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Stop Searching For The Silver Bullet Solution.

Stop Searching For The Silver Bullet Solution.

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Published by James Godin
You know…

…That so called solution to all of your problems.

The one where you can just flip a switch and all of a sudden everything is all peaches and cream. LOL

If such a thing does exist…

It’s been able to elude me for over 8 years.
You know…

…That so called solution to all of your problems.

The one where you can just flip a switch and all of a sudden everything is all peaches and cream. LOL

If such a thing does exist…

It’s been able to elude me for over 8 years.

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Published by: James Godin on Nov 21, 2012
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The Silver Bullet Solution?

You know…

…That so called solution to all of your problems.
The one where you can just flip a switch and all of a sudden everything is all peaches and cream. LOL
If such a thing does exist…

It’s been able to elude me for over 8 years.

Here’s What My Experience Has Been:
I dove into the internet marketing scene roughly 8 years ago. I was a recent high school drop out and I thought I knew everything about everything. Well, I didn’t. Looking back now, it’s obvious I had a lot to learn, but you know how hard headed teenagers can be right? That was me. I was like, “I’m gonna get rich on eBay”. LOL, so were thousands of other people, and most of them had at the very least graduated high school and had some business experience. The most experience I had was selling my old movies & video games at the pawn shop, and occasionally having a yard sale.

I jumped in head first and started selling my old stuff on eBay. I was making more money doing this than I was selling to the pawn shop, but it still wasn’t what I had imagined it would be. See, I had this vision of selling thousands of dollars worth of products per day and becoming a big time seller that everyone knew and trusted. Little did I know that it would take more knowledge, experience and skills than I had at the time. I just figured, if that guy could do it, I could too. Which isn’t a bad way of looking at it, but I failed to recognize that “the other guy” that was making several thousand dollars a day in sales probably had years of experience, and way more skills than me. So, naturally, just like any kid who quit school would do, I looked for the fastest short cut. I’m not talking about doing anything illegal here, I just mean the fastest legit way to go from where I was to

where I wanted to be. I realized, I needed a larger inventory, which would mean shipping more products when they sold. My living situation didn’t allow either of these things that needed to happen, happen. So I found ‘drop shipping’…
Drop Shipping: This is when you sell a product for a wholesaler that is housing the product in their

warehouse. You mark up the wholesale product to a retail price to make a profit. The customer buys from you, you pass the order onto the wholesaler, and the wholesaler ships the product to the customer. This might sound complicated but it’s not. Basically you act as the middle man between the wholesaler and the customer and your compensation is whatever is left over after the retail markup.
Why Do I Tell This Story?

Well, because. I thought this was my ‘silver bullet solution‘. I figured if I could just bypass the issue of not being able to stock mass inventory and ship it all myself, that business would be easier and I would get rich! WRONG! Yes, not having to stock mass inventory was a HUGE plus, and so was not having to ship every single item myself. BUT… I still needed to get people to buy the products. See, it was easy when I was selling my own stuff, because I knew everything there was to know about it. Even though most of the drop shipped products I sold came with item descriptions, I knew little about actually owning and using the products. I don’t know if you have realized this yet, but when you don’t own something yourself, and you have never personally used it, it is really hard to convince someone else why they need to buy it from you.

It took me a while to figure this out, and it took me several more years of struggling before I found a better way.

Yes, I did find a better way, but again, it is not silver bullet solution. I don’t believe that such a thing exists, at least I haven’t heard of it…

What I Eventually Realized..
…was that I needed to take my entire business more seriously.

By more seriously, I mean: >> Inspect it with a fine tooth comb. >> Find out what’s not working, try to make it work, if there’s no way to make it work, eliminate it

>> Find out what does work, improve upon it and reap the rewards! >> Get everything I do down to a scientific process that I can duplicate and repeat in all areas of my

>> Construct my own system or make use of an existing system to keep everything running as smoothly as

possible, with automation in mind.

What Did I Find That Made All of This Possible?

Well, you’re looking at it right now. This blog is a part of a powerful system that has allowed me to do everything I just stated above, as well as earn more money online than I have doing anything else I have ever done before online, EVER.

Simple. It’s a system designed to function on the basis of education. Isn’t it funny how the one thing I was running away from all those years ago is the one thing that helped me the most? Of course if you know me, then you know I’m not so fond of traditional education. Nothing against their system, or the people that do benefit from their educational institutions, but it just doesn’t fit into the way I like to do things personally. For me, self education has always been a much better fit
Back to my point… (lol, I do that sometimes)

It’s a system built upon education, that provides a foundation for success on the internet. It doesn’t matter how you plan to make money on the internet, whether it’s to have your own online store, sell info products, have a membership site, etc… The fundamentals you learn in a system like this one, are things you can take with you for the rest of your life.
So what is this system I speak of? 1. A Blogging System: It’s common knowledge in the internet marketing profession that ‘content is king’. Well, a ‘blog’ is the number 1 way to deliver content on a consistent basis, and it’s as simple as point,

click, type, copy, paste.
2. Coaching By Leaders: It’s important to learn from the people that are where you want to be. If you want to

succeed at online marketing, it’s a wise decision to learn from the people who already have what you want and they are actively doing what they teach in their own business daily.

3. Advanced Training: You can’t stay in ‘newbie’ mode forever. If you want to play in the big leagues, you

need to train like a pro. This is where you get this training. Don’t overlook it, or you will regret it. You came
here to win big, so play big!

Want More Information? (See Below!)

Our Automated Marketing System Works!
Now imagine that you decided to get started today…

…you would probably need support right?

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p.s. Stop searching for the silver bullet solution. It’s about time, you take personal responsibility for your business and create the solution you need. If you can do that, you will never have a problem providing value to the market place, and you won’t have any issues making money online, ever again.

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