1 (850) 934-1389 Georgia Bonny Beuret Supervisor-Specialist Advanced Workshop Presenter Savannah +1 (912) 239 9339 Lesa Hall Pooler/Savannah +1 (912) 330-8577 Martha Payne Suwanee +1 (404) 886-2720 Scott Timm Woodstock/Atlanta +1 (866) 255-9028 (Toll-Free) Hawaii Vickie Kozuki-Ah You Ewa Beach/Honolulu +1 (808) 664-9608 Idaho Carma Sutherland Rexburg +1 (208) 356-3944 . durante las vacaciones Lucía había leído Pero al mismo tiempo tenía la confianza de independientemente un libro completo. sin trabajar con una niña muy querida. Lucía es una joven muy inteligente y es caso de lograr cualquier producción escrita. ¡la echaría mucho mucho entusiasmo. a manejar su talento. su calidad hubiera sido muy inferior tanto en excelente conversadora. Cuando pregunté a Lucía si las lecciones de “phonics” Lucía en agosto 2007. apareció Lucía – o Uchi. y mi consultorio a un sitio con suficiente a continuación la carta con sus comentarios. Dyslexic Reader. Lucía adora su colegio. Facilitadora Davis en Bogotá. y cuando se fue. Nadie Hace un año tuve la buenísima suerte de le obliga a asistir a Pizza y Plastilina. El segundo mes de simplemente se hubiera negado a escribir nuevo asistió Lucía. y después dedicamos una hora a la creación en plastilina aspectos y una prueba de esto es el testimonio de modelos de palabras detonantes. Colombia “ Cheryl Rodrigues Sunnyvale / San Jose +1 (408) 983-0968 David Carlos Rosen San Rafael +1 (415) 479-1700 Dwight Underhill El Cerrito/Berkeley +1 (510) 559-7869 Angela Dean Educators Nicole Melton Karen Thorworth-Pongs Diamond Bar +1 (909) 861-5251 el cambio más importante… Lucía paulatinamente ha ido haciéndose dueña de sí misma.. Antes del trabajo con los métodos Davis ella sus papás–y nadie más. parqueo para varios clientes al mismo Primero. admitió que en realidad no. mes mis clientes pueden asistir a una sesión hiciera el Método Davis hace un año. Lucía embargo viene cada mes. que hoy tiene 11 años. la Gutiérrez. ¡de que a Lucía le iría muy bien. otra vez cualquier cosa que no fuera obligada y en Lucía. ha ido mostrando mayor autonomía en todos los aspectos de la vida cotidiana.THE DYSLEXIC READER United States/ California (cont’d) PAGE 21 David Hirst Riverside +1 (951) 653-9251 or (909) 241-6079 La Fidelidad de Uchi Por Laura Zink de Díaz. En Colorado Annie Garcia Wheat Ridge / Denver +1 (303) 423-3397 Crystal Punch DLS Mentor Centennial/Denver +1 (303) 850-0581 Kristi Thompson DLS Presenter-Mentor Walsh +1 (719) 324-9256 Florida Terry DeMeo Miami +1 (305) 567-0611 Random (Randee) Garretson Lutz/Tampa/St. El tercer mes. con verdad es que si no viniera. ¡Qué niña más fiel!. durante su Programa Davis. la de ver irse tan Hace poco su mamá me mencionó que buena alumna después de tan poco tiempo. y de sus amigas y actividades. le estaban ayudando. habiendo trasladado Lucía y sus padres. así que les pedí permiso a Hace pocos meses. Estuvieron de acuerdo. El primer escrito por ella misma acerca del Método. Durante muchos 176 páginas – y en inglés! ¡Qué chévere! Me meses no volví a saber de la niña. empecé a ofrecerles un servicio que antes no podía: Pizza y Plastlina. Una vez al Apreciada Laura. Hemos conversado contenido como en redacción y ortografía.” Dee Weldon White Lexie White Strain Menlo Park +1 (650) 388-6808 requiere – clases de “phonics” en inglés con una profesora privada.

Juan Manuel Gutiérrez y Catalina Soto Pronto Lucía hará un suplemento a su Programa Davis que seguramente le ayudará a arreglar esas “dificultades para organizarse. y en estas vacaciones me pusieron a leer un libro en inglés que se llama Shredderman Attack of the Tagger. Es muy bueno y yo me divierto mucho. igual como toma tiempo internalizar las destrezas necesarias para volverse uno experto en cualquier actividad intelectual o deportivo. Me gusta mucho el Método Davis. Aunque Lucía continúa teniendo dificultades para organizarse. Es de 217 páginas. Ella escogió un libro titulado El niño con el pijama de rayas escrito por John Boyne. Este libro me gustó mucho porque es interesante. Me parece una observación muy válida e importante para personas que consideran un Programa Davis para sus hijos. Pratt Excelsior/Minneapolis +1 (904) 389-9251 Missouri Cathy Cook Columbia +1 (573) 819-6010 or 886-8917 Gretchen FitzGerald Kansas City +1 (816) 806-8611 Montana Kimberly Bezanson Missoula +1 (406) 541-3076 or 677-4014 Elsie Johnson Manhatten +1 (406) 257-8556 Los comentarios de Lucía. respecto al libro que leyó y el Método Davis: Yo estudio en el Colegio los Nogales. pero sí entregamos a nuestros clientes herramientas que con el tiempo pueden crear cambios positivos bastante dramáticos. ¡Sobre todo en personas con la fidelidad de Uchi! Alice J. poniendo los últimos toques a un modelo que hizo en la sesión de Pizza y Plastilina en julio. tanto en el ámbito académico como en la lectura y escritura recreativas. Pero cuando me pasaba que no entendía o que me confundía una palabra. porque los cambios son paulatinos.PAGE 22 Illinois Kim Ainis Chicago +1 (312) 360-0805 Susan Smarjesse Springfield +1 (217) 789-7323 “ Uchi. pensaba que con Laura podría trabajar estas palabras detonantes y efectivamente descubrí que el Método Davis en realidad sí funciona. Baugh Cloverdale/Indianapolis +1 (765) 526-2121 Myrna Burkholder Goshen/South Bend +1 (574) 533-7455 Carol K. 2008. Y… ¡lo disfruto! Fue una experiencia tan positiva que nos pidió ir a una librería a comprar otro libro para leer en vacaciones pero ahora en español. ahora podemos decir que es una niña feliz. Además es divertido hacer cosas con plastilina. Además de todos estos cambios tan significativos. En mi colegio aprendo muchas cosas pero también la paso muy bien. cooperadora y responsable que ya no se da por vencida fácilmente. el cambio más importante para nosotros como papas ha sido observar cómo Lucía paulatinamente ha ido haciéndose dueña de sí misma. sino que ha aprendido a disfrutar la lectura. THE DYSLEXIC READER Indiana Jodi R. por lo cual estamos seguros que con el trabajo constante. Con todo nuestro afecto y gratitud. ha ido mostrando mayor autonomía en todos los aspectos de la vida cotidiana. los padres de Lucía comentaron que al escribirlo cayeron en cuenta que sin el ejercicio de mirar cómo era su hija un año antes de tomar el Método y cómo es ahora. completamente sola. Aquí no ofrecemos píldoras mágicas. segura de sí misma. El proceso de internalizar las herramientas Davis toma tiempo.” En el e-mail al que iba adjunto su testimonio. para niños a partir de 13 años y se lo está leyendo feliz. irá logrando mejorar en este aspecto y en todos aquellos en los que ella se lo proponga. –Lucía Gutiérrez . un libro en inglés apropiado para su edad y nivel de escolaridad. Pleasant/Lansing +1 (989) 772-3084 estas vacaciones leyó por primera vez. tal vez no hubieran sido concientes de toda la mejoría.” Minnesota Cyndi Deneson Supervisor-Specialist Workshop Presenter Edina/Minneapolis +1 (888) 890-5380 (Toll-Free) +1 (952) 820-4673 Bernadette Peterson Maple Grove +1 (763) 229-4550 Michigan Nicki Cates Saint Clair Shores/Detroit +1 (586) 801-0772 Sandra McPhall Grandville/Grand Rapids +1 (616) 534-1385 Dean Schalow Manistee +1 (800) 794-3060 (Toll-Free) Michele Wellman Mt. descriptivo y uno no puede parar de leer ya que el libro tiene tanto suspenso y por eso uno cada vez quiere seguir leyendo. Williams Jeffersonville +1 (651) 324-9156 Iowa Mary Kay Frasier Des Moines +1 (515) 270-0280 Kentucky Rochelle Abner Winchester +1 (859) 595-7870 Massachussetts Karen LoGiudice Newburyport +1 (978) 337-7753 Carolyn Tyler Fairhaven +1 (508) 994-4577 No solamente ha tenido una mejoría académica significativa. y a diario son poco perceptibles.

THE DYSLEXIC READER PAGE 23 Young Learner Kit for Home-Use Based on the Davis Dyslexia Correction methods.) • Clay cutter • Webster’s Children’s Dictionary (hardcover) • Punctuation Marks & Styles Booklet • Two Koosh Balls • Letter Recognition Cards • Laminated Alphabet Strip • Stop Signs for Reading Chart The Davis Methods for Young Learners Davis Focusing Strategies provide children with the self-directed ability to be physically and mentally focused on the learning task at hand. North Carolina Gerri W. ages 5-7. to home-teach and help young learners to: • focus attention • control energy levels • improve eye-hand coordination • learn the alphabet • learn basic punctuation • develop and strengthen pre-reading and basic reading skills • prevent the potential of a learning problem • improve sight word recognition and comprehension • establish life-long “how-to-learn” skills.dyslexia.95 (Shipping and Handling will be added) To purchase a kit. Davis Reading Exercises improve accuracy with word recognition and or call our toll-free number: 1-888-999-3324 Note: For older children (ages 8 and up). Nebraska Shawn Carlson Lincoln +1 (402) 420-1025 Elaine Thoendel Chambers +1 (402) 482-5709 Nevada Barbara Clark Gardnerville/Carson City +1 (775) 265-1188 New Hampshire Glenna Giveans Lebanon + 1 (603) 863-7877 Michele Siegmann Mason/Manchester/Boston +1 (603) 878-6006 New Jersey Lynn Chigounis Montclair +1 (973) 746-5037 Charlotte Foster Supervisor-Specialist Bernardsville/Newark +1 (908) 766-5399 New York Lisa Anderson Seneca Falls +1 (315)568-3166 or (800) 234-6922 Hadar Hellman Forest Hills +1 (212) 781-3689 Wendy Ritchie Hilton/Rochester +1 (585) 233-4364 The Kit includes: • Instruction Manual • Sturdy nylon briefcase • Reusable modeling clay (2 lbs. The Young Learner Kit Kathy Pozzi Ontario +1 (541) 881 6497 Melissa Slominski Tigard / Portland +1 (503) 957-2998 . easy and fun alternative to pencil-paper activities and drill. Cox DLS Presenter-Mentor Shallotte/Wilmington +1 (910) 754-9559 Ruth Mills Pineville/Charlotte +1 (704) 541-1733 Jean Moser Winston-Salem +1 (336) 830-2390 Ohio Lorraine Charbonneau Mason/Cincinnati/Dayton +1 (513) 850-1895 Lisa Thatcher Mount Vernon/Columbus +1 (740) 397-7060 Oklahoma Ashley Grice Tulsa +1 (918) 779-7351 Rhonda Lacy Clinton +1 (580) 323-7323 Oregon Rhonda Erstrom Vale +1 (541) 881-7817 The Kit is priced at $119. we recommend the Davis Symbol Mastery Kit. punctuation marks and basic sight words with a simple. use our secure on-line ordering at: www. this Kit enables parents of children. Davis Symbol Mastery enables children to master the alphabet letters.

married with four children. I never would have believed .” Coen Boshuizenlaan 85. Zurich. married. dysgraphia and AD/HD difficulties. The results and confidence gained by my clients are simply amazing. 1943 KB. discovered my own talent. so I changed my profession from veterinarian to Davis Facilitator. manja. +49 (711) 882 21 06. Beverwijk. And here I am as a brand new Davis Facilitator! Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Jutta Meissner. Switzerland. I am a teacher by profession. Switzerland. I’ve studied a lot. with three children. Carly van den Akker “In my center I will help children and adults with their learning problems. I am a Linguist (English and Spanish) and have studied psychology. It is an enormous thrill to work as a Davis Facilitator. Lisboa 1700-243. bakker2034@zonnet. 5481 PA Schijndel. I am very happy to have found the Davis Method.” Banazir. CH-8032.” Inselstr. Uster. If someone had told me two years ago. Netherlands. My children came into my life and along with them. +31 (06) 15 20 81 73. PO Box 19002. Portugal. CH-8610.bloemendal@gmail. Second business address: Freiestr. While searching for a solution to their problems. Netherlands +31 (020) 496 52 53. 42. Cristina Maria Vieira graduated in 2001 in Special Education and rehabilitation (School of Human Motor Function. 2517 XR Den Haag. Worth +1 (817) 426-4442 Dorothy Owen Supervisor-Specialist Irving +1 (817) 919-6200 Paula Roberts Tyler +1 (903) 570-3427 Casey Linwick-Rouzer Sugar Land/Houston +1 (832) 724-0492 Laura Warren Lubbock +1 (806) 790-7292 Virginia Donna Kouri Montpelier/Richmond +1 (804) 883-8867 THE DYSLEXIC READER Newly Licensed Davis Facilitators Congratulations to all the newest members of our growing international community of Davis Program Providers! Marja Steijger “I’m the mother of two dyslexic girls. +254 722 341 503. Worth +1 (817) 989-0783 Janalee Beals Bedford/Dallas/Ft. +31 (64) 764 6555. rubianes21@hotmail. +31 (70) 345 5252. Nairobi. so I knew this was the solution.” Gounodhof 6. I would find my profession. Rua Infante D. 1911 TC Ouderkerk a/d Amstel. Portugal) with a Masters Degree in early intervention and developmental disorders (University of Santiago de Compostela. Eventually I found Davis Dyslexia Correction and on the top of everything else. +41 (052) 267 51 54. van Blankenburgstraat Manja Bloemendal “I have worked as a social worker and teacher (primary school and continuation school).PAGE 24 Pennsylvania Maude Le Roux Glen Mills +1 (484) 840-1529 Marcia Maust Berlin/Pittsburgh +1 (814) 267-5765 Rhode Island Linda M. Jutta Meissner “My whole life I always knew that when I reached 40. 26. marjasteijger@chello. Kenya. BW 70469 Germany. Training to be a Davis Facilitator was a great achievement. Fundacão Renascer. in German.” Strick van Linschotenstraat 69. I am a picture thinker myself. +254 (20) 604 347. dyslexia and developmental disorders.” 00501. I read De Gave van Dyslexie. Netherlands. Pedro. school Josephine Naikuni “I am a teacher by profession. Cristina currently works at Fundacão Renascer and is developing a doctoral thesis on assessment of the development of children. especially reading and Therese Rice-Schumacher “I deliver Davis Dyslexia Correction Programs at home. Daniels Providence +1 (401) 301-7604 South Carolina Angela Keifer Greenville +1 (864) 420-1627 South Dakota Kim Carson DLS Presenter-Mentor Brookings/Sioux Falls +1 (605) 692-1785 Carina Little Watertown +1 (605) 886-8415 Lillian “Lee” Miles Sioux Falls +1 (605) 274-2294 Tennessee Jackie Black Dover 1-866-218-1614 (Toll-Free) Texas Kellie Antrim-Brown Ft. that at some time I would help dyslexic people. The Davis Method has shown me the essence of learning. With this method I can help others feel confident and make the best of their Jola Geldermans “Dear Colleagues. Since then she has worked with children and adolescents with learning disabilities. I decided I wanted to help other kids too. Josna88@gmail. Spanish or French. I’ve worked a lot with children (as a teacher in primary and secondary schools) and hope to get my diploma for remedial teaching (Master SEN) this summer. In the Davis Method I’ve found the real root of dyslexia. I am Jola Geldermans. but I must say that Davis has taught me most of all. +31 (0251) 210 607. 46 years young. +35 (191) 921 4807.12A. I am also very interested in the relationship between children and their parents and how the parents support their children in the process of the Davis Program. Dutch. wiedes@orange. Worth +1 (817) 354-2896 Success Learning Center Rhonda Clemons DLS Presenter-Mentor Colleen Millslagle DLS Presenter-Mentor Tyler/Dallas +1 (866) 531-2446 (Toll Free) +1 (903) 531-2446 Shari Chu Helotes /San Antonio +1 (210) 414-0116 Jodie Harber Cedar Park/Austin +1 (512) 918-9247 Lori Johnson Boerne/San Antonio +1 (210) 843-8161 Leslie McLean Amarillo +1 (806) 331-4099 or +1 (877) 331-4099 (Toll Free) Amanda Meyer Burleson/Ft. thereserice@bluewin. Spain). I am now working as a Davis Facilitator with children and adults who have dyslexia. and looking forward to my new challenge!” Stuttgart.

Angela Odom DLS Presenter-Mentor Midlothian/Richmond +1 (804) 833-8858 Jamie Worley Yorktown/Williamsburg +1 (757) 867-1164 Washington Aleta Clark Auburn/Tacoma +1 (253) 854-9377 Carol Hern DLS Presenter-Mentor Spokane Mary Ethel Kellogg DLS Presenter-Mentor Spokane Rebecca Luera Fall City/Seattle +1 (800) 818-9056 (Toll-Free) +1 (425) 222-4163 Nancy Sitton Marysville +1 (360) 651-1241 Renie Royce Smith Spokane & Everett +1-800-371-6028 (Toll-Free) +1 (509) 443-1737 Ruth Ann Youngberg Bellingham +1 (360) 752-5723 West Virginia Gale Long Elkview/Charleston +1 (888) 517-7830 (Toll Free) +1 (304) 965-7400 Wisconsin New Hope Learning Centers. Between newsletter issues.htm or call +1 (650) 692-7141 or +1-888-805-7216 toll-free in the USA. The Davis Specialist Training Program requires extensive experience providing Davis programs and an additional 260 hours of training. 2008. go to: www. Darlene Bishop Margaret Hayes Milwaukee +1 (888) 890-5380 (Toll Free) +1 (262) 255-3900 Anne Mataczynski Wausau +1 (715) 551-7144 Uruguay Marcela Piffaretti Montevideo +598 (02) 600-6326 This Directory is current as of August 1. .com is always up to date.THE DYSLEXIC READER PAGE 25 United States/ Virginia (cont’d) Davis Training Programs The Davis Facilitator Training Program requires approximately 400 hours of course Inc. and occasionally.dyslexia. However. Specialists and Facilitators are subject to annual re-licensing based upon case review and adherence to the DDAI Standards of Practice. It is subject to change. For information about training and a full directory of Davis providers. Davis Learning Strategies Mentors and Workshop Presenters are experienced teachers and trainers with 2-3 years of specialized training and experience mentoring classroom teachers of children 5.9 years of age. the Davis Providers list at www.dyslexia. new Facilitators are added. some become inactive.

which can be completed before and during the workshop. SD Denver. and ask for Paula McCarthy. • Supervised experiential practice on each Strategy. 5 .6 Aug. 6 . clay. It relieved me of a paper-pencil approach and gave me a hands-on.8 Nov 8 .7 Nederland Sept.26 Oct. Would you like to bring a DLS workshop to your school/area? Call 1-888-805-7216.9 Zurich Zurich +41 (061) 273 81 85 +41 (061) 273 81 85 Maastricht/Sittard Onna (Steenwijk) +31 (046) 437 4907 +31 (046) 437 4907 Brookings. and a sense a pride in all the children.davislearn. 2 . For more details. 7 – 8 Aug. black-line masters. 7 . visit www. Kindergarten Teacher. 6 . MA Tyler. cutter. TX Richmond. Mission San Jose Elementary . kinesthetic approach. responsibility. 5 .7 Nov. • Teacher Kit: alphabet strip. 25 . OR Springfield. and numerous tips for each implementing each Strategy in various curriculum activities. Creating the alphabet over time also accomplished the development of ownership. letter recognition cards. I believe all Kindergarten children would benefit from Davis Learning Strategies.PAGE 26 THE DYSLEXIC READER Basic Workshop for Primary Teachers Teachers. (Classroom materials sold separately) “In the forefront of what I liked most was how easily the Davis strategies fit into many areas of Kindergarten curriculum. 14 . Cost: $595 per person (US only) Academic Units or CEUs (US and Canada only) Two Quarter Units are available through California State University. Materials include: • Detailed Manual with suggested year-long guides. dictionary and two Koosh® balls.” Instruction includes: • Theory and Reasoning for each Strategy. 10 . Fremont. • Video demonstrations of each Strategy and classroom implementation suggestions. plus $35 administrative fee.6 Oct. A written assignment.11 Switzerland Aug 7 . California 2008 DATES & LOCATIONS Date United States Aug. would you like to… • Improve the reading skills of all the children in your class regardless of their learning style? • Manage your classroom more effectively? • Prevent the onset of learning disabilities? • Use research-based methods that are flexible and easily fit into and enhance any existing curriculum? This two-day workshop provides Primary Teachers (K-3) with unique and innovative strategies for improving reading instruction and classroom management.” –LB.15 Sept. TX 1-605-692-1785 1-719-324-9256 1-605-692-1785 1-866-531-2446 1-866-531-2446 1-866-531-2446 1-804-833-8858 1-866-531-2446 Location Telephone Workshop hours: 9am-4pm with one hour lunch break.3 Oct. • Q&A and discussion about each Strategy. is required. VA Tyler. It helped develop the little finger muscles to move on to coordinate paper-pencil activities. and equips young learners with proven life long skills in “how to learn. • Videotape or DVD demonstrating each classroom Strategy. CO Brookings SD Eugene. Cost is $54 per unit.8 Aug.

set Davis FUNDAMENTALS WORKSHOP OUTLINE DAY ONE Background and Development of the Davis Dyslexia Correction® Procedures • Research and discovery. monitor and turn off perceptual distortions) • What is Orientation? Demonstration & Practice Session Release Procedure (method to alleviate Tel: +31 (0475) 301 277 UNITED STATES 8-11 October: Dallas/Ft. Overview of the steps for dyslexia correction. Kent Presenter: Richard Whitehead Language: English Email: info@davislearningfoundation. establish motivation) • Demonstration and Practice Session DAY THREE Orientation Review Procedure (a method for checking orientation skills) • Demonstration & Practice Session Davis Symbol Mastery® (the key to correcting dyslexia) • What is Symbol Mastery? Why clay? Mastering Basic Language Symbols • Demonstrations and Group Exercises Reading Improvement Exercises • . strengths and Tel: +49 (040) 25 17 86 22 NEW ZEALAND 7-10 September: Christchurch Presenter: Lorna Tims Language: English Email: info@ddapacific. headaches) Alignment (an alternative to Orientation Counseling) • What is Alignment? How is it used? Group Demonstration Dial-Setting Procedure (a method for controlling energy levels) DAY FOUR Fine-Tuning Procedure (checking and adjusting orientation using balance) Symbol Mastery Exercises for Words • Demonstrations • Group Exercises • Practice Sessions Implementing the Davis Procedures To register for US workshops call 1-888-805-7216 (toll-free) 2008 FUNDAMENTALS WORKSHOP SCHEDULE GERMANY 2-5 October: Hamburg Presenter: Ioannis Tzivanakis Language: German/French Email: info@dyslexia.dyslexia. Tel: +44 (0) 1227 732 288 NEDERLAND 3-6 September: Amersfoort Presenter: Ioannis Tzivanakis/Robin Temple Language: English/Dutch Email: Tel: +52 (81) 8335-9435 UNITED KINGDOM 18-22 August: Canterbury.THE DYSLEXIC READER PAGE 27 Come Learn and EXPERIENCE the Davis Dyslexia Correction Procedures! Fundamentals of Davis Dyslexia Correction® Workshop based on the best-selling book The Gift of Dyslexia by Ronald D. Anatomy and developmental stages of a learning disability. Davis Perceptual Ability Assessment (a screening for dyslexic learning styles) • Demonstration and Practice Session Symptoms Profile Interview (used to assess symptoms. Telephone: +64 9 815 8626 MEXICO 24-27 September: Guadalajara Presenter: Cathy Calderón Language: Spanish Email: davislatam@gmail. TX Presenter: Gerry Grant Language: English Email: training@dyslexia. The “gifts” of dyslexia. Picture-atPunctuation DAY TWO Davis Orientation Counseling Procedures (methods to Tel: 1-888-392-1134 or 1-888-805-7216 For updated workshop schedules visit: www.

22 DDA-Nederland DDAI-Int’l. 2008 International Schedule 18 .5 Oct. and Symbol Mastery Kit • Academic units and CEUs available For a detailed brochure on enrollment.27 E-mail: ddai@dyslexia.htm For a full description of the Davis Facilitator Certification Program. CA 94010 Tel: 972 (0523) 693 384 Tel: 41 (061) 273 81 85 Tel: 31 (0475) 302 203 Tel: 1-888-805-7216 or (0)9 774 7979 E-MAIL: ch@dyslexia. E-mail: Israel@dyslexia. 24 . Canada & USA 20 Ha’shahafim St. Canterbury. Davis This 4-day workshop is an introduction to the basic theories. Kent Amersfoort Christchurch Guadalajara Hamburg Dallas/Ft. Attendance is limited to ensure the highest quality of training. Suite 260 Burlingame. group practice. Tel: 49 (040) 25 17 86 22 Email: spanish@dyslexia.9:00 Registration (first day) • 9:00 .14 Fundamentals of Davis Dyslexia Correction Workshop Based on the best-selling book The Gift of Dyslexia by Ronald D. Monterrey Canterbury Auckland.6 Sept. tutoring. CA 94010 RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED PRESORTED STANDARD U. See page 27 for more workshop details. • How to incorporate and use proven methods for improving Fax: 31 (0475) 301 381 Fax: 1 (650) 692-7075 Fax: 972 (09) 772-9889 E-mail: holland@dyslexia. and question and answer sessions. 2 . or therapeutic setting. DDA.The ~ Dys•lex´ ic Read´ er • • 1601 Old Bayshore Highway. Worth. verification of attendance. Ste 260 Ra’anana 43724 ISRAEL SWITZERLAND 6105 CG Maria Hoop. • The Davis Symbol Mastery tools for mastering reading. 8 . home school.10 Sept. Kerkweg 38a 1601 Bayshore Highway. one-year DDAI membership. demonstrations.Latin America DDA-UK DDA-Pacific DDA-DACH Calzada del Valle #400 Local 8 Davis Learning Foundation PO BOX 46023 Deutschland-AustriaColonia del Valle PO Box 972 Herne Bay Switzerland Garza García. New Zealand Wandsbecker Chausee 132 D-22089 Hamburg Nuevo León Kent CT1 9DN Phone: +64 (09) 815-8626 MÉXICO.11 Oct. . contact the DDA in your country. Training is done with a combination of lectures. 3 . NEDERLAND Burlingame.” • How to help dyslexics eliminate mistakes and focus attention. Course Schedule • 8:30 .com Fax: 49 (040) 25 17 86 24 DDA-Israel E-mail: germany@dyslexia. location. principles and application of all the procedures described in The Gift of Dyslexia. ask forContinued on page 22 our booklet. CA PERMIT NO. U. and motor coordination into a teaching. 7 .com E-mail: uk@dyslexia. prices. Participants will learn: • How the Davis procedures were developed. CP 66220 Tel: +44 (0)1227 732 288 Fax: +64 (09) 815-8627 GERMANY Tel: 52 (81) 8335-9435 Fax: +44 (0)1227 731 756 E-mail: pacific@dyslexia.S.dyslexia. • How to assess for the “gift of Enrollment limited O Classes fill Early O Call 1-888-805-7216 or 650-692-7141 For updated workshop schedules visit http://www.5:00 Daily (lunch break 12:00-1:30) U. group rates. Fees and Discounts • $1175 per person • $1125 for DDAI members or groups of two or more • $1075 if paid in full 60 days in advance • Advance registration and $200 deposit required • Includes manual.S.S. POSTAGE PAID BURLINGAME. and further information. TX UK Nederland New Zealand Mexico Germany USA Who should attend: Everyone involved in helping dyslexic individuals over the age of eight.