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Is My Soul Mate Coming Back?

Is My Soul Mate Coming Back?

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Published by Dyan Garris
You've had a communication breakdown with your soul mate. Now you haven't heard from them. Is is over or are they coming back?
You've had a communication breakdown with your soul mate. Now you haven't heard from them. Is is over or are they coming back?

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Published by: Dyan Garris on Nov 21, 2012
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Is My Soul Mate Coming Back?

By Dyan Garris
This is the question that all psychics get asked most in a psychic reading. Truthfully, the answer is that if your soul mate has fled the coop, he or she is most probably not coming back. But why not? And why does it bother you so much? Let’s delve into this. What Is A Soul Mate? We usually have more than one soul mate here on the planet at the same time as we are incarnated. And we have many types of soul mates, not just the romantic sort. Our soul mate could be one of our children or even a parent or sibling or friend. You will find that any soul mate will usually be able to “push your buttons” quite easily. That is because soul mates have agreements to teach each other important and poignant lessons. It’s not always necessarily about romantic love as we may think it should be. Do They Feel The Same? When we meet one of our romantic type of soul mates, we tend to know it immediately. Our eyes meet, our hearts flutter, and we just KNOW. We have instant recognition. Deep in our own soul, we are somehow aware of a contract, a special something that we are supposed to do with this person in order to fulfill our destiny. This could be anything, ranging from marriage and children, to business dealings. Both soul mates seem to have an awareness of a soul contract on some level. So no, it is not just you feeling “this way” and no you are not imagining it. The feeling is most definitely mutual. Why Did They Leave/Aren’t They Supposed to Stay? There is a certain intensity between soul mates that is unparalleled in any other type of interaction or relationship. It’s that intensity and undeniable truth between the parties that sometimes makes the soul mate turn tail and run in another direction. And the truth is that at the bottom of that intensity is some kind of fear and inability to face the truth, whatever it is. So whether or not they are supposed to stay isn’t really the question. Sure they are. There is a contract. But through their free will, people get to do whatever they want to do. We must respect the journey of others whether or not it includes us. What To Do When Your Soul Mate Doesn’t See It Your Way When it comes to soul mates we usually are viewing them and what “should be” through our rose colored glasses. If you can remove the glasses and allow yourself to see clearly then, the bigger question becomes, “Do you want someone who is so steeped in fear?” Do you want someone who is blind? Because, remember, you have just removed YOUR glasses.

Here are some other things to consider: 1. Examine your control issues. MUST things be a certain way in order to be “right?” Must things show up on your timetable? What happens when you do not get your way? What is your pattern as it relates to the issue of control? 2. Allow yourself to grieve, because a soul mate running away is an emotional loss and a death of sorts. Grieve. 3. Ask for and focus on: “If not this, then highest and best.” 4. Let go of what you think you want, so that the energy of what you want can easily flow in. Try as we may, we cannot tell the universe what to do. 5. Let them go and KNOW that whether it seems so or not, all is in divine order. You WILL find love. Love begins inside yourself and no one, not even our soul mate, can make us “whole.” Do Errant Soul Mates Ever Come Back? Yes, sometimes they do! Be aware, however, that sometimes that could take longer than you’re willing to wait. One of the reasons it could take a long time is that if your soul mate has run away, it usually means that their soul doesn’t feel – for whatever reason – that they can live up to the soul contract. So depending upon their own patterns and whatever it is that they’ve already created for themselves in this lifetime, it’s perhaps easier to run away. If you decide to wait, what you’re really waiting for is for their soul to reach the vibrational frequency of your own soul so that you may work together upon the agreed upon lessons. We shouldn’t wait anyway because as you’re sitting there waiting, life is happening. Can a Psychic Reading Help? Most definitely a psychic reading can help, because your psychic can uncover and bring to light things you do not see or do not know. But it can only help if the psychic is willing to tell you the unvarnished truth, no matter what it is, AND if you are open to receiving the truth, whatever it is. Unfortunately, the psychic reading field is littered with plenty of sugar coated falsities that may make you feel better in the moment, but ultimately don’t do you any good whatsoever. New to Voice of the Angels? Get a 3 minute FREE PSYCHIC READING now!

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