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8.2.1 Video games spend in the past 3 months

Respondents were asked:

Approximately how much have you spent on the following in the past 3 months? Please include money spent on
other people, where they haven’t paid you back

The following chart demonstrates the proportion of people who claimed they spent anything on video
games in the past 3 months as a category, along with the overall profile of spend among this group of

Chart 8.2.1: Proportion of the population who have spent anything on video games, and split of spend (past 3

Seventeen per cent of the total 12+ UK population had spent any money on video games as a category
(composed of physical discs and digital files) in the past 3 months.
The total three-month spend estimate67

was £359 million, equating to £6.7168

for every person in the UK.

The average spend among the people active in the category was £39.98 per person.
The majority of spend from this period came from purchases in physical format, with 87% being
attributed to this; the remaining 13% is attributed to online video games (downloaded or accessed).
The mean spend was lower among those who claim to have accessed any video games illegally (£25),
compared to £34.51 for the ‘100% legal’ group69


Total spend estimates are calculated by adding up all spend values across respondents (grossed to 12+ population).


Note that each individual component will not necessarily add to the total exactly due to rounding


The legal groups are too small to break down further regarding spend.

Base: All aged 12+ in the UK (5099)

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