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Published by: TorrentFreak_ on Nov 22, 2012
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Base: internet users aged 12+ (4410)

Overall 44% of all internet users aged 12+ claimed to be either “not particularly confident” or “not at all
confident” in terms of what is legal and what isn’t online. Confidence was lower among females (51%) and
C2DEs (48%). i.e. those less likely to participate in all forms of online activity (legal and legal). Although
the proportion increased with age, 12-15 year olds (42%) claimed to be less confident than all other age
groups up to the age of 44.

An open-ended question was also asked of respondents:

What aspects of an online service which allows you to either download, or stream/access content through the
internet would make you trust it was legal?

By far the top response was in relation to a reputable/well known company or brand; 22% of all those
with internet access spontaneously mentioned this as being the primary indicator of a legal online service,
followed by 7% for security measures on the site itself. The verbatim examples collected included:

“If it was a well-known channel such as BBC or 4OD, as it is a trusted proper brand that is known to the public
and government”
“An online seal of approval from a central body”
“If it was surveyed by an independent organization that recommends and approves of the service. Also, if there
was a clear and concise and easy to access section that details and clarifies that it is free and legal, PLUS the
reasons why.”
“If the subscription was at a logical rate, not ridiculously cheap and the service was advertised in the
mainstream media”

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