Begin research and development work Practice skills needed for research and evaluation

Conventions of Horror genre: vampires

Develop an exhaustive list of the features you might expect to find in a vampire film. Think about each of the conventions and concepts. What iconography would you expect? What representation?


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How does the opening of The Hunger use the conventions of vampire horror? Who was Bela Lugosi? What is intertextuality?

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Task 1
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Research in preparation for group interviews What are the conventions of horror movies as shown in The Hunger and other vampire films. Tip: Focus on the four key areas: camera, mise en scene, sound and editing Look at all the media concepts Don't ignore the history of this sub-genre

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In groups of three/four conduct interviews. Topic: the main conventions of vampire horror sub-topic: the differences between Hollywood and NonHollywood horror approach to vampire films Language: all of you must use a full range of media terminology.


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Research first Discuss and practice Record interview or discussion Upload and edit

HW 1&2
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For next Thursday Use Drew's Script-o-Rama to find examples of three vampire horror screenplays and download Read scripts What is the layout and what conventions are there? Write Create a synopsis (250 words) for your own vampire horror movie Extension: write the opening of the screenplay using the format and conventions researched

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Upload to iMovie Find still images from the films you discuss or which illustrate the conventions of vampire horror Add these to the edit using the cutaway tool

View & evaluate

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Once work is posted to blogs View and evaluate using comments Criteria for evaluation: Use of media language, understanding of conventions, creativity of filming and editing


Read comments and feedback How can you improve?

Vampire Films

make a list of vampire films

Foreign and Hollywood Paired texts

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The Ring 1998 & 2002 Let The Right One In 2008, Let Me In 2010 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 2009, 2011

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