Dr Guy Dewsbury

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Resource inefficiencies Growing older population Better identification of long term conditions Fewer nurses and doctors in the future More demanding and better informed patients Better quality of care for less money Problems with information management/sharing Cross infection

Hospital Younger people services

Acute care



Patient info
Physical and sensory impairment services Voluntary services

Problem: Patient information transfer between services

Mental health services

Social Services

Specialist nursing

Voluntary support groups
Long term condition Clinics

Acute services



COPD Stroke Parkinson’s Multiple Sclerosis Motor Neurone Disease Epilepsy Congestive heart failure Diabetes Cancer Asthma HIV and AIDS Traumatic brain injury Musculoskeletal Disorders High blood pressure

Promotion of electronically enhanced provision of health services and maintaining and secure sharing of health data between agencies.
 Improved efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of

clinical and business processes  Provided integrated services and flow of information



Technological assistance

Recording and sharing patient information

Self directed support

Nurses are a important in enabling people to look after themselves.

Remote monitoring
One person supporting many


Nurses must adopt new ways of working and embrace the electronic age Nursing must embrace remote working Nursing will become multi-skilled as well as specialist Nurses will be gatekeepers of information Nurses will be pivotal in the patient obtaining the appropriate services and promoting self care