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Bulgarian Russian English Language

Bulgarian Russian English Language

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Basic Grammar
Bu$garian% Russian% Eng$ish
&os' using (or)s an) *hrases
All source Prepared from internet
Hello, I m ivaylo{Ивайло} I prefer this article and book in n!lish lan!"a!e and I #ant to say first$ all
aro"nd the #orld have so many lan!"a!e and lan!"a!e r"le this r"les and #ord meanin! doin! life style and
co"ntry, some lan!"a!e is near amon! them% I #ant to e&plain this near lan!"a!e, I interest lan!"a!e beca"se I
m interest comp"ter systems{comp"ter science} and all of the internet and #hen I start the searchin! somethin!
else on the internet% I feel m"st "nderstand different lan!"a!e for the over informatin, so"rce% 'ne lan!"a!e
only !ivin! one c"lt"re one information so"rce{and this so"rce is d"plicate and repeated} b"t more lan!"a!e is
!ivin! more c"lt"re and informatin and so"rce like "niversal lookin! this is !ivin! to person more thinkin!
po#er and be capable on the #orld% (o# I m "nderstand fo"r lan!"a!e and I like learnin!% )his time I fo"nd
one so"rce on the internet I kno# main or copy and #here arrive and !o %%%
)his book is prepared on internet #eb pa!es and some article on #eb a!ain and I !ive every#here free
like I m !etin! on #eb% I* ll !ive all open encyclopedia, all open article share #eb pa!es , I* ll !ive my +mail
for the information or anythin! else, finally I #ant to say ne&t time I* m think prepare like this book b"t amon!
them ,erman + (etherlands + n!lish lan!"a!e, thank yo" for the !ethin! this book %%%
ivaylo ivaylov
Bulgarian for Beginners
."l!arian is a /o"thern /lavic lan!"a!e #ith appro&imately 01 million speakers in many co"ntries% .eyond
."l!aria, it is also spoken in b"t also in )"rkey, 2acedonia, /erbia, 3omania, 4kraine, ,reece, and even
5anada, 4/6, 6"stralia, ,ermany and /pain%
."l!arian #as the first /lavic lan!"a!e to be #ritten, startin! in the 7th cent"ry "sin! the ,la!olitic alphabet%
)hat #as !rad"ally replaced by an early version of the 5yrillic alphabet%
8art one of this co"rse is only intended for absol"te be!inners%
9esson 0: 8ron"nciation
8ron"nciation ; &ercises
9esson 1: <)o .e<, (e!ation, =ал>, ,ender
)e&t ; ?ocab"lary ; <)o .e< ; (e!ation ; =ал>@ ; ,ender ; &ercises
9esson A: 8resent )ense, Befinite Corm, Dhat@ Dhat kind of@, E"estion Corms
)e&t ; ?ocab"lary ; 8resent )ense ; Befinite Corm ; Dhat@ ; 5ases ; E"estion Corms ; &ercises
9esson F: 1nd 8resent ?erbs, 'ne, )hisG)hese, 0 to 0H, 8ersonal 8rono"ns, Imperative 2ood
)e&t ; ?ocab"lary ; 1nd 8resent ; 'ne ; )his, )hese ; 0 to 0H ; 8ersonal 8rono"ns ; Imperative mood ;
9esson I: Befinite 6rticle, 3elative 8rono"n, 6dJectives, 8ossessive 8rono"ns
)e&t ; ?ocab"lary ; Befinite 6rticle ; 3elative 8rono"ns ; 6dJectives ; 8ossessive 8rono"ns ; &ercises
Part One - The Basics
Урок № 1 / Lesson 1: Pronunciation
."l!arian is #ritten in the 5yrillic alphabet% 2odern ."l!arian 5yrillic has AH letters:
K L M N O P Q R И S T U V = W X Y Z [ \ ] ^ _ ` a b c d e f
9etter (ame I86 val"e 6ppro&% n!lish so"nd<
K а а g a h as a in n!lish <far, father<
L i ij g b h as b in n!lish <bird<
M в вj g v h as v in n!lish <victory<
N k kj g ! h as ! in n!lish <!o<
O l lj g d h as d in n!lish <delay<
P m m g h ɛ as e in n!lish <pet<
Q n nj g h ʒ as s in n!lish <vision<
R o oj g p h as p in n!lish <pealot<
И > > g i h
as ee in n!lish <need<, as y in n!lish
S й > qrаsqо g J h as y in n!lish <yes<, <yo"<
T q qj g k h as k in n!lish <sketch<
U л лj g l h, g h ɫ as ll in n!lish <fill<, as l in n!lish <bl"e<
V t tj g m h as m in n!lish <meat<
= u uj g n h as n in n!lish <need<
W о о g h ɔ as o in n!lish <fork<
X v vj g p h as p in n!lish <speak<
Y r rj g h ɾ as the /cottish r
Z w wj g s h as s in n!lish <soap<
[ s sj g t h as t in n!lish <stop<
\ x x g " h as oo in n!lish <food<
] y yj g f h as f in n!lish <fast<
^ z zj g & h as ch in /cottish loch
_ { {j g h ʦ as ts in n!lish <cats<
` | |j g h ʧ as ch in n!lish <cherry<
a } }j g h ʃ as s in n!lish <s"re<
b ~ ~j g t h ʃ • t< ʃ
c j mr kол€t g h ɤ as in n!lish <bird<
d • mr tалjq (o phonetic val"e‚<
e ƒ ƒ g J" h as n!lish <yo"<, as e# in n!lish <ne#<
f € € g Ja h, g J h ɤ as ya in n!lish <yard<
• is "sed only after consonants and before о, #here it marks palatalisation of the consonant%
."l!arian spellin! can also employ vo#els #ith
!rave accent to mark the stress „e%!% in te&tbooks for
forei!ners…, or to disambi!"ate some homo!raphic
†‡ ‰†Š†‹‰†Œ•Ž •†‡•‘ ’“”•” –—˜™— ’‘š“›Šœ ›Œ• –—™—˜
„old coin……% )he Ap sin!"lar feminine personal prono"n sho"ld al#ays be spelled „> #ith !rave… to ѝ
disambi!"ate it from the conJ"nction > „and…% 4nfort"nately this character is present in only a fe# fonts, so on a
comp"ter people "s"ally type й or >%
&ercise 6: 3ead alo"d:
0… оsuово
1… mluо
A… tоt|m
F… wлml
I… rаiоsа
•… vr>€smл
ž… qjlm
Ÿ… lо
7… i>iл>оsmqа
0H… vrоiлmt
00… oа~о
01… wsа€
0A… uоtmr
0F… sаt
0I… lmвms
0•… lоtа}uа rаiоsа
0ž… sова
0Ÿ… x|>л>~m
07… um
1H… kmоkrаy>€
Урок № / Lesson : !To Be!" #egation" $%&'" (en)er
*+к,- / Text
Kusоu: Rlrавmй, Tаq wm qаoва}@
Vаr>€: Rlrавmй% Ko wjt Vаr>€%
Kusоu: Oоirm wjt% K s> qаq wm qаoва}@
Vаr>€: Vаr>€% Tаq w>@
Kusоu: Oоirm wjt% K s> qаq w>@
Vаr>€: Ko wj~о wjt lоirm% [> оs qjlm w>@
Kusоu: Ws Yxw>€% K s> w> оs Ljлkаr>€, uал>@
Vаr>€: Oа% Xr>€suо t> m lа wm oаvоouаmt%
bt#: Vаr>€ and Kusоu are names „2aria and 6nton…%
$о.' /01' / #e2 2or)s
Rlrавmй Hello, Hi
Tаq@ Ho#@
„[>… qаq wm qаoва}@ Dhat is yo"r name@
lоirm #ell, '¡
wj~о too
„[>… оs qjlm w>@ Dhere are yo" from@
qjlm@ #here@
оs from
„оs… Yxw>€ „from… 3"ssia
„оs… Ljлkаr>€ „from… ."l!aria
lа yes
Xr>€suо t> m lа wm oаvоouаmt (ice to meet yo"
ijлkаrwq> ."l!arian „lan!"a!e…
sxq here
6р%1%-'к% / (ra77ar
18 ,91 / !To Be!
аo wjt I am
s> w> yo" are „s!%…
sой m he is
s€ m she is
sо m it is
u>m wtm #e are
в>m wsm yo" are „pl%…
sm wа they are
:-р';%<'+ / #egation
)he ne!ative form of the verb <wjt< „to be… is formed by addin! the ne!ative particle <um< bofore the verb:
аo um wjt I am not
s> um w> yo" are not „s!%…
sой um m he is not
s€ um m she is not
sо um m it is not
u>m um wtm #e are not
в>m um wsm yo" are not „pl%…
sm um wа they are not
."t yo" don*t need obli!atorily from a s"bJect in each sentence% ¢o" can say: Ko wjt оs Ljлkаr>€, b"t yo" can
also say: Ws Ljлkаr>€ wjt% ¢o" can miss <аo< b"t to do that yo" have to p"t the obJect before the verb% <=>m
wtm sxq%< or <[xq wtm%< <[m wа lоirm%< or <Oоirm wа%<
8 $%&'=
Dhen yo" aren*t s"re of somethin!, yo" can make a statement askin! for confirmation "sin! =ал>%
¢o" are from ."l!aria, aren*t yo"@ £ [> w> оs Ljлkаr>€, uал>@
¢o" speak ."l!arian, don*t yo"@ £ [> kовоr>} ijлkаrwq>, uал>@
/he isn*t here, is she@ £ [€ um m sxq, uал>@
>8 ?о/ / (en)er
In ."l!arian there are three !enders „s"ch as in 3"ssian or ,erman…: masc"line „tjnq> rоl…, feminine
„nmuwq> rоl… and ne"ter „wrmlmu rоl…% very #ord has a !ender and there are some r"les for their
Dords from masc"line end "s"ally in a consonant, or in S:
; tjn „a man…, вjлq „a #olf…, y>лt „a film…, kmrой „a hero…, n>воs „a life…
."t there are some #ords that end in £6 or £W:
; iа~а „а father…, |>|о „an "ncle…, l€lо „a !randfather…, wjl>€ „a J"d!e… etc¤
Dords from feminine end "s"ally in £K, +f, +Wws, +Pws:
; nmuа „a #oman…, tаwа „a table…, €ijлqа „an apple…, wsа€ „a room…, rаlоws „Joy…, iолmws „an illness… etc¤
)here are fe# e&ceptions that end in a consonant:
; uо~ „a ni!ht…, qrjв „blood…, oаzаr „s"!ar…, wол „salt…, mwmu „a"t"mn… etc¤
)he no"ns that belon! to the ne"ter !ender have endin!s +W, +P, or end in P, И, \, e „the latter are "s"ally loan
; tоt|m „a boy…, tоt>|m „a !irl…, momrо „a lake…, л>{m „a face…, >tm „a name…
; sаqw> „a ta&i…, i>nx „a Je#el…, tmuƒ „a men"…

У@р%A<+<'B / Exercises
ach lesson #ill come #ith some e&ercises so yo" can practice the !rammar and vocab"lary of the lesson%
&ercise 6: )ranslate the te&t above into n!lish%
&ercise .: Drite the !ender of these #ords:
0… qu>kа „a book…
1… oаmq „ a rabbit…
A… qоtvƒsjr „a comp"ter…
F… smsrаlqа „a notebook…
I… ljrво „a tree…
•… o>tа „#inter…
ž… x|mu>q „a st"dent…
Ÿ… воlа „#ater…
?+C+<'B / Dolutions
6fter yo"*ve done the e&ercises yo" can check #hether yo"r ans#er is correct "sin! the follo#in! sol"tions:
/ol"tion of &ercise 6:
6nton: Hello, #hat is yo"r name@
2aria: Hello% I am Vаr>€%
6nton: I*m okay% Dhat is yo"r name@
2aria: Vаr>€% Ho# are yo"@
6nton: I*m #ell% Ho# are yo"@
2aria: I am #ell too% Dhere are yo" from@
6nton: Crom 3"ssia% ¢o"*re from ."l!aria, ri!ht@
2aria: ¢es% (ice to meet yo"%
/ol"tion of &ercise .:
0… qu>kа + f
1… oаmq + m
A… qоtvƒsjr + m
F… smsrаlqа + f
I… ljrво + n
•… o>tа + f
ž… x|mu>q + m
Ÿ… воlа + f
Урок № > / Lesson >: Present Tense" Eefinite For7" Ghat= Ghat Hin) of=" Iuestion
*+к,- / Text
Kusоu: Rlrавmй оsuово
Vаr>€: Rlrавmй
Kusоu: Tjlm оs>ва}@
Vаr>€: Ws>ваt lо i>iл>оsmqаsа%
Kusоu: Rа~о@
Vаr>€: Иtаt rаiоsа sаt%
Kusоu: Tаqва rаiоsа@
Vаr>€: Иtаt lоtа}uа rаiоsа vо kmоkrаy>€ > sjrw€ >uyоrtа{>€ oа Yxw>€%
Kusоu: Иwqа} л> vоtо~@
Vаr>€: Z xlоволwsв>m%
$о.' /01' / #e2 2or)s
оsuово a!ain
qjlm #here „to…
оs>ва} yo" are !oin!, yo" !o
оs>ваt I*m !oin!, I !o
lо to, ne&t to
i>iл>оsmqа „f… library
i>iл>оsmqаsа the library
oа~о@ #hy@
>tаt I have, I*m havin!
rаiоsа „f… #ork
sаt there
qаqва@ #hat „for feminine #ords…
lоtа}uа rаiоsа „f… home#ork
kmоkrаy>€ „f… !eo!raphy
> and
I*m lookin! for, I look for, I*m searchin!, I
>uyоrtа{>€ „f… oа information abo"t
>wqа} yo" #ant
vоtо~ „f… help £ an e&ception
w xlоволwsв>m „n… #ith pleas"re
6р%1%-'к% / (ra77ar
18 оJ-+K<%-' /о 1о1+<-% / Present Tense
In ."l!arian lan!"a!e there isn*t any difference bet#een *present simple* or * present contin"o"s< so #hen yo"
say <оs>ваt< yo" can translate it as <I !o< or <I*m !oin!<%
v>}а £ I #rite or I*m #ritin!
вwmq> lmu „m… £ every day
v>wtо „n… £ a letter „post…
X>}а вwmq> lmu% I #rite every day%
X>}а v>wtо wmkа% I*m #ritin! a letter ri!ht no#%
In ."l!arian lan!"a!e there are three conJ"!ations of the verbs% (o# #e are !oin! to consider the third
)he verbs from the third conJ"!ation end "s"ally in £аt or £€t% 9ook "p these e&amples:
¢o" have to remove the endin! <+аt< or <€t< from the verb and then to p"t the follo#in! endin!s:
>tаt £ to have
аo >t • аt ¥ аo >tаt I have
s> >t • а} ¥ s> >tа} yo" have
sой >t • а ¥ sой >tа he has
u>m >t • аtm ¥ u>m >tаtm #e have
в>m >t • аsm ¥ в>m >tаsm yo" have
sm >t • аs ¥ sm >tаs they have
оs>ваt £ to !o
аo оs>в • аt ¥ аo оs>ваt I !o
s> оs>в • а} ¥ s> оs>ва} yo" !o
sой оs>в • а ¥ sой оs>ва he !oes
u>m оs>в • аtm ¥ u>m оs>ваtm #e !o
в>m оs>в • аsm ¥ в>m оs>ваsm yo" !o
sm оs>в • аs ¥ sm оs>ваs they !o
>wqаt £ to #ant
аo >wq • аt ¥ аo >wqаt I #ant
s> >wq • а} ¥ s> >wqа} yo" #ant
sой >wq • а ¥ sой >wqа he #ants
u>m >wq • аtm ¥ u>m >wqаtm #e #ant
в>m >wq • аsm ¥ в>m >wqаsm yo" #ant
sm >wq • аs ¥ sm >wqаs they #ant
wtmu€t £ to chan!e
аo wtmu • €t ¥ аo wtmu€t I chan!e
s> wtmu • €} ¥ s> wtmu€} yo" chan!e
sой wtmu • € ¥ sой wtmu€ he chan!es
u>m wtmu • €tm ¥ u>m wtmu€tm #e chan!e
в>m wtmu • €sm ¥ в>m wtmu€sm yo" chan!e
sm wtmu • €s ¥ sm wtmu€s they chan!e
Dhen the verb ends in <+аt< yo" m"st to add: <+аt< <+а}< <+а< <+аtm< <+аsm< <+аs<
Dhen the verb ends in <+€t< yo" m"st to add: <+€t< <+€}< <+€< <+€tm< <+€sm< <+€s<
)he ne!ative form is formed by addin! the particle <um< in front of the verb:
аo um оs>ваt + I*m not !oin! „or J"st =m оs>ваt…
s> um wtmu€} + ¢o" don*t chan!e „or J"st =m wtmu€}…
.e caref"l )he ne!ative form of the verb <>tаt< „to have… is <u€tаt< „don*t have… ; аo u€tаt + I don*t have
; s> u€tа} + yo" don*t have
; sой u€tа + he doesn*t have
; u>m u€tаtm + #e don*t have
; в>m u€tаsm + yo" don*t have
; sm u€tаs + they don*t have
8 L&+<0.%<%-% Mор1% / Eefinite For7
`лmuxваuаsа yоrtа uа wj~mwsв>smлu>sm оs nmuwq> rоl, ml%|%G Befinite form of the no"ns in feminine, s!:
6s yo" see in the te&t 2aria says: <Ws>ваt lо i>iл>оsmqаsа< #hich means: <I*m !oin! to the library<%
<L>iл>оsmqа< means <a library< )his #ord is feminine „beca"se it ends in £6… and its definite form is formed
by addin! <+sа<¤ 6ll #ords that are feminine form !et their definite form by addin! <+sа<:
i>iл>оsmqа „a library… b"t:
i>iл>оsmqаsа „the library…
Indefinite Befinite
nmuа „a #oman… nmuаsа „the #oman…
rаiоsа „a #ork… rаiоsаsа „the #ork…
vоtо~ „help… vоtо~sа „the help…
)his r"le is observed even in feminine #ords endin! in a consonant¤
bt#: the definite form of the #ord: <lоtа}uа rаiоsа< „a home#ork… isn*t <lоtа}uа rаiоsаsа<, b"t
<lоtа}uаsа rаiоsа< beca"se #hen there is an adJective in front of the no"n the endin! is p"t on it¤ I #ill
e&plain this later%
>8 N%к9." к%к.%" к%к.о" к%к.'= / Ghat= Ghat Hin) of=
Tаqjв £ for masc"line no"ns: qаqjв y>лt@ „#hat kind of film…, qаqjв tjn „#hat kind of man…
Tаqва £ for feminine no"ns: qаqва rаiоsа@ „#hat kind of #ork…, qаqва wsа€@ „#hat room…
Tаqво £ for ne"ter no"ns: qаqво v>wtо@ „#hat letter…, qаqво >tm@ „#hat name…
Tаqв> £ for pl"ral forms £ #e*ll cover this later%
O8 P%/+A' / Qases
In ."l!arian there aren*t any cases e&cept ?ocative% ¢o" can see:
Ws>ваt lо i>iл>оsmqаsа% I*m !oin! to the library%
Иtаt lоtа}uа rаiоsа% I have home#ork%
[jrw€ >uyоrtа{>€% I*m lookin! for some information%
/o yo" don*t have to #orry abo"t any case endin!s „not as in 3"ssian or Cinnish as #ell…
R8 S9@ро,'-+&<' Mор1' / Iuestion For7s
)he formin! of ¦"estion forms is ¦"ite easy:
Ditho"t ¦"estion #ord: ¢o" have to p"t the ¦"estion particle <л>< after the verb:
Иwqа} л> vоtо~@ Bo yo" #ant some help@
Ws>ва} л> lо i>iл>оsmqаsа@ 6re yo" !oin! to the library@
Dith ¦"estion #ord: §"st don*t add anythin!:
Tjlm оs>ва}@ Dhere are yo" !oin!@ „not: Tjlm л> оs>ва}…
Rа~о >wqа} vоtо~@
Dhy do yo" #ant some help@ „not: Rа~о л> >wqа}
)he ne!ative form:
; =m >wqа} л> vоtо~@
; =m оs>ва} л> lо i>iл>оsmqаsа@
; Rа~о um >wqа} vоtо~@
.t#: <=m< is al#ays sit"ated in front of the verb
.t#: ¢o" don*t have to "se any indefinite articles, so for!et abo"t <a car< or <some information<% §"st "se:
<qола<, <>uyоrtа{>€<

У@р%A<+<'B / Exercises
&ercise 6: )ranslate the te&t above into n!lish%
&ercise .: 5onJ"!ate the follo#in! verbs:
0… rаoi>rаt „to "nderstand…
1… uаt>rаt „to find…
A… wлx}аt „to listen…
F… vолx|аваt „to !et somethin!…
I… оi>|аt „to love…
•… oаirав€t „to for!et…
&ercise 5: )ranslate the follo#in! sentences:
0… I*m lookin! for the car%
1… Dhere is the #oman@
A… I have a table%
F… I #ant an apple%
I… Dhat kind of notebook do yo" #ant@
•… Bo yo" have any #ork@
?+C+<'B / Dolutions
/ol"tion of &ercise 6:
Kusоu: Hello a!ain%
Vаr>€: Hello%
Kusоu: Dhere are yo" !oin!@
Vаr>€: I¨m !oin! to the library%
Kusоu: Dhy@
Vаr>€: I have #ork there%
Kusоu: Dhat #ork@
Vаr>€: I have !eo!raphy home#ork and I¨m lookin! for information abo"t 3"ssia%
Kusоu: Bo yo" #ant any help@
Vаr>€: Dith pleas"re%
/ol"tion of &ercise 5:
0… [jrw€ qолаsа%
1… Иtаt tаwа%
A… Иwqаt €ijлqа%
F… Tаqва smsrаlqа >wqаsm@
I… M>m >tаsm л> rаiоsа@
Уро к № O / Lesson O: n) Present 3er4s" One" This/These" 1 to 1T" Personal
Pronouns" U7VeratiWe Xoo)
*+к,- / Text
Vаr>€: Xr>вms, Kusоum
Kusоu: Rlrавmй, Vаr>€ Tаq w>@
Vаr>€: Ko wjt tuоkо lоirm% Tаqво vrа в>} sxq, в x|>л>~m@
Kusоu: [jrw€ mluо tоt|m%[ой x|> в sова x|>л>~m%
Vаr>€: Rа~о kо sjrw>}@ Xrоiлmt л> >tа} w umkо@
Kusоu: =m, um% [ой t> m vr>€smл%
Vаr>€: fwuо% [r€iва л> s> vоtо~@
Kusоu: Oа% Tjlm m wsа€ uоtmr 7@
Vаr>€: [€ wm uаt>rа sаt%
Kusоu: Rавml> tm sаt
Vаr>€: Mjrв> wлml tmu
$о.' /01' / #e2 2or)s
vr>вms hi, hello „it isn*t "sed very often…
tuоkо lоirm very !ood
vrав€ „II% 5onJ… to do
vrав>} yo"*re doin!, yo" do
sxq here
sjrw€ „II% 5onJ… to search, to look for
mluо „n… one
tоt|m „n… a boy
x|а „II% 5onJ… to learn, to teach
x|>} yo" learn
in „in most cases… „вjв £ #hen the ne&t #ord be!ins #ith <M< or <]< £ вjв воlаsа „in
the #ater…
sова „n… this
x|>л>~m „n… a school
kо him „6cc% short form…
umkо him „6cc% lon! form…
vrоiлmt „m… a problem
w #ith „wjw £ #hen the ne&t #ord be!ins #ith <Z< or <R<: wjw ot>€sа „#ith the snake…
um no
t> to me „Bat% /hort form…
s> to yo" „Bat% /hort form…
vr>€smл „m… a friend
€wuо clearly, I see
sr€iва „•dat%… to need
qjlm #here
wsа€ „f… a room
uоtmr „m… n"mber
lmвms nine
uаt>rаt wm „III%
to be sit"ated
sаt there
oавml> tm sаt .rin! me there
вjrв€ „II% 5onJ… to #alk
вjrв> #alk „imperative…
wлml after
tmu me „6cc% lon! form…
6р%1%-'к% / (ra77ar
18 n) $%,-оBY+ <%@р+K<%- / n) Present 3er4s
Msоrо wvrmnmu>m uа kлаkол>sm в wmkа}uо вrmtmG /econd conJ"!ation of the verbs in presents
?erbs in this !ro"ps end in:
; consonant • €
; verbs endin! in +о€ #hen the stress is on о%
; some verbs endin! in *a*
© &amples of verbs endin! in a consonant • €: vrав€ „to do…, t>wл€ „to think…, wml€ „to sit…, вjrв€ „to #alk…
&ception: qjv€ wm „to take a sho#er… + it is in 0st conJ"!ation
9ike yo" have probably already !"essed to conJ"!ate these verbs #e*ll remove the endin! +€ and then add the
follo#in! endin!s:
/in!"lar + Pl>uwsвmuо |>wло
0% +€
1% +>}
A% +>
8l"ral + Vuоnmwsвmuо |>wло
0% +>t
1% +>sm
A% +€s
9et*s conJ"!ate the verb vrав€:
0% аo vrав€ + I do
1% s> vrав>} + yo" do
A% sой G s€ Gsо vrав> + heGsheGit does
0% u>m vrав>t + #e do
1% в>m vrав>sm + yo" do
A% sm vrав€s + they do
©?erbs endin! in +а in second conJ"!ation
Here it is sort of an e&ception, b"t not e&actly% In this !ro"p there are only verbs endin! in +а, #hich have Q, a
or ` J"st before it%
4nfort"nately, not all the verbs that end in +nа, +}а and +|а are here%
Here are aro"nd 0H+0I verbs in second conJ"!ation #hich end in +a:
вла|а, вj r}а, krm}а, ljrnа, tjл|а, vx}а, wлxnа, wx|а, wx}а, smnа, x|а, zаr|а, zвjr|а, vjrnа
6!ain #e remove the endin! +a to add the other endin!s for different persons:
Pl>uwsвmuо |>wло
0% +а
1% +>}
A% +>
Vuоnmwsвmuо |>wло
0% +>t
1% +>sm
A% +аs
&ample: вла|а
0% аo вла|а + I dra!
1% s> вла|>} + yo" dra!
A% sой G s€ G sо вла|> + heG sheG it dra!s
0% u>m вла|>t + #e dra!
1% в>m вла|>sm + yo" dra!
A% sm вла|аs + they dra!
0% аo x|а + I learn
1% s> x|>} + yo" learn
A% sойG s€G sо x|> + heG sheG it learns
0% u> m x|>t + #e learn
1% в>m x|>sm + yo" learn
A% sm x|аs + they learn
8 Z/'<" +/<%" +/<о" +/<' / One
ml>u £ for masc"line £ one: ml>u vr>€smл „one friend…, ml>u |овmq „one person…
mluа £ for feminine £ one: mluа nmuа „one #oman…, mluа wsа€ „one room…
mluо £ for ne"ter £ one: mluо lmsm „one child…, mluо x|>л>~m „one school…
mlu> £ for pl"ral „I kno# that so"nds very #eird beca"se in n!lish yo" can*t say <one books< b"t in ."l!arian
it is normal to say: mlu> qu>k> „ the pl"ral of <qu>kа< is <qu>k><… „one books…¤ In this cases <mlu>< is like an
<indefinite article<
+ [ой в>nlа mlu> qu>k>% £ He is seein! books
>8 *о['" -%['" -о.%" -+[' / This" These
sоo> £ for masc"line £ this: sоo> tjn „this man…, sоo> vrоiлmt „this problem…
sаo> £ for feminine £ this: sаo> nmuа „this #oman…, sаo> rаiоsа „this #ork…
sова £ for ne"ter £ this: sова lmsm „this child…, sова x|>л>~m „this school…
smo> £ for pl"ral £ these + 2ore later
)he no"ns #ith <sоo><, <sаo><, <sова< and <smo>< have never definite article
O8 1 к91 1T / 1 to 1T
lа irо>t оs 0 lо 0H G )o co"nt from 0 to 0H
mluо one
lвm t#o
sr> three
|ms>r> fo"r
vms five
}mws si&
wmlmt seven
оwmt ei!ht
lmвms nine
lmwms ten
R8 &'\<' 1+,-о'1+<'B / Personal Pronouns
U>|u> tmwsо>tmu>€ вjв в>u>smлmu > lаsmлmu vаlmn G 8ersonal prono"ns in 6cc"sative and in Bative:
In ."l!arian only the 8ersonal prono"ns have 6cc"sative and Bative forms% )here are t#o forms £ short and
lon!% )he lon! forms are often "sed #ith a preposition, b"t the short forms £ #itho"t…
In 6cc"sative
(om lon! f% short f%
аo tmu tm
s> smiG smim sm
sой umkо kо
s€ um€ €
sо umkо kо
u>m uаw u>
в>m ваw в>
sm s€z k>
9ook at these e&amples:
[> w> w tmu%„."t: Z tmu w>… £ ¢o" are #ith me%
[m wа в uаw „b"t: M uаw wа… £ )hey are in "s%
Иtаt vrоiлmt w s€z £ I have problem #ith them%
[ой € в>nlа% £ He is seein! her%
Ko k> sjrw€% „b"t: [jrw€ k>… £ I*m lookin! for them%
[ой u> x|>% „b"t \|> u>… £ He is teachin! "s%
Dhen #e have sentences #ith <to be< and the s"bJect is mentioned, the personal prono"ns have to be p"t after
the verb „[> w> w tmu…, b"t if the s"bJect isn*t mentioned, the personal prono"ns in 6cc% or in Bative have to be
p"t before the verb „Z tmu w> £ ¢o" are #ith me…
)he short forms are "sed more often than the lon! forms% 6s a r"le their position is in front of the verb%
/ometimes, tho"!h, they appear after the verb beca"se they cannot appear in cla"se+initial position% )he
position of the lon! forms is after the verb:
Ko sm v>sаt% X>sаt sm% Ko v> sаt sm im%
I „am… ask„in!… yo"%
Ko s> kовоr€% Nовоr€ s>% Ko kово r€ uа smim%
I „am… speak„in!… to yo"%
In Bative
(om Bat% lon! f% Bat% short f%
аo uа tmu„m… t>
s> uа sei„m… s>
sой uа umkо „umtx £ archaic form… tx
s€ uа um€ „umй £ archaic form… й
sо uа umkо „umtx £ archaic form… tx
u>m uа uаw „uаt £archaic form… u>
в>m uа ваw „ваt £ archaic from… в>
sm uа s€z „s€t £ archaic form… k>
Ko s> kовоr€% Nовоr€ s>% Ko kовоr€ uа smim%
I „am… speak„in!… to yo"%
)he short forms and the lon! forms are identical in meanin!% )he lon! forms for the dative case are considered
archaic, so the comple& forms are "sed instead% )he forms for the acc"sative case are "sed #ith transitive verbs
that have been "sed transitively% )he forms for dative case are "sed #ith intransitive verbs or #ith transitive
verbs that have been "sed intransitively „be a#are that in one lan!"a!e a verb may be transitive, and in another
lan!"a!e the same verb may be intransitive…:
Ko v>sаt smim, um umkо%
I „am… ask„in!… yo", not him%
Ko v>sаt oа smim%
I „am…ask„in!… abo"t yo"%
Ko вjrв€ qjt smim%
I „am… #alk„in!… to#ards yo"%
)he short forms for the dative case s"bstit"te only the comple& form, i%e% the combination of the preposition
<H6< • the lon! form for the acc"sative% 5ombinations of other prepositions and the lon! form for the
acc"sative cannot be s"bstit"ted by the short form for the dative case, neither can the short forms appear after
prepositions „there are some e&ceptions b"t #e*ll not !o into s"ch details…% Here are some e&amples:
Ko kовоr€ uа umkо% Ko tx kовоr€%
I „am… talk„in!… to him%
Ko kовоr€ oа umkо%
I „am… talk„in!… abo"t him%
/ometimes both the lon! form and the short form can appear in the sentence, and they refer to one and the same
; Tаoаzа t>, |m =>qолова m в оsvxwq vо tай|>uwsво%
; K uа tmum t> qаoаzа, |m m в qоtаul>rовqа%
; I #as told that (icolova #as on maternity leave%
; 6nd I #as told that she #as on a b"siness trip%
/ometimes the short forms of the personal prono"ns appear alon!side the no"n or the no"n phrase they refer to%
)he reason for this is that it is not al#ays clear #hich is the s"bJect and #hich is the obJect of the sentence% )his
happens #hen the str"ct"re of the sentence is inverted, i%e% the obJect appears in sentence+initial position:
Tолqо wsrаuuо Tx|msо kо uаvаluа qоsqаGqоsqаsа
Ho# stran!e )he do! #as attacked by aGthe cat„¥6Gthe cat attacked the do!…
In the e&ample above the obJect is in sentence+initial position beca"se the sit"ation is not typical „yo" can
hardly e&pect a cat to attack a do!, rather the opposite…% ."t the sentence+initial position is typical for the
s"bJect, not for the obJect of the sentence% 6nd here comes in the short form for the acc"sative „or the dative… of
the personal prono"n% It is added ri!ht after the no"n it refers to and th"s it sho#s its role in the sentence + the
role of an obJect% /"ch constr"ction is impossible in n!lish + yo" either have to stick to the strai!ht #ord order
„i%e% <s"bJect predicate obJect<…, or yo" have to "se passive voice if yo" #ant to keep the do! in sentence+initial
]8 Pо.+&'-+&<о <%к&о<+<'+ / U7VeratiWe 7oo)
)o form the imperative form of any verb, yo" sho"ld take the form for the 0st person s!% present tense and
remove the personal endin!:
вjrв€ „to #alk… + вjrв+
t>wл€ „to think… £ t>wл+
wsо€ „to stay… £ wsо+
v>€ „to drink… £ v>+
>lваt „to come… £ >lва+
If the stem ends in a consonant, yo" have to p"t these endin!s:
+> „for 1%s!%…
+msm „for 1%pl%…
вjrв+> £ !o „for 1%s!%…
вjrв+msm £ !o „for 1%pl%…
t>wл+> + think „for 1%s!%…
t>wл+msm £ think „form 1%pl%…
)he stress is al#ays on £> and +msm
If the stem ends in a vocal, yo" have to p"t these endin!s: +й „for 1%s!%…
+йsm „for 1%pl%…
wsо+й £ stay „for 1%s!%…
wsо+йsm £ stay „for 1%pl%…
>lва+й £ come „for 1%s!%…
>lва+йsm £ come „for 1%pl%…
)he stress here is never on the imperative endin!s
)here are also some e&ceptions:
в>l€ „to see… в>nGв>nsm ⇒
вл€oа „to come in, to enter… влmoGвлmosm ⇒
>oл€oа „to !o o"t, to e&it… >oлmoG>oлmosm ⇒
wл€oа „to comeG!et do#n, to descend… wлmoGwлmosm ⇒
lойlа „to come… mлаGmлаsm ⇒
оs>lа „to !o… >l>G>lmsm ⇒
ljrnа „do hold… lrjnGlrjnsm ⇒
wjt „to be… ijl>Gijlmsm ⇒
De #on*t consider the ne!ative forms ri!ht no#

У@р%A<+<'B / Exercises
&ercise 6: )ranslate the follo#in! sentences into ."l!arian:
0… 9earn #ith me
1… 5ome to me% „the ."l!arian verb here is <lойlа<…
A… )his boy is friend of mine% „here <of mine<¥<Bative form to <аo<…
F… He learns in ?arna% „?arna „Mаruа… is a to#n in ."l!aria…
I… )his is a room%
•… Bo yo" have any problems #ith "s@
ž… Dhat are yo" doin! in this room@
Ÿ… De learn in this school%
?+C+<'B / Dolutions
/ol"tion of &ercise 6:
0… \|> w tmu
1… Pла vr>Gqjt tmu
A… [ова tоt|m tmu t> m vr>€smл%
F… [ой x|> вjв Mаruа%
I… [ова m wsа€%
•… Иtа} л> vrоiлmt> w uаw@
ž… Tаqво vrав>} в sаo> wsа€@
Ÿ… =>m x|>t в sова x|>л>~m%
Урок № R / Lesson R: Eefinite ^rticle" _elatiWe Pronoun" ^)`ectiWes" PossessiWe
*+к,- / Text
Vаr>€ вjrв> >o krаlа > wлx}а txo>qа% [€ в>nlа Kusоu, qойsо вл>oа в ml>u tаkаo>u% Vаkаo>ujs m kол€t%
[€ wj~о вл>oа в umkо:
Vаr>€: Rlrавmй, Kusоu% Tаqво vrав>} sxq@
Kusоu: Rlrавmй, Vаr>€% Xаoаrxваt% [r€iва t> zл€i%
Vаkаo>umrjs оs>ва > lоuаw€ zл€iа uа Kusоu%
Vаkаo>umrjs: ^л€ijs lumw m tuоkо zxiав%
Kusоu kо вo>tа > kо wлаkа в |аusаsа%
Kusоu: K qолqо wsrxва zл€ijs@
Vаkаo>umrjs оskоваr€:
+ žI wsоs>uq>%
Kusоu k> lава uа tаkаo>umrа > oаmluо w Vаr>€ >oл>oаs оs tаkаo>uа%
$о.' /01' / #e2 2or)s
krаl „m… to#n, city
krаlа the to#n
wлx}аt „A… to listen to „the ."l!arian verb is "sed #itho"t a preposition% Birect by 6cc…
txo>qа „f… m"sic
в>nlаt „A… to see
qойsо #ho „relative prono"n for masc"line…
вл>oаt в „A… to come in
tаkаo>u „m… shop, store
tаkаo>ujs the shop, the store
kол€t bi!
too „<wj~о< is placed in front of this #ord, #hich #e think it¨s the most
vаoаrxваt „A… to !o shoppin!
sr€iва • Bative to need
sr€iва t> I need
sr€iва s> yo" need
zл€i „m… bread
zл€iа, zл€ijs the bread
tаkаo>umr „m… shopkeeper, storekeeper
tаkаo>umrjs the shopkeeper, the storekeeper
lоuаw€t „A… to brin!
tuоkо very
lumw today
zxiав !ood, nice, bea"tif"l
вo>tаt „A… to take
wлаkаt „A… to p"t, to place
|аusа „f… ba!, shoppin! ba!
a #ell „in ¦"estion sentences…
qолqо ho# m"ch@ ho# many@
wsrxваt „A… to cost, to be #orth
оskоваr€t „A… to ans#er
wsоs>uq> „pl%… stotinka „0HH stotinka ¥ 0 lev…, 0 e"ro ¥ 0,7Ilev%
lаваt • dative to !ive to
oаmluо w to!ether #ith
>oл>oаt оs „A… to come o"t of, to !o o"t of
6р%1%-'к% / (ra77ar
18 :@р+/+&+<% ,-%-'B / Eefinite ^rticle
Wvrmlmлmuа wsаs>€ оs tjnq> >tmuа G Befinite article of masc"line no"ns
2asc"line no"ns endin! in consonant add the endin!s +а, +js, +€, +€s%
)he articles +js and +€s are called complete articles and are "sed only #hen the no"n is a s"bJect in the
sentence )he articles +a and +€ are called incomplete articles and are "sed in all other cases%
Vjnjs vаoаrxва% £ )he man is !oin! shoppin!%
Oаваt qu>kаsа uа tjnа% £ I¨m !ivin! the book to the man%
In the first sentence <the man< „tjnjs… is the s"bJect „he is !oin!… b"t in the second sentence <the man< „uа
tjnа… is in Bative, so the incomplete article is "sed% 6l#ays, #hen in front of the masc"line no"n there is a
preposition, it takes the incomplete article% „оs tаkаo>uа, uа tаkаo>umrа, vr> tjnа…
(ormally in the collo¦"ial lan!"a!e, people prono"nce only the incomplete article in all cases% /o, yo"
probably ask yo"rselves #hy do I tort"re yo" by introd"cin! this r"le% It is important for the #ritten lan!"a!e%
8l"s, sometimes the meanin! of the sentence mi!ht not be clear if #e can*t tell the s"bJect from the direct
/ome no"ns take the articles +€ or +€s £ these are the no"ns #hich end in +smл, +аr, +й
x|>smл „teacher… x|>smл€ x|>smл€s
лmqаr „doctor… лmqаr€ лmqаr€s
qrай „end… qrа€ qrа€s
6nd some e&ceptions, #hich also take the articles +€, +€s: lmu „day… + lmu€, qоu „horse… + qоu€, oms „son+in+la#…
+ oms€, qrал „kin!… + qrал€, {аr „tpar… + {аr€, wju „dream… + wju€, vjs „road… + vjs€, оkju „fire… + оkju€, uоqjs
„nail… + uоqjs€, лаqjs „elbo#… + лаqjs€%
)he rest of the masc"line no"ns, endin! in consonant take the endin!s +а or +js%
krаl „city, to#n… krаlа krаljs
tол>в „pencil… tол>ва tол>вjs
qоtvƒsjr „comp"ter… qоtvƒsjrа qоtvƒsjrjs
2asc"line no"ns endin! in +a or +€ add the endin! for feminine !ender +sа% )hey don¨t have different forms for
complete or incomplete article%
iа~а „father… £ iа~аsа
wjl>€ „J"d!e… £ wjl>€sа
2asc"line no"ns in +o or +e add the endin! for ne"ter !ender £so% )hey don¨t have different forms for complete
or incomplete article%
|>|о „"ncle… £ |>|оsо
аsа}m „attache… £ аsа}msо
8 :-<о,'-+&<' a+,-о'1+<'B / _elatiWe Pronouns
)he relative prono"ns: qойsо, qо€sо, qоmsо, qо>sо ¥ #ho, #hich, that
[€ в>nlа Kusоu, qойsо вл>oа в ml>u tаkаo>u% /he is seein! 6nton, #ho is comin! in a shop%
[ой в>nlа Vаr>€, qо€sо вл>oа в ml>u tаkаo>u% He is seein! 2aria, #ho is comin! in a shop%
[m в>nlаs lmsmsо, qоmsо вл>oа в ml>u tаkаo>u% )hey are seein! the child, #ho is comin! in a shop%
Omsmsо в>nlа Vаr>€ > Kusоu, qо>sо вл>oаs в ml>u
)he child is seein! 2aria and 6nton, #ho are comin!
in a shop%
; masc"line: qойsо
; feminine: qо€sо
; ne"ter: qоmsо
; pl"ral: qо>sо
; masc"line: qоkоsо G qойsо
; feminine: qо€sо
; ne"ter: qоmsо
; pl"ral: qо>sо
Bative and #ith a preposition
; masc"line: uа qоkоsоG uа qойsо, w qоkоsоG w qойsо
; feminine: uа qо€sо, w qо€sо
; ne"ter: uа qоmsо, w qоmsо
; pl"ral: uа qо>sо, w qо>sо
)he form for masc"line no"ns in 6cc"sative and Bative <qоkоsо< and <uа qоkоsо< are "sed only if the s"bJect is
an animate „man, teacher, fireman…% )he forms <qойsо< and <uа qойsо< are "sed if the s"bJect is an inanimate
„bread, comp"ter¤…
)his is the man, #ho I see every day% £ [ова m tjnjs, qоkоsо в>nlаt вwmq> lmu%
)his is the bread, #hich I eat% £ [ова m zл€ijs, qойsо €t%
.e caref"l #ith the prepositions% In ."l!arian there are al#ays placed in front of the prono"n:
w qо€sо, vr> qоkоsо, uа qоmsо¤
)his is the man, #ho I¨m !ivin! the book to% £ [ова m tjnjs, uа qоkоsо lаваt qu>kаsа%G qоtxsо lаваt
)his is the #oman #ho I¨m talkin! #ith% £ [ова m nmuаsа, w qо€sо kовоr€%
6nd one more thin!% ¢o" have to a!ree the relative prono"ns #ith the !ender of the no"ns¤
9ook at this:
)his is the child #ho is playin! o"tside% £ sова m lmsmsо, qоmsо >krаm uавju%
)his is the letter #hich I¨m #ritin!% + [ова m v>wtоsо, qоmsо v>}а%
)he relative prono"ns in the both sentences are <qоmsо< , beca"se both the child, and the letter are ne"ter „It¨s
not important if the no"n is animate or inanimate…
>8 Pр'&%K%-+&<' / ^)`ectiWes
Vjnjs m zxiав% £ )he man is bea"tif"l%
Qmuаsа m zxiава% £ )he #oman is bea"tif"l%
Omsmsо m zxiаво% £ )he child is bea"tif"l%
In the dictionaries the adJectives are !iven in their masc"line forms% sin!"lar% )o make s"ch constr"ctions as <he
is !ood<, or <the car is fast< yo" have to a!ree the adJective #ith the !ender of the no"n:
masc"line £ no endin!
feminine + +a
ne"ter + +o
pl"ral + +>
Tолаsа „f… m ijro•а „)he car is fast%…
Tx|msо m kол€t•о „)he do! is bi!%…
."t #hen the adJective ends in £j pl"s other consonant, the j is dropped% „qrjkjл £ ro"nd…
masc"line £ qrjkjл
feminine £ qrjkла
ne"ter £ qrjkло
pl"ral £ qrjkл>
It¨s easy, isn¨t it@
F… Xr>лаkаsmлu> >tmuа vrml wj~mwsв>smлu> imo оvrmlmл>smлmu |лmu G 6dJectives in front of no"ns #itho"t
a definite article: )he constr"ction is the same:
zxiав tjn £ a bea"tif"l man
zxiава nmuа £ a bea"tif"l #oman
zxiаво lmsm £ a bea"tif"l child
zxiав> nmu> £ bea"tif"l #omen
lоijr „!ood… the <j< is dropped ⇒
lоijr iа~а £ a !ood father
lоirа tайqа £ a !ood mother
lоirо qx|m £ a !ood do!
lоir> lm{а £ !ood children
R8 Pр'-+A%-+&<' a+,-о'1+<'B / PossessiWe Pronouns
Vой + my, mine „for masc"line…
Vо€ + my, mine „for feminine…
Vоm + my, mine „for ne"ter…
Vо> + my, mine „for pl"ral…
V> + my, mine „for all… + )his is a short form, very common „tо€sа nmuа ¥ nmuа„sа… t> „my #ife…, tоmsо lmsm
¥ lmsmsо t> „my child…
[вой + yo"r, yo"rs „for masc"line…
[во€ + yo"r, yo"rs „for feminine…
[воm + yo"r, yo"rs „for ne"ter…
[во> + yo"r,yo"rs „for pl"ral…
[> + yo"r, yo"rs „for all… + this is a short form, very common „sво€sа nmuа ¥ nmuа s> „yo"r #ife…, sвоmsо lmsm
¥ lmsmsо s> „yo"r child…
=mkов + his, its „for masc"line…
=mkова + his, its „for feminine…
=mkово + his, its „for ne"ter…
=mkов> + his, its „for pl"ral…
Vx + his, its „for all… + this is a short form, very common „umkоваsа nmuа ¥ nmuа„sа… tx „his „its… #ife…,
umkовоsо lmsm ¥ lmsmsо tx „his „its… child…
=m>u + her „for masc"line…
=mйuа + her „for feminine…
=mйuо + her „for ne"ter…
=mйu> + her „for pl"ral…
й + her „for all… + this is a short form, very common „umйuаsа nmuа ¥ nmuа„sа… й „¥her #ife…, umйuоsо lmsm ¥
lmsmsо й „her child…
=а} + o"r, o"rs „for masc"line…
=а}а + o"r, o"rs „for feminine…
=а}m + o"r, o"rs „for ne"ter…
=а}> + o"r, o"rs „ for pl"ral…
u> + o"r, o"rs „for all… + this is a short form, very common „uа}аsа nmuа ¥ nmuаsа u> „o"r #ife…, uа}msо lmsm
¥ lmsmsо u> „o"r child…
Mа} + yo"r, yo"rs „for masc"line… + pl"ral
Mа}а + yo"r, yo"rs „for feminine… + pl"ral
Mа}m + yo"r, yo"rs „for ne"ter… + pl"ral
Mа}> + yo"r, yo"rs „for pl"ral… + pl"ral
в> + yo"r, yo"rs „for all… + this is a short form, very common „ва}аsа nmuа ¥ nmuаsа в> „yo"r #ife…, ва}msо
lmsm ¥ lmsmsо в> „yo"r child…
[mzmu + their, theirs „for masc"line…
[€zuа + their, theirs „for feminine…
[€zuо + their, theirs „for ne"ter…
[mzu> + their, theirs „for pl"ral
>t + their, theirs „for all… + this is a short form, very common „s€zuаsа nmuа ¥ nmuаsа >t „their #ife…, s€zuоsо
lmsm ¥ lmsmsо >t „their child…
.e caref"l #ith the definite article, #hich is added to the possesive prono"ns, for the lon! forms, and to the
no"n for the short forms
tоm•sо lmsm, b"t lmsm•sо t> „the definite article for ne"ter is <+sо<, and child is ne"ter… ☛
У@р%A<+<'B / Exercises
&ercise 6: )ranslate the te&t above into n!lish%
&ercise .: )ranslate these sentences into ."l!arian:
0… He is seein! his #ife%
1… 2y sister is listenin! to m"sic in my room%
A… '"r do! is very !ood%
F… Is this the book that yo" read@
I… )he boy is comin! o"t of the ho"se „ho"se ¥ qj~а…
•… )he man is !ivin! me his book%
ž… I¨m !ivin! the man my book%
Ÿ… Dhere is the bread@
7… ¢o"r child is bea"tif"l%
0H… Dho is the man, #ho yo"r mother is talkin! #ith@
?+C+<'B / Dolutions
/ol"tion of &ercise 6:
2aria is #alkin! thro"!h the to#n and is listenin! to m"sic% /he is seein! 6nton #ho is !oin! into a shop% )he
shop is bi!% /he is !oin! into it too:
2arian: Hello, 6nton% Dhat are yo" doin! here@
6nton: Hello, 2aria% I*m !oin! shoppin!% I need some bread%
)he shopkeeper is !oin! and brin!in! the bread to 6nton%
)he shopkeeper: )he bread today is very delicio"s%
6nton is takin! it and p"ttin! it into the ba!%
6nton: Ho# m"ch does the bread cost@
)he shopkeeper ans#ers:
+ žI stotinki%
6nton is !ives them to the shopkeeper and to!ether #ith 2aria !oes o"t of the shop%
/ol"tion of &ercise .:
0… [ой в>nlа nmuа„sа… tx%
1… Zmwsrа t> wлx}а txo>qа в tо€sа wsа€%
A… =а}msо qx|m m tuоkо lоirо%
F… [аo> л> m qu>kаsа, qо€sо |msm}@
I… Vоt|msо >oл>oа оs qj~аsа%
•… Vjnjs t> lава umkоваsа qu>kа%
ž… Ko lаваt qu>kаsа t> uа tjnа%
Ÿ… Tjlm m zл€ijs@
7… [воmsо lmsm m zxiаво%
0H… Tой m tjnjs, w qоkоsо kовоr> tайqа s>@
_ussian for Beginners
Delcome to the 3"ssian co"rse for .e!inners% In five lessons #e*ll try to teach yo" the basics of the 3"ssian
3"ssian is a maJor lan!"a!e in the #orld, it has many speakers% 2ost speakers are of co"rse located in 3"ssia%
."t also former /oviet co"ntries have many 3"ssian speakers%
3"ssian is a /lavic lan!"a!e% It belon!s to the same lan!"a!e !ro"p as lan!"a!es s"ch as 8olish, 5pech,
4krainian, ."l!arian, /erbo+5roatian, etc%%%
9esson 0: 6.5 all over a!ain
)he 6lphabet ; &ercises
9esson 1: f [аroаu, sª Qeйu
Introd"ctions ; (o"n ,ender ; 8ointin! at 8ossession ; 8ossession ; ?ocab"lary ; &ercises
9esson A: 8l"rality
8l"rality ; .ein! polite ; )o have ; ?ocab"lary ; &ercises
9esson F: 5ases
5ases ; 6cc"sative 5ase ; ?ocab"lary ; &ercises
9esson I: ?erbs and more
?erbs ; 6dJectives ; (e!ation and ¦"estions ; ?ocab"lary ; &ercises
Part One - The Basics
Lesson 1: ^BQ all oWer again
The ^lVha4et
Dhen thinkin! of 3"ssian, the first thin! that immediately dra#s attention is it*s alphabet% 3"ssian is not #ritten
in o"r 9atin alphabet b"t it "ses the 5yrillic alphabet% )he 5yrillic alphabet is, like o"r 9atin alphabet, a
descendant of the ,reek alphabet% ."t 5yrillic has some more characters, the 3"ssian 5yrillic alphabet contains
AA letters in total% 6ll of those #ill be disc"ssed in this lesson% 3"ssian is not the only lan!"a!e that "ses the
5yrillic alphabet% 9an!"a!es s"ch as ."l!arian, 4krainian, .elo3"ssian, /erbian and even 2on!olian also "se
the 5yrillic alphabet% )h"s learnin! it mi!ht come in handy%
9et*s be!in by J"st #ritin! do#n the entire 5yrillic alphabet% (ote that yo"r internet bro#ser m"st be able to
display 4(I5'B characters in a font that contains 5yrillic characters:
K L M N O P « Q R И S T U V = W X Y d [ \ ] ^ Z ` a b c ¬ d - e f
9et*s no# disc"ss pron"nciation, character by character:
9etter (ame /ampa I86 ¦"ivalence
K а а gah gah as a in <father<
L i i® gbh gbh as b in <bi!<
M в в® gvh gvh as v in <vir!in<
N k k® g!h g!h as ! in <!reat<
O l l® gdh gdh as d in <doctor<
P m m gJeh gJeh as ye in <yet<
« ¯ ¯ gJoh gJoh as yo in <yonder<
Q n n® g°h g h ʒ as s in <pleas"re<
R o o® gph gph as p in <poo<
И > > gih gih as ee in <meet<
S й > qrаsqоm gJh gJh as y in <!"y<
T q qа gkh gkh as k in <kid<
U л ®л• glh glh as l in <bottle<
V t ®t gmh gmh as m in <mo"se<
= u ®u gnh gnh as n in <ne#<
W о о goh goh
as o in <bore< #hen stressed, as a as in n!lish <sofa< #hen
X v v® gph gph as p in <pit<
Y r ®r grh grh
like the first r in the Crench #ord <re!arder< or the Italian
#ord <roma<% It*s a more thrilled 3, "nlike the n!lish 3%
Z w ®w gsh gsh as s in <store<
[ s s® gth gth as t in <tea<
\ x x g"h g"h as oo in <foot<
] y ®y gfh gfh as f in <fantasy<
^ z zа g&h g&h
аw ch in the /cottish #ord <loch< or as J in the /panish name
_ { {® gts*h gts±h as ts in <!ets<
` | |e gt/h gt h ʃ as ch in <chair<
a } }а g/h g h ʃ as sh in <sheep<
b ~ ~а g/*/*h
g ±² ʃ ʃ
as shch, #here <sh< and <ch< represent the so"nds as
described above% In collo¦"ial lan!"a!e tho"!h, this may
so"nd like a very lon! <sh< so"nd%%%
c j
g+h g+h
)his is the 3"ssian hard si!n #hich so"nds as a sli!ht pa"se
bet#een syllables
¬ ª ª gIh g h ɨ
appro&imately like i in n!lish <ill<, it*s a so"nd "ncommon
to most lan!"a!es% It*s like a moan in the throat and is
therefore in the throat #ith sli!htly back#ard c"rled ton!"e%
d •
g*h g±h
)his is the 3"ssian soft si!n #hich adds a soft *y* so"nd after
a consonant%
- ® ® geh geh as e in <!et<
e ƒ ƒ gJ"h gJ"h as " in <"niverse<
f € € gJah gJah as ya in <yard<
4nfort"nately placin! stress on a #ord in 3"ssian is a bit hard, beca"se it*s often irre!"lar% /o yo"*ll have to
memoripe #here to p"t it% /tress is especially important #hen it comes to the letter <о< , beca"se stress
determines it*s pron"nciation% )herefore in this co"rse #e #ill p"t an apostrophe „*… after the vo#el that has to
be stressed% (ote that ¯ is al#ays stressed%
&ample: оstmu€*s•
)his concl"des the first chapter, yo" mi!ht have to read over it several times to !et to kno# the characters% )he
follo#in! e&ercises #ill help yo" practice yo"r kno#led!e of 5yrillic:

&ercise 6: 3ead these nonsense #ords o"t alo"d:
qаr, kаr, oаr sаr, ваr, tаr, q>r, k>r, o>r, s>r, в>r, t>r, ®rv, vrxл, lол, oаt, rаt, srоv, лоr,
rmt, v>r, vmr, vаr, oxr, lxr , вxy, yаt, yаo, воt, lmл, zол, zаr, €z, €t, €q, €s, в€s kа€, kоƒ ,
yаƒ, tx, ®q, ®rƒ, }аt, |аt, {аt , nаt, n>r, nmuа, {mt, {¯t, ¯t, }ms, ~ms, |ms, |ай, tай, tªr ,
tªq, iªr
&ercise .: (o# prono"nce these real #ords:
0… оqmа*u
1… |ай
A… tо*rm
F… wло*во
I… tоwqва*
•… srx*luªй
ž… л¯kq>й
Ÿ… yxulаtmusа*л•uªй
7… vоi>*s•
0H… nm*u~>uа
&ercise 5: Dhat does it say@:
0… rmwsоrа*u
1… y>л•t
A… t>r
F… qоtv•ƒ*smr
I… >usmru*ms
•… wsxlm*us
ž… авsоtоi>*л•
/ol"tion of &ercise 5:
0… resta"rant
1… filmGmovie
A… mir „like the 3"ssian space station…
F… comp"ter
I… internet
•… st"dent
ž… car „a"tomobile…
Lesson : b *%р[%<" -c dee<
4nlike most Indo+"ropean lan!"a!es, the 3"ssian lan!"a!e "ses no verb <to be<% 2oreover, the 3"ssian
lan!"a!e doesn*t have articles either, so the #ords <the, a< and <an< do not e&ist in 3"ssian, #hich makes
3"ssian kind of a )arpan lan!"a!e at first si!ht% Cor e&ample, #e say <I am a st"dent< #hereas 3"ssians #o"ld
simply say I st"dent%
9et*s take a look at some introd"ctions in 3"ssian, #hich #ill make yo" familiar #ith the #ords for I, yo", he,
she etc%%%
I am Ivan and I am a st"dent% f Иваu > € wsxlm*us%
¢o" are Ivan and yo" are a st"dent% [ª Иваu > sª wsxlm*us%
He is Ivan and he is a st"dent% Wu Иваu > оu wsxlm*us%
/he is Ivanova and she is a st"dent% Wuа* Иваuова > оuа* wsxlm*usqа%
De are Ivan and 8yotr and #e are st"dents% Vª Иваu > X¯sr > tª wsxlm*usª%
¢o" are Ivan and 8yotr and yo" are st"dents% Mª Иваu > X¯sr > вª wsxlm*usª%
)hey are Ivan and 8yotr and they are st"dents% Wu>* Иваu > X¯sr > оu>* wsxlm*usª%
)he above e&ample sho#ed yo" all so+called personal prono"ns% ¢o" no# kno# ho# to say <I< and <De<, etc%%
¢o" have also learned the #ord for <and<, #hich is of co"rse <><% ¢o" have also learned the #ord for <st"dent<,
#hich becomes <wsxlm*usqа< in it*s feminine form and <wsxlm*usª< in it*s pl"ral form%
3"ssian is not an easy lan!"a!e, altho"!h yo" mi!ht find it easy that there are no #ords s"ch as <the, a< and <to
be<% )he 3"ssian lan!"a!e has no"n !ender and cases% )his may not say m"ch to yo" yet, so #e #ill look into
this more%
#oun (en)er
)o e&plain the concept of no"n+!ender #e*ll first have to e&plain #hat a no"n is, if yo" didn*t already kno#% 6
no"n is a #ord that represents an obJect a person or an abstract somethin!, no"ns can be preceded in n!lish by
the #ord <the<%
In most other lan!"a!es, b"t not in n!lish, a no"n has a certain !ender% /o yo"*re tellin! me a no"n can be a
boy or a !irl@ Indeed%%%that*s #hat #e*re sayin!% 6 no"n has a certain !ender, in 3"ssian „and many other
,ermanic lan!"a!es… there are three !enders: masc"line, feminine and ne"ter% very no"n „note that this !ender
concept only applies to no"ns… has one of these three !enders% Ho# to determine #hat !ender is very diffic"lt
sometimes, b"t most !rammar r"les are dependent of the !ender of the no"n, so yo"*ll have to learn the !ender
of each no"n% Crom no# on, #e #ill mention the !ender of a no"n #hen #e disc"ss one, #e "se the
abbreviations <m< for masc"line, <f< for feminine and <n< for ne"ter%
Pointing at Possession
De #ill no# disc"ss t#o important parts of 3"ssian !rammar, no"n+!ender plays a very important role here, as
#ith most other !rammar r"les as #ell% De have already learned to say thin!s like <He is a st"dent<% (o# #e
#ill take a look at ho# to point at thin!s or people, by sayin!: <)his is a st"dent< or <)hat is a st"dent<% In
3"ssian #e can "se the #ord <®sо< to say <thisGthat<% )his fort"nately doesn*t involve no"n !ender yet:
-*sо wsxlm*us )hisGthat is a st"dent
-*sо wsxlm*usqа )hisGthat is a „female… st"dent
)hin!s !et a bit trickier tho"!h #hen yo" #ant to say <this st"dent< instead of <this I/ 6 st"dent<% (o"n !ender
#ill !et involved no# and #e #ill also see a separatin! in this and that: <®sо< #ill be "sed for <this< #hile <sо<
#ill be "sed for <that<% 6nd they all have to a!ree #ith the no"n in !ender and n"mber% )he follo#in! e&ample
#ill e&plain this:
-*sоs wsxlm*us )his st"dent „m…
[оs wsxlm*us )hat st"dent „m…
-*sа wsxlm*usqа )his „female… st"dent
[а wsxlm*usqа )hat „female… st"dent
-*sа qu>*kа )his book „f…
[а qu>*kа )hat book „f…
-*sо оquо* )his #indo# „n…
[о оquо* )hat #indo# „n…
(o# #e #ill disc"ss possession% 9ike in any lan!"a!es, it is also possible in 3"ssian to say thin!s like: <2y
car<, <¢o"r book<, etc%%% 6!ain, no"n !ender is an important aspect here beca"se it #ill determine #hich
translation of 2yG¢o"rG'"rG)heir to "se% )ake a look at the follo#in! e&ample:
-*sо tой авsоtоi>*л• )hisGthat is my car „m…
-*sо sвой авsоtоi>*л• )hisGthat is yo"r car „m…
-*sо uа} авsоtоi>*л• )hisGthat is o"r car „m…
-*sо ва} авsоtоi>*л• )hisGthat is yo"r car „m… „pl"ral form andGor formal form…
-*sо tо€* qu>*kа )hisGthat is my book „f…
-*sо sво€* qu>*kа )hisGthat is yo"r book „f…
-*sо uа*}а qu>*kа )hisGthat is o"r book „f…
-*sо ва*}а qu>*kа )hisGthat is yo"r book „f… „pl"ral form andGor formal form…
-*sо tо¯ оquо* )hisGthat is my #indo# „n…
-*sо sво¯ оquо* )hisGthat is yo"r #indo# „n…
-*sо uа*}m оquо* )hisGthat is o"r #indo# „n…
-*sо ва*}m оquо*
)hisGthat is yo"r #indo# „n… „pl"ral form andGor formal
/o yo" see that the possessive adJectives „as they are officially called… a!ree #ith the no"n accordin! to !ender%
/o if the no"n is masc"line yo" "se <tой, sвой, uа}< or <ва}<, if the no"n is feminine yo" "se <tо€*, sво€*,
uа}а< or <ва}а< and if it*s ne"ter yo" "se <tо¯, sво¯, uа}m< or <ва}m<% De haven*t disc"ssed the pl"ral form
yet, that #ill come in a later lesson%
)here is only one more thin! #e need to disc"ss% De haven*t yet disc"ssed the translation for the possessive
adJectives <his<, <her< and <their<% ."t yo" are fort"nate, beca"se these three #ords don*t act like the ones #e
J"st mentioned% )hey don*t have to a!ree #ith the no"n in !ender, so yo" J"st "se one form for all !enders% )he
follo#in! e&ample #ill demonstrate this:
-*sо m*kо qu>*kа )his is his book „f…
-*sо m¯ qu>*kа )his is her book „f…
-*sо >z qu>*kа )his is their book „f…
-*sо m*kо авsоtоi>*л• )his is his car „m…
-*sо m¯ оquо* )his is her #indo# „n…
-*sо >z wsол )his is their table „m…
)his concl"des the second lesson%
оquо* „n… #indo#
авsоtоi>*л• „m… car
qu>*kа „f… book
wsол „m… table
wsxlm*us „m… st"dent
wsxlm*usqа „f… „female… st"dent

&ercise 6: )ranslate to n!lish:
0… f wsxlm*us
1… -*sо qu>*kа
A… [а qu>*kа
F… Vой wsол
I… =а}m оquо
•… Wu wsxlm*us
ž… Vª wsxlm*usª
&ercise .: )ranslate to 3"ssian:
0… ¢o" are a st"dent
1… )his is the #indo#
A… )his #indo#
F… 2y book
I… )he #indo#
•… /he is a st"dent
ž… )hat is my table
Ÿ… )hat st"dent
7… )his is Ivan and that is Ivanova
0H… '"r book
/ol"tion of &ercise 6:
0… I am aGthe st"dent
1… )hisGthat is aGthe book
A… )hat book
F… 2y table
I… '"r #indo#
•… He is aGthe st"dent
ž… De are st"dents
/ol"tion of &ercise .:
0… [ª wsxlm*us
1… -*sо оquо*
A… -*sо оquо*
F… Vо€* qu>*kа
I… Wquо*
•… Wuа* wsxlm*usqа
ž… -*sо tой wsол
Ÿ… [оs wsxlm*us
7… -*sо Иваu > ®*sо Иваuова
0H… =а*}а qu>*kа
Lesson >: Pluralit5
¢o" have already seen no"ns in their sin!"lar form, b"t it*s of co"rse also possible to p"t 3"ssian no"ns in a
pl"ral form% (o"n !ender plays an important role here, beca"se the !ender of the no"n determines #hat s"ffi&
to add to make the no"n pl"ral% )he modification of no"ns by addin! s"ch *s"ffi&es* are called commonly called
*reflections*, the 3"ssian lan!"a!e contains a h"!e n"mber of these inflections, beca"se a no"n #ill also have a
different endin! dependin! on the case it*s in% ."t more abo"t that later%
9et "s first start by sho#in! ho# to make a no"n pl"ral% De #ill !ive yo" the follo#in! table, #hich #ill also
help yo" spot !ender of no"ns by lookin! at their endin!% )he endin!s of the no"n have been separated from it*s
root #ord by a hyphen „+…% (ote that this is only for clarity*s sake% )he hyphen is not #ritten normally and it J"st
forms one #ord%
2asc"line no"ns „sin!"lar ++³ pl"ral…
Zsол+ ++³ Zsол+ª*
Nmrо+й ++³ Nmrо+>
Kвsоtоi>л+• ++³ Kвsоtоi>л+>
Ceminine no"ns „sin!"lar ++³ pl"ral…
Qm*u+а ++³ Q¯*u+ª
=mlm*л+€ ++³ =mlm*л+>
Zsа*u{+>€ ++³ Zsа*u{+>>
Oвmr+• ++³ Oвm*r+>
(e"ter no"ns „sin!"lar ++³ pl"ral…
Zло*в+о++³ Zлов+а*
Vо*r+m ++³ Vоr+€*
Rlа*u+>m ++³ Rlа*u+>€
И*+t€ ++³ И+tmuа*
6nd note that n¯*uª* is a semi+irre!"lar form%
If yo" have a #ord and yo" #ant to kno# ho# to make it pl"ral, then yo"*ll first have to kno# #hat !ender the
#ord is in% 4s"ally it*s endin! #ill !ive a#ay it*s !ender% ¢o" have seen that the masc"line !ender has three
typical endin!s, a consonant, a <й< and a <•<% ."t as yo" see, the feminine !ender also has a !ro"p endin! in
<•<, so #ith many #ords yo" #ill still have to memoripe !ender yo"rself, there are also many irre!"larities%
(o# #e kno# ho# to form pl"ral #e can e&pand o"r kno#led!e from the previo"s lesson% De learned <-*sо,
sо< and <tойGtо€Gtо¯, uа}Guа}аGuа}m< etc% (o# #e #ill disc"ss the pl"ral form of this% Cirst of all, #hen
yo" #ant to say <these are st"dents< then yo" can J"st say <-sо wsxlm*usª<, so there*s no special thin! their yet%
."t #hen yo" #ant to say <these st"dents< then #e #ill need a ne# #ord declension of <-sо <, for all pl"ral
no"ns „so fort"nately in all !enders… #e "se <-*s> <, the pl"ral of <sо< #o"ld be <sm<% )ake a look at the
-*sо nm*uа )hisGthat is a #ife „f…
-*sa nm*uа )hisGthat #ife
-*sо n¯*uª )heseGthose are #ives
-*s> n¯*uª )heseGthose #ives
-*s> wsолª* )heseGthose tables „m…
-*sо оquа* )heseGthose are #indo#s „n…
¢o" see that minor variations in the endin! of a #ord can make a #orld of difference% It*s important to pay
m"ch attention to all those endin!s, beca"se 3"ssian is f"ll of them
(o# #e #ill take a look at o"r possessive adJectives% )hey also have one pl"ral form for all !enders% 9et*s look
at the follo#in! e&ample:
Vо€* nm*uа* 2y #ife „f…
Vо>* n¯*uª* 2y #ives
[во¯* оquо** ¢o"r #indo# „n…
[во>* оquа** ¢o"r #indo#s „n…
=а} wsол* '"r table „m…
=а*}> wsолª** '"r tables
6lso pay attention to the #ay the stress of a no"n can chan!e #hen it becomes pl"ral%
Being Volite
De no# first have to teach yo" ho# to be polite in 3"ssian% In 3"ssian and most other lan!"a!es, b"t not in
n!lish, there e&ists a certain polite form of <yo"<% In 3"ssian they "se <вª< instead of <sª< in formal speech%
<sª< is only "sed amon! friends and for children% /o <вª< means both <yo"+all< as #ell as <yo"< in a more
polite form% )ake a look at the follo#in! sample sentences:
[ª wsxlm*us ¢o" are a st"dent „informal, spoken to a friend…
Mª wsxlm*us
¢o" are a st"dent „formal, spoken from a teacher to a ne# st"dent for
Mª wsxlmusª* ¢o" are st"dents „pl"ral both formal and informal…
Dhen addressin! stran!ers, yo"*ll al#ays #ant to "se <вª<%
To haWe
6s yo" already sa#, the 3"ssians do not "se a verb for <to be<% 9ike#ise, they don*t "se a verb for <to have<%
Dhereas #e say, for e&ample, <I have a table<, the 3"ssians say <Dith me + „is a… + table<% 'r in 3"ssian:
<\ tmu€* wsол<%
)he #ord <\< is a preposition, follo#ed by the person „in !enitive case…% ."t more abo"t that later% De #ill for
no# J"st !ive yo" a list of ho# to e&press <to have<
I have \ tmu€*
¢o" have \ smi€*
He has \ umkо*
/he has \ um¯
De have \ uаw
¢o" have \ ваw
)hey have \ u>z
¢o" #ill also often see the #ord mws• in combination #ith the above+mentioned% )his is especially the case in
¦"estions and ans#ers b"t it can also occ"r else#here% mws• #o"ld be translated as there isGare% )ake a look at
the follo#in! ¦"estion+ans#er pair%
Bo #e have a table@ \ uаw mws• wsол@
De have one mws•%
In the ne&t lesson, #e #ill make yo" !et ac¦"ainted #ith the concept of cases%
Zло*во #ord
Vо*rm sea
Qm*uа #ife
=mlm*л€ #eek
Oвmr• door

&ercise 6: )ranslate to n!lish:
0… -*sо n¯*uª
1… -*s> umlm*л>
A… Vо> wsолª*
F… -sо ва*}> qu>*k>
I… \ smi€* оquо*
•… \ ваw tоrm*
ž… -sо tоrm*
Ÿ… \ um¯ lвmr•
&ercise .: )ranslate to 3"ssian:
0… I have #ives
1… )hese are #indo#s
A… )hese #indo#s
F… 2y #ife
I… )he #ifes
•… )hey have tables
ž… )his #eek
Ÿ… ¢o"r cars
7… )hose cars
/ol"tion of &ercise 6:
0… )heseGthose are #ives
1… )hese #eeks
A… 2y tables
F… )heseGthose are yo"r books
I… ¢o" have aGthe #indo#
•… ¢o" have aGthe sea
ž… )his sea G )his is aGthe sea
Ÿ… /he has aGthe door
/ol"tion of &ercise .:
0… \ tmu€ n¯*uª
1… -sо оquа*
A… -s> оquа*
F… Vо€* nm*uа
I… Q¯*uª
•… \ u>z wsолª*
ž… -sа umlm*л€
Ÿ… Mа}> авsоtоi>*л>
7… [m авsоtоi>*л>
Lesson O: Qases
5ases are a very diffic"lt !rammatical matter% It is possible that yo" have never heard of cases and that yo" have
never dealt #ith them before% )hat*s #hy #e #ill try to e&plain them from start% If yo" have ever st"died
another lan!"a!e that has cases, s"ch as 9atin or ,erman, then yo" #ill probably no ho# to handle them and
#hat they are, #hich #ill !ive yo" a head+start on 3"ssian%
/everal lan!"a!es make "se of so+called cases% In n!lish cases are not "sed and therefore most people #on*t
kno# #hat cases are% ."t in many other lan!"a!es, s"ch as ,erman and 3"ssian there are cases% 4nfort"nately
cases make a lan!"a!e a lot more diffic"lt to learn, b"t they do make a !rammar more ele!ant%
Dhat e&actly is a case@ 6 case is a certain *mode* a #ord appears in, no"ns, prono"ns, articles and adJectives
"s"ally !et a special endin! „reflections… dependin! on in #hat case they are in% 5ases appear at a certain place
in the sentence or after certain prepositions or verbs% In 3"ssian there are si& cases, in ,erman there are fo"r%
."t yo" most likely need f"rther e&planation% Dhat e&actly is a case@ 9et*s "se an e&ample to !et to kno#
cases% 9ook at the follo#in! sentences:
<2y mother is in the kitchen<
<It*s my mother*s birthday<
<I !ive my mother a present<
<He sees my mother<
)hese fo"r sample sentences sho# the first fo"r cases "sin! the #ords <my mother<% „altho"!h there are no
cases in n!lish it*s still possible to e&plain the concept "sin! n!lish…% )he first case #o"ld be (ominative
case, the case #e #ill deal #ith in this chapter, the other #ill be ta"!ht later on% ."t still, yo" don*t kno# #hat a
case is so let*s !o on #ith it% <2y mother< in the first sentence appears as the /4.§5) of the sentence
meanin! that it also is the /4.§5) of the action% )hat s"bJect can be obtained by askin! the follo#in!
sentence: <#hoG#hat is in the kitchen@<, the ans#er #o"ld of co"rse be: <2y mother<, #hich is the s"bJect%
(ominative case is all abo"t s"bJects% It means that a certain #ord is modified so it can be "sed as a /4.§5)%
)he other three sample sentences are different% 6ltho"!h they all have the #ords <my mother<, it appears in a
different position each time% In the 1nd sentence <my mother< is "sed possessively „this is called ,enitive case,
or 1nd case…% /o in lan!"a!es s"ch as ,erman and 3"ssian, <my mother< has to be adapted so it can be "sed as
,enitive, this is "s"ally done by applyin! different endin!s to the no"n „reflections…% ach case has it*s o#n
endin!s, and those endin!s are also !ender dependent% 2asc"line no"ns "s"ally have a different endin! in
,enitive case „and any case… than feminine no"ns%
)he third sample sentence "ses <my mother< as I(BI35) '.§5)% 6n indirect obJect is someoneGsomethin!
to #hom somethin! is !iven% It is a tar!et% )his is called Bative case, or Ard case% )he last sample sentence "ses
<my mother< as a BI35) '.§5), and that is called 6cc"sative case „or Fth case…% 2ore abo"t this case in a
¢o" kno# that cases occ"r #hen #ords appear on a certain place in the sentence, b"t besides that, cases can
also occ"r after certain prepositions „and sometimes even after certain verbs…% /o certain prepositions can, for
e&ample, al#ays ca"se an 6cc"sative case% )he #ords the preposition applies to #ill then have to a!ree #ith
that case and they sho"ld !et the appropriate endin!%
¢o" sho"ld no# "nderstand #hat a case is% It is a certain position in the sentence #here a #ord appears and that
#ord has to have a proper endin! in order to be correctly "sed at that position in the sentence% 4s"ally cases
also replace prepositions% )he sentence: <I !ive my mother a present< for e&ample, by "sin! <my mother< on
that position and #ith a certain reflection in 3"ssian, one kno#s that yo" !ive a present )' yo"r mother, b"t it*s
not necessary to "se the preposition% 6lso do note that by sayin! that <a #ord has to have a proper endin! in
order to be "sed at a certain position in a sentence<, I refer to no"ns and adJectives% 4s"ally they are all case
dependent „6(B !ender+ and n"mber dependent…%
)he case #e have mostly "sed no# is the nominative case% )he no"ns #here the s"bJect of the sentence, b"t
no# #e #ill take a look at acc"sative case „#hich #e have already "sed a bit, #itho"t yo" realipin! it…
^ccusatiWe Qase
6cc"sative case is all abo"t the <direct obJect<% )he direct obJect is a !ro"p of #ords „altho"!h it can also be
one #ord… that receive the action of the main verb „carried o"t by the s"bJect…% ¢o" can find the direct obJect by
askin! the ¦"estion DH'GDH6) • 2ain verb • /"bJect% (ote that yo" can*t ask DH3 or DH(% )he
ans#er to the ¦"estion #ill then me the direct obJect: the obJect of the action%
/ome e&amples: <I see the do!<, <#ho do I see@<, <the do!< that*s the direct obJect beca"se that*s the obJect
that*s seen by the s"bJect „I…%
¢o" can already !"ess #here in a sentence #ords sho"ld be adapted to 6cc"sative 5ase: #hen they are the
direct obJect% )hat*s ri!ht% Dhen a no"n, adJective, article or some prono"ns appear as a direct obJect yo"
sho"ld !ive the #ords the proper endin! to make them s"itable for 6cc"sative case%
Ghat haVVens in the accusatiWe case=
¢o" are fort"nate beca"se some masc"line and ne"ter no"ns "s"ally don*t chan!e in the acc"sative case, so yo"
can often J"st "se the same #ord as in the nominative case there „#hich is the #ord as yo"*ve learned it,
nomnitive case is al#ays the defa"lt case…% Ceminine sin!"lar #ords, ho#ever, do chan!e in the acc"sative case%
/o #hen a feminine #ord is a direct obJect, yo" #ill have to modify it*s endin! so it reflects the correct case% In
order to demonstrate this #e say that <I see< is <f в>*nx< in 3"ssian% 2ore abo"t verbs #ill be learned in the
ne&t lesson, so J"st ass"me this as a fact for no#% )ake a look at the follo#in! e&ample:
I see a book
Dhat do I see@
a book
/o that*s the direct obJect and has to be p"t in acc"sative case in 3"ssian%
f в>nx qu>*kа
)hat #as incorrect, beca"se qu>*kа is nominative case%
)he 3"ssian r"le to modify a feminine #ord endin! in +а to acc"sative case, is:
q>u*kа ++³ qu>*kx
/o the correct translation is:
f в>*nx qu>*kx
¢o" #ork in this #ay #ith almost every sentence to determine #hich #ord sho"ld become acc"sative% (ote that
there are many verbs #hich can take an acc"sative case, all those verbs „transitive verbs… have an effect on
somethin!, somethin! is the obJect of the action%
(o# #e #ill !ive yo" all the r"les to modify sin!"lar no"ns to their acc"sative case:
2asc"line no"ns „nominative sin!"lar ++³ acc"sative sin!"lar…
Zsол ++³ Zsол „doesn*t chan!e…
Vxom*+й ++³ Vxom*+й „doesn*t chan!e…
Kвsоtоi>л+• ++³ Kвsоtоi>л+• „doesn*t chan!e…
Ceminine no"ns „nominative sin!"lar ++³ acc"sative sin!"lar…
Tu>*k+а ++³ Tu>*k+x
=mlm*л+€ ++³ =mlm*л+ƒ
Zsа*u{+>€ ++³ Zsа*u{+>ƒ
Oвmr+• ++³ Oвm*r+• „doesn*t chan!e…
(e"ter no"ns „nominative sin!"lar ++³ acc"sative sin!"lar…
Zло*в+о++³ Zлов+о „doesn*t chan!e…
Vо*r+m ++³ Vоr+m „doesn*t chan!e…
Rlа*u+>m ++³ Rlа*u+>m „doesn*t chan!e…
И*+t€ ++³ И*+t€ „doesn*t chan!e…
¢o" can ima!ine it mi!ht be hard to memoripe all these endin!s, also beca"se there are more% 3"ssian has si&
cases and three !enders, #hich makes the amo"nt of reflections h"!e% )his is the most diffic"lt task in learnin!
3"ssian% ."t it is possible, so don*t !ive "p
(ote that <\ tmu€< etc%%% does not take acc"sative case% ¢o" J"st "se normal nominative case there% De have
disc"ssed a lot of theoretical st"ff in this lesson, so #e #ill end this lesson no#%
Zsxл chair
Uа*tvа lamp
Vxom*й m"se"m
Vxoª*qа m"sic
Xа*rsа desk
Zm*t•€ family
f в>*nx I see

&ercise 6: )ranslate to n!lish:
0… \ tmu€* txom*й
1… -*s> txom*>
A… f в>*nx qu>*kx
F… -sо tx*oªqа
I… f в>*nx vа*rsx
•… f в>*nx wmt•ƒ*
&ercise .: )ranslate to 3"ssian:
0… )hisGthat is my family
1… I have „a… family
A… )hisGthat is yo"r desk
F… I see theGa desk
I… I see theGa m"se"m
•… '"r m"se"m
/ol"tion of &ercise 6:
0… I have theGa m"se"m
1… )heseGthose m"se"ms
A… I see aGthe book
F… )hisGthat is „the… m"sic
I… I see aGthe desk
•… I see aGthe family
/ol"tion of &ercise .:
0… -*sо tо€* wmt•€
1… \ tmu€* wmt•€
A… -*sо sво€* vа*rsа
F… f в>*nx vа*rsx
I… f в>*nx txom*й
•… =а} txom*й
Lesson R: 3er4s an) 7oref
4ntil no#, #e have not seen a sin!le verb, mainly beca"se <to be< and <to have< are not e&pressed "sin! verbs
in 3"ssian% In this lesson #e are !oin! to chan!e that beca"se 3"ssian, of co"rse does have many verbs%
3"ssian verbs are conJ"!ated accordin! to t#o !ro"ps% 2ost verbs end in +аs•G+€s•, +ms•, or +>s•% ?erbs endin!
in +аs•G +€s• "s"ally are conJ"!ated accordin! to the first !ro"p, #hich #e #ill sho# belo#% )he stem of the
verb can be obtained by droppin! +s•% (ote that the hyphen „+… is J"st sho#n for clarity*s sake and is not #ritten
in real lan!"a!e:
rаiо*sа+s• to #ork
f rаiо*sа+ƒ I #ork
[ª rаiо*sа+m}• ¢o" #ork
WuGоuа* rаiо*sа+ms HeGshe #orks
Vª rаiо*sа+mt De #ork
Mª rаiо*sа+msm ¢o" #ork
Wu>* rаiо*sа*ƒs )hey #ork
)here are also some verbs in +ms• #hich are conJ"!ated accordin! to the first !ro"p% )hey follo# the same
(o# #e #ill take a look at the second !ro"p of verbs% )hose #ho end in +>s• follo# this pattern:
kовоr>*+s• to speak
f kовоr+ƒ* I speak
[ª kовоr+>*}• ¢o" speak
WuGоuа* kовоr+>*s HeGshe speaks
Vª kовоr+>*t De speak
Mª kовоr+>*sm ¢o" speak
Wu>* kовоr+€*s )hey speak
6!ain, there are also some verbs in +ms• #hich are conJ"!ated accordin! to the second !ro"p% )hey follo# the
same pattern% )here are even some verbs in +€s• #hich follo# this pattern, so it is important to learn #hich each
verb #hether it*s conJ"!ated accordin! to !ro"p one, !ro"p t#o, or #hether it*s irre!"lar%
De haven*t spoken abo"t adJectives yet% In case yo" don*t kno# #hat an adJective is, I*ll !ive yo" a short
e&planation% 6n adJective is a #ord that describes a property of a no"n, so it tells somethin! abo"t the no"n% Cor
e&ample, look at the follo#in! sentence+part: the old #oman% Here the adJective is <<old< beca"se it tells
somethin! abo"t the no"n <#oman<
4nfort"nately adJectives are also ¦"ite hard in 3"ssian beca"se they have a lot of different endin!s% )hey have
to a!ree #ith the no"n in case, !ender and n"mber% )here are act"ally three !ro"ps of adJectives, all a!reein!
#ith the no"n in a sli!htly different #ay% De have the "nstressed adJectives „endin! in +ªй or +>й… , #hich have
"nstressed endin!s and stressed stems, and #e have the stress adJectives, #hich have a stressed endin! „+о*й…
and an "nstressed stem% 6nd then there are some FH soft+adJectives, #hich !enerally end in +u>й% 6lso note that
3"ssian adJectives are "s"ally placed before the no"n, like in n!lish, tho"!h #ord order can be fle&ible too%
6dJectives as sho#n in the dictionary and in co"rses are al#ays in their nomnitive sin!"lar masc"line form%
In this co"rse #e #ill not !o into adJectives m"ch f"rther
#egation an) guestions
It is of co"rse in 3"ssian ¦"ite possible to say <no<% )he 3"ssians say, as yo" probably already kno#: <ums<
„#hereas they say <lа< as <yes<…%
Dhen #e #ant to make a sentence ne!ative, then 3"ssians simply add the #ord <um< before the verb „if there is
a verb…% )ake a look at the follo#in! sample #hich #ill also demonstrate ho# to ask ¦"estion:
-*sо qu>*kа )his is a book
-*sо um qu>*kа )his is not a book
-*sо qu>*kа@ Is this a book@
f kовоrƒ* vо+rxwwq> I speak 3"ssian
f um kовоrƒ* vо+rxwwq> I do not speak 3"ssian
f kовоrƒ* vо+rxwwq>@ Bo I speak 3"ssian@
¢o" can see the simplicity of ne!ation and of askin! ¦"estions in 3"ssian here )here are also more #ays to ask
¦"estion "sin! the follo#in! interro!ative prono"ns:
`sо sª kовоr>*}•@ Dhat do yo" sayGspeak@
`sо tª ouа*mt@ Dhat do #e kno#@
Tsо ouа*ms@ Dho kno#s@
Tsо kовоr>*s@ Dho speaks@
Nlm вª rаiо*sаmsm@ Dhere do yo" #ork@
Tаq оu ouаms@ Ho# does he kno#@
Tоklа* оuа* rаiоsаms@ Dhen does she #ork@
kовоr>*s• to speakGto say
rаiо*sаs• to #ork
ouаs• to kno#
|sо #hatGthat
qsо #ho
klm #here
qаq ho#
qоklа* #hen
smvm*r• no#
olmw• here
вwmklа* al#ays

&ercise 6: )ranslate to n!lish:
0… `sо sª ouаm}•@
1… Mª kовоr>*sm vо+rxwwq>@
A… [mvm*r• € um rаiо*sаƒ
F… -sо um sво€* qu>*kа@
I… `sо оuа* kовоr>*s@
•… Tоklа* tª rаiо*sаmt@
ž… Nlm tой wsxл@
Ÿ… Vой wsxл um olmw•@
&ercise .: )ranslate to 3"ssian:
0… I do not #ork
1… He is not a st"dent
A… (o# #e kno#
F… Is that a book@
I… Dhere does she #ork@
•… Dhen do yo" kno#@
ž… Bo yo" kno#@
Ÿ… He is not here
/ol"tion of &ercise 6:
0… Dhat do yo" kno#@
1… Bo yo" speak 3"ssian@
A… I don*t #ork no#
F… Isn*t this yo"r book@
I… Dhat does she say@
•… Dhen do #e #ork@
ž… Dhere is my chair@
Ÿ… 2y chair isn*t here@
/ol"tion of &ercise .:
0… f um rаiо*sаƒ
1… Wu um wsxlm*us
A… [mvm*r• tª ouаmt
F… -sо qu>*kа@
I… Nlm оuа* rаiо*sаms@
•… Tоklа* sªGвª ouаm}•Gouаmsm@
ž… [ªGвª ouаm}•Gouаmsm@
Ÿ… Wu um olmw•
hроe<' к%р/'<%&i<о+ \',&о Qar)inal nu74ers
uxла uол• H pero
mluо оl>u 0 one
lвm lва 1 t#o
sr> sr> A three
|ms>r> |msªrm F fo"r
vms v€s• I five
}mws }mws• • si&
wmlmt wmt• ž seven
оwmt воwmt• Ÿ ei!ht
lmвms lmв€s• 7 nine
lmwms lmw€s• 0H ten
ml>uайwms оl>uuаl{аs• 00 eleven
lваuайwms lвmuаl{аs• 01 t#elve
sr>uайwms sr>uаl{аs• 0A thirteen
|ms>r>uайwms |msªruаl{аs• 0F fo"rteen
vmsuайwms v€suаl{аs• 0I fifteen
}mwsuайwms }mwsuаl{аs• 0• si&teen
wmlmtuайwms wmtuаl{аs• 0ž seventeen
оwmtuайwms воwmtuаl{аs• 0Ÿ ei!hteen
lmвmsuайwms lmв€suаl{аs• 07 nineteen
lвайwms lваl{аs• 1H t#enty
lвайwms > mluо lваl{аs• оluо 10 t#enty+one
lвайwms > lвm lваl{аs• lва 11 t#enty+t#o
lвайwms > sr> lваl{аs• lва 1A t#enty+three
lвайwms > |ms>r> lваl{аs• sr> 1F t#enty+fo"r
lвайwms > vms lваl{аs• v€s• 1I t#enty+five
sr>йwms sr>l{аs• AH thirty
sr>йwms > mluо sr>l{аs• оl>u A0 thirty+one
sr>йwms > lвm sr>l{аs• lва A1 thirty+t#o
sr>йwms > sr> sr>l{аs• sr> AA thirty+three
|ms>rmlmwms wоrоq FH forty
|ms>rmlmwms > mluо wоrоq оl>u F0 forty+one
|ms>rmlmwms > lвm wоrоq lва F1 forty+t#o
vmslmwms v€s•lmw€s IH fifty
vmslmwms > mluо v€s•lmw€s оl>u I0 fifty+one
vmslmwms > lвm v€s•lmw€s lва I1 fifty+t#o
}mwslmwms }mws•lmw€s •H si&ty
}mwslmwms > mluо }mws•lmw€s оl>u •0 si&ty+one
}mwslmwms > lвm }mws•lmw€s lва •1 si&ty+t#o
wmlmtlmwms wmt•lmw€s žH seventy
wmlmtlmwms > mluо wmt•lmw€s оl>u ž0 seventy+one
wmlmtlmwms > lвm wmt•lmw€s lва ž1 seventy+t#o
wmlmtlmwms > sr> wmt•lmw€s v€s• žI seventy+five
wmlmtlmwms > lmвms wmt•lmw€s lmв€s• ž7 seventy+nine
оwmtlmwms wmt•lmw€s lmв€s• ŸH ei!hty
оwmtlmwms > mluо воwmt•lmw€s оl>u Ÿ0 ei!hty+one
оwmtlmwms > lвm воwmt•lmw€s lва Ÿ1 ei!hty+t#o
оwmtlmwms > vms воwmt•lmw€s v€s• ŸI ei!hty+five
lmвmslmwms lmв€uоwsо 7H ninety
lmвmslmwms > mluо lmв€uоwsо оl>u 70 ninety+one
lmвmslmwms > lвm lmв€uоwsо lва 71 ninety+t#o
lmвmslmwms > lmвms lmв€uоwsо lmв€s• 77 ninety+nine
wsо wsо 0HH one h"ndred
wsо > mluо wsо оl>u 0H0 one h"ndred and one
wsо > lвm wsо lва 0H1 one h"ndred and t#o
wsо > lmwms wsо lmw€s• 00H one h"ndred and ten
wsо > lвайwms wsо lваl{аs• 01H one h"ndred and t#enty
wsо lmвmslmwms > lmвms wsо lmв€uоwsо lmв€s• 077 one h"ndred and ninety+
lвmwsа lвmws> 1HH t#o h"ndred
lвmwsа > mluо lвmws> оl>u 1H0 t#o h"ndred and one
lвmwsа lвайwms > lвm lвmws> lваl{аs• lва 111 t#o h"ndred and t#enty+
sr>wsа sr>wsа AHH three h"ndred
|ms>r>wsоs>u |msªrmwsа FHH fo"r h"ndred
vmswsоs>u v€s•wоs IHH five h"ndred
}mwswsоs>u }mws•wоs •HH si& h"ndred
wmlmtwsоs>u wmt•wоs žHH seven h"ndred
оwmtwsоs>u воwmt•wоs ŸHH ei!ht h"ndred
lmвmswsоs>u lmв€s•wоs 7HH nine h"ndred
z>л€lа оl>u sªw€|а 0 HHH one tho"sand
hо&K%р,к'e - ?0,,ко j English ,&о.%рi k)ictionar5l
а$ uо$ аtа Grаok %G а$ uо b"t
аirmв>аsxrа %n аiirmв>аsxrа abbreviation
аi>sxr>m us %t аi>sxr >mus s"bscription
аiоuаtm us %t аiоumtmus season ticket
аi оuаs %t аiоumus s"bscriber
аiоr>km u %t$ sxomtm{% t$
qоrmu€q% t
аiоr>k mu abori!ine
qайw> € %n$ oаroала %n аir>qоw apricot
аiwоri{>€ %n$ vоkлj ~аum% w$
вwtx qваum %w$
vоv>ваum %w
аiwоri{ >€
аiwsrаqsmu оsвлm|mu %v аiwsrаqsuªй abstract
ава uw %t аваuw advance
аваusƒr>ojt %t аваusƒr>ot advent"rism
аваr>€ %n аваr>€ accident
а вkxws %t авkxws 6"!"st"s
ав>оiа oа %n ав>аiаoа 6ir base
вjolx }mu lmwа us %t ав>аlmwаus airborne landin!
wаtолmsоuоwа| %t ав>аuоwm{ aircraft carrier
вjolx }uа vо~а %n ав>аvо|sа airmail
вjolx }mu vjs %t Goа wаtолm s>G ав>аsrаwwа air ro"te
tо nm i>, lаuо авоw•$ tоnms iªs• perhaps, maybe, possibly
uаwлxq>$ uа qjwtm s uа авоw• perhaps, maybe, possibly
авsоix w %t авsоixw b"s
авsоtаs %t авsоtаs a"tomatic
авsоtоi> л %t авsоtоi>л• a"tomobile
лmqа qола
лmkqовой авsоtоi>л• passen!er car
qаt>оu %t, sоваrmu %v
авsоtоi>л %t
krxoовой авsоtоi>л• lorry, tr"ck
авsоtоi> лmu %v авsоtоi>л•uªй a"tomotive
авsоtаs>|m u sоваrа| %t авsоvоkrxo|>q lift tr"ck
kоruа авsоtоi>лuа kx tа %n авsоvоqrª}qа o"ter tire
авsоtаs> |uа v>wа лqа %n$
z>t>qал %t$
авsоrx|qа fo"ntain pen
z>t>qалqа %n ball+point pen
аxsоwsrаlа %n авsоwsrаlа motor#ay
аzаs %t аkаs a!ate
аkmus %t аkmus a!ent
аkmu{>€ %n аkmuwsво a!ency
аkrаrmu$ omtлmlmлwq> %v аkrаruªй a!rarian
аkrmw>вuоws %n аkrmww>вuоws• a!!ression
аlаvsа{>€ %n$ vr>wvоwоi€ваum
vr>kаnlаum %w
аlаvsа{>€ adaptation
аlвоqаs %t аlвоqаs advocate
аlt>u>wsrаs>вmu %v аlt>u>wsrаs>вuªй administrative
аlt>u>wsrа {>€ %n аlt>u>wsrа{>€ administration
аlrm w %t аlrmw address
vолx|а smл %t$ >ovrа~а| %t аlrmwаs addressee
zаoа rs %t$ rаovалmuоws %n$ nаr
%n$ вjoixlа
%n$ w> лuо xвлm|m u>m %w
аoаrs ardor
~jrq mл %t а>ws stork
lƒ л€ %n Glmrmво > vлоlG айва ¦"ince
wалqjt %t аqа{>€ acacia
аqваrmл %t аqваrmл• #atercolor
аqrml>s>в %t аqqrml>s>в letter of credit
аqxtxл>rаt$ uаsrx vаt$
uаvjлваt %k
аqqxtxл>rоваs• acc"m"late
аqxrа suоws %n аqqxrаsuоws• acc"rateness
аqs•оr %t аqsmr actor
аq{m us %t аq{mus аq{mus
аq{mus>rаt$ uаiлmkа$uаsjr ваt
vr> k овоrmum %k
аq{mus>rоваs• accent
а лkmirа %n алkmirа al!ebra
алmrk>€ %n алmrk>€ aller!y
алqоzо л %t алqоkол• alcohol
а ло алло hello
wsолm su>q %t$ ало m %w алоm aloe
mлtа o %t$ l>аtаus %t алtаo diamond
олsаr %t алsаr• altar
а oixqа %n алyав>s alphabet
а лmu$ €rqо|mrmвm u %v алªй scarlet, red
lnа uqа %n Glmrmво>vлоlG алª|а cherry pl"m , #ild pl"m
алix t %t ал•iоt alb"m
в>о ла %n$ алs %t ал•s alto
алxt> u>й %t алƒt>u>й al"min"m
аtалkаtа %n аtал•kаtа amal!am
zаtiаr %t аtiаr barn
аtоu€q %t аtt>аq ammonia
аtоrs>oа sоr %t$
xlаrоwtmq|> smл %t
аtоrs>oаsоr shock absorber
а tvmr %t аtvmr ampere
аtvx ла %n аtvxла amp"le
аtxлm s %t$ sал>wtа u %t$ txwqа
аtxлms am"let
аuа л>o %t аuал>o analysis
аuал>o>rаt %k аuал>o>rоваs• analype
аuаuа w %t аuаuаw pineapple
zа ukаr %t аukаr han!ar
аuk> uа %n аuk>uа an!ina
аumqlо s %t$ в>{ %t аumqlоs anecdote
аumwsm o>€ %n$ оimoiол€ваum %w аumwsmo>€ anesthesia
аuаwо u %t аu>w anise
аuqmsmu л>ws %t$ yоrtxл€r %t аuqmsа form
аuа л> %tu$ лmsоv> w> %tu аuuалª annals
аuоsа{>€ %n аuuоsа{>€ annotation
аusm uа %n аusmuuа antenna
аuwаtjiл %t аuwаtiл• ensemble
аus>i>оs>{> %tu аus>i>оs>q> antibiotic
аus>|uоws• %n аus>|uоws• anti¦"ity
zаtw> € %n аu|оxw anchovy
vоrsоqал %t аvmл•w>u oran!e
аvаrа s %t аvvаrаs apparat"s
аvmul>w> s %t аvvmul>{>s appendicitis
аvr> л %t аvrmл• 6pril
аvsmqа %n аvsmqа pharmacy
аvsm|qа %n аvsm|qа medicine chest
yjwsjq %t Grаwsmu>m> vлоlG аrаz>w pean"t
l> u€ %n аrixo #atermelon
аrm ulа %n аrmulа lease
вomtаt vоl аrmulа вo€s• в аrmulx rent
лаwо %w аrqаu lariat
аrоtаs %t$ t> r>w %t аrоtаs aroma
аuk>uа r %t аrs>}оq artichoke
аwyа лs %t аwyал•s asphalt
аsmл>m %w аsmл•m atelier
аsлаw %t а sлаw atlas
лms>~m %w$ аmrоkаrа %n а®rоvоrs airport
iа iа %n$ iа i>|qа %n iаix}qа !randmother
vmvmrx lа %n iаiо|qа b"tterfly
iаk а n %t iаkаn ba!!a!e
iаkа nu>q %t iаkаnu>q boot
vо| mrвmu€ ваt$
>o|mrв€ваt wm
iаkrовms• p"rple
vx rvxrmu %v iаkrовªй Clorid , crimson
qо yа %n$ вmlrо %w iаl•€ b"cket
iа oа %n iаoа base
vаoаr %t iаoаr bapaar
rxwалqа %n$ qа€ q %t iайlаrqа kayak
iаrzms %t iайqа baipe
iаqа лwq> %v iаqалmйuªй !rocery
iаqа лwq> wsоq> iаqалmйuªm sоваrª !roceries
iаqал>€ %n iаqалm€ !rocery
vаsлаlnаu %t$ w>u lоtа s
iаqлаnаu e!!plant
q•оvоолx iаqлаnаuuа€ >qrа e!!plant mash
tаum rqа %n iаqлаnqа canteen
rавuовm w>m %w$ iала uw %t iалаuw balance
vа o€rавuовm w>m %k iалаuw>rоваs• balance, compensate$ poise, stabilipe
iалqоu %t iалqоu balcony
iал %t iалл mark, point
iало u %t$ kxtа а в s о t о i > л uа iаллоu !as cylinder
kлmomu$ kалmu %v iаловаuuªй spoilt
iалwаt %t iал•oаt .alm, balsam
iалumолоk >€ %n iал•umолоk>€ balneolo!y
iаuа u %t Grаwsmum > vлоlG iаuаu banana
iаulmrол %t$ vо ~muwqа iаulmrол• Jacket
vrа sqа %n consi!nment
iа uqа %n iаuq bank
ixrqаu %t$ smumq> muа qxs>€ %n iаuqа Jar, pot
vа ulmлqа %n iаus bo#, bo# knot$ knot
iаrаiа u %t$ sj vаu %t iаrаiаu iаrаiаu
овm u %t iаrаu ram$ sheep
о вum}qо GtmwоG$ а kum}qо
iаrаu>uа m"tton
kmвrm|m %w iаrаuqа ba!el
}лmv %t iаrnа bar!e
iоrwxq %t$ €oовm{ %t iаrwxq bad!er
qаl>ym %w iаrzаs velvet
iаwm йu %t iаwwmйu s#immin! pool
yrаuomла %n iаsоu Gо zлmimG lon! loaf
vj smu wаuljq %t$ qxyаr %t iаxл portmantea"
qx ла %n iа}u€ t"rret
i€kаum %w$ s>|аum %w imk r"n
i€kаt$ s> |аt %k imkаs• r"n$ shin
z>vоvоsа t %t imkmtоs hippo
s>|m}qоt$ imkоt %u imkоt r"nnin!, sc"rry, do"ble+time%
imo imo less
um>oвm wsmu$ umouа mu %v imoвmwsuªй "nkno#n
imovаr>| >m %w imolmumn•m empty pockets
{mлx вqа %n imom merin!"e$ kiss, pastry
imokr>nmu %v imooаiоsuªй (e!lectf"l, carefree, "ntro"bled
qаusаr %t imotmu sprin! balance
krоoоs>€ %n imoоirаo>m deformation
imovоkrm }uо %u imoо}>iо|uо Ca"ltless , impeccablement
imorаlоwsmu$ sjnmu %v imorаlоwsuªй Joyless
imл>uа$ imлоsа %n imл>ouа #hiteness
imлsjq %t imлоq alb"men
i€л %v imлªй #hite
imл•о %w imл•m linen
lо лuоimл•о, lо лu> lrm z> u>numm imл•m "nderclothes
imuo> u %t imuo>u benpine
irmoа %n imrmoа birch
ir€k %t imrmk coast
tоrwq> ir€k tоrwq ой imrmk seaside
iаrm sа %n imrms beret
vа o€$ wjzrаu€в аt$ ~аl€
imrm|• !"ard
imovлаsuо imwvлаsuо free
imovлаsmu %v imwvлаsuªй char!e+free
вzоl imovлаsmu$ вzоl wвоiо lmu вzоl imwvлаsuªй free entry
imovоqо€ $ srmво nа %k imwvоqо>s• #orry
imovоqо> tm tmu€ imwvоqо>s Bist"rbs me
imot>smu %v imwvо}л>uuªй d"ty free
imowsrа }mu %v imwwsrа}uªй fearless
imsоumu %v imsоuuªй concrete
i€w %t im}muwsво 3abies
i€wuо qx |m im}muа€ wоiаqа mad do!
i>lо u$ kƒt %t i>lоu can, #aterin! can
i> oumw %t i>oumw b"siness
i>oumwtm u %t i>oumwtmu b"sinessman
i>лm s %t i>лms ticket
вzо lmu i>лms вzоluой i>лms ntry ticket
vj smu i>лm s vrоmoluой i>лms ticket
iоrwа %n i>rnа e&chan!e, stock market
sƒrqоаo %t i>rƒoа t"r¦"oise
i>wqв>sа %n i>wqв>s bisc"it
i> sqа %n i>sва, wrаnmu>m .attle, Ci!ht
x lr€t$ |x v€$ rаoi>ваt
Grаoi>ваs•G %k
i>s• beat
i> s %v i>sªй beaten
i>ysm q %t i>y}smqw beefsteak, steak
iлаkоlаr€ в> iлаkоlаrƒ ваw m"ch obli!ed to yo"
iлаkоlаrm u>m iлаkоlаr€ thanks!ivin!
iлаkоlаrm u>m uаsова , |m iлаk оlаr€ sоtx, |sо%%% favored
iлаuqа %n iлаuq blank, form, card
iлmlmu iлmluªй pale, #an, pallid
iлjy %t iлmy bl"ff$ pa!eantry
uа й+iл>ojq iл>nай}>й nearest
vо +iл>oqо$ vо +iл> ojq iл>nm (earer , near
iл>ojq %v iл>oq>й near, ni!h
qjwоkлm l %v iл>oоrxq>й short+si!hted, near si!hted
vала|> uq> %tu iл>uª crepe, pancake
imлm nu>q %t$ smysmr|m %w iлоquоs note book, #ritin! pad
iлоul> u %t iлоul>u blond
iлоul> uqа %n iлоul>uqа blonde
ijлzа %n iлоzа flea
€ lmum iлƒlо о m lm eatin!
|>u> йqа oа vоl |а }а iлƒl{m sa"cer
iоi %t$ iаqла %n iоi bean
iоi %t, yаwx л %t iоiª broad beans
iоk %t iоk ,od, /"preme .ein!, '"r 9ord, '"r 2aker
iоkа s %v iоkаsªй rich
войu>q %t iоm{ fi!hter
vjrkав$ ловjq % iойq>й pert, sa"cy
wsrаuа %n$ zj лiоq %t iоq side, side elevation
kл€tа |а }а oав> uо iоqал !oblet
ij лkаr>u %t iолkаr>u ."l!arian
Ljлkаr>€ %n Lолkаr>€ ."l!aria
ij лkаrwq> %v iолkаrwq>й ."l!arian
vо вm|m iолmm more$ yet$ above
vовm|m >л> vо +tалqо$ lо
>oвmwsuа wsm vmu
iолmm >л> tmumm more or less, ¦"ite
о ~m vовm|m$ оwвm u sова iолmm sоkо f"rthermore, moreover
о~mvовm|m smt iолmm a fortiori, all the more so
iо лmws %n iолmou• illness, disease, sickness
iолmulxваt$ iолm iолms• be ill, be ailin!, sicken
iлаsо %w iолоsо marsh, s#amp
iлаs> ws %v iолоs>wsªй bo!!y, marshy, miry
iлаsmu %v iолоsuªй marshy, s#amp, fenny$ "li!ino"s, pal"dal
iолs %t iолs bolt, scre#
iо лu>{а %n iол•u>{а hospital, infirmary
iо лmu %v iол•uой achin!, h"rtin!$ ailin!
vо вm|m, вm |m iол•}m more$ better$ "p#ard
vо +kо л€t %v iо л•}>й best, s"perior$ better
kол€t iол•}ой bi!, lar!e$ considerable
irаlа %n iоrоlа beard$ #attle
iоrl %t iоrs side$ port, starboard
оix вq> %tu iоs>uq> boot, shoe
ij|ва, qа {а %n iо|qа barrel, cask, dr"m
irаs %t irаs brother, siblin!
вomtаt, vоm tаt %k irаs• take, accept
zва ~аt wm irаs•w€ settle do#n$ start,
irjwuа| %t ir>sва rapor, shaver
irjwuа %k ir>s• rapor, shave
irjwuа wm ir>s•w€ scrape one*s chin, shave
вm nlа %n irов• eyebro#, bro#
irоuz> s %t irоuz>s bronchitis
zвjrл€, tm suа %k irоw>s• Gqаtmu•G thro#
vаusало u> %tu irƒq> pants, tro"sers
irƒum s %t irƒums br"nette
kmвrmq %t ixiл>q ba!el
ixl > лu>q %t ixl>л•u>q alarm clock
ixl€, wjix nlаt %k ixl>s• #ake, #ake "p
lm лu>q %t ixlu> #eek days, #orkday
qаsо |m, |mxn, w€qа},
>okлm nlа
ixlsо as if , as tho"!h
ij lm~m %w ixlx~mm C"t"re, aftertime
ij lm~, wлm lва~ %v ixlx~>й f"t"re, comin!, follo#in!
lоkоl> uа, >luаsа kоl> uа в ixlx~mt kоlx ne&t year
wлm lва~>€ vjs в wлmlxƒ~>й rаo (e&t time
ixqва %n ixqва character, letter
ixqва лmu %v ixqвал•uªй literal, te&t"al
ixqms %t ixqms bo"¦"et, nose!ay
qаry> {а, sоvл> йqа %n ixлавqа pin*s
q> yла %n ixлqа b"n, roll
zлmiаru>{а %n ixло|uа€ .akery, baker*s shop%
ixлmваrl %t ixл•ваr bo"levard
ixл•о u %t ixл•оu broth, bo"illon
zаrs>€ %n ixtаkа 8aper
vоrstоum %w ixtаnu>q #allet
zаrs> mu, qu> nmu %v ixtаnuªй paper
ixr€ %n ixr€, krоoа /torm, th"nderstorm
wа ulв>| %t ixsmrirоl sand#ich
{вm suа vjvqа %n ixsоu b"r!eon
ixs> лqа %n ixsªлqа bottle
w|msовоl>smл %t ixzkалsmr acco"ntant
w|msово lwsво %w ixzkалsmr>€ bookkeepin!
i>z > wqал € iª zоsmл Do"ld , search , desire
wлx |ва wm, wrm ~а wm iªваs• be$ come$ !o to
wjt iªваs• be, e&ist
vоwm~а ваt iªваs• visit, resort, call on
i>в}, u€qоkа}mu %v iªв}>й e&, onetime
ijro %v iªwsrªй fast, rapid, ¦"ick
i> s %t iªs mode of life
wjt iªs• )o be, be
ijlm sm lоijr Glоirа G ixl•sm lоirª
!ood, somethin! positive ,
#o"ld yo" be so !ood as to
wjw olrа вm ixl•sm olоrовª ,od bless yo"
iƒlnm s %t iƒlnms b"d!et
iƒlnm smu %v iƒlnmsuªй b"d!etary
iƒлms> u %t
iƒллmsmu• Gvmr>оl>|mwqоm
b"lletin, report
iƒлms> uа %n iƒллmsmu• Glл€ kолоwоваu>€G ."lletin ,votin!, ballot paper
iо лu>|mu л>ws %t iƒллmsmu• Giол•u>|uªй л>wsG b"lletin$ statement
iƒrо %w, qаusоrа %n,
wлx niа
iƒrо Gx|r mnlmu>mG
b"rea"$ office
в Gtmwsо, вuxsr>, uаvrавлmu>m
in, into$ at$ for, to

в Gtmwsо, вuxsr>, uаvrавлmu>m

в Gtmwsо, вuxsr>, uаvrавлmu>m
в Gвrmt€, vrоlолn>smл•uоws• ,
uа в Grаwwsо€u>mG distance
в оvаwuоws в оvаwuоws> dan!er
oа в G{mл•G )he p"rpose
w, в + >л> imo vrmlлоkа в Grаotmr, вmw, {muаG )he sipe
ваkо u %t ваkоu carria!e, coach
ва nmu %v ваnuªй Important
ваqw>uа %n ваq{>uа vaccine
ваqw>uа {>€ %n, ваqw>u>r аum %w ваq{>uа{>€ vaccination
валx sа %n валƒsа c"rrency
+ ваt yo"
+ ваt> yo"
ва uа, iаu€ %n ваuuа Gqxvаu>mG bath
qjv€ wm Gвjв ва uаG vr>u>tаs• ваuux have a bath
wлju|mва iа u€ wолum|uа€ ваuuа insolation, s"n bath
qалu> iа u> kr€omвªm ваuuª m"d bath, moor bath
iа u€ %w, ва uа %n ваuuа€ GqоtuаsаG .athroom, room
ваr>а us %t ваr>аus, rаouов>luоws• ?ariant
ваr€ ваr>s• boil, seethe
+ Mаw ¢o"
ва}, ва}а, ва}m, ва}>, в>
ва}, ва}а, ва}m, ва}>
Gvr>s€nаsmл•uоm tmwsо>tmu>mG
¢o"r, yo"rs,
+ ва} yo"r, yo"rs%
uа ва }>sm xwлxk> q ва}>t xwлxkаt at yo"r disposal, at yo"r service
wvоrm l ваw vо+ва}mtx as yo" think
uаiл>oо вiл>o> 6ro"nd, 5lose
вwsrаu> , uаwsrаu> вiоq side#ays
x воl %t, вjвmlm u>m %w M вmlmu>m, вwsxvлmu>m )he introd"ction
вumwа , >tvоrs>rаt %k в вmos> )o carry
kоrm, uаkоrm в вmrz "pside
kоrm в вmrzx )o top
vrmlв> l, vо vr>|>uа вв>lx In vie# of
vrmlв > luа sова , |m%%% вв>lx sоkо, |sо%%% inasm"ch
вuоw, >tvоrs %t ввоo import
вuа w€t, >tvоrs>rаt %k ввоo>s• import, brin! in
uаljлiо qо, uавj srm вkлxi• deep, inland, deep do#n
lваvjs> вlвоm do"ble, t#ice$ t#ofold
lва vjs> vовm|m вlвоm iол•}m, вlвойum do"ble, t#ice$ t#ofold
lваt> uа, lва tа GвtmwsmG вlвоmt do"ble, t#o to!ether
uа sова оskоrm, оwвm u sова вlоiавоq #hat is more , in addition, as #ell
uаlлjn, uаlо лx vо, qrай вlол• alon!$ aboard
вljzuовm u>m %w вlоzuовmu>m afflat"s, inspiration
>oвmlujn, umо|аqваuо, /"ddenly , all at once
вumoа vuо, umuаlm йuо вlrxk
qоyа %n, вmlrо %w вmlrо ."cket , pail
uал> вml• ¢o" see
uа> ws>uа вml• ¢o" see, really, indeed
вmnл> воws %n вmnл>воws• politeness
вmnл> в %v вmnл>вªй polite, co"rteo"s
uавw€qjlm вmolm very#here , any#here
во o€, qаrаt Glв>kаs•,
вmos> G|sо+л>iоG Brive , carry
вlв>nmu>mG , vrmвоoваt %k "nder#ay, in motion
вmq %t, wsолm s>m %w вmq cent"ry$ a!e
kолmt>uа %n вmл>|>uа GrаotmrG /ipe , ma!nit"de
вmл>|>uа %n вmл>|>uа Gtаsmtаs>|mwqа€G E"antity , /ipe
qолmло %w вmлоw>vml .icycle
вmus>ла{>€ %n вmus>л€{>€ ?entilation
вjnm %w вmrmвqа cord, rope
в€rваt %k вmr>s• .elieve , tr"st
y>lm %w вmrt>}mл• vermicelli
в€ruо вmruо ri!ht, correctly
вmrо€ suо вmrо€suо probably
вmrw>€ %n вmrw>€ version
вmrs>qа лmu, оsвm wmu %v вmrs>qал•uªй vertical
вmrsолms, zmл>qо vsmr %t вmrsолms helicopter
вrjz %t вmrz )op, "pside, "pside
kоrmu вmrzu>й "pper
вrjz %t вmr}>uа top
smkло %w вmw #ei!ht
qаsmkоr>€ %n вmw Gwvоrs%G cate!ory
вmwmл€wm %k вmwmл>s•w€ Jollify$ Joy
вm wmл %v вmwmлªй cheerf"l
vrо лmsmu %v вmwmuu>й /prin!, vernal
smnа , smkuа %k вmw>s• #ei!h$ scale
vrо лms %n вmwuа sprin!
vrmovr олmssа , uаvrо лms вmwuой in sprin!
во l€ %k вmws> lead
qаrаt Gqола G %k вmws> авsоtоi>л• drive
вmws>iƒ л %t вmws>iƒл• 9obby
вmou> %tu, smkл> лqа %n, qаusа r
вmwª scales, balance, #ei!her
{m л>€s G{€лаsа, {€ лоsо,
{m л>smG,
{€л G{€ ла, {€ ло, {m л>G
вmw• Gвw€, вw¯, вwmG
в€sjr %t вmsmr #ind
qлоu %t вmsqа e&tension$ branch , 5lone
вmsrов>s %v вmsrmuuªй breepy
}x uqа %n вms|>uа ham $ !ammon
вm|mr %n вm|mr evenin!
вm|mrmu %v вm|mru>й venin!, vespertine
вm|mr вm|mrоt in the evenin!
wuо ~> в|mrа вm|mrоt last ni!ht
x srm вm |mr oавsrа вm|mrоt )omorro# evenin!
lовm| mrа wmkоlu€ вm|mrоt )oday evenin!
oаqа|а лqа %n вm}алqа han!er
оqа|ваt Gоlmваs•G, oаqа|ваt
Goа{mvл€s•G %k
вm}аs• han!, drape
vrmltm s %t, вm~ %t вm~• )hin! , obJect
вoа> tmu %v вoа>tuªй m"t"al
вoа>tоlm йwsв>m %w вoа>tоlmйwsв>m interaction
вoа>tооsuо}m u>€ %tu вoа>tооsuо}mu>€ 3elationships
вoа> tuо rаoi>r аum %w вoа>tоvоu>tаu>m 2"t"al "nderstandin!
вomtаt %k вoайtª irаs• on loan take
в oаt€ uа, вtm wsо вoаtmu Instead , instead of
vо kлml %t вokл€l 9ook , lookin!
tum u>m %w, вjokлml %t вokл€l, tumu>m vie#, point of vie#
wji>rаt, оiлаkаt, uала kаt %k вo>tаs• 5ollect , !ather
kлоi€ ваt %k вo>tаs• }srаy fine, amerce
вoлоt %t вoлоt ffraction
вuоw, вuо wqа %t вouоw Installment , payment
>okrm € %k вoойs> Gо umimwuªz wвms>лаzG mo"nt
vоu>quа %k вoойs> Gо wmtmuаzG seed
вor>в %t, mqwvло o>€ %n вorªв e&plosion
kол€ t, вj orаwsmu %v вorоwлªй lderly ,)he ad"lt
vо lqxv, rx}вms %t вo€sqа GvоlqxvG bribe
вo€ sqа %n вo€sqа Gqаrsо|uа€G bribe
в>l %t в>l Gвum}uоws•G vie#, si!ht, appearance
> okлml %t в>l Gtmwsuоws•G vie#, landscape, locality
в>l %t, wоrs %t, rаouов>luоws
в>l GwоrsG /ort, diversity
в> nlаt, kлm lаt Gwtоsrms•,
vr>wtаsr>ваs•G %k
в>lms• /ee, perceive #ith the eyes
qаqsо >okлm nа в>l>tо apparently
в> oа %n в>oа visa, permit for enterin! into a co"ntry
>olа ваt в>oа вªlаваs• в>ox !rant a visa
в>o> sа %n, vоwm~m u>m в>o>s visit, call , ?isitin!
в>л>{а %n в>лqа fork
в>uа %n в>uа ,"ilt, fa"lt
в> uо %w в>uо #ine
i€ло в>uо imлоm в>uо Dhite #ine
|mrвm uо в> uо qrаwuоm в>uо 3ed #ine
в>uовmu в>uоваsªй !"ilty
krо olm %w в>uоkrаl G€kоlаG ,rape, ,rapes, berry
лоoа %n в>uоkrаl Grаwsmu>mG !rape+ vine$ vine
ло om %w в>uоkrаlu>q vineyard
krо olов %v в>uоkrаluªй !rapes, vine
в>us %t в>us scre#
в>w€ %k в>wms• han!$ ban!le
в>sr>uа %n в>sr>uа shop #indo#
в> }uов, в> }umu %v в>}umвªй cherry$ #ine colored
в> }uа %n в>}u€ Glmrmво > €kоlаG cherry$ cherry tree
влоk %t, вuа w€um %w вqлаl Beposit , introd"ction
влаkаt %k вqлаlªваs• Invest, p"t inGinto, deposit
вqлƒ|ваt %k вqлƒ|аs• )o incl"de , involve
вqлƒ|> smлuо вqлƒ|а€, вqлƒ|>smл•uо Incl"din! , incl"sively ,incl"sive
вqлƒ|а, vx wuа вqлƒ|>s• incl"de
vxwum sm smлmв>oоrа вqлƒ|>sm smлmв>oоr 5lose television
вqлƒ|а wm, vxwuа wm вqлƒ|>s•w€ intervene
uаqrа sqо, uаqjwо вqrаs{m s"mmarily
вqxw %t вqxw taste
вqx wmu %v вqxwuªй )asty, delicio"s
vr>smnа smл, wоiwsвmu>q,
wsоvа u>u %t
влаlmлm{ o#ner, possessor
влаlm € %k влаlms• o#n, possess$ command
вла nmu %v влаnuªй h"mid, moist, damp, #et
вл€ во, uал€ во влmво )o the left
uал€во оs влmво оs%%% to the left
вл>€ u>m %w вл>€u>m /#ay, Infl"ence
вл>€ €, оqаoваt вл>€ u>m %k вл>€s• infl"ence
oа mluо вtmwsm )o!ether, in conJ"nction
mluовrm tmuuо w sов а , в
wj ~оsо вrmtm, wj~mвrmtmuuо
вtmwsm w smt sim"ltaneo"sly $ at the same time
вtm wsо вtmwsо Instead of
оsuа|а ло, в uа|а лоsо вuа|алm first, at first
вju оs, >oвj u вum .eyond, o"t of
вumwа %k вumws> )o brin!
вj u}mu %v вum}u>й o"ter, o"t#ard
lо лx, vоlо лx вu>o Bo#n, belo#
lо лx вu>ox belo#
вuа w€t %k вuоw>s• .rin!, )o brin! in
вuxq вuxq !randson
вjsrm}mu %v вuxsrmuu>й inside
вjsrm вuxsr> Inside, in, inside, #ithi
вjsrm, uавjsrm вuxsr• In#ard, in, inside
вux|qа %n вux|qа !randda"!hter
uавrm tm вовrmt€ In time , on time
вsоrо во+вsоrªz secondly
воlа %n воlа #ater
}оy•оr %t воl>smл• воl>smл•
во l€ %k воl>s• Gvо vаrqxG lead, cond"ct
qаrаt %k
воl>s• Gxvrавл€s• авsоtоi>лmt
> vr%G
5ond"ct$ retrib"tion$ penance
воlолm|m u>m %w воlолm| mu>m Dater treatment
воlоvrово l %t воlоvrовоl #ater+main, #ater+cond"it
во lmu %v воl€uой #ater, a¦"atic,
воƒваt %k воmваs• fi!ht, battle, be at #ar
воnl %t воnl• leader, head
вjruа, вjoвj ruа %k воoвrаs>s• ret"rn, !ive back
вjruа wm, вjoвj ruа wm %k воoвrаs>s•w€ come back, ret"rn$ re!ain
вrj~аt, вj oвrj~аt %k воoвrа~аs• restore, ret"rn$ reimb"rse
вrj~аt wm, вjoвrj ~аt wm %k воoвrа~аs•w€ ret"rn, !o back, come back
вjoв>}m u>m %w воoвª}mu>m, воoвª}muuоws• elevation, hei!ht, hill
вjolxz %t воolxz air, atmosphere
во o€ %k воo>s• carry, transport
вjotо nuо воotоnuо GtоnuоG It is possible , maybe , possibly
tо nm i>, вjotо nuо воotоnuо Gtоnms iªs•G 8ossibly, maybe, perhaps
вjotо nuоws %n воotоnuоws• 'pport"nity, possibility
вjorаo€ваt %k воorаnаs• protest, obJect, reJoin, remonstrate
вjorаo€ %k воorаo>s• reJoin
вjorаws %n воorаws time, a!e , year
вл€ oа %k войs> enter, !o in,
kаrа %n воqoал /tation
о qоло воqrxk 6ro"nd, near, 6bo"t
uао qоло воqrxk GqrxkоtG 6ro"nd, ro"nd
вjлuа %n волuа /"r!e , Dave , #ool
вjоirаnmu>m %w вооirаnmu>m Ima!ination, fancy
вjоi~m, >oоi~о вооi~m ,enerally
vjrво во+vmrвªz firstly, first of all
вjvrо w %t воvrоw Gwvrа}>в аs•G E"estion, ¦"ery
вjvrо w, vrоiлmt %t воvrоw, vrоiлmtа 8roblem , ¦"estion
qrаlm { %t воr thief, robber, taker
вrаim { %t, вrаi|m %w воrоimй sparro#
qrаlа %k воrоваs• thieve, pilfer, steal, nab
kаrваu %t воrоu raven, corbie, cro#
вrа uа, kаrkа %n воrоuа cro#, rook
vоrsа %n воrоsа !ate, !ate#ay, harbor, port
€qа %n воrоsu>q collar, neck, yak,
вjovалm u>m %w воwvалmu>m inflammation
вjov>sа u>m %w воwv>sаu>m d"cation, "pbrin!in!
вjovо лoваt wm %k воwvол•oоваs•w€ make "se of, improve$ "se
> osоq %t воwsоq east$ 'rient
> osо|mu %v воwsо|uªй east, eastern
> okrmв %t воwzоl s"nrise$ "prise, rise, risin!
m sо воs here
m sо sоo> воs ®sоs here
oа vrjвvjs вvmrвªm first, for the first time
uаvrm l вvmrml for#ard, !o ahead
оsvrml, uаvrm l вvmrml> ahead, alon!
uаvjлuо, wjвwmt вvолum f"lly, thoro"!hly
uа> ws>uа %u вvrавlx )r"ly , really
uаl€wuо, вl€ wuо вvrаво )o the ri!ht
лmqаr %t вrа| 8hysician, )he doctor
лmqаrwq>, tml>{>uwq> %v вrа|miuªй medical
вrm lmu %v вrmluªй InJ"rio"s , h"rtf"l
вrmtmumu вrmtmuuªй )emporary ,
вrmtm %w вrmt€ time, date$
вwm вw¯ all$ #hole
вwm о~m вw¯ m~m still
вwm mluо вw¯ rавuо somethin!
в> uаk>, вw€qоkа вwmklа al#ays
вw>|qо, о i~о вwmkо Gоiоi~mu>mG all, alto!ether, in all, all in all
wа tо вwmkо Gsол•qоG itself$ self , only, merely
вjoваr€ , wваr€ вwq>v€s>s• boil
vоrа l>, вwлm lwsв>m GuаG вwлmlwsв>m o#in! to, beca"se of , for, thro"!h
vоrа l> sова вwлmlwsв>m ®sоkо Cor this
wvоtu€t w>, vr>vо tu€t w> %k вwvоt>uаs• recollect, remember, recall
wvоtu€ w>, vr>vо tu€ w> %k вwvоtu>s• recall, recollect, remember%
wsаваt %k вwsаваs• stand "p, stand$ !et "p
vоwsа в€, вtm ws€ %k вwsав>s• )o insert , p"t$ affi&
vоwsа в€t, вtm wsваt %k вwsавл€s• p"t, place, position% insert, inset, p"t in
wsа uа %k вwsаs• be "p, be abo"t
wrm ~uа %k вwsrms>s• r"n, meet , find, see
wrm ~а %n вwsrm|а meetin!
vоwrm ~аum %w вwsrm|а Gvr>mtG 3eception, en!a!ement, !reetin!
wrm ~аt %k вwsrm|аs• meet, !et to!ether, find, see
uаwrm ~mu %v вwsrm|uªй co"nter, a!ainst, adverse
вwmq> вw€q>й 6ll, any, anyone, each, every, any
вsоr>|uо, vовsо ruо вsоr>|uо 6!ain, repeatedly
вsоru>q вsоru>q )"esday
вsоrо %w вsоrоm GiлƒlоG second$ secondary , secondly
вsоr> вsоrой second
uаijroо, ijroо вsоrоv€z in haste, in a h"rry , ¦"ickly
вsоrоqа|mwsвmu %v вsоrоwоrsuªй /econd+class, second+rate
вsоrоwsm vmumu вsоrоwsmvmuuªй secondary$ minor
sr> vj s>, srо йuо вsrоm )hree times , thrice
sr> tа вsrоmt all three , three people, three
вzоl %t, вл> oаum %w, lо wsjv %t вzоl ntrance, access
вл>oаt %k вzоl>s• )o enter , enter, !oGcomeG#alk in
в|mrа в|mrа yesterday
в|mrа wxsr>usа в|mrа xsrоt ¢esterday monin!
wuо ~> в|mrа вm|mrоt last ni!ht, yesterni!ht
в|mrа}mu %v в|mrа}u>й yesterday*s
|ms>r>vj s>, |msвоruо в|msвmrо fo"rfold
|ms> r>tа в|msвmrоt fo"r people
вл>oаum %w вjmol entry, entrance
вл>oаt %k вjmonаs• move in , enter, !oGcomeG#alk in
>oqа|ваt wmuаkоrm %k вjmonаs• Guаkоrx, vоlu€s•w€G stand "p, move in
вл€ oа %k вjmzаs• drive in , enter, !o
>oqа|а wmuаkо rm %k вjmzаs• Guаkоrx, vоlu€s•w€G stand "p
в> m вª yo"
>oi> rаum %w, >oiоr %t вªiоr choice, selection
vо > oiоr uа вªiоr selection
>ozвjrл€t %k вªirаwªваs• thro# a#ay, thro# o"t
>oimrа %k вªirаs• choose
>ozвjrл€ %k вªirоw>s• thro# o"t, reJect
y> rtа, sаim ла %n вªвmwqа si!n, si!nboard, board
oаq лƒ|mu>m вªвоl
ded"ction, concl"sion, imprisonment,
>okо lmu %v вªkоluªй advanta!eo"s, beneficial
rаosоваrваt, wsоваrваt %k вªkrxnаs• Bischar!e, "nload, d"mp
rаosоваr€, wsоваr€ %k вªkrxo>s• Bischar!e, "nload, d"mp
lа ваt, >olаваt %k вªlаваs• &tradite, betray, emit, prod"ce, !ive
lа ваt vаr> вªlаваs• lmu•k> e&tradite$ betray
lаt, >olаt %k вªlаs• !ive$ distrib"te
>ot>wл€ %k вªlxtаs• invent
>oл> oаum, oаt>uа ваum %w вªmol Bepart"re , e¦"ipa!e, carria!e
>oл>oаt, oаt>uа ваt,
srjkваt %k
move o"t$ come o"t, depart, leave, start, set
>oл€ oа, oаt> uа, srjkuа %k вªmzаs• set o"t, depart, start, come o"t, !o o"t
>oв> qаt, vов>qаt %k вªoваs• 8rovoke, call, s"mmon
vrml>oв>qаt %k вªoªваs• 5all, send for, ind"ce, insti!ate
wvm|mл€, vоiml€ вª>krаs• Din, p"ll off, #in, !ain
vm|алiа %n вª>krª} #in, !ain$ #innin!
>oл€ oа, uаvxwuа %k вªйs> !o o"t, e&it, leave
mлmq sr>|mwq> qлƒ| %t вªqлƒ|аsmл• s#itch$ c"t o"t
wv>rаt %k вªqлƒ|аs• sh"t off, t"rn off, stop
wvrа %k вªqлƒ|>s• s#itch off, t"rn off, stop
оsл> sаum, >oл>sаum %w вªлms fli!ht$ sortie , depart"re
оsл> sаt, >oл> sаt %k вªлmsаs• fly o"t$ start , fly offGa#ay
оsлms€ , >oлms€ %k вªлmsms• set o"t , fly off
>oлmqx ваt, >o{mr € вªлm|>s• )o c"re , heal, c"re
>oлm € %k вªл>s• )o po"r o"t
>ot>€ %k вªtªs• #ash o"t$ #ash do#n, >ot>ваt
>ot>€wm %k вªtªs•w€ #ash, be rinsed ,
>oва nlаt %k вªu>tаs• take o"t$ lay o"t, abstract, prod"ce
>ov> € %k вªv>s• )o have a drink , drink
>orа wваt %k вªrаwsаs• !ro#$ !ro# "p
>ovrаs€, vrаs€ %k вªwлаs• e&ile, deport ,send, dispatch
в>wо q %v вªwоq>й hi!h, tall$ bi!$ to#erin!, )emple
в>wо|>uа , в>wоsа %n вªwоsа
hei!ht, altit"de$ pitch$ eminence$ bi!ness ,
altit"de$ level, hei!ht, hi!hness
vrmtm ws€ %k вªwsав>s• GвvmrmlG p"t for#ard$ kick$ send o"t
G>oло nа %k вªwsав>s• Guаvоqаo Cor sho# , display
>oло niа %n вªwsавqа &hibition, sho#
vrmtm wsваt %k вªwsавл€s• GвvmrmlG &hibit, for#ard
>oла kаt %k вªwsавл€s• GuаvоqаoG for effect , display
>ovmrа %k вªws>rаs• )o #ash , #ash
vоwsrо€ %k вªwsrо>s• 4pb"ild, b"ild
в>w}, uа й+в>wоq %v вªw}>й paramo"nt$ "ppermost, hi!h, s"preme,
>ovrа~аt, vrа~аt %k вªwªлаs• &ile, send, slin!
>owj zваt %k вªwªzаs• dry "p, become dry
%k вªsmrms• dry, #ipe dry , efface
>osr>ваt %k вªs>rаs•, ws>rаs• Dash, delete
>ox|а %k вªx|>s• learn, teach
> ozоl %t вªzоl e&it, e!ress$ o"tlet
>oл> oаt %k вªzоl>s• e&it, e!ress$ leave, come o"t, !o o"t
vо|> вmu вªzоluой Glmu•G
p"t$ do$ do #ith , o"tlet$ obJect$ e&it, rest day,
day off%
>o|>wл€ %k вª|>wл>s• determine, find
>o|>wл€ваt %k вª|>wл€s• calc"late, comp"te
>o|> ws€ %k вª|>ws>s• clean$ br"sh
vо +в>wоqо, uаl, vо+uаkоrm вª}m above, over$ afore
>o€wu€ %k вª€wu>s• find o"t$ st"dy o"t
ir€ws %t в€o
elm, type of tree c"ltivated for shade and
vлmsmu %v в€oаuªй knitted
вm zuа %k в€uxs• Gо rаwsmu>€zG fade, #ilt$ #ither
kаiаr> s %t kаiаr>s overall dimensions, sipe
xwо йu>{а %n kаlƒqа adder, asp, viper, horned adder
kаo %t kаo !as
вm wsu>q %t kаomsа ne#spaper$ paper, Jo"rnal
kаoов %v kаoовªй !as, !aseo"s
kаoова vm|qа kаoова€ vл>sа !as stove, !as cooker
kаoо u %t kаoоu la#n, !rass
kайqа %n kайqа ("t, scre# n"t, female scre#,
kалаusmr>mu %v kалаusmrmйuªй haberdashery
kалаusmr>mu tаkаo> u kалаusmrmйuªй tаkаo>u haberdashery
вrаsовrj oqа, вrj oqа Grаok %G %n kалwsxq necktie, tie, cravat
zалƒ{>uа{>€ %n kаллƒ{>uа{>€ hall"cination, del"sion
kаrа n %t kаrаn !ara!e
kаrаus>rаt %k kаrаus>rоваs• !"arantee
kаrа u{>€ %n kаrаus>€ !"arantee
kаw€ %k
kаw>s• Gоkоu•,
®лmqsr>|mwsво > vr%G
p"t o"t, e&tin!"ish,
kаwsrоuо t %t kаwsrоuоt !astronomer
kаwsrоuоt>|mu %v kаwsrоuоt>| mwq>й ,astronomic, !astronomical
qаrаty> л %t kвоol>qа 5arnation, pink
kво olmй, v>rо u %t kвоol• nail$ hobnail
qjlm , qjlmsо klm #here
qjlm sо >lаm klm iªsоu> iªло Dhere are yo" !oin!
u€q jlm, qjlm lа m klm+л>iо, klm+u>ixl• , klm+sо some#here
zmqsаr %t kmqsаr hectare
zmл>qоvsmr %t kmл>qоvsmr helicopter
kmumrаsоr %t kmumrаsоr !enerator
km u>й %t kmu>й !eni"s
kmrtа uwq> %v kmrtаuwq>й ,ermanic$ /a&on, ,erman
k>imл %n k>imл•
death$ doom, catastrophe, distr"ction,
perdition, e&tinction
kjвqав %v k>iq>й fle&ible$ pliant, pliable, s"pple
kjвqавоws %n k>iqоws• Cle&ibility, resilient
k>l %t, воlа| uа sxr>ws> %t k>l !"ide
z>lrавл>qа %n k>lrавл>qа hydra"lics
z>lrоsmrа v>€ %n, в оlолm|m u>m
k>lrоsmrаv>€ Hydrotherapy, hydropathy
kлава %n
kлава Grxqовоl>smл•, kлавав
kла вmu %v kлавuªй main
kла l€ %k kлаl>s• Iron, press
kла ljq %v kлаlq>й 9evel, smooth
оqо %w kлаo ye, eyes
i> € uа о|> irоwаs•w€ в kлаoа strike the eye, stick o"t a mile
wvrоwsо оqо umвооrxnmuuªt kлаoоt #ith the naked eye
о |mu %v kлаouой ye, ophthalmic
kл> uа %n kл>uа clay, loam
kл> umws %v kл>u>wsªй ar!illaceo"s, clay+like$ heavy
kл> umu %v kл>u€uªй clay „attr%…, earthen
kлj sqа %n kлоsоq
s#allo#, sip, !"lp$ drink , mo"thf"l, !"lp,
dra"!ht, p"ll
ljлiо|>uа %n kлxi>uа depth, deepness$ intensity
ljлiоq %v kлxiоq>й deep, profo"nd$ abysmal$ pervasive
kлx vоws %n kлxvоws• folly, st"pidity$ imbecility
kлx vав %v kлxvªй foolish, st"pid, silly$ cloddish, obt"se
kлxz %v kлxzой "nable to hear, deaf ,hard of hearin!
kлm lаt %k kл€lms• look, see, look, see, #atch, behold
ku>л %v ku>лой rotten, decayed, p"trid
kовоr€ %k kовоr>s• speak, talk$ relate, tell, /peakin!
kоl>uа %n kоl year$ t#elvemonth
kо luоws, srа йuоws %n kоluоws•
fitness$ availability, d"rability $ stability ,
kо lmu %v kоlmu s"itable, fittin!, fit, fitted
kоl> }mu %v kоlовой ann"al, yearly, occ"rrin! once a year
kлаw %t kолоw voice$ call$ vote, s"ffra!e$ vocal or!an, pipe
wвmsлоw> u %v kолxiой bl"e, ap"re , li!htGpale bl"e
vлаu>uа %n kоrа mo"ntain$ mo"nt, hill
tuоkо kоrаolо
m"ch$ more$ most$ farthest, f"rthest$ easily ,
kоr€ %k kоrms• b"rn, comb"st$ !lo#, blape$ tin!le
zоr>oоusалmu %v kоr>oоusал•uªй horipontal, level$ lateral$ aclinic
vлаu> uwq> %v kоr>wsªй mo"ntain „attr…, mo"ntaino"s$ "pland „attr…
kjrло %w kоrло throat, neck$ lane, throat, throttle$ sl #histle
|>wsа|qа, qаtmr>mrqа %n kоru>|uа€ ho"semaid, maid$ chambermaid , cleaner
vлаu> uwq> %v kоruªй mo"ntain
t> umu, rx lmu %v kоruªй Gо}аzsаzG
mo"ntain, hi!hland, montane, о
}аzsаzmo"ntain, hi!hland, montane
krаl %t kоrоl
city$ to#n, pop"lated area that is smaller than
a city ,
krа lwq> %v kоrоlwqой "rban, m"nicipal$ to#n$ city ,to#n , city
krа nlаu>u, krаlwq>n> smл %t kоrоnаu>u to#nsman$ "rbanite, b"r!her, citipen, national
krаz %t kоrоz
pea, type of !reen seed ve!etable that !ro#s
inside a pod , peas
krа zов %v kоrоzовªй 8ease, pea
}m vа %n kоrws• Handf"l, hollo#
kоr|>в %v kоr•q>й bitter, poi!nant, p"n!ent, taste bitter
sm|uо kоr>во %w kоrƒ|mm
f"el, s"bstance b"rned to create ener!y
„#ood, coal, etc%…, comb"stible
kоrm~, sоvjл %v kоr€|>й
hot$ fervent, earnest$ heated, fierce$
mettlesome$ tropic$ !lo#in!$ b"rnin
kоwvоl>u %t
kоwvоl>u Gyоrtа вmnл>воkо
2ister, messie"rs$ master, lord$ !entleman
kоwvоnа %n
kоwvоnа Gyоrtа вmnл>в оkо
lady, madam$ ma*am, missis
kо wsuа %n kоws>uа€ dra#in!+room, sittin!+room, parlo"r$
zоsm л %t kоws>u>{а hotel$ inn, hospice
kоws %t kоws• !"est, visitor, caller
ljrnавmu %v kоwxlаrwsвmuuªй state, of state, p"blic$
ljrnава %n kоwxlаrwsво
land, state$ nation$ common#ealth$
vr>kо sв€t, vоlkоsв€t %k kоsов>s• Gvоlkоsавл>ваs•G
prepare, make ready$ train$ make, cook,
prepare, makeG!et ready
kоsв€ %k kоsов>s• Gv>~xG prepare, make ready
kоsв€wm, vr>kоsв€twm %k kоsов>s•w€
prepare$ ¦"alify, train$ st"dy$ be afoot ,
prepare oneself, make ready
krа lxw %t krаlxw de!ree, !rade
uаkrа lxw, v> йuал
drink, have a drink, partake
smrtоtm sjr %t krаlxwu>q thermometer
krа nlаu>u %t krаnlаu>u citipen, national
krа nlаuqа %n krаnlаuqа citipen, national
krа nlаuwsво %w krаnlаuwsво citipenship, nationality
krаt %t krаtt ,ramme
uаr %t krаuаs ,arnet , pome!ranate$
krа u>{а %n krаu>{а limit, bo"ndary$ border, frontier$ confine
в wsrа uwsво, в |xni>uа oа krаu>{mй
across the border, abroad$ oversea, overseas ,
forei!n co"ntry
оs wsrа uwsво, оs |xni> uа >o+oа krаu>{ª forei!n co"ntriesGparts
krаyа %n krаyа 5ol"mn, !raph$ co"nt$ earl
krm €, sоvл€ %k krms• #arm$ roast$ heat
m лlа %n krm|>zа b"ck#heat
kjiа %n kr>i m"shroom
krо iu>{а %n krоiu>{а tomb, !rave, sep"lchre$ reli¦"ary
в>wо q, krjtjq %v krоtq>й lo"d$ vocifero"s, noisy, clamoro"s$ stron!
в>wо qо, krjtqо krоtqо 9o"dly, hi!h
krxi %v krxiªй r"de, v"l!ar$ boorish
sова r %t krxo
commodity, !oods, merchandise$ shipment,
frei!ht, shipment, car!o$ !oods$ load, b"rden$
sова r€ %k krxo>s•
load, frei!ht$ embark$ b"nker, lade, char!e,
qаt>о u %t krxoов>q tr"ck, lorry
sова rmu %v krxoовой car!o, frei!ht, !oods, loadin!, frei!ht, car!o
sоваrоwvо iuоws %n krxoоvоljmtuоws• carryin!, bearin! capacity
krx vа %n krxvvа ,ro"p, assembla!e, pack
qrx }а %n krx}а Glmrmво>vлоlG pear, type of fr"it$ p"nchin! ball ,
qrx }ов %v krx}mвªй pear, pertainin! to a pear
zm ru>€ %n krªnа Hernia , r"pt"re
лmzа %n kr€lqа ,arden+bed, flo#er+bed
qалmu %v kr€omвой 2"d, m"ddy, dirty, slimy, sl"d!y
qалu> iа u> kr€omвªm ваuuª, kr€o> m"d, mire, #et soft earth
qалmu, um|> ws %v kr€ouªй 4nclean, dirty
qал, trjwоs>€ Gum|>wsоsаG %n kr€o• Imp"rity, dirt, filth, m"d
x wsuа %n kxiа 9ip
rаozо nlаt wm %k kxл€s• meander, stroll, take for a #alk
kj }> %v kxw>uªй anserine, !oose
kjws %v kxwsой visco"s, thick$ dense, thick, dense
kjwqа %n, kjwоq %t kxw• !oose
lа lа Gwоkлаw>mG yes
lа@, uал>@ lа@ ¢es @
lа ваt %k lаваs• ,ive, hand
uал€ kаt, uаs> wqаt %k lав>s• press$ oppress
uал€ kаum %w lавлmu>m 8ress"re, p"sh, tension
оslа вuа lавuо Cor a lon! time , lon! a!o
lа nm, lоr> lаnm even
vоlалm|m lалmm Gоrаwwsо€u>>G f"rther
vо+uаsа sjq lалmm Gовrmtmu>G, вlал•umй}mt farther, f"rther
> sаqа uаsа sjq >sаq lалmm and so on, etcetera, and so forth
lалm |mu, оslалm|m u %v lалmq>й
distant, remote, far$ farther, f"rther$ early$
#ide$ lon! a!o
lалm |m lалmqо
a#ay off, a lon! #ay, afar$ far, a#ay$ farther,
f"rther$ #ide$ best$ f"rthest
vо+uаsа sj}mu lал•umй}>й f"rther
vо +lалm|m lал•}m
farther, f"rther$ forth, for#ard$ hereafter$
on#ard$ alon!$ beyond$ ne&t
lа tа %n lаtа lady, dame, !entle#oman
lа twq> %v lаtwq>й 9ady*s , ladies*
lаuu> %tu %n lаuuªm
data, facts, information$ records, evidence$
lа lmu %v lаuuªй !iven, present , partic"lar
в tоtm usа в lаuuªй tоtmus 2oment , no#
в lаlmu>€ wлx|ай в lаuuоt wлx|аm incidentally
ojiолmqаr %t lаus>ws dentist$ doctor
vоlаr€ ваt %k lаr>s• !ive, !rant, besto#$ donate$ remember
lа sа %n lаsа date$ #hen
lаt %k lаs• !ive, besto#$ deliver
lа йsm, tол€, lаt> uа lайsm, vоnалxйwsа, vrойs> ,ive ,ask, pass
lваvjs>, lваn lваnlª )#ice,
вrаsа %n lвmr• Boor, portal
lв>kаsmл, tоsоr %t lв>kаsmл• motor, en!ine
lв>nа %k lв>kаs• move, stir, )o move
lв> nаwm lв>kаs•w€ move$ r"n$ !et !oin!
lв>nm u>m %w lв>nmu>m )raffic, 2ovement
lваtа lвоm )#o
lвоmsо|>m lвоmsо|>m colon
lво йqа %n lвойqа t#o$ de"ce$ dyad
lво mu %v lвойuой Bo"ble, d"plicate
lвоr lвоr 5o"rtyard, yard
vоrs>mr %t lвоru>q Janitor$ #iper$ yardman, door+keeper
lво€ q, lво mu %v lво€q>й Bo"ble, t#ofold
lвxwsrа umu %v lвxwsоrоuuªй bilateral, bipartite
lвxwsа mu %v lвxzqоtuаsuªй t#o+room
lвxtm wsmu %v lвxztmwsuªй )#o+place , t#o+seated
lmi> s %t lmims Bebit, dischar!e, delivery, capacity
tоt>|m %w, tоt>|mu{m %w lmво|qа !irl, female child, lass$ 2iss$ baby, sissy
lmво йqа %n, tоt>|m %w, tоtа
lmвx}qа !irl, lass, maiden, adolescent, lady
l€ lо %t, l€lqо %t lmlx}qа !randfather
lmnxrmu %v lmnxruªй 'rderly, on d"ty
lm йwsв>m %w lmйwsв>m 6ction, operation
вал> luоws %n
lmйwsв >smл•uоws• Gо
lоwsов mruоws•
validity, availability
lmйwsв>smлmu %v lmйwsв >smл•uªй real, tr"e, fact"al
lm йwsваt %k lmйwsвоваs• Glmлаs• |sо+л>iоG act, do, operate, play
yxuq{>оu>rаt, rаiоs€ %k lmйwsвоваs• Gyxuq{>оu>rоваs•G f"nction, operate, #ork
lm йwsваt, вjolm йwsваt %k lmйwsвоваs• , воolmйwsвоваs•
act, operate, play, ind"ce, infl"ence,
stim"late, act "pon
lmqлаrа{>€ %n lmqлаrа{>€ declaration, prono"ncement
lmqоrаs> вmu %v lmqоrаs>вuªй decorative, scenic, ornamental
vrа в€, вjr}а %k lmлаs• do$ make$ contract$ perform
vrmwsrxваt wm lmлаs• в>l pretend $ fei!n, make believe
lmлm u>m %w
lmлmu>m Guа }qалmG,G
tаsmtаs>|mwqоm lmйwsв>mG
lm л€, rаolm л€t %k lmл>s• Guа |аws>G Bivide, to pieces
wvоlm л€t %k lmл>s•w€ Gw qmt+sоG Bivide, share, partake
rаiоsа %n, lm ло %w lmло b"siness, #ork$ deed
vrml > вw>|qо vmrвªt lmлоt primarily, first thin!$ first !o
lmлов> , wлxnm imu %v lmловой
b"siness, of commerce$ mana!in!$
b"sinesslike , official, office , f"nctional
vаr> |mu %v lmumnuªй 2onetary, pec"niary
lmu %t lmu• period of 1F ho"rs, day$ period
vаr> %tu lmu•k> money$ c"rrency$ cash
lmvо o>s lmvоo>s deposit, deposit acco"nt
wm лwq> %v lmrmвmuwq>й villa!e, peasant, co"ntrified
wm ло %w lmrmвu€ hamlet$ co"ntry, co"ntryside, ?illa!e
ljrво %w lmrmво tree$ #ood
ljrвmu %v lmrmв€uuªй #ood, #ooden$ timbered
ljrnа %k lmrnаs• hold, keep$ carry$ rest$ poise
ljrnа wm %k lmrnаs•w€
bear, hold on$ keep to$ repose, rest$ stick,
lmwms> {а %n lmw€sоq ten$ decade
lmsа йл %t, |аws Gsол•qо о
lmsал• Betail, part, portion, share$ section,
lmsа йлmu, vоlrоimu %v lmsал•uªй detailed, itemiped$ detail, partic"lar$ min"te
lm{а %tu lms> children, kids$ babies$ iss"e
lm swq> %v lmswq>й child*s, children*s , childlike
lmymqs %t lmymqs Befect, blot, bl"r, defect
m вs>uо lm}mво cheaply, ine&pensively
m вs>u %v lm}mвªй cheap, ine&pensive
qоuy>sƒr %t lnmt Jam, marmalade
vолx вmr %t lnmtvmr J"mper, cardi!an
ln>u ln>u !in eye#ater , !enie
ln>uw> %tu, ljuq> %tu ln>uwª denim, Jeans, bl"e Jeans
l>аkuо oа %n l>аkuоo dia!nosis
l>аkоuа л %t l>аkоuал• Bia!onal, dia!onal
l>аtmsjr %t l>аtmsr diameter
l>ва u, qаuаvm %w l>ваu co"ch, divan, sofa
l>в>lm us %t l>в>lmul Bividend, interest
l>m sа %n l>msа diet$ dietary$ re!imen
l>ms>|mu, l>ms> |mwq> %v l>msms>|mwq >й dietetic, dietary
l> omл %t l>omл• diesel$ oiler$ diesel en!ine
l> vлоtа %n, l>vлоt %t l>vлоt
diploma, certificate !iven "pon completion of
a co"rse of st"dy
l>rm qsоr %t l>rmqsоr director, mana!er
l>rm q{>€ %n l>rmq{>€ mana!ement, directorate$ direction
l>wq %t l>wq disk, disc, flat circ"lar obJect
l>wqxw>€ %n l>wqxww>€ disc"ssion, debate$ polemic, ar!"ment
l>wvm|mr %t l>wvms|mr dispatcher, traffic controller, e&pediter
ljлn>uа %n lл>uа, vrоlолn>smл•uоws• 9en!th, len!th,lon!it"de
uа ljлn>uа в lл>ux len!th$ lon!it"de
lj лjk %v lл>uuªй 9ank, 9on!, prolon!ed
vrоljлn>smлmu %v lл>smл•uªй lon!, prolon!ed, protracted
srа €, vrоljлnаваt %k lл>s•w€
last, contin"e$ end"re$ !o on
e&tend, len!then, prolon!, spread
oа lл€ for
oа lа lл€ sоkо, |sоiª that
lum вmu %v lumвuой daytime
lm umt, vrmolmu€ lumt In the afternoon, d"rin! the day
ljuо %w luо Cloor , bottom
lо lо
to, "nto$ "ntil$ before$ afore, above$ ere$ in so
far as
lоsxq, lоwmkа lо w>zvоr to her, "p to her
lоiа в€ %k lоiав>s•
add, s"pplement$ thro# in$ tack, append$
lоiа в€t %k lоiавл€s•, vr>iавл€s• add $ append $ s"bJoin
vоws>kuа %k lоi>s•w€
come by, obtain, achieve, ac¦"ire, attain,
lо iлmws %n lоiлmws• valor, valiance$ pro#ess, heroism
lоqаrаt %k lовmos> take
lовm rmuоws lовmrmuuоws• )he po#er of attorney
lовm r>m %w lовmr>m )r"st
lовmr€ %k lовmr>s• )o entr"st
lовmr€ваt %k lовmr€s• tr"st, confide$ believe, credit$ accredit, certify
lово лmu %v lовол•uªй
contented, pleased, satisfied$ !lad, happy$
comfortable, comfy
lоwm s€wm %k lоkаlаs•w€ t"mble to
lоwm ~аtwm lоkаlªв аs•w€
!"ess, conJect"re$ "nderstand, ded"ce$
ima!ine$ have a h"nch , to !"ess
uаws>kuа, lоkо u€ %k lоkuаs•
catch "p, overtake$ catch, r"n do#n, chase
and capt"re
lоkоваr€t wm, wvаoаr€ ваtwm Gо
{mumG %k
ne!otiate, parley$ arran!e, concert$ settle,
clinch$ appoint
lо kовоr %t lоkовоr a!reement, contract$ treaty, convention
lоk овоr€ wm, wvаoаr€ wm Gо {mumG
lоkовоr>s•w€ reach a!reement, arran!e$ fi& "p
uаws>kаt, lоkо uваt %k lоkоu€s• 'verha"l, overtake
lоws> kаt, ws> kаt %k lоmonаs• reach, arrive, !ain
lоws> kuа %k lоmzаs• reach
ljnl %t lоnl• 3ain, dripple
lоws> kuа, ws> kuа %k lойs> 5ome, arrive
lоqsоr, лm qаr %t lоqsоr Gвrа| G doctor
lоqsоr %t lоqsоr Guаx|uа€ wsmvmu•G doctor
lоqxtm us %t lоqxtmus
doc"ment, deed, paper #hich provides
information or evidence
ljлk %t lолk debt, liability$ d"ty
lj лjk %v lолk>й
9on!, lin!erin!, !reat, lon!, prolon!ed,
lj лkо lолkо lon!, a lon! #hile
ljлkоwrо|mu %v lолkоwrо|uªй lon! term, lon! time$ lon! distance
lлj nmu lолnmu
be$ o"!ht, have to, m"st, sho"ld, indebted, in
ljлn>tо %v lолnuоm
d"e, somethin! #hich is o#ed to a person$
trib"te, levy
lлj nuоws %n lолnuоws• 8ost, office
lол> uа %n lол>uа valley
lо лаr %t lоллаr Bollar
vо +lj лkо lол•}m 9on!er
|аws %n, l€л %t lол€ G|аws•G 8art, piece, part
lоt %t, qj ~а %n lоt ho"se, home
x lоtа w>, в qj ~> lо tа at home, at one*s residence
lоtа }mu lоtа}u>й domestic, home, ho"se
lоtаq>uwsво %w lоtа}umm zоo€йwsво ho"sehold, family
lоvла ~аum %w lоvлаsа /"rchar!e, e&cess fare
lоvлаs€ %k lоvлаs>s• pay in addition
lоvjлu>smлmu, lоiа вj|mu %v lоvолu>smл•uªй &tra, additive, complementary
vjs %t lоrоkа road, street, #ay,
nmлm ou>{а %n nmлmouа€ lоrоkа 3ail#ay, railroad
lа ваt vjs xwsxvаs•lоrоkx ,ivin! #ay
wqjvо lоrоkо Bearly, dear, e&pensively
wqjv %v lоrоkой dearie, s#eetheart, dear
vj smu,vj su>|mwq> %v lоrоnuªй
road, hi!h#ay$ itinerary$ viatic, travel,
travelin!, travellers*
vj smu ouаq lоrоnuªй ouаq road si!n, traffic si!n
lоwа luо lоwаluо
annoyin!, ve&atio"s$ a!!ravatin!$ sad$
maddenin!, provokin!, it is a pity
ljwqа %n lоwqа .oard, plank, batten
|mruа ljwqа qлаwwuа€ lоwqа blackboard
вom tаt, wвал€t %k lоwsаваs•
)ake , s"bvert, take do#n, p"ll do#n, obtain,
lоwsа в€ %k lоwsав>s• deliver
vr>|>u€ %k lоwsав>s•, vr>|>u>s• Beliver, ca"se
lоwsа вqа %n lоwsавqа delivery
lоwsа в€t %k lоwsавл€s• deliver, brin! ro"nd, s"pply
vr>|>u€ваt %k lоwsавл€s•, vr>|>u€s• ca"se, make, !enerate, ind"ce
lоwsа sj|uо lоwsаsо|uо eno"!h
вom tа, wвал€ %k lоwsаs• )o !et , s"bvert, take do#n
lоws> kаt %k lоws>ckаs• reach, arrive „lо + to…, compass, !ain, #in
vоws>nm u>m %w lоws>nmu>m achievement, attainment, comprehension
lоws> kuа, ws> kuа %k lоws>|• 6rrive!et, !et, achieve, )o reach
вал> luоws %n
lоwsов mruоws•,
lmйwsв>smл•uоws• Gо lоqxtmusаzG
validity, availability, reality
lоwsовmrmu %v lоwsовmruªй 6"thentic, reliable
lоwsо mu %v lоwsойuªй #orthy
oаimлmn>smлuоws %n lоwsоvr>tm|аsmл•uоws• si!hts „pl%…, landmark, sho#place
lо wsjv %t lоwsxv
access, approach, admission, adit, admission,
approach, entrance
lоwsj vmu %v lоwsxvuªй accessible, approachable$ available, attainable
lоqо wваt wm, lоv>rаt wm %k lоsrаk>ваs•w€ to"ch, dab, meet $ osc"late, contact
lо zоl %t lоzоl 3even"e, earnin!s
lо zоluоws %n lоzоluоws• ¢ield, profitableness$ profitability
lо{m us %t lо{mus reader, prelector, docent
lj~mr€ %n lо|• da"!hter
lrm вmu, wsаr %v lrmвu>й 6ncient, a!ed
qваw %t, tа€ %n lrоnn> yeast, leaven, ferment
lrxkаr, vr>€smл %t lrxk Criend, compeer
ml> u lrxk lrxk lrxkа each other
ml> u vrоs>в lrxk lrxk vrоs>в lrxkа eyeball to eyeball
ml> u w lrxk lrxk w lrxkоt to!ether
lrxk %v lrxkой 6nother , friend, friend, mate
lrxk vjs в lrxkой rаo (e&t time
оs lrx kа wsrаuа w lrxkой wsоrоuª contrari#ise, per contra, a!ain
uа lrxk>€ lmu uа lrxkой lmu• (e&t day
lrxnmлƒimu %v lrxnmлƒiuªй friendly, amicable, amiable, !enial
lji %t lxi oak tree, oak
lj iов %v lxiовªй oaken
t> wл€ %k lxtаs• think
vаryƒt %t lxz> perf"me
yxruа %n lxzовqа f"rnace, oven
lx} %t lx} do"che, sho#er, sho#er bath , /o"ls
oаlx }uо, lx }uо lx}uо
airless, st"ffy$ stiflin!, s"ltry$ smothery$
lx }mu, oаlx }mu %v lx}uªй /"ltry, airless, f"sty
l>t %t lªt C"me, smoke
vj vm} %t lªu€ melon
lx vqа %n lªrа Hole , hollo#
l> }аt %k lª}аs• .reathe, )o breathe
lxo>uа %n lƒn>uа dopen
|>|о, вx й|о %t, l€l€ "ncle
zrаuа %n mlа Gvrоlxqsª v>sаu>€G food$ no"rishment
€ lmum %w, zrа umum %w mlа Glmйwsв>mG atin!, feedin!, n"rt"re, action
ml>u> {а %n ml>u>{а one$ "nit$ "nity
ml>u>|mu %v ml>u>|uªй 4nitary, sin!le
ml> uwsвmu %v ml>uwsвmuuªй only, sin!le, sole$ e&cl"sive
ml> umu, оiml>um u %v ml>uªй 4nified
mnmkоlmu %v mnmkоluªй 6nn"al, yearly
mnmlumвuо, вwmq>lumвuо mnmlumвuо daily
mnmtmwm|uо, вwmq>tm wm|uо mnmtmw€|uо 2onthly
в w€qа wm lt>{а mnmumlmл•uо #eekly
wm lt>|mu %v mnmumlmл•uªй Deekly
в о o€wm, vjsxваt, zо l€ Gum
mol>s• ,o, travel, drive, ride , ,oin!, #alk
mла %n mлqа, mл• eat$ make$ pick$ take$ #alk into$ there is
wtjr|ов %v mловªй content, capacity, vol"me, firry, of fir trees
вtmws> tоws %n mtqоws• capacity, content
аqо , аqо л> mwл> if
mwsmwsвmu, vr>rоlmu,
uаsxrалmu %v
mwsmwsвmuuªй nat"ral
€t %k mws• Gqx}аs• G eat, cons"me, feed on
> tа %k mws• Giªs•G there is, there are,be, e&ist$ fare$ play
в о o€wm, vjsxваt %k mzаs• )o !o , travel, Jo"rney, !et abo"t
о ~m m~m still, yet$ else$ more
а л|uоws, лаqоt>€ %n nаluоws• ,reed, !l"ttony
nа л€ %k nалms• bite$ stin! , )o pity, pity
nа лjq %v nалq>й pitif"l
nа лuо, nа лqо nалqо poorly$ miserably
nа лiа %n nалоiа complaint
nа лqо, tj|uо Gt>G m, oа
wjnалm u>m
/orry, hard
nалxo> , nалƒo> %tu nалƒo> ?enetian blinds, Jalo"sie
kоr m~>uа %n, nmkа %n, ouой %t,
nаrа heat
vjrnа, vmqа %k nаr>s• Cry, bake
nаrkо u %t nаrkоu Jar!on
vjrnmu, vm|mu %v nаrmuªй Cry, bake
kоrm ~, nаrjq, ouоmu %v nаrq>й Hot, fiery, flamin!
kоrm ~о nаrqо Hot, ardently
vjrnmuо tmwо %w nаrqоm Cry
ws>wqаt %k nаs• c"t, mo#$ harvest, reap, press
kоrm ~, лƒs>в %v nkx|>й ."rnin!, hot, red
|аqаt, о|аqваt %k nlаs• Dait, abide
nmла u>m %w nmлаu>m #ant
nmла €, > wqаt %k nmлаs•, zоsms• Besire, zоsms•, s"it
vоnmла ваt %k nmлаs• G|mkо+л>iоG Dish, desire
nmлmoоvjsmu %v nmлmouоlоrоnuªй rail#ay
nmлm omu nmлmouой Iron, steel
nmлmoоvjsuа л> u>€, nmлm ou>{а nmлmouа€ lоrоkа 3ail#ay, railroad
nmл€oо %w nmлmoо iron
nmлmoоimsо u %t nmлmoоimsоu armored concrete, stren!thened
njлs %v nmлsªй yello#
wsоtа z %t nmлxlоq stomach
nmuа , wjvrxkа %n nmuа #ife
nm umu, оnmumu %v nmuаsªй married
nm uwq> %v nmuwq>й #oman
nmuа %n nmu~>uа #oman
sвjrl, qоrа в %v nmwsq>й Cirm, hard
n>в %v n>вой live
qоrm t %t n>воs /tomach, abdomen
n>воsuо %w n>воsuоm animal, beast, br"te
sm|mu %v n>lq>й li¦"id, fl"id
r€ ljq %v
n>lq>й Gumuаvолumuuªй,
r mlq>йG
sm|uоws %n n>lqоws• li¦"id
n>воs %t n>ou• 9ife, abdomen
uа |>u uа n>во s оirаo n>ou> lifestyle
n> л>~mu %v n>лой livin!
sлjws>uа %n n>r Cat, fatness
sлjws %v n>ruªй Catty, lardy
n>smл %t n>smл• inhabitant
n> smлwsво %w n>smл•wsво Habitation, residence
tmwsоn>smлwsво %w tmwsо n>smл•wsва residence
n>вm€ n>s• 9ive, be alive
wv>wа u>m %w nxruал 2a!apine, Jo"rnal
nxruал> ws %t nxruал>ws
oа oа 8lacet , Cor
oаl, оsвj l, >oвj u, вju, оs oа behind
Rа lkrа u>{а oа krаu>{mй .y border
uа oа Gо rаwwsо€u>>G Bistance, Cor, onto
vrml> oа GoаrаummG .efore, beforehand
vrmo oа Gв sm|mu>mG B"rin! , across, thro"!h
lо, uа oа G|sо+л>iоG
/omethin!, by, by the side of, beside, near,
close to, ne&t to
w >oqлƒ|m u>m oа >wqлƒ|mu>mt &cept, e&cept for
oаi>ваt, oа|xqваt %k oаi>ваs• )o block
вomtаt, вo> tаt %k oаi>rаs• )o take a#ay, take
oаi>€, oа|xqаt, oаqова %k oаi>s• drive in, hammer in
uавrmtmumu, vrmlваr> smлmu %v oаiлаkовrmtmuuªй
.eforehand, preliminary, timely, opport"ne,
oаiлxl€ wm %k oаiлxl>s•w€ )o lose the #ay
oаiлxnlаваt wm %k oаiлxnlаs•w€
del"de oneself$ err, mistake, misbelieve,
mislead, del"de,
oаiлxnlm u>m %w oаiлxnlmu>m Bel"sion, fallacy
oаiол€ваum %w oаiолmваu>m illness, disease, sickness
oаiол€ваt %k oаiолmваs• /icken, fall ill, sicken, catch a desease
oаiолm € oаiолms• Giолmou•ƒG
be taken ill, !et sick, come do#n, illness,
oаiол> oаiолms• G|sо+sоG be taken ill, !et sick, somethin!, some#hat
оkrаlа %n oаiоr fence$ palin!, picket fence$ palisade, railin!
Nr> nа wm %k oаiоs>s•w€ )o care , tend
oаrmomrв>rаt %k oаirоu>rоваs• )o reserve
oаirав€t %k oаiªваs• )o overlook, leave behind, for!et
oаirав€ %k oаiªs• for!et
vоvаrваt oаваr>ваs• G|ай>s% v%G /cald, bre#
oавmnlа~ %t oавmlxƒ~>й )he mana!er
xвmrmu>m %w oавmrmu>m 6ss"rance
xвmr€ %k oавmr>s• Gq оkо+л>iоG 6ffirm, reass"re
oавmr€ %k oавmr>s• GlоqxtmusG 3eass"re, doc"ment
oав>€, xв>€ %k oавmruxs• Gxvаqоваs•G Drap, )o t"rn , pack "p
oав>€, wвjruа %k oавmruxs• Gwвmruxs•G )o c"rtail, )o t"rn
oав>€ oаl jkjла wвmruxs• oа xkол .e rich
oав>w€ oав>wms• depend
oав>w>tоws %n oав>w>tоws• dependence
oавоl %t oавоl Cactory, plant
вjвm nlаt %k oавоl>s•, xwsаuавл>ваs• Initiate, take, lead, )o establish
oаvо|ваt, oавjr oаt oавоl>s• Guа|>uаs•, oа>tms•G .e!in , take
vx wqаt oавоl>s• GtоsоrG r"n "p , take, lead, motor
oавоlwq> %v oавоlwqой 2ill, factory
x srm oавsrа 2ornin!, tomorro#
oаqxwqа %n oавsrаq .reakfast, snack
x srm}mu %v oавsrа}u>й )omorro#, of tomorro#
iл> oqоsо ij lm~m oавsrа}u>й lmu• tomorro#
oавjrnа, vrmвjrnа %k oав€oаs• )o knot , tie "p, bind "p
oаkа lqа %n oаkаlqа 3iddle, eni!ma
oаkаr %t oаkаr /"nb"rn, s"ntan
uаlojruа %k oаkл€uxs• drop in, pop in
oаkлав>m %w oаkоловоq title, headin!
vmqаwm %k oаkоrаs• !et a s"ntan, s"nbathe
>oвjukr а lwq> %v oаkоrоluªй s"b"rban$ co"ntry, r"ral
|xni>uа %n oаkrаu>{а 6broad, forei!n co"ntry
|xnmwsrа umu %v oаkrаu>|uªй overseas, forei!n
oаlаваt вjvrо w oаlаваs• воvrоw p"t a ¦"estion to, ask a ¦"estion
oаlа|а %n,vоrj|m u>m %w oаlаu>m )he task , errand, task
oаlа|а %n oаlа|а task
oаljrnа %k oаlmrnаs• detain
oаljrnа wm %k oаlmrnаs•w€ lay over$ overstay
oаwmkuа, oаq а|а %k oаlms• )o to"ch , to"ch
oа lmu %v oаlu>й back, behind, after$ rear, tail
oаlu>}qоt, kjriоt oаlоt .y back, aback, back#ard
oаt> wл€ wm oаlxtаs•w€ )o reflect , m"se, be lost in tho"!ht
oаvал€ k% oаnm|• Gв s% |% wвmsG b"rn "p, li!ht, kindle
oаvалqа %n oаn>kалqа 9i!hter, li!hter,
vа л€ %k oаn>kаs• )o li!ht, b"rn, sin!e, parch, scorch
oа>usmrmwоваuоws %n oа>usmrmwов аuuоws• Interest, material
vоwms€ %k oайs> drop in, stop by$ t"rn in, visit, resort, call on
vоr j|qа %n oаqаo )he order, errand
vоr j|аt k% oаqаoаs• order$ charter$ book
qл>m us %t oаqаo|>q )he c"stomer
vоr j|ваt %k oаqаoªваs• )o order, book, order, charter
oавjr}ваt %k oаqаu|>ваs• end, finish, concl"de
oа лmo oаqаs s"ndo#n, s"nset$ after!lo#
oалmvваt %k oаqлm>ваs• !l"e, Join #ith !l"e, !l"e, paste
oалmv€ %k oаqлm>s• )o stick, stick
wqлƒ|ваt %k oаqлƒ|аs• GlоkовоrG 6!reement, concl"de
> oвоl, oаqлƒ|m u>m oаqлƒ|mu>m, вªвоl Bed"ction, imprisonment, concl"sion
wqлƒ|а %v oаqлƒ|>s• concl"de
oаqо u %t oаqоu 9a#, principle
oаqо umu %v oаqоuuªй la#f"l
oаqоuоtm ruоws %n oаqоuоtmruоws• re!"larity
oаqоuоtm rmu %v oаqоuоtmruªй la#+!overned
oавjr}а %k oаqоu|>s• )o finish
oаqrmv€ , xqrmv€ k% oаqrmv>s• Casten, infi&
oаsваr€t %k oаqrªваs• )o close, closed
oаsвоrmu, oаqr>s %v oаqrªsªй closed, sh"t$ enclosed
oаsвоr€ %k oаqrªs• 5overed, sh"t "p, close
oаqxvx ваt %k oаqxvаs• b"y in, p"rchase
oаvx }ваt, oаvалваt %k oаqxr>ваs• )o li!ht, b"rn "p, li!ht
oаvx }а %k oаqxr>s• )o smoke„li!ht…
wал о u %t, oа ла %n oал hall
oа л>в %t oал>в !"lf
oалоk %t, оimovm|m u>m %w,
kаrа u{>€ %n
oалоk pled!e
oаiав€ %k oаtmlл>s• slo#, retard
oаiав€t %k oаtmlл>s• delay, impede, retard, temporipe
oаt€ uа %n oаtmuа &chan!e, alternate
oаtm u€, oаtm ws€ %k oаtmu>s• 3eplace,
oаtm u€t, oаtm wsваt %k oаtmu€s• /"bstit"te, chan!e, s"bstit"te
oаtm wsu>q %t oаtmws>smл• Bep"ty, )he assistant
oаimлm nа %k oаtms>s• Gxв>lms• G Bescry, )o see
oаimлm nqа %n, ouаq %t oаtmsqа GvоtmsqаG 3emark, scratch, label, (ote
imлm nqа %n oаtmsqа Goаv>wqа, wооi~mu>mG note, messa!e, chit, remark
oаimлmn>t %v oаtmsuªй clearly, visibly$ noticeable, obvio"s
oаimл€oваt %k
oаtm|аs• Gxв>lms•, oаtms>s• в
r аokовоrmG
behold, co!nipe, descry, detect, discern
oаtm wsваt, oаtm u€t %k oаtm~аs•
chan!e, s"bstit"te, replace, s"bstit"te$ act$
oа tjq %t oа tоq castle, chatea", castle
irава %n, qлƒ|а лqа %n, qаs>uаr
9ock, castle, chatea"
oаtлjqва %k oаtолqаs• become silent, break off
oаtjл|а , tлjquа %k oаtол|аs• )o break off
oа t>wjл %t, vлаu %t,
uаtmrmu>m %w, >lm € %n
oаtªwmл contrivance, plan
oаumwа %k oаumws> Gвm~•G )o brin!, thin!
oаv> }а, вv> }а, вumwа %k oаumws> Goаv>w•G )o brin!, 3ecord
vоu>nаваt, wtал€ваt
GumоiоwuоваuuоG %k
oаu>nаs• mark do#n
oаmtаt %k oаu>tаs• Gо lmu•kаzG )o take, loan$ mort!a!e
oаmtаt, oаu>tав аt %k oаu>tаs• Gtmwsо, вrmt€G .orro#, occ"py, )o take , place, time
oаu>tа ваt wm %k oаu>tаs•w€ G| mt+л>iоG )o be en!a!ed, interest
uаuо во, оsuово oаuово 6ne#
oаuа w€t, оsuа w€t %k oаuоw>s• Gвm~• G )o brin!, thin!, take, carry
oаv>wваt, вv> wв аt, вuа w€t %k oаuоw>s• Goаv>wªваs•G )o brin!, record, brin! in, carry in
oаu€s>m %w oаu€s>m 'cc"pation, mployment
oаm s %k oаu€sªй ."sy, f"ll
oаmtа wm %k oаu€s•w€ )o en!a!e, loan
oа vаl %t oаvаl #est
oа vаlmu %v oаvаluªй Destern, #est
оvаqоваt %k oаvаqоваs• #rap "p, pack
oаvаw %t, rmomrва %n oаvаw reserve, store$ f"nd
oаvаwmu %v oаvаwuªй spare, reserve$ store, reserve, spare, stand+by
t>r>otа %n, t>r>w %t oаvаz /mell, sense of smell
oаsвоr€, oаqлƒ|а %k oаvmrms• )o lock , sh"t, close
oаvm|аsаt %k oаvm|аsаs• seal, close "p
oаvm|аsваt %k oаvm|аsªваs• seal, seal "p, !l"e
oаsваr€t, oаqлƒ|ваt %k oаv>rаs• lock, fasten, latch$ bar, sec"re , sh"t, close$
oаv> }а %k oаv>wаs• )o #rite do#n , book, note, record, re!ister,
oа v>wqа, imлm nqа %n oаv>wqа /lip, note, messa!e, chit, remark
imлm nu>q %t oаv>wuа€ qu>nqа
note+book$ diary$ „#ritin!+…pad, Jotter$
oаv>wваt %k oаv>wªв аs• )o #rite do#n , book, note, record, re!ister
vлаu>rаt %k oаvлаu>rоваs• plan, make a scheme, plot, desi!n
vлаs€ , oаvлаs€ %k oаvлаs>s• )o pay , !ive, part
oаvjлu€, >ovj лu€, uаvjлu€ %k oаvолu>s• Guаvолu>s•G )o fill , fill
+vоvj лваt %k oаvолu>s• GiлаuqG )o fill , )he form , replenish
oаvоtu€t %k oаvоt>uаs• )o remember , remember
oаvоtu€t wm %k oаvоt>uаs•w€ remember
oаvоtu€ %k oаvоtu>s• memoripe
oаvоtu€ wm oаvоtu>s•w€ remember
oаv>sваt %k oаvrа}>в аs• 3e¦"est, ask, in¦"ire, interro!ate, ¦"estion
oаirаuа %n oаvrms
interdict, prohibition$ ban, embar!o$ taboo ,
oаirаu€ %k oаvrms>s• 8rohibit, interdict
oаirаu€ваt %k oаvrm~аs• )o forbid , forbid, prohibit, p"t a ban on
oаv>sваum %w oаvrоw In¦"iry, ¦"ery, ¦"estion
oаv>sаt %k oаvrоw>s• Gwvrоw>s•G ask, in¦"ire, ¦"estion
vо> wqаt %k oаvrоw>s• G{muxG
search, h"nt, ¦"est$ lookin! for, seekin!, )he
oаijrqаu, оijrqаu %v oаvxsаuuªй
Intricate, conf"sed, confo"nded, chaotic,
oаijrqаt, оijrqаt %k oаvxsаs• ntan!le, abash
rmomrвu> |а ws> %tu oаv|аws> /pares
oаvmsа йqа, oаvmsа € %n oаv€sа€ 5omma, 8oint
vm|m л€ %k oаrаiаsªваs• )o earn , earn, !ain, !et, score, #in
wvm|mл€ %k oаrаiоsаs• Gо oаrаiоsqmG #in, !ain, earn
oаvла sа, vm|а лiа %n oаrаiоsоq, oаrvлаsа
arnin!s, !ain, l"cre, profit, ret"rns, pay,
oаrmk>wsr>rаt %k oаrmk>wsr >rоваs• enre!ister$ incorporate
oаrmk>wsr>rаt wm %k oаrmk>wsr >rоваs•w€ book, enter, notify, score, re!ister
rjnl€ wал %k oаrnавлmuuªй r"sty, o&idiped, r"st+eaten
oаlkrаu>|mu, |xnlmwsrа umu %v oаrximnuªй forei!n$ e&terior , stran!e, alien
oаrml€ %k oаr€l>s• 5har!e, arm, load
oаrm nlаt %k oаr€nаs• 5har!e, arm, load , arm, load, prime
oаwлxkа %n oаwлxkа 2erit, achievement$ credential$ merit
oаwv€ %k oаwuxs• !o to sleep$ fall asleep, drop off
oаwsа в€ %k oаwsав>s• 5ompel, make, force, chock "p
oаwsа в€t %k oаwsавл€s• )o force, constrain, compel, coerce, obli!e
oаваr€, uаtmr€ %k oаwsаs• )o find
oаqоv|а € %k oаwsmkuxs• hook "p
vо wлm, wлml sова oаsmt (e&t, )hen, after
oаsjquа %k oаsquxs• stop "p , sh"t "p
oаsова vjq , оiа|m oаsо ."t
rаouо wq> %tu, rа ozоl %t oаsrаsа Belivery, e&pense
>ozа r|а, >orаozо l€ %k oаsrаs>s• GwrmlwsваG /pend, reso"rces
xvоsrmi€ , vоло nа %k oаsrаs>s• Gsrxl, xw>л>€G
effort, e&ertion$ tro"ble, labor, p"sh$ str"!!le$
p"ll, stretch, stress , apply, "se, "tilipe, make
"se of
>ozа r|в аt, >orаozо lваt %k oаsrа|>ваs• GwrmlwsваG 2eans, spend, e&pend, e&ha"st, e&ha"st
xvоsrmi€ ваt, vолаkаt %k oаsrаs>s• Gsrxl, xw>л>€G /pend, effort, lay, place, rest, p"t, set
oаsrxlumu>m %w oаsrxlumu>m Hardship, diffic"lty
oаsrxlu€ %k oаsrxlu>s• obstr"ct
uаt>uаваt, оsi>ваt %k oаzоl>s• )o come , deflect
oа~о oа|mt Dhy , Dhat for
oа|> wл€ %k oа|>wл€s• )o enlist
oа}> ваt %k oа}>ваs• se#, stitch "p, s"t"re
oа~>sа %n oа~>sа .ehalf, ,"ard
oа€в€ , wjоi~€ , uаvrав€
oа€влm u>m %k
oа€в>s• )o declare
oа€вqа %n, >wqаum Gsrmiоваu>mG
oа€вqа )he application , claim, re¦"irin! , demand
oа€влm u>m %w, tолiа %n oа€влmu>m GlоqxtmusG Boc"ment, application
в>qаt, oова %k
oвааs• Guаvr %, q smлmyоux, oваs•
uа vоtо~•G
re¦"est, adJ"ration, appeal, invocation, s"it
uаoова ваt, uаr>|аt, >tmux ваt
oваs• G>tmuов аs•G
)o call , nominate
qа u€ %k oваs• Gqxlа+л>iо: в kоws>G invite, ask, bid, )o call
oвju€ %k oвоu>s• Gв oвоuоqG rin!, clan!, tinkle, bell
smлmyоu>rаt, sjrw€ vо
smлmyо uа %k
oвоu>s• Gvо smлmyоuxG
telephone, phone$ call on the phone, rin! s%o%
oвxq %t oвxq so"nd, t"ne, (ote
olа u>m %w, wkrа lа %n olаu>m b"ildin!
sxq olmw• Here
sx qа}mu %v olm}u>й indi!eno"s
olrав> wваt wm olоrоваs•w€ )o !reet , !reet, sal"te
rjqxваt wm olоrоваs• w€ oа rxqx shake hands
olrав %v olоrовªй Healthy, healthy
olrавm %w olоrов•m Health, fitness, l"stiness, #ell+bein!
wаuаsоr>xt %t olrавu>{а health resort , sanatori"m
olrавmоvа oваum %w olrавооzrаumu>m health services, sanitation, hy!iene
olrавm й olrавwsвxй Hi , hello
olrавm йsm olrавwsвxйsm Hello, !ood afternoon
olrав %v olrавªй
healthy, rob"st$ sober, so"nd, sane$ moderate$
#holesome$ sensible
olrав>€ wt> wjл olrавªй wtªwл mother #it, common sense
omлm u %v omлmuªй !reen, verdant, la#ny
omлmu>uа %n omлmu• Gо rаws>smл•uоws>G ,reens , ve!etation
omлmu{xq %t omлmu• Gо v>~mG ,reens , )o food
omtmsrmwm u>m %w, omtmsrjw %t omtлmsr€wmu>m earth¦"ake
omt€ %n, vrjws %n omtл€
earth$ land$ !ro"nd, dirt, soil$ territory$ floor$
sod$ deck
kо rwqа €kоlа %n omtл€u>qа stra#berry
оkлmlа ло %w omrqало mirror, lookin! !lass, reflection$ !lass
ojruо %w omruо !ran"le, !rain$ kernel, corn$ seed$ berry
o> tа %n o>tа #inter
vrmo o>tаsа, o>tj m o>tой In the #inter
o> tmu %v o>tu>й
#inter$ #interly, #intry$ hibernal, of or
pertainin! to #inter
ouаq, im лmk %t ouаq si!n, mark
oаvоouа ваt %k ouаqоt>s• 6c¦"aint, introd"ce
oаvоouа ваt wm %k ouаqоt>s•w€ )o !et ac¦"ainted , introd"ce
vоouаuwsво %w, oаvоouаваum %w ouаqоtwsво 6c¦"aintance , introd"ction , kno#led!e
vоouаs, >oвmwsmu %v ouаqоtªй G>oвmwsuªйG Camiliar, ¡no#n, #ell+kno#n, familiar
vоouаs %t, vоouа йu>q %t ouаqоtªй Gо |mловmqmG Camiliar, kno#n , ac¦"aintance
ouаtmuаsmл %t ouаtmuаsmл• Benominator
ouаtmu> s, vrо|x s %v ouаtmu>sªй Camo"s , celebrated
ouа u>m %w ouаu>m kno#in!
ouа € %k ouаs• , xtms• 6#are , ¡no#in!
vоouаваt %k
ouаs• , iªs• ouаqоtªt w q mt+
kno#, be ac¦"ainted #ith, be familiar #ith
ouа|m u>m %w ouа|mu>m 2eanin! , ?al"e
ouа|> smлmu %v ouа|>smл•uªй 5onsiderable, appreciable
ouа|а, оouа|ав аt %k ouа|>s• mean, si!nify
oла sо %w oолоsо !old
oла smu %v oолоsой !olden
wо ulа %n oоul /onde , drill, #ell, a"!er
|аljr %t oоus 4mbrella , 5anopy
oji %t oxi tooth
oms %t o€s• brother in la#$ son in la#
> > and
>, lоr> > GlаnmG 6nd, even
oа~о sо, vоum nm, sjй q аsо >iо beca"se, for , as
>k ла %n >kла (eedle
>kл>|qа %n >kолqа 3oller, needle
>kuоr>r аt, vrmumirmkваt %k >kuоr>rоваs• I!nore, ne!lect, i!nore, defy, disre!ard
>krа %n >krа )he !ame, playin!
>krа€ %k >krаs• )o play, 8layin!
>krа| %t >krоq )he player, !ambler
>krа|qа %n >krx}qа )oy, playthin!
>lmа л %t >lmал 6potheosis, Ideal
>lmа лmu %v >lmал•uªй Ideal
>lm € %n >lm€ idea
вjrв€ , >lа %k >ls> Glв >kаs•w€, vmrmlв >kаs•w€G !o, move
оs> ваt, srjkваt %k >ls> Gmzаs•G !o, move, #alk, )o !o
оs> ваt, vоwsjvваt %k >ls> Gvоwsxvаs•G act, behave, proceed, !o, move, #alk, tread,
вал> %k >ls> Gо lоnlm > s% v%G it rains, 3ain
оs >o '"t, Crom, o"t of
оsi€kв аt, >oi €kваt, wsrаu€ %k >oimkаs•
)o avoid , avoid, sh"n, esche#, stayGkeep
оsi€kuа, >oi€kuа %k >oimnаs• )o avoid , sh"n
>oл> }jq %t >oiªsоq &cess, /"rpl"s
>oл> }mu %v >oiªsо|uªй 6b"ndant, s"perfl"o"s
>oв>u€ваum, %w >oвmumu>m 6polo!y, 6polo!y
>oв>u€ , vrоws€ %k >oв>u>s• e&c"se, J"stify
>oв>u€ваt wm >oв>u>s•w€ )o apolo!ipe, e&c"se
>oв>вqа %n, qr >вxл>{а %n >ok>i .end, t#ist
>orаiо sваt, >okоsв€t %k >okоsавл>ваs•, >okоsовл€s• make, prod"ce, devise, man"fact"re
>orаiо s€, >okоsв€ %k >okоsов>s• )o make , fabricate
>orаiо sваum, >okо sв€um %w >okоsовлmu>m Cabrication, 2an"fact"rin!
>orаiо smu %v >okоsовлmuuªй 2ade, hand+made
оslалm|, оslалm qо >olалmqа, >olал> Crom apart , Have iss"ed
>olm л>m %w >olmл>m prod"ct
rаouо wq> %tu >olmrnq> 5osts, e&pense
>ooаl, оsвjl, оs >o+oа Gо tmwsm, uаvr% >o+oа xkлаG all alon! of, beca"se, from behind, beyond
oаrаrl> , oа >o+oа, rаl> for the sake of$ for$ by #ay of
лmqxваt, >o{mr€ ваt %k >oлm|>ваs• heal, c"re
>oлmqx ваt %k >oлm|>s• Heal , c"re
>oлmqx ваt wm %k >oлm|>s•w€ make a complete recovery , c"re
>oл> }jq %t >oл>}mq /"rpl"s, e&cess
>oл> }uо, umuxnuо >oл>}um &cessively, Is "nnecessary
>oлj|ваt %k >oлx|аs• ray, radiate, beam
>oлj|ваum %w >oлx|mu>m 3adiation, eradiation, emanation
лƒi>t, оi>|аu %v >oлƒiлmuuªй Cavo"rite
>otmum u>m %w, vrоt€ uа %n >otmumu>m, vmrmtmuа 5han!e, reverse
>otmu€t %k >otmu€s• 6lter, modify, )o chan!e
>otmr€ %k >otmr>s• ,a"!e, meas"re
>otа|qаu, wtа|qаu >ot€sªй Drinkled, cr"sh badly, battered, cr"mpled
>ouо wваt wm, >osjrqваt wm >ouа}>ваs•w€
#ear, lose ¦"ality !rad"ally, #ear do#n,
abrade, scr"b, sco"r, r"b o"t
оsвj srm >ouxsr> from #ithin, from inside
>ovоl >o+vоl from "nder, from beneath
>orаozо lваt, >ozа r|а %k >orаwzоlоваs• "se$ "se "p, spend , e&pend, e&ha"st
r€ lqо, vоu€qоkа, оs вrmtmuа
>ormlqа 'ccasionally
>ox|аваt %k >ox|аs• st"dy, learn$ read$ e&plore, investi!ate
>ox|а %k >ox|>s• st"dy, learn
wsаy> l> %tu >oƒt 3aisin
>qо uа %n >qоuа icon, ima!e
zайвmr %t >qrа Gv>~аG 2eal, Cood
q•оvоолx %w >qrа iаqлаnаuuа€ e!!plant mash, a"ber!ine p"ree
s> u€ %n >л 5lay, oope, /ilt
>л> >л> Gоluо >l> lrxkоmG or
>лƒ o>€ %n >ллƒo>€ ill"sion
>лƒwsrа{>€ %n >ллƒwsrа{>€ >ллƒwsrа{>€
> tmuuо, sj qtо, sо |uо >tmuuо J"st, e&actly, precisely, namely, videlicet
> tаt %k >tms• have
оs s€z >t> )hem, these
>txu>sms %t >ttxu>sms imm"nity
вuоw, >tvо rs %t >tvоrs import
вuа w€t, >tvоrs>r аt %k >tvоrs>rоваs• )o import
>tvо rsmu, вuоwmu %v >tvоrsuªй import
>tvx лw %t >tvxл•w Imp"lse, p"lse
>tx ~mwsво %w, >tоs %t 8roperty
> tm %w >t€ name
оs >tmsо оs >tmu> in behalf of
lrx kо€|m, > uаq, > uа|m >uа|m Gvо+lrxkоtxG 'ther#ise, Bifferently
> uаq, в vrоs>вmu wлx |ай >uа|m, в vr оs>вuоt wлx|аm 'ther#ise, differently
>uвал>l %t >uвал>l Invalid, )he invalid
>uzала {>€ %n >ukал€{>€ inhalation
>unmumr %t >unmumr )he en!ineer , en!ineer
wtоq>u€ %n >un>r Glmrmво > vлоlG Incir, fi!
vоu€qоkа, оs вr mtm uа вrmtm >uоklа /ometimes, occasionally
|xnlmum { %t >uоwsrаum{ Corei!ner, forei!ner
|xnl, |xnlmwsrа umu %v >uоwsrаuuªй Corei!n, e&traneo"s
>uws>sxs %t >uws>sxs Instit"te, instit"te
>uwsrxtm us %t >uw|srxtmus instr"ment
>uwsrx q{>€ %n >uwsrxq{>€ )he instr"ction
>uwxлs %t >uwxл•s ins"lt
>usmrва л %t >usmrвал interval
>usmrmw %t >usmrmw interest, concern$ favor$ pest
>usmrmwuо >usmrmwuо Interestin!ly
>usmrmwmu %k >usmrmwuªй Interestin!
>usmrmwxваt %k >usmrmwоваs• interest, concern
>usmrvrms>rаt %k >usmrvrms>rоваs• interpret
>usx>{>€ %n >usx>{ >€ int"ition
>uyаrqs %t >uyаrqs Infarct
>uyоrtа{>о umu %v >uyоrtа{>оuuªй Information, comm"nicatory
>uyоrtа {>€ %n >uyоrtа{>€ Information
sj rw€ %k >wqаs•
search, seek, h"nt for, look for$ investi!ate,
>oqлƒ|ваt %k >wqлƒ|>s• )o e&cl"de , e&cl"de
оwвmu, w >oqлƒ|m u>m GuаG >wqлƒ|а€ &cl"din!
>oqлƒ|mu>m %w >wqлƒ|mu>m Gоwоimuuоws•G &ception, оwоimuuоws•
> wqrmu %v >wqrmuu>й /incere, honest
>oqxwsвmu %v >wqxwwsвmuuªй artificial
>oqxwsво %w >wqxwwsво art
>ovjлu€в аum %w, >ovjлumu>m %w >wvолumu>m &ec"tion
>ovjлu>smл %t >wvолu>smл• 8erformer, )he e&ec"tor , e&ec"tor
>ovjлu€ %k >wvолu>s• Gвªvолu>s•G 8erform, accomplish, )o e&ec"te
>ovолoваum %w >wvол•oоваu>m 4tilipation, 4se, application
>ovолoваt >wvол•oоваs•
apply, employ, e&ploit, "se, make "se of,
employ, )o "se
rаoвал€ , >ozаi€ %k >wvоrs>s• )o spoil
vоvrав€ %k >wvrав>s• 3ectify, )o correct , reclaim
vоvrав€t %k >wvrавл€s• correct, set ri!ht, retrieve
> ws>uа %n >ws>uа )r"e
>wsоr>€ %n >wsоr>€ /tory, History
>wsоr>€ uа iолmwssа >wsоr>€ iолmou> medical history
> oвоr, > osо| u>q %t >wsо|u>q Guаvr% воlªG /prin!, so"rce, ori!in
t>umrалmu >oвоr t>umrал•uªй >wsо|u>q spa, mineral sprin!
>ozо lmu %v >wzоluªй initial$ ori!inal$ parent , startin!
>ozоl€ ~ %v >wzоl€~>й '"t!oin!, departin!
>o{mr€ %k >w{mл>s• c"re, heal
>o|m oваt %k >w|moаs• )o disappear, evanesce, vanish
>sjй, >sаqа >sаq so$ er!o
wiоr %t, wxtа %n >sоk 3es"lt, ,atherin!, )he ta&
вw>|qо, о i~о >sоkо
all, alto!ether, everythin!, a total of,
commonly, !enerally, "niversally
k> >z оi о i j m q s аz )hem, their, оijmqsаz
vr>, x, qjt q Guаvr авлmu>mG
at, in$ by$ over$ "nder , to, to#ard$ to#ards,
near$ "nto, into$ by$ for$ a!ainst, 6t
qjt q Gо вrmtmu>G )ime, to#ard
q Gоsuо}mu>m, uаvr%
лƒiов• q wоiаqаtG
)o#ard , attit"de, 6ttit"de, bearin!
oа q Gо {mл>, uаvr% q xn>uxG Cor, to
qаimл %t qаimл• cable
qаi> uа %n qаi>uа cabin
qаi>ums %t qаi>ums )he cabinet , cabinet
qав> |q> %tu qавª|q>
inverted commas, ¦"otation marks, ¦"otation
marks, inverted commas
qаljr %t qаlr /hot, se¦"ence
вwmq> qаnlªй each, every, any, veryone
vr>в> lmu, tu>t %v qаnx~>йw€ /eemin!, apparent
>okлm nlаt, wsrxваt wm %k qаoаs•w€ )o seem , look, appear, seem
qаq qаq ho#, #hat
qолqо qаq, uаwqол•qо ho# m"ch, 6s far as
sо|uо, sjqtо qаq rаo e&actly
qаqsо > lа m qаq iª sо u> i ªло anyho#$ someho# or other
qаsо qаq Gvr> wrавumu>>G like
оsqаqsо qаq Gw smz vоr, qаqG /ince , eversince
Tаsо sаqjв qаq sаqовой as s"ch
qаqа о %w qаqао cocoa
vо qаqj в uа |>u qаq>t оirаoоt ho#, ho#ever$ #hence$ ho# on earth@
qаqj в, tu% qаqв> qаqов #hat, #hich
qаqj в, qой qаqой Gвоvrоw>s%G Dhat, #hat kind of, #hich
vо qаqj в uа |>u@ qаq>t оirаoоt@ ho#, ho#ever, #hence
qаqj вsо > lа m, u€qой w>,
qаqой+л>iо some, certain, any, #hatever
u€qой w>, u€qаqjв qаqой+u>i xl• /ome, certain
u€qаqjв, um>oвm wsuо qаqj в qаqой+sо one, some
u€qаq, u€ qаqw> qаq+sо kind of, someho# ,
qалmulаr %t qалmulаr• 5alendar, almanac
вrаs>|qа, vоrs>|qа %n qал>sqа Dicket, !ate, #icket
qалqа u %t qаtiала flo"nder, flatfish
qаtmumu %v qаtmuuªй /tony, /tone
qаtjq %t qаtmu• /tone, rock
qаtmrа %n qаtmrа, yоsоаvvаrаs camera
qаuа вqа, ваlа %n qаuава !"tter, kennel, r"nnel
qаuал>oа{>€ %n qаuал>oа{>€ /e#era!e, canalipation
ваqа u{>€ %n qаu>qxлª holiday, vacation
qаu{mлаr>€ %n qаu{mл€r>€ office, chancery , b"rea"
qаu{mлаrwq> qаu{mл€rwq>й Dritin!, office
qаv>sаловлоnmu>m %w qаv>sаловлоnmu>m investment
qаv>sалmu, оwuовmu %v qаv>sал•uªй 5apital, basal, basic, essential
qаvqа %n qаvл€ drop, bead, blob, dribble
qаvо s %t qаvоs
ho"secoat, loose robe #orn in the ho"se$
hood, movable part #hich covers the en!ine
of an a"tomobile$ #rapper, capote
qаvrо u %t qаvrоu kapron
om лm %w qаvxwsа 5abba!e, 5abba!e
tо л>в %t qаrаulа} 8encil, appeal, s"pplicate, adJ"re
qаrixrа sоr %t qаriƒrаsоr carb"retter
qаrl>uа лmu %v qаrl>uал•uªй cardinal
qаrl>оkrа tа %n qаrl>оkrаttа cardio!ram, electrocardio!ram
wqm лms %t qаrqаw 5arcass, skeleton
lnоi %t qаrtаu 8ocket, cavity
lnо imu %v qаrtаuuªй pocket, vest pocket
qаrsа %n qаrsа map
qаrsоsmqа %n qаrsоsmqа
card inde&, file of cards #hich contain
references to separate items
qаrsо y> %tu qаrsоymл• 8otatoes
qаrsо ymu %v qаrsоymл•uªй potato
qаrs>|qа %n qаrsо|qа 5ard
wu>tqа %n yоsоqаrsо|qа 8hoto!raph, /napshot
oаw€ kаt, оsuаw€t wm %k qаwаs•w€ Gв оvrоwаG
to"ch, make contact #ith, feel, per¦"isition,
to"ch, !rape, br"sh a!ainst
qаwа %n qаwwа
5ash department, pay+desk, cash+desk, cash+
qаwm sqа %n qаwwmsа cassette
qаw>mr %t qаww>r 5ashier, cashier
sm ulnmrа %n qаwsrƒл€ 8an, pot, /a"cepan
qаsалоk %t qаsалоk catalo!"e
qаsаwsrо yа qаsаwsrоyа 6ccident
qаsmkоr>€ %n qаsmk оr>€, rаor€l 5ate!ory
qаymum %w qаym 5afe, coffee+ho"se
qаsm lrа %n qаymlrа /tand, desk, rostr"m
qа|mwsвmu %v qа|mwsвmuuªй ¦"alitative
qа }а %n qа}а
porrid!e, mash, mess, m"ll, soft hot cereal
made of oats or #heat$ kasha, porrid!e made
from cooked !rain
qваlrаs %t qваlrаs /¦"are
qваlrаsmu %v qваlrаsuªй s¦"are, ¦"adrate, ¦"adratic
qвал>y>qа{>€ %n qвал>y>qа{>€ E"alification, ¦"alification
qвал>y>{>rаu %r qвал>y>{>rоваuuªй /kilf"l, trained
qваrsа л %t qваrsал Gоi xл>{аzG E"arter
sr>tm wm|>m %w qваrsал GqалmulаruªйG ¦"arter, trimester
qваrs>rа %n, аvаrsаtmus %t qваrs>rа apartment, flat$ condomini"m, ¦"arter
uа mt %t qваrsvлаsа
rent, money paid for the "se of property,
rаov>wqа, qв>sаu{>€ %n qв>sаu{>€ receipt
uаkо rm qвmrzx 4ppermost, aloft
qmqw %t qmqw 5ake
qаwqm s %t qmvqа 5ap
kаo %t qmrоw>u ,as , kerosene
q>tаt %k q>ваs•
#a!$ beckon$ n"tate, nod , beck, beckon, nod,
q>tuа %k q>вuxs• nod
q>ловаs %t q>ловаss kilo#att
q>лоkrа t %t q>лоkrаtt kilo!ram
q>лоtm sjr %t q>лоtmsr ¡ilometer, kilometre
q> лqа, {а {а, zаtw> € %n q>л•qа sprat, small edible fish
q> uо %w q>uо cinema
zвjrл€, tm suа %k q>uxs• )o thro#, cast, thro#
vав>л>о u %t, ix lqа %n q>оwq ¡iosk, cabin
вrm um, q>vm um %w q>vmu>m .oil, boilin!
q>v€ , вr€ %k q>vms• boil, seethe$ boil over$ b"bble, froth
ijroоваr %t q>v€s>л•u>q
boiler, hot #ater heater$ tea "rn , immersion
вjoваr€ваt, >oваr€ ваt %k q>v€s>s• boil, seethe , decoct$ sterilipe
вr€ла Gвr€~аG воlа %n q>v€sоq .oiled #ater , #ater
vrmваrm u %v q>v€|muªй
boiled, bro"!ht to the temperat"re at #hich a
li¦"id becomes a !as
sx zла %n q>rv>| .rick
sx zлmu %v q>rv>|uªй .rick, brick+b"ilt
q>wm л %t q>wmл•
¡issel, so"r, tart$ aceto"s, vine!ary$ acid,
q>wлоrоl %t q>wлоrоl '&y!en, '&y!eni"m
q>wmл>uа %n q>wлоsа 6cid
q>wmл %v q>wлªй /o"r
vrоq > wuал %v q>wлªй Gvrоq>w}>йG t"rned so"r
|rmвmuƒv q>}m|uªй intestinal
qл>m us %t qл>mus client, c"stomer, patron
qл>musmла %n qл>musxrа 5lientele, clients
qл>tаs %t qл>tаs climate
qл>u>qа %n qл>u>qа clinic
qjлiо %w qлxi GlªtаG sphere, !lobe, ball, orb, cl"b, /moke
qлƒ| %t qлƒ| key
qu>kа qu>kа )he book
smлmyо umu xqаoаsmл smлmyоuuа€ qu>kа phone book, telephone directory
uаlо лx qu>ox do#n#ard, do#n#ards
q>л> t %t qовmr 5arpet
q>л> t|m %w, | mrkа %n qовr>q 2at, r"!
qоk а qоklа Gвоvrоw>s%G Dhen, ¦"estion
qоk а qоklа Gоi xwлов>>G Dhen, 5ondition
qоklа+л>iо, qоk lа+sо Gв
some time, someGone day
u€qой lmu
qоklа+u>ixl•, в qаqой+u>ixl•
lmu• Gоi xlx~mtG
one day
qsо qоkо Dho, Dhom
qоl %t qоl code
sxq+sаtm qоm+klm here and there
mlва+mlва qоm+qаq, w srxlоt hardly
qаq lа m, uа lвm+uаsr> qоm+qаq, umirmnuо anyho#$ any#ise , 5arelessly
u€qой, u€qаqjв, u€qаqjв w> qоm+qаqой /ome, somebody
u€qой qоm+qsо some, somebody
sова +оuова , u€q о>+um~а qоm+|sо somethin!, some#hat
оsiо r %t qоtаulа, оsiоr
selection, choice$ pickin!, choosin!$
qоtа ulxваt %k qоtаulоваs• command
qоusmqws %t qоusmqws conte&t
qоus>um us %t qоus>umus continent
qоu %t qоu• G}аzt%G Horse, steed
qо nа %n qоnа skin
qоnm u %v qоnаuªй, qоnuªй /kin , 9eather
qоrа %n qоnxrа
peel, rind, skin, rind of fr"it or ve!etables$
Jacket, bark
qо йqа %n, лmkло %w qойqа ."nk, lie do#n, rest, rela&
wалаt %t qолiаwа /a"sa!e
qол> |mwsво %w qол>|mwsво E"antity, amo"nt
qолm n %t qоллmln 5olle!e
qла lmum{ %t qолоlm{ Dell, dra#+#ell,
qоtаul>rовqа %n qоtаul>rовqа mission, dele!ation, official Jo"rney
qоti>uа s %t qоti>uаs 5ombine, ind"str"al comple&
sjrkовwq> %v qоttmr|mwq>й 5ommercial, trade
wsа€ %n qоtuаsа room, chamber$ apartment$ lod!in!s
qоtvmuwа{>€ %n qоtvmuwа{>€ 3ecompense, compensation
qоtvmsm usuоws %n qоtvmsmusuоws• 5ompetence, conversance
qоtvmsm u{>€ %n qоtvmsmu{>€ competence, capability, ability
qоtvлm qw %t qоtvлmqw 5omple&
qоtvоum us %t qоtvоumus component$ constit"ent element
vл>q %t qоuвmrs
envelope, paper #rapper in #hich letters are
sealed and sent$ cover
wлаlqаru>{а %n qоul>smrwqа€ confectionery, pastry shop, baked !oods shop
qоulxqsоr qоulxqsоr )he cond"ctor
qrай %t qоum{ )he end , finish
rаoi> rа wm, imo wjtum u>m,
mwsm wsвmuо
qоum|uо /"rely, 5ertainly, nat"rally
qrа mu %v qоum|uªй endin!$ terminal, e&tremity
qоuqxrm u{>€ %n qоuqxrmu{>€ competition, rivalry$ contention
qоuwmrв> %tu qоuwmrвª 5anned food , preserves
qо uwxл %t qоuwxл )he cons"l, cons"l
qо uwxлwsво %w qоuwxл•wsво cons"late, office of a cons"l
qоuwxлsа us %t qоuwxл•sаus 5ons"ltant, adviser
qоusаqs %t qоusаqs contact$ society$ hook"p
qоusrаqs %t qоusrаqs 5ontract, contract, a!reement
qоusrаws %t qоusrаws 5ontrast, antithesis
qоusrол>rаt %k qоusrол>rоваs•
control, command, check, monitor, preside,
s"pervise, oversee
qоusrо л %t qоusrол• control, check, oversi!ht, s"perintendence
qоusxr %t qоusxr conto"r, o"tline , 5irc"it
qоuy>k xrа{>€ %n qоuy>kxrа{>€ confi!"ration
iоuiо u %t qоuymsа /#eet
qоuyл>qs %t qоuyл>qs )he conflict
qоu{mrs %t qоu{mrs 5oncert
wвjr}ваt %k qоu|аs•w€
finish, complete, concl"de, end, terminate,
wвjr}а %k qоu|>s• )o terminate , finish, complete, concl"de, end
qоu€ q %t qоu•€q 5o!nac, brandy
qоv> rаt %k qоv>rоваs•
3eplicate, master form, replica , copy,
imitate, d"plicate
vx }mu %v qоv|muªй smoked, smoke dried
zrа u€ qоrt>s• n"rse, breast+feed$ feed, no"rish$ bait
qxs>€, qxs> йqа %n qоrоiqа .o&, small bo&, cabinet
qrал %t qоrол• )he kin!, /tole
qjw, qrаsjq %v qоrоsq>й /hort, piece, bit, fra!ment, fritter
qоotms>|mwq>, qоotms>|mu %v qоwtms>|mwq>й cosmetic
qоwsƒt %t qоwsƒt 5ost"me, 5ost"me
iоtim %w qоsmлоq G}л€vаG bo#ler hat, derby hat, Hat
qƒysm %w qоsлmsа
meatball, meat formed into a ball$ rissole,
nо ла, qоsлms %t оsi>вuа€ qоsлmsа c"tlet
qой qоsоrªй Gвоvrоw>s%G Dho, #hich
qо йsо qоsоrªй Gоsuоw>s%G Dhich, #ho, that
qаym %w qоym coffee
qаym йu>q %t, qаymu>|m %w qоymйu>q coffee pot, pot
qrай %t qrай 2ar!in, mar!in
qrа йuо, >oвjurm luо qrайum &tremely, s"premely
qrа mu %v qrайu>й &treme
qrаu %t, qаum ла %n qrаu Ca"cet, cinnamon
|m}tа %n воlоvrовоluªй qrаu fo"ntain
qrаw> в, zx iав %v qrаw>вªй Handsome, .ea"tif"l
iо€l> wваt %k qrаw>s• color, dye$ paint$ stain
iо€ %n qrаwqа
paint$ tint, color$ dye$ stain$ fl"sh, s"ff"sion,
|mrвm u %v qrаwuªй 3ed, ro"!e, red
qrаsqовrmtmumu %v qrаsqовrmtmuuªй momentary, brief$ transitional, fleetin!
qrmt %t qrmt 5ream
qrmvоws %n qrmvоws•
fortress, bastion, citadel$ fastness, firmness$
hardiness, sto"tness
qrmwло %w qrmwло 5hair, 6rmchair
в>q %t qr>q, vr>oªв
cry, sho"t, ba#l, call, scream, vociferation,
в>quа, qrm wuа %k qr>quxs• )o sho"t
лаiоrаsоr>€ %n лаiоrаsоr>€ 9aboratory, 9ab
ла kmr %t лаkmr• camp
lоirm лаluо, zоrо}о ,oods
ла tvа %n лаtvа lamp
ƒyq а %n лаv}а noodles, pasta
лjв %t лmв Goвmr•G 6nimal, lion, lev
лmв %t лmв Glmumnuа€ ml>u>{аG monetary "nit , лmв
л€в %v лmвªй left
лmq %v лmkq>й Gо вmwmG 9i!ht, asy, Dei!ht
лm wmu %v лmkq>й GumsrxluªйG easy$ li!ht, not heavy, easy
лmqа qола лmkqовой авsоtоi>л• motor car, passen!er car
i€л lrоi %t лmkqоm 9"n!, asy
imлоlrоimu %v лmkо|uªй p"lmonary
лmnа %k лmnаs• Gо vолоnmu>>G 9ayin!, lay
uаt>rаt wm, wjt %k лmnаs•, uаzоl>s•w€ )o lay, )o be , belon!
лmqа rwsво %w лmqаrwsво 2edicine
лm usа %n лmusа 3ibbon, )ape
kоrа %n лmw Doods, Dood
kоr> ws %v лmw>wsªй Corested, #ooded
wsjлiа %n, wsjлi>~m %w лmwsu>{а /tairs, 9adder, staircase
лm smu %v лmsu>й /"mmer
л€ sо %w лmsо s"mmer
vrmo л€sаsо, лmsm лmsоt flyin!, fli!ht
лm|m i u>{а %n лm|miu>{а clinic$ specialipin! hospital$ retreat
лm|m i mu %v лm|miuªй
medicinal, medicative$ therape"tic, c"rative$
лmqx ваum %w, лm|m u>m %w лm|mu>m )reatment, medication
лmqx ваt %k лm|>s• )o treat , c"re
> л> л>iо 'r
л>tоu %t л>tоu lemon
л> u>€ %n л>u>€, л>umйqа line
л>ws %t л>ws sheet
л>ws zаrs> € л>ws ixtаk> 8aper /heet
л> sjr %t л>sr 9itre
аwаuw•оr %t л>ys 9ift
л>{m uo>€, л>{m uo %t л>{muo>€ 9icence
л>{m %w л>{о G|аws• smла, |mловmqG )he person
л> |mu %v л>|uªй 8ersonal
>oл> }mu %v л>}u>й s"perfl"o"s
wа tо, mlва л>}• 'nly
srm wqа %n л>zоrаlqа Cever, a!"e, shakin! chop
лjn>{а %n лоnqа /poon
лjnа %n лоn• 9ies , 9ie
|xv€, srо }а %k лоtаs• .reak, )o break
rmomu|m %w, vаr|m u{m %w,
y>л> йqа %n
лоts>q /lice
qоu %t ло}аl• horse
л>ваlа лxk 2eado#, mead
лоqва %n лxnа 8ool, p"ddle, pool, plash%
лxq %t лxq onion
лxqов>{а %n лxqов>{а b"lb
vо +lоirm , vо+zxiаво лx|}m better
vо +lоijr, uа й+lоijr лx|}>й .est
wq> %tu лªn> /kis
лƒi>t %v лƒi>tªй my treas"re
qо йsо > lа m, вwmq> лƒiой 6nyone, each, every
в qаqjвsо > lа m wлx |ай в лƒiоt wлx|аm in any case, any#ay, in any event
zо rа %tu лƒl> )he people , folk
vол>лm й %t лƒwsrа 9"ster, chandelier, l"strev
tаkаo> u %t tаkаo>u shop
tаk> wsjr %t tаk>wsr )he master
tmzлmt %t, tаw %n tаo• 'intment, balm
tайоumoа %n tайоumo 2ayonnaise, mayo
tаqаrо u> %tu tаqаrоuª 2acaroni
tаq w>tалmu %v tаqw>tал•uªй 2a&imal, 2a&im"m
tалjq, tj u>|jq, lr mimu %v tалmu•q>й /mall, little
tа лqо tало It is not eno"!h
tалова nmu, umouа|>smлmu %v tаловаnuªй petty, insi!nificant
tа лjq %v tалªй, tал Is small, small
lmsm %w, tал|xkа u %t tалª} )he kid , tалª}
tоt|m %w tал•|>q
boy, Jack, lad, striplin!, yo"n!ster, boy,
yo"n!ster, lad
tаtа %n tаtа mom, mama „Informal…, mother
tаrkаr> u %t tаrkаr>u mar!arine
tаrqа %n tаrqа G> vо| sова€, > yаir>|uа€G stamp, posta!e stamp$ mark
tаr}rx s %t tаr}rxs ro"te
tа wа %n tаwwа
)able, m"ltit"de, many$ con!eries,
amassment$ mass, b"lk$ #ood p"lp$ paste
tаwаn %t tаwwаn 2assa!e, r"bdo#n
tаwаn> ws %t tаwwаn>ws 2assa!ist, masse"r, masse"r
tаw>вmu %v tаww>вuªй
2assive, massive, solid, vol"mino"s,
pondero"s, r"!!ed
tа wов %v tаwwовªй 2ass
tа йwsоr %t tаwsmr 5raftsman, )he foreman , master
rаiоs> лu>{а %n, аsmл>m %w tаwsmrwqа€ Dorkshop,
tаsmr>а л %t tаsmr>ал Gвm~mwsвоG 2aterial, /t"ff, /"bstance
vлаs, t, sjqаu %n, tаsmr >€ %n tаsmr>ал, tаsmr>€ Gsqаu•G 8lates , 2atress, /t"ff
lƒ}mq , tаsrа q %t tаsrаw, tаsrа{ 2atress, sprin!+bed
tа йqа %n tаs• mother, mom, mater
tа}> uа %n tа}>uа, tmzаu>ot 2achine, mechanism, machine
tmimл> %tu tmimл• C"rnit"re
tmimл>rаu %v tmiл>rоваuuªй C"rnish, "pholster, f"rnished
tml tml Honey, copper
tm|qа %n tmlвml• .ear, polar bear
tml> q, лm qаr %t tml>q
physician, doctor, medic, physician, doctor,
tml>qаtmusª %tu tml>qаtmusª 2edicines
tml>{> uwq> %v tml>{>uwq>й 2edical, health
tml>{> uwq> vrm kлml tml>{>uwq>й оwtоsr medical e&amination, physical e&amination
iа вmu, tx lmu %v tmlлmuuªй
Bilatory, /lo#, slo#, sl"!!ish, dilatory,
floppy, phle!matic, sta!nant, la!!ard, lon!,
tardy, inactive, inert
iа в€, vr оsаqаt %k tmlл>s• )o hesitate , delay
tmlvx uqs %t tmlvxuqs
clinic, first aid post, place #here people
receive medical treatment
tmlwmwsrа %n tmlwmwsrа n"rse, nanny
tmnl x , vоtmnlx tmnlx .et#een, in bet#een
tmnlxkrа lwq> %v tmnlxkоrоluªй Intercity, inter"rban
tmnlxuаrоlmu %v tmnlxuаrоluªй International, international
lrm imu %v tmлq>й Gо rаotmrm, в mл>|>umG /mall, petty, Cine
vл > sjq %v tmлq>й Gо k лxi>umG 8etty, shallo#
lrm iu> vаr> %tu tmло|• Glmumnuа€G )riviality, 2oney
lrmiол> € %n tmло|•, umouа| >smл• uоws• )rifle, )riviality
im kло, uаijroо tmл•qоt
at a !limpse , hastily, h"rriedly, ¦"ickly,
s#iftly, in a h"rry, h"rriedly, c"rsorily
tmtоаr> %tu tmtxаrª )he memoirs
vо +tалqо tmumm 9ess, little
оiа|m, вj vrmq> sова smt um tmumm Ho#ever, nevertheless, nonetheless
vо +tалjq tmu•}m, tmu• }>й 9ess , It is less
tал{>uwsво %w tmu•}>uwsво 2inority, minority
uа й+tа лjq %v tmu•}>й lesser
tmuƒ %w, л>wsа %n tmuƒ )he men" , /heet
tm, oа tm um tmu€ me
tmu€ %k tmu€s• )o chan!e
t€rа %n tmrа 2eas"re, action
tmr€ %k tmr>s• meas"re
tm wsuоws %n tmwsuоws•
locality, place$ sit"ation$ comm"nity$
co"ntry$ !ro"nd$ terrain , Bistrict
tm wsmu %v tmwsuªй Indi!eno"s, 9ocal
t€wsо %w tmwsо 8lace, spot, location, stand
tmwsоn>smлwsво %w tmwsоn>smл•wsво
residence, d#ellin! place, habitation,
tmwsоuаzоnlm u>m %w tmwsоuаzоnlmu>m #hereabo"ts
tm wm{ %t tmw€{ month
tmsа л %t tmsалл metal
tmsал>|mwq>, tmsалmu %v tmsалл>|mwq>й metallic
tm sоl %t tmsоl method
tmsо l>qа %n tmsоl>qа 8roced"re
tm sjr %t tmsr meter
qоo>uа, qоnа %n tmz C"r, skin, coat
tmzаu> ojt %t tmzаu>ot 2echanism, mechanism
tmzа u>q %t tmzаu>q 2echanician, mechanic
qо nmu %v tmzовой f"rry, f"r , skin
lnаt> € %n tm|ms• mos¦"e
tm| sа %n tm|sа dream
vrm|а %k tm}аs•, vrmv€swsвоваs•
Hinder, balk, clo!, c"mber, embarrass, fetter,
hamper, hinder, handicap, impede,
|xвал %t tm}оq /ack, .a!
t>kаt, uаt> kаt %k t>kаs• blink, #ink, nictitate$ t#inkle
t>qrоqл> tаs %t t>qrоqл>tаs microclimate
vоqrа й t>tо despite, in spite of, not#ithstandin!
t>u>аsƒrа %n t>u>аsƒrа 2iniat"re, miniat"re
t>umrалmu %v t>umrал•uªй mineral, madeni, mineral
t>u>tа лmu %v t>u>tал•uªй 2inimal, minim"m
t>u>wsmrwsво %w t>u>wsmrwsво 2inistry, !overnment department
t>u>wsjr %t t>u>wsr 2inister, secretary of state
t> uxw %t t>uxw
2in"s, si!n for s"btraction or ne!ative val"e
t>ux sа %n t>uxsа 2in"te
wв€s %t t>r, wвms 8eace, li!ht
t>r %t t>r Gum войuаG 8eace, pa&
t>rmu %v t>ruªй 8eacef"l, 8eace
t>rоkлml %t t>rовоoormu>m Dorld o"tlook , #orldvie#
wвmsовmu, вwmt>rmu t>rовой, вwmt>ruªй Dorld, cosmic
t>wsmr>€ %n t>wsmr>€
mystery play, mystery, mystery, arcan"m,
>ot>wл>{а, t>s %t t>y, в ªtªwmл invention, fable, fabrication, fiction
im im %w tлаlmum{ )he baby, infant, baby
vо +tалjq %v tлаl}>й Gvо воorаwsxG 2inor, time
tла l}> %v tлаl}>й Gvо vолоnmu>ƒG J"nior, yo"n!er
t> tum )o me , me
tum u>m %w tumu>m 2ind, 'pinion
tuо kо tuоkо most$ m"ch, a !reat deal$ many
tuоo>uа %| tuоk>m many
tuоkоqrаsmu %v tuоkоqrаsuªй 2"ltiple, 3epeated
tuоkооirаomu %v tuоkооirаouªй m"ltifario"s
tuоkоsо|>m %w tuоkоsо|>m s"spension points
tuоkоxв аnа mt %v tuоkоxваnаmtªй dear$ !reatly respected
tuоkоirо mu %v tuоkо|>wлmuuªй n"mero"s
tоi> лmu %v tоi>л•uªй 2obile
tо lа %n tоlа fashion, mode, style, vo!"e
tо lmu %v tоluªй Bressy, 5ool
tо nm i> tоnms iªs• maybe, perhaps$ possibly, perchance, depend
tо nm tоnuо It is possible , perhaps
tо ojq %t tоok .rain
tо й Gtо €, tо m, tо>G , t> tой 2y, 2ine
tоqjr %v tоqrªй Det
tлаlm nq> %v tолоlmnuªй ¢o"th
tлаlm n %n tолоlmn• tолоlmn•
tлаl %v tолоlой ¢o"n!
tл€ qо %w tолоqо 2ilk
qоulmuo>rаuо tл€qо wkx~muuоm tолоqо
condensed milk, evaporated milk, armored
|xq %t, | xq|m %w tолоsоq hammer
tлm |mu %v tоло|uªй 2ilky, dairy
tjл|а %k tол|аs• )o be silent , be silent, keep silence, keep still
tоtm us %t tоtmus Instant, )he moment
tоtmusа лmu %v tоtmusал•uªй
momentary$ split second, very short period of
tоumsа %n tоumsа 5oin, piece of money
tоu>sоr %t tоu>sоr )he monitor , monitor
tоuоvо л %t tоuоvол>€ 2onopoly, patent
tоrm %w tоrm sea
tоrqов %t tоrqов• carrot
wлаlолm l %t tоrоnmuоm Ice+cream
oаtrаom u %v tоrоnmuªй chilled$ fropen
wsxl, trаo %t tоrоo Crost
tоrwq> %v tоrwqой 2aritime, /ea
tоws %t tоws )he brid!e
tоs>в %t tоs>в motive, reason$ t"ne$ motif
tоsоr %t tоsоr motor, en!ine
>osr>ва лqа %n tо|алqа Disp, cloth
tоkа %k tо|• 5an
tо~ %n tо~• mi!ht, po#er$ capacity
tо ~uоws %n tо~uоws• 8o#er
trаq %t trаq, vоsmtq> !loom, m"rk$ obsc"rity, darkness$ opa¦"e
trа tоr %t trаtоr marble
wjvrxk , tjn %t txn )he h"sband, man, mate, !oodman, spo"se%
tj nq> %v txnwqой 2asc"line, male
tjn %t txn|>uа )he man, male, he
txom й %t txomй 2"se"m
tx o>qа %n txoªqа 2"sic
ir а}uо %w txqа flo"r
iоqлxq , wtms %t txwоr !arba!e
}аzsа oа iоqлx q txwоrоvrовоl ch"te, !arba!e ch"te
txzа %n txzа )he fly
u> m tª De
wаvx u %t tªло /oap
uоw %t tªw 5ape, (ose
t> wjл %n tªwл• )hinkin!, tho"!ht
t> € %k tªs• )o #ash
t>s %v tªsªй, вªtªsªй myth, fable
t> wлmum %w tª}лmu>m )hinkin! ,mentality, co!itation
t> }qа %n tª}• )he mo"se
tmq %v t€kq>й /oft
tm wmu %v t€wuой 2eat
tmwо %w t€wо flesh, meat, meat
uа, в, вjrzx
uа Gtmwsоvолоnmu>m,
'nto, 'n, "pon
uа tаwаsа, вjrzx tа wаsа uа wsолm 'n table
uа, вjrzx uа G{mл• G 'n, onto
uа wsаl>о uа uа wsаl>оu /tadi"m
oа, uа, vrmo, w uа Gвrmt€ > wrоq G
across, thro"!h, via, by #ay of, time, )erm
w, uа uа Gwvоwоi, tаsmr>ал > vr%G 'nto, material, /t"ff
oа uа, lл€ Cor
qmй %t, qrайirmnuа xл>{а %n uаimrmnuа€ embankment
uаi>rаt %k uаi>rаs• GsmqwsG ,ather, pick
>oi>rаt smлmyо umu uо tmr uаi>r аs• smлmyоuuªй uоtmr 5hoose phone n"mber
uаiлƒlа ваt %k uаiлƒlаs• 'bserve, #atch
uаi>rаum %w uаiоr Guаvr%, wsxlmusовG !atherin!$ !offerin!$ recr"itment
qоtvлmqs %t uаiоr, qоtvлmqs ¡it, 8acka!e, set
вmrо€ suо uавmruо 9ikely, 8robably
kоrm, uаkоrm uавmrz 4p#ard, aloft
kоrm uавmrzx =авmrzx, overhead
uа вmw, vоqr>в %t uавmw /hed, roof, ho"setop, shed
uавоlum u>m %w uавоlumu>m Bel"!e, del"!e
oав> uаk> uавwmklа vermore, forever
uаwrm ~а, wrm~x uавwsrm|x )o#ards, a!ainst, opposite
uа в>q %t, xtm u>m %w uавªq c"stom, habit, "se, #ont, skill
uаkлm lmu %v uаkл€luªй Bemonstrative, clear, synoptic
uаkrаlа %n uаkrаlа, vrmt>€ 3e#ard, )he a#ard, )he premi"m
uаsоваrваt %k uаkrxnаs• b"rden, load, char!e, lade, #ei!ht, load "p
uаl, вjrzx uаl 6bove, on, "pon, over, on top of%
оiл>|аt %k uаlmваs• GоlmnlxG
dress, vest, apparel, attire, enrobe, !arb, habit,
p"t on, )o p"t on, 5lothes
оixваt %k uаlmваs• Gоixв•G p"t on, )o p"t on , Coot#ear
sxr€, wло nа %k uаlmваs• G}аvqx, rxqав>{ª, о|q>G
p"t, place, position, set, fit, lay, apply,
,lasses, mittens
uаl€ваt wm, вjoлаkаt uаlm nlа
)o hope
sr€ iва, ux nuо m uаlо It is necessary
lоs€ kаt, lоwаnlаt %k uаlоmlаs•
annoy, bother, harass, irritate$ pester, na!,
Rа ljлkо uаlолkо Cor a lon! time ,
uа lv>w %t uаlv>w• Inscription
uаm tаum %w, uа mt %t uаmt mployment, hire, en!a!ement
uаs> wuа %k uаnаs• )o press , p"sh, Jam
uаs> wqаt %k uаn>tаs• press, p"sh, apply press"re
uаoа l uаoаl .ack, back#ard
uаoва u>m %w uаoваu>m )he name, name
uаoова %k uаoваs•, vrо>oumws>
call, name, term, desi!nate, „de…nominate,
style, )o make
uай+%%% uа>iолmm 2ost
uа> вmu %v uа>вuªй (aive, artless
uа>tmuова u>m %w uа>tmuоваu>m Benomination, )he name
uа вmrmв , vо l>аkоuа л uа>wqоw• 6slant, ath#art
uаtmr€ %k uайs> )o find
uаsj qваt %k uаqалªваs• 8rick, stick, impale
uаqлоu€ %k uаqлоu>s•
bend, cant, incline, slant, slope, tilt, tip,
lo#er, n"tate, incline, slope
uа й+vо wлm, uа й+wmsum uаqоum{ 6t last , finally
mй, uа й+vо wлm uаq оum{+sо at last
wjimr а %k uаqоv>s• scratch to!ether, acc"m"late, amass
uаzr а u€ %k uаqоrt>s• )o feed
vоvrа в€ uалаl>s• 3earran!e, correct, retrieve
uал€во, вл€ во uалmво left, to the left, left#ard
uал> ваt %k uал>ваs• )o po"r , po"r
uалоk , lа ujq %t uалоk )he ta&, ta&, d"ty, imposition, trib"te
lаujq оvлаsm{ %t uалоkоvлаsmл•~>q ta&payer, ratepayer
вjouаtmr€ваt %k uаtmrmваs•w€
intend, mean$ p"rpose, desi!n, plan$ propose,
s"!!est$ contemplate
uаtmrm u>m %w uаtmrmu>m intention
uаm tаt %k uаu>tаs•
employ, en!a!e$ feed$ hire, rent$ ship, rent,
occ"py, take on
uаmtаsmл %t uаu>tаsmл• mployer, tenant, lod!er, renter
uаm tа %k uаu€s• )o employ , rent, occ"py, take on
uао vаq>, uаvrоs>в uаоiоrоs
'n the contrary , 'pposite, inside o"t, "pside
do#n, contra, criss+cross
uаvm|а sаt uаvm|аsаs• )ype, print$ p"blish , print, r"n off
v>ла %n uаv>л•u>q Cile, !rater, rasp
uаv> }а %k uаv>wаs• )o #rite , #rite, indite, take do#n
v>s>m %w, uаv> sqа %n uаv>sоq Brink, bevera!e, uаv>sqа
uаvjлu€ %k uаvолu>s• )o fill , fill
uаvо tu€t %k uаvоt>uаs• )o remind, remind
>ovrаs€, аlrmw> rаt %k uаvrав>s• )o direct , address, direct, s"perscribe
vоwо qа %n, uаwоqа %n uаvrавлmu>m Gо vxs>G #ay, direction, co"rse
uаl€wuо, вl€ wuо uаvrаво )o the ri!ht
uаvrа ouо uаvrаwuо ?ainly, "selessly
uаvr> tmr uаvr>tmr for e&ample, e%%%!%%%, for instance
vоl uа mt uаvrоqаs Cor rent
wrm ~x, uаwrm ~а uаvrоs>в Gо tmwsmG
opposite, across the streetG#ay$ over there,
волsа n %t, uаvrmnmu>m %w uаvr€nmu>m Gоi ®лmqmsr>|mwsвmG 8"ll, volta!e
uаrоl %t, zоrа %tu uаrоl )he people, folk
uаrо|uо uаrо|uо 8"rposely
uавju uаrxnx '"tside, o"t, o"tside, #itho"t
uаrx}а ваt %k uаrx}аs• )o break , break, violate
uаrml uаr€lx )o the order , in line, side by side
qолqо, lоqолqо uаwqол•qо Gв оvrоw>s%G 6s far as , ho# far, to #hat e&tent, ho# m"ch
zrm tа %n uаwtоrq 5old
vо tvа %n uаwоw p"mp
uаwsой|>во uаwsой|>во 8ersistently
> ws>uwq> %v uаwsо€~>й 4nad"lterated, 8resent
оsuо wuо, оsuоw> smлuо uаw|ms
6bo"t, concernin!, on, of, #ith
re!ardGrespect to
uаsxrа лmu, mwsm wsвmu %v uаsxrал•uªй (at"ral
uаwлxq>, uаvоwо q> uаxkаl 6t random
uаxqа %n uаxqа /cience
uаx|а, оix |а %k uаx|>s• )o learn , teach, train „in…, instr"ct, school
uаx|mu %v uаx|uªй /cientific, teach, Is learned
wлx}алq> %tu uаx}u>q> headphone
uаt>rаt %k uаzоl>s• )o find , proc"re, search o"t
i> ваt, vrmi>ва ваt, wjt %k uаzоl>s•w€, iªs• )o be, )o be, stay
uаl{m uqа %n uа{muqа mark "p, s"rpl"s char!e
uа|а ло %w uа|ало .e!innin!, commencement
в uа|алоsо в uа|алm )he be!innin!
uа|а лu>q %t uа|ал•u>q )he chief
uа|а лmu %v uа|ал•uªй Inchoate, initial, first, inceptive, incipient
vо|uа, oаvо|uа %k uа|аs• be!in, start$ initiate, commence
vо|в аt, oаvо|ваt %k uа|>uаs• be!in, start, commence
vлj uqа %n, vjлum n %t uа|>uqа fillin!, st"ffin!
ва} Gва }а, ва }m, ва }>G, u> uа} '"rs
um um Isn*t, (ot
umim %w umiо )he sky
umk ол€t, tа лjq %v umiол•}ой /mall, sli!ht
umirm nuоws %n umirmnuоws• (e!li!ence, ne!li!ence
kоlmu> {а, ix лqа %n umвmwsа )he bride, fiancee, bride
вjvrmq> umвo>rа€
despite, inspite of, altho"!h, not#ithstandin!,
nevertheless, none the less$
imoвqx wmu %v umвqxwuªй )asteless, savo"rless, insipid, "npalatable
umвjotо nmu %v umвоotоnuªй impossible
umвrо oа %n umвrоo ne"rosis
umвrолоk, umвrоvаsоло k %t umвrоvаsолоk ne"ropathist
um>okо lmu %v umвªkоluªй disadvanta!eo"s
um>ovjлu>t, umоwj~mwsв>t %v umвªvолu>tªй impossible$ impracticable
u€ tа qjlm , u€tа оsq jlm umklm )here is no place
umоslавuа, wqоrо umlавuо (e#ly, 3ecently
umlалm|m umlалmqо (ear, near, not far
umuаvrаouо umlаrоt not #itho"t reason
umlmйwsв> smлmu, umвал> lmu %v umlmйwsв>smл•uªй 9apsed, "nreal, inofficio"s, fantastic
wm lt>|mu %v umlmл•uªй #eekly
wm lt>{а %n umlmл€ Deek
umlоirоqа| mwsвmu %v umlоirоqа|mwsвmuuªй bad, of poor ¦"ality
umlово лmu %v umlоаол•uªй Is dissatisfied
umlj лkо, qrа sqо umlолkо (ot for lon!
umlоvxws> t %v umlоvxws>tªй
impermissible, forbidden$ inadmissible$
umlоr аoxtm u>m %w umlоrаoxtmu>m 2is"nderstandin!
um wqjvо, mвs>uо umlоrоkо 5heaply, cheap, cheaply, on the cheap%
umlо ws>k %t, л>vwа %n umlоwsаsоq
defect, deficiency$ shorta!e, lack$ fail"re$
foible, #eakness
umlоwsjvmu %v umlоwsxvuªй inaccessible
umnmла smлmu %v umnmлаsmл•uªй 4ndesirable, inadvisable
umoаimлmn>t umoаtmsuªй Imperceptible
u€ tа oа~о umoа|mt )here is no need
umolrав %v umolоrовªй 4nhealthy
umvоouа s %v umouаq оtªй 4nfamiliar
umouа|>smлmu %v umouа|>smл•uªй "nimportant
umor€л %v umormлªй
Immat"re, "nripe, "nderripe, cr"de, !reen,
um>oim nmu %v um>oimnuªй Inevitable
um>oвm wsmu %v um>oвmwsuªй 4nkno#n
vовrmlm u %v um>wvrавuªй Gо smzu>qmG Befective, defective
u€qой, u€qойw> umq>й, umqsо 5ertain, /omebody
u€qой umqоsоrªй /ome
umuавrmtm, umxtmwsuо umqwsаs> Inopport"nely
um tоnm, um m вjotо nuо umл•o€, umвоotоnuо It is impossible
Rаir аum uо umл•o€, oаvr m~muо taken It is impossible
umoаiа вuо, вmluаkа umtmlлmuuо Immediately, forth#ith
tа лqо umtuоkо It is a little, little
umоi>quовm u %v umоiªquовmuuªй 4ncommon, 4n"s"al
umоkrаu>|m u %v umоkrаu>|muuªй 4nlimited
ummluоqrаsmu %v umоluоqrаsuªй repeated
umо|а qваuоws %n, >oumuаlа %n umоn>lаuuоws• 4ne&pectedness, s"rprise
umо|а qваu, umuаlm mu %v umоn>lаuuªй 4ne&pected, "ne&pected
umvоlzоl€ ~ %v umоvоlzоl€~>й improper, inappropriate, inapposite
umvоu€smu, um€wmu %v umvоu€suªй
(ot clear , incomprehensible, ine&plicable$
imperceivable, inapprehensible$ obsc"re,
umvrа в>лmu %v umvrав>л•uªй
Incorrect, anomalo"s, abnormal, amiss,
improper, irre!"lar, fo"l, #ry
umvrmtm uuо umvrmtmuuо .y all means
umvr>mtл>в %v umvr>mtлmtªй inadmissible, "nacceptable
umvr>ux lmu %v umvr>uxnlmuuªй
"nconstrained, "nlabored$ nat"ral$
spontaneo"s, artless, nat"ral, spontaneo"s,
"n„con…strained, "nforced, "nlabo"red, free
and easy
umrаiоsmu %v umrаiо|>й off ho"r, free time, off+day, holiday
vо|> вmu lmu umrаiо|>й lmu•
day off, vacation day, free day, holiday$ a day
um rвmu %v umrвuªй
§"mpy, (ervo"s, nervo"s, a!itated, tense,
an&io"s, apprehensive
umrjnl€ wва~ %v umrnавmƒ~>й
3"stproof, non+corrosive, incorrodible,
stainless, r"stfree, r"st+proof
umrавmu umrовuªй irre!"lar$ "ne¦"al$ ro"!h, r"!!ed
u€qолqо umwqол•qо /everal, 6 little
вjvrmq>, imo lа wm kлm lа umwtоsr€ Bespite, In spite of
вjvrmq> вw>|qо umwtоsr€ u> uа |sо no matter #hat
umwjtum uо, imowvо ruо umwоtumuuо 4ndo"btedly, "ndo"btedly
uо w€ %k umws>
carry, bear$ brin!, carry #ith$ #aft, carry in
the air
um ums Gоsr>{аu>mG (o , denial, ne!ation
u€ tаt ums Gоswxswsв>mG (o, not
umsо |mu %v umsо|uªй Inacc"rate, ine&act
umxlо imu umxlоiuªй Inconvenient, a#k#ard
um ~о um|sо /omethin!, obJect, thin!, somethin!
u>, u> sо u> (or, not a, never a
u> qj lm, u>йlm u>klm 6ny#here, u>klm
lо лmu u>nu>й 9o#er, "nder
u> wjq u>oq>й Gо вªwоsmG 9o#, base$ lo#er, bottom
u> qаq, vо u>qаqjв uа |>u u>qаq In any #ay
u> qой u>qsо 6nybody, nobody, nobody
u> qj lm, u>йlm u>qxlа 6ny#here
u> uа й+tалqо u>wqол•qо 6t all
u> ~о u>|mkо 6nythin!
uо uо uо
uов>uа %n uов>uqа (ovelty
uовоws, uов>uа %n uовоws• ne#s$ item, ne#s story$ novelty
uов %v uовªй
ne#, novel$ recent, fresh$ ori!inal,
innovative$ modern, advanced
qrаq %t uоkа 9e!
uоn %t uоn ¡nife
uо n>{> %tu, uо n>{а %n uоnu>{ª /cissors
ux ла %n uол• (o"!ht, (il
uо tmr %t uоtmr G|>wл%G ("mber
uоrtалmu %v uоrtал•uªй (ormal
uоrtаs>вmu %v uоrtаs>вuªй (ormative
uо w€ uоw>s• )o carry, bear$ #ear
uоsаr>алmu %v uоsаr>ал•uªй (otarial, notarial
uоsа r>xw %t uоsаr>xw )he notary
uо~xваt %k uо|mваs• )o spend the ni!ht
uо ~mu %v uо|uой (i!ht
uо~ %n uо|• (i!ht
zаrm wваt wm, urав€ wm %k urав>s•w€ )o like
ux nuо, vоsrm iuо, sr€ iва,
uxnuо m"st
аt> Grаok%G ux Dell
uƒа uw %t uƒаuw shade, n"ance, h"e, to"ch, tinct"re, hint%
о, uа о, uа 'nto , on
оiл€k аt wm uа wsо ла оv>rаs•w€ о GuаG wsxл
5hair, fo"nd, be based$ lean$ recline, rest$
oа о Gо qоt, о |mtG 5lod, than
lваsа %t, lваtаsа оiа .oth
>ovrmваrваum %w оikоu !o by
оit> wл€t %k оilxtаs• )o consider
lвmsm %n оim .oth
оiml %t оiml Binner
оi€lваt оimlаs• )o have dinner
о imlmu %v оimlmuuªй prandial, pertainin! to dinner , dinner, l"nch
оw>kxr€ ваt, оimovm|аваt %k оimwvm| >ваs•
ens"re, !"arantee$ provide$ proc"re$ find$
оim~аu>m %w оim~аu>m )he promise
оim~аваt, оim~а€ %k оim~аs• promise, pled!e, !ive one*s #ord
vrmkлml, оioоr %t оioоr )he revie#
оi> l€ %k оi>lms• )o offend
о iлаws %n оiлаws• re!ion, area, territory, domain
оiлj|ваum %w оiлx|mu>m radiation
>otаtа, лjnа %n оitаu
fra"d, deceit$ trickery, deception$ del"sion,
ill"sion$ dishonesty, fra"d"lence
>otаt€, >oлj nа %k оitаuxs• )o deceive
оit€ uа %n, оitmu %t оitmu e&chan!e, conversion$ s#ap, trade
оitm u€t %k оitmu>ваs•w€ )o e&chan!e
оiоi~аваt %k оiоi~аs• )o !eneralipe , s"mmaripe, totalipe, colli!ate%
оiоkаs€ %k оiоkаs>s• nrich, improve
wkr€ ваt, wsо vл€t %k оiоkrmваs• heat, #arm
оouа| аваt %k оiоouа|аs• mark, denote$ desi!nate$ define$ denominate
vrmkлml %t оiоormu>m 3evie#
sаvms> %tu оiо> #allpaper, paper han!in!
оi>qол€ , оizо l€ %k оiойs> Gо lв>nmu>>G 5irc"mvent, 2ovement
оiоrxlваum %w оiоrxlоваu>m
e¦"ipment, s"pplies, necessary items, tools or
other obJects for completin! a task$
f"rnishin!s, f"rnit"re
оiоwuоваu %v оiоwuоваuuªй fo"nded, #ell !ro"nded$ J"st$ valid
>oо wsr€um %w оiоwsr mu>m sharpenin!
iаuqm s %t оiо|>uа roadside
вoа>tmu %v оiоƒluªй m"t"al, reciprocal
оirаiо s€ %k оirаiоsаs• )o process , treat
о irаo %t оirаo, оiл>q /hape, !"ise
оirom{ %t оirаom{ /ample, pattern
оirаoоваu>m %w оirаoов аu>m Gоix|mu>mG d"cation, Cormation
оirа suо оirаsuо .ack
оirj~аt вu>tаu>m оirа~аs• вu>tаu>m !ive heed to, pay attention
оiwлm lваt %k оiwлmlоваs• inspect, e&amine$ e&plore$ s"rvey
оiwлx nв аum %w оiwлxn>ваu>m service, attendance, attendance
tm imл> %tu, tmimл>rо вqа %n оiwsаuовqа Gв qоtuаsmG
sit"ation, condition$ conte&t, back!ro"nd$
f"rnishin!s, f"rnit"re , f"rnit"re, f"rnishin!s
оiwsо€smлwsво оiwsо€smл•wsво 5irc"mstance, a"spice
оiwj l€ %k оiwxl>s• Bisc"ss, )o disc"ss
оiwj nlаt %k оiwxnlаs•
disc"ss, debate$ consider, think abo"t
caref"lly$ confer, cons"lt #ith
оiwj nlаum %w оiwxnlmu>m Bisc"ssion, consideration
оixвq> %tu оixв•
shoes, foot!ear, anythin! #orn on the feet,
coverin! for the feet
оix|ав аt %k оix|аs•
instr"ct, teach$ discipline, train$ breed,
n"rt"re$ !ro"nd$ profess
оix|ав аt wm, x|а wm %k оix|аs•w€ )o be trained
оix|ав аum, оix|m u>m %w оix|mu>m )rainin!
оix|а %k оix|>s• )o train, ed"cate
оizва ~аt %k оizваsªваs•
brace$ enclasp, enfold$ ent#ine$ cope$ !o
оi~mn> s>m %w оi~mn>s>m Hostel, dorm
оi~ %v оi~>й dorm, Hostel
оi~>smлmu %v оi~>smл•uªй sociable
оimqs>вmu %v оijmqs>вuªй obJective, impartial$ o"ter
оimt %t оijmt ?ol"me
оi€в€ %k оij€в>s• )o anno"nce, proclaim
оi€влm u>m %w оij€влmu>m 8rono"ncin!, )he anno"ncement
ljwqа oа оi€влm u>€ lоwqа оij€влmu>й b"lletin board
оi€wu€ %k оij€wu>s• )o e&plain
оi€wu€ ваt %k оij€wu€s• )o e&plain, e&plain, "nriddle
оi>quовm u %v оiªquовmuuªй 'rdinary, "s"al, common, commonplace
оi>|а й %t оiª|ай 5"stom, habit$ "sa!e
оi>quовm u, оi>|а mu %v оiª|uªй 4s"al
oаljлnm u>m %w оi€oаuuоws• B"ty
оimoаsmлuо, umvrmtm uuо,
oаljлn> smлuо
оi€oаsmл•uо (ecessarily
оimoаsmлmu, oаljлn> smлmu %v оi€oаsmл•uªй 5omp"lsory, 'bli!atory
oаljлnm u>m %w оi€oаsmл•wsво obli!ation, d"ty responsibility
omлmu|xq, oаroаваs %t ово~ ve!etable
wjljrnа u>m %w оkлавлmu>m contents$ table of contents
оkлmlаt wm оkл€lms•w€ look back
omлmu|xqова krаl> uа %n оkоrоl kitchen !arden, market !arden
оkоr|аваt %k оkоr|аs• )o afflict
оkоr|m u>m %w оkоr|mu>m
!rief$ pain, affliction$ infliction$
mortification$ cha!rin$ concern
оkrа lа %n оkrаlа fence, railin!$ fencin!$ enclos"re$ hed!e
оkrаu>|аваum, оkrаu>| m u>m %w оkrаu>|mu>m
limitation, restriction$ restraint, reserve$
оkrо tmu %v оkrоtuªй Cormidable, H"!e
qrаwsав>{а %n оkxrm{ 5"c"mber
оiл>|аt wm %k оlmваs•w€ )o p"t on
lrm zа %n, оiлmqло %w оlmnlа 5lothes, !arb
оiлmqаwm %k оlms•w€ )o p"t on , !et dressed
оlm€ ло %w оlm€ло .lanket
ƒrkа u %t wsmkаuuоm оlm€ло ¦"ilt
mluаqjв %v оl>uаuq овªй the same, e¦"al, identical, alike
вmluj n, ml> uvjs оluаnlª once
mluо оluо 'ne
mluо > wj ~о оluо > sо nm same
mluовrm tmuuо оluовrmtmuuо /im"ltaneo"sly
mluооirа omu %v оluооirаouªй 2onotono"s
mluоqrаsm u %v, oа mluоqrаsuа
xvоsrm iа
disposable, meant to be "sed once and then
mluоwsrа umu %v
оluоwsоrоuu>й Guаvr%, о
one+sided, "nilateral
oаmtа %k оlолn>s• lend$ obli!e, loan$ mort!a!e
|аqаt, о|аqваt %k оn>lаs•
anticipate, e&pect$ a#ait$ fear, apprehend$
contemplate, think
oаkr> nmu, xt> wлmu %v оoаiо|muuªй
8reocc"pied, pensive, tho"!htf"l,
absorbedGs"nk in tho"!ht%
m omrо %w оomrо 9ake
оouа|аваt %k оouа|аs• .espeak, mark, note , mean, denote
оqаnа wm %k оqаoаs•w€ )o appear
vов>qваt, в> qаt %k оqл>qаs• sal"te, hello$ holler, call$ speak, s"mmon
vrоoо rm{ %t оquо Dindo#
оqов> %tu оqовª, q аulалª chains, shackels, fetters$ irons
о qоло, qrай, lо оqоло Gr€lоtG
abo"t, ne&t to$ aro"nd, appro&imately$ beside,
near, by$ ne&t$ at
о qоло, vr>iл>o>smлuо оqоло Gvr>iл>o>smл•uоG 6bo"t, (ear, appro&imately
oавjr}ваum %w, wвjr}ваum %w,
%t, wвjr}mq %t
оqоu|аu>m, oавmr}mu>m
end, termination$ endin!, concl"sion, finish,
completion$ concl"sion
оqоu|аu>m %w оqоu|аu>m Gkrаt%G endin!, infle&ion, termination
оqоu|аsmлmu %v оqоu|аsmл•uªй
final, at the end, last, "ltimate$ decisive$
concl"sive, definitive
wвjr}а, oавjr}а %k оqоu|>s• finish
ixs %t оqоrоq b"t
vrоoо r|m %w оqо}qо Gtалmu•q оm оquоG small #indo#
k>}m %w оqо}qо Guаvr%, в qаwwmG bookin!+office
vоqrайu>uа %n оqrа>uа o"tskirts, ed!e of a city$ ed!e, periphery
iо€l> wаt %k оqrаw>s• paint$ color, dye$ blot, stain
оqолuоws %n оqrmwsuоws• (ei!hbo"rhood, ?icinity
yаw %t оqxrоq ci!arette b"tt, ci!arette st"b or st"mp
qала й %t олово tin
sой оu he$ it
s€ оuа she$ it
sm оu> they
оuqоло k>€ %n оuqолоk>€ 'ncolo!y
sо оuо it
oаqjwu€ваt %k оvаolªваs• )o be late
оvаwm u>m %w оvаwmu>m Cear
оvа wuоws %n оvаwuоws• Ban!er
оvа wmu %v оvаwuªй Ban!ero"s
>ovrmваr€ %k оvmrml>s• )o o"tstrip
оv> wваum, оv>wаu>m %w оv>wаu>m description, descriptive statement
oаvла ~аum %w, oаvла sа G
oаrvлаsаG %n
оvлаsа 8ayment
oаvлаs€ %k оvлаs>s• reciprocate
oаvлаsm u, vлаsm u %v оvла|muuªй honor$ solve
oаvла ~аt %k оvла|>ваs• pay, defray, rem"nerate
oаqjwu€ваum, oаq jwum u>m %w оvоolаu>m lateness, tardiness
oаqjwum € %k оvоolаs• be late$ lose
оvоum us %t оvvоumus )he opponent, contradictor
оvrmlmлm u %v оvrmlmлmuuªй
definite$ determined, settled$ certain$ definite
оvrmlmл€ %k оvrmlmл>s• define
оvs>tа лmu %v оvs>tал•uªй 'ptimal
vxiл>qx ваt %k оvxiл>q оваs• p"blish$ release
о v>s %t оvªs &perience, attempt, bid, try, vent"re
о v>smu %v оvªsuªй &perimental, e&perienced
vаq, оsuо во оv€s• 6!ain
о rkаu %t о rkаu or!an$ part$ limb$ a!ency
оrkаu>ojt %t оrkаu>ot or!anism
оrkаu>o>rаt %k оrkаu>oоваs• )o or!anipe, or!anipe
о rmz %t оrmz n"t, dry fr"it contained in a shell
оr>k>uалmu %v оr>k>uал•uªй ori!inal, innovative, creative
оr>musа{>€ %n оr>musа{>€, оr>mus>rовqа 'rientation, findin!
оr>mus>r %t оr>mus>r pe!
оiwаlа %n оwаlа /ie!e, lea!"er, investment
m wmumu %v оwmuu>й 6"t"mn
m wmu %n оwmu• 6"t"mn
xwлоnu€ ваum %w оwлоnumu>m complication
vrmkлml %t оwtоsr Gtml>{>uwq>йG revie#, revision, inspection, s"rvey, check
оwuовmu %v оwuовuой .asic, 2ain
оwо imuо оwоimuuо /pecially, especially
оwsав€ %k оwsав>s• 3elin¦"ish, )o leave
оwsа uал %v оwsал•uой remainin!
wv>rаt %k оwsаuавл>ваs• )o stop
оsw€ lаt %k
оwsuавл>ваs•w€ Guаvr%, в k
p"t "p, stay
wv>rаum %w оwsаuовqа Glmйwsв>mG arrest, blockin!, cessation, stoppin!, 6ction
wv>rqа %n
оwsаuовqа Guаvr%,
stop$ station$ halt, stoppin!
оwsа uа %k оwsаs•w€ )o remain
vrmlvаoл> во оwsоrоnuо 5a"tio"sly
vrmlvаoл> в %v оwsоrоnuªй 5a"tio"s, chary, #ary, !"arded, open+eyed
оwsrоxtmu, lxzов>s %v оwsrоxtuªй facetio"s
о wsjr %v оwsrªй Guаvr%, uоnG sharp, keen
лƒs %v
оwsrªй Gvmrmuоwu%, uаvr%
hot, peppery, sharp, p"n!ent
оw %n оw•
a&is, strai!ht line aro"nd #hich an obJect
t"rns$ a&le, shaft aro"nd #hich a #heel
revolves, a&le, shaft
оs оs from, a#ay from, o"t of, off
оsqа rаt %k оsвmos> )o take
о skовоr %t оsвms 3eplication, )he ans#er
оskовоr€ %k оsвms>s• )o ans#er, reply
вrj~аt %k оslаваs•, воoвrа~аs• ret"rn, restore, replace
о sl>z %t, vо|> вqа %n оslªz
rest, repose, rela&ation$ recreation$
refreshment$ comfort
vо|> ваt wm, оslj zваt %k оslªzаs• repose, rest, rela&$ holiday, vacation
оsоq %t, vоlxs>uа %n оs¯q s#ellin!$ t"r!idity$ tml% int"mescence
iа~а %t оsm{ )he father
о sqаo %t оsqаo no, ne!ative ans#er$ t"rndo#n
lо qrай lо оsqаoа chock a block, to satiety
оsqа nа %k оsqаoаs• #ithhold
оsqлоu€ваt %k оsqлоu€s•
repel, reJect$ deflect, divert$ dismiss$ inflect$
оsqr овm u %v оsqrовmuuªй Crank
оsвоrmu, оsqr> s %v оsqrªsªй 'pen
оsвоr€ %k оsqrªs• Guаvr%, lвmr•G break, crack, "ncork
оsqjlm оsqxlа Gвоvr оw>s%G from #here, #hence
оsл>|а ваt wm оsл>|аs•w€ )o differ
оsл>| >m %w, r аoл>qа %n оsл>|>m Bifference
оsло nа, оswrо|а %k оsлоn>s•, vовrmtmu>s• 8ostpone, #ait a little
оsоvлm u>m %w оsоvлmu>m Heatin!
vm|а s, оsvm|аsjq %t оsvm|аsоq imprint
оsваr€t, оsq лƒ|ваt Gq лƒ|оtG
оsv>rаs• "nbolt, "nlock
vоlаsmл %t, >ovrа~а| %t оsvrав>smл• sender, mailer$ transmitter
оsvrа в€ %k оsvrав>s• 5onsi!n, )o send
srjkваum %w оsvrав лmu>m Guаvr%, vоmolаG startin!, etc%
о svxwq %t оsvxwq Gо rаiоsmG Holiday
оsrаnm u>m %w оsrаnmu>m 3eflectance
оsrm nа %k оsrmoаs• )o c"t off
оsr>{а smлmu %v оsr>{аsmл•uªй (e!ative
оswj wsваt, л > vwваt %k оswxswsвоваs• absent, be a#ay$ stay o"t
оssx q оswƒlа hence$ hereof$ thence
vоrа l> sова , oаsова оssоkо .eca"se
оssа t оssxlа )herefrom
oа~о , vо qаqва vr>| >uа оs|mkо #hy
iа ~>uо > tm, vrmo>tm %w оs|mwsво 8atronymic
оs|m s %t оs|ms )he report
oаt>uа ваum, оsvjsx ваum %w оsjmol Bepart"re
sjr€, l >r€ %k оsªwq>ваs• Bisinter, seek o"t
оy>{>алmu %v оy>{>ал•uªй 'fficial
qmлumr, wmrв >s•о r %t оy>{>аus )he #aiter
qmлumrqа, wmrв>s•оrqа %n оy>{>аusqа #aitress
оyоrt€ %k оyоrt>s• formalipe$ !et "p$ dra#$ e&ec"te
оizва uа %k оzваs>s• en!"lf
лов %t оzоsа, ловл€ h"nt, h"ntin!, sport, chase
ловm{ %t оzоsu>q )he h"nter
о{mu€ %k о{mu>s• appreciate
о{m uqа %n о{muqа estimate
о|mв> luо о|mв>luо 'bvio"sly
о|mв> lmu %v о|mв>luªй evident, obvio"s, clear, apparent
tuоkо, sвjrlm о|mu• ?ery m"ch
о|mrq %t о|mrq essay$ st"dy$ o"tline
о|>ла %tu о|q> ,lasses
krm}а , wijrqв аt %k о}>iаs•w€ )o be mistaken
wkrm}а , wijrq аt %k о}>i>s•w€ )o be mistaken
krm }qа %n о}>iqа, vоkrm}uоws• mistake, error, fa"lt, trip, #ron!
vалаsа, qа tаrа %n
vалаsа Guаvr%, sоrkов о+
5hamber, chamber
wsа € vалаsа Guаvr%, в iол• u>{mG Cli!ht
vrjws %t vалm{ fin!er
vаusmоu %t vаusmоu pantheon, temple for the !ods
sа sqо %t vаvа )he daddy
vа vqа %n vаvqа vаvqа
|>ys %t vаrа Guаvr%, iоs>uоqG pair, co"ple, dyad, t#o
lво йqа %n vаrа Guаvr%, wmtmйuа€G t#o$ de"ce$ dyad
vаrаkrа y %t vаrаkrаy para!raph
vаrаtm sjr %t vаrаtmsr 8arameter
tоtjq %t vаrmu• ,"y, yo"n! man
irjwuаr %t vаr>qtаzmr GtxnwqойG .arber, hairdresser
yr>o•о r %t vаr>qtаzmr Glаtwq>йG coiffe"r, hairdresser, hair+stylist
irjwuаru>{а %n, irjwuаrwq>
wало u
vаr>qtаzmrwq а€ Gtxnwqа€G male, masc"line$ virile, manly
vаrq %t vаrq park$ yard$ !arden$ fleet$ policy
vаrо ла %n vаrол• )he pass#ord
vаwvоrs %t vаwvоrs )he passport„certificate… , passport
vj su>q, vаwаnmr %t vаwwаn>r passen!er$ fare
vа wsа %n vаwsа paste
vаsm us %t vаsmus )he patent , licence
t>r> }а %k vаzuxs• smell$ scent$ smack
qxs>€ vа|qа Guаvr%, w>k аrmsG bo&, case, cabinet, carton
vаwsm s %t vа}sms
pate, paste or spread made from meat or fish$
vmlаkоk %t vmlаkоk )he teacher , peda!o!"e, ed"cator
vmlа л %t vmlал• pedal
vmйoа n %t vmйoаn landscape, vie#, scenery
vjrв> |mu %v vmrв>|uªй
8rimary, elementary$ prime, choice$ vir!in$
vjrво %w vmrвоm GiлƒlоG firstly, first, in the first place$ first of all
vrjв %v vmrвªй Cirst
vjrвоwsm vmumu %v vmrвоwsmvmuuªй paramo"nt
oа v>w %t vmrmвоl GlmumnuªйG notice, memory
vrm воl %t vmrmвоl Guа lrxk ой €oªqG translation, rendition, version
vrmвm nlаt %k vmrmвоl>s• Guа lrxkой €oªqG translate, render
vrmвоlа| %t vmrmвоl|>q translator
vrmkовоr> %tu vmrmk овоrª ne!otiations, talks
vrml vmrml Gо tmwsmG before, o"tside, ahead of, in front of
vrml> vmrml Gо вrmtmu>G before, prior to, a!o
vrmlа ваt, wjоi~а ваt %k vmrmlав аs• flash
vrmlа ваum %w vmrmlа|а Guаvr %, )?G !ivin!, deliverin!, handin! over, etc%
vrmtm ws€ %k vmrmlв>uxs• move$ shift
vrmvrав€, vrmrаiо s€ vmrmlmлаs•
recondition, renovate$ rearran!e$ re#rite,
alter$ remake
vrm lmu %v vmrmlu>й Cront, fore
vrm лmo %t vmrmmol Gn% l%G crossin!+place$ level crossin!
t> uа, vrmt> uа %k vmrmйs> )o proceed„pass…
qrjwsоvjs %t vmrmqrmwsоq crossroad„s…, crossin!, J"nction
yrаqsxrа %n vmrmлоt Gtml%G fract"re
vrmоiлmqаt, vrmоiл> |аt %k vmrmоlmваs• dis!"ise
vrmv> }а %k vmrmv>wаs• re#rite$ copy$ type
vrm v>wqа, qоrmwvоulm u{>€ %n vmrmv>wqа correspondence
qоr> {а %n vmrmvлms bindin!$ cover
vrmrаiо sваt %k
vmrmrаi аsªваs•,
vmrmlmлªв аs•
process, rehandle, remake
vrmq jwваum %w vmrmrªв .reak
vrmzвjrл€um %w vmrmwаlqа Gо srаuwvоrsmG demise$ devol"tion$ transfer
vrmwmлваt %k vmrmwmл€s• emi!rate$ resettle, immi!rate
vrmvrаs€ %k vmrmwлаs• send on
vrmwm|qа %n vmrmxлоq alley, lane
vrmxtоrа %n vmrmxsоtлmu>m over#ork
vrmt>uа ваt %k vmrmzоl>s• pass, cross, s#eep, traverse, !et over
v>vm r %t, v>vm rq> %tu, |x }q>
vmrm{ pepper, type of ve!etable
wv> wjq %t vmrm|mu• list$ en"meration$ sched"le
vmr>о l %t vmr>оl
period, a!e, era$ season$ lesson$ len!th of
vrа wqова %n vmrw>q peach
vmrwоuа л %t vmrwоuал panel$ staff, personnel
vmrwvmqs>ва %n vmrwvmqs>ва
perspective, o"tlook$ prospect$ aspect$
rjqав>{а %n vmr|аsqа !love
vm wmu %n vmwu€ /on!
v€ wjq %t vmwоq /and
vj wsjr %v vmwsrªй
dappled, spotted, mottled$ checkered$
v€ wj|mu %v vmw|аuªй sandy, !ritty, sab"lo"s
tаklаuо o %t vmsrx}qа 8arsley
vm|а s %t vm|аs• /eal, stamp
lrо i|m %w vm|¯uqа Gо mlmG friedG!rilled liver
i>wqв>s> %tu, wx z> wлаlq> }> vm|mu•m cookie$ pastry$ bisc"it
vm}а , vm}, vm}qоt vm}qоt 'n foot
v> вu>{а, i>r аr>€ %n v>вuа€ p"b, bar$ aleho"se, saloon
i>rа %n v>во beer, type of alcoholic drink$ ale, stron! beer
v>ktmusа{ >€ %n v>ktmusа{>€ pi!mentation
v>q u>q, > oлms %t v>qu>q picnic
v>rо k %t v>rоk pie$ tart, fr"it pastry
vа wsа %n, wлаlq> } %t v>rоnuоm cake, s#eet baked food
v>rо nqа %n v>rоnоq pie, patty
v> }а %k v>wаs• )o #rite
v>wtо %w v>w•tо letter$ messa!e$ #ritin!$ scroll
zrаuа %n v>sаu>m, mlа food, no"rishment, n"trition, s"stenance, diet
zrа umum v>sаu>m no"rishment, s"stenance$ food$ n"trition$ feed
zrа u€ wm k % v>sаs•w€ )o eat
v> € %k v>s• )o drink
zrаuа %n v>~а 2eal, Cood
zrаuоwt>лаum %w v>~mваrmu>m di!estion
vлаu %t vлаu )he plan
vла ~аum %w vлаsmn payment
vла ~аt %k vлаs>s• )o pay
vлаsm u %v vлаsuªй pay
vлmtm %w vлmt€ tribe, clan, people$ !ro"p$ race, herita!e
vлmtmuu>q %t vлmt€uu>q nephe#, son of one*s brother or sister
vлmtmuu>{а %n vлmt€uu>{а niece, da"!hter of one*s brother or sister
y>лt %t vлmuqа GyоsоG film, roll+film
qx zumuwqа vm|qа %n vл>sа Gqxzоuuа€G stove, cooker$ slab$ fla! stone , ¡itchen
vло|а %n vл>sа Gqаtmuuа€G slab, plate
vлоl %t vлоl fr"it
vло lов %v vлоlовªй fr"it
vло wjq %v vлоwq>й planar
ло }о, oлm vлоzо .ad, 8oorly
ло} %v vлоzой .ad, ill
vло~аl %t vло~аl• Guаvr%, в kоrоlmG /¦"are, circ"s
vлƒw %t vлƒw pl"s
vлаn %t vл€n .each
vо vо 'n, 6lon!, over
qrайirm n>m %w vоimrmn•m /easide, coast, shore, seaside, littoral
uаiл> oо vоiл>oоws> (earby
vоwms€ %k vоiªваs• )o visit
kоsва| %t vоваr )he cook
оijruа, >oв> €, oав> € k% vовmruxs• t"rn$ set
lа oав>€ uал€ во vовmruxs• uалmво strike to the left
оqа|а %k vовmw>s• noose, strin! "p$ droop, )o han! "p
vо вmws %n vовmws• story, tale$ novel$ narrative
qаqsо wm в>nlа, qаqsо >okлm nlа vо+в>l>tоtx seemin!ly
vо воl %t vовоl, vrmlлоk 2otive, 'ccasion
>oв> ваt %k vовоrа| >ваs• Dri!!le, bend, t#ist, t"rn
>oв> вqа %n, oаво й %t vовоrоs Guаvr %, lоrоk>G bend% t#ist, #ind, #ail, yo#l
vовsоr€ %k vовsоr >s• repeat, rehearse, !o over
vовsоrmsm, tо л€ vовsоr>sm, vоnалxйwsа please
vов>}а , vоlоir€ %k vовªw>s• )o increase
vоkовоrqа %n vоkовоrqа /ayin!
вrmtm %w vоkоlа Deather
krаu>|аr %t vоkrаu>|u>q frontier !"ard
krаu>|mu, vоkr аu>|mu %v vоkrаu>|uªй
bo"ndary, borderline$ contermino"s,
borderin! on$ frontier
vоl vоl Guаvr%, wsолоtG 4nder
vоl Gо вrmtmu>, uаvr % =овªй
a!ainst, ath#art, contra
vr> вm|mr vоl вm|mr to#ards evenin!, at ni!htfall, at d"sk
vоlаr€ %k vоlаr>s• 5ompliment, )o present
vоlk о sов€t %k vоlkоsавл>ваs• prepare, make ready
>ot>sаt, tmsа %k vоltmsаs• s#eep, clean or clear a#ay #ith a broom
вl>k аt, vовl>kаt %k vоlu>tаs• lift, pick "p$ "plift, raise$ elevate$ erect
vоluо w %t, sа iла %n vоluоw )ray
vоlоimu vоlоiuªй /imilar
}>~о vоlо iuо u>|mkо vоlоiuоkо
no s"ch thin!, nothin! of the sort, nothin! of
the kind
vоlkr€ваt %k vоlоkrms• )o #arm "p
vо|а qаt %k vоlоnlаs• )o #ait
vоlv> }а %k vоlv>wаs• )o si!n , s"bscribe
vо lv>w %n vоlv>w• )he si!nat"re
vоlrо iuо vоlrоiuо 9iberally, In detail
vоlrо iuоws %n vоlrоiuоws• Betail
vоlrо imu %v vоlrоiuªй In+depth
vоlrаnа ваt %k vоlrаnаs• copy, em"late$ imitate, mimic$ portray
vr>€ smлqа %n vоlrxkа )he !irlfriend
vоsвjrl€ %k vоlsвmrl>s•
confirm, verify$ approve, endorse$ J"stify,
#arrant$ s"pport, s"stain
vоlsвjrnlаваt %k vоlsвmrnlаs•
confirm, verify$ approve, endorse$ J"stify,
#arrant$ s"pport, s"stain
vоlsвjrnlаваum %w vоlsвmrnlmu>m 5orroboration, 6ckno#led!ement
vоt>wл€ %k vоlxtаs• bethink, think over$ consider, see abo"t
вjokлавu>{а %n vоlx}qа pillo#, soft c"shion, pad
vоlzоl€~ %v vоlzоl€~>й 6pproachin!, pertinent
vоl|mrsа ваt %k vоl|mrq>ваs•
accent, emphasipe, stress, "nderline,
"nderscore, dash
ла kmr %t vоl}>vu>q pillo#$ bo&$ chock$ bearin!
вzоl %t vоljmol Gв lоtmG 'rifice, entrance
влаq %t vоmol )rain
vjsx ваum %w vоmolqа §o"rney, )rip
oаt>uа, srjk uа %k vоmzаs• )o !o
tо л€ vоnалxйwsа „в vrоw• im… 6skin!
vоnmла u>m %w vоnmлаu>m #ishin!
qаq wsm@$ q аqво vrа в>sm@ qаq вª vоn>ваmsm@ Ho# are yo"
вjor аwsmu %v vоn>лой lderly
oа в|mrа, о uo> lmu vоoав|mrа )he day before yesterday
vоoвол€ %k vоoвол>s• )o allo#, enable
vоoв ju€ %k vоoвоu>s• )o call
smлmyоu>rаt %k vоoвоu>s• vо smлmyоux
telephone, phone$ call on the phone, rin! s%o%
"p, !ive s%o% a callGa rin!
krjiuаq, krjiuа |mu wsjлi %t vоoвоuо|u>q
backbone, spine$ vertebra, se!ments of bone
#hich form the spinal col"mn
qjwmu %v vоolu>й )ardy, 9ate
qjwuо vоoluо 9ate
vоo> rаt %k vоo>rоваs• pose
vоo>s> вmu %v vоo>s>вuªй positive
vоo> {>€ %n vоo>{>€ 8osition
oаvоouа € wm k % vоouаqоt>s•w€
!et ac¦"ainted #ith$ meet, make
sjrwmum, l> rmum, >ol>rваum %w vо>wq /earch
оs> lа %k vойs> )o !o
oаwmkа vоqа, lо w>z vоr for the present, for the time bein!
vоqа Gwоƒo, uаvr% vоqа mkо um
#hile, as lon! as, before, "ntil
vоq аoаsmл %t vоqаoаsmл• 8arameter
vоqа nа, vоwо|а %k vоqаoаs• 3eveal, )o sho#
qxvxва| %t vоqxvаsmл• )he b"yer
qxvx ваt %k )o p"rchase
vоl %t vол G|аws• olаu>€G 4nder
vол %t vол Gi>ол%G Cloor, se&
vла lum %w vолlmu• 2idday, noon
vолmouо vолmouо It is "sef"l
vолmomu %v vолmouªй 4sef"l, #holesome
vол>q л>u>qа %n vол>qл>u>qа 8olyclinic
vол>{а %n, rаys %t vолqа /helf
vjлuоtо ~>m %w vолuоtо|>m
a"thority, po#er$ pro&y$ competency$
>o{€ ло, uаvjлuо vолuоws•ƒ 5ompletely, f"lly
vjлuоsа %n, lmimл>uа %n vолuоsа Gоn>rmu>mG 5ompleteness, thickness
vj лmu %v vолuªй 5omplete, rot"nd
vолов > uа %n vолов>uа Half, moiety
qjrvа %n vолоsmu{m )o#el
ml> u > vолов > uа vолsоrа one and a half
vолx|а smл, аlrmwа us %t vолx|аsmл• recipient
vолx|а ваt %k vолx|аs• )o receive
vолx |а %k vолx|>s• )o receive, receive
vо лoа %n vол•oа avail, advanta!e, behoof, benefit
vо лoваt wm GоsG %k vол•oоваs•w€ )o "se
vоtmws€ %k vоtmws>s• )o place
vrm|qа %n, vrmv€ swsв>m %w vоtmzа Hitch, impediment
vоvrm |а %k vоtm}аs•, воwvrmv€swsвоваs• prevent, hinder, stop, deter, stymie, th#art
lоtаs %t vоt>lоr, sоtаs GvлоlG tomato
vо tu€ %k vоtu>s• )o remember
vоtаk аt %k vоtоkаs• )o help
wvоr ml tm um vо+tоmtx
in my opinion, to my mind, to my thinkin!, in
my eyes
vоtоkuа %k vоtо|• help, assist, hand
vо tо~ %n vоtо~•
help, aid, assistance$ relief$ facilitation,
vо tа лqо, vолmq а+лm qа vоumtuоkx !rad"ally, little by little
vоu>nа %k vоu>o>s• 3ele!ate, lo#er
rаoi>rаt %k vоu>tаs• )o "nderstand
um в> rаoi> rаt € ваw um vоu>tаƒ I dont "nderstand yo"
l>аr>€ %n vоuоw
diarrhoea, abnormally fre¦"ent and fl"id
bo#el movements
vоu€ s>m %w vоu€s>m idea, concept$ ima!e$ intention
rаoirа u, vоu€smu %v vоu€suªй
"nderstandable, comprehensible, clear,
transparent, easy to "nderstand
rаoi mrа %k vоu€s•
"nderstand, !rasp the meanin! of „e%!%
#ords…$ comprehend, !rasp, seipe, perceive
vо rml, vоrm luо vоо|mrmluо /erially
uаwjr|аваt %k vоо~r€s• , оiоlr€s•
co"ntenance, embolden, enco"ra!e, hearten,
pander, promote, "r!e for#ard
uа vrmq> vоvmrmq across
uаvолов> uа vоvолаt Half+and+half
vоvrа в€ vоvrав>s• to"ch "p, correct, retrieve
vоvxл€rmu %v vоvxл€ruªй 8op"lar, #ell+kno#n
о v>s %t vоvªsqа 6ttempt
вrmtm %w vоrа It is time
rаoл >|uо vо+rаouоtx differently
vо rавuо, uа rавu> |а ws> vоrовux Cifty+fifty
vrаk %t vоrоk )hreshold
vr>wsа u>~m %w vоrs 8ort
vоrsrms %t vоrsrms 8ortrait
|а usа %n vоrsymл• 8ortofolio
vоrj|ваt %k vоrx|аs• )o char!e
vоrj|ваum %w vоrx|mu>m rrand, )he assi!nment„order…
vо {>€ %n vоr{>€ ration
vоr>в %t vоrªв Imp"lse, !"st
rml %t vоr€lоq )he order
vоwm л€ wm %k vоwmл>s•w€ )o p"t "p
wm л>~m %w vоwmлоq /ettlement
vо wrmlа sа, uа wrmlаsа vоwmrml>um In the middle
vоwms> smл %t vоwms>smл• )he visitor
vоwms€ %k vоwms>s• )o visit
sjй qаsо , lоqо лqоsо vоwqол•qx Insofar, 6s
vоwла u>m %w vоwлаu>m )he messa!e, epistle
vrа s€, >ovrаs€ %k vоwлаs• )o send
vо wлm, wлml sова vоwлm, vоwлm sоkо 6fter, thereafter
vоwлm lmu %v vоwлmlu>й 9ast, latter
vоwлm lwsв>m %w vоwлmlwsв>m conse¦"ence
вlrx k>lmu vоwлmoавsrа day after tomorro#
vоwsа в€, sxr€, wло nа vоwsав>s• Beliver, )o p"t
лmkло , vоwsm л€ %n vоwsmл• .ed
vоwsmvm umu %v vоwsmvmuuªй !rad"al
vоwsо€ umu %v vоwsо€uuªй 5onstant
vоwsj vваt %k vоwsxvаs• )o act
wj lовm %tu vоwxlа 4tensils
oаk xi€, >okx i€ %k vоsmr€s• )o lose
sава u %t 5eilin! 5eilin!
wлml sова , vо wлm vоsоt )hen
oаsова vоsоtx )herefore
oа~оsо vоsоtx |sо beca"se
ux nlа, vоsrm iuоws %n vоsrmiuоws• need
vоlоi mu GuаG, vr>л>|mu GuаG %v vоzоn>й /imilar
оswла iuа %k vоzxlms• )o !ro# thin
oа~о vо|mtx Dherefore, Dhy
vоvrа в€ %k vо|>u>s• )o repair
ijirmq %t vо|qа Gаuаs%G kidney
vо ~а %n vо|sа 2ail
vо|s> vо|s> 6lmost
vо ~muwq> %v vо|sовªй 8ostal, 2ail
t>sо %w vо}л>uа ta&, levy, fee, toll
oаsова , msо oа~о vо®sоtx )herefore
vо€wu€ваt %k vо€wu€s• ill"strate
> ws>uа, vr авlа %n vrавlа )he tr"th
vrа в>ло vrав>ло 3"le
vrа в>ла oа xл>|uоsо lв>nm u>m
vrав>ла xл>|uоkо
traffic re!"lations
vrа в>лmu %v vrав>л•uªй 5orrect
vrа вmu, ƒr>l> |mwq> %v vrавовой 9e!al
vrавоtmrmu %v vrавоtmruªй la#f"l
lm wmu vrавªй Gо wsоrоumG ri!ht, ri!ht+hand
wvrавmlл>в , vrав vrавªй Gо >ws>umG Is fair, )he ri!hts
vrmв>}а ваt %k vrmвª}аs• )o e&ceed
vrmkrа lа, vrm|qа %n vrmkrаlа obstr"ction
vrmlваr>smлmu %v vrmlваr>smл•uªй 8reliminary
vrmlв > nlаt %k vrmlв>lms• Coresee, )o e&pect
vrmlла kаt %k vrmlлаkаs• )o offer
vrmlла kаum, vrmlлоnm u>m %w vrmlлоnmu>m /"!!estion, )he offer
vrmlло nа %k vrmlлоn>s• 8ropose, )o offer
vrmltm s %t vrmltms /"bJect
vrmlоwsав €t %k vrmlоwsавл€s• )o !ive
vrmlvолаkаt %k
vrmlvолаkаs• G>tms•
s"ppose, pres"me
vrmlvоwsа вqа %n vrmlvоwªлqа premise
vrmlvо|>sа u>m %w vrmlvо|smu>m preference
vrmlvr>€s>m %w vrmlvr>€s>m )he enterprise
vrmlwsав>smл %t vrmlwsав>smл• representative
vrmlwsав>smлwsво %w vrmlwsав>smл•wsво 3epresentation
vrmlxvrml€ %k vrmlxvrml>s• Corestall, )o #arn
vrmlxvrmnlа ваt %k vrmlxvr mnlаs• #arn, notify in advance
vrml> vrmnlm .efore
vrml> }mu, vо+rа u}mu vrmnu>й Cormer
vrmormu>m %w vrmormu>m disdain
vrml> twsво %w vrm>tx~mwsво 6dvanta!e
vrmqrа wmu %v vrmqrаwuªй 8erfect, fine
vrmqrаs€ , wvrа %k vrmqrаs>s• 5ease, )o stop
vrmqrаs€ ваt, wv> rаt %k vrmqrа~аs• stop, ¦"it$ finish, end
vrmvоlаваsmл %t vrmvоlаваsmл• )he teacher, instr"ctor
vrmvоlа ваt %k vrmvоlаваs• teach$ profess
vrmq jwuа, wvrа %k vrmrваs• )o interr"pt
imowо лmu %v vrmwuªй s#eet
wла lqа воlа vrmwuа€ воlа s#eet #ater, fresh #ater
vrm wа, vmr>оl>|mu vm|аs %t vrmwwа 8ress
vrmxвmл>|а ваt %k vrmxвmл>|>ваs• )o e&a!!erate
qrай vr> Gоq олоG 2ar!in, d!e, ver!e
vrml, в vr>wjwsв>m uа vr> Gв vr>wxswsв>>G .efore
vr>, vrmo вrmtm uа vr> 6t
vr> wлx |ай vr> wлx|аm on occasion, as occasion offers
vr> sов а vr> ®sоt here#ith
vr>iа в€, xв mл>|а %k vr>iав>s• )o add
vr>ws>kаt vr>iªваs• )o arrive
vr>ws>kаum %w vr>iªs>m 5omin!, arrival
vr>вm s, vо olrав %t vr>вms Hi
vr>вл>|аt %t vr>влmq аs•
attract, ma!netipe$ all"re, charm$ invite$
en!a!e$ appeal$ fetch$ p"ll
vr>влmqа vr>влm|• 6ttract, )o involve
vr>в> qваt, wв>qв аt %k vr>вªqаs• )o !et "sed
vоqа u€ %k vr>kлаw>s• )o invite
vоqа uа %n vr>kла}mu>m )he invitation
vrmlkrаl>m %w vr>kоrоl s"b"rb
vr> mt %t vr>mt 3eception
vr>ouаsmлuоws %n vr>ouаsmл•uоws•
appreciation, !ratit"de$ ackno#led!ement$
lо йlа, vr>ws>kuа vr>йs> )o reach
ws> kuа lо wjk лаw>m, vоws> kuа
wvоr аoxtm u>m
vr>йs> q wоkла}mu>ƒ
come to terms, strike a bar!ain, come to an
oа vовml %n vr>qаo )he order
oаvов€lаt %k vr>qаoаs• )o order
oалm vваt vr>qлm>ваs• !l"e, adhere
vr>qrmv€ vr>qrmv>s• )o attach
smok€ z %t vr>лавоq 5o"nter
vr>ло nа %k vr>tmu>s• apply, implement$ deploy$ employ$ "se
vr> tmr %t vr>tmr &ample
vrmtm r€ %k vr>tmr>s• fit on$ try on
vrо iа %n vr>tmrqа Gоi оlmnlmG )est
oаimлm nqа, imлm nqа %n vr>tm|аu>m )he note, notice
vr>uаlлmnа %k vr>uаlлmnаs• )o belon!, belon!
vr>m tаt %k vr>u>tаs• )o accept
vr> u{ >v %t vr>u{>v 8rinciple
vr>u{ >v>а лmu, vr>u{>vmu %v vr>u{>v>ал•uªй principled
vr>lоi> €, vолx|а %k vr>оirmws> )o !et, ac¦"ire
vr>оr>sms %t vr>оr>sms 8riority
vоlvrа вqа %n vr>vrава /easonin!
vr>rо lа %n vr>rоlа (at"re
vr>wsа u>~m %w vr>wsаu• dock, pier
аusrm %w, |аqа лu€ %n vr>zоnа€ sofa, hol
rmtаrq m %w vr>{mv )he trailer
vr> sов а vr>|¯t 6nd
vr>| > uа %n vr>|>uа )he reason
vr>€ smu %v vr>€suªй 8leasant, d"lcet
oа vrо 8ro, 6bo"t
oаvx}а лqа, sа vа %n vrоiqа 5ork, C"se, Jam
vrоiл mt %t vrоiлmtа 8roblem, iss"e
оv> sваt %k vrоiоваs• )o try
vrmqаrаt %k vrоiªs• Guаzоl>s•w€G carry, take, transport, drive
vrовmr€ %k vrовmr>s• )o check "p, verify
vrов> u{>€ %n vrов>u{>€ 8rovince
n> {а, q аimл %t vrовоl vrовоl
воlа| %t vrовоlu>q Guаvr%, в k оrаzG !"ide, pathfinder, leader
qоulxqsоr %t vrовоlu>q Gв vоmolmG )he cond"ctor
vоkлj~аt %k vrоkлаsªваs•, vоkло~аs• s#allo#, en!"lf
vrоkrаtа %n vrоkrаttа 8ro!ramme, )he pro!ram
vrоkrаt>rаt %k vrоkr аtt>rоваs• pro!ram
rаozо lqа %n vrоkxлqа Dalk
vrоlа ваt %k vrоlаваs• )o sell
vrоlава| %t vrоlавm{ /alesman, )he seller
vrоlа t %k vrоlаs• )o sell
vrоljлnа %k vrоlл>s• )o prolon!
vrоljлnаваt %k vrоlолnаs• )o contin"e
vrоljлnава GwmG, srа m vrоlолnаs•w€ )o proceed
t>uаваum %w
vrоmol Guа srаuwvоrsuоt
passin!, passa!e
vjsx ваum %w vrоmol Gvmrmtm~mu>mG travellin!
sаq wа oа vjsx ваum vлаsа oа vrоmol fare
vj s• оt, uа t>uаваum vrоmolоt in transit
t>uаваt %k vrоmonаs• )o pass
vrоm qs %t vrоmqs )he proJect, bl"eprint
oаkxiа %n vrо>krª} 9oss, losin!
vrо>oво lwsво %w vrо>oвоlwsво 8rod"ction, 2an"fact"re
vrо>oumwа , >okовоr€ %k vrо>oumws> )o make
vrоt> }лmu> wsоq> %tu vrоtsоваrª man"fact"red !oods
vоt>ujq %t vrоtªwmл, rmtmwло occ"pation, means of livin!
vrоt> }лmuоws %n vrоtª}лmuuоws• Ind"stry
vrоvаkа ulа %n vrоvаkаulа 8ropa!ation
vrоwвm sа %n vrоwвm~mu>m nli!htenment
tо л€ vrоw>s• )o ask , be!
vrmkлm nlаt %k vrоwtаsr>ваs•, оwtаsr>ваs•
inspect, e&amine, s"rvey, check, look
thro"!hGover, !o thro"!hGover
> wq аt rаorm}mu>m vrоw>s• rаorm}mu>€ ask permission
vrоwvmqs %t vrоwvmqs )he prospect"s
wiоkx ваt wm, вomtа w> wiо kоt %k vrоws>s•w€ )o be for!iven
vrоws %v vrоwsой 2ere, Idle time
vrоwsxlа, uаws> uqа %n vrоwsxlа 5old
|аr}аy %t vrоwsªu€ .edsheet
tолiа %n vrоw•iа )he re¦"est
vrоs>в, wr m~x vrоs>в 6!ainst
vrоs>воvоло nmu vrоs>воvолоnuªй contrary
vrоs>воrm |>m %w vrоs>воrm|>m !ainsay
vrоymw>оuа лmu %v vrоymww>оuал•uªй 8rofessional
vrоymw>€ %n vrоymww>€ 8rofession, )rade
vrоy>лаqs>| mu, vrmlvаomu %v vrоy>лаqs>|mwq>й preventive, prophylactic
vrоzла lmu %v vrоzлаluªй cool, chill$ breepy$ tepid
vrо{mlxrа %n vrо{mlxrа 8roced"re
vrо{m us %t vrо{mus 8ercent
vrо{m w %t vrо{mww 8rocess
vrо|msа vrо|mws•, vrо|>sаs• )o read
olrаyв , €q, srа mu %v vrо|uªй /tron!
вju vrо|• 6#ay
t> uало %w vrо}лоm )he past
t> uал %v vrо}лªй 8ast, 9ast
vrо€в€ваt %k vrо€вл€s• )o sho#
uаvrа во, vrа во vr€tо /trai!htfor#ard, Birectly
vrав vr€tой .y strai!ht line, direct
vw>zолоk %t vw>zолоk )he psycholo!ist
vw>zолоk >€ %n vw>zолоk>€ 8sycholo!y
vs>{а %n vs>{а .ird
vxiл>qа %n vxiл>qа 8"blic
vxiл>qx ваt %k vxiл>qоваs• )o p"blish
vла }а, >ovла }ваt %k vxkаs• )o fri!hten
qоv|m %w vxkов>{а b"tton$ st"d
vxлw %t vxл•w 8"lse
vxuqs %t vxuqs item$ cla"se$ para!raph$ point, spot$ station
vxws %v vxwsой mpty
um qа, lа vxws• 9et
vjsmвоl> smл %t vxsmвоl>smл• )he !"idebook
vjsm}mwsв>m %w vxsm}mwsв>m )ravelin!
vjsm}mwsваt %k vxsm}mwsвоваs• )o travel
vjs %t vxs• Gо vmrmtm~mu>>G road, #ay
vо vjs€ vо vxs> 6lon! Days , on #ays
uа вrj ~аum uа оirаsuоt vxs> ret"rn, homin!
uа |>u, wvо wоi %t vxs•, wvоwоi 2ode, Day
v|mла rwsво %w v|mловоlwsво .eekeepin!
v}mu> {а %n, n>sо %w v}mu>{а Dheat
vrаzоwtxqа|qа %n vªлmwоw ?ac""m cleaner
vrаz %t, %n vªл• 8o#der, 6shes, d"st
оv> sваt wm %k vªsаs•w€ )o try, attempt
v>€ uwsво %w v•€uwsво Br"nkenness, alcoholism
vƒrm %w vƒrm mashed potatoes
rаiоsа %n rаiоsа Dork
rаiо s€ %k rаiоsаs• )o #ork , operate
rавu>uа %n, rав u> ~m %w rавu>uа 8lain
rавmu %v rавuªй ¦"al
rаl>qа лmu %v rаl>qал•uªй radical
rаl>о %w rаl>о radio, #ireless
rаl>xw %t rаl>xw radi"s$ ray
vjs %t rаo )ime, road, #ay
rаokлоi€ваt %k rаoi>rаs• Guа |аws>G Bemo"nt, disassemble
rаokлm nlаt, >o€wu€ ваt %k rаoi>rаs• Gв оvrоw > vr%G vie#, e&amine, canvass, look at
wjix l€ %k rаoixl>s• )o #ake
u>tа rаoвm 4nless, really, indeed, is it possible
rаoв> ваt %k rаoв>ваs• )o develop
rаoв> ваum %w, rаoв> s>m %w rаoв>s>m Bevelopment, evol"tion
rаoвл >|аum, oаiавл€ваum %w rаoвлm|mu>m ntertainment
rаokоваr€t, imwmlваt %k rаokоваr>ваs• )o talk
rаokовоr %t, imwm lа %n rаokовоr 5onversation, speakin!
rаok овоru>q %t rаokовоru>q 8hrase book
rаokrаu>|аваt %k rаokrаu>|>ваs• demarcate, delimit$ differentiate, discriminate
rаot> wл€, оsqа nа wm rаolxtаs• chan!e one*s mind
r€ ojq %v rmoq>й /harp, harsh
rаoл>|аваt %k rаoл>|аs• )o distin!"ish , differentiate
rаoл> |mu, rа omu %v rаoл>|uªй vario"s
rаotmr %t rаotmr )he sipe
rаot>wjл %n rаotª}лmu>m 3eflection, meditation
rаot> wл€t, оit>wл€t %k rаotª}л€s• /pec"late, )o reflect, co!itate
rаouоkлаw>m %w rаouоkлаw>m Bisa!reement, discord
rаouооirа o>m %w rаouооirаo>m 6 diversification, variety
rаouоwsrа umu %v rаouоwsоrоuu>й /calene
rаoл> |mu, rа omu rаoл>|uªй vario"s
rаorаiо s€ %k rаorаiоsаs• )o develop
rаorm nа %k rаormoаs• )o c"t
vоoволmu>m %w, rаorm}mu>m %w rаorm}mu>m, vоoволmu>m )he sanction, permission
rаorm}а , vоoвол€ %k rаorm}>s• G|sо+л>iо wlmлаs•G allo#, permit, let
rаorm}а , rm}а %k rаorm}>s• GвоvrоwG )o permit„solve… , ¦"estion, 8roblem
rаoxtmu %v rаoxtuªй reasonable
rайо u, rmk>о u %t rайоu Bistrict, 6rea
rаq %t rаq 5ancer
rа umu %v rаuu>й arly
rа uо rаuо arly
vrml> rаu•}m, вvmrml> before, prior to, a!o, 6head, arlier
rаov>wа u>m %w rаwv>wаu>m )imetable, )he time+table
rаov> }а wm %k rаwv>wаs•w€ )o "ndersi!n
rаov>wqа %n rаwv>wqа
note, chit$ vo"cher$ script$ release$
ac¦"ittance$ ackno#led!ement
rаovлаs€ wm %k rаwvлаs>s•w€ )o pay
rаovолоnm u>m %w rаwvолоnmu>m, uаwsrоmu>m arran!ement$ emplacement$ lay
rаowj tв аum %w rаwwвms Ba#n
rаoqаo %t rаwwqаo )he story , narrative
rаoqа nа, rаovrа в€ rаwwqаoаs• )o tell , recite
rаowr о|ваum %w, rаowrо |qа %n rаwwrо|qа payment by installments
rаowsо€ u>m %w rаwwsо€u>m Bistance
>o|>wл€ , vrmwtmsuа %k rаww|>sаs• )o calc"late, reckon
rаwsm u>m %w rаwsmu>m 8lant
rаozоl %t, rаouо wq> %tu rаwzоl &pendit"re, )he char!e
wtmsqа %n, >o|>wл€ ваum %w rаw|ms 5alc"lation
rаo}>r€ ваum %w, rаo}>r m u>m rаw}>rmu>m nlar!ement, e&tension
rаo}>r€ %k rаw}>r>s• dilate
rmаqsоr %t rmаqsоr )he reactor
rmалmu %v rmал•uªй 3eal
lmsm %w rmimuоq )he child
rmirо %w rmirо Gаuаs%G Ceather, d!e
rmвtаs> ojt %t rmвtаs>ot 3he"matism
rmk>wsrа{ >€ %n rmk>wsrа{>€ 3e!istration
rmkxл>rаt %k rmkxл>rоваs• re!"late, control, !overn$ adJ"st, modify
rmkxл€rmu, rmlо вmu %v rmkxл€ruªй 3e!"lar
rmlаq s>rаt %k rmlаqs>rоваs• )o edit
r€ ljq %v rmlq>й 3are
r€ lqо rmlqо /eldom, rarely
kxtа %n rmo>uа r"bber, cao"tcho"c, !"m
kxtmu %v rmo>uовªй r"bber
rmoxлsаs %t rmoxл•sаs 3es"lt, effect
rmйw %t rmйw ?oya!e, )rip, fli!ht
rmqа %n rmqа )he river
rmqла tа rmqлаtа advertisement
vrmvоrj|ваt %k rmqоtmulоваs• 3ecommend, commend
rmtjq %t, qа> } %t rmtmu• .elt, strap
rmtоus %t, vоvrа вqа %n rmtоus 3epair, mend
rmusаi> лuоws %n rmusаimл•uоws• efficiency
rm uskmu %t rmuskmu
´+ray, photo!raph of internal body parts
"sin! ´+rays
rm uskmuов %v rmuskmuовwq>й &+ray, roent!en ray
kxл> € %n, алаiа } %t rmvа t"rnip
rmvоrsаn %t rmvоrsаn )he reportin!
rmvrоlxq{>€ %n rmvrоlxq{>€ reprod"ction, replication$ replica
rmwsоrа us %t rmwsоrаu 3esta"rant
rmwxrw> %tu rmwxrwª 3eso"rces„safe lifes…
rm{m vsа %n rm{mvs )he prescription, recipe
rm|mu %v rm|uой 3iver
rm| %n, k о воr %t rm|• /peech
rm}аваt %k rm}аs• )o decide„solve…
rm}ава~, rm}> smлmu %v rm}аƒ~>й decisive
rm}m u>m %w rm}mu>m )he decision
оr>o %t r>w 3ice
r>wq %t r>wq Hapard, risk
r>wqx ваt %k r>wqоваs•, r>wquxs• advent"re$ !amble
r>wx uqа %n r>wxuоq Bra#in!, Ci!"re
r>sjt %t r>st rhythm
rавmu, kла ljq %v rовuªй ¦"able, ¦"al
rоl %t rоl family, clan$ kin$ race$ bloodline$ !eneration
rоl> smл> %tu rоl>smл> )he parents
> oвоr %t rоlu>q /prin!
rоlmu %v rоluой (ative
rоlmu Gtа smrmuG mo>q rоluой €oªq mother ton!"e
rоlu> uа %t rоlwsв muu>q relative, relation, kinsman
rа nlаum, rоnlm u>m %w rоnlmu>m .irth
rоnlm u lmu lmu• rоnlmu>€ birthday, date of birth
rjn %n rоn• rye
rоoа %n rоoа 3ose
rоoов %v rоoовªй 8ink
rол€ %n rол• 3ole
ла йqа %n rоtа}qа camomile, daisy #heel
Yxw>€ %n Yоww>€ 3"ssia
rjws %t rоws ,ro#th, !ro#in!
r>oа %n rxiа}qа /hirt
im лmk %t rxim{ Gоs rаuªG cicatrice, scar, seam, mark
rx iла %n rxiл• 3"ble, 3o"ble
rjqа %n rxqа Hand, arm
rjqовоl> smл %t rxqовоl>smл• )he chief
rjqово lwsво, vоtаk ало %w rxqовоlwsво Gvоwоi>mG 2ana!ement, !overnance, allo#ance
rjqоv> w %t rxqоv>w• )he man"script
qоrt> ло %w rxл• 3"dder, helm
rx wq> %v rxwwq>й 3"ssian
rx|mй %t, vоsо q %t rx|mй )he strand, brook
v>wа лqа %n rx|qа Glл€ v>w•tаG pen
r>iа %n rªiа Cish
r>iаr %t rªiаq )he fisherman
r>imu %v rªiuªй fish$ fishy, piscine
vаoаr %t rªuоq )he market
rа u>{а %n rƒqoаq .ackpack
rml %t, rml>{а %n r€l ro#
rmlоt, ml > u lо lrxk, iл>oо r€lоt ro#, horipontal line, ne&t$ a!ainst
w w GвtmwsmG Dith, )o!ether
w rаorm}mu>m w rаorm}mu>€
permit, license$ #ritten permission, )he
w Gоsvrавuа€ sо|qа в
vrоwsrаuwsвm >л> вrmtmu>G
#ith, from$ of, comin! from
wаваuа %n wаваuuа
savannah, plain covered #ith coarse !rasses
and characteriped by seasonal rainfall
krаl> uа %n wаl 'rchard, ,arden
lm swqа krаl> uа lmswq>й wаl kinder!arten
w€ lаt %k wаl>s•w€ )o sit
Tа|ваt wm %k wаl>s• w€ Gв vоmol > vr%G carry "p, take "p, brin! "p
wалаsа %n wалаs /alad
wлаu> uа, tаou> uа, tаw %n wало lard
wало u %t wалоu Interior, saloon
wаt Gwаtа , wаtо , wаt> G wаt Gwаtа, wаtо, wаt>G Itself, self
оs wаtо wm im w> wm rаoi> rа wаtо wоiой rаoxtmmsw€ of co"rse
wаtолms %t wаtолms )he plane, aircraft
wаtоx|>smл %t wаtоx|>smл• )he self+teacher
uай+ wаtªй Gvrmвоwzоluа€ wsmvmu•G 2ost, s"perlative
uа> ws>uа, lmйwsв>smл•uо в wаtоt lmлm ¦"otha
в lmйwsв>smл•uоws uа wаtоt lmлm all intents and p"rposes
в wаtо sо uа|ало в wаtоt uа|алm at the first set o"t
wаuаsо r>xt %t wаuаsоr>й /anatori"m
wаu>sаr %t wаu>sаr
)he hospital attendant, medical orderly, male
wаu>sаr> € %n wаu>sаr>€ sanitation
wа uq{>€ %n wаuq{>€ sanction
wаus>tmsjr %t wаus>tmsr centimeter
iоsx } %t wаvоk .oot, ridin! boot
wаrlmла %n wаrl>uа sardine
oа zаr %t wаzаr /"!ar
oа zаrmu %v wаzаruªй /"!ar
vx lrа oа zаr wаzаruа€ vxlrа castor s"!ar, po#dered s"!ar
w> suа oа zаr wаzаruªй vmwоq !ran"lated s"!ar
wvmwsо вmu wimrmk аsmл•uªй economical, thrifty, savin!
oаvаo€, vrmlvа o€ %k wimrm|• , wоzrаu>s• /ave, )o keep, retain
wvmws€ %k wimrm|• , uаqоv>s• /ave, scratch to!ether, acc"m"late, amass
wiл> nа %k wiл>o>s• brin! to!ether , brin!G dra# closer
оswsrаu> wiоqx /ide#ays
wiоru>q %t wiоru>q )he collection
vrоlа niа %n, vлаwtm us %t,
vлаw>rаum %w
2arket, sale, /ales
wваr€ , wkоsв€ %k wваr>s•, wkоsов>s• Deld, cook
wвmlmu>m %w wвmlmu>m Information
вomtаt w> imлm nqа vr>u>tаs• q wвmlmu>ƒ take note$ consider
vrm wmu %v wвmn>й Guаvr%, о mlmG fresh, ne#, yo"n!
wвmn, |>ws %v wвmn>й, |>wsªй Cresh, crisp
{вmqло %w wвmqла .eet
wвmqjr %t wвmqоr father in la#, father of the bride
wвmqjrва %n wвmqrов•
mother in la#, mother of one*s h"sband or
wв€s %t, omt€ %n wвms Gt>rG Dorld, ,leam, 9i!ht
wвms€, оwвm~аваt, wвmsваt wms>s•
flash, !leam, !lint, li!ht, bless, sanctify,
wвmsjл %v wвmsлªй 9i!ht, shinin!, clear
wвmsоyаr %t wвmsоyоr )raffic li!ht
оло во %w wв>um{ lead, pl"mb"m, tin
wв> uwqо Gtmwо G %w wв>u>uа 8ork, meat derived from pi!s$ pi!, s#ine
vолxвmr %t wв>smr /#eater
wвоiоlа %n wвоiоlа Creedom
wвоiо lmu %v wвоiоluªй Cree, loose, void
wвоmвrm tmumu, uавrmtmumu
wвоmвrmtmumu timely, opport"ne, #ell+timed, convenient
wвой Gwво €, wво m, wво >G, w> wвой Gwво€, wво¯, wво>G my, belon!in! to me
vо wво mtx, vо wво€ uа|>u vо+wвоmtx in one*s o#n fashion, in one*s o#n #ay
wво йwsво %w wвойwsво 8roperty, feat"re, characteristic
вj rnа, wвj rnа %k wв€oаs• Guаvr%, wоiªs>€G )ie, band, bond, colli!ate, connect
вrjoqа %n wв€oqа, wв€o• cord, lace, tie
smлmyо uuа вrjoqа smлmyоuuа€ wв€o• telephone comm"nication
вjв вrjoqа w%%% в wв€o> w%%% 5omm"nications
vrmlаваt, lаваt %k wlаваs•
)o hand over, transfer, deliver, yield control
vrmlаt, lаt %k wlаs• Giаkаn > vr%G !ive, deliver, !et by
lа ваum vоl uа mt %w wlа|а Gvоl uаmtG lease$ s"rrender$ delivery
rm wsо %w wlа|а Gо lmumnuªz rаw| msаzG chan!e, odd money
uаvrав€, >oвjr }а %k wlmлаs• make$ p"ll
wlm лqа %n, wjk ла}m u>m %w wlmлqа transaction
wmimwsо йuоws %n, qо wsxmtа
{muа %n
cost price, net cost
wm im Gw>G wmi€ Itself
wm вmr %t wmвmr (orth
wm вmrmu %v wmвmruªй (orthern, .oreal
wmвmrо> osоq %t wmвmrо+воwsоq northeast
wmвmrоoаvаl %t wmвmrо+oаvаl north#est
wmktmus %t wmktmus section, se!ment$ somite
lumw wmkоlu€ today, c"rrent day, present+day
sа o> wxsr>u wmkоlu€ xsrоt )his mornin!
lовm|mrа wmkоlu€ вm|mrоt )his evenin!
lum }mu %v wmkоlu€}u>й )oday*s
wmoо u %t wmoоu /eason
wmkа , vоuаwsо€~mt wmй|аw Gв lаuuªй tоtmusG act"ally, c"rrently, no#adays, at present
вmluаkа, wqо rо, umoаiавuо Zmй|аw, wqоrо no#, #ait a second, /oon
wmqrm %t, sайuа %n wmqrms /ecret
wmqrmsаr %t wmqrmsаr• )he secretary
wmqx ulа %n wmqxulа /econd
lалаq %t wmлmomuqа milt, sperm of a male fish$ spleen
wm ло %w wmло ?illa!e
wm лlа, zm r>ukа %n wmл•l• herrin!
wm лwq> %v wmл•wq>й ?illa!e, r"ral
wm лwqо wsоvаuwsво wmл•wqоm zоo€йwsво a!ric"lt"re
wmлwqоwsоvа uwq> %v wmл•wqоzоo€йwsвmuuªй a!ric"lt"ral
wmtmmu %v wmtmйuªй Camily
wmtmйwsво %w wmtmйwsво, wmt•€ Camily, /et
wmtmwsjr %t wmtmwsr /emester
w€rа %n wmrа /"lph"r, /"lf"r
wjrвjr %t wmrвmr /erver
wjrlm|mu %v wmrlm|uªй 5ardiac, hearty
wjr{m %w wmrl{m heart*s
wrmlа %n wmrml>uа 2iddle
wmr>mu %v wmr>йuªй 8rod"ction
wmrs>y>q а s %t, wв>lmsmлwsво
wmrs>y>qаs )he certificate
w>в %v wmrªй ,rey
wmr>о omu %v wmr•mouªй /erio"s
wmwsrа %n wmwsrа )he sister
wm luа %k wmws• Guаvr%, uа wsxлG sit , seat oneself, take a seatGchair$
qа|а wm %k wmws• Guаvr%, в vоmolG carry "p, take "p, brin! "p
qа{uа %k wmws• , vr>omtл>s•w€ land, arrive on the !ro"nd
trm nа %n wmsqа, wms• net, nettin!, mesh#ork, filet
оsoаl woаl> .ehind
vx rа %n w>kаrа ci!ar
{>kаrа %n w>kаrmsа 5i!arette
iолuаkлmlа|qа %n w>lmлqа )he n"rse
wmlа лqа %n w>lmu•m place$ space$ bottom$ seat
wml€ %k w>lms• )o sit
w> лmu %v w>л•uªй /tron!, violent
w>u %v w>u>й Bark bl"e , Bark bl"e
w>wsm tа %n w>wsmtа /ystem
w>sxа { >€ %n w>sxа{>€ /it"ation
w>€ u>m %w w>€u>m, оrmол ,lo#in!, shine
q а nа %k wqаoаs• )o tell
vr>qаoqа %n wqаoqа Cairy tale
wqала %n wqала 3ock, cra!
vоqr> вqа %n wqаsmrs• 5loth
tа лqа krаl> uqа %n wqвmr s¦"are
vrmo wqвоo• )hro"!h
оswsjvqа %n wq>lqа )he disco"nt
wqлаl %t wqлаl Dareho"se, store, repository
s>kа u %t wqовоrоlа pan$ drippin! pan
qолqо wqол•qо Ho# many
qолqо vj s>@ wqол•qо rаo@ Ho# many time
qолqо вrm tm@ wqол•qо вrmtmu>@ Dhat is the time
uа qо лqо kоl> u> wsm@ wqол•qо ваt лms@ Ho# old are yo"
wqоrо wqоrо /oon
wqоrоws wqоrоws• /peed
ijro %v wqоrªй /peed
q ла tmr %t wqrmvqа staple$ clip$ clinch
wqxлvsxrа %n wqxл•vsxrа /c"lpt"re
wqxtr> € %n wqxtir>€
mackerel, !reenish+bl"e edible fish common
to the (orth 6tlantic
wqx|а € %k wqx|аs• )o miss
wлаiоws %n wлаiоws• Deakness
wлаi %v wлаiªй Deak, faint
wла ljq %v wлаlq>й /#eet
wла лоt %t wлалоt /lalom
оsл€ во, uал€ во wлmва 6t the left
wлmlоваsmлuо wлmlоваsmл•uо Hence
wлm lва~, wлm lmu %v wлmlxƒ~>й Collo#in!, posterior
wл>ва %n wл>ва Brain, pl"m
q айtаq %t wл>вq> 5ream, cream
sвjrlm, vrmqалm uо wл>}qоt )oo
rm |u>q %t wловаr• )he dictionary, le&icon
lx tа %n, rm| %n wлово Dord
w mluа lx tа$ uаq j wо qа oаuо,
uаqrа sqо
wловоt, .y #ord
wло nuоws %n wлоnuоws• 5omple&ity, sophistication
wло nmu %v wлоnuªй
comple&, intricate$ complicated, diffic"lt$
sophisticated, seasoned
w|x v€, wjiоr€ wлоtаs• )o break
wлxnа~ %t wлxnа~>й )he employee, servant
wлx|ай %t, wлx|qа %n wлx|ай 'ccasion, 5ase
wлx|а йuо wлx|айuо Incidentally, accidentally, 5as"ally
wлx|аmu %v wлx|айuªй 5as"al, fort"ito"s
wлx|а wm %k wлx|>s•w€ )o happen
wлx }аt %k wлx}аs• )o listen
|x ваt %k wлª}аs• )o hear
wtmw %n wtmw• mi&t"re
wtm sqа %n wtmsа estimate$ o"tlay
wtmsа uа %n wtmsаuа /o"r cream
wtm }mu %v wtm}uой 3idic"lo"s
wtm € wm %k wtm€s•w€ )o la"!h
yrm uwqо krо olm %w wtоrоl>uа
c"rrant, seedless raisin made from a small
variety of !rape
k лmlаt, kr> nа wm %k wtоsrms• )o look , stare
txrkав %v wtxkлªй /#arty
wt> wjл %t wtªwл /ense
оsвj u wuаrxn> '"tside
wuаr€l %t wuаr€l shell
оsuа|а л о, uа й+uаvr ml,
vj rвоt
wuа|ала Gвvmrml, rаu•}m, в
vmrвxƒ о|mrml• G
6t first, Cor#ard
оsuа|а л о, оsuо во wuа|ала, wuова 6t first , 6!ain, ane#
wu€k %t wumk /no#
wu>nаваum, uаtал€ ваum %w wu>nmu>m 5"t, declinin!, drop
uаtал€ваum uа {mu> sm wu>nmu>m {mu price+c"ttin!
оslолx wu>ox Crom belo#
wumtаt %k wu>tаs• Guаvr%, }л€vxG take do#n
uаm tаt %k wu>tаs• Guаu>tаs•G rent, occ"py, take on
wu>tаt, yоsоkrаy>rаt %k wu>tаs• Gyоsоkrаy>rоваs•G 8hoto!raph, photo
wu>tqа, yоsоkrа y>€ %n wu>tоq /napshot
оsuово wuова 6!ain, ane#
qx|m %w wоiаqа Ho"nd, Bo!
wji>rаt %k wоi>rаs• )o collect
wjiлаoju %t wоiлаou )emptation
wjiлƒlа ваt, wvаoв аt, vаo€
wоiлƒlаs• )o observe, abide
wо iwsв mu>q %t wоiwsвmuu>q '#ner, )he proprietor
wо iwsв muоws %n wоiwsвmuuоws• )he property, property
wji> s>m %w wоiªs>m vent
>oвjr}ваt %k wовmr}аs• )o make
vjлuолmsmu %v wовmr}muuолmsu>й maJor, ad"lt
wjвm s %t wовms 5o"ncil, 6dvice
wjвm sваt %k wовmsоваs• )o advise, co"nsel
wjвm~а u>m %w wовm~аu>m co"nsel
wjвtmwsmu %v wовtmwsuªй §oint
wjвqxvuоws %n wовоqxvuоws• /et, pop"lation
wjвvаlm u>m %w wовvаlmu>m 5onc"rrence, coincidence
wjвrmtm umu %v wовrmtmuuªй 2odern
wjвwmt, uаvjлuо wовwmt 6bsol"tely
wjkлаw>m %w wоkлаw>m )he consent, assent, concord
wjkлаw€ wm %k wоkлаw>s•w€ )o a!ree
wjkлаwuо, wvоrml, wjоirа ouо wоkлаwuо 6ccordin!, 6!rees
wjkлаwxваu %v wоkлаwоваuuªй consens"al, based on m"t"al a!reement
lо kовоr %t, wvоkоliа %n,
wjkла}m u>m %w
wоkла}mu>m a!reement
wjlm йwsв>m %w wоlmйwsв>m 6ssistance, promotion
wjljrnа u>m %w wоlmrnаu>m, wоlmrn>tоm contents, inside
wjnал€ваt %k wоnалms• Beplore, )o re!ret
tuо kо wjnал€ ваt, |m%%% € о|mu• wоnалmƒ, |sо%%% tuоkо wjnал€ваt
wjn>smлwsво %w wоn>smл•wsво 5ohabitation
wjolаваt %k wоolаваs• )o create
wjouа u>m %w wоouаu>m, |xвwsво conscio"sness, a#areness
wл€oа, wлmouа %k wойs> )o leave
wоq %t wоq §"ice
wолm u %v wолmuªй /alty
wлj u|mв %v wолum|uªй /olar, shiny
wлj u{m %w wолu{m )he s"n
wол %n wол• /alt
wjtu€ваt wm %k wоtumваs•w€ )o do"bt
wjtum u>m %w wоtumu>m /cr"ple, Bo"bt
wju %t wоu /leepin!, Bream
wjоi~аваt %k Zооi~аs• inform, comm"nicate information to
wjоi~m u>m %w wооi~mu>m )he messa!e, report
wjоi~€ %k wооi~>s• )o inform, tell
olа u>m %w, vоwsrо йqа %n, wооrxnmu>m, vоwsоrйqа b"ildin!, edifice, str"ct"re, ."ildin!
wjоrjnm u>m %w e¦"ipment, frame, o"tfit
wjоsвmswsваt %k wооsвmswsвоваs• )o correspond„meet… , conform
wjоsвmsmu %v wооsвmswsвxƒ~>й respective
wjоsuо}m u>m %w wооsuо}mu>m 8arity„ratio…
wjvrовоnlаt, vr>lrxnаваt
wоvrовоnlаs• accompany
wоrs %t, q а|mwsво %w wоrs ¡ind„variety…
wjwml, q оt}> € %t wоwml )he nei!hbo"r
wjwmlmu %v wоwmlu>й (ei!hborin!, (e&t
qrm uв>r} %t wоw>wqа sosis
iоr %t wоwuа 8ine
qоtvоo> {>€ %n wоwsав Gwоlmrnаu>mG composition
wjwsав€ %k wоwsав>s• 5onstit"te, )o make
vrmirо€ , vrmwtm suа %k wоw|>sаs• )o co"nt
wjsвоrm u>m %w wоsвоrmu>m creation
wsоs> {а %n wоsu€ h"ndred
wjsrx lu>q %t wоsrxlu>uq collaborator
wjsrx lu>|а %k wоsrxlu>|аs• cooperate
wsоsmu wоsªй h"ndredth, ne&t after the ninety+ninth
wоw %t wоxw /a"ce
oаvаo€, wjzrаu€ wоzrаu>s• 3etain, )o keep
wj|msа , wj|msаваt %k wо|msаs• )o combine
wо|mu %v wо|uªй
fr"ity, J"icy$ sappy$ p"lpy$ s"cc"lent,
l"scio"s$ rich
wо € %n wо€ /oy, soya
wvа лu€ %n wvал•u€ .edroom, dormitory
iлаkоlаr€ , tmrw> wvаw>iо )hank
wv€ %k wvаs• )o sleep
wvmqsjr %t wvmqsr /pectr"m
or€л, xor€л %v wvmлªй 2ello#, 3ipe
оsvrml wvmrml> In front
wvm{>ал> ws %t wvm{>ал>ws /pecialist, )he e&pert
wvm{>а лuоws %n wvm{>ал•uоws• /peciality
wvm{>а лmu %v wvm{>ал•uªй /pecial, technical
wvm{>y>|mwq> %v wvm{>y>|mwq>й partic"lar
ijroаt %k wvm}>s• )o hasten, hasten
ijro, wvm }mu %v wvm}uªй h"rried, r"shed$ immediate
krji %t wv>uа .ack, back, rear, spin
wv> wjq %t wv>wоq )he list, sched"le
q>ir> s %t wv>|q> 2atch
wvоusа umu %v wvоusаuuªй spontane, kendiliµinden olan
wvоr€, l>wqxs>rаt %k wvоr>s• )o ar!"e , ar!"e
wvоrmu %v wvоruªй 5ontroversial, ar!"mentative
wvоrs %t wvоrs /ports
wvоrsmu %v wvоrs>вuªй /portin!, athletic
uа |>u %t, wvо wоi %t wvоwоi 2ode, Day
оsl€ wuо, uаl€ wuо wvrава 'n the ri!ht
wvrавmlл>в %v wvrавmlл>вªй Cair
wvrавqа %n wvrавqа Gоi >uyоrtа{ >>G help
wvrаво| u>q %t wvrаво|u>q )he directory
v> sаt, oаv>sваt %k wvrа}>ваs• )o ask
sjrwmum %w wvrоw Gо rªuqmG search, ¦"est, call
vоv>sаt, oаv> sаt %k wvrоw>s• In¦"ire, )o ask
wrавu€в аum, wrавum u>m %w wrавumu>m 5omparison
в wrавumu>> w%%% vо wrав umu>ƒ w%%% comparison, similit"de, simile
вmluаkа wrаox 6t once
wrmlа %n wrmlа Gоqrxnmu>mG 2edi"m
wrml, tmnlx wrml> 6mon!
wrm lmu %v wrmlu>й 6vera!e, mean
wrm lwsво %w wrmlwsво 2eans, facility, remedy
wrоq %t wrоq )erm
вал>luоws %n wrоq lmйwsв >€ Gumvr% lоqxtmusаG validity, availability
wrо|mu, ijro, wvm }mu %v wrо|uªй &pedited, "r!ent
wsаi> лmu %v wsаi>л•uªй stable, stabile
vоwsа в€t, wлаk аt %k wsав>s• )o p"t
wiлj wqваt wm %k wsалq>ваs•w€ collide, clash$ face, meet #ith
wsоtа uа %n wsал• /teel
wsаulаr smu %v wsаulаrsuªй /tandard, pat
wsа u{>€ %n wsаu{>€ /tation
wsаrа€ wm %k wsаrаs•w€ )o try
vо +wsаr, vо +kол€ t %v wsаr}>й Gvо воorаwsxG lder, !ro#n+"p
wsаr}> %v wsаr}>й Gvо vолоnmu>ƒG maJor, premier, senior, s"perior
wsаr %v wsаrªй 'ld
wsаs>€ %n wsаs•€ 5la"se, article
wsjqло %w wsmqло ,lass
wsmuа %n wsmuа Dall
wsmuоv> w %t wsmuоv>w• fresco, !raffiti, m"ral paintin!, #all+paintin!
wsmvmu %n wsmvmu• !rade, de!ree, rank$ sta!e, phase
wsmwu€ ваt %k wsmwu€s• )o constrain
vо ls>q %t ws>txл, vоixnlmu>m
ind"cement, imp"lse, incitement, stim"l"s,
promptin!, poke, "r!e
vrаum %w ws>rqа Dashin!
wsо йuоws, {muа %n wsо>tоws• )he cost
wsrx ваt, qоwsваt %k wsо>s• )o cost
qолqо wsrxва@ wqол•qо wsо>s@ Ho# m"ch, cost
tа wа %n wsол )able, desk
wsjлi %t wsолi pillar
sо лqова wsол•qо It is so m"ch
wj ~о sо лqова wsол•qо nm as many
wsоtаsолоk %t wsоtаsолоk dentist, stomatolo!ist
wsой $ wvr>$ wsоv wsоv stop$ avast „(a"tical…
vаoа| %t wsоrоn )he #atchman , !"ard
wsrаuа %n wsоrоuа, wsrаuа )he co"ntry
wv>rqа %n, vаrq >uk %t wsо€uqа stay, act of haltin!$ stand$ parkin!$ camp
wsо€ %k wsо€s• )o stand
wsrа u>{а %n wsrаu>{а 8a!e, sheet, piece of paper
wsrа umu %v wsrаuuªй /tran!e
oаwsrаzо вqа %n, оw>kxr овqа
wsrmt€ wm %k wsrmt>s•w€ )o aspire
wsrmtm n %t wsrmtлmu>m 6spiration
wsrmw %t wsrmww /tress
wsrо€ %k wsrо>s• )o b"ild
wsrо mu %v wsrойuªй slender
rml %t wsrоqа 9ine
wsrxq sxrа %n wsrxqsxrа Crame, str"ct"re
wsxlm us %t wsxlmus )he st"dent
wsол %t wsxл 5hair
|x qаt, srоvаt %k wsx|аs• )o knock
wrаt %t wsªl, wrаt /hame
qоrаi %t wxluо GsrаuwvоrsG boat, ship, vessel
wjliа %n wxl•iа, x|аws• destiny, doom, fate, fort"ne, l"ck, stars
|а usа %n wxtqа .a!
wxtа %n wxttа )he s"m
wx vа %n wxv /o"p
wjvrxk %t wxvrxk )he spo"se
wjvrxkа %n wxvrxkа )he spo"se
wsава %n wxwsав artic"lation, Joint
lmuоuо ~>m %w wxsq> Bay
wxz %v wxzой Bry
wx}m u %v wx}muªй dried, desiccated
wx }а %k wx}>s• )o dry
wj~mwsвx ваt %k wx~mwsвоваs• )o e&ist, e&ist
wzm tа %n wzmtа scheme
wtm sqа %n w|ms GlоqxtmusG 6cco"nt, calc"lation, estmate, bill, reckonin!
irо€ , wt€ sаt %k w|>sаs• )o consider„co"nt… , deem
оs> lа > wm вjruа wjmol>s• )o visit
>o€t %k wjmws• partake$ kno# inside o"t
w>u %t wªu )he son
q а}qава л %t, w>rmum %w wªr 5heese
вла nmu %v wªrой, влаnuªй
h"mid, moist, damp$ #et$ poachy, soft$
wxrов %v
wªrой Gum
vr>kоsовлmuuªй, um
Is severe
w>s, uаzrа umu %v wªsªй f"ll, satiated
sxq wƒlа Here, hither
оuа o>, оuа€ sа
that, prono"n "sed to indicate a specific
person or thin!
sаiл> {а %n sаiл>{а )he table
sаixrmsqа %n sаixrmsqа stool, backless stool
лmkm u %t sаo Gxsваr• G basin, #ash+ba#l
sаqа , sjй sаq so, #ell
kоrm+lолx, u> ~о оwо imuо sаq wmim so so, fair to middlin!, tol lol
sjй lа wm qаnm sаq wqаoаs• like
> sjй uаsаsjq > sаq lалmm and so on, etcetera, and so fort
sjй > л> > uа|m sаq >л> >uа|m /omeho#
sjй qаsо , vоum nm sаq qаq someho#, some#ay$ after a manner
wj ~о sаqnm 6lso, too
sаqj в sаqой /"ch,
vо sаqj в uа |>u sаq>t оirаoоt thereby
в sаqjв wлx |ай в sаqоt wлx|аm in that case, then
sаt sаt )here, over there
t>su>|аr %t sаtоnmuu>q c"stoms official
t> su>|mwq> %v sаtоnmuuªй 5"stoms
t>sо %w sаtоnmuuа€ vо}л>uа d"ty, c"stoms, tariff%
t> su>{а %n sаtоnu€ c"stoms ho"se
vаusо yq> %tu sаvо|q> slippers$ sneakers
zлmiа rqа %n sаrаqаu cockroach, roach, type of insect$ beetle
|>u>€ %n sаrmлqа 8late
sаr> yа %n sаr>y tariff, rate
sвjrl %v sвmrlªй /olid, Cirm
sво й Gsво €, sво m, sво >G, s> sвой Gsво€, sвоm, sво>G ¢o"rs
>oва rа %n sвоrоk 5otta!e cheese, c"rd
smа sjr %t smаsr )heatre
smqws %t smqws )he te&t
smqx ~ %v smqx~>й /treamin!
smлmв > o>€ %n smлmв>lmu>m )elevision, )?
smлmв > oоr %t smлmв>oоr )he )? set
smлmyо u %t smлmyоu )he telephone, phone
smлmyо umu smлmyоuuªй )elephone
smлmyо uuа wлx}а лqа smлmyоuuа€ srxiqа handset, receiver
smлmyо uuа { musrа ла smлmyоuuа€ wsаu{>€ )elephone station
s€ ло %w smло .ody, fi!"re
sm лm}qо Gtmwо G %w smл€s>uа veal, meat of a calf
sо лq ова smt .y that
sо лq ова vо +lо irm smt лx|}m all the better, so m"ch the better
оiа|m$ umoав> w>tо оs sова smt um tmumm
nevertheless, nonetheless, not#ithstandin!,
all the same
sm tа %n smtа )heme
smtа s>qа %n smtаs>qа /"bJects
sjtmu %v smtuªй Bark
w€ uqа %n smu• /hado#
wmkа smvmr• (o#
sо vло smvло Heat
tоsоrmu qоrаi %t smvлоzоl motor ship
sоvло{musr ала %n smvло{musrал• heatin! plant
smrаvmвs %t smrаvmвs therapist
smrа v>€ %n smrаv>€ )herapy
smrt>u %t smrt>u )he term
sjrvmл>в %v smrvmл>вªй 8atient
sjrvm u>m %w smrvmu>m 8atience
kxi€, >okx iваt, oаkxiваt %k smr€s• )o lose
sm wmu %v smwuªй a pierde la p"ncte
smws %t smws )he test
smwsо %w smwsо )he paste , do"!h
sjws %t smws• father in la#, father of the bride
smsr аlqа %n smsrаlqа note book, e&ercise book
sm zu>qа %n smzu>qа n!ineerin!, techni¦"e
smzu> |mwq> %v smzu>|mwq>й )echnical
smzuолоk>€ %n smzuолоk>€ )echnolo!y
sj ~а %n s¯~а mother+in+la#
s>v %t s>v 8hyl"m, type
s>v> |mu %v s>v>|uªй 3epresentative, typical
s> vов, wsаulаrsmu %v s>vовой standard, typical$ e&emplary
s>rа n %t s>rаn Guаvr%, о kаomsmG edition$ printin!$ circ"lation
s>rm %w s>rm Hyphen
s>z %v s>z>й /ilent, ¦"iet
s> zо s>zо /ilently
sjqаu %n sqаu• cloth, fabric, material
оuова , sова sо that
wsоqа %n sоваr commodity, !oods, merchandise$ shipment
sоk а ва sоklа )hen
sо mws, w>rm| [о mws• i%%%e%%%, h%e%, vip%, that*s
wj ~о sоnm )oo, also, too$ so$ item
sоq %t sоq Gоi ®лmqsr >|mwsвmG c"rrent, flo#
sоqw>|mu, оsrовmu %v sоqw>|uªй
poisono"s, venomo"s, to&ic, noc"o"s,
iлjwqаt %k sолqаs• Gy>o>|mwq >G b"mp, Jostle, p"sh, shove
lmimл %v sолwsªй thick
lmimл>uа %n sол~>uа )hickness
wа tо sол•qо G>wq лƒ|mu>mG only, solely
mlва GtG, |аq sол•qо, mlва 'nly, Hardly
sоqx +~о sол•qо |sо
J"st, J"st no#, this moment, ne#, ne#ly,
freshly, scarce, scarcely
lоtаsmu %v sоtаsuªй )omato
sj ujq %v sоuq>й thin, flimsy, skinny$ small$ sheer
sоu %t sоuuа )on
kоr> во, sоvл> во %w sоvл>во C"el
sjrk xваt %k sоrkоваs• )o trade
wv>rа |qа %n sоrtоo brake
wv>rаt %k sоrtоo>s•
brake, apply brakes$ hamper$ inhibit$ arrest,
slo# do#n
sоws %t, uаolrав>{а %n sоws toast
о uo> sоs Gsа, sо, smG that
wj ~>€s sоs nm wаtªй /ame, selfsame, identical
ml> u > л> lrxk sоs >л> lrxkой either
вmluаkа sоs|аw Immediately
sо|qа %n sо|qа pinpoint
sо|uо, sjqtо sо|uо 8recisely
sо|mu, вmrmu %v sо|uªй e&act, precise$ caref"l
vовl> kаum, kа lmum %w sо}uоsа sickness, na"sea, ¦"easiness
srm ва %n srава !rass$ herb
srаk m l>€ %n srаkml>€ )ra!edy
srаl>{>о umu %v srаl>{>оuuªй )raditional, 5onventional
srаl> {>€ %n srаl>{>€ tradition
srаtва й %t srаtвай )ram
srаuwvоrs %t srаuwvоrs )ransport
zа r|а, >orаozо lваt %k srаs>s• spend
> wqаum %w srmiоваu>m demand, re¦"irement
vоsrm iuоws> %tu srmiоваu>€ demand, re¦"irement$ claim, pretence
>o> wqваt, > wqаt %k srmiоваs• )o re¦"ire„demand…
sr€iва, >o> wqва wm %k srmiоваs•w€ need, #ant
srmu> rаt wm k% srmu>rоваs•w€ train, e&ercise
srmwqа %n srmwqа 5od, 5rash
sr>jk jлu>q %t srmxkол•u>q )rian!le
sr>msаnmu %v srmz®sаnuªй three+storied, havin! three levels or floors
sr> vj s> sr>nlª thrice, three times
sr> vо%%% sr>nlª Gxtuоnmu>mG )hrice, three times , m"ltiplication,
sr>q оsаn %t sr>qоsаn knit#ear, tricot$ hosiery
v> vаt, lоqо wваt %k srоkаs• )o to"ch
sr> tа, sr> srоm )hree
srолmйixw %t srоллmйixw )rolley b"s
vjsmqа, vjsm|qа %n srоv>uqа path, lane$ track$ trail, footpath
srоsоаr %t srоsxаr pavement, side#alk$ footpath
srjiа %n srxiа Guаvr%, pipe, t"be, cond"it
в оlоvrовоluа€G
srxlmu, sm njq %v srxluªй 6rd"o"s, Biffic"lt
kа~msа %tu srxwª )he co#ards
vаr{ал %t, ijrwа лqа %n sr€vqа 3a!, 5loth
sоалm s %t, оiлmqло %w sxалms GоlmnlаG )oilet, closet, 5lothes, !arb
qлоoms %t, sоалmsuа %n, вай+w> G
sxалms Gwаu% xomлG )oilet, closet
sximrqxло oа %n sximrq xлmo )"berc"losis
sаt, uаsаt sxlа )here, thither
sxum л %t sxuumл• )he t"nnel
wл€vа, oаljumuа x л>{а sxv>q Impasse, stymie
sjv %v sxvой .l"nt, d"ll
sxr> ojt %t sxr>ot to"rin!, to"rism
sxr> ws %t sxr>ws )he to"rist
sxq sxs here$ near at hand$ there
вmluаkа sxs nm
ready at hand, ready to hand, ready to hands,
s> sª ¢o"
s>qва %n sªqва p"mpkin
sxi>|qа %n sƒi>q )"be
лалm %w sƒл•vаu t"lip
oаsв оr %t, sjtu>{а %n sƒr•tа prison, Jail
s€k оwsmu %v s€kоwsuªй
'nero"s, b"rdensome, onero"s$ painf"l$
sm njq %v s€nmлªй Intractable, Heavy
lо, uа x, оqоло 'n , near, by, 6t
x, vr> x Gx qоk о+sоG at, near, by, close to

x Gvr>uаlлmnuоws•, uаvr% q
uоvqа x |аwовG
ximl> smлmu %v ximl>smл•uªй convincin!
ximl€ , wq лоu€ %k ximl>s• )o convince
ximnl аваum %w ximnlmu>m Gвokл€lG .elief, /i!ht, lookin!
vоlr m nlаt, vо|>wsв аt %k xi>rаs• G|>ws>s• G )o clean„remove… , )o clean
vоlr m nlаum %w, vо|> wsваum %w xiоrqа G|>wsqаG 5leanin!, p"r!in!
|>wsа|qа %n xiоr~>{а char, scr"b#oman$ ho"semaid
vr>i mrа , tа zuа %k xirаs• Gvmrmtmws>s•, )o clean„remove… , transpose, displace
л>qв>l>rоваs•G )o li¦"idate
oаk xiа, вrmlа %n xiªsоq loss$ dama!e$ lesion$ sacrifice$ #aste
um>okо lmu %v xiªsо|uªй detrimental
xваnа mt %v xваnаmtªй Bear
xваnm u>m %w xваnmu>m Homa!e, 3espect
оsq аrаt %k xвmos> carry a#ay, take a#ay$ kidnap
xвmл>|аваt, xkолmt€ ваt %k xвmл>|>ваs•
increase, a"!ment, stretch, enlar!e, ma!nify,
xвm rmuо xвmrmuuо 5onfidently
xвm rmuоws, w>kxruоws %n xвmrmuuоws•
confidence$ certainty$ ass"rance$ sec"rity$
xвm rmu, w> kxrmu %v xвmrmuuªй 5onfident, /"re
xвmr€ваt, ximnlа ваt %k xвmr€s• ass"re$ convince$ promise, reass"re
в> l€ %k xв>lms• )o see
xвл >|аum %w xвлm|mu>m nth"siasm
оsk а suа, lоwm s€ wm %k xkаlаs• )o !"ess , !"ess
вjk лmz>lrа %t xkлmвоl carbohydrate
j kлов %v xkловой 6n!"lar, an!le
xk оваr€t, ximnlа ваt %k xkоваr>ваs• )o pers"ade
j kjл %t xkол 5orner, an!le
xk оws€ , uаkоws€ %k xkоws>s• )o treat
xk о~аваt, k о~аваt, |m rv€ %k xkо~аs• )o treat
oаvла }ваt %k xkrоnаs• )o threaten
оvа wuоws %t xkrоoа )hreat, menace
wvолx|ваt %k xlаваs•w€ )o mana!e
оslалm|m uоws %n xlалmuuоws• remoteness
xlаrm u>m %w xlаrmu>m 6ccent
xlа r€ %k xlаr>s• )o strike
wvолxqа %n, xwvm z %t xlа|а ,ood l"ck
wvолx|л>в , xwvm }mu %v xlа|uªй felicito"s
оsl mл€t %k xlmл€s• )o !ive
x|x l€ %k xl>в>s• )o s"rprise, astonish
x|x lваum, xl>вл m u>m %w xl>влmu>m /"rprise, #onder
xl>вm u, x|x lmu %v xl>влmuuªй s"rprised
xlо imu %v xlоiuªй 5onvenient
xlовлmsвоr€ , oаlовол€ %k xlовлmsвоr>s• )o satisfy, s"ffice
xlовлmsвоr€ваt, oаlовол€ ваt
satisfy, !ratify$ f"lfil, pleas"re, content$
xlово лwsв>m %w xlовол•wsв>m 8leas"re
oаt>uа ваt, оsvjsx ваt %k xmonаs• )o leave
вm|m xnm already
вm| mr€ %n xn>u /"pper
вm| mr€t xn>uаs• )o have s"pper
sm wmu %v xoq>й (arro#
xouаваt %k xouаваs• G| sо+sоG learn, co!nipe, "nderstand, find o"t
xouа€ %k xouаs• G|sо+sоG learn, co!nipe
оs> lа w>, uаvxwuа %k xйs> )o leave
xq аoа u>m %w xqаoаu>m )he indicatin!
xq аoаsmл %t xqаoаsmл• )he inde&„indicator…
xq лоu|>в %v xqлоu| >вªй non committal, evasive, el"sive
>unmq{>€ %n xqол Gtml%G InJection, prick
xqrmv€ %k xqrmv>s• reinforce
qоvjr %t xqrоv dereot"
о{m s %t xqwxw ?ine!ar
xzа v€ %k xqxw>s• )o bite
xn> л€ %k xqxw>s•, xnал>s• Gо uаwmq оtªzG stin!
uаrml€ , xrml€ %k xлаl>s• )o settle
x л>{а %n xл>{а /treet
x л>|mu %v xл>|uªй street
vоlоir€ваt %k xлx|}аs• improve, better$ perfect, refine$ develop
xwt> zваt wm %k xлªiаs•w€ )o smile
xwt> вqа %n xлªiqа /mile
xt %t xt 2ind, brain
xtmu>m %w xtmu>m skill
xtmwsmu %v xtmwsuªй relevant
xtm€ %k xtms• )o be able
x tmu %v xtuªй 5lever
xt>ва лu>q %t xtªвал•u>q #ashstand, #ashbasin
xt>в аt wm, >ot>в аt wm %k xtªs•w€ #ash oneself
xu>вmrwалmu %v xu>вmrwал•uªй "niversal$ m"ltip"rpose, all p"rpose
xu>вmrw>sm s %t xu>вmrw>sms 4niversity
оvаqовqа %n xvаqовqа 8acka!in!
vла ~аum, >ovла~аum %w xvлаsа payment, pay$ dischar!e
vлаs€ %k xvлаs>s• )o pay
>ovла ~аt, vла ~аt %k xvла|>ваs• pay, settle
xvjлuоtо~€ %k xvолuоtо|>s• a"thoripe, empo#er$ accredit
wvоtmuаваt %k xvоt>uаs• )o mention
wvоtmuа %k xvоt€uxs• referee, mention, refer
xvоr>s %v xvоruªй "nyieldin!
xvоsrmi€ %k xvоsrmi>s• )o "se
xvоsrm iа %n xvоsrmiлmu>m )he "se
xvоsrmi€ ваt %k xvоsrmiл€s• )o "se
xvr авл€ ваum, xvrавлm u>m %w xvrавлmu>m, rxqовоlwsво 2ana!ement, controllin!, r"nnin!
xvrавл€ ваt %k xvrавл€s•, rxqовоl>s• 2anip"late, t"tor, !overn
qаrаt %k xvrавл€s•, в mws> Brive, steer, take
xvr ав>smл %t xvrавл€ƒ~>й )he mana!er
xrаkа u %t xrаkаu, }sоrt H"rricane
xruа %n xruа "rn
xrо вmu %t, rавu> ~m %w
xrовmu• Guаvr%,
xrовmu• оirаoов аu>€G
level, standard
xrо q %t xrоq 9esson
xrолоk %t xrолоk "rolo!ist, e&pert of "rolo!y
xw>лваsmл %t xwmл>smл• amplifier, booster
xw> л>m %w xw>л>m ndeavor, ffort
xwqоr€ %k xwqоr>s• precipitate
xwл ав€t wm, xkоваr€t wm xwлавл>ваs•w€ a!ree, make arran!ements, arran!e, settle
xwл ов>m %w xwлов>m 5ondition
xwл овmu %v xwловuªй conditional
xwлxkа %n xwлxkа /ervice
vrа в€ xwлxkа оqаoªваs• xwлxkx render a service, serve, render, accommodate
|x€ %k xwлªzаs•, xwлª}аs• Hear, to hear
xwtоsrm u>m %w xwtоsrmu>m discretion
oаwv€ %k xwuxs• )o fall asleep
xwjвjr}m uwsваt %k xwовmr }muwsвоваs• accomplish
xwvm z %t xwvmz /"ccess
nmла € в> xwvm z nmлаƒ xwvmzа #ish !ood speed, more po#er to yo"r elbo#
xwvm }mu %v xwvm}uªй /"ccessf"l
xtоrа %n xwsалоws• Deariness, fati!"e
xtоrm u, >otоrm u %v xwsалªй )ired
>uwsал>rаt %k
xwsаuавл>ваs• Gtоus>rов аs•,
install, fit , fi& "p$
x wsmu %v xwsuªй 'ral, verbal
xwsrо йваt, оrk аu>o> rаt %k xwsrа>ваs• )o arran!e
wsr>lа %n xwsr>{а oyster
оswsjvваt %k xwsxvаs• )o concede
vоqj ~u>uа %n xsваr• Glоtа}u€€G f"rnit"re, fitments, ho"sehold belon!in!s
xsвjrl€ xsвmrl>s• Glоkов оr > vr %G approve, confirm, establish, homolo!ate,
xtоr> smлmu %v xsоt>smл•uªй tedio"s
xlа в€ wm %k xsоuxs• Gо n>вªz wx~mwsваzG )o sink ,dro#n, stran!le
vоsjuа, oаsjuа %k xsоuxs• Gо vrmltmsаzG sink, fo"nder, pl"n!e
xlа вu>q %t xsоvлmuu>q dro#ned man
x sr>umu, wx srm}mu %v xsrmuu>й 2ornin!
x srо %w xsrо 2ornin!, morn
wxsr>u %n vо xsrаt 2ornin!, morro#
ƒs> € %n xsƒk Iron
r>imuа |оriа %n xzа ar
kr > nа wm %k
xzаn>ваs• Goа rmimuqоt,
i ол•uªtG
tend, attend, fend, look after, provide for$
оs> ваt w>, oаt>uа ваt Gw>G,
uаvx wqаt %k
)o leave
x|а ws>m %w x|аws>m participation
вom tаt x|а ws>m vr>u>tаs• x|аws>m /harin!„participation…
vло}ав аum %w xzxl}mu>m
deterioration, a!!ravation, impairment$
decline, de!radation
x|а wsjq %t x|аwsоq /itelot
x |mum %w x|miа, x|mu>m st"dy, st"dies, learnin!
x|m iu>q %t x|miu>q )he te&tbook
x|mu>q %t x|mu>q )he schoolboy, apprentice
x|mu>|qа %n x|mu>{а )he school!irl
x|> smл %t x|>smл• /choolmaster, )he teacher
x|> smлqа %n x|>smл•u>{а )he teacher
x |а %k x|>s• )o learn„teach…
x|rml>smл %t x|rml>smл• fo"nder, constit"tor
x|rmnlmu>m %w
x|rmnlmu>m Guаvr%,
k оwxlаrwsвmuuоmG
~m sа %n, x~jri %t, вrmlа %n x~mri dama!e, loss, detriment$ harm
xƒ suоws %n xƒs 5osiness
xƒ smu %v xƒsuªй 5osy
yа ir>qа %n yаir>qа Cactory
yа oа %n yаoа phase, sta!e, !radation
yаqs %t yаqs fact, act"ality, reality
yаq s>|mwq> %v yаq s>|mwq>й 6ct"al, fact"al
yаq sоr %t yаq sоr factor, ca"se
yаq xлsm s %t yаq xл•sms Cac"lty
yал}>в %v yал•}>вªй phony
yаt>лuо > tm %w, yаt> л>€ %n yаt>л>€ /"rname
yxr u>r, }vmr vлаs %t yаumrа veneer
yаr %t yаrа headli!ht, headlamp
yаrtа{mвs> |mu %v yаrtа{mвs>|mwq>й 8harmace"tical
vоr{mла u %t yаryоr porcelain
q айtа %n, qj л{аuо tmwо %w yаr} mincemeat, forcemeat, !ro"nd meat
vj лumu %v yаr}>rоваuuªй /t"ffed, filled
yаwx л %t yаwол• /trin! bean
yа xuа %n yаxuа Ca"na
yа€ uw %t yа€uw Caience
ymuоtm u %t ymuоtmu 8henomenon
ymr tmr %t ymrtmr )he farmer
ymws>вал %t ymws>вал• Cestival
y> kxrа %n y>kxrа Ci!"re
y>o>оuоt>€ %n y>o>оuоt>€ 8hysio!nomy
y>o>оsmrа v>€ %n y>o>оsmrаv>€ physiotherapy, physical therapy
y>л>а л %t y>л>ал .ranch, affiliate
y>лоwо y>€ %t y>лоwоy>€ 8hilosophy
y>лt %t y>л•t film
y> лsjr %t y>л•sr )he packed bed, filter
y>лsr>rаt %k y>л•srоваs• filter
y>uаuw>rаum %w y>uаuw>rоваu>m Cinancin!
y>uа uw>, vаr> %tu y>uаuwª )he finance
yxrtа %n y>u>q Bate
в >олmsов %v y>олmsовªй ?iolet
y>r tа %n y>rtа firm, b"siness$ company
}аtyjwsjq %t y>wsа}qа pistachio, type of n"t
i аrzms %t yлаumл• flannel, soft #ool or cotton fabric
yолq лоr %t yол•qлоr Colklore
ymum r %t yоuаr• 9antern
yоr tа %n yоrtа form, shape$ fi!"re, confi!"ration
yоrtа s %t yоrtаs format, sipe
yоrtxл>rо вqа %n yоrtxл>rовqа form"lation
yоsоkrаy> rаt, wu> tаt %k yоsоkrаy>rоваs• )o photo!raph
y>лt %t, y> лt|m %w yоsоvлmuqа
film, thin fle&ible material coated #ith li!ht
sensitive em"lsion „8hoto!raphy…
yrа oа %n yrаoа 8hrase
yrm wqа %n, wsmuоv> w %t yrmwqа #all paintin!, fresco, m"ral
vлоl %t yrxqs Cr"it
vлоlовm %tu yrxqsª fr"it, !reen!rocery
ово ~mu yrxqsовªй Cr"it
vло lов wоq yrxqsовªй wоq J"ice, cr"sh
yxulаtm us %t yxulаtmus fo"ndation, basement$ bottom
yxuq{>оu>rаt %k yxuq{>оu>rоваs• f"nction$ keep
yx uq{>€ %n yxuq{>€ f"nction
q алj y %t, qxs> € %n yxsл€r 5ase
umzа йwsво %w, umirmnuоws %n,
umtаrл>в оws
zалва %n zалва paste
zаr аqsmr %t zаrаqsmr character, nat"re, disposition
zаr аqsmr> ws>qа %n zаrаqsmr>ws>qа 5haracteristic, 8erformance
zаr аqsmrmu %v zаrаqsmruªй 5haracteristic
zаr аqsmruа |mrsа zаrаqsmr uа€ |mrsа 5haracteristic
zва л€ %k zвал>s• )o praise, praise
>k лол> wsmu %v zвойuªй conifero"s
zл€i %t
zлmi Gvr оlxq> v>sаu>€G
n> sо %w, ojrumu> zrаu> %tu zлmi GomruоG 5orn bread
zлmiоvmqа ru>{а %n, yxruа %n zлmiоvmqаru€ bakery, company #hich bakes food for
vаtx q %t zлоvоq /lam, 5lap„cotton…
kr > n> %tu zлоvоsª fforts
uаtrj~mu, uавj wmu %v ztxrªй ,loomy
zоl %t zоl•iа, zоl, vоzоlqа 2ove, 5o"rse
zо l€ %k zоl>s• )o !o
wо iwsвmu>q %t, vr>s€nа smл %t zоo€>u, влаlmлm{ )he o#ner, master
lоtаq >u %t zоo€>u )he o#ner, host
lоtаq >u€ %n zоo€йqа 2istress, hostess
wsоvа uwsво, lоtаq>uwsво %w zоo€йwsво Cacilities
zjлt %t, r>l %t zолt Hill
wsxl %t zолоl 5old, chill
zлаl> лu>q %t zолоl>л•u>q 3efri!erator, frid!e
wsxlm u %v zолоluªй .leak, 5old
lоij r, zx iав %v zоrо}>й ,ood
вw> |qо zxiаво вwmkо zоrо}mk о veryone !ood
lо irm, zxiаво zоrо}о Dell, okay
> wqаt, nmла€ %k zоsms• )o #ant, #ant
tаqа r >$ tаqаr |m$ vr> вwm |m zоs•, zоs€ )ho"!h, albeit, altho"!h
zrаt %t zrаt )emple
vа o€ %k zrаu>s• )o store„keep…
zj rqаum %w zrаv snore
zrm ims, vлаu> uwq> krmi mu %t zrmims GkоrªG back$ rid!e$ ed!e, 2o"ntains
zrоu>|mwq>, zr оu>|mu %v zrоu>|mwq>й chronic
qr>wsал %t zrxwsал• 5rystal
оswла iваt, wлаim € %k zxlms• )o !ro# thin
zxlо nu>q %t zxlоnu>q )he artist, artist
vо +ло }, uа й+ло } zxl}>й #orse
в uа й+ло }>€ wлx| ай в zxl}mt wлx|аm at #orst at #orst
vо +ло }о, vо +oл m zxnm Dorse
yxrtа Glmrmво > vлоlG %n zxrtа persimmon, type of fr"it
{jys€ %k {вmws> )o blossom, blo#
{в€s %t {вms 5olo"r
{вmsmu %v {вmsuой colored
{вmsm %w, {в€s %t {вmsоq flo#er
{mлmimu, лmqов> s %v {mлmiuªй 5"rative
{mлmwjоirаouоws %n {mлmwооirаouоws• e&pedience, practicality
>o{€ ло, uаvjлuо {mл>qоt .odily
{€л %v {mлªй 4nharmed, Dhole
{mл %n {mл• )he p"rpose
w {mл w {mл•ƒ .y the p"rpose
{>tm us %t {mtmus cement
{muа %n {muа )he price
{m uuоws %n {muuоws• ?al"e
{m umu %v {muuªй val"able
{m usjr %t {musr )he centre
{musrал>o>rаu %v {musrал>oоваuuªй 5entraliped, centralipe
{musrа лmu %v {musrал•uªй 5entral
вmr>kа %n, w>uln>r %t {mv• 5irc"it, chain
{jrqва, |mrqва %n {mrqов• 5h"rch
{> qjл %t {>qл 5ycle
{>wsmruа %n {>wsmr uа cistern, tank$ oil car$ tanker
{>sаs %t {>sаsа ¦"otation, citation$ e&cerption
{> yrа %n {>yrа fi!"re, n"mber$ character
{> yrmu, {>yrов %v {>yrовой Bi!ital
v> лm, v> лmu{m %w {ªvлmuоq 5hicken
|ай %t |ай tea
|а йu>q %t |айu>q ¡ettle, )eapot
|аw %t |аw Ho"r
| аws> {а %n |аws>{а 8article, bit
| аws> |mu %v |аws>|uªй 8artial
|аwsmu %v |аwsuªй GоwоimuuªйG private
л> |mu, |а wsmu %v |аwsuªй Gо wоiwsвmuuоws>G personal, individ"al$ private
|mwsо |аwsо Cre¦"ently
|аws %n |аws• 8art, portion
вvо вm|msо wлx|а> iол•}mй |аws•ƒ .est part
|аwо вu>q %t |аwª Gvr>iоrG timekeeper, timepiece
|а }а %n |а}qа c"p
vо +|m wsо, vо+k j wsо |а~m )o thicket
|>й G|>€ , |>m , |>> G, uа qоkо |mй G|•€, |•¯, |•>G Gвоvrоw>s%G Dhose
|> йsо G|>€sо, |>msо,| >> sоG |mй G|•€, |•¯, |•>G Gоsuоw>s%G #hose, of #hom
|mq %t |mq Giаuqовwq>йG che¦"e
|овmq %t |mловmq man, person, )he man
|овm|mwsво %w |mловm| mwsво H"mankind, 2ankind, h"manity
оsqо лqоsо, qолq оsо |mt )han
qx yаr %t |mtоlаu /"itcase
k лx vоws, umлmvоws %n |mvxzа (onsense
sаваu %t, tаuwа rlа %n |mrlаq 9oft
r mlxваum %w |mrmlоваu>m alternation, interchan!in!, rotation
vrmo |mrmo Gоi оijmqsаzG across, thro"!h, via, by #ay of
wлml |mrmo Gо вrmtmu>G )race, #ake
vrmqал m uо, >oвjurm luо |mrmw|xr )oo
|mrm }а %n |mrm}u€ cherry
|mruовqа %n |mruов>q ro"!h copy, draft copy
|mrmu %v |mruªй .lack
|mrmu zл€i |mruªй zлmi bro#n tommy
|mruа rа iоsа |mruа€ rаiоsа spade#ork, "nskilled labor
sвjrl, q оrа в , wxz %v |mrwsвªй Guаvr%, о zлmimG stale$ hard, callo"s
l€вол %t |¯rs Ceat"res
|mrsа %n |mrsа Bash, Ceat"res
воi ~> |mrs> воi~>z |mrsаz broadly speakin!
|mrsm n %t |mrsmn )he constr"cted dra#in!
|mrsа € %k |mrs>s• draft$ dra#$ plot$ trace
|mwju, |mwuов лxq %t |mwuоq ,arlic
|mwsuоws %n |mwsuоws• Honesty
|mwsmu %v |mwsuªй Hono"r
|mwsuа lx tа |mwsuоm wлово honor bri!ht
|msвjrs %n |msвmrs• E"arter
оs|msл> в %v |¯sq>й distinct, clear$ p"re$ sharp
|msmu %v |¯suªй ven, even n"mber
|ms>r>jkjлu>q %t |msªrmzxkол•u>q ¦"adran!le, ¦"adrilateral, tetra!on
qалj y %t |mzол .oot, cover$ case$ slip
лm ~а %n |m|mв>{а lentil
|>uовu>q %t |>uовu>q )he official, officer
|> wлmuоws %n |>wлmuuоws• ("mber
|> wл€ wm %k |>wл>s•w€ n"mber$ be on the list
|>wло %w, irой %t |>wло Gtаs%G Ci!"re, ("mber
lа sа %n, |>wло %w |>wло Gо lаsmG date$ #hen , ("mber, fi!"re
|> ws€ %k |>ws>s• 5leanse, )o clean
|>wsоsа %n |>wsоsа 5leanliness, p"rity
|>ws %v |>wsªй 8"re„clean… , p"re
|msа %k |>sаs• )o read
vrmqоtm rmu, vrmqалm u %v |rmotmr uªй e&cessive
|msmum %w |smu>m 3eadin!
qаqво , ~о |sо Gвоvrоw>s%G #hat
qаqво sо, qоmsо |sо Gоsuоw>s%G #hat, #hatever$
|m |sо GwоƒoG that
oа lа$ sа lа$ lа |sоiª )hat, lest
oа lа%%% lл€ sоkо, |sоiª%%% that
um ~о |sо+sо obJect, thin!, somethin!
|xвwsваt %k |xвwsвоваs• /"sceptibility, perceive, )o feel
|xlmu, |xlmwmu %v |xluªй Donderf"l
|xnl %v |xnой 6nother*s
q>лmr %t |xлаu 5loset, c"pboard
оso>в|>воws %n, вu>tаsmлuоws
|xsqоws• advertence, attention$ delicateness
mlва , mlваt, uаwtалqо |xs•, mlва Hardly
tа лqо, tj u>|qо |xs•, umtuоkо Hardly, It is a little
~оt$ ~оt qаsо |xs• GwоƒoG Hardly, alliance
mlва+mlва |xs•+|xs• J"st a little
k лx vоws, imowt>w>{а %n |x}• (onsense, nonsense, .osh
}аiло u %t }аiлоu )emplate, !a"!e
qrа|qа, wsj vqа %n }аk /tep, tread
uа вw€qа qrа |qа uа qаnlоt }аkx at every step
qrа|а %k }аkаs• step, pace, take re!"lar steps$ stride, tread
лxlоr> €, }mk а , oаqа|qа %n }алоws• frolic, prank, mischievo"s behavior
vm|xrqа %n }аtv>u•оu 5hampi!non
}аtvоа u %t }аtvxu• shampoo
}аuw %t }аuw 5hance
}а vqа %n }аvqа hat, cap
qjлiо %w }аr, qлxiоq sphere, !lobe, ball, orb
om tuо qjлiо Rmtuой }аr earth, !lobe
}аry, }а л|m %w }аry scarf
qла s€ wm, лƒлm€ wm %k }аsаs•w€ Gqа| аs•w€G shake, rock, rock
}>}+q miаv %t }а}лªq /hish kebab
vоrs>mr, вrаsа r %t }вmй{аr porter, doorman$ "sher$ Janitor
}> mu %v }mйuªй neck, cervical, J"!"lar, pertainin! to the neck
лƒwvа %n, |mrxvqа Gоi оrmzаzG
}mлxzа h"sk
krаvавоws %n }mrоzоваsоws• asperity
вjлuа %n }mrws• Dool
вj лumu %v }mrws€uой Doolen
}my %t }my boss$ chief$ patron
}> € %n, вrаs %t }m€ (eck
}>oоyr mu>€ %n }>oоyrmu>€ schipophrenia
}>q, лxqw %t }>q chic
}>qо omu %v }>qаruªй /mart
}> uа, kxtа %n }>uа )ire, b"s
}>v, srju %t }>v )on!"e, spike
}> vqа, l>ва rо oа %n }>vовu>q e!lantine, type of #ild rose
}>r>uа , }>rо| >uа %n }>r>uа #idth
}>rоq %v }>rоq>й #ide, broad$ lar!e$ spacio"s$ e&tended
}>r>uа %n }>rоsа Gk mоkr%G #idth
}> € %k }>s• se#, Join or fasten #ith stitches
wq а ла %n }qала scale
}qаy %t }qаy #ardrobe
x|>л>~m %w
}qола Gx|rmnlmu>m
оirаoов аu>€G
}qо ла %n }qола Gsr аl>{>€G /chool
x|mu>q %t }qол•u>q )he schoolboy
x|mu>|qа %n }qол•u>{а school!irl, schoolmiss
x|>л>~mu %v }qол•uªй /chool
iаr>mrа %n }лаkiаxt barrier, !ate
tаrqx| %t }лаuk Hose
вrjoqа %n }uxrоq, oав€oqа cord, lace, tie
}оq> rаt %k }оq>rоваs• shock, startle, st"n
}оqола l %t }оqолаl 5hocolate
}оwm %w }оwwm hi!h#ay
}оy•оr %t }оymr )he driver, cha"ffe"r
}r>ys %t }r>ys font, typeface$ letter$ print
~m tvmл, vm|аs %t }sаtv /tamp, die
~а smu %v }sаsuªй staff$ salaried
qоusаqs %t }smvwmл• s#itch pl"!$ pe!
s>rix}о u %t }sоvоr corkscre#
vmrlm w%, srаuwvаrа us %t }sоrа c"rtain$ blind, shade
k лоiа %n }srаy penalty, forfeit, fine$ s"rchar!e
k лоi€ ваt %k }srаyоваs• penalipe$ fine$ s"rchar!e
~r>z %t }sr>z stroke, line, dash
irой %t, vаr|m %w }sxqа piece
}x iа %n }xiа C"r coat
}xt %t }xt (oise
}xt€ %k }xtms• make noise, noise, #hir$ riot, ro#, bra#l
}x tmu %v }xtuªй (oisy
}mk xваt wm, uаlwt> ваt wm }xs>s• )o Joke
}mk а %n }xsqа §oke
uа }mkа в }xsqx Joke
}mk ов> s, вmwmл %v }xsл>вªй 8layf"l, Joc"lar
q>wmлm{ %t ~авmл• sorrel, dock
~аl€ %k ~аl>s• have mercy on, spare
~m lrоws %n ~mlrоws• bo"nty
~m ljr %v ~mlrªй 9avish, lavish
qx |mu{m %w ~muоq )he p"p , p"ppy
srmwqа %n ~mvqа /liver, 5hip
|msqа ~msqа .r"sh
|оri а оs omлm %n ~> shchi, cabba!e so"p
~>sов> luа nлmoа %n ~>sов>luа€ nmлmoа thyroid, thyroid !land
~xqа %n ~xqа pike „fish…
mваqxа {>€ %n ®ваqxа{>€ vac"ation
mволƒ {>€ %n ®волƒ{>€ evol"tion, development
mqв>в алm us %t ®qв>валmus ¦"ivalent
mqв>в алm usmu %v ®qв>валmusuªй e¦"ivalent, reciprocal
> ov>s %t ®qoаtmu &amination
>ov>sваt %k ®qoаtmuоваs• e&amine
mqomtvл€r %t ®qomtvл€r /pecimen, e&emplar
mqoо s>qа %n ®qoоs>qа e&otics
mqoоs>|mu %v ®qoоs>|uªй e&otic, forei!n$ "n"s"al
mq>v>rовqа %n ®q>v>rовqа ¦"ipment
>qоuо t>qа %n ®qоuоt>qа conomy, economics
>qоuоt> |mu, vmwsmл> в %v ®qоuоtuªй economic$ economical, savin!
mqrаu %t ®qrаu )he screen
mqwq xro>а us %t ®qwqxrwаus e&c"rsionist
mqwq xro>€ %n ®qwqxrw>€ e&c"rsion, to"r, trip$ hike
mqwqxroово l %t ®qwqxrwовоl !"ide
mqwvmr>tm us %t ®qwvmr>tmus &periment
> ouоw, mqwvоrs %t ®qwvоrs &port
>ouа w€t, mqwvоrs>rаt %k ®qwvоrs>rоваs• )o e&port
mqwvrmw %t ®qwvrmww )he e&press train, e&press
>oвjurm lmu, umvrmlв > lmu %v ®qwsrmuuªй "r!ent$ emer!ency$ special$ e&tra
mлmkа usmu %v ®лmkаusuªй le!ant
mлmqsr>|mwq> ®лmqsr>|mwq>й lectrical, electric
mлmqsr>|mwsво %w ®лmqsr>|mwsво lectricity
mлmqsrоumu %v ®лmqsrоuuªй lectronic
qоsло u %t ®лmqsrоvл>sqа hot+plate
mлmtmus %t ®лmtmus lement
mлmtmusаrmu %v ®лmtmusаruªй lementary, r"dimentary
mtiлmtа %n ®tiлmtа emblem, symbol, representation, insi!nia
mtо{>€ %n ®tо{>€ emotion
mumrk >|mu %v ®umrk>|uªй ner!etic, ?i!oro"s
mvо zа %n ®vоzа epoch
msало u %t ®sалоu standard, model, criterion$ reference
vола %n ƒiqа /kirt, petticoat
ƒk %t ƒk )he so"th
ƒk о>osоq %t ƒkо+воwsоq so"theast
ƒk оoа vаl %t ƒkо+oаvаl so"th#est
ƒnmu %v ƒnuªй /o"thern, 6"stral
zx tоr %t ƒtоr h"mor, drollery
ƒuо}а, tлаlmn %t ƒuо}а )he yo"n! man
ƒr >l>|mwq> %v ƒr>l>|mwq>й 9e!al, J"ridical
ƒr >wl>q{>€ %n ƒr>wl>q{>€ J"risdiction
ƒr >ws %t ƒr>ws )he la#yer , J"rist
аo € i
€ ijлqа %n €iлоqо, €iлоu€ apple
€ ijлqов %v €iло|uªй apple
€в€ wm %k €в>s•w€, vr>йs> appear, emer!e, peep
€влm u>m %w €влmu>m )he phenomenon, appearance
€в€ ваt wm %k €вл€s• w€, vr>йs> /ho#, display
оq аoваt wm, wjt %k
€вл€s• w€, iªs• Guаvr% ®sо
be thereGpresent
ojruов> lmu vлоl %t €kоlа berry
оsrова %n €l poison, to&in, venom
оsrовmu %v €lов>sªй 8estilent, 8oisono"s
€ oва %n €oва 4lcer
mo>q %t, rm| %n €oªq, rm|• 9an!"a!e, /peech
vj rnmu> €й{а %tu €>|u>{а Cried e!!s
€ й|mu, € й|mв %v €>|uªй e!!
€й{m %w €й{о !!
xn €qоiª 'stensibly
€ tа %n €tа pit, hole$ hollo#
€r jq %v €rq>й Clamboyant, .ri!ht
€rqоws %n €rqоws• bri!htness
ms>qm s, uа lv>w %t €rлªq 9abel
vаuа>r %t €rtаrqа fair
lm swq> €wл> %tu €wл> Glmwsq>mG Bay n"rsery
€ wuоws %n €wuоws• 5learness, clarity
€ wmu %v €wuªй 5lear, l"cid
lx v|>{а, q>л> йqа, qлm sqа %n €|mйqа 5ell, cell"le$ alveol"s$ n"cle"s
wаuljq %t €~>q Bra#er, .o&
|mqtmlnm %w вªlв>nuой €~>q dra#er
vо ~muwqа qxs>€ vо|sовªй €~>q 2ail bo&
Wwuов>Wi~>m yrаoª .asics
m[р%[' о- @9р.%
<+оJnо/'1о,- oр%[c @+р.оe <+оJnо/'1о,-' First nee) Vhrases
Lлаkоlаr€% Zvаw>iо% )hank yo"%
Vuоkо iлаkоlаr€% Lол•}оm wvаw>iо% )hank yo" very m"ch%
Vол€% Xоnалxйwsа% „в оsвms… ¢o"*re #elcome%
Rа tmu m xlоволwsв>m% =m oа |sо% It*s my pleas"re%
Oа% Oа% ¢es%
=m% =ms% (o%
Vол€% Xоnалxйwsа% 8lease%
Rаvов€lайsm% Mоs, vоnалxйwsа% Here yo" are%
Yаoi>rаt% Xоu>tаƒ% I see%
=m rаoi>rаt% =m vоu>tаƒ% I don*t "nderstand%
Иoв>umsm, um M> rаoirаz% Иoв>u>sm, € um rаwwлª}ал% I*m sorry, I didn*t catch yo"%
=€tа u>~о% ^оrо}о% 6ll ri!ht%
=€tа u>~о% =>|mkо wsrа}uоkо% )hat*s all ri!ht%
Tолqо lалm|m m krаljs@ Tаq lалmqо lо kоrоlа@ Ho# far is it to the to#n@
Tолqо@ Zqол•qо@ Ho# many@
Tолqо ljлko@ Tаq lолkо@ Ho# lon!@
Tоkо lа vоv>sаt@ Tоkо wvrоw>s•@ Dhom sho"ld I ask@
Zлml Mаw% Xоwлm ваw% 6fter yo"%
Rаkxi>z wm% f oаiлxl>лw€% I*m lost%
=m kовоr€ >wvаuwq>% f um kовоrƒ vо+>wvаuwq>% I don*t speak /panish%
Vол€, kовоrmsm uа аukл>йwq>%
Xоnалxйwsа, kовоr>sm vо+
8lease speak n!lish%
Nовоr>sm л> аukл>йwq>@ Mª kовоr>sm vо+аukл>йwq>@ Bo yo" speak n!lish@
Tаq wm qаoва uа >wvаuwq>@ Tаq ®sо vо+>wvаuwq>@ Ho# do yo" say it in /panish@
Tjlm m uай+iл>oq>€s zоsmл@ Nlm olmw• iл>nай}>й оsmл•@ Dhere is the nearest hotel@
Tjlm m sоалmsuаsа@ Nlm sxалms@ Dhere is the bathroom@
Tой@ Tsо@ Dho@
Rа~о@ Xо|mtx@ Dhy@
Tаqво@ `sо@ Dhat@
Tоkа@ Tоklа@ Dhen@
M>n Ztоsr>„sm… 9ook
Xо|аqайsm Xоlоnl>„sm… Dait
Xоtо~ Xоtоk>sm Help
=€qой sаt kовоr> л>
[аt qsо+u>ixl• kовоr>s vо+
Boes someone there speak n!lish@
Tой kовоr> аukл>йwq>@ Tsо kовоr>s vо+аukл>йwq>@ Dho speaks n!lish@
Xоnаr Xоnаr Cire
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
Mzоl Mzоl ntrance
Иozоl Mªzоl &it
Mzоl oаirаumu =ms вzоlа (o admittance
Kваr>mu >ozоl Xоnаruªй вªzоl mer!ency e&it
Xx}mumsо oаirаumuо =m qxr>s• (o smokin!
Orjvu> Ws wmi€ 8"ll
Lxsu> T wmim 8"sh
[оалmsu> [xалmsª )oilets
Qmu> Q 9adies
Vjnm V ,entlemen
аo € I
s> sª yo" „informal sin!%…
M>m Mª yo" „formal sin!%…
в>m вª yo" „informal pl%…
M>m вª yo" „formal pl%…
u>m tª #e
sой оu he
s€ оuа she
sо оuо it
sm оu> they
tой tой „tо€, tоm… myGmine
Mа} Mа} „Mа}а, Mа}m… yo"rGyo"rs „formal…
ва} sвой „sво€, sвоm… yo"rGyo"rs „informal…
uа} uа} „uа}а, uа}m… o"rGo"rs
umkов mkо his
um>u mm herGhers
umkов mkо its
smzmu >z theirGtheirs
Pо[/р%.' Pр'.+-,-.'B Da5ing hello
Oоijr lmu% Oоirªй lmu•% ,ood afternoon%
Oоirо xsrо% Oоirоm xsrо% ,ood mornin!%
Rlrавmйsm Rlrавwsвxйsm% Hello
Rlrаws> Xr>вms Hi
Tаq wsm@ Tаq lmла@ Ho# are yo" doin!@
Tаq € qаrаsm@ Tаq xwvmz>@ Ho# are yo" !ettin! alon!@
Tаq вjrв>@ Tаq Mа}> lmла@ Ho# is it !oin!@
Tаq m@ Tаq lmла@ Dhat*s "p@
Xr>€suо t> m% Xr>€suо vоouаqоt>s•w€% It*s nice to meet yo"%
Yаlваt wm lа wm wrm~umt
Yаl Mаw wuова в>lms•% I*m !lad to see yo" a!ain%
=m~о uово@ Tаq>m uовоws>@ Dhat*s ne#@
Wslавuа um wtm wm в>nlал>% Oавumu•qо um в>lmл>w•% 9on! time no see%
Rа tmu m xlоволwsв>m Z xlовол•wsв>mt% I am pleased to do so%
$% р%[/B&% PроY%<'+ Da5ing goo)45e
Oов>nlаum% Oо wв>lаu>€% ,oodbye%
Umqа uо~% Zvоqойuой uо|>% ,ood ni!ht%
Oо wqоrо% \в>l>tw€ vоonm% /ee yo" later%
Mw>|qо zxiаво% Z|аwsл>во% )ake care of yo"rself%
Vол€, vrmlайsm tо>sm
wjrlm|u> vоolrав> uа Mа}>€
Vо> uа>лx|}>m vоnmлаu>€
Mа}mtx оs{x%
8lease !ive my kind re!ards to yo"r
Vол€, vrmlайsm tо>sm
wjrlm|u> vоolrав> uа Mа}аsа
Vо> uа>лx|}>m vоnmлаu>€
Mа}mй tаsmr>%
8lease !ive my kind re!ards to yo"r
W|аqваt w umsjrvmu>m lа wm
в>l>t оsuово%
Z umsmrvmu>mt nlx uа}mй
wлmlxƒ~mй вwsrm|>%
I*m lookin! for#ard to seein! yo" a!ain%
[ова m tо€sа в>o>sqа% Mоs tо€ в>o>suа€ qаrsо|qа% )his is my b"siness card%
Pок%<% Pр'K&%C+<'+ UnWitation
L>z >wqал lа wm wrm~umt вjв
Oавайsm вwsrms>tw€ в yойm% I #o"ld like to meet yo" in the lobby%
bm ijlmsm л> wвоiоlmu xsrm@ Mª wвоiоluª oавsrа@ Dill yo" be free tomorro#@
Иwqаsm л> lа lойlmsm w tmu@ =m zоs>sm vойs> wо tuой@ Bo yo" #ant to come #ith me@
Tаqв> wа vлаuовmsm M> oа
Tаq>m x ваw vлаuª uа wmkоlu€@ Dhat are yo"r plans for today@
Иwqаsm л> lа оs>lmt uа
=m zоs>sm л> vrоkxл€s•w€@ Do"ld yo" like to !o for a #alk@
=mqа lа M> rаoвmlа%
Xоoвол•sm tum iªs• Mа}>t
9et me be yo"r !"ide%
=€tа л> lа lойlmsm uа vаoаr w
Xойlmsm wо tuой vо tаkаo>uаt@ Don*t yo" !o shoppin! #ith me@
Oа оs>lmt lа vлxваtm% Oавайsm vойlmt qxvаs•w€% 9et*s !o s#immin!%
Иwqаsm л> lа zаvumsm um~о@
=m zоs>sm л> |mkо+u>ixl•
Do"ld yo" care for somethin! to eat@
Vоnm л> lа M> vrmlлоnа mluо
Vоkx € vrmlлоn>s• Mаt
2ay I offer yo" a drink@
Tаqво ~m qаnmsm oа mluо
^оs>sm |mkо+u>ixl• вªv>s•@ Ho# abo"t a drink@
Ko ~m M> vо|mrv€ mluо v>s>m% Xr>kла}аƒ Mаw uа rƒtо|qx% I*ll treat yo" to a drink%
Oа uаvrав>t vо|>вqа oа qаym% Oавайsm вªv•mt qоymйqx@ 9et*s take a coffee break%
`xвwsвайsm wm x lоtа w>% `xвwsвxйsm wmi€ qаq lоtа% 2ake yo"rself at home%
[ова oвx|> lоirm% Rвx|>s umvлоzо% )hat so"nds !ood%
Z xlоволwsв>m% Z xlовол•wsв>mt% I*d love to%
=€tаt u>~о uаvrоs>в% f um воorаnаƒ% I don*t mind%
M u>qаqjв wлx|ай => oа |sо (o #ay
q%@о[<%.%<+ q<%ко1,-.о Untro)uctions
Tаoваt wm %%% Vmu€ oовxs %%% 2y name is %%%
Tаq m Mа}msо >tm@ Mа}m >t€@ Dhat*s yo"r name@
Tаq wm qаoваsm M>m@ Tаq Mаw oовxs@ Dhat*s yo"r name@
Z qоkо wsm M>m@ Z qmt Mª@ Dho are yo" #ith@
Ko wjt wаt% f olmw• оl>u% I am on my o#n%
Ko wjt w tо€sа wjvrxkа% f wо wвоmй nmuой% I am #ith my #ife%
Ko wjt w tо€ iа~а% f wо wво>t оs{оt% I am #ith my father%
Ko wjt w tо€sа tайqа% f wо wвоmй tаsmr•ƒ% I am #ith my mother%
Ko wjt w tоmsо wmtmйwsво% f wо wвоmй wmt•mй% I am #ith my family%
Vоnm л> lа M> oаvоouа€ w
tо€sа wjvrxkа@
Xоoвол•sm vrmlwsав>s• Mаt tоƒ
2ay I introd"ce yo" to my #ife@
Vоnm л> lа M> oаvоouа€ w tо€
Xоoвол•sm vrmlwsав>s• Mаt
tоmkо wªuа%
2ay I introd"ce yo" to my son@
Vоnm л> lа M> oаvоouа€ w
tо€sа lj~mr€@
Xоoвол•sm vrmlwsав>s• Mаt tоƒ
2ay I introd"ce yo" to my da"!hter@
Ws qjlm wsm@ Wsqxlа Mª@ Dhere are yo" from@
Ws qой krаl@ Иo qаqоkо kоrоlа@ Dhat city@
Ko wjt оs ZKb% f >o ZaK% I am from the 4/6%
M>m nmumu л> wsm@ Mª nmuаsª@ 6re yo" married@
Ko wjt nmumu% f nmuаs% I am married%
Иtаsm л> lm{а@ \ Mаw mws• lms>@ Bo yo" have children@
Tаqво rаiоs>sm@
`mt Mª oаrаiаsªваmsm wmim uа
Dhat do yo" do for a livin!@
Ko wjt wsxlmus% f wsxlmus% I am a st"dent%
Ko wjt uа vо|>вqа% f в оsvxwqm% I am on vacation%
bm оwsаuа sxq ml>u lmu% f vrоixlx olmw• 0 lmu•% I*ll stay here for 0 day%
Rаt>uаваt xsrm% f xmonаƒ oавsrа% I am leavin! tomorro#%
Rаt>uаваt в vоumlmлu>q% f xmonаƒ в vоumlmл•u>q% I am leavin! on 2onday%
L>л> л> wsm u€qоkа в ZKb@ Mª qоklа+u>ixl• iªл> в ZaK@ Have yo" ever been to the 4/6@
Pоn.%&' :/оJр+<'+ Praise
=оваsа M> vоlwsr>nqа m
Mа}а uова€ vr>|mwqа
¢o"r ne# hairc"t is !reat%
Иtаsm |xlmwmu вqxw oа lrmz>% \ Mаw оsл>|uªй вqxw в оlmnlm% ¢o" have #onderf"l taste in clothes%
[ова m oаiавuо% Rаiавuо% )hat*s f"nny%
Lrаво Wsл>|uо Dell done
Zsrаzоsuо Rlоrово )hat*s !reat
Иokлmnlаsm tuоkо lоirm Mª zоrо}о вªkл€l>sm ¢o" look nice
Tаqво vr>€suо t€wsо% Wsл>|uоm tmwsо% Dhat a nice place%
h&%Kо/%р<о,- h&%Kо/%р<о,-i (ratitu)e
Lлаkоlаr€ в> oа qоtvл>tmusа% Zvаw>iо oа qоtvл>tmus% )hank yo" for yo"r compliment%
Vuоkо t> im}m vr>€suо lumw,
iлаkоlаr€ M>%
f оsл>|uо vrовmл вrmt€,
I enJoyed myself today, thank yo"%
Vuоkо t>ло оs Mа}а wsrаuа%
W|mu• лƒimouо w Mа}mй
)hat*s very kind of yo"%
Vuоkо wsm ~mljr% Mª о|mu• lоirª% ¢o"*re very !enero"s%
Vuоkо wjt M> iлаkоlаrmu% f Mаt о|mu• iлаkоlаrmu% I*m really !ratef"l to yo"%
Vuоkо wjt M> oаljлnmu% f Mаt о|mu• оi€oаu% I*m very m"ch obli!ed to yo"%
Rаljлnmu wjt M>% Mmw•tа vr>ouаsmлmu% 2"ch obli!ed%
m[.'<+<'B m[.'<+<'B ^Vologies
Иoв>umsm% Иoв>u>sm% /orry%
Иoв>umsm tm oа tоtmus% Иoв>u>sm, € uа wmqxulx% &c"se me a moment%
Pl>u tоtmus, tол€% V>uxsо|qx, vоnалxйwsа% §"st a moment please%
M>uаsа m tо€% -sо tо€ в>uа% )hat*s my fa"lt%
Vuоkо wjt umвu>tаsmлmu% f iªл umоwsоrоnmu% It #as careless of me%
=m >wqаz lа qаnа sова% f um zоsmл Mаw оi>lms•% I didn*t mean that%
Zлmlва~>€s vjs ~m kо
uаvrав€ qаqsо sr€iва%
M wлmlxƒ~>й rаo vоwsаrаƒw•% (e&t time I*ll !et it ri!ht%
Иoв>umsm, |m oаqjwu€z% Иoв>u>sm oа оvоolаu>m% Cor!ive me for bein! late%
Иoв>umsm, |m M> uаqаrаz lа
Иoв>u>sm, |sо oаwsав>л Mаw
I am sorry to have kept yo" #aitin!%
Xrm|а л> M>@ f um vоtm}аƒ@ 6m I dist"rbin! yo"@
Vоnm л> lа M> оimovоqо€ oа
Xоoвол•sm Mаw vоimwvоqо>s•% 2ay I bother yo" for a moment@
aо&J' Pро,iJc _eguests
Иoв>umsm% Xrоws>sm% I be! yo"r pardon%
bm t> uаvrав>sm л> mluа
Vоkx € vоvrоw>s• Mаw оi
Dill yo" do me a favor@
L>zsm л> t> vоtоkuал>, tол€@ =m tоkл> iª Mª tum vоtо|•@ 5o"ld yo" please help me@
Vоnmsm л> lа t> vоtоkumsm@ Mª tum um vоtоnmsm@ 5an yo" !ive me a hand@
L>zsm л> t> vоtоkuал>@
=m tоkл> iª Mª оqаoаs• tum
Do"ld yo" assist me@
bm t> vоtоkumsm л> oа sоo>
Mª um vоtоnmsm tum w ®sой
Dill yo" help me #ith this problem@
Иoв>umsm@ Tаqво qаoаzsm@ Иoв>u>sm, |sо Mª wqаoал>@ 8ardon@ Dhat did yo" say@
Vол€, vовsоrmsm% Xовsоr>sm, vоnалxйwsа% /ay that once more please%
Vол€, kовоrmsm vо+iавuо%
Xоnалxйwsа, kовоr>sm umtuоkо
8lease speak more slo#ly%
L>zsm л> vовsоr>л>@ =m tоkл> iª Mª ®sо vовsоr>s•@ 5o"ld yo" repeat that@
Vол€, uаv>}msm kо sxq%
=аv>}>sm ®sо olmw•,
8lease #rite it here%
Tаqво m sова@ `sо ®sо@ Dhat*s this@
Tаqво ouа|> sова@ `sо ®sо ouа|>s@ Dhat does this mean@
Yаoi>rаsm л>@ Mª vоu>tаmsm@ Bo yo" "nderstand@
Vол€, vоijroайsm% Xоnалxйwsа, vоsоrоv>smw•% 8lease h"rry "p%
Pлаsm w tmu Xойlmtsm wо tuой 5ome #ith me
L>zsm л> t> xwлxn>л> w
=m оlолn>sm tоumsqx@ 5an yo" lend me a dime@
Vоnm л> lа vоkлmluа@ Vоnuо вokл€uxs•@ 2ay I take a look at it@
Vоnm л> lа вomtа uа oаmt
Mа}аsа z>t>qалqа@
Vоnuо оlолn>s• Mа}x rx|qx@ 5an I borro# yo"r pen@
bm t> vxwumsm л> sова v>wtо,
=m оsvrав>sm л> oа tmu€
Dill yo" please mail this letter for me@
bm t> lаlmsm л> Mа}>€
Vоnuо xouаs• Mа} аlrmw@ 2ay I have yo"r address@
Vоnmsm л> lа tm oаqаrаsm lо
Mª um vоlirоw>sm tmu€ в {musr@ 5an yo" drop me off do#nto#n@
L0.,-.% L0.,-.% Feelings
Xrав wsm% Mª vrавª% ¢o" are ri!ht%
=m wjt w>kxrmu% f um xвmrmu% I*m not s"re%
=m t>wл€% =m lxtаƒ% I don*t think so%
Wvаw€ваt wm, |m um% Lоƒw•, |sо ums% I*m afraid not%
[ова m umвmrо€suо% =m tоnms iªs•% )hat*s incredible%
Tолqо e qrаw>во Tаqа€ qrаwоsа Ho# bea"tif"l
[ова m |xlmwuо -sо vrmqrаwuо )hat*s #onderf"l
Wvаw€ваt wm, |m krm}>sm% Lоƒw•, |sо Mª о}>iаmsmw•% I*m afraid yo"*re mistaken%
[jnuо t> m% \ tmu€ vлоzоm uаwsrоmu>m% I feel bl"e%
[ова m оsвrаs>smлuо% -sо оsвrаs>smл•uо% It*s dis!"stin!%
Wsвrа~аваsm tm% Vmu€ оs smi€ sо}u>s% ¢o" make me sick%
\wvоqойsm wm, вw>|qо ~m ijlm
\wvоqойw€, вwm ixlms в vоr€lqm% 5alm do#n, everythin! #ill be '¡%
=m wm srmвоnmsm% =m uаlо umrвu>|аs•% Bon*t be nervo"s%
=m ijroайsm% =m sоrоv>smw•% )ake yo"r time%
=m оirj~айsm вu>tаu>m uа
sова, qоmsо qаoа sой%
=m оirа~айsm вu>tаu>€ uа sо,
|sо оu wqаoал%
Bon*t pay attention to #hat he said%
Zvоqойuо \wvоqойsmw• 5ool it
\wvоqой wm Wwsªu•sm 5hill o"t
\wt>zu> wm =m xuªвайsm 5heer "p
Tолqо nалqо Tаqа€ nалоws• Dhat a pity
Tаqва >oumuаlа Mоs sаq wƒrvr>o Dhat a s"rprise
Z>kxruо wm }mkxваsm Mª, lолnuо iªs•, }xs>sm ¢o" m"st be kiddin!
Lоnm, qаqва trjwоs>€ W, Lоnm, qаqа€ umrаoimr>zа 'h dear, #hat a mess
Tаqва kлxvоws Tаq kлxvо Dhat a fool
Oоwsаsj|uо ^ваs>s )hat*s eno"!h
W, kоwvоl> Nоwvоl> 'h my ,od
Lоnm Lоnm tой 2y !oodness
Yаoi>rа wm Tоum|uо 'f co"rse
PоA+&%<'B PоA+&%<'B Blessing
`mws>sо Xоolrавл€ƒ 5on!rat"lations
Mmwmла Tолmlа Z Yоnlmwsвоt 2erry 5hristmas
=ай+lоir> iлаkоvоnmлаu>€ vо
wлx|ай =ова kоl>uа
=а>лx|}>m vоnmлаu>€ в uовоt
.est #ishes for a Happy (e# ¢ear
`mws>s Mmл>qlmu ^r>wsоw воwqrmw Happy aster
`mws>s ƒi>лmй Z ƒi>лmmt Happy anniversary
Qmла€ M> tuоkо kоl>u>
Qmлаƒ Mаt w|аws•€ > lолk>z
лms n>ou>%
I #ish yo" many years of happiness%
Zjrlm|u> vоolrавлmu>€% Xоolrавл€ƒ оs вwmй lx}>% Heartiest con!rat"lations%
=ай+lоir> iлаkоvоnmлаu>€% =а>лx|}>m vоnmлаu>€% .est #ishes%
=аl€ваt wm lа оolrавmmsm
Qmлаƒ Mаt vоwqоrmm
I hope yo"*ll !et better soon%
Xr>€smu vjs Z|аwsл>вой vоmolq> Have a nice trip
Xr>€suо vrmqаrваum ^оrо}о vrовmws> вrmt€ Have a !ood time
\wvmz \lа|> ,ood l"ck
Oа wm wrm~umt оsuово Oавайsm m~m rаo вwsrms>tw€ 9et*s meet a!ain
=аolrавm Lxl•sm olоrовª „|>zuxв}mtx… ,od bless yo" „after sneepin!…
Oоijr аvms>s Xr>€suоkо аvvms>sа .on appetite
=аolrавm Mа}m olоrов•m 5heers
r,-ро<о1'\+,ко .р+1+ Sр+1B Ti7e
Tолqо m |аwjs@ Tоsоrªй |аw@ Dhat time is it@
Tолqо M> m |аwjs@ Zqол•qо вrmtmu>@ Dhat time do yo" have@
M qолqо |аwа@ Mо wqол•qо@ 6t #hat time@
M ml>uайwms |аwа% M оl>uuаl{аs•% 6t eleven o*clock%
wлml |аw |mrmo |аw in an ho"r
wлml lваuайwms |аwа |mrmo lвmuаl{аs• |аwов in t#elve ho"rs
wлml u€qолqо |аwа |mrmo vаrx |аwов in a co"ple of ho"rs
qjt ml>u |аwа q |аwx by one o*clock
vrml> ml>u lо |аwа before one
uа |аw в |аw per ho"r
Ws qолqо |аwа@ Zо wqол•q>@ Crom #hat time@
Oо qолqо |аwа@ Oо wqол•q>@ )ill #hat time@
Vаkаo>u>sm wа оsвоrmu> lо
lва |аwа%
Vаkаo>uª оsqrªsª lо lвxz% )he shops are open till t#o o*clock%
Vаkаo>u>sm wа oаsвоrmu> wлml
lва wлml оi€l%
Vаkаo>uª oаqrªsª vоwлm lвxz
)he shops are closed after t#o p%m%
Pl>u |аwjs m% `аw% It is one o*clock%
Pl>u imo vmsuайwms m% Lmo |msвmrs> |аw% It is a ¦"arter to one%
Pl>u > vmsuайwms m% `msвmrs• вsоrоkо% It is a ¦"arter past one%
Pl>u imo vms m% Lmo v€s> |аw% It is five min"tes to one%
Pl>u > vms m% X€s• t>uxs вsоrоkо% It is five min"tes past one%
Oва > vолов>uа m% Xолов>uа srms•mkо% It is half past t#o%
Oа wm wrm~umt в lmwms
Oавайsm вwsrms>tw€ в lmw€s•
|аwов xsrа%
9et*s meet at ten a%m%
Yаuо m% Yаuо% It is early%
=а вrmtm m% Mовrmt€% It*s on time%
Tjwuо л> m@ \nm vоoluо@ Is it late@
Xлаlum m% Xолlmu•% It is noon%
Tолqо вrmtm ~m оsumtm@ Zqол•qо вrmtmu> ®sо oайtms@ Ho# lon! #ill it take@
M qолqо |аwа m Mа}>€s vолms@ Mо wqол•qо Mа} rmйw@ Dhat time is yo"r fli!ht@
[rjkваt wxsr>usа% f xmonаƒ xsrоt% I am leavin! in the mornin!%
Tаqjв lmu m lumw@ Tаqой wmkоlu€ lmu•@ Dhat day is today@
Oumw m vоumlmлu>q% Zmkоlu€ vоumlmл•u>q% )oday is 2onday%
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
t>uxsа t>uxsа min"te
|аw |аw ho"r
uо~ uо|• ni!ht
lmu lmu• day
wmlt>{а umlmл€ #eek
lumw wmkоlu€ today
в|mrа в|mrа yesterday
xsrm oавsrа tomorro#
xsrm wxsr>u oавsrа xsrоt tomorro# mornin!
ml>u |аwа |аw one o*clock
lва |аwа lва |аwа t#o o*clock
sr> |аwа sr> |аwа three o*clock
|ms>r> |аwа |msªrm |аwа fo"r o*clock
vms |аwа v€s• |аwов five o*clock
}mws |аwа }mws• |аwов si& o*clock
wmlmt |аwа wmt• |аwов seven o*clock
оwmt |аwа воwmt• |аwов ei!ht o*clock
lmвms |аwа lmв€s• |аwов nine o*clock
lmwms |аwа lmw€s• |аwов ten o*clock
ml>uайwms |аwа оl>uuаl{аs• |аwов eleven o*clock
lваuайwms |аwа lвmuаl{аs• |аwов t#elve o*clock
wxsr>usа xsrа a%m%
вm|mrsа вm|mrа p%m%
tmwm{ tmw€{ month
€uxаr> €uваr• §an"ary
ymвrxаr> ymвrал• Cebr"ary
tаrs tаrs 2arch
аvr>л аvrmл• 6pril
tай tай 2ay
ƒu> >ƒu• §"ne
ƒл> >ƒл• §"ly
авkxws авkxws 6"!"st
wmvsmtвr> wmus€ir• /eptember
оqsоtвr> оqs€ir• 'ctober
uоmtвr> uо€ir• (ovember
lmqmtвr> lmqаir• Becember
kоl>uа kоl year
vrолms вmwuа sprin!
л€sо лmsо s"mmer
mwmu оwmu• fall
o>tа o>tа #inter
wmoоu вrmt€ kоlа season
a+-+оро&оK'\<о .р+1+ PоKо/% Geather
Tаqво m вrmtmsо lumw@ Tаqа€ wmkоlu€ vоkоlа@ Ho# is the #eather today@
Mrmtmsо lumw m zxiаво% Zmkоlu€ zоrо}а€ vоkоlа% )he #eather today is !ood%
Oumw m kоrm~о% Zmkоlu€ nаrqо% )oday it*s hot%
^xiав lmu m% Tаqой |xlmwuªй lmu•% It*s a nice day%
Wsвrаs>smлmu lmu m% Tаqой xnаwuªй lmu•% It*s a nasty day%
Nоrm~о m% Qаrqо% It*s hot%
Qmkа m% Qаr>~а% It*s roastin!%
Oumw m qаsо в vm~% Zmkоlu€ vrоwsо qаq в lxzовqm% It*s like an oven today%
Zsава tjkл>во% Wvxwqаmsw€ sxtаu% It*s !ettin! fo!!y%
=mimsо wm vrо€wu€ва% =miо rаw|>~аmsw€% )he sky is clearin! "p%
Zлju{msо wm vоqаoва% Zолu{m вªzоl>s% )he s"n is comin! o"t%
Wiла{>sm wm rаouаw€s% Wiлаqа rаwwm>ваƒsw€% )he clo"ds are breakin!%
Mал> ljnl% Иlms lоnl•% It*s rainin!%
bm ijlm wлju|mво xsrm% Rавsrа ixlms wолum|uо% It #ill be s"nny tomorro#%
`xl€ wm lал> ~m >tа ixr€% Иusmrmwuо, krоoа ixlms@ I #onder if there #ill be a storm%
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
wu€k wumk sno#
ljnl lоnl• rain
wлju{m wолu{m s"n
tjkла sxtаu fo!
в€sjr вmsmr #ind
imlwsв>m imlwsв>m disaster
sоruаlо sоruаlо tornado
uавоlumu>m uавоlumu>m floodGfloodin!
лав>uа лав>uа avalanche
kоrwq> vоnаr лmwuªm vоnаrª forest fires
qалuо wвла|>~m оvолomu• m"dslide
wumnuа ixr€ wumnuа€ ixr€ ice storm
в>mл>{а vxrkа blippard
krjtоsmв>|uа ixr€ krоoа th"nderstorm
ixr€ }sоrt storm
xrаkаu xrаkаu h"rricane
omtmsrmwmu>m omtлmsr€wmu>m earth¦"ake
xnаwuо вrmtm wxrова€ vоkоlа severe #eather
kоrm~>uа nаrа heat
w>лmu ljnl w>л•uªй lоnl• heavy rain
rjtmum tоrоw€~>й lоnl• dripplin!
aоA+ /% \0+-+ Sc 1оA+-+ 0,&cC%-i sou 7a5 hear
Rlrавmйsm, qаq wsm@ Xr>вms, qаq lmла@ Hi, ho# are yo"@
Xr>€suо t> m lа wm oаvоouаmt% W|mu• vr>€suо% (ice to meet yo"%
Tаqjв mo>q kовоr>sm@ =а qаqоt €oªqm Mª kовоr>sm@ Dhat lan!"a!e do yo" speak@
Ws sxq% Zƒlа% )his #ay%
Xr>€smu lmu Xr>€suоkо lu€ Have a nice day
Oо wqоrо% Oо wqоrоkо /ee yo" soon%
Lлаkоlаr€ oа vоqаuаsа% Zvаw>iо oа vr>kла}mu>m )hanks for yo"r invitation%
Vоnm i> wлmlва~>€ vjs% Mоotоnuо, в wлmlxƒ~>й rаo% 2aybe ne&t time%
Zjnал€ваt, uо um tоkа lа
Иoв>u>sm, € um wtоkx vойs>% /orry, I can*t come%
Zjnал€ваt, uо u€tаt u>qаqво
Иoв>u>sm, x tmu€ ums вrmtmu>% /orry, I don*t have any time%
^аrmwва л> в> sxq@ Mаt olmw• urав>sw€@ Bo yo" like stayin! here@
Tаqво m sова@ `sо ®sо@ Dhat is it@
[ова л> m Mа}msо >tm@ -sо Mа}m >t€@ Is that yo"r name@
=m rаoirаz Mа}msо >tm% f um rаwwлª}ал, qаq Mаw oовxs% I didn*t catch yo"r name%
Vол€@ Xrоws>sm@ 8ardon@
Vuоkо t>ло оs Mа}а wsrаuа%
-sо о|mu• t>ло w Mа}mй
It*s so kind of yo"%
Vол€% =m wsо>s iлаkоlаruоws>% Bon*t mention it%
=€tа u>~о% =>|mkо% (ever mind%
=€tа u>~о% =>|mkо% It*s nothin!%
=€tа vrоiлmt% Lmo vrоiлmt% (o problem%
Rаirавmsm% Oаnm > um lxtай% Cor!et it%
=m wm srmвоnmsm oа sова% =m imwvоqойsmw• оi ®sоt% Bon*t #orry abo"t it%
^айlm Oавай ,o ahead
Yаoi>rа wm Tоum|uо /"re
Rа~о um@ Xо|mtx ums@ Dhy not@
Tолqоsо vо+wqоrо, sолqова vо+
`mt rаu•}m, smt лx|}m% )he sooner the better%
Ko wj~о% f sоnm% /o do I%
=>sо vjq аo% f sоnm% „в оsвms uа оsr>{аu>m… (either do I%
Vmrw> vоlоiuо% Mаt sоkо nm% /ame to yo"%
Mu>tавайsm Wwsоrоnuо 9ook o"t
[ова m вw>|qо% Mоs > вwm% )hat*s it%
^айlm Xоmzал> Here #e !o
=m ouаt% f um ouаƒ% I don*t kno#%
Lлаkоlаr€ oа vоtо~sа% Zvаw>iо oа vоtо~•% )hank yo" for yo"r help%
Lm}m t> vr>€suо lа vоtоkuа% Yаl iªл vоtо|•% Happy to help%
XjsxваumXxsm}mwsв>m )ravelin!
a'-<';% *%1оA<B Qusto7s
Vоnm л> о~m ml>u
t>su>|mwq> yоrtxл€r@
Oайsm tum, vоnалxйwsа, lrxkой
iлаuq lmqлаrа{>>%
2ay I have another c"stoms form@
Vол€, vоqаnmsm t> qаq lа
vоvjлu€ sоo> yоrtxл€r%
Xоqаn>sm, vоnалxйwsа, qаq
oаvолu€s• ®sоs iлаuq%
8lease sho# me ho# to fill in this form%
Psо tо€s vаwvоrs% Mоs tой vаwvоrs% Here*s my passport%
=>m >tаtm оi~ vаwvоrs% \ uаw wовtmwsuªй vаwvоrs% De have a Joint passport%
L>zsm л> t> vоlvm|аsал>
vаwvоrsа, tол€@
Xоwsав•sm tum, vоnалxйwsа,
}sаtv в vаwvоrs%
Do"ld yo" please stamp my passport@
Ko wjt sxr>ws% f sxr>ws% I*m a to"rist%
Ko wjt uа vо|>вqа% f в оsvxwqm% I am on vacation%
Ko wjt wаt% f оl>u% I am alone%
[ова m tоmsо vjrво
-sо tой vmrвªй vr>mol% )his is my first visit%
Zt€sаt lа оwsаuа lвm
f wоi>rаƒw• vrоiªs• olmw• 1
I plan to stay 1 #eeks%
[ова m tо€sа srаuo>suа в>oа% Mоs tо€ srаuo>suа€ в>oа% )his is my transit pass%
[ова wа tо>sm qxyаr>% Mоs tо> |mtоlаuª% )hese are my s"itcases%
Иtаt wаtо л>|u> вm~>%
\ tmu€ sол•qо vrmltmsª
л>|uоkо vол•oоваu>€%
I only have articles for personal "se%
[ова m vоlаrjq oа vr>€smл% -sо vоlаrоq lл€ lrxkа% )his is a !ift for a friend%
[аo> в>lmоqаtmrа m oа л>|uо
-sа в>lmоqаtmrа lл€ л>|uоkо
)his video camera is for my personal "se%
[ова wsrxва оqоло lвmwsа
аtmr>qаuwq> lолаrа%
-sо wsо>s оqоло 1HH lоллаrов
It costs abo"t 1HH 6merican dollars%
Psо tо€sа lmqлаrа{>€% Mоs tо€ lmqлаrа{>€% Here is my declaration%
=€tаt u>~о oа lmqлаr>rаum% Vum um|mkо lmqлаr>rоваs•% I have nothin! to declare%
Иtаt vmswsоs>u lолаrа в
vjsu>|mwq> |mqовm%
\ tmu€ IHH lоллаrов в
lоrоnuªz |mqаz%
I have IHH dollars in traveler*s checks%
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
V>su>{а [аtоnu€ 5"stoms
Xrmt>uаваum uа krаu>{аsа Xоkrаuoоuа .order crossin!
Rmлmu qоr>lоr Rmлmuªй qоr>lоr ,reen 5hannel
`mrвmu qоr>lоr Trаwuªй qоr>lоr 3ed 5hannel
=>~о oа lmqлаr>rаum Lmo lmqлаrа{>> (othin! to declare
Zsоq> oа lmqлаr>rаum
[оваrª, vоlлmnа~>m
,oods to declare
Lmot>smu tаkаo>u
Vаkаo>u imwvо}л>uuой
B"ty+free shop
*0р',-'\+,к% '<Mор1%;'B m<Mор1%;'B /&B -0р',-о. === Tourist Unfor7ation
Tjlm m sxr>ws>|mwq>€
>uyоrtа{>оumu {musjr@
Nlm uаzоl>sw€ >uyоrtа{>оuuªй
vxuqs lл€ sxr>wsов@
Dhere is the to"rist information office@
Tjlm wа авsоixw>sm@ Nlm оwsаuовqа авsоixwов@ Dhere are the b"ses@
Ko wjt srаuo>smu vjsu>q oа
=ƒ Sоrq%
f srаuo>suªй vаwwаn>r lо
I am a transit passen!er to (e# ¢ork%
Vоkа л> lа uаvrав€ вrjoqа
wj~>€ lmu@
f xwvmƒ wlmлаs• vmrmwаlqx в sоs
nm lmu•@
5an I make a connection on the same
Tолqо вrmtm sr€iва, oа lа wm
uаvrав> вrjoqа@
Zqол•qо вrmtmu> uxnuо, |sоiª
wlmлаs• vmrmwаlqx@
Ho# lon! does it take to make a
Vоkа л> lа rmomrв>rаt
zоsmлwqа wsа€ sxq@
Vоnuо л> olmw• oаirоu>rоваs•
uоtmr в kоws>u>{m@
5an I reserve a hotel room here@
Tjlm tоkа lа zваuа авsоixwа
lо {musjrа@
Nlm € tоkx wmws• uа авsоixw в
Dhere can I catch the sh"ttle b"s@
L>zsm л> t> qаoал> qjlm m
k>}msо oа uаmtаum qол> w
Zqаn>sm, vоnалxйwsа, qаq
vrойs> q wsойqm аrmulª
авsоtоi>лmй w воl>smлmt@
5o"ld yo" tell me the #ay to the
limo"sine co"nter@
Rаqаrайsm tm sаt, tол€% Mоs wƒlа, vоnалxйwsа% )ake me here, please%
?+[+р.%;'' q%к%[ J'&+-о. BooHing
Tаq tоkа lа ws>kuа lо sова
t€wsо оs sxq@
Tаq tum sxlа lоirаs•w€@ Ho# can I !et to this place from here@
Tоkа m wлmlва~>€s vолms lо
=ƒ Sоrq@
Tоklа wлmlxƒ~>й rmйw lо =•ƒ+
Dhen is the ne&t fli!ht to (e# ¢ork@
[ова l>rmqsmu vолms л> m@ -sо vr€tой rmйw@ Is that a direct fli!ht@
[ова mqwvrmwmu влаq л> m@ -sо vоmol+®qwvrmww@ Is that an e&press train@
Иtа л> wаtолmsjs vrmwsой в
lrxk krаl@
Zаtолms lmлаms vоwаlqx в
lrxkоt kоrоlm@
Boes the fli!ht make a layover in another
Mлаqjs wv>rа л> u€qjlm vо
Xоmol >lms w оwsаuовqаt>@
Boes the train make any stops on the
Tаqв> vолms> >tа lо =ƒ
Tаq>m rmйwª mws• lо =•ƒ+
Dhat fli!hts are there to (e# ¢ork@
Vол€, vrовmrmsm в lrxk>sm
Xоnалxйwsа, xouайsm в lrxk>z
8lease check other airlines%
Иtа л> tmwsа oа wаtолmsа@ =а ®sоs rmйw mws• i>лmsª@ 6re there any seats on the fli!ht@
Tолqо |mws> wа vолms>sm@ Zqол•qо rmйwов в lmu•@ Ho# fre¦"ent are the fli!hts@
[r€iва л> lа wtmu€t
Vum uxnuо ixlms
vmrmwаn>ваs•w€ uа lrxkой
Bo I have to chan!e planes@
Tjlm sr€iва lа wtmu€
Nlm tum wlmлаs• vmrmwаlqx uа
lrxkой wаtолms@
Dhere sho"ld I chan!e planes@
L>z nmлал lа rmomrв>rаt
t€wsо oа sоo> wаtолms%
f zоsmл iª oаirоu>rоваs• i>лms
uа ®sоs rmйw%
I*d like to reserve a seat on this plane%
Vол€, uаvrавmsm rmomrва{>€ oа
wлmlва~>€ vолms oа Uоulоu%
Xоnалxйwsа, oаirоu>rxйsm
i>лms uа iл>nай}>й rmйw lо
8lease reserve the ne&t fli!ht to 9ondon%
Tолqо wsrxва i>лmsjs@ Zqол•qо wsо>s i>лms@ Ho# m"ch is the ticket@
Tолqо wsrxва i>лmsjs lо
Zqол•qо wsо>s i>лms lо
Ho# m"ch for a ticket to 9ondon@
Иtа л> u€qаqво uаtалmu>m@ Pws• л> qаq>m+u>ixl• wq>lq>@ 6re there any disco"nts@
Иtа л> оswsjvqа в {muаsа@ Pws• л•kоsuªm sаr>yª@ Is there a red"ced fare@
Kqо оi>|аsm, ml>u i>лms oа
i>oumw qлаwа%
Wl>u i>лms i>oumw+qлаwwа,
'ne b"siness class ticket, please%
L>z >wqал lва i>лmsа oа
i>oumw qлаwа%
Vum uxnuо lва i>лmsа i>oumw+
I #o"ld like t#o b"siness class tickets%
L>лms oа оs>ваum > вrj~аum,
L>лms sxlа > оirаsuо,
6 ro"nd+trip ticket, please%
M qолqо |аwа sr€iва lа ijlа uа
Tоklа tum uxnuо iªs• в
Ho# early m"st I be at the airport@
M qолqо |аwа sr€iва lа t>uа
vrmo i>лmsuа rmk>wsrа{>€@
Mо wqол•qо uxnuо
Dhat time do I have to check in@
M qолqо |аwа >oл>sа
Mо wqол•qо оsvrавл€msw€ rmйw@ Dhat time does the fli!ht leave@
M qолqо |аwа ~m vr>ws>kumt@ Mо wqол•qо tª vr>iªваmt@ Dhat time #ill #e arrive@
Tолqо iаkаn tоkа lа вomtа@
Zqол•qо tum tоnuо irаs•
Ho# m"ch ba!!a!e can I take@
Ko u€tаt u>qаqjв iаkаn% \ tmu€ ums iаkаnа% I don*t have any ba!!a!e%
L>z >wqал lа оstmu€ vолmsа w>
oа Uоulоu%
f zо|x вmruxs• i>лms lо
I #o"ld like to cancel my ticket to
L>z >wqал lа оstmu€ tо€sа
f zо|x оstmu>s• irоu>rоваu>m% I*d like to cancel my reservation%
?+K',-р%;'B <% @о&+- ?+K',-р%;'B <% р+e, Flight _egistration
Tjlm m k>}msо uа ]>umjr@ Nlm wsойqа ]>uu®йr@ Dhere is the Cinnair co"nter@
Tjlm m smrt>uал K@ Nlm smrt>uал K@ Dhere is terminal 6@
Tjlm m smrt>uалjs uа
Nlm smrt>uал ]>uu®йr@ Dhere is the Cinnair terminal@
Tjlm m i>лmsuа rmk>wsrа{>€@ Nlm vrоzоl>s rmk>wsrа{>€@ Dhere do I check in@
Vол€, >ovrаsmsm iаkаnа t> в
Wsvrав•sm, vоnалxйwsа, iаkаn в
tоƒ kоws>u>{x%
/end my ba!!a!e to the hotel, please%
Tолqо wm sаqwxва wвrjziаkаn@
Zqол•qо uxnuо vлаs>s• oа
л>}u>й вmw@
Ho# m"ch is the e&cess ba!!a!e char!e@
L>z >wqал lа >ovrаs€ sоo>
iаkаn в Uоulоu%
f zоsmл iª оsvrав>s• ®sоs
iаkаn в Uоulоu%
I*d like to send this ba!!a!e to 9ondon%
Иtаt lва irо€ rj|mu iаkаn%
\ tmu€ lва vrmltmsа rx|uой
I have t#o carry+on pieces%
Ko wjt srаuo>s oа Uоw
f srаuo>sоt lо Uоw+Kunmлmwа% I*m in transit for 9os 6n!eles%
Tоkа wm qа|ваtm uа wаtолmsа@ Tоklа uа|>uаmsw€ vоwаlqа@ Dhen does boardin! be!in@
Tой >ozоl m oа sоo> vолms@
Z qаqоkо вªzоlа vrо>wzоl>s
vоwаlqа uа ®sоs rmйw@
Dhat !ate does this fli!ht leave from@
Tjlm m >ozоl mluо@ Nlm вªzоl uоtmr 0@ Dhere is !ate 0@
Zаtолmsjs uа вrmtm л> ~m
-sоs rmйw оsvrав>sw€ вовrmt€@ Dill this fli!ht leave on time@
Иtа л> oаqjwumu>m@
Tаq>m+u>ixl• rmйwª
6re there any delays@
L>z >wqал t€wsо lо vrоoоrm{а,
f zоsmл iª tmwsо x оquа% I*d like a #indo# seat, please%
L>z >wqал lа rmomrв>rаt
t€wsо в wmq{>€sа oа vx}а|>%
f zоsmл iª oаirоu>rоваs• tmwsо
в wалоum lл€ qxr€~>z%
I #o"ld like to reserve a seat in the
smokin! section%
Vоnm л> lа vаoаrxваtm uа
Vª wtоnmt vrойs>w• vо
tаkаo>uаt в а®rоvоrsx@
5an #e do some shoppin! in the airport@
[ова в qаqва валxsа m@ M qаqой ®sо валƒsm@ Dhat c"rrency is this in@
Vоkа л> lа vлаs€ w lолаr>@ Vоnuо oаvлаs>s• lоллаrаt>@ 5an I pay in dollars@
[r€iва л> lа vлаs€ t>sо oа
wsоq>sm, qо>sо qxv>z sxq@
Vum uxnuо ixlms vлаs>s•
vо}л>ux oа sоваrª, qxvлmuuªm
Bo I have to pay d"ty on the !oods I
bo"!ht here@
Vол€, lайsm t> qаwова
Oайsm, vоnалxйwsа, qв>sаu{>ƒ% 8lease !ive me a receipt%
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
Xr>ws>kаum Xr>iªs>m 6rrivals
Rаt>uаваum Wsvrавлmu>m Bepart"res
vrовmrqа oа imoоvаwuоws л>|uªй lоwtоsr sec"rity check
vаwvоrsuа vrовmrqа vаwvоrsuªй qоusrол• passport control
>ozоl вªzоl !ate
oаqjwumu>m oаlmrn>ваmsw€ delayed
qа{uал vr>omtл>лw€ landed
оstmumu оstmumu canceled
vолms rmйw fli!ht
uоtmr uа vолmsа uоtmr rmйwа fli!ht n"mber
iоrluа qаrsа vоwаlо|uªй sалоu boardin! pass
S ,%1о&+-% S ,%1о&+-% On the Vlane
Tjlm m sова t€wsо@ Nlm ®sо tmwsо@ Dhere is this seat@
Vоnm л> lа w> rаotmu>t
tmwsаsа w Mаw@
=m tоkл> iª Mª vоtmu€s•w€ wо
tuой tmwsаt>@
5o"ld I chan!e seats #ith yo"@
Иtаsm л> аukл>йwq> вmwsu>q@ \ ваw mws• аukл>йwqа€ kаomsа@ Bo yo" have an n!lish ne#spaper@
Vол€, i>zsm л> t> lоumwл>
=m tоkл> iª Mª vr>umws> tum
Do"ld yo" please !et me a blanket@
Vол€, lайsm t> vл>q oа
Oайsm tum, vоnалxйwsа, vаqms% 6n air sickness ba!, please%
Vол€, lайsm t> ixs>лqа i>rа%
Xr>umw>sm, vоnалxйwsа,
ixsªлqx v>ва%
8lease !ive me a bottle of beer%
Vоnm л> о~m mluо v>s>m@ Vоnuо tum m~m оl>u uаv>sоq@ 5an I have another drink@
Иwqаt lа vоrj|аt uаv>sq>% f zоsmл iª oаqаoаs• uаv>sq>% I #ant to order some drinks%
L>z >wqал |ай, tол€% Xr>umw>sm |аƒ, vоnалxйwsа% I*d like some tea, please%
Иtа л> в wаtолmsа wsƒаrlmwа,
qо€sо kовоr> аukл>йwq>@
=а iоrsx mws• wsƒаrlmwwа,
kовоr€~а€ vо+аukл>йwq>@
Is there an n!lish+speakin! ste#ardess
on board@
Vоnm л> lа kо vrmвmlmsm uа
Mª tоnmsm vmrmвmws> ®sо uа
5an yo" translate it into n!lish@
Tолqо ~m oаqjwumm vолmsjs@ =а wqол•qо оsлоnmu rmйw@ Ho# lon! #ill it be delayed@
Tоkа ~m >oлms> wаtолmsjs@ Tоklа wаtолms вoлms>s@ Dhen #ill the fli!ht leave@
Rа qолqо вrmtm ~m wvrmt sxq@
=аlолkо tª olmw•
Ho# lon! #ill #e stop here@
Xовrj~а t> wm% Vum vлоzо% I feel sick%
Vоnm л> lа uаqлоu€ wmlалqаsа
Vоnuо tum оsq>uxs• wv>uqx@ 2ay I recline my seat@
L>zsm л> tm wjixl>л> oа
€lmumsо, tол€@
Yаoixl>sm tmu€, qоklа vr>umwxs
mlx, vоnалxйwsа%
5o"ld yo" #ake me for the meal, please@
Xrоlаваsm л> imot>su> wsоq>
в wаtолmsа@
M wаtолmsm vrоlаƒs
imwvо}л>uuªm sоваrª@
Bo yo" sell d"ty+free !oods on board@
Tаqво m oаkлав>msо uа y>лtа@ Tаq uаoªваmsw€ y>л•t@ Dhat is the title of the movie@
Tоkа ~m lаваsm y>лtа@ Tоklа uа|umsw€ y>л•t@ Dhen do yo" sho# the movie@
Tолqо m ljлjk sоo> y>лt@ Zqол•qо вrmtmu> >lms y>л•t@ Ho# lon! is this movie@
L>z >wqал wлx}алq> oа y>лtа%
Vum uxnuª uаx}u>q>, |sоiª
wtоsrms• y>л•t%
I #o"ld like earphones for the movie%
=а qой qаuал lа uаwsrо€, oа lа
kлmlаt y>лtа@
=а qаqоt qаuалm >lms ®sоs
Dhich channel do I set to see the movie@
Zлx}алq>sm t> um rаiоs€s% Vо> uаx}u>q> um rаiоsаƒs% 2y earphones don*t #ork%
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
Rаsmkumsm qолаu>sm% Xr>wsmku>sm rmtu>% Casten seat belts%
wvаw>smлuа n>лmsqа wvаwаsmл•uªй n>лms life Jacket
q>wлоrоluа tаwqа q>wлоrоluа€ tаwqа o&y!en mask
sоалmsuа sxалms lavatory
S&%к/r.-оJ0, Pо+[//r.-оJ0, Train/Bus
Vоnm л> lа vолx|а
Vоnuо tum rаwv>wаu>m,
5o"ld I have a sched"le@
[ова rаov>wаu>m uа авsоixw>sm
аqsxалuо л> m@
-sо rаwv>wаu>m авsоixwов m~m
Is this b"s sched"le c"rrent@
[ова л> m uовоsо rаov>wаu>m
uа авsоixw>sm@
-sо lmйwsвxƒ~mm rаwv>wаu>m
Is this the c"rrent b"s sched"le@
Иovxwuаz влаqа% Tоkа srjkва
f оvоolал uа vоmol% Tоklа ixlms
I missed the train% Dhen does the ne&t one
[ова л> m влаqjs oа Uоulоu@ -sоs vоmol lо Uоulоuа@ Is this the train to 9ondon@
[ова л> m авsоixwjs oа
-sоs авsоixw lо Uоulоuа@ Is this the b"s to 9ondon@
[ова l>rmqsmu влаq л> m@ -sо vr€tой vоmol@ Is this a direct train@
[оo> авsоixw оs>ва л> lо sова
-sоs авsоixw >lms sxlа@ Boes this b"s !o to that place@
[ова mqwvrmw л> m >л>
vjsu>|mwq> влаq@
-sо ®qwvrmww >л> ®лmqsr>|qа@ Is this an e&press or a local train@
Иtа л> ваkоu+rmwsоrаus@ Rlmw• mws• ваkоu+rmwsоrаu@ Is there a dinin! car@
Mаkоu+rmwsоrаusjs в uа|алоsо
>л> в qrа€ uа влаqа m@
Mаkоu+rmwsоrаu в kоловm >л> в
zвоwsm vоmolа@
Is the dinin! car at the front or rear of the
Tjlm m vmrоu uоtmr mluо@
Nlm uаzоl>sw€ vлаsyоrtа uоtmr
Dhere is platform n"mber 0@
M qой ваkоu m tоmsо t€wsо@ M qаqоt ваkоum tоm tmwsо@ Dhich car is my seat in@
Tjlm m tоmsо t€wsо@ Nlm tоm tmwsо@ Dhere is my seat@
[ова t€wsо oаmsо л> m@ Rlmw• wвоiоluо@ Is this seat occ"pied@
V>wл€, |m sова m tоmsо t€wsо% Lоƒw•, ®sо tоm tmwsо% I think this is my seat%
Xrmlvо|>sаt t€wsо lо
f vrmlvо|>sаƒ tmwsо x оquа% I prefer a seat by the #indo#%
Vuоkо m kоrm~о sxq% Rlmw• о|mu• nаrqо% It is very hot in here%
Vоnm л> lа оsвоr€ vrоoоrm{а@ Vоnuо оsqrªs• оquо@ 2ay I open the #indo#@
Tjlm t>uаваtm в tоtmusа@ Nlm tª wmй|аw vrоmonаmt@ Dhere are #e passin! no#@
Rа qолqо вrmtm wv>rа влаqjs
Zqол•qо вrmtmu> vоmol olmw•
Ho# lon! does the train stop here@
Tjlm m wлmlва~аsа wv>rqа@ Nlm wлmlxƒ~а€ оwsаuовqа@ Dhere is the ne&t stop@
=а qо€ wv>rqа sr€iва lа
=а qаqой оwsаuовqm tum
Dhich stop sho"ld I !et off at@
Ko wл>oаt uа wлmlва~аsа
f вªzоnx uа wлmlxƒ~mй
I !et off at the ne&t stop%
Xxwumsm tm lа wл€oа sxq, tол€%
Mªwаl>sm tmu€ olmw•,
9et me off here, please%
Zvrmsm sxq, tол€% Wwsаuов>sm olmw•, vоnалxйwsа% /top here, please%
=а qолqо wv>rq> оs sxq@ Zqол•qо оwsаuовоq оswƒlа@ Ho# many stops from here@
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
kоruо лmkло вmrzu€€ vолqа "pper berth
lолuо лmkло u>nu€€ vолqа lo#er berth
wrmluо лmkло wrmlu€€ vолqа middle berth
vоwsавqа oа iаkаn iаkаnuа€ wmsqа l"!!a!e rack
qxvm qxvm compartment
ваkоu ваkоu car
lmws>uа{>€ vxuqs uаouа|mu>€ destination
|аw uа оsvjsxваum вrmt€ оsvrавлmu>€ depart"re time
nmлmoоvjsuа л>u>€ vxs• trackGvia
|аqалu€ oал оn>lаu>€ #aitin! room
Tjt vmrоu>sm T vоmolаt )o the platforms
Mzоl Mzоl ntrance
Иozоl Mªzоl &it
Иoл>oаum Mªzоl „в kоrоl… Day o"t
Иokximu> вm~> Lƒrо uаzоlоq lost+and+fo"nd office
Kваr>йuа wv>rа|qа Zsоv+qrаu mer!ency brake
w>kuал oа srmвоkа w>kuал>oа{>€ alarms
авsоtаs>|u> вrаs> авsоtаs>|mwq>m lвmr> a"tomatic doors
wv>rqа vо nmлаu>m оwsаuовqа vо srmiоваu>ƒ re¦"est stop
uо~mu авsоixw uо|uой авsоixw ni!ht b"s
o+р'Jо-/Nор%J P%ро1/Nор%J&i Ferr5/Boat
Tjlm m vr>wsаu>~msо@ Nlm vr>wsаu•@ Dhere is the dock@
Tjlm tоkа lа wm qа|а uа
Nlm € tоkx wmws• uа qоrаiл•@ Dhere can I board the ship@
M qолqо |аwа оsvлава qоrаijs@ Mо wqол•qо оs|ал>s qоrаiл•@ Dhat time does the ship sail@
M qолqо |аwа wm qа|ваtm uа
Tоklа vоwаlqа@ Dhat time do #e board@
L>zsm л> tm oавmл> lо qаƒsаsа
t>, tол€@
Xrовоl>sm tmu€ lо qаƒsª,
Do"ld yo" please sho# me to my cabin@
L>z nmлал lа oаqxwваt в
qаƒsаsа w>%
Xоlайsm tum oавsrаq в qаƒsx,
I #o"ld like to have breakfast in my
L>z nmлал lа w> rmomrв>rаt
}moлоuk uа vалxiаsа%
f zоsmл iª oаrmomrв>rоваs•
qrmwло uа vалxim%
I*d like to reserve a deck chair%
M qолqо |аwа tоkа lа оi€lваt@ Mо wqол•qо tоnuо vооimlаs•@ Dhat time can I dine@
h%K%A h%K%A Baggage
Tjlm m vrовmrqа uа iаkаnа@ Nlm rmk>wsrа{>€ iаkаnа@ Dhere is the ba!!a!e check@
Tjlm tоkа lа w> vолx|а
Nlm tоnuо vолx|>s• iаkаn@ Dhere can I !et my ba!!a!e@
Psо t> iаkаnu>€ i>лms% Mоs tо€ iаkаnuа€ qв>sаu{>€% Here is my claim ta!%
=m tоkа lа uаtmr€ iаkаnа w>% f um tоkx uайs> wвой iаkаn% I can*t find my ba!!a!e%
=m vолx|>z iаkаnmu i>лms uа
i>лmsuаsа rmk>wsrа{>€%
Vum um вªlал> iаkаnuxƒ
qв>sаu{>ƒ vr> rmk>wsrа{>>%
I didn*t receive the claim ta! #hen I
checked in%
Lаkаnjs t> m wqjwаu > u€qо>
um~а л>vwваs%
Vой iаkаn vовrmnlmu, >
umqоsоrªz вm~mй um zваsаms%
2y ba!!a!e is broken, and some thin!s
are missin!%
Tjlm tоkа lа uаtmr€ uоwа|@ Nlm tоnuо uайs> uоw>л•~>qа@ Dhere can I find a porter@
[ова m tо€s iаkаn% Mоs tой iаkаn% )his is my ba!!a!e%
Vол€, oаumwmsm sоo> iаkаn uа
wsо€uqаsа oа sаqw>sа%
Xоnалxйwsа, оsumw>sm ®s> вm~>
q wsо€uqm sаqw>%
8lease take this ba!!a!e to the ta&i stand%
`xvл>во m% Vол€, вu>tавайsm
qаsо kо uоw>sm%
M iаkаnm mws• zrxvq>m
vrmltmsª% Lxl•sm оwsоrоnuª,
It*s fra!ile% 8lease be caref"l carryin! it%
Tjlm wа iаkаnu>sm }qаy|msа@ Nlm qаtmrª zrаumu>€@ Dhere are the l"!!a!e lockers@
aоA+ /% \0+-+ Sc 1оA+-+ 0,&cC%-i sou 7a5 hear
Tаqва m {mлsа uа Mа}msо
Tаqова {mл• Mа}mkо в>o>sа@ Dhat is the p"rpose of yo"r visit@
Tjlm ~m оswmlumsm@ Nlm Mª uаtmrmuª оwsаuов>s•w€@ Dhere are yo" !oin! to stay@
Tолqо вrmtm ~m оwsаumsm sxq@ Tаq lолkо Mª olmw• vrоixlmsm@ Ho# lon! are yo" !oin! to stay here@
Иtаsm л> um~о oа
\ Mаw mws• вm~>, vоlлmnа~>m
Bo yo" have anythin! to declare@
Vол€, vоvjлumsm sова% Xоnалxйwsа, oаvолu>sm ®sо% 8lease fill this o"t%
Vол€, vоvjлumsm sоo>
Xоnалxйwsа, oаvолu>sm ®sоs
8lease fill in this form%
Tjlm оs>ваsm@ Txlа Mª mlmsm@ Dhat is yo"r destination@
Vоnm л> lа в>l€ Mа}>€
vаwvоrs, tол€@
Mа} vаwvоrs, vоnалxйwsа% 2ay I see yo"r passport, please@
Mа}аsа t>su>|mwqа
lmqлаrа{>€, tол€%
Xоnалxйwsа, Mа}x lmqлаrа{>ƒ% ¢o"r c"stoms declaration, please%
Tолqо |аus> >tаsm@ Zqол•qо x Mаw |mtоlаuов@ Ho# many ba!s do yo" have@
Иtаsm sвjrlm tuоkо rj|mu
\ Mаw wл>}qоt tuоkо rx|uой
¢o" have too m"ch carry+on ba!!a!e%
[r€iва lа vлаs>sm oа
Mаt uxnuо оvлаs>s• vmrmвmw% ¢o" have to pay an over#ei!ht char!e%
Mw>|q> i>лms> oа lumw wа
=а wmkоlu€ вwm i>лmsª vrоlаuª% 6ll tickets for today are sold o"t%
=€tа vовm|m tmwsа oа sоo>
=а ®sоs rmйw iол•}m ums
)here are no more seats on this plane%
Иwqаsm л> lа M> oаv>}а в
wv>wjqа oа |аqа~>@
Xоwsав>s• Mаw uа л>ws
Do"ld yo" like me to p"t yo" on o"r
V€wsо lо vrоoоrm{а >л> lо
vjsmqаsа nmлаmsm@
Mª zоs>sm tmwsо x оquа >л> x
Do"ld yo" like a #indo# or an aisle seat@
Mu>tаu>m Mu>tаu>m 6ttention
Xолms uоtmr 01H wm qа|ваs%
Wij€вл€msw€ vоwаlqа uа rmйw
uоtmr 01H%
Cli!ht n"mber 01H is no# boardin!%
Xоwлmluоsо vов>qваum oа
qа|ваum oа vолms 01H%
Rаqаu|>ваmsw€ vоwаlqа uа rmйw
uоtmr 01H%
Cinal boardin! call for fli!ht 01H%
Vол€, оs>lmsm uа >ozоl uоtmr
Xоnалxйwsа, vrойl>sm q вªzоlx
uоtmr 0%
8lease !o no# to !ate n"mber 0%
Vол€, um vx}msm sxq% =m qxr>sm olmw•% 8lease don*t smoke here%
Xx}mumsо um m vоoволmuо% Rlmw• um qxr€s% /mokin! is not allo#ed%
Vол€, >oqлƒ|msm вw>|q>
mлmqsrоuu> xrml>%
Xоnалxйwsа, оsqлƒ|>sm вwm
®лmqsrоuuªm xwsrойwsва%
8lease t"rn off all electronic devices%
Иoв>umsm, sова um m Mа}msо
Иoв>u>sm, ®sо um Mа}m qxvm% &c"se me, this is not yo"r compartment%
bm M> >uyоrt>rаtm qоkаsо
vr>ws>kum Mа}>€s iаkаn%
Vª wооi~>t, qоklа Mа} iаkаn
De*ll inform yo" #hen yo"r ba!!a!e is
[r€iва lа vrовmr>sm в
Иokximu> вm~>%
Wirаs>smw• в iƒrо uаzоlоq% ¢o" sho"ld check the lost+and+fo"nd%
Mu>tавайsm, wsjvало Wwsоrоnuо Datch yo"r step
Mu>tавай qjlm zоl>} Ztоsr>, qxlа >lm}• Datch #here yo"*re !oin!
Vол€, wjixйsm w> оixвq>sm% Xоnалxйwsа, wu>t>sm оixв•% 8lease take off yo"r shoes%
^оsmлNоws>u>{а Hotel
?+[+р.%;'' hро<'ро.%<'+ _eserWations
=аvrав>z w> rmomrва{>€% f oаirоu>rовал uоtmr% I have made a reservation%
=аvrавmuа m rmomrва{>€ oа
tmu > wmtmйwsвоsо t>%
Oл€ tmu€ > tоmй wmt•>
oаirоu>rоваuª uоtmrа%
3eservations have been made for me and
my family%
Xоsвjrl>z rmomrва{>€sа в
f vоlsвmrl>л irоu>rоваu>m в
I confirmed the reservation in 9ondon%
Иtаsm л> wвоiоlu> tmwsа@ \ ваw mws• wвоiоluªm tmwsа@ Bo yo" have any vacancies@
Иwqаt wsа€% Vum uxnmu uоtmr% I #o"ld like a room%
Иwqаt ml>u>|uа wsа€% f zоsmл iª оluоtmwsuªй uоtmr% I*d like a sin!le room%
Иtаsm л> wsа€ oа ml>u |овmq@
\ Mаw mws• uоtmr uа оluоkо
Bo yo" have a room for one person@
Иtаsm л> wsа€ oа lваtа lx}>@ \ Mаw mws• uоtmrа uа lво>z@ Bo yo" have a room for t#o persons@
L>z >wqал wsа€ w sоалmsuа% Vum uxnmu uоtmr w sxалmsоt% I*d like a room #ith a toilet%
Иtа л> iаu> оioавmlmu> w
Pws• uоtmrа, в qоsоrªz ваuuªm
w lx}mвªt> qаi>uqаt>@
6re there bathrooms e¦"ipped #ith
sho#er cabins@
L>z nmлал wsа€ w lвm лmkла%
f zоsmл iª uоtmr w lвxt€
I #o"ld like a room #ith t#o beds%
[r€iва u> lвойuа wsа€ w
lоvjлu>smлuо лmkло%
=аt uxnmu lвxztmwsuªй uоtmr
w lоvолu>smл•uой qrоваs•ƒ%
De need one do"ble room #ith an e&tra
Vоnm л> lа wлоn>sm
lоvjлu>smлuо лmkло в wsа€sа@
=m tоkл> iª Mª vоwsав>s• в
uоtmr lоvолu>smл•uxƒ
5o"ld yo" p"t an e&tra bed in the room@
Иtа л> um~о vо+zxiаво@ Pws• |sо+u>ixl• vолx|}m@ Is there anythin! better@
L>zsm л> t> vоqаoал> vо+
kол€tа wsа€, tол€@
Xоqаn>sm tum, vоnалxйwsа,
uоtmr vоiол•}m%
Do"ld yo" please sho# me a lar!er room@
Иtаsm л> wsа€ w >okлml qjt
Pws• л> x ваw uоtmr w в>lоt uа
Bo yo" have a room overlookin! the sea@
Tолqо wsrxва uа uо~@
Zqол•qо ®sоs uоtmr wsо>s в
Ho# m"ch is it per ni!ht@
Tолqо wsrxва оiwлxnваumsо
vлƒw vrо{mus@
Tаqова vлаsа oа оiwлxn>ваu>m >
Ho# m"ch is the service char!e and ta&@
Mqлƒ|muа л> m {muаsа uа
Wiwлxn>ваu>m вzоl>s в
Is the service char!e incl"ded@
M {muаsа вл>oа л> oаqxwqа@ _muа вqлƒ|аms oавsrаq@ Boes the price incl"de breakfast@
Tолqо wsrxва wsа€ wjw oаqxwqа@
Zqол•qо wsо>s uоtmr, вqлƒ|а€
Ho# m"ch for a room incl"din!
Tаqва m {muаsа@ Zqол•qо ®sо wsо>s в lmu•@ Dhat is the rate@
Иwqаsm л> oалоk@ Mаt uxnmu oалоk@ Bo yo" need a deposit@
Tоkа sr€iва lа оwвоiоl>t
Tоklа uxnuо оwвоiоl>s• uоtmr@ Dhen is checko"t time@
Vоnmsm л> lа u> vrmvоrj|аsm
lrxk zоsmл@
Mª tоnmsm vоrmqоtmulоваs•
tum lrxkxƒ kоws>u>{x@
5an yo" recommend another hotel@
Иtа л> uаiл>oо lrxk zоsmл@
Pws• л> r€lоt lrxkа€
Is there another hotel nearby@
bm вomtа sаo> wsа€ oа ml>u
f воo•tx ®sоs uоtmr uа lmu•% I*ll take this room for a day%
bm оwsаuа lвm uо~>% f vrоixlx olmw• 1 lu€% I #ill stay 1 ni!hts%
bm оwsаuа lо 0I ƒu>% f vrоixlx lо 0I >ƒu€% I #ill stay till §"ne 0I%
Tаoваt wm %%% Vmu€ oовxs %%% 2y name is %%%
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
Zвоiоlu> wsа> Zвоiоluªm uоtmrа ?acancy
=€tа wвоiоlu> wsа> Vmws ums (o vacancy
Ym{mv{>€ Zsойqа аlt>u>wsrаsоrа 3eception
Klt>u>wsrаsоr Xоrs•m 3eceptionist
\vrав>smл Klt>u>wsrаsоr 6dministrator
Vmu>lnjr Vmumlnmr 2ana!er
„mлmqsrоumu… qлƒ| „®лmqsrоuuªй… qлƒ| „electronic… key
Wslmл в>o> в>oова€ vоllmrnqа ?isa /"pport
Rаqxwqа }вmlwqа tаwа }вmlwq>й wsол ."ffet breakfast
:J,&0A.%<+ :J,&0A'.%<'+ DerWice
Иtа л> rxt wjrв>w@
\ Mаw mws• оiwлxn>ваu>m
Is there room service@
Yxt wjrв>w, tол€%
Wiwлxn>ваu>m uоtmrов,
3oom service, please%
=оtmrjs uа tо€sа wsа€ m %%% f n>вx в uоtmrm %%% 2y room n"mber is %%%
Mлmo% Mойl>sm% 5ome in%
L>z nmлал lа оwsав€ u€qо>
{muu> вm~> в wmйyа%
f zоsmл iª vоtmws>s• {muuªm
вm~> в wmйy%
I #o"ld like to p"t some val"ables in the
safe+deposit bo&%
L>z nmлал lа vолx|а {muu>sm
w> вm~>%
f zоsmл iª oаirаs• wво> {muuªm
I*d like my val"ables back%
L>zsm л> >ovrаs>л> iаkаnа в
tо€sа wsа€, tол€@
Wsvrав•sm, vоnалxйwsа, iаkаn в
tой uоtmr%
Do"ld yo" please send the l"!!a!e to my
Vол€, >ovrаsmsm u€qой oа
iаkаnа t>%
Xоnалxйwsа, vо}л>sm qоkо+
u>ixl• oа tо>t iаkаnоt%
8lease send someone for my ba!!a!e%
Vоnmsm л> lа t> vаo>sm
=m tоkл> iª Mª vr>wtоsrms• oа
5an yo" keep this ba!!a!e for me@
Vоkа л> lа w> vолx|а iаkаnа@ f zоsmл iª oаirаs• wвой iаkаn% 2ay I have my ba!!a!e back@
Иtа л> в wsа€sа t> qоusаqs oа
mлmqsr>|mwqаsа t>
M tоmt uоtmrm mws• rоomsqа lл€
Is there a socket in my room for my
electric shaver@
Vол€, lоumwmsm t> kоrm~а
Xоnалxйwsа, vr>umw>sm tum
kоr€|mй воlª%
8lease brin! me some hot #ater%
Tаq wm >ovолoва qаimлuаsа
Tаq вqлƒ|>s• qаimл•uоm
Ho# do yo" "se cable )?@
Tаq tоkа lа wm wвjrnа w
вju}uа л>u>€@
Tаq tum вªйs> uа вum}uƒƒ
Ho# can I !et an o"tside line@
Ruаmsm л> qаqjв m ва}>€s qоl
oа tmnlxuаrоlu> rаokовоr>@
Tаqой x Mаw qоl wsrаuª@
Bo yo" kno# #hat yo"r international
code is@
Tаqjв m qоljs oа ZKb@ Tаqой qоl ZaK@ Dhat is the co"ntry code of the 4/6@
M qолqо |аwа wm wmrв>rа
Mо wqол•qо tоnuо vоmws•@ 6t #hat times are meals served@
Vоkа л> lа oаqxwваt в wsа€sа
Vоnuо oаqаoаs• oавsrаq в
5an I have breakfast in my room@
Vол€, >ovrаsmsm t> oаqxwqаsа
в wmlmt%
Xоnалxйwsа, vr>umw>sm tum
oавsrаq q ž:HH%
8lease send my breakfast at ž:HH%
L>z >wqал lа vоrj|аt oаqxwqа
oа xsrm%
f zоsmл iª oаqаoаs• oавsrаq uа
I*d like to order breakfast for tomorro#%
Psо tо€sа vоrj|qа% Mоs tой oаqаo% Here*s my order%
Vоkа л> lа оs>lа vm}а >л>
sr€iва lа вomtа sаqw>@
Vоnuо lойs> vm}qоt >л>
лx|}m вo€s• sаqw>@
5an I #alk or sho"ld I take a ta&i@
Иtа л> smлmyоuuо wjоi~mu>m
oа tmu@
Vum um оwsавл€л> wооi~mu>й@ Is there a telephone messa!e for me@
=€qой оiаnlал л> t> wm m@ Vum qsо+u>ixl• oвоu>л@ Bid anyone call me@
Vол€, lайsm t> в>o>sqа w
аlrmwа uа zоsmла%
Oайsm tum, vоnалxйwsа, в>o>sqx
w аlrmwоt ва}mй kоws>u>{ª%
8lease !ive me a b"siness card #ith the
hotel*s address%
L>z >wqал sова lа ijlm
f zо|x wlаs• ®sо в ws>rqx% I #o"ld like to have this #ashed%
Vол€, вu>tавайsm% [ова m
>ws>uwqа qоvr>uа%
Lxl•sm оwsоrоnuª, vоnалxйwsа%
-sо |>wsªй }mлq%
8lease be caref"l #ith it% It is p"re silk%
Vол€, i>zsm л> >ovrаs>л>
smo> lrmz> в vmrалu€sа@
Wsvrав•sm, vоnалxйwsа, ®sx
оlmnlx в ws>rqx%
Do"ld yo" please send these clothes to
the la"ndry@
Vол€, lайsm uа z>t>|mwqо
|>wsmum > vr>s>wqаum sоo>
Mª tоnmsm vо|>ws>s• >
оskлаl>s• ®sоs qоwsƒt@
Dill yo" clean and press this s"it@
Vол€, вu>tавайsm w smo>
Xоnалxйwsа, ixl•sm оwsоrоnuª
w ®s>t> iлxoqаt>%
Do"ld yo" please be caref"l #ith these
Vоnmsm л> lа oа}>msm smo>
Mª tоnmsm vr>}>s• ®s>
5an yo" se# these b"ttons on@
Vоnmsm л> lа оswsrаu>sm sова
Mª tоnmsm xlал>s• ®sо v€suо@ 5an yo" remove this stain@
Vоnmsm л> lа >okлаl>sm smo>
vаusалоu> lоqаsо |аqаt@
Mª tоnmsm оskлаl>s• ®s> irƒq>
vr> tum@
5an yo" press these pants #hile I #ait@
Vол€, lайsm sова lа wm
Wskлаl•sm ®sо, vоnалxйwsа% 8lease have this pressed%
Tоkа ~m ijlаs kоsов> lrmz>sm
Tоklа tо€ оlmnlа ixlms kоsова@ Dhen #ill my clothes be ready@
[r€iва t> qjt vms |аwа% Vum ®sо uxnuо q I+s> |аwаt% I need it by I o*clock%
Vол€, i>zsm л> tm wjixl>л> в
Yаoixl>sm tmu€, vоnалxйwsа, в
Do"ld yo" please #ake me at ž:HH@
Pqwvrmwuа xwлxkа@ -qwvrmww+оiwлxn>ваu>m@ /ame+day service@
Vол€, >o|>wsmsm sаo> wsа€%
Xоnалxйwsа, ximr>sm в ®sоt
8lease make "p this room%
Vол€, i>zsm л> >oв>qал>
=m tоkл> iª Mª вªoваs• sаqw>@ Do"ld yo" please call a ta&i@
Tолqо srаm vjs€s lо
аmrоkаrаsа w sаqw>@
Zqол•qо вrmtmu> mzаs• в
а®rоvоrs uа sаqw>@
Ho# lon! does it take to !o to the airport
by ta&i@
Vол€, i>zsm л> vrmvrаs>л>
vо~аsа t> lо lоtа}u>€ t>
Xmrm}л>sm, vоnалxйwsа, tоƒ
vо|sx uа tой lоtа}u>й аlrmw%
Do"ld yo" please for#ard my mail to my
home address@
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
Vол€, um imovоqойsm% =m imwvоqо>s•% Bo not dist"rb%
Zаtо oа wаtоirjwuа|q>% [ол•qо lл€ ®лmqsrоir>sв% 3apors only%
Xолxvаuw>оu „H.… Xолxvаuw>оu
Half board „H.…$ 2odified 6merican 8lan
Umkло > oаqxwqа „..… [ол•qо oавsrаq> .ed and breakfast „..…
Xjлmu vаuw>оu „C.… Xолuªй vаuw>оu C"ll board „C.…$ 6merican 8lan „6%8%…
Mw>|qо вqлƒ|muо „6I… Mwm вqлƒ|muо 6ll incl"ded „6I…
Ymwsоrаus Ymwsоrаu 3esta"rant
Lаr Lаr .ar
Tаymum Tаym 5afe
Kwаuw•оr U>ys levator
Nаrlmrоi Nаrlmrоi 5heckroom
_musjr oа xwлxk> Zmrв>w+{musr /ervice center
Wit€uа uа валxsа Witmu валƒsª 5"rrency e&chan!e
Vаkаo>u oа wxвmu>r> Zxвmu>rª /o"venir shop
vлxвmu iаwmйu iаwwmйu s#immin! pool
vоrs>mr qоuw•mrn concier!e
uоwа| uоw>л•~>q porter
qаtmr>mrqа kоru>|uа€ maid
Xав>л>оu oа вmwsu>{> Nаomsuªй q>оwq (e#spaper stand
Иuyоrtа{>€ Иuyоrtа{>€ Information
Lаuqа Lаuq .ank
Xmrалu€ Xrа|m|uа€ 9a"ndry
L>oumw {musjr L>oumw+{musr ."siness center
Wzrаu€mt vаrq>uk Wzrаu€mtа€ wsо€uqа ,"arded parkin!
Oоwsjv lо Иusmrums Oоwsxv в >usmrums Internet access
V>u>+iаr V>u>+iаr 2ini+bar
:@&%к.%<'B d%&оJc Qo7Vlaints
Иtаt vrоiлmt в wsа€sа w>% \ tmu€ в uоtmrm vrоiлmtа% I have a problem in my room%
Pлаsm w tmu% Xойlmtsm wо tuой% 5ome #ith me%
M wsа€sа t> t>r>}m ло}о% \ tmu€ в uоtmrm vлоzо vаzums% It smells bad in my room%
[mлmв>oоrjs um rаiоs>% [mлmв>oоr um rаiоsаms% )he )? doesn*t #ork%
=€tа sоалmsuа zаrs>€% =ms sxалmsuой ixtаk>% )here is no toilet paper%
Tлƒ|алqаsа m w|xvmuа% Rаtоq wлоtаu% )he lock is broken%
V>вqаsа e oаvx}muа% Yаqов>uа oаwоrmuа% )he sink is clo!!ed%
Xrоoоrm{js um wm оsваr€% Wquо um оsqrªваmsw€% )he #indo# doesn*t open%
M wsа€sа t> m sвjrlm kоrm~о%
\ tmu€ в uоtmrm wл>}qоt
It*s too hot in my room%
Иtа uаwmqоt> в tо€sа wsа€% M tоmt uоtmrm uаwmqоtªm% )here are insects in my room%
L>z >wqал lа w> wtmu€ wsа€sа% f zоsmл iª vоtmu€s• uоtmr% I*d like to chan!e my room%
Mwm о~m |аqаt oаqxwqаsа,
qо€sо vоrj|аz%
f lо w>z vоr nlx oаqаoаuuªй
I*m still #aitin! for the breakfast I
[r€iва lа >tа krm}qа% [mo> um
wа tо>sm%
Oолnuо iªs•, vrо>oо}ла
о}>iqа% -sо um tоm%
)here m"st be a mistake% )hese aren*t
Zsа€sа t> um m >o|>wsmuа% M tоmt uоtmrm um xirаuо% 2y room hasn*t been made "p%
Xmsuаsа um wа оswsrаumu>% X€suа um xlал>л>% )he stains have not been removed%
[ова vmsuо m оs qrjв% -sо v€suо оs qrов>% )his stain is blood%
Xоrj|аz lвойuо лmkло, uо
vолx|>z lвm ml>u>|u>%
f zоsmл lвxwvал•uxƒ qrоваs•, а
vолx|>л lвm оluоwvал•uªz%
I reserved a do"ble bed, b"t I !ot a t#in%
[аo> wsа€ m sвjrlm tалqа%
Иtаsm л> vо+kол€tа@
-sоs uоtmr wл>}qоt
tалmu•q>й% \ ваw mws•
)his room is too small% Bo yo" have a
bi!!er one@
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
|айu>q |айu>q kettle
zлаl>лu>q zолоl>л•u>q refri!erator
лаtvа лаtvа lamp
qл>tаs>q qоul>{>оumr air conditionin!
вmus>лаsоr вmus>л€sоr fan
оsоvлmu>m оsоvлmu>m heatin!
qrаu|m qrаu fa"cet
t>вqа rаqов>uа sink
lx} lx} sho#er
qлƒ| oа оwвmsлmu>m вªqлƒ|аsmл• s#itch
smлmв>o>€ smлmв>oоr television
smлmyоu smлmyоu telephone
P&%Y%<+ :@&%-% Pa57ent
Ko оwвоiоnlаваt wsа€sа% f вªv>wªваƒw•% I*m checkin! o"t%
Ko w> srjkваt xsrm% f xmonаƒ oавsrа% I am leavin! tomorro#%
Иwqаt lа w> srjkuа ml>u lmu
f zо|x xmzаs• uа lmu• rаu•}m% I #ant to leave one day earlier%
L>z nmлал lа xljлnа vrmwsо€
w> w u€qолqо lu>%
f zоsmл iª vоn>s• olmw• m~m
umwqол•qо lumй%
I*d like to e&tend my stay for a fe# days%
Vоkа л> lа vлаs€ wmkа@ Vоnuо oаvлаs>s• wmй|аw@ 5an I pay no#@
bm vлаs€ в irой% f oаvла|x uал>|uªt>% I*ll pay cash%
Vоnm л> wtmsqаsа@ Vоnuо vолx|>s• w|ms@ 2ay I have the bill@
Vоnm л> lа в>l€ wtmsqаsа@ Vоnuо вokл€uxs• uа w|ms@ 5o"ld I see the bill@
Vоkа л> lа vолx|а vоlrоiuа
Vоnuо vолx|>s• vоlrоiuªй
5an I have an itemiped bill@
Rа qаqво m sаo> wtmsqа@ Rа |sо ®sоs w|ms@ Dhat*s this bill for@
Zt€sаt, |m m tалqо wqjvо% Xо+tоmtx, ®sо lоrоkоваsо% I find it a little e&pensive%
Tолqо t> вo>tаsm oа t>u>+
Zqол•qо tum uаw|>sал> oа
vол•oоваu>m t>u>+iаrоt@
Ho# m"ch #as I char!ed for the mini+
Zjnал€ваt, uо sова um m tо€s
Иoв>u>sm, uо ®sо um tо€
I*m sorry, this isn*t my si!nat"re%
bm vr>mtmsm л> qrml>suа
Mª vr>u>tаmsm qrml>suªm
Dill yo" accept a credit card@
Vол€, vоrj|айsm t> sаqw>%
Rаqаn>sm tum sаqw>,
8lease order a ta&i for me%
Xrmwsо€s t> im}m tuоkо
Vum olmw• vоurав>лоw•% I*ve enJoyed my stay%
У/оJ,-.% У,&0K'/оJор0/о.%<'+ Facilities
Tjlm m rmwsоrаusjs@ Nlm uаzоl>sw€ rmwsоrаu@ Dhere is the resta"rant@
Иtа л> oаqxwвалu€ sxq@ Rlmw• mws• ixyms@ Is there a snack bar here@
Иtа л> t>u>+iаr в tо€sа
M tоmt uоtmrm mws• t>u>+iаr@ Is there a mini+bar in my room@
Иtа л> в zоsmла qаimлuа
M оsmлm mws• qаimл•uоm
Boes the hotel have cable television@
Иtаsm л> xlоiwsва oа lm{а@
\ ваw mws• оiоrxlоваu>m lл€
Bo yo" have facilities for children@
Tjlm m аваr>йu>€s >ozоl@ Nlm аваr>йuªй вªzоl@ Dhere is the emer!ency e&it@
$%+1%<+ rр+</% A'&iB _enting
Иwqаt lа uаtmr€ аvаrsаtmus
vоl uаmt%
f zо|x wu€s• qваrs>rx% I #ant to find an apartment for rent%
L>z >wqал lа uаmtа
аvаrsаtmus w lвm wvалu>%
f zо|x wu€s• qваrs>rx w lвxt€
I*d like to rent a t#o bedroom apartment%
L>z vrmlvо|mл оioавmlmu
f vrmlvо|mл iª tmiл>rоваuuxƒ
I #o"ld prefer a f"rnished apartment%
Tолqо m vjrвоuа|алuаsа
Zqол•qо wоwsавл€ms vmrвªй
Ho# m"ch is the do#n payment@
Tолqо m tmwm|u>€s uаmt@ Zqол•qо uаlо vлаs>s• в tmw€{@ Ho# m"ch is the monthly rate@
Vоnm л> lа wm uаmtm kаrаn@ Vоnuо wu€s• kаrаn@ Is it possible to rent a !ara!e@
Ws qjlm lа вomtmt qлƒ|овmsm@ Nlm uаt oаirаs• qлƒ|>@ Dhere do #e pick "p the keys@
Tjlm m mлmqsrоtmrjs@ Nlm olmw• ®лmqsrоw|ms|>q@ Dhere is the electric meter@
Иtа л> rmomrвu> ix}оu>@ Pws• л> oаvаwuªm vrоiq>@ 6re there any spare f"ses@
Tой lmu >lва vr>wлxnu>{аsа@
Xо qаq>t lu€t vr>zоl>s
Dhich day does the maid come@
Tjlm sr€iва lа >oumwа
Txlа uxnuо вªuоw>s• txwоr@ Dhere sho"ld I p"t o"t the trash@
Tаq rаiоs> vm|qаsа@ Tаq rаiоsаms vл>sа@ Ho# does the stove #ork@
`айu>qjs m w|xvmu% `айu>q um rаiоsаms% )he kettle is broken%
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
s>kаu oа wоwовm qаwsrƒл€ sa"ce pan
vr>iоr> wsоловªm vr>iоrª c"tlery
vm|qа vл>sа stove
s>kаu oа vjrnmum wqовоrоlа fryin! pan
wjlовm sаrmлq> dishes
vmrалu€ ws>rал•uа€ tа}>uа #ashin! machine
yxruа lxzовqа oven
оlmала оlm€ла blankets
vrаzоwtxqа|qа vªлmwоw vac""m cleaner
vrmvаrаs oа wjlовm wrmlwsво lл€ tªs•€ vоwxlª dish soap
vrmvаrаs oа vоl wrmlwsво lл€ tªs•€ vолов floor soap
kji> kxiq> spon!es
smulnmr> qxzоuuа€ vоwxlа pots
tаwа wsол table
wsоловm wsxл•€ chairs
aоA+ /% \0+-+ Sc 1оA+-+ 0,&cC%-i sou 7a5 hear
Иtаsm л> rmomrва{>€@ Mª oаirоu>rовал> uоtmr@ Bo yo" have a reservation@
Tаqва wsа€ i>zsm nmлал>@ Tаqой uоtmr Mª zоs>sm@ Dhat kind of room #o"ld yo" like@
=оtmrjs uа Mа}аsа wsа€ m %%% Mа} uоtmr %%% ¢o"r room n"mber is %%%
Zjnал€ваt, uо в tоtmusа
u€tаtm wsа>%
Иoв>u>sm, wвоiоluªz uоtmrов
/orry, c"rrently #e have no rooms%
=€tа ml>u>|u> wsа>%
Wluоtmwsuªz uоtmrов wmй|аw
)here are no sin!le rooms left%
Rа qолqо uо~>@ =а wqол•qо lumй@ Cor ho# many ni!hts@
Zsа€sа sr€iва lа wm оwвоiоl>
в %%%
Wwвоiоl>s• uоtmr uxnuо lо %%% 5hecko"t time is %%%
Yxt wjrв>w >tа lвайwms >
|ms>r> |аwа%
Wiwлxn>ваu>m uоtmrов
rаiоsаms qrxkлоwxsо|uо%
3oom service is available ro"nd the clock%
Rаqxwqаsа wm wmrв>rа оs Ÿ:HH
lо 0H:HH wxsr>usа%
Xоoавsrаqаs• tоnuо w Ÿ lо 0H
.reakfast is served from Ÿ:HH till 0H:HH
^аrmwа л> M> vrmwsо€s@ Mаt x uаw vоurав>лоw•@ Bid yo" enJoy yo"r stay@
_muаsа uа оiwлxnваumsо um m
Wiwлxn>ваu>m um вzоl>s в
/ervice char!e is not incl"ded%
Иtаsm wjоi~mu>m% Mаt wооi~mu>m% ¢o"*ve !ot a messa!e%
Vmnlxuаrоlu>sm rаokовоr> wа
вqлƒ|mu> в wtmsqаsа%
Vmnlxuаrоluªm oвоuq>
вqлƒ|muª в w|ms%
International calls are incl"ded in the bill%
Tаq i>zsm nmлал> lа vлаs>sm
oа sова@
Tаq Mª ixlmsm ®sо оvла|>ваs•@ Ho# #o"ld yo" like to pay for that@
Xr>mtаtm qrml>su> qаrs>%
Vª vr>u>tаmt qrml>suªm
De accept credit cards%
srаuwvоrs 9ocal transport
r.-оJ0,/a+-ро r.-оJ0,/a+-ро Bus/Du42a5
Tjlm m uай+iл>oqаsа авsоixwuа
Nlm iл>nай}а€ оwsаuовqа
Dhere is the nearest b"s stop@
[оo> авsоixw zоl> л> sаt@ -sоs авsоixw >lms sxlа@ Boes this b"s !o there@
Tой авsоixw zоl> lо {musjrа@ Tаqой авsоixw >lms в {musr@ Dhich b"s !oes to do#nto#n@
Tо€ л>u>€ sr€iва lа вomtа
oа %%%@
Xо qаqой л>u>> € lоmlx lо %%%@ Dhich line sho"ld I take for %%%@
M qолqо |аwа srjkва
wлmlва~>€s авsоixw oа
Mо wqол•qо >lms wлmlxƒ~>й
авsоixw в а®rоvоrs@
Dhat time does the ne&t b"s for the
airport leave@
Oо qолqо |аwа rаiоs>
Oо wqол•q> rаiоsаms tmsrо@ Ho# late does the s"b#ay r"n@
Tjlm tоkа lа w> qxv€ qаrsа@ Nlm tum qxv>s• qаrsо|qx@ Dhere do I b"y a card@
Tаqва m {muаsа uа i>лmsа@ Zqол•qо wsо>s vrоmol@ Dhat*s the fare@
Rа qолqо вrmtm ваn> i>лmsjs
oа оs>ваum > вrj~аum@
Zqол•qо вrmtmu> lmйwsвxms
i>лms sxlа > оirаsuо@
Ho# lon! is a ro"nd+trip ticket !ood for@
Иtа л> uаtалmu>m в {muаsа oа
tuоkоirойu> vjsxваu>€@
Pws• л> л•kоsuªm sаr>yª uа
umwqол•qо vоmolоq@
6re there any disco"nt fares for m"ltiple
Иtа л> krxvов> {mu>@ Pws• л> x Mаw wq>lq> lл€ krxvv@ Is there a !ro"p rate@
L>лms lо %%%, tол€% Xоnалxйwsа, i>лms lо %%% 6 ticket to %%%, please%
Tолqо wsrxва lо sова t€wsо@ Zqол•qо wsо>s i>лms sxlа@ Ho# m"ch is the fare to this place@
[r€iва л> lа vла~аt
lоvjлu>smлuо oа iаkаnа w>@
Vum uxnuо lоvлаs>s• oа iаkаn@ Bo I have to pay e&tra for my ba!!a!e@
Vоkа л> lа w> qxv€ tmwm|uа
f tоkx qxv>s• vrоmoluой uа
5an I b"y a monthly pass@
Rа qолqо wm ws>kа lо {musjrа@ Zqол•qо mzаs• lо {musrа@ Ho# lon! #ill it take to !o do#nto#n@
Vол€, qаnmsm t> qjlm lа
Xоnалxйwsа, wqаn>sm, qоklа tum
uxnuо ixlms вªzоl>s•%
8lease tell me #here to !et off%
Tjlm sr€iва lа wл€oа@ Nlm tum вªzоl>s•@ Dhere sho"ld I !et off@
L>z >wqал lа wл€oа sxq, tол€% f zо|x вªйs> olmw•% I*d like to !et off here, please%
=а wлmlва~аsа wv>rqа, tол€%
=а wлmlxƒ~mй оwsаuовqm,
ixl•sm lоirª%
(e&t stop, please%
Zл>oаsm л>@ Mª вªzоl>sm@ 6re yo" !ettin! off@
Tолqо |mwsо uа |аw@ Zqол•qо rmйwов в |аw@ Dhat*s the fre¦"ency per ho"r@
M qолqо |аwа oаsваr€s
Mо wqол•qо oаqrªваmsw€ tmsrо@ Dhat time does the s"b#ay close@
Иwqаt lа вjruа sоo> i>лms% f zо|x wlаs• i>лms% I #ant to cancel this ticket%
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
вjorаwsmu вorоwлªй ad"lt
lmswq> lmswq>й child
tmnlxkrаlwq> авsоixw авsоixw coach
qоulxqsоr qоulxqsоr cond"ctor
{muа vлаsа oа vrоmol fare
i>лms i>лms ticket
nmsоu nmsоu token
tаr}rxs tаr}rxs ro"te
авsоixwuа wv>rqа авsоixwuа€ оwsаuовqа b"s stop
qаrsа uа tmsrоsо qаrsа tmsrо s"b#ay map
rаov>wаu>m rаwv>wаu>m sched"le
vrmzвjrл€umGвrjoqа vmrmwаlqа transferGconnection
вjrs€~ wm вzоl sxru>qms t"rnstile
Mл>oаumsо oаirаumuо =ms вzоlа (o entry
Mzоl Mzоl ntrance
Иozоl qjt krаlа Mªzоl в kоrоl &it to the city
Иozоl Mªzоl Day o"t
=m wm оiл€kайsm uа вrаs>sm% =m vr>wлоu€s•w€% Bon*t lean a!ainst the doors%
*%к,' *%к,' Taxi
[аqw> [аqw> )a&i
Tjlm >tа v>а{а oа sаqw>sа@ Nlm wsо€uqа sаqw>@ Dhere is a ta&i stand@
L>zsm л> t> >oв>qал> sаqw>,
Mªoов>sm tum sаqw>,
Do"ld yo" call a ta&i for me, please@
Tjlm tоkа lа вomtа sаqw>@ Nlm tum vойtаs• sаqw>@ Dhere can I !et a ta&i@
Иwqаt sаqw> wmkа% Vum uxnuо sаqw> wmй|аw% I #o"ld like a ta&i no#%
Zвоiоlmu л> wsm@ Mª wвоiоluª@ 6re yo" free@
Rаqаrайsm tm lо аmrоkаrаsа,
Wsвmo>sm tmu€ в а®rоvоrs,
)ake me to the airport, please%
Tолqо ~m wsrxва lо
Zqол•qо wsо>s lоmzаs• lо
Ho# m"ch #ill it cost to !o to the airport@
[вjrlm wqjvо% Oоrоkо% )oo m"ch%
=€qаqва lоvjлu>smлuа sаqwа@ Pws• л> lоvолu>smл•uªm vлаsª@ 6ny e&tra fee@
Tjlm m аvаrаsjs oа sаqwxваum@ Nlm w|ms|>q@ Dhere is the meter@
Tолqо vо аvаrаsа, tол€@ Xо w|ms|>qx, vоnалxйwsа% )he meter, please%
=ай+vrmq>€s tаr}rxs%
Zаtªt qоrоsq>t vxsmt,
)he most direct ro"te%
Ko ijroаt% f wvm}x% I am in a h"rry%
=аtалmsm% Xоtmlлmuumm% /lo# do#n%
Tаrайsm uаvrаво% Xоmonайsm vr€tо% ,o strai!ht%
Ml€wuо% =аvrаво% )o the ri!ht%
Zvrmsm sxq% Wwsаuов>smw• olmw•% /top here%
Vоnmsm л> lа vо|аqаsm@ Mª tоnmsm vоlоnlаs•@ 5an yo" #ait@
Tолqо M> ljлnа@ Zqол•qо € Mаt lолnmu@ Ho# m"ch do I o#e@
[ова m oа Mаw% -sо Mаt% )his is for yo"%
Ymwsоsо t>, tол€% Zlа|x, vоnалxйwsа% 2y chan!e, please%
Rаlrjnsm rmwsоsо% Zlа|> um uаlо% ¡eep the chan!e%
Nо&' @о/ <%+1 rр+</% %.-о1оJ'&B Qar rental
Tjlm tоkа lа uаmtа qола@ Nlm tоnuо аrmulоваs• tа}>ux@ Dhere can I rent a car@
Vоkа л> lа uаmtа qола@ f tоkx вo€s• uаvrоqаs tа}>ux@ 5an I rent a car@
L>z >wqал lа uаmtа qола w lвm
f zо|x вo€s• uаvrоqаs
lвxzlвmruxƒ tа}>ux%
I*d like to rent a t#o+door car%
Иwqаt lа uаmtа qола% f zо|x вo€s• uаvrоqаs tа}>ux% I #ant to rent a car%
Иwqаt lа uаmtа qола w
f zо|x вo€s• uаvrоqаs tа}>ux w
I #ant to rent a car #ith a driver%
Xrmlvо|>sаt tалqа qола%
f vrmlvо|>sаƒ umiол•}xƒ
I prefer a small car%
Tаqв> lоqxtmus> lа uоw€ wjw
wmim w>@
Tаq>m lоqxtmusª tum uxnuо
>tms• w wоiой@
Dhat papers do I need #ith me@
[ова m tоmsо tmnlxuаrоluо
}оy•оrwqо rаorm}>smлuо%
Mоs tо> tmnlxuаrоluªm
воl>smл•wq>m vrава%
)his is my international drivin! permit%
L>z >wqал lа uаmtа sаo> qола
oа lва lu>%
f zо|x вo€s• ®sx tа}>ux
uаvrоqаs uа lва lu€%
I*d like to rent this car for t#o days%
Tолqо wsrxва uа |аw@ Zqол•qо ®sо ixlms wsо>s• в |аw@ Dhat does it cost per ho"r@
_muаsа вqлƒ|ва л>
_muа вqлƒ|аms wsrаzовqx@ Boes the price incl"de ins"rance@
Иtа л> wvm{>алuа sаr>yа oа
Pws• wvm{>ал•uа€ {muа uа
6re there special #eekend rates@
Tолqо m t>u>tалu>€s vmr>оl
oа uаmtаum@
Tаqов t>u>tал•uªй wrоq
Ho# lon! is the minim"m rental period@
[r€iва л> lа vлаs€ oалоk@ Vum uxnuо оwsавл€s• oалоk@ Bo I need to pay a deposit@
Tолаsа >tа л> imuo>u@ Vа}>uа oаvrавлmuа@ Boes the car have !as@
Vол€, lайsm t> u€qаqв>
smлmyоuu> uоtmrа аqо ~m wm
wлx|> um~о%
Txlа vоoвоu>s•, mwл> |sо+
u>ixl• wлx|>sw€@
8lease !ive me some n"mbers to call in
case of tro"ble%
Vол€, vоqаnmsm t> ва}>€
Xоqаn>sm tum rаw{muq>,
/ho# me a list of yo"r rates, please%
Tолqо wm vла~а oа
lоvjлu>smлu>sm q>лоtmsr>@
Zqол•qо uxnuо vлаs>s• oа
lоvолu>smл•uªй vrоimk@
Ho# m"ch does it cost for additional
Tаqво kоr>во m umоizоl>tо@ =а qаqоt sоvл>вm оuа mol>s@ Dhat kind of f"el does it take@
L>z >wqал lа vrоiваt qолаsа% f zоsmл iª оvrоiоваs• tа}>ux% I #o"ld like to try o"t the car%
Vоkа л> lа оwsав€ qолаsа sаt,
qjlmsо оs>ваt@
f tоkx оwsав>s• tа}>ux в
tmwsm uаouа|mu>€@
2ay I drop the car off at my destination@
Tjlm tоkа lа € вjruа@ Nlm € tоkx вmruxs• mm@ Dhere can I ret"rn it@
Vоkа л> lа оwsав€ qолаsа uа
f tоkx оwsав>s• tа}>ux в
2ay I leave the car in the airport@
[r€iва л> lа вjruа qолаsа w
vjлmu rmomrвоаr@
=xnuо воoвrа~аs• tа}>ux w
vолuªt iаqоt@
/ho"ld I ret"rn the car #ith a f"ll tank@
Vол€, >ovrаsmsm qола lо tо€
Xоnалxйwsа, vr>}л>sm tа}>ux
q tоmtx оsmлƒ%
8lease send a car to my hotel%
L>z >wqал lа vrml€в€ >wq oа
oаwsrаzовqаsа uа qолаsа%
f zо|x vоlаs• oа€влmu>m uа
воotm~mu>m x~mriа vо
авsоtоi>л•uой wsrаzовqm%
I*d like to make a car ins"rance claim%
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
uаmtаum uа qола vrоqаs авsоtоi>лmй car rental
iƒrо oа qол> vоl uаmtGrmus+а+
iƒrо vrоqаsа авsоtоi>лmй car rental officeGrent+a+car
lоkовоr oа uаmt wоkла}mu>m оi аrmulm rental a!reement
rmomrвоаr iаq tank
oаwsrаzовqа wsrаzовqа ins"rance
tоM'р%<+/P%рк'р%<+ SоA/+<'+/P%рко.к% EriWing/ParHing
Tjlm tоkа lа vаrq>rаt@ Nlm tоnuо vr>vаrqоваs•w€@ Dhere can I park@
Vоkа л> lа vаrq>rаt sxq@ Rlmw• tоnuо vаrqоваs•w€@ 5an I park here@
Rа qолqо вrmtm tоkа lа
vаrq>rаt sxq@
=а wqол•qо € tоkx оwsав>s•
olmw• tа}>ux@
Ho# lon! can I park here@
[r€iва л> lа vлаs€, oа lа
vаrq>rаt sxq@
=xnuо оvлаs>s• vаrqовqx
2"st I pay to park here@
Tаqва m sаqwаsа uа |аw@ Zqол•qо в |аw@ Dhat*s the char!e per ho"r@
Tаq lа ws>kuа lо %%%@ Tаq tum lоirаs•w€ lо %%%@ Ho# do I !et to %%%@
Tолqо lалm|m m lо %%%@ Tаq lалmqо lо %%%@ Ho# far is it to %%%@
Tой m uай+qrаsq>€s vjs lо
Tаq iªwsrmm вwmkо lоirаs•w€ lо
Dhich is the shortest #ay to the beach@
Xjs€s lо momrоsо lоijr л> m@ Oоrоkа lо оomrа zоrо}а€@ Is the road to the lake a !ood one@
Tjlm m uай+iл>oq>€s kаrаn@ Nlm iл>nай}>й kаrаn@ Dhere is the nearest !ara!e@
Tjlm m оsi>вqаsа oа }оwmsо@ Nlm вªmol uа авsоwsrаlx@ Dhere is the e&it to the hi!h#ay@
=аqjlm воl> sоo> vjs@ Txlа вmlms ®sа lоrоkа@ Dhere does this road !o@
[ова л> m vjs€s qjt %%%@ -sа lоrоkа вmlms в %%%@ Is this the road to %%%@
Иtаsm л> vjsuа qаrsа@ \ Mаw mws• qаrsа lоrоk@ Bo yo" have a road map@
Vоnmsm л> lа t> vоqаnmsm
qjlm wm uаt>rаt uа qаrsаsа@
Xоqаn>sm, vоnалxйwsа, uа
qаrsm, klm €@
5an yo" sho# me #here I am on the map@
M qо€ vоwоqа sr€iва lа
M qаqxƒ wsоrоux uxnuо mzаs•@ In #hich direction sho"ld I !o@
Tjlm lа oав>€@ Nlm tum wвоrа|>ваs•@ Dhere do I t"rn@
Tолqо q>лоtmsrа m lо uай+
iл>oqаsа imuo>uоwsаu{>€@
Zqол•qо q>лоtmsrов lо
iл>nай}mй oаvrавq>@
Ho# many kilometers is it to the nearest
!as station@
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
vjs lоrоkа road
srаy>q lв>nmu>m traffic
>usmuo>вmu srаy>q >usmuw>вuоm lв>nmu>m heavy traffic
oаlrjwsваum vrоiqа traffic Jam
Xjs€s m в rmtоus rmtоusuªm rаiоsª constr"ction pone
qrjwsоvjs vmrmqrmwsоq crossroads
qrjwsов>~m vmrmwm|mu>m lоrоk J"nction
oавой „uа vjs€… vовоrоs „lоrоk>… t"rn „of the road…
оi>qолmu vjs qол•{mва€ rаoв€oqа traffic ro"ndabo"t
wвmsоyаr wвmsоyоr traffic li!hts
vjsmu ouаq lоrоnuªй ouаq road si!n
qаt>оu krxoов>q tr"ck
vm}mzоlm{ vm}mzоl pedestrian
vm}mzоluа vjsmqа vm}mzоluªй vmrmzоl pedestrian crossin!
vm}mzоluа oоuа vm}mzоluа€ oоuа pedestrian pone
nmлmoоvjsmu vrmлmo nmлmouоlоrоnuªй vmrmmol rail crossin!
iаr>mrа }лаkiаxt barrier „at rail crossin!…
vаrq>uk vаrqовqа parkin!
vлаsmu vаrq>uk vлаsuа€ vаrqовqа toll parkin!
imovлаsmu vаrq>uk imwvлаsuа€ vаrqовqа free parkin!
оkrаu>|mu>m uа wqоrоwssа оkrаu>|mu>m wqоrоws> speed limit
}оwm авsоtаk>wsrал• hi!h#ay
tаk>wsrала авsоwsrаlа free#ay
vлаsmu vjs vлаsuа€ lоrоkа toll road
алm€ oа вmлоw>vml> вmлоw>vmluа€ lоrоnqа bicycle path
wqоrоws wqоrоws• speed
wqоrоwsоtmr wv>lоtmsr speedometer
vjsuа qаrsа qаrsа lоrоk road map
uаvrаво vr€tо strai!ht
вл€во лmвªй left
вl€wuо vrавªй ri!ht
vjrво vmrвªй first
wлml sова wлmlxƒ~>й ne&t
xл>{а xл>{а street
tоws tоws brid!e
sxumл sxuumл• t"nnel
wmвmr wmвmr north
ƒk ƒk so"th
>osоq воwsоq east
oаvаl oаvаl #est
nаiqа iаrlа|оq !love compartment
аrtаsxruо sаiло vr>iоruа€ vаumл• dashboard
}оy•оrwqо t€wsо tmwsо воl>smл€ driver*s seat
vjsu>|mwqо t€wsо tmwsо vаwwаn>rа passen!er*s seat
}оy•оrwqа qu>nqа воl>smл•wqоm xlоwsовmrmu>m driver license
S ,+р.'[% $% ,-%<;'' -+nоJ,&0A'.%<'B ^t the serWice station
Zвjr}ва t> imuo>ujs% \ tmu€ qоu|аmsw€ kоrƒ|mm% I*m r"nnin! o"t of !as%
=аvjлumsm kо, tол€% Xолuªй iаq, vоnалxйwsа% Cill it "p, please%
[r€iва t> imuo>u% Lmuo>u, vоnалxйwsа% I need !as%
Иwqаt lmwms kалоuа% Vum uxnuо lmw€s• kаллоuов% I #o"ld like to have ten !allons%
Ko оi>quовmuо >ovолoваt
f оiª|uо >wvол•oxƒ imuo>u% I "s"ally "se !asoline%
Иoвjr}ваsm л> rmtоus@ Mª oаu>tаmsmw• rmtоusоt@ Bo yo" do repairs@
Vоnmsm л> lа t> kо
Vоnmsm ®sо vrовmr>s•@ 5an yo" check it for me@
Xrовmrmse tаwлоsо, tол€% Xrовmr•sm tаwло, vоnалxйwsа% 5heck the oil, please%
L>z >wqал lа t> wtmu>sm
tаwлоsо, tол€%
f zоsmл iª wtmu>s• tаwло% I #o"ld like an oil chan!e, please%
[r€iва t> uова iаsmr>€% f zоsmл iª uовªй аqqxtxл€sоr% I need a ne# battery%
Иtаsm л> аus>yr>o@ \ ваw mws• аus>yr>o@ Bo yo" have any antifreepe@
L>zsm л> vrовmr>л>
uал€kаumsо в kxt>sm@
Xrовmr•sm lавлmu>m в }>uаz,
Do"ld yo" please check the tire press"re@
L>zsm л> uаvjлu>л> wjw
wv>rа|uа sm|uоws@
Oолmйsm sоrtоouой n>lqоws>,
Do"ld yo" please top "p the brake fl"id@
L>zsm л> uал€л> воlа в
Oоiав•sm, vоnалxйwsа, воlª в
Do"ld yo" please add some #ater to the
Vоnm л> qолаsа lа ijlm
Xоtойsm, vоnалxйwsа, tа}>ux% 5an I have the car #ashed@
Tjlm wа sоалmsu>sm@ Nlm olmw• sxалmsª@ Dhere are the restrooms@
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
аus>yr>o аus>yr>o antifreepe
авsоtаs>q авsоtаs>|mwq>й a"tomatic
lв>kаsmл tоsоr en!ine
аxwvxz вªzлоvuа€ srxiа e&ha"st
rmk>wsrа{>оumu uоtmr uоtmr авsоtоi>л€ license plate
imuo>u imuo>u !asoline
Pо.р+/' $+',@р%.<о,-' Out of or)er
Oв>kаsmл€s um >wqа lа oаvал>% Oв>kаsmл• um oавоl>sw€% )he en!ine #on*t start%
Oв>kаsmл€s m oаkr€л% Oв>kаsmл• vmrmkrmваmsw€% )he en!ine !ets very hot%
Иtа }xt% W|mu• }xt>s% It*s noisy%
`xва wm }xt% `sо+sо }xt>s% /omethin! is makin! a noise%
`xва wm vо|xqваum% Wu wsx|>s% It makes a knockin! noise%
Zvxqаz kxtа% \ tmu€ wvxws>ло qолmwо% I have a flat tire%
Yаl>аsоrjs sm|m% Yаl>аsоr sm|ms% )he radiator is leakin!%
=m~о um m uаrml w uал€kаumsо
в tаwлоsо%
`sо+sо um в vоr€lqm w lавлmu>mt
)here is somethin! #ron! #ith the oil
Tлаqwоujs um rаiоs>% Z>kuал um rаiоsаms% )he horn doesn*t #ork%
]аrjs um rаiоs>% Xmrmlu>m yаrª um kоr€s% )he headli!ht doesn*t #ork%
Lаsmr>€sа m >osо~muа% Kqqxtxл€sоr rаor€l>лw€% )he battery is dead%
L>zsm л> oаrml>л> iаsmr>€sа,
Xоloаr€l>sm, vоnалxйwsа,
Do"ld yo" please char!e the battery@
Иtаsm л> rmomrвu> |аws>@ \ ваw mws• oаv|аws>@ Bo yo" have spare parts@
Zвjr}> u> imuo>ujs% \ uаw qоu|>лw€ imuo>u% De*re o"t of !as%
Rаqлƒ|>z qлƒ|овmsm w> в
f oаvmr qлƒ|> в tа}>um% I*ve locked my keys in the car%
Tолаsа wm vовrml>% Vол€,
>ovrаsmsm u€qой oа um€%
Vа}>uа wлоtалаw•% Xr>}л>sm
qоkо+u>ixl• oа umй%
)he car broke do#n% 8lease send someone
for it%
Vоnmsm л> lа >ovrаs>sm
=m tоkл> iª Mª vr>wлаs•
5an yo" send a mechanic@
Vоnmsm л> lа vоvrав>sm
Mª tоnmsm vо|>u>s• tа}>ux@ 5an yo" repair the car@
Tолqо ~m оsumtm lа vоvrав>sm
Zqол•qо вrmtmu> oайtms rmtоus
Ho# lon! #ill it take to repair the car@
Tолqо ~m wsrxва vоvrавqаsа
Zqол•qо vr>tmruо ixlms wsо>s•
Ho# m"ch #ill the repairs cost,
Rаwsrаzовqаsа t> vоqr>ва л>
Ymtоus vоqrªваmsw€ tоmй
6re the repairs covered by my ins"rance@
bm t> lаlmsm л> vоlrоiuа
Mªv>}>sm tum, vоnалxйwsа,
vоlrоiuªй w|ms%
Dill yo" !ive me an itemiped bill@
bm t> wm оiаl>sm л> qоkаsо
qолаsа m kоsова@
Xоoвоu>sm tum, qоklа tа}>uа
ixlms kоsова%
Dill yo" call me #hen the car is ready@
Vоnmsm л> lа t> xwлxn>sm w
Mª um оlолn>sm tum yоuаr>q@ 5an yo" lend me a flashli!ht@
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
wv>rа|q> sоrtоoа brakes
irоu€ iаtvmr b"mper
qалu>q qrªло fender
qаvаq uа lв>kаsmл qаvоs hood
iаkаnu>q iаkаnu>q tr"nk
rmomrвuа kxtа oаvаwuоm qолmwо spare #heel
волаu rxл• steerin! #heel
vrmluо wsjqло лоiовоm wsmqло #indshield
|>wsа|q> lвоru>q> #indshield #iper
kxtа qолmwо #heel
аtirmаn w{mvлmu>m cl"tch
wv>rа|mu vmlал vmlал• sоrtоoа brake pedal
vmlал oа kаosа vmlал• kаoа !as pedal
wqоrоwsmu лоws qоrоiqа vmrmlа| !ear shift
rj|uа wv>rа|qа rx|uой sоrtоo hand brake
аваr>йu> wвmsл>u> аваr>йuªй w>kuал blinker
yаr yаrª headli!ht
oаluа wвmsл>uа kаiаr>suªm оku> tailli!ht
oаvалваum oаn>kаu>m i!nition
vrmlvаomu qолаu rmtmu• imoоvаwuоws> seat belt
t>kа| vовоrоsu>q t"rn si!nal
wsrаu>|uо оkлmlало iоqовоm omrqало side mirror
оkлmlало oа оirаsuо в>nlаum omrqало oаlumkо в>lа rearvie# mirror
N%-%,-роM' r.%р'' ^cci)ents
Zsаuа qаsаwsrоyа% Xrо>oо}ла аваr>€% )here has been an accident%
Tjlm m uай+iл>oq>€s smлmyоu@ Nlm iл>nай}>й smлmyоu@ Dhere is the nearest telephone@
Иoв>qайsm л>umйqаsа% Mªoов>sm wqоrxƒ% 5all an amb"lance%
Иtа rаumu> zоrа% Pws• vоwsrаlав}>m% )here are people inJ"red%
=>qой um m rаumu% =>qsо um vоwsrаlал% (o one is h"rt%
M>uаsа im}m tо€% -sо € в>uоваs% It #as my fa"lt%
V>wл€, |m в>uаsа im}m Mа}а% -sо Mª в>uоваsª% I think it #as yo"r fa"lt%
[ой wm iлjwuа в tmu% Wu вrmoалw€ в tmu€% He ran into me%
Ko >tаz vrml>twsво%
Vum lолnuª iªл> xwsxv>s•
I had the ri!ht of #ay%
Иwqаt vrmвоlа|% Vum uxnmu vmrmвоl|>q% I*d like an interpreter%
=m в>l€z ouаqа% f um в>lmл ouаqа% I didn*t see the si!n%
Ymk>wsrа{>оuu>€s uоtmr im}m
=оtmr tа}>uª iªл %%% )he license plate n"mber #as %%%
Иokлmnlа, |m u€tа kолmt>
=m vоzоnm, |sоiª x~mri iªл
)here doesn*t seem to be m"ch dama!e%
Vоnm л> lа xrml>t вjvrоwа
tmnlx uаw@
Vоnms, lоkовоr>tw€@
5an #e settle the matter bet#een
Ko wjt |xnlmum{% Psо
}оy•оrwqаsа t> qu>nqа%
f >uоwsrаum{% Mоs tо> vrава% I*m a forei!ner% Here*s my driver license%
Vоnm л> >tmuаsа > аlrmwа
=аoов>sm Mа}x yаt>л>ƒ >
аlrmw, vоnалxйwsа%
2ay I have yo"r name and address@
Vоnm л> lа vолx|а qоv>m оs
lоqлаlа oа vjsuо+
srаuwvоrsuоsо vrо>o}mwsв>m@
Vоnuо vоvrоw>s• qоv>ƒ
vrоsоqола vrо>w}mwsв>€@
2ay I have a copy of the accident report@
P9-<' [<%;' uороA<c+ [<%к' _oa) signs
Mл>oаumsо oаirаumuо Mjmol oаvrm~mu (o entry
\л>{аsа m oаsвоrmuа Oв>nmu>m oаvrm~muо (o thoro"!hfare
Xrmt>uаваumsо oаirаumuо Wikоu oаvrm~mu (o passin!
=m вл>oай: mluоvоwо|uа xл>{а
Mjmol oаvrm~mu +
оluоwsоrоuumm lв>nmu>m
Bo not enter: one #ay
Xаrq>rаumsо oаirаumuо Zsо€uqа oаvrm~muа (o parkin!
Lmovлаsmu lоwsjv Mjmol imwvлаsuªй Cree admission
Pluоvоwо|uо lв>nmu>m Wluоwsоrоuumm lв>nmu>m 'ne+#ay traffic
Wvаwmu oавой Wvаwuªй vовоrоs Ban!ero"s bend
Yаiоsu>{> uа vjs€ Oоrоnuªm rаiоsª 2en at #ork
Zsmwumu>m uа vjs€ Zxnmu>m lоrоk> 3oad narro#s
Tjt {musjrа M {musr kоrоlа )o the center of to#n
Ymtоus Ymtоus lоrоk> 5onstr"ction
Mu>tаu>m Mu>tаu>m 5a"tion
=аtал> Zirоw>s• wqоrоws• /lo#
Zvr> Zsоv /top
Zлmlва~а оsi>вqа Zлmlxƒ~>й wjmol (e&t e&it
Oай vrml>twsво \wsxv>sm lоrоkx ¢ield
Иovолoвай yаrовm Mqлƒ|>s• yаrª 4se headli!hts
Rаоi>qолmu vjs Wijmol Beto"r
\|>л>~m aqола /chool
=>wjq tоws =>oq>й tоws 9o# brid!e
Xr>ljrnай wm в vлаsuоsо Zоiлƒlайsm r€luоws• lв>nmu>€ /tay in lane
Xjs€s m oаsвоrmu Tоum{ lоrоk> 3oad closed
aоA+ /% \0+-+ Sc 1оA+-+ 0,&cC%-i sou 7a5 hear
L>лmsа M>, tол€% Mа} i>лms, vоnалxйwsа% ¢o"r ticket please%
Mu>tаu>m, вrаs>sm wm
Wwsоrоnuо, lвmr> oаqrªваƒsw€% .e caref"l, the doors are closin!%
Zлmlва~аsа wsаu{>€ m %%% Zлmlxƒ~а€ wsаu{>€ %%% )he ne&t station is %%%
=аvrml >tа qаsаwsrоyа% Mvmrml> аваr>€% )here*s an accident "p ahead%
[ова m mluоvоwо|uа xл>{а% Rlmw• оluоwsоrоuumm lв>nmu>m% )his is a one+#ay street%
[ова m xл>{а wаtо oа
-sо vm}mzоluа€ oоuа% )his is a pedestrian street only%
Xаrq>rаumsо um m rаorm}muо
Rlmw• umл•o€ vаrqоваs•w€% 8arkin! is not allo#ed here%
Lmuo>uоwsаu{>€sа m sаt% Rаvrавqа воu sаt% )he !as station is over there%
Vоnmsm lа uаtmr>sm
rаov>wаu>msо sаt%
Yаwv>wаu>m воu sаt% ¢o" can find the sched"le over there%
bm sr€iва lа wm vrmzвjrл>sm
Mаt uxnuо wlmлаs• vmrmwаlqx
¢o" #ill have to transfer here%
bm sr€iва lа wtmu€sm влаqовm%
Mаt vr>lmsw€ vmrmwmws• uа
lrxkой vоmol%
¢o"*ll have to chan!e trains%
=ай+lоirm вomtmsm авsоixwа% Ux|}m vоmzаs• uа авsоixwm% ¢o"*d better take the b"s%
Yаokлmnlаum uа
л•uоwsmй /i!htseein!
'<Mор1%;'B/q%@',.%<+ [%
m<Mор1%;'B /&B
-0р',-о./q%к%[ -0р% Tourist infor7ation/_eserWing a tour
Иwqаt lа rаokлmlаt
f zо|x vойs> uа ®qwqxrw>ƒ% I #ant to !o si!htseein!%
L>z >wqал lа в>l€ wsаrаsа
|аws uа krаlа%
f zо|x vоwms>s• wsаrªй kоrоl% I #o"ld like to see the to#n*s old ¦"arter%
Tой m uай+lоir>€s tаr}rxs@ Tаqой tаr}rxs лx|}m вwmkо@ Dhich is the best ro"te@
Tо> wа uай+>usmrmwu>sm
Nlm uаzоl€sw€ оwuовuªm
Dhat are the main points of interest@
Tаqв> оi>qолq> uа
oаimлmn>smлuоws>sm >tаsm@
Tаq>m mws• ®qwqxrw>>@ Dhat si!htseein! to"rs are available@
[xq >tа л> оi>qолqа uа krаlа@ Pws• ®qwqxrw>> vо kоrоlx@ Is there a city to"r here@
Иtа л> оi>qолqа oа {€л lmu@
Vоnuо вo€s• ®qwqxrw>ƒ uа вmw•
Is an all+day to"r available here@
Vоnm л> lа uаvrав>t
оi>qолqа w qолmла@
Vоnuо oаqаoаs• вmлоw>vmluxƒ
5an #e take a bicycle to"r@
Vоnmsm л> lа u> vrmvоrj|аsm
оi>qолqа uа
Mª um vоrmqоtmulxmsm
оioоruªй sxr@
5an yo" recommend a si!htseein! to"r@
L>zsm л> t> оrkаu>o>rал>
=m tоkл> iª Mª оrkаu>oоваs•
lл€ tmu€ vxsm}mwsв>m@
Do"ld yo" please arran!e the trip for me@
Xrmlvо|>sаt lа vjsxваt w
f vrmlvо|>sаƒ оsvrав>s•w€ uа
I prefer to !o by b"s%
Vоkа л> lа wm vr>wjml>u€ qjt
оi>qолqаsа оs zоsmла@
Vоnuо tum vr>wоml>u>s•w€ q
®qwqxrw>> в kоws>u>{m@
5an I Join the to"r at the hotel@
Vоkа л> lа wл€oа lо zоsmла@ Vоnuо tum вªйs> x kоws>u>{ª@ 5an I !et off at the hotel@
Tолqо wsrxва sаo> оi>qолqа@ Zqол•qо wsо>s ®qwqxrw>€@ Ho# m"ch does this to"r cost@
Mqлƒ|muо л> m €lmum@ X>sаu>m вqлƒ|muо в wsо>tоws•@ 6re any meals incl"ded@
M qолqо |аwа oаvо|ва@ Mо wqол•qо uа|ало@ Dhat time does it start@
M qолqо |аwа wm вrj~аtm@ Mо wqол•qо tª вmrumtw€@ Dhat time do #e !et back@
Tоkа > qjlm tоnmt lа wm
Nlm > qоklа tª tоnmt
Dhen and #here can #e meet@
Tаqв> oаimлmn>smлuоws> ~m
Tаq>m lоwsоvr>tm|аsmл•uоws>
tª xв>l>t@
Dhat si!hts are #e !oin! to see@
Vол€, lайsm t> qаrsа uа
Oайsm tum, vоnалxйwsа, qаrsx
8lease !ive me a map of the city%
Tjlm tоkа lа qxv€ qаrsа uа
Nlm tum qxv>s• qаrsx kоrоlа@ Dhere can I b"y a map of the to#n@
Иtаsm л> irо}xrа, в qо€sо wа
оv>wаu> оi>qолq> >
\ ваw mws• irо}ƒrа w
оv>wаu>mt sxrов > ®qwqxrw>й@
Bo yo" have a broch"re describin! to"rs
and e&c"rsions@
Tаqв> lrxk> >usmrmwu> um~а
>tа oа rаokлmnlаum@
`sо >usmrmwuоkо tоnuо sxs m~m
Dhat other interestin! thin!s are there to
Oалm|m л> m vm}а@
=m wл>}qоt л> lалmqо >ls> sxlа
Is it too far to #alk@
bm >tа л> вjotоnuоws lа w>
uаvrав>t wu>tq>@
\ uаw ixlms воotоnuоws•
wlmлаs• umwqол•qо yоsоkrаy>й@
Dill there be an opport"nity to take some
L>zsm л> t> qаoал> qаqв>
txom> >tа sxq@
Zqаn>sm, vоnалxйwsа, qаq>m
olmw• mws• txom>@
Do"ld yo" please tell me #hat m"se"ms
there are here@
M sоo> krаl >tа л> smаsjr@ M ®sоt kоrоlm mws• smаsr@ Is there a theater in this to#n@
Tаq ~m оs>lmt lо smаsjrа@
Tаq tª ixlmt lоi>rаs•w€ lо
Ho# are #e !oin! to the theater@
Tjlm tоkа lа w> qxv€ i>лms@ Nlm tum qxv>s• i>лms@ Dhere can I b"y a ticket@
Иwqаt mqwqxroовоl, qойsо
kовоr> аukл>йwq>%
Vum uxnmu k>l, kовоr€~>й vо+
I #ant an n!lish+speakin! !"ide%
Vоnm л> lа >ovолoваt Mа}аsа
Vоnuо воwvол•oоваs•w€ ва}>t
2ay I "se yo"r bathroom@
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
аiаswsво аiiаswsво abbey
tаuаws>r tоuаwsªr• monastery
{jrqва {mrqов• ch"rch
qаsmlrала wоiоr cathedral
krоi>~m qлаli>~m cemetery
oаtjq oаtоq castle
lвоrm{ lвоrm{ palace
qxла iа}u€ to#er
qtmswsво rаsx}а to#n hall
vаrлаtmus olаu>m vаrлаtmusа parliament b"ildin!
{musjr {musr kоrоlа do#nto#n area
wsаr krаl wsаrªй kоrоl old to#n
t€wsо, оs qоmsо wm rаokлmnlа wtоsrова€ vло~аlqа vie#point
vолm uа воmuu> lmйwsв>€ vолm i>sвª battlefieldGbattle!ro"nd
vаtmsu>q tmtоr>ал memorial
qаrs>uuа kалmr>€ zxlоnmwsвmuuа€ kалmrm€ art !allery
оvmrа оvmrа opera ho"se
smаsjr smаsr theater
yоusаu yоusаu fo"ntain
wsаsx€ wsаsx€ stat"e
krоiu>{а tоk>ла tomb
iоsаu>|mwqа krаl>uа iоsаu>|mwq>й wаl botanical !arden
vаrq vаrq park
rx>u> rx>uª r"ins
tоoайqа tоoа>qа mosaics
v>rаt>l> v>rаt>lª pyramids
vаoаr rªuоq market
wrmluовmqовmu wrmlumвmqовªй medieval
lrmвmu lrmвu>й ancient
vrml>}mu iªв}>й former
vrа>wsоr>|mwq> lо>wsоr>|mwq>й prehistoric„al…
Krs =xво аrs uxво 6rt (o"vea"
Иtvmrwq> ws>л аtv>r mpire
Lаrоq iаrоqqо .aro¦"e
Yоqоqо rоqоqо 3ococo
Tлаw>|mwq> ws>л qлаww>|mwq>й 5lassical
Nоs>qа kоs>|mwq>й ,othic
Vоlmrmu ws>л tоlmru 2odern
Yоtаus>|mu ws>л rоtаus>|mwq>й 3omantic
Ymumwаuw „Mjorаnlаum… rmumwwаuw 3enaissance
wлml ^r>wsа uа}mй ®rª 6%B%
vrml> ^r>wsа lо uа}mй ®rª .%5%
wkrаlа olаu>m b"ildin!
nmлmoоvjsuа kаrа воqoал rail#ay station
tmsrо wsаu{>€ wsаu{>€ tmsrо s"b#ay station
tоws tоws brid!e
vо~а vо|sа post office
xu>вmrw>sms xu>вmrw>sms "niversity
qолmn qоллmln colle!e
t€wsо uа rаnlаum tmwsо rоnlmu>€ birthplace
yаir>qа oавоl factory
rm|uо qrайirmn>m imrmk rmq> riverside
У@9-.%<+ N%к @роe-' ^sHing the 2a5
Иoв>umsm, qаq tоkа lа ws>kuа
lо sова t€wsо@
Иoв>u>sm, qаq tum wƒlа
&c"se me% Ho# can I !et to this place@
Tjlm m {jrqваsа@ Nlm uаzоl>sw€ {mrqов•@ Dhere is the ch"rch@
L>zsm л> t> qаoал> qаq lа
ws>kuа lо sоo> zоsmл@
Zqаn>sm, vоnалxйwsа, qаq
vrойs> q ®sой kоws>u>{m@
Do"ld yo" tell me ho# to !et to this
Tjlm m uай+iл>oqаsа tmsrо
Nlm iл>nай}а€ wsаu{>€ tmsrо@ Dhere is the nearest s"b#ay station@
Иtа л> tmsrо wsаu{>€
Rlmw• vоiл>oоws> mws• tmsrо@ Is there a s"b#ay station nearby@
^оsmлjs lалm|m л> m оs sxq@ Nоws>u>{а lалmqо оswƒlа@ Is the hotel far from here@
Tолqо вrmtm оsumtа@ Zqол•qо вrmtmu> ®sо oайtms@ Ho# lon! does it take@
Ws sаo> wsrаuа л> m@ -sо uа ®sой wsоrоum@ Is that on this side@
bm t> vоqаnmsm л> vjs€ lо
Tаq tum vrойs> q vо|sm@
Dill yo" sho# me the #ay to the post
=аqjlm m {musjrjs@ M qаqxƒ wsоrоux >ls> q {musrx@ Dhich #ay is do#nto#n@
Vол€, vоwо|msm t> uа qаrsаsа
qjlm wm uаt>rаt%
Xоnалxйwsа, vоqаn>sm uа qаrsm,
klm € wmй|аw uаzоnxw•%
8lease point o"t #here I am on this map%
Vол€, uа|mrsайsm t> vjs€ sxq%
Xоnалxйwsа, uаirоwайsm olmw•
8lease dra# a map here%
Tjlm wm uаt>rаtm wmkа@ Nlm tª wmй|аw@ Dhere are #e no#@
Tаq wm qаoва sаo> xл>{а@ Tаq uаoªваmsw€ ®sа xл>{а@ Dhat*s the name of this street@
Tаqв> оr>mus>r> >tа vо vjs€@
Xо |mtx tоnuо
оr>mus>rоваs•w€ vо vxs>@
Dhat landmarks are on the #ay@
=аvrаво л> lа вjrв€@ Vum >ls> vr€tо@ /ho"ld I !o strai!ht@
Lл>oо л> m vm}а@
-sо um о|mu• lалmqо, |sоiª >ls>
Is it close eno"!h to #alk@
Oалm|m л> m оs sxq@ -sо lалmqо оswƒlа@ Is it far from here@
Xо|аqайsm oа tоtmus sxq,
Xоlоnl>sm olmw• t>uxsqx,
Dait here a moment, please%
Иokxi>z wm% f oаiлxl>лw€% I*ve lost my #ay%
S 10[+B S 10[++ ^t the 7useu7
Vxom€s оsвоrmu л> m oа
Vxomй оsqrªs lл€ vоwms>smлmй@ Is the m"se"m open to the p"blic@
Vоnm л> lа rаokлmlаtm@ Vª tоnmt sxs вwm vоwtоsrms•@ 5an #e look aro"nd@
M qолqо |аwа оsваr€ txom€s@ Mо wqол•qо оsqrªваmsw€ txomй@ Dhat time does the m"se"m open@
M qолqо |аwа vxwqаs
vоwлmlu>sm vоwms>smл>@
Tоklа vrmqrа~аmsw€ вzоl в
Dhat time is the last entry@
Wsвоrmuо л> m в umlmл€@ Mª rаiоsаmsm vо воwqrmwmu•€t@ 6re yo" open on /"ndays@
Tоkа m wлmlва~аsа оi>qолqа w
Tоklа wлmlxƒ~а€ ®qwqxrw>€@ Dhen is the ne&t !"ided to"r@
Иtаsm л> vjsmвоl>smл uа
\ ваw mws• vxsmвоl>smл• uа
Bo yo" have a !"idebook in n!lish@
Vоkа л> lа wu>tаt@ Rlmw• tоnuо yоsоkrаy>rоваs•@ 5an I take photos@
Иtа л> lоwsjv oа >uвал>l>@ Pws• л> вzоl lл€ >uвал>lов@ Is there access for the disabled@
Иtа л> аxl>о vjsmвоl>smл uа
Pws• аxl>о®qwqxrw>> uа
Is there an a"dio!"ide in n!lish@
Tолqо m вzоljs@ Zqол•qо wsо>s вzоluой i>лms@ Ho# m"ch is admission@
Иtа л> uаtалmu>m oа lm{а@ Pws• wq>lq> lл€ lmsmй@ 6re there any disco"nts for children@
Pl>u i>лms oа вjorаwsu> > lва
oа lm{а, tол€%
Wl>u вorоwлªй > lва lmswq>z,
'ne ad"lt and t#o children, please%
Rаkxi>z w> i>лmsа% f vоsmr€л i>лms% I*ve lost my ticket%
Pо&+[<' /01'2or)s Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful
Yаiоsuо вrmtm `аwª rаiоsª ?isitin! ho"rs
Wsвоrmuо Wsqrªsо 'pen
Rаsвоrmuо Rаqrªsо 5losed
Mzоl wвоiоlmu Mzоl wвоiоluªй Cree admission
Xоwлmlu> vоwm~mu>€ в I |аwа
Mzоl lо 0ž:HH 9atest entry at I p%m%
Zлmlва~а оi>qолqа в Zлmlxƒ~а€ ®qwqxrw>€ в (e&t to"r at
Zвmsqав>{>sm oаirаumu> ]оsоkrаy>rоваs• imo вwvª}q> (o flash photo!raphy
Vаkаo>u oа vоlаrj{> Zxвmu>rª ,ift shop
Zаtо oа vmrwоuала Zлxnmiuоm vоtm~mu>m /taff only
=m v>vайsm Yxqаt> um srоkаs• Bo not to"ch
mqwvоuаs ®qwvоuаs e&hibit
>usmrаqs>вuа >oлоniа >usmrаqs>вuа€ вªwsавqа interactive e&hibit
txлs>tml>йuа >oлоniа в>rsxал•uа€ ®qwqxrw>€ m"ltimedia e&hibit
оrjnmйuа аrwmuал armory
rоlmu m в rоl>лw€ в born in
vо|>uал m в xtmr в died in
vоwsrоmu m в vоwsrоmu в b"ilt in
оwuоваu m в оwuоваu в fo"nded in
uаr>wxваu m оs uаr>wоваu painted by
oавjr}mu m в oаqоu|mu в completed in
vrоmqs>rаu m оs wvrоmqs>rоваu desi!ned by
xu>~оnmu m оs rаorx}mu destroyed by
>o€~u> >oqxwsва >oоirаo>smл•uªm >wqxwwsва fine arts
oаuа€s> rmtmwла crafts
vлаsuо zолws canvas
qаrs>u> qаrs>uª oils
zxlоnu>q zxlоnu>q painter
tоrwq> vmйoаn tоrwqой vmйoаn seascape
аqваrmл аqваrmл• #atercolor
uаsƒrtоrs uаsƒrtоrs still life
wq>{а uаirоwоq sketch
yrmwqа yrmwqа fresco
yr>o yr>o friepe
vоoлаsmu vоoоло|muuªй !ilded
оruаtmus uа qоru>o лmvu>uа moldin!
krавƒrа krавƒrа en!ravin!
}ml•овjr }mlmвr masterpiece
kоiлmu kоimлmu tapestry
ljrвоrmoiа rmo•iа carvin!
wqxлvsxrа wqxл•vsxrа sc"lpt"re
sаваu vоsолоq ceilin!
>tvrmw>оu>ws>|mu >tvrmww>оu>wswq>й impressionistic
аiwsrаqsmu аiwsrаqsuªй abstract
вmq вmq cent"ry
>oлоniа вªwsавqа display
>tvmrаsоr >tvmrаsоr emperor
>tvmrаsr>{а >tvmrаsr>{а empress
qrал qоrол• kin!
qrал>{а qоrолmва ¦"een
sxzла q>rv>|Gq>rv>|uªй brick
qmrаt>qа smrаqоsа qmrаt>qа terracotta
qr>ло qrªло „olаu>€… #in! „of b"ildin!…
wsjлi>~m лmwsu>{а staircase
oала oал hall
аwаuw•оr л>ys elevator
v<'1к' oо-оKр%M'ро.%<'+ Photo taHing
Vоnm л> lа wu>tаt sxq@ Rlmw• tоnuо yоsоkrаy>rоваs•@ 2ay I take pict"res here@
Vоkа л> lа >ovолoваt
Vоnuо >wvол•oоваs• вwvª}qx@ 2ay I "se a flash@
L>zsm л> tm wu>tал>@ Mª um wyоsоkrаy>rxmsm tmu€@ Do"ld yo" mind takin! a pict"re of me@
bm M> >ovrаs€ wu>tqа% Vол€,
uаv>}msm w> аlrmwа sxq%
f vr>}лƒ Mаt yоsо% =аv>}>sm
Mа} аlrmw%
I*ll send yo" a copy% 8lease #rite yo"r
address here%
Vол€, vоo>rайsm oаmluо w tmu%
Zyоsоkrаy>rxйsmw• wо tuой,
8lease pose #ith me%
q%J%.&+<'B/N'<о/*+%-9р ?%[.&+\+<'B/N'<о/*+%-р Entertain7ent/XoWies/Theater
L>z >wqал lа оs>lа u€qjlm,
qjlmsо lа wm оsvxwuа%
f wzоl>л iª qxlа+u>ixl•
I #o"ld like to !o some#here to rela&%
Иtаsm л> vrоkrаtа uа
qxлsxru>sm wji>s>€@
\ Mаw mws• vrоkrаttа
qxл•sxruªz tmrоvr>€s>й@
Bo yo" have a pro!ram of events@
Vоnmsm л> lа t> vrmvоrj|аsm
Mª tоnmsm vоrmqоtmulоваs•
5an yo" recommend a ballet@
Oа оs>lmt uа u€qоm vr>€suо
=m wzоl>s• л> uаt qxlа+u>ixl•@ /hall #e find a nice place to !o@
Иwqаsm л> lа lойlmsm uа
smаsjr w tmu@
^оs>sm vойs> wо tuой в smаsr@
Do"ld yo" like to !o to the theater #ith
M qоm q>uо ~m оs>lmt@ M qаqой q>uоsmаsr tª vойlmt@ Dhich movie ho"se #ill #e !o to@
Tаqво lаваs@ `sо wmй|аw >lms@ Dhat is sho#in! no#@
Tо> oвmol> x|аwsваs@ Tsо в kлавuªz rол€z@ Dho are the stars@
[ова vrmt>mrа л> m uа
-sо vrmt•mrа@ Is this sho# a first r"n@
Иtа л> tmwsа oа sаo> вm|mr@ =а wmkоlu€ m~m mws• i>лmsª@ 6re there any seats left for toni!ht@
=mоizоl>tо л> m оy>{>алuо
=xnuо iªs• в вm|mrumt vлаs•m@ Is evenin! dress re¦"ired@
M qолqо |аwа oаvо|ва y>лtjs@ Mо wqол•qо uа|>uаmsw€ y>л•t@ Dhat time does the movie start@
Tолqо ljлkо ~m kо lаваs@
Zqол•qо вrmtmu> ®sо ixlms
Ho# lon! #ill it r"n@
Ko ~m вomtа i>лms>% f qxvлƒ i>лmsª% I*ll !et the tickets%
Tолqо wsrxваs tmwsаsа@ Zqол•qо wsо€s tmwsа@ Ho# m"ch are the seats@
bm M> вomtа в vms |аwа% f oаmlx oа Mаt> в I% I*ll pick yo" "p at I o*clock%
bm tm oавmlmsm л> lо t€wsоsо
t>, tол€@
Xоqаn>sm, vоnалxйwsа, klm tоm
Dill yo" take me to my seat, please@
Vоnm л> vrоkrаtаsа, tол€@ Vоnuо tum vrоkrаttqx@ 2ay I have the pro!ram, please@
Tjlm m kаrlmrоijs@ Nlm olmw• kаrlmrоi@ Dhere is the coat check@
Tо> wа Mа}>sm лƒi>t>
y>лtов> oвmol>@
Tsо Mа}> лƒi>tªm аqsmrª@ Dho are yo"r favorite movie stars@
Иtа л> zxiав> y>лt> vо
smлmв>o>€sа lовm|mrа@
Zmkоlu€ вm|mrоt vо smлmв>oоrx
ixlxs qаq>m+u>ixl• >usmrmwuªm
6re there any !ood movies on )?
Vо€sа tайqа tuоkо оi>|а
wаvxumu> оvmr>%
Vо€ tаtа оiоnаms wmr>алª% 2y mother is a soap+opera addict%
Tо€ vrоkrаtа m uай+
Tаqа€ vrоkrаttа wаtа€
Dhich pro!ram is the most instr"ctive@
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
Rаvаomu> tmwsа Vmwsа oаirоu>rоваuª 3eserved seats
L>лms> oа lumw L>лmsª uа wmkоlu€ )ickets for today
L>лms> u€tа Mwm i>лmsª vrоlаuª /old '"t
lrаtаsxrk lrаtаsxrk play#ri!ht
qоtvоo>sоr qоtvоo>sоr composer
wол>ws wол>ws„qа… soloist
l>r>kmus l>r>nmr cond"ctor
оrqmwsjr оrqmwsr orchestra
uаrоluа txo>qа yол•qлоr folk m"sic
lnаo lnаo Japp
qлаw>|mwqа txo>qа qлаww>|mwqа€ txoªqа classical m"sic
qоtml>€ qоtml>€ comedy
|mruа qоtml>€ |mruа€ qоtml>€ black comedy
lrаtа lrаtа drama
лƒiовuа >wsоr>€ tmлоlrаtа love story
tƒo>qjл tƒo>qл m"sical
mq}ju vr>qлƒ|mu|mwq>й y>л•t action movie
y>лt uа xnаw>sm xnаwª horror movie
qr>t>uалmu y>лt lmsmqs>в crime story
аu>tа{>оumu y>лt txл•sy>л•t animated movie
mrоs>|mu y>лt ®rоs>qа erotic movie
wvm{>алu> mymqs> wvm{®yymqsª special effects
q%J%.&+<'B/$оY+< A'.о- ?%[.&+\+<'B/$о\<%B A'[<i Entertain7ent/#ightlife
Иtа л> iаr в krаlа@ M ®sоt kоrоlm mws• iаr@ Is there a bar in the to#n@
Oалm|m л> m iаrjs@ Oо iаrа lалmqо@ Is it far to the bar@
Tаqва txo>qа wв>r€s@ Tаqxƒ txoªqx sаt >krаƒs@ Dhat type of m"sic do they play@
Иtа л> sаqwа oа вzоl@ Mzоl vлаsuªй@ Is there a cover char!e@
[r€iва л> lа wtm |лmuовm@ Mzоl sол•qо lл€ |лmuов qлxiа@ Bo #e need to be members@
Иtа л> i>л€rl@ [аt mws• i>л•€rl@ Is there billiards@
Иwqаsm л> lа оs>lmt lа
^оs>sm vойs> qxlа+u>ixl•
Do"ld yo" like to !o dancin!@
Vоnm л> lа M> vоqаu€ oа sоo>
sаu{, tол€@
Yаorm}>sm vr>kлаw>s• Mаw uа
2ay I have this dance, please@
Tjlm m uай+zxiавоsо t€wsо oа
Txlа лx|}m вwmkо vойs>
Dhere is the best place to !o for a stroll@
Lm}m vrmqrаwuа вm|mr% -sо iªла vrmqrаwuа€ uо|•% It*s been a #onderf"l ni!ht%
aоA+ /% \0+-+ Sc 1оA+-+ 0,&cC%-i sou 7a5 hear
Tаqва оi>qолqа vrmlvо|>sаsm@ =а qаqxƒ ®qwqxrw>ƒ Mª zоs>sm@ Dhat kind of to"r #o"ld yo" prefer@
[r€iва л> M> оi>qолqа w
Mаt uxnmu ®qwqxrwовоl@ Bo yo" need a !"ided to"r@
Иtа л> um~о qоuqrmsuо, qоmsо
nmлаmsm lа в>l>sm@
Mª zоs>sm vоwtоsrms• |sо+
u>ixl• оwоimuuоm@
Is there anythin! special yo"*d like to see@
Psо wv>wjq w mqwqxro>>% Mоs wv>wоq ®qwqxrw>й% Here is the list of e&c"rsions%
Xms t>uxs> vm}а m% [xlа >ls> вwmkо t>uxs v€s•% It*s abo"t a five+min"te #alk%
=аiл>oо m vm}а% [xlа umlалmqо >ls>% It*s a short #alk%
Xrmo xл>{аsа m% -sо vr€tо |mrmo xл>{x% It*s ri!ht across the street%
=m m lалm|m% -sо um о|mu• lалmqо% It*s not too far%
=m tоnm lа kо vrоvxwumsm% Mª um wtоnmsm mkо um oаtms>s•% ¢o" can*t miss it%
Oоwsа m lалm|m оs sxq% -sо lовол•uо lалmqо оswƒlа% It*s ¦"ite far from here%
Rаirаumuо m wu>tаumsо w
yоsоаvаrаs > в>lmоqаtmrа%
]оsо+ > в>lmоwjmtqа
8hotos and video prohibited%
Zu>tаumsо um m rаorm}muо% ]оsоkrаy>rоваs• oаvrm~muо% (o photo!raphy allo#ed%
Tо> tmwsа vrmlvо|>sаsm@ Tаq>m tmwsа Mª vrmlvо|>sаmsm@ Dhat seats #o"ld yo" prefer@
=€tа i>лms> oа lовm|mrа% =а wmkоlu€ i>лmsов ums% )here are no tickets for toni!ht%
[ова m vrmt>mrа uа sоo> y>лt% -sо vrmt•mrа y>л•tа% )his movie is a first r"n%
LаuqаsаLаuq .ank
S&оKо.+/*+K&+<+ <% @%р' Sк&%//v<B-'+ /+<+K ,о ,\+-% EeVosit/Gith)ra2al
Tjlm m uай+iл>oqаsа iаuqа@ Nlm olmw• iл>nай}>й iаuq@ Dhere is the nearest bank@
Oо qолqо |аwа rаiоs> iаuqаsа@ Oо qоsоrоkо |аwа rаiоsаms iаuq@ Ho# late is the bank open@
L>z >wqал lа w> оsqr>€
f zоsmл iª оsqrªs• w|ms% I #o"ld like to open an acco"nt%
Иwqаt lа >osmkл€ z>л€lа
аtmr>qаuwq> lолаrа, tол€%
f zо|x wu€s• wо w|msа 0HHH
lоллаrов ZaK%
I #ant to #ithdra# 0,HHH 4/ dollars,
L>z >wqал lа вumwа vаr>%
f zо|x vолоn>s• uа w|ms
umtuоkо lmumk%
I*d like to deposit some money%
[r€iва t> iлаuqа oа smkлmum%
Vum uxnmu iлаuq lл€ wu€s>€
I need a #ithdra#al slip%
Tjlm lа wm vоlv>}а@ Nlm tum rаwv>wаs•w€@ Dhere do I si!n@
=mоizоl>t л> m vаwvоrsjs
Mаt uxnmu tой vаwvоrs@ Is my passport necessary@
[ова m tо€s lоqxtmus oа
Mоs tоm xlоwsовmrmu>m% )his is my identification%
Tолqо ijroо ~m wsаum@ Tаq iªwsrо tоnuо ®sо wlmлаs•@ Ho# ¦"ickly can this be done@
Tjlm >tа tа}>u> oа lrmiu>@ Nlm uаzоl€sw€ iаuqоtаsª@ Dhere are the cash machines@
Vоkа л> lа smkл€ vаr> оs
qrml>suаsа w> qаrsа sxq@
Vоkx € olmw• wu€s• lmu•k> w
qrml>suой qаrsª@
5an I #ithdra# money on my credit card
[аqwxвайsm kо uа tо€sа M>oа%
Xmrmвml>sm ®sо uа tоƒ qаrsо|qx
8"t it on my ?isa%
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
iаuqоtаs Lаuqоtаs 6)2 „6"tomated )eller 2achine…
qаw>mr> Tаwwª 5ashiers
вw€qаqв> srаuoаq{>> Mwm оvmrа{>> vо w|msx 6ll )ransactions
iаuqа iаuq bank
vаr> lmu•k> money
vаr> в irой uал>|uªm cash
iаuquоs> iаuquоsª „qxvƒrª… bills
tоums> tоumsª coins
qаwова imлmnqа |mq receipt
qоt>w>оuuа qоt>ww>€ commission
vjsu>|mwq> |mq lоrоnuªй |mq traveler*s check
M>oа M>oа ?isa
Vаwsjrqаrl Vаwsmrqаrl 2aster5ard
Ktmr>qаu Pqwvrmw Ktmr>q®u -qwvrmww 6merican &press
л>zвmu vrо{mus vrо{musuа€ wsавqа interest rate
:J1B<% <% .%&0-% :J1+< .%&w-c Qurrenc5 exchange
Tjlm tоkа lа оitmu€ vаr>@ Nlm € tоkx оitmu€s• lmu•k>@ Dhere can I chan!e money@
Иwqаt lа оitmu€ аtmr>qаuwq>
lолаr> oа mвrо%
f zо|x оitmu€s• аtmr>qаuwq>m
lоллаrª uа mвrо%
I #ant to e&chan!e 6merican dollars for
Tаqjв m оitmuu>€s qxrw uа
Tаqой оitmuuªй qxrw lоллаrа@ Dhat is the e&chan!e rate for dollars@
L>z >wqал lа оwrmir€ sоo>
vjsu>|mwq> |mq%
f zоsmл iª оiuал>|>s•
lоrоnuªй |mq%
I #o"ld like to cash this traveler*s check%
Tаqва m qоt>w>оuuаsа@
Tаqой x ваw qоt>ww>оuuªй
Dhat is the commission@
Иwqаt mlr> iаuquоs>, tол€%
Trxvuªt> qxvƒrаt>,
I #ant lar!e bills, please%
Vоnmsm л> lа t> rаoвал>sm
vms л>r>@
Yаotmu€йsm tum, vоnалxйwsа, I
5an yo" !ive me chan!e for five po"nds@
Vоnmsm л> lа rаoвал>sm sаo>
wsоlолаrова iаuquоsа@
=m tоkл> iª Mª rаotmu€s• 0HH+
lоллаrовxƒ qxvƒrx@
5o"ld yo" break this 0HH dollar bill@
Vоnmsm л> lа t> rаoвал>sm
sаo> iаuquоsа@
Yаotmu€йsm, vоnалxйwsа, ®sx
5o"ld yo" !ive me chan!e for this bill@
Vоnm л> lа вqлƒ|>sm > tалqо
=m tоkл> iª Mª |аws• lаs•
5o"ld yo" incl"de some small chan!e
L>z >wqал tоums> w вw€qаqjв
rаotmr, tол€%
Vum uxnuª tоumsª вwmz
I*d like coins of all sipes, please%
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
Wit€uа uа валxsа Witmu валƒsª 5"rrency &chan!e
TxvxваtmGXrоlаваtm XоqxvqаGXrоlаnа De b"yGsell
lолаr lоллаr dollar
mвrо mвrо e"ro
л>rа yxus wsmrл>ukов po"nd
vmwо vmwо peso
л>rа л>rа lira
yrаuq yrаuq franc
rxv> rxv>€ r"pee
rxiла rxiл• r"ble
l>uаr l>uаr dinar
}mqmл }mqmл• shekel
лаr> лаr> lari
ƒаu ƒаu• y"an
rmал rmал real
йmuа >muа yen
xоu воuа #on
aоA+ /% \0+-+ Sc 1оA+-+ 0,&cC%-i sou 7a5 hear
Mа}>€ vаwvоrs, tол€% Xаwvоrs, vоnалxйwsа% ¢o"r passport please%
Vол€, vоlv>}msm wm sxq% Yаwv>}>smw• olmw•% 8lease si!n here%
Tоt>w>оuuаsа m %%% Tоt>ww>€ wоwsавл€ms %%% )he commission fee is %%%
=€tаsm vаr> в wtmsqаsа w>% =а Mа}mt w|msm ums lmumk% ¢o" have no money on yo"r acco"nt%
Иwqаsm л> lа вumwmsm vаr>@
Mª zоs>sm vолоn>s• lmu•k> uа
Do"ld yo" like to make a deposit@
Tоt>w>оuuаsа m вqлƒ|muа% Tоt>ww>€ вqлƒ|muа% )he commission is incl"ded%
[ова m yал}>ва iаuquоsа% -sо yал•}>ва€ qxvƒrа% )his is a fake bill%
]ал}>во qоv>m m% -sо vоllmлqа% It*s a fake copy%
Zrmlwsва oа
qоtxu>qа{>>Zrmlwsва wв€o>
PоY% Pо\-% Post office
Tjlm m uай+iл>oqаsа vо~а@ Nlm iл>nай}а€ vо|sа@ Dhere is the nearest post office@
L>zsm л> tm xvjs>л> lо
Zqаn>sm, vоnалxйwsа, qаq
vrойs> q vо|sm@
Do"ld yo" please direct me to the post
Tоm k>}m m oа v>wtа lо
M qаqоt оqum v>w•tа lо
Dhich #indo# is for !eneral delivery@
Tjlm wm uаt>rа k>}msо oа lо
Nlm v>w•tа lо воwsrmiоваu>€@ Dhere is the !eneral delivery@
L>z >wqал lа >ovrаs€ sова w
vrmvоrj|аuа vо~а%
f zо|x оsvrав>s• ®sо oаqаouªt
I*d like to send this by re!istered mail%
Tолqо wsrxваs tаrq>sm oа smo>
Zqол•qо wsо€s tаrq> lл€ ®s>z
Ho# m"ch do stamps cost for these
Tолqо wsrxва lа >ovrаs€ sова w
vrmvоrj|аuа vо~а@
Zqол•qо ixlms wsо>s• vmrmwªлqа
®s>z v>wmt oаqаouªt v>w•tоt@
Ho# m"ch does it cost to send this by
re!istered mail@
Tаqва m {muаsа oа vо~muwq>
rаouоwq> oа v>wtо@
Zqол•qо wоwsавл€ms vо|sовªй
wiоr oа v>w•tо@
Dhat*s the posta!e on a letter@
Ruаmsm л> qаqва m {muаsа oа
vо~muwq> rаouоwq> lо ZKb@
Zqол•qо ixlms wsо>s• v>w•tо в
Bo yo" kno# #hat the posta!e is to the
Tjlm tоkа lа вomtа tаrq> >
vо~muwq> qаrs>|q>@
Nlm tоnuо qxv>s• tаrq> >
Dhere can I !et stamps and postcards@
L>z >wqал lа oаwsrаzоваt
sова, tол€%
f zо|x ®sо oаwsrаzоваs•% I*d like to ins"re this, please%
bm vrmsmkл>sm л> sоo> qолms,
Moвmw•sm ®sx vоwªлqx,
Dill yo" #ei!h this parcel, please@
Vuоkо л> smn>@ =m wл>}qоt л> tuоkо ®sо вmw>s@ Boes this #ei!h too m"ch@
L>zsm л> vrmvrаs>л> vо~аsа
t> lо tо€ аlrmw в =ƒ Sоrq@
=m tоkл> iª Mª vmrmwªлаs•
tоƒ vо|sx uа tой аlrmw в =•ƒ+
Do"ld yo" please for#ard my mail to my
address in (e# ¢ork@
Vоnm л> lа kо >ovrаs>sm uа
sоo> аlrmw в ZKb@
Wsvrав•sm ®sо, vоnалxйwsа, vо
®sоtx аlrmwx в ZaK%
5an yo" send it to this address in the
L>z >wqал lа >ovrаs€ sоo>
vаqms в =ƒ Sоrq%
f zо|x оsvrав>s• ®sx vоwªлqx в
I*d like to send this packa!e to (e# ¢ork%
Vол€, i>zsm л> >ovrаs>л>
sоo> qолms qолqоsо m вjotоnuо
Wsvrав•sm, vоnалxйwsа, ®sx
vоwªлqx qаq tоnuо wqоrmm%
Do"ld yo" please send this parcel as
¦"ickly as possible@
Rа qолqо lmuа ~m vr>ws>kum@ Zqол•qо lumй ®sо oайtms@ Ho# many days #ill it take@
[r€iва t> vл>q% Vоnuо tum qоuвmrs@ I need an envelope%
L>z >wqал lа >ovrаs€
f zо|x оsvrав>s• smлmkrаttx% I*d like to send a #ire%
Tаqва m {muаsа uа lxtа@ Zqол•qо wsо>s wлово@ Dhat is the char!e per #ord@
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
tаrqа tаrqа stamp
vо~muwqа qаrs>|qа оsqrªsqа postcard
vо~muwq> vл>q qоuвmrs envelope
v>wtо v>w•tо letter
vаqms vаqms packa!e
qxs>€ qоrоiqа bo&
vо~muwqа qxs>€ vо|sовªй €~>q mailbo&
vо~muwq> аlrmw vо|sовªй аlrmw mailin! address
оirаsmu аlrmw оirаsuªй аlrmw ret"rn address
vrmvоrj|аuо oаqаouоm re!istered
oаwsrаzоваuо {muuоm ins"red
|xvл>во zrxvqоm fra!ile
wjljrnаu>m wоlmrn>tоm contents
oаGоs qоtxGоs toGfrom
vо~muwq> qоl vо|sовªй >ulmqw pip code
lо vо>wqваum lо воwsrmiоваu>€ !eneral delivery
smлmkrаtа smлmkrаttа #ire
Pо@9&.%<+ <% Mор10&Bр'
xPо&+[<' /01'8
q%@о&<+<'+ J&%<ко.
xPо&+[<c+ ,&о.%8 Filling out for7s xpseful 2or)s8
kоwvоl>uGkоwvоnаGkоwvоn>{а N+uGN+nа 2r%G2rs%G2s%
tалqо >tm >t€ first name
iа~>uо >tm оs|mwsво middle name
yаt>л>€ yаt>л>€ last name
аlrmw аlrmw address
xл>{а xл>{а street
krаl kоrоl city
оqrjk оqrxk co"nty
~аs }sаs state
ljrnава wsrаuа co"ntry
uа{>оuалuоws uа{>оuал•uоws• nationality
>ozоluа sо|qаGlmws>uа{>€ wлmlxms >oGв ori!inGdestination
lаsа uа rаnlаum lаsа rоnlmu>€ date of birth
t€wsо uа rаnlаum tmwsо rоnlmu>€ place of birth
vол vол se&
tjnq> txnwqой male
nmuwq> nmuwq>й female
nmumu nmuаs married
umnmumu zолоws sin!le
vrоymw>€ vrоymww>€ profession
вjorаwsmu вorоwлªй ad"lt
tоt|m tал•|>q boy
tоt>|m lmво|qа !irl
lm{а lms> children
wmtmйwsво wmt•€ family
vоlv>w vоlv>w• si!nat"re
lаsа lаsа date
*+&+Mо< *+&+Mо< TeleVhone
Tjlm sxq uаоqоло tоkа lа
uаtmr€ оi~mwsвmu smлmyоu@
Nlm olmw• vоiл>oоws> smлmyоu+
Dhere can I find a p"blic phone aro"nd
Иwqаt lа vrовmlа rаokовоr oа
s€zuа wtmsqа%
f zо|x wlmлаs• oвоuоq oа w|ms
lrxkой wsоrоuª%
I #ant to make a collect call%
L>z >wqал lа wm оiаl€ в =ƒ
f zо|x vоoвоu>s• в =•ƒ+Sоrq% I*d like to make a call to (e# ¢ork%
Tолqо wsrxва mluа t>uxsа@ Zqол•qо wsо>s t>uxsа@ Ho# m"ch per min"te@
Tолqо wsrxваs lвm t>uxs>@
Zqол•qо ixlxs wsо>s• 1 t>uxsª
Ho# m"ch does it cost for 1 min"tes@
U>u>€sа m oаmsа% U>u>€ oаu€sа% )he line is b"sy%
=оtmrjs kо u€tа в xqаoаsmл€%
-sоkо uоtmrа ums в
)he n"mber is "nlisted%
Vоkа л> lа uаimrа l>rmqsuо@
Vоnuо tum uаi>rаs• uоtmr
5an I dial directly@
Vоkа л> lа kовоr€ w
f zоsmл iª vоkовоr>s• w
2ay I speak to the mana!er@
Vоnm л> lа >ovолoваt Mа}>€
Vоnuо воwvол•oоваs•w€ Mа}>t
2ay I "se yo"r phone@
Vоnm л> lа uаimrmsm вtmwsо
=m tоkл> iª Mª uаirаs• uоtmr
oа tmu€@
5an yo" dial for me@
Zjnал€ваt, >tаsm krm}qа%
Иoв>u>sm, Mª о}>iл>w•
I*m sorry, yo" have the #ron! n"mber%
[ой um m sxq в tоtmusа% Pkо wmй|аw ums% He*s not in no#%
[ой m uа lrxkаsа л>u>€ в
Wu wmй|аw uа lrxkой л>u>>% He*s on another line no#%
Rаlrjnsm, tол€% =m qлаl>sm srxiqx, vоnалxйwsа% Hold the line, please%
Vол€, um oаsваr€йsm о~m%
=m qлаl>sm vоqа srxiqx,
Bon*t han! "p yet, please%
bm wm оiаl€ vаq vо+qjwuо% f vmrmoвоuƒ vоonm% I*ll call a!ain later%
Oайsm t> вjsrm}mu 101, tол€% Oоiаво|uªй 101, vоnалxйwsа% ,ive me e&tension 101, please%
Vоkа л> lа vоv>sаt qой wm
Tsо kовоr>s@ 2ay I ask #ho*s callin!@
Tаq wm v>}m sова@ Tаq ®sо v>}msw€@ Ho# do yo" spell that@
Иtаz krm}qа% f о}>iw€ uоtmrоt% I !ot the #ron! n"mber%
Vол€, qаnmsm tx lа t> wm
Xоnалxйwsа, vоvrоw>sm mkо tum
8lease ask him to call me%
Vоkа л> lа оwsав€ wjоi~mu>m@ f tоkx оwsав>s• wооi~mu>m@ 5o"ld I leave a messa!e@
Tоkа о|аqваsm lа wm вjrum sой@ Tоklа оu вmrumsw€@ Dhat time is he e&pected back@
Lлаkоlаr€, |m wm оiаl>zsm% Zvаw>iо oа oвоuоq% )hank yo" for callin!%
L>z >wqал yоuоqаrsа oа
lвайwms t>uxs>%
Vum uxnuа smлmyоuuа€ qаrsа uа
1H t>uxs%
I*d like a phone card for 1H min"tes%
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
tmwsmu rаokовоr tmwsuªй oвоuоq local call
tmnlxuаrоlmu rаokовоr tmnlxuаrоluªй oвоuоq international call
vrmoоqmаuwq> rаokовоr
tmnlxuаrоluªй oвоuоq „|mrmo
overseas call
smлmyоuuа qаrsа smлmyоuuа€ qаrsа telephone card
smлmyоuuа wsаu{>€ vmrmkовоruªй vxuqs telephone office
оvmrаsоr оvmrаsоr operator
tmnlxuаrоlmu оvmrаsоr smлmyоuuа€ wvrаво|uа€ wлxniа international assistance
qоl uа ljrnаваsа qоl wsrаuª co"ntry code
qоl uа uаwmлmuоsо t€wsо qоl oоuªGrmk>оuа area code
smлmyоumu xqаoаsmл smлmyоuuªй wvrаво|u>q telephone directory
imovлаsmu rаokовоr imwvлаsuªй oвоuоq toll+free call
um rаiоs> um rаiоsаms o"t of service
m<-+р<+- m<-+р<+- Unternet
Tjlm tоkа lа vолx|а lоwsjv
lо Иusmrums@
Nlm tоnuо вªйs> в >usmrums@ Dhere can I !et access to the Internet@
Vоkа л> lа вл€oа в Иusmrums
Vоnuо olmw• вªйs> в >usmrums@ 5an I access the Internet here@
Vоkа л> lа w> vrовmr€ >tmйл
Vоnuо tum vrовmr>s• vо|sx@ 2ay I check my e+mail@
L>z >wqал lа >ovrаs€
wjоi~mu>m vо >tmйл%
f zо|x vоwлаs• v>w•tо vо
®лmqsrоuuой vо|sm%
I*d like to send a messa!e by e+mail%
Tаqjв m Mа}>€s >tmйл аlrmw@ Tаqой x ваw ®лmqsrоuuªй аlrmw@ Dhat*s yo"r e+mail address@
Tаqва m {muаsа uа |аw@ Zqол•qо wsо>s |аw@ Dhat are the char!es per ho"r@
Tаq lа wm rmk>wsr>rаt@ Tаq tum войs> в wms•@ Ho# do I lo! on@
Tаqва m wqоrоwssа uа оitmu uа
Tаqа€ x Mаw wqоrоws• vmrmlа|>
Dhat*s the data transfer rate@
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
- „tайtxuqа… wоiаqа -
sо|qа sо|qа dot
xmi wsrаu>{а >usmrums+wsrаu>{а #eb pa!e
vоsrmi>smлwqо >tm >t€ vол•oоваsmл€ "ser name
vаrола vаrол• pass#ord
lоwsjvjs m оsqаoаu lоwsxv oаvrm~mu access denied
krm}qа о}>iqа error
xmiwайs вmiwайs #ebsite
vrmvrаsqа wwªлqа link
лоk>u лоk>u lo!in
lоtmйu lоtmu domain
srаy>q srаy>q traffic
w>wsmtmu аlt>u>wsrаsоr w>wsmtuªй аlt>u>wsrаsоr system administrator
aоA+ /% \0+-+ Sc 1оA+-+ 0,&cC%-i sou 7a5 hear
Kло Kлло Hello
=а smлmyоuа %%% Zлx}аƒ% /peakin! %%%
Tой wm оiаnlа@ Tsо kовоr>s@ Dho is speakin!@
Z qоkо >wqаsm lа kовоr>sm@ Z qmt Mª zоs>sm vоkовоr>s•@ Dho #o"ld yo" like to speak to@
Tой m Mа}>€s uоtmr@ Tаqой x Mаw uоtmr@ Dhat is yo"r n"mber@
Vол€, оiаlmsm wm xsrm vаq%
Xоnалxйwsа, vmrmoвоu>sm
8lease call a!ain tomorro#%
bm vrmlаt, |m wsm wm
f vmrmlаt, |sо Mª oвоu>л>% I*ll say that yo" called%
bm tx qаnа lа M> wm оiаl>% Wu Mаt vmrmoвоu>s% I*ll have him call yo" back%
Vол€, vовsоrmsm% Xоnалxйwsа, vовsоr>sm% /ay that a!ain, please%
Tаq tоkа lа M> xwлxnа@ Vоkx € |mt+u>ixl• vоtо|•@ Ho# can I help yo"@
Иwqаsm л> lа оwsав>sm
`sо vmrmlаs•@ Do"ld yo" like to leave a messa!e@
L>zsm л> qаoал> >tmsо w> vо
ixqв>, tол€%
Xrоl>qsxйsm, vоnалxйwsа, wвоm
5o"ld yo" spell yo"r name please@
Vоnm л> lа w> оwsав>sm >tmйл
аlrmwа, tол€@
Mª tоnmsm оwsав>s• wвой
®лmqsrоuuªй аlrmw@
5an yo" leave yo"r e+mail address,
M rmwsоrаusа M rmwsоrаum In the resta"rant
?+[+р.%;'' q%к%[ ,-о&'к% _eserWations
Иtа л> zxiав> rmwsоrаus>
Rlmw• mws• vоiл>oоws> zоrо}>й
6re there any !ood resta"rants aro"nd
Tjlm tоkа lа uаtmr€
Rlmw• mws• klm+u>ixl•
Dhere can I find a sand#ich shop@
Vоnmsm л> lа t> vrmvоrj|аsm
lоirо t€wsо oа €lmum@
Mª tоnmsm vоwовmsоваs•
zоrо}mm tmwsо, klm tоnuо
5an yo" recommend a !ood place to eat@
=€qоm um tuоkо wqjvо t€wsо%
`sо+u>ixl•, klm um wл>}qоt
/ome place not too e&pensive%
Иtа л> q>sайwq> rmwsоrаus
Rlmw• vоiл>oоws> mws•
q>sайwq>й rmwsоrаu@
Is there a 5hinese resta"rant nearby@
L>z >wqал lа оs>lа в q>sайwq>
f zоsmл iª vойs> в q>sайwq>й
I*d like to !o to a 5hinese resta"rant%
Иwqаt lа €t uай+lоirаsа
tmwsuа zrаuа%
f zоsmл iª vоvrоiоваs• лx|}>m
tmwsuªm iлƒlа%
I #ant to eat the best local food%
Vоkа л> lа vrоiваt tmwsuа
qxzu€ sаt@
[аt vоlаƒs iлƒlа tmwsuой
5an I sample local c"isine there@
[r€iва л> lа uаvrав>t
=аt uxnuо oаqаoªваs• wsол>q
Bo #e have to make a reservation@
Vоnmsm л> lа t> uаvrав>sm
=m tоkл> iª Mª
oаrmomrв>rоваs• lл€ tmu€
5an yo" make reservations for me@
L>z >wqал lа rmomrв>rаt tаwа
oа lваtа%
f zоsmл iª oаqаoаs• wsол>q uа
I*d like to reserve a table for t#o%
L>z >wqал lа rmomrв>rаt tаwа
oа lовm|mrа%
f zоsmл iª oаqаoаs• wsол>q uа
wmkоlu€}u>й вm|mr%
I*d like to reserve a table for toni!ht%
bm lойlmt в }mws |аwа% Vª vr>lmt в • |аwов% De*ll come at • o*clock%
M qолqо |аwа оsваr€sm oа
Tоklа вª оsqrªваmsmw• uа
Dhat time do yo" open for breakfast@
L>z nmлал tаwа oа lваtа% Vum uxnmu wsол uа lво>z% I #o"ld like a table for t#o%
L>z >wqал tаwа в oала oа
f vrmlvо|mл iª wsол>q в oалm
lл€ qxr€~>z%
I #o"ld like a table in a smokin! area%
Иtаsm л> tаwа lо vrоoоrm{а@ \ ваw mws• wsол>q x оquа@ Bo yo" have a table by the #indo#@
Vоkа л> lа wmluа sаt@ f tоkx wmws• воu sаt@ 5an I sit over there@
=>m wtm qоtvаu>€ оs
=аw |msвmrо% De are a party of fo"r%
Ko >tаt rmomrва{>€% f oаqаoªвал wsол>q% I have a reservation%
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
Vол€, vо|аqайsm lоqаsо M>
Xоnалxйwsа, vоlоnl>sm, Mаw
8lease #ait to be seated%
Ymomrв>rаuо Zsол oаqаoаu 3eserved
=€tа wвоiоlu> tаw> Zвоiоluªz tmws ums (o vacant tables
`аwsuо vаrs> `аwsuоm tmrоvr>€s>m 8rivate party
oаqxwqа oавsrаq breakfast
оi€l оiml l"nch
qjwuа oаqxwqа вsоrой oавsrаq br"nch
вm|mr€ xn>u dinner
sаqwа вzоl вzоluа€ vлаsа cover char!e
wv>wjq uа |аqа~> л>ws оn>lаu>€ #aitin! list
Pор9\.%<+ <% nр%<% q%к%[ J&w/ Or)ering foo)
Tmлumr Wy>{>аus Daiter
L>z >wqал lа lаt vоrj|qа% f zоsmл iª wlmлаs• oаqаo% I*d like to place an order%
Mm|m wjt kоsов lа vоrj|аt% f kоsов wlmлаs• oаqаo% I*m ready to order no#%
L>z nmлал mвrоvmйwqа oаqxwqа% f zоsmл iª лmkq>й oавsrаq% I #o"ld like a continental breakfast%
bm вomtа sова, qоmsо M>m t>
f воo•tx sо, |sо Mª
I*ll have #hatever yo" recommend%
Tаqво t> vrmvоrj|ваsm@ `sо iª Mª vоwовmsовал>@ Dhat do yo" recommend@
Tаqjв m wvm{>ал>smsjs uа
Tаqоm olmw• y>rtmuuоm iлƒlо@ Dhat is the specialty of the ho"se@
Vmuƒsо, tол€% Vmuƒ, vоnалxйwsа% 2en", please%
Vоnm л> tmuƒsо > л>wsа w
в>uаsа, tол€@
Vоnuо vоvrоw>s• tmuƒ > qаrsx
в>u, vоnалxйwsа@
2ay I have the men" and the #ine list,
Zmrв>rаsm л> вmkmsаr>аuwqа
Mª vоlаmsm вmkmsаr>аuwq>m
Bo yo" serve ve!etarian food@
Иtаsm л> аukл>йwqо tmuƒ@ \ ваw mws• tmuƒ uа аukл>йwqоt@ Is there an n!lish men"@
Tаqjв m qоqsmйлjs oа lmu€@ Tаqой wmkоlu€ qоqsmйл• lu€@ Dhat*s the cocktail of the day@
W~m um wjt kоsов lа vоrj|аt% f m~m um kоsов wlmлаs• oаqаo% I*m not ready to order yet%
Ko ~m вomtа wj~оsо% f воo•tx sо nm wаtоm% I*ll have the same thin!%
Ko ~m вomtа sова% f воo•tx ®sо% I*ll have this%
[ова вqxwuо л> m@ -sо вqxwuо@ Is it tasty@
Tолqо ~m оsumtm@ Zqол•qо вrmtmu> ®sо oайtms@ Ho# lon! #ill it take@
flmumsо wjw omлmu|x{> л> m@ Lлƒlо vоlаmsw€ w ово~аt>@ Boes the meal come #ith ve!etables@
Ko ~m вomtа wаtо wаulв>| w
f ixlx sол•qо ixsmrirоl w
I*ll J"st have a ham sand#ich%
bm вomtа i>ysmq w vjrnmu>
f ixlx wsmйq w nаrmuой
I*ll have a steak #ith fried potatoes%
Zrmluо оvm|mu, tол€%
2edi"m rare, please%
Vол€, vоqаnmsm t> л>wsа w
Xоqаn>sm tum qаrsx в>u,
8lease sho# me the #ine list%
Tаqво в>uо >tаsm@ Tаq>m в>uа x ваw mws•@ Dhat kind of #ine do yo" have@
L>z nmлал ixs>лqа i€ло в>uо%
Lxsªлqx imлоkо в>uа,
I #o"ld like a bottle of #hite #ine%
Tолqо wsrxва {€ла ixs>лqа@ Zqол•qо wsо>s {mла€ ixsªлqа@ Ho# m"ch is a #hole bottle@
L>z nmлал |а}а qаym% `а}m|qx qоym% I #o"ld like a c"p of coffee%
L>z nmлал о~m mluа |а}а
P~m qоym, vоnалxйwsа% I*d like another c"p of coffee%
Vол€, uалmйsm t> оsuово% =алmйsm m~m, vоnалxйwsа% I*d like a refill, please%
Vоnm л> |а}а i>rа@ Vоnuо tum wsаqаu v>ва@ 2ay I have a !lass of beer@
Xоrsоqалов wоq% Kvmл•w>uовªй wоq% 'ran!e J"ice%
Tаqво >tаsm oа lmwmrs@ `sо x ваw uа lmwmrs@ Dhat do yo" have for dessert@
:J,&0A.%<+ :J,&0A'.%<'+ DerWice
Vоnm л> tалqо tаwло@ Xr>umw>sm, vоnалxйwsа, tаwло% 2ay I have some b"tter@
Vоnm л> lа vолx|а |>wsа
Vоnuо tum |>wsxƒ sаrmлqx@ 5o"ld I have a clean plate@
W~m ml>u vjs оr>o, tол€%
P~m оlux vоr{>ƒ r>wа,
'ne more order of rice, please%
Oва zаtixrkmrа oа вqj~>,
Oва kаtixrkmrа w wоiой,
)#o hamb"r!ers to !o, please%
Oоumwmsm t> srоmu wаulв>| >
tл€qо, tол€%
Xr>umw>sm tum srmzwлойuªй
ixsmrirоl > tолоqо,
.rin! me a triple+decker sand#ich and
milk, please%
Rmлmuа wалаsа w yrmuwq>
Rmлmuªй wалаs w yrаu{xowq>t
6 !reen salad #ith Crench dressin!%
Z tаwло% Z tаwлоt% Dith b"tter%
W~m tалqо, tол€% P~m umtuоkо, vоnалxйwsа% 6 little more, please%
=>~о lrxkо, iлаkоlаr€% Lол•}m um uаlо, wvаw>iо% (othin! more, thank yo"%
[ова m lоwsаsj|uо, tmrw>% Zvаw>iо, lоwsаsо|uо% )hat*s eno"!h, thanks%
L>zsm л> vоlал> wолsа, tол€@ Xmrmlайsm, vоnалxйwsа, wол•% Do"ld yo" please pass the salt@
Tаq m uа вqxw@ -sо вqxwuо@ Ho# does it taste@
Lm}m вqxwuо% Lªло о|mu• вqxwuо% It #as delicio"s%
Lm}m vовm|m оsqолqоsо tоkа
lа >o€t%
f оijmлw€% It #as more than I co"ld eat%
Vоnm л> lа kо vолx|а
Vоnuо tum vолx|>s• ®sо vr€tо
5an I have it ri!ht a#ay@
L>zsm л> vоijroал>, tол€@ Xоsоrоv>smw•, vоnалxйwsа% Do"ld yo" please h"rry@
Vоnm л> lа vx}а@ Vоnuо tum oаqxr>s•@ 2ay I smoke@
[ова um m tо€sа vоrj|qа% -sо um tой oаqаo% )his is not my order%
Vо€sа vоrj|qа um m
vr>ws>kuала о~m%
Vой oаqаo m~m um vr>umwл>% 2y order hasn*t come yet%
Tаq kо €lmsm sова@ Tаq ®sо ml€s@ Ho# do yo" eat this@
Zsxlmuо e% W|mu• zолоluоm% It is cold%
[вjrlm m vоlvrавmuо% Zл>}qоt tuоkо wvm{>й% It is too spicy%
[ова um m lоirm wkоsвmuо% -sо wªrоваsо% )his is not cooked eno"!h%
[ова um m lоwsаsj|uо vr€wuо% -sо umwвmnmm% )his is not ¦"ite fresh%
=m m lоwsаsj|uо |>wsо% -sо umlоwsаsо|uо |>wsоm% It is not clean eno"!h%
Vоnm л> lа vr>sоvл>sm sова@ =m tоkл> iª Mª ®sо vоlоkrms•@ 5an yo" heat this "p@
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
zл€i zлmi bread
tаwло tаwло b"tter
tаrkаr>u tаrkаr>u mar!arine
wол wол• salt
oаzаr wаzаr s"!ar
v>vmr vmrm{ pepper
|>u>€ iлƒlоGsаrmлqа plate
lоvjлu>smлuа |>u>€ lоvолu>smл•uа€ sаrmлqа e&tra plate
wалymsqа wалymsqа napkin
wrmijru> vr>iоr> wsоловªm vr>iоrª silver#are
uоn uоn knife
в>л>{а в>лqа fork
лjn>{а лоnqа spoon
kаrаyа qxв}>u carafeGpitcher
tml tml honey
kоr|>{а kоr|>{а m"stard
tайоumoа tайоumo mayonnaise
qms|xv qms|xv ketch"p
tалqо umtuоkо a little
о~m m~m more
о~m ml>u „mluа, mluо… m~m оl>u another
Wiwлxnваumsо um m вqлƒ|muо% Wiwлxn>ваu>m um вzоl>s в w|ms% /ervice is not incl"ded%
tалjq tалmu•q>й small
wrmlmu wrmlu>й medi"m
kол€t iол•}ой lar!e
tmuƒ tmuƒ men"
tmuƒ oа lmu€ tmuƒ lu€ men" of the day
sxr>ws>|mwqо tmuƒ tmuƒ lл€ sxr>wsов to"rist men"
wvm{>алuо vrmlлоnmu>m wvm{>ал•uоm vrmlлоnmu>m special offer
wvm{>ал>sms uа oавmlmu>msо y>rtmuuоm iлƒlо specialty of the ho"se
u€tа imovлаsuо vjлumum uа
оl>u vоlzоl no refills
imovлаsuо vjлumum uа |а}>sm
qол>|mwsво vоlzоlов um
free refills
P&%Y%<+ :@&%-% Pa57ent
Ztmsqаsа, tол€% Z|ms, vоnалxйwsа% .ill, please%
Vоnm л> lа vолx|а wtmsqаsа,
Vоnuо vоvrоw>s• w|ms@ 5o"ld I have the bill, please@
L>z >wqал lа vлаs€ wmkа, tол€% f zоsmл iª rаww|>sаs•w€ wmй|аw% I #o"ld like to pay no#, please%
Tолqо wsrxва оi~о@ Zqол•qо вwmkо@ Ho# m"ch is the total@
Ztmsqаsа вqлƒ|ва л> vrо{mus
oа оiwлxnваumsо@
Xлаsа oа оiwлxn>ваu>m
вqлƒ|muа в w|ms@
Boes the bill incl"de the service char!e@
V>wл€, |m wtmsqаsа m
>o|>wлmuа krm}uо%
Vum qаnmsw€, в w|msm о}>iqа% I believe the bill is added "p #ron!%
Ko um wjt vоrj|вал sова% -sо um tой oаqаo% I didn*t order this%
Rаirав>л wjt w> vоrsymйла% f oаiªл qо}mлmq% I for!ot my #allet%
Ko vла~аt% f oаvла|x vо w|msx% )he bill is on me%
bm M> |mrv€ mluа вm|mr€
Zmkоlu€ вm|mrоt € xkо~аƒ% I treat yo" to dinner this evenin!%
Zлоnmsm kо uа tо€sа wtmsqа,
Rаv>}>sm ®sо uа tой w|ms,
8"t it on my bill, please%
Ko vла~аt oа вw>|q>% f vла|x oа вwmz% I am payin! for everyone%
=>m vла~аtm vо оslmлuо% Vª vлаs>t оslmл•uо% De are payin! separately%
^айlm lа w> rаolmл>t
Oавайsm oаvлаs>t vоrовux% 9et*s split the bill%
[ой ~m vлаs> wtmsqаsа% Wu оvлаs>s w|ms% He #ill pay the bill%
=mqа lа vлаs€ tо€sа |аws%
Xоoвол•sm tum oаvлаs>s• tоƒ
9et me pay my share%
Rаlrjnsm rmwsоsо, tол€% Zlа|> um uаlо% ¡eep the chan!e, please%
S J%р% S J%р+ ^t the 4ar
=mqа lа в> qxv€ mluо v>s>m% Xоoвол•sm Mаw xkоws>s•@ 9et me b"y yo" a drink%
Vоnm л> lа M> vо|mrv€@ Mªv•msm wо tuой@ f vла|x% 2ay I treat yo"@
Zлmlва~>€s vjs аo |mrv€
M wлmlxƒ~>й rаo € imrx uа вwmz% )he ne&t ro"nd is on me%
Tаqво ~m v>msm@ `sо iª Mª zоsmл> вªv>s•@ Dhat #o"ld yo" like to drink@
\>wq> w воlа, tол€% M>wq> w wоlовой, vоnалxйwsа% Dhisky and #ater, please%
=аvrавmsm kо lвойuо, tол€% Oвойuxƒ vоr{>ƒ, vоnалxйwsа% 2ake it a do"ble, please%
Zqо| w лml, tол€% M>wq> wо л•lоt, vоnалxйwsа% /cotch on the rocks, please%
Ko ~m v>€ ln>u w sоu>q% On>u w sоu>qоt, vоnалxйwsа% I*ll have a !in and tonic%
Z лml% Zо л•lоt% 'n ice%
`а}а lоtаsmu wоq% Zsаqаu sоtаsuоkо wоqа% 6 !lass of tomato J"ice%
W~m mluо, tол€% P~m оl>u, vоnалxйwsа% 'ne more, please%
Oа вl>kumt sоws oа Mаw Mªv•mt oа Mаw 9et*s make a toast to yo"
=аolrавm Mа}m olоrов•m 5heers
`xвwsваt wm tалqо v>€u% f, qаnmsw€, umtuоkо оv•€umл% I*m feelin! a little dr"nk%
K >tаsm л> um~о oа €lmum@
\ ваw uайlmsw€ |sо+u>ixl•
Bo yo" also have somethin! to eat@
Pluа i>rа, tол€ Wluо v>во, vоnалxйwsа 'ne beer please
aоA+ /% \0+-+ Sc 1оA+-+ 0,&cC%-i sou 7a5 hear
Zjnал€ваt, uо вw>|q> tаw> wа
oаms> в tоtmusа%
Иoв>u>sm, wвоiоluªz wsол>qов
I*m sorry, all tables are taken no#%
bm sr€iва lа vо|аqаsm оqоло
lmwms t>uxs>%
Xr>lmsw€ vоlоnlаs• t>uxs
It #ill be abo"t a ten+min"te #ait%
L>zsm л> nmлал> lа vо|аqаsm@ Lxlmsm nlаs•@ Do"ld yo" like to #ait@
L>zsm л> t> qаoал> >tmsо w>,
Mа}m >t€@ 5an I take yo"r name please@
=mоizоl>tа m rmomrва{>€%
Zsол>q uxnuо oаqаoªваs•
3eservations are re¦"ired%
Tjlm i>zsm nmлал> lа
Nlm Mª zоs>sm wmws•@ Dhere #o"ld yo" like to sit@
Xоwлmlвайsm tm, tол€% Xrо}x oа tuой% Collo# me, please%
[ова m Mа}аsа tаwа% Mоs Mа} wsол>q% )his is yo"r table%
Vоnm л> lа M> vrmlлоnа
uа}>€ л>ws w в>uа@
Tаrsа в>u, vоnалxйwsа% 2ay I offer yo" o"r #ine list@
L>zsm л> nmлал> um~о oа
^оs>sm |mkо+u>ixl• вªv>s•@ Do"ld yo" like somethin! to drink@
Nоsов> л> wsm lа vоrj|аsm@ Mª kоsовª wlmлаs• oаqаo@ 6re yo" ready to order@
Tаqво ~m nmлаmsm@ `sо iª Mª zоsmл>@ Dhat #o"ld yo" like to have@
Tаqво ~m qаnmsm oа lmwmrs@ Tаq uаw|ms lmwmrsа@ Ho# abo"t some dessert@
=m~о lrxkо@ `sо+u>ixl• m~m@ 6nythin! else@
Xr>€smu аvms>s% Xr>€suоkо аvvms>sа% nJoy yo"r meal%
Xrо{mus oа оiwлxnваumsо um m
Wiwлxn>ваu>m um вqлƒ|muо% /ervice char!e is not incl"ded%
Zjnал€ваt, uо um vr>mtаtm
qrml>su> qаrs>%
Иoв>u>sm, tª um vr>u>tаmt
qrml>suªm qаrsо|q>%
/orry, #e don*t accept credit cards%
Psо wtmsqаsа M>% Mа} w|ms% Here is yo"r bill%
>Plа > uаv>sq> Cood and drinks
P&о/о.+/q+&+<\0;' oр0к-c/:.оY' Fruits/3egeta4les
vлоlовm yrxqsª fr"its
€ijлq> €iлоq> apples
qайw>> аir>qоwª apricots
iаuаu> iаuаuª bananas
krоolm в>uоkrаl !rapes
krmйvyrxs krmйvyrxs !rapefr"it
q>в> q>в> ki#i
л>tоu> л>tоuª lemons
лайt лайt lime
tаukо tаukо man!os
vjvm}> lªu> melons
vоrsоqал> аvmл•w>uª oran!es
vаvа€ vаvай€ papaya
vrаwqов> vmrw>q> peaches
qrx}> krx}> pears
wл>в> wл>вª pl"ms
tаulаr>u> tаulаr>uª tan!erines
l>u> аrixoª #atermelons
iоrов>uq> |mru>qа bl"eberries
|mrвmu> iоrов>uq> qлƒqва cranberries
|mrm}> в>}u€ cherries
tал>u> tал>uа raspberries
€kоl> qлxiu>qа stra#berries
rmвmu rmвmu• rh"barb
wsаy>l> >oƒt raisins
wx}mu> wл>в> |mruоwл>в pr"nes
wtоq>u> >un>r fi!s
omлmu|x{> ово~> ve!etables
omлmu>uа omлmuªm ово~> !reens
iоi yаwол• beans
л>twq> yаwxл л>twqа€ yаwол• lima beans
|mrвmu iоi qrаwuа€ yаwол• red beans
omлmu iоi omлmuа€ yаwол• !reen beans
iоiов> qjлuовm vrоrо~muuа€ yаwол• bean spro"ts
krаz kоrо}mq peas
omлm qаvxwsа cabba!e
tоrqов> tоrqов• carrots
qаry>ол {вmsuа€ qаvxwsа ca"liflo#er
qаrsоy qаrsоymл• potato
s>qва sªqва p"mpkin
njлsа s>qв>|qа wqво} „в>l sªqвª… s¦"ash
omлmuа s>qв>|qа {xqq>u> p"cchini
vаsлаlnаu iаqлаnаu e!!plant
авоqаlо авоqаlо avocado
rmv>|q> rml>w radishes
lоtаs> vоt>lоrª tomatoes
qrаwsав>{> оkxr{ª c"c"mbers
sxr}>€ wолmu•€Gtаr>uаlª pickles
qаvmrw> qаvmrwª capers
kji> kr>iª m"shrooms
tаwл>u> ол>вq> olives
{аrmв>{а qxqxrxoа corn
tаrxл€ wалаs+лаsxq lett"ce
irоqол> irоqqол> broccoli
wvаuаq }v>uаs spinach
qjlrаво omлm qаvxwsа qоrtова€ kale
irƒqwmлwqо omлm irƒwwmл•wqа€ qаvxwsа .r"ssels spro"ts
лxqовm лxq onions
аrs>}о{> аrs>}оq> artichokes
аwvmrnа wvаrnа aspara!"s
{mл>uа wmл•lmrmй celery
aор,к% nр%<% aор+@ро/0к-c Deafoo)
tоrwqа zrаuа tоrmvrоlxqsª seafood
tоrwq> оzлƒв> tоrwqоm x}qо abalone
t>l> tоллƒwq> clams
rаq qrаi crab
rаq лаukxws crayfish
оtаr лоiwsmr lobster
оqsоvоl оw•t>uоk octop"s
wsr>lа xwsr>{ª oyster
t>l> krmim}q> scallops
wqаr>lаGmlrа wqаr>lа qrmвmsq> shrimpGpra#n
rаq w tmqа |mrxvqа qrаi w t€kq>t vаu{>rmt soft+shell crab
wmv>€ qал•tаr s¦"id
r>iа rªiа fish
tоrwqа qоsqа oxiаsqа catfish
zайвmr >qrа caviar
srmwqа srmwqа cod
rаqов>uа rаqов>uа conch
qаtiала yлаxulmr flo"nder
zmr>ukа wmл•l• herrin!
wqxtr>€ wqxtir>€ mackerel
qоwsxr оqxu• perch
~xqа ~xqа pike
алmqs>w vалоtmsа pompano
|mrвmu imr>qw лƒ{>аu red snapper
w•оtkа лоwоw• salmon
qоrƒ}qа qоrƒ}qа smelts
rа>rаu qоwsxr vолоwаsªй оqxu• striped bass
r>iа tm| rªiа+tm| s#ordfish
vjwsjrва yоrmл• tro"t
r>iа sоu sxum{ t"na
i€ла r>iа w>k #hitefish
Pо/@р%.к' v@+;'' DVices
аuаwоu аu>w anise
iоw>лmq iаo>л>q basil
q>t>оu st>u cara#ayGc"min
qаrlаtоu qаrlаtоu cardamom
лƒs |mrвmu v>vmr qайmuwq>й vmrm{ cayenne pepper
лайqа rоtа}qа chamomile
qmrвmл qmrвmл• chervil
qоrmu оs {>qоr>€ qоrmu• {>qоr>€ chicory root
|>л> |>л> chili
qаumла qоr>{а cinnamon
qаrаty>л> kвоol>qа cloves
qоr>аuljr qоr>аulr coriander
qjr> qаrr> c"rry
qоvjr xqrоv dill
rmomum ymuzmл• fennel
|mwju |mwuоq !arlic
ln>uln>y>л >ti>r• !in!er
k>uqо k>uqkо !ink!o
zr€u zrmu horseradish
qаy€в> tоrwq> воlоrаwл> ixrа€ воlоrоwл• kelp
r>kаu tайоrаu marJoram
>ul>йwqо оrmz|m txwqаs n"tme!
wx}mu r>kаu оrmkаuо ore!ano
|mrвmu v>vmr vаvr>qа paprika
tаklаuоo vmsrx}qа parsley
v>vmr vmrm{ pepper
tmusа t€sа „vmrm|uа€… peppermint
tаqово wmtm tаq poppy seed
}аyrаu }аyrаu saffron
krаl>uwq> |ай }алymй sa!e
wол wол• salt
wxwаt qxunxs sesame
krаl>uwqа tmusа t€sа „qxr|ава€… spearmint
vоlvrавq> wvm{>> spices
tа~mrqа s>t•€u thyme
qxrqxtа qxrqxtа t"rmeric
a+,о aB,о Xeat
tmwо t€wо meat
imqоu imqоu bacon
kовmnlо kов€l>uа beef
v>лm}qо qxrа chicken
vаsm}qо xsqа d"ck
аkum}qо iаrаu>uа lamb
wв>uwqо wв>u>uа pork
lоtа}u> vs>{> vs>{а po"ltry
oаmq qrол>q rabbit
vxйqа >ulmйqа t"rkey
smлm}qо smл€s>uа veal
mлmuово олmu>uа venison
qайtа yаr} minced meat
}u>{mл }u>{mл• schnitpel
i>ysmq wsmйq steak
yр%<'-+&<' ,-ок' J%к%&+B (rocer5
zrаu>smлu> wsоq> iаqалm€ !rocery
oаzаr wаzаr s"!ar
zл€i zлmi bread
rjnmu zл€i rnаuой zлmi rye bread
rjnmu лmqо q>wmл zл€i zлmi >o krxiой rnаuой txq> p"mpernickel bread
овmwmu zл€i zлmi >o овwа oat bread
iаuаuов zл€i iаuаuовªй zлmi banana bread
i€л zл€i imлªй zлmi #hite bread
zл€i оs |mruо irа}uо {mл•uоomruовой zлmi #hole #heat bread
tалqа yrаuomла ixло|qа roll
w>t>l wlоiuа€ ixло|qа b"n
}xuqа вms|>uа ham
vx}muа }xuqа qоv|muа€ вms|>uа smoked ham
uаr€oаu uа y>л>> в uаrmoqm sliced
uаlmu>{а qолiаwа sa"sa!e
qа}qавал wªr cheese
w>u qа}qавал kолxiой wªr bl"e cheese
Plаt ®lаt dam
`mlаr |mllmr 5heddar
aвmй{аrwqо }вmй{аrwq>й /#iss
Xrоволоum vrоволоu• 8rovolone
Vо{аrmла tо{{аrmлла 2opparella
Vƒuwsjr tƒuwsmr 2"enster
Trmtа wл>во|uªй wªr cream cheese
Lr> ir> .rie
Tаtmtimr qаtаtimr 5amembert
Vоusmrmй Onаq Vоusmrrmй+Onmq 2onterrey §ack
tаwло tаwло b"tter
q>wmло tл€qо йоkxrs yo!"rt
€й{а €й{а e!!s
tл€qо tолоqо milk
kоr|>{а kоr|>{а m"stard
tайоumoа tайоumo mayonnaise
qms|xv qms|xv ketch"p
lrmw>uk „wоw… wоxwGoаvrавqа lл€ wалаsа dressin!
omzs>u ол>вqовоm tаwло olive oil
Yxwq> lrmw>uk rxwwq>й wоxw 3"ssian dressin!
lrmw>uk [аxojul Kйлjul wоxw <[ªw€|а оwsrовов< )ho"sand Island dressin!
Иsал>аuwq> lrmw>uk >sал•€uwq>й wоxw Italian dressin!
wоw oа iаrimqƒ wоxw iаrimqƒ barbec"e sa"ce
sаiаwqо sаiаwqо )abasco
wоmв wоw wоmвªй wоxw soy sa"ce
о{ms xqwxw vine!ar
€lq> оrm}q> n"ts
iаlmt> t>ulал• almonds
qоqоwов оrmz qоqоw cocon"t
лm}u>qG{аr>krаlwq> лm}u>q yxulxq hapeln"tGfilberts
yjwsj{> аrаz>w pean"ts
}аt+yjwsj{> y>wsа}q> pistachios
Lrаo>лwq> sr>jkjлu> оrmz> irаo>л•wq>й оrmz .rapil n"ts
оrmz> krm{q>m оrmz> #aln"ts
qmwsmu> qа}sаuª chestn"ts
аtmr>qаuwq> оrmz> оrmz> vmqаu pecans
ojrumu> zrаu> oлаq> cereals
iоuiоu> qоuymsа candy
}оqолаl }оqолаl chocolate
}оqолаlов vxl>uk }оqолаluªй vxl>uk chocolate p"ddin!
}оqолаlова sоrsа }оqолаluªй sоrs chocolate cake
wtmsаuа wл>вq> cream
€й|mu qrmt oаваruой qrmt c"stard
wлаlолml tоrоnmuоm ice cream
sоvqа wлаlолml }аr>q „tоrоnmuоkо… scoop
qu>nuа |>u>€ ixtаnuа€ sаrmлqа paper plate
qu>nuа |а}а ixtаnuªй wsаqаu|>q paper c"p
vлаwstаwов> лjn>{> vлаws>qовªm лоnq> plastic spoons
vлаwstаwов> в>л>{> vлаws>qовªm в>лq> plastic forks
vлаwstаwов> |>u>> vлаws>qовªm sаrmлq> plastic plates
vлаwstаwов> |а}> vлаws>qовªm wsаqаu|>q> plastic c"ps
h+[%&коnо&<' <%@'-к' h+[%&коKо&i<c+ <%@'-к' Doft )rinHs
uаv>sq> uаv>sq> drinks
|ай |ай tea
i>лqов |ай srав€uой |ай herbal tea
nаwt>uов |ай nаwt>uовªй |ай Jasmine tea
omлmu |ай omлmuªй |ай !reen tea
wsxlmu |ай |ай wо л•lоt iced tea
wоq wоq J"ice
vоrsоqалов wоq аvmл•w>uовªй wоq oran!e J"ice
vлоlов wоq yrxqsовªй wоq fr"it J"ice
qxs>€ wоq qоrоiqа wоqа bo& of J"ice
w>rоv oа rаormnlаum wqво} s¦"ash
л>tоuаlа л>tоuаl lemonade
tлm|mu }mйq tоло|uªй qоqsmйл• milk shake
tл€qо imo qайtаq оimon>rmuuоm tолоqо skimmed milk
t>umrалuа воlа t>umrал•uа€ воlа mineral #ater
ixs>л>rаuа воlа воlа в ixsªлqаz bottled #ater
kаo>rаuа воlа kаo>rоваuuа€ воlа sparklin! #ater
vлаu>uwqа >oвоruа воlа воlа >o kоruªz >wsо|u>qов mo"ntain sprin! #ater
kаo>rаuа воlа wоlова€ soda „#ater…
sоu>q sоu>q tonic
qаym qоym coffee
qаqао qаqао cocoa
r&коnо& r&коKо&i ^lcohol
алqоzол алqоkол• alcohol
i>rа v>во beer
sjtuа i>rа smtuоm v>во dark beer
вuоwuа i>rа >tvоrsuоm v>во imported beer
tmwsuа i>rа tmwsuоm v>во local beer
wвmsла i>rа wвmsлоm v>во la!er beer
лmqа i>rа лmkqоm v>во li!ht beer
w>лuа sjtuа i>rа wsаxs sto"t
v}mu>|uа i>rа v}mu>|uоm v>во #heat beer
vоrsmr vоrsmr porter
аukл>йwqа wвmsла i>rа ®л• ale
wайlmr w>lr cider
}аtvаuwqо }аtvаuwqоm 5hampa!ne
в>uо в>uо #ine
вmrtxs вmrtxs vermo"th
wxz вmrtxs wxzой вmrtxs dry vermo"th
Vаrs>u> tаrs>u> 2artini
Lаqаrl> iаqаrl> .acardi
л>q•оr л>qmr li¦"e"r
ijriju ixriоu bo"rbon
irmul> irmul> brandy
qоu€q qоu•€q co!nac
ln>u ln>u !in
wqо| wqоs| scotch
smq>ла smq>ла te¦"ila
воlqа воlqа vodka
x>wq> в>wq> #hiskey
S р+,-ор%<-%: 1+[+-% S р+,-ор%<+: [%к0,к' ^t the restaurant: aVVetizers
oаqxwq> appetipersGentr¶esGstartersGsnacks
wолms> qrmulmл•q> pretpels
|>vw qаrsоymл•uªm |>vwª potato chips
i>rmu> €lq> оrm}q> q v>вx beer n"ts
vrmvm|mu zл€i sоws toast
zrxvqав vrmvm|mu zл€i zrxws€~>й sоws crisp toast
|mwuов zл€i |mwuо|uªй zлmi !arlic bread
wалаsа wалаs salad
wалаsmu iаr wалаs+iаr salad bar
wалаsаsа uа kлавu>€ kоsва| }my+wалаs chef*s salad
krj{qа wалаsа krm|mwq>й wалаs ,reek salad
omлmuа wалаsа omлmuªй wалаs !reen salad
wалаsа _moаr wалаs <_moаr•< 5aesar salad
vлоlова wалаsа yrxqsовªй wалаs fr"it salad
qаrsоymuа wалаsа qаrsоymл•uªй wалаs potato salad
omлmва wалаsа qаvxwsuªй wалаs colesla#
qоqsmйл оs wqаr>l> qоqsmйл• >o qrmвmsоq shrimp cocktail
oаlx}mu> wsr>l> xwsr>|uªй wаlоq oyster ste#
оtлms оtлms omelet
rоzq> ваrmu> €й{а €й{а вwt€sqx soft+boiled e!!s
sвjrlо wваrmu> €й{а €й{а вqrxsxƒ hard+boiled e!!s
qоruyлmйqw qxqxrxouªm zлоv•€ cornflakes
овmwmuа qа}а овw€uа€ qа}а oatmeal
v>лm}q> qr>л{а qxr>uªm qrªлª}q> chicken #in!s
zаtixrkmr kаtixrkmr hamb"r!er
wаulв>| ixsmrirоl sand#ich
wаulв>| wjw w•оtkа ixsmrirоl w лоwоwmt salmon sand#ich
wаulв>| wjw wаrl>uа ixsmrirоl w wаrl>uаt> sardine sand#ich
qлxi wаulв>| qлаi+w®ulв>| cl"b sand#ich
|>йoixrkmr |>oixrkmr cheeseb"r!er
zоs+lоk zоs+lоk hot do!
qmiаv qmiаi kebab
S р+,-ор%<-%: ,0@% S р+,-ор%<+: ,0@ ^t the restaurant: souV
vjrво €ws>m vmrвоm iлƒlо first co"rse
wxvаGixл•оu t€wuой ixл•оu brothGstock
v>лm}qа wxvа qxr>uªй wxv chicken so"p
qrmt wxvа wxv+vƒrm cream so"p
wxvа оs irоqол> wxv >o irоqqол> broccoli so"p
kjimuа wxvа kr>iuой wxv m"shroom so"p
lоtаsmuа wxvа sоtаsuªй wxv tomato so"p
лx|muа wxvа лxqовªй wxv onion so"p
s>qвmuа wxvа wxv >o sªqвª p"mpkin so"p
wxvа оs wx}mu krаz kоrоzовªй wxv split pea so"p
iоimuа wxvа yаwолmвªй wxv bean so"p
wxvа оs kовmnlа оvа}qа wxv >o iª|•>z zвоwsов o&tail so"p
kаwvа|о kаwvа|о !appacho
kовmnl> ixл•оu qоuwоtm >o kов€l>uª beef consomm¶
qrmt wxvа оs rа{> wxv+vƒrm >o лаukxwsа crayfish bis¦"e
t>lmuа wxvа vоzлmiqа >o tоллƒwqов clam cho#der
{аrmв>|uа wxvа qxqxrxouа€ vоzлmiqа corn cho#der
S р+,-ор%<-%: о,<о.<о B,-'+ S р+,-ор%<+: о,<о.<о+ J&w/о ^t the restaurant: 7ain course
оwuовuо €ws>m вsоrоm iлƒlо main co"rse
v>лm}q> kjrl> qxr>uа€ krxlqа chicken breast
vxm}q> kjrl> krxlqа >ulmйq> t"rkey breast
kjrl> krxl>uа brisket
y>лm y>лmйGi>y}smqw filet
ijirm{> vо|q> kidneys
qаrm y>лm loin
rmirа rmirа ribs
y>лm оs kjriа wmlло saddle
wв>uwq> rmirа wв>uªm rmirª}q> spareribs
y>лm вªrmoqа tenderloin
mo>q €oªq ton!"e
vjrnола оsi>вuа€ chop
qjл{аu i>ysmq оsi>вuа€ chopped steak
qоsлms qоsлmsа c"tlet
}u>{mл ®wqалоv escalope
y>лm t>u•оu i>y}smqw >o вªrmoq> filet mi!non
y>лm wsmйq y>лm+wsmйq filet steak
kxла} kxл€} !o"lash
rxло Zsmyаu> t€wuой rxлms meatloaf
oаlx}muо tmwо sx}muоm t€wо pot roast
kовmnlо oаlx}muо rаkx >o kов€l>uª beef ste#
аkum}qо oаlx}muо rаkx >o iаrаu>uª lamb ste#
oаm}qо oаlx}muо yr>qаwm >o qrол>qа rabbit ste#
i•оy Zsrоkаuов imywsrоkаuов beef stro!anoff
ваrmuо kовmnlо ваrmuа€ kов€l>uа boiled beef
ваrmu mo>q ваrmuªй €oªq boiled ton!"e
ваrmu оtаr ваrmuªй лоiwsmr boiled lobster
ваrmuо kовmnlо wjw omлm ваrmuа€ kов€l>uа w qаvxwsой boiled beef and cabba!e
v>лm}q> vай v>rоk w qxr>{mй chicken pie
vm|muо kовmnlо rоwsi>y roast beef
vm|muо v>лm nаrqоm >o qxr>{ª roast chicken
vm|muа vаs>{а nаrqоm >o xsq> roast d"ck
wв>uwqо vm|muо nаrqоm >o wв>u>uª roast pork
vm|muа vxйqа nаrqоm >o >ulmйq> roast t"rkey
smлm}qо vm|muо nаrqоm >o smл€s>uª roast veal
}вmй{аrwq> wsmйq }вmй{аrwq>й wsmйq /#iss steak
i>ysmq „kовmnlа vjrnола… wsmйq uа qоwsо|qm )+bone steak
wsmйq r>i+ай wsmйq >o wв>uªz rmirª}mq rib eye steak
vm|muа }xuqа oаvm|muuа€ вms|>uа baked ham
vjrnmuо v>лm nаrmuа€ qxr>{а fried chicken
vjrnmu в s>kаu i>ysmq wsmйq, nаrmuuªй в tаwлm pan+fried steak
kаru>r side dishGside orderG!arnish
vjrnmu> qаrsоy> qаrsоymл• yr> Crench fries
ƒyqа лаv}а noodles
oаvjrnmu vrаo sx}muªй лxq braised leeks
vƒrm vƒrm p"r¶e
оr>o r>w rice
vm|mu iоi sx}muа€ yаwол• baked beans
vm|mu> qаrsоy> oаvm|muuªй qаrsоymл• scalloped potatoes
ваrmu> qаrsоy> ваrmuªй qаrsоymл• boiled potatoes
vаwsа vаwsа pasta
tаqаrоu> tаqаrоuª macaroni
wvаkms> wvаkmss> spa!hetti
rав>ол> rав>ол> ravioli
л>ukx>u> л>ukв>u> lin!"ini
y>lmGwvаkms>u> вmrt>}mл• vermicelliGan!el hair
v>{а v>{{а pippa
pan pippa vаu+v>{{а pan pippa
w lmimла qоr>|qа vª}uоm smwsо thick cr"st
w sjuqа qоr>|qа sоuqоm smwsо thin cr"st
sоv>uk uа|>uqа toppin!
wалаt Xmvmrоum vmvvmrоu> pepperoni
vm|muо vm|muªй baked
vr>kоsвmuо uа iаrimqƒ iаrimqƒ barbec"ed
ваrmuо ваrmuªй boiled
oаvjrnmuо sx}muªй braised
в kалmsа vаu>rоваuuªй breaded
оzлаlmuо оzлаnlmuuªй chilled
qjл{аuо rxiлmuªй chopped
wkоsвmuо vо vоrj|qа vr>kоsовлmuuªй uа oаqаo cooked to order
vjrnmuо вjв yr>sƒru>q во yr>sƒrm deep+fried
vr€wuо wвmn>й fresh
vjrnmuо nаrmuªй fried
vm|muо uа kr>л kr>л• !rilled
lоtа}uо lоtа}u>й homemade
wsоvmuо vлавлmuªй melted
vƒrm в в>lm vƒrm mashed
uа qайtа в в>lm yаr}а minced
vjrnmuо в s>kаu оinаrmuuªй „uа wqовоrоlm… pan+fried
uа о|> vа}оs poached
vm|muо oаvm|muuªй roasted
vx}muо qоv|muªй smoked
vоlvrавmuоGлƒsо оwsrªй spicyGhot
oаlx}muо yr>qаwm ste#ed
vjлumuо yаr}>rоваuuªй st"ffed
umlоvm|muо wªrой rare
wrmluо оvm|muо wrmlumvrоnаrmuuªй medi"m
vrmvm|muо zоrо}о vrоnаrmuuªй #ell done
S р+,-ор%<-%: /+,+р- S р+,-ор%<+: /+,+р- ^t the restaurant: )essert
lmwmrs lmwmrs dessert
tmлiа w iаuаu iаuаuовªй wvл>s banana split
ваu>л>€ ваu>л• vanilla
yrxqs>mrа w vлоlовm yrxqsª fr"it plate
vm|muа €ijлqа oаvm|muuоm €iлоqо baked apple
qxrаi>йq> vm|mu•m cookies
sоrsа sоrs cake
vлоlов i>wqв>smu wлаlq>} yrxqsовªй v>rоk cobbler
vлоlова v>sа yлаu „оsqrªsªй v>rоk… flan
yrmuwq> wлаlq> v>rоnuоm Crench pastry
qrоаwаu qrxаwwаu croissant
q>yла wlоiuа€ ixло|qа w uа|>uqой m"ffin
vала|>uqа iл>u pancake
vлоlов vай v>rоk lоtа}u>й tart
vай v>rоk pie
оrmzов vай v>rоk w оrmzаt> pecan pie
€ijлqов vай €iло|uªй v>rоk apple pie
€ijлqов ~rxlmл €iло|uªй }srxlmл• apple str"del
|>йoqmйq |>oqmйq cheesecake
ln>uln>y>лов wлаlq>} vr€u>qGqовr>nqа !in!erbread
w>rоv w>rоv syr"p
wоw оs |mrвmu> iоrов>uq> qлƒqвmuuªй w>rоv cranberry sa"ce
qлmuов w>rоv qлmuовªй w>rоv maple syr"p
qоuy>sƒr lnmtGваrmu•m Jam
nmлm nmлm Jelly
vxl>uk vxl>uk p"ddin!
S р+,-ор%<-%: <%@'-к' S р+,-ор%<+: <%@'-к' ^t the restaurant: )rinHs
imoалqоzолuо imoалqоkол•uªй alcohol+free
qоqsmйл qоqsmйл• cocktail
wtmwmu wtm}аuuªй blended
rаoi>s вoiолsаuuªй stirred
в }mйqjr vr>kоsовлmuuªй в }mйqmrm shaken
аvmr>s>в аvmr>s>в aperitif
kол€tо v>s>m лоuk+lr>uq lon! drink
tалqо v>s>m }оrs+lr>uq short drink
|а}qа kлоsоq shot
i€ло в>uо imлоm в>uо #hite #ine
kаo>rаuо в>uо >kr>wsоm в>uо sparklin! #ine
wлаlqо в>uо wлаlqоm в>uо s#eet #ine
wxzо в>uо wxzоm в>uо dry #ine
|mrвmuо в>uо qrаwuоm в>uо red #ine
в>uо rоoe rоoовоm в>uо ros¶ #ine
uал>вuа i>rа iо|qовоm v>во draft beer
uаv>sq> uаv>sq> bevera!es
umw qаym rаwsвоr>tªй qоym instant coffee
y>лsjr qаym
qоym, vr>kоsовлmuuªй в
qоymваrqm w y>л•srоt
filter coffee
|mruо qаym |mruªй qоym „imo tолоqа… black coffee
qаvx|>uо qаvvx|>uо capp"ccino
imoqоym>uово qаym qоym imo qоym>uа decaffeinated coffee
mqwvrmwо ®wvrmwwо espresso
yrаvm yrаvvm frappe
kоrm~ }оqолаl kоr€|>й }оqолаl hot chocolate
w qаumла w qоr>{mй #ith cinnamon
wjw wtmsаuа wо wл>вqаt> #ith cream
w лml wо л•lоt #ith ice
w л>tоu w л>tоuоt #ith lemon
wjw oаzаr w wаzаrоt #ith s"!ar
=а vаoаrXоqxvq> /hoppin!
m<Mор1%;'B m<Mор1%;'B Unfor7ation
Tjlm m sjrkовwq>€s {musjr@ Nlm olmw• sоrkовªй {musr@ Dhere is the shoppin! area@
Tjlm m kлавu>€s sjrkовwq>
Nlm kлавuа€ sоrkова€ oоuа@ Dhere is the main shoppin! district@
Tjlm m uай+iл>oqаsа
Nlm iл>nай}>й qu>nuªй
Dhere is the nearest bookstore@
Tоkа оsваr€sm@ Tоklа вª оsqrªваmsmw•@ Dhen do yo" open@
Tоkа оsваr€ sоo> tаkаo>u@
Tоklа оsqrªваmsw€ ®sоs
Dhen does this store open@
Oо qолqо |аwа rаiоs>sm vrmo
lmлu>|u>sm lu>@
Oо wqол•q> вª оsqrªsª в
rаiо|>m lu>@
Ho# late are yo" open on #eekdays@
Иtа л> ta&+free tаkаo>u
Xоiл>oоws> mws• tаkаo>u
imwvо}л>uuой sоrkовл>@
Is there a ta&+free shop nearby@
Иtа л> xu>вmrwалmu tаkаo>u
Xоiл>oоws> mws• xu>вmrtаk@ Is there a department store nearby@
=а qой msаn wа zrаu>smлu>sm
=а qаqоt ®sаnm
vrоlовол•wsвmuuªй оslmл@
'n #hich floor is the food department@
Tо> wа zаrаqsmru>sm oа krаlа
Tаq>t> sоваrаt> wлав>sw€ ®sоs
Dhat are some specialty items of the
Tjlm tоkа lа kо qxv€@ Nlm ®sо tоnuо qxv>s•@ Dhere can I b"y it@
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
аus>qваrmu tаkаo>u аus>qваruªй tаkаo>u anti¦"e store
qu>nаru>{а qu>nuªй tаkаo>u bookstore
аvsmqа аvsmqа dr"!store
vав>л>оu oа вmwsu>{> kаomsuªй q>оwq ne#sstand
yоsо tаkаo>u tаkаo>u yоsоsоваrов camera store
tаkаo>u oа lrmz> tаkаo>u оlmnlª clothin! store
xu>вmrwалmu tаkаo>u xu>вmrtаk department store
tаkаo>u oа оixвq> оixвuой tаkаo>u shoe store
tаkаo>u oа wvоrsu> wsоq> wvоrs>вuªй tаkаo>u sportin! !oods store
tаkаo>u oа vоlаrj{>Gwxвmu>r> vоlаrq>Gwxвmu>rª !iftGso"venir shop
tаkаo>u oа >krа|q> tаkаo>u >krx}mq toy store
tаkаo>u oа olrавоwловu>
tаkаo>u olоrовой v>~> health food store
i>nxsmr>mu tаkаo>u ƒвmл>ruªй tаkаo>u Je#elry store
vаoаr rªuоq market
t>u>tаrqms t>u>+tаrqms minimarket
wxvmrtаrqms wxvmrtаrqms s"permarket
z>vmrtаrqms k>vmrtаrqms hypermarket
sjrkовwq> qоtvлmqwGsjrkовwq>
sоrkовªй {musr mallGshoppin! center
lаtwq> оiлmqла nmuwqа€ оlmnlа ladies#ear
tjnq> оiлmqла txnwqа€ оlmnlа mens#ear
lmswqо оiлmqло lmswqа€ оlmnlа children*s #ear
lаtwqо imл•о nmuwqоm u>numm imл•m lin!erie
sr>qоsаn sr>qоsаnG|xло|uªm >olmл>€ hosiery
vлmsmuо оiлmqло sr>qоsаn knit#ear
wvалuо оiлmqло uо|uа€ оlmnlа sleep#ear
rаiоsuо вrmtm |аwª rаiоsª b"sinessGopenin! ho"rs
оsвоrmuо оsqrªsо open
oаsвоrmuо oаqrªsо closed
Wsвоrmuо {€л lmu Wsqrªsо вmw• lmu• 'pen all day
Rаsвоrmuо oа оi€l Xmrmrªв uа оiml 5losed for l"nch
rаovrоlаniа rаwvrоlаnа в wв€o> w oаqrªs>mt closin! saleGli¦"idation sale
sоsалuа rаovrоlаniа sоsал•uа€ rаwvrоlаnа clearance sale
sprin!G#interG5hristmas sale
Wiwлxnваum uа qл>mus> Klt>u>wsrаsоr 5"stomer service
Tаwа Tаwwа 5ash desk
Xлаsmsm sxq Xлаs>s• olmw• 8ay here
qаrsа uа msаnа vлаu ®sаnа floor map
uаtалmu>m wq>lqа disco"nt
vоlаrjq vоlаrоq !ift
rаovrоlаniа rаwvrоlаnа sale
:J,&0A.%<+ :J,&0A'.%<'+ DerWice
Zаtо rаokлmnlаt% f vrоwsо wtоsrƒ% I*m J"st lookin! aro"nd%
[ова wqjvо л> m@ -sо lоrоkо@ Is this e&pensive@
Иtаsm л> %%%@ \ ваw mws• %%%@ Bo yo" have %%%@
Иwqаt %%% Vum uxnuо %%% I #ant %%%
L>z >wqал %%% f zоsmл iª %%% I #o"ld like %%%
L>z >wqал lа в>l€ %%% f zоsmл iª vоwtоsrms• %%% I #o"ld like to see %%%
Vол€, vоqаnmsm t> %%% Xоqаn>sm, vоnалxйwsа %%% 8lease sho# me %%%
[jrw€ %%% f >~x %%% I*m lookin! for %%%
Иtаsm л> qаsо sова@ \ ваw mws• sаqой nm@ Bo yo" have one like this@
Иtаsm л> w vо+lоirо
\ ваw mws• sаqоm nm, uо лx|}mkо
Bo yo" have one of better ¦"ality@
Иtаsm л> vо+kол€t@
\ ваw mws• sаqоm nm, uо
Bo yo" have a lar!er one@
Иtаsm л> um~о vо+mвs>uо@
\ ваw mws• |sо+u>ixl•
Bo yo" have anythin! cheaper@
Tой rаotmr m sова@ Tаqой ®sо rаotmr@ Dhat sipe is this@
Vоnmsm л> lа vrовmr>sm qой
rаotmr wjt аo@
Mª tоnmsm wu€s• w tmu€ tmrqx@ 5an yo" check my sipe@
Vоnmsm л> lа vrmtmr>sm
ljлn>uаsа uа rjqаsа t>@
=m tоkл> iª Mª >otmr>s• tum
lл>ux rxqава@
5an yo" meas"re my sleeve len!th@
Иtаsm л> оs sова в vо+kол€t
\ ваw mws• rаotmr vоiол•}m@ Is it available in a bi!!er sipe@
Иtаsm л> vо+mвs>u@ \ ваw mws• vоlm}mвлm@ Is there a less e&pensive one@
Иtаsm л> в lrxk {в€s@ \ ваw mws• lrxk>m {вmsа@ Bo yo" have it in any other colors@
L>z >wqал lа в>l€ vо+wвmsjл
f zоsmл iª vоwtоsrms• iолmm
wвmsлªй оssmuоq%
I #o"ld like to see a li!hter shade%
Vол€, vоqаnmsm t> lrxk%
Xоqаn>sm tum lrxkой,
8lease sho# me another one%
Vол€, oаvаomsm t> sова%
Wsлоn>sm lл€ tmu€ воs ®s>
вm~>, vоnалxйwsа%
8lease p"t this on hold for me%
Vоnmsm л> lа vоrj|аsm tо€
rаotmr oа tmu@
Mª tоnmsm oаqаoаs• tой rаotmr@ 5an yo" order my sipe for me@
Tоkа ~m vолx|аваsm uова
Tоklа x ваw vо€в>sw€ uова€
Dhen #ill yo" !et ne# stock@
[аo> wsоqа qоkа ~m ijlm uа
Tоklа ®sо vоvаlms uа
Dhen #ill this item !o on sale@
bm вomtа sова% f imrx ®sо% I*ll take this%
Vоnm л> lа vолx|а qxs>€@
Vоnuо vоvrоw>s• vоlаrо|uxƒ
5o"ld I have a !ift bo&@
Vоnm л> lа t> kо оvаqоваsm@
Xоnалxйwsа, oавmru>sm ®sо в
vоlаrо|uxƒ xvаqовqx%
5an yo" please !ift+#rap this for me@
Wvаqовайsm k> vо оslmлuо,
Rавmru>sm qаnlªй оslmл•uо,
Drap them separately, please%
^xiаво m, uо m tалqо wqjvо% -sо umvлоzо, uо lоrоkоваsо% It*s !ood, b"t it*s a little e&pensive%
=m tоkа lа w> vоoвол€ lа qxv€
f um tоkx vоoвол>s• wmim
qxv>s• ®sо%
I can*t afford to b"y this%
bm kо >ovrаs>sm л> lо zоsmла
w qаwоваsа imлmnqа@
Wsо}л>sm ®sо, vоnалxйwsа, в
kоws>u>{x w |mqоt%
Dill yo" send it to the hotel #ith a
L>zsm л> kо >ovrаs>л> lumw@
=m tоkл> iª Mª оsvrав>s• ®sо
Do"ld yo" please send it today@
Vоnmsm л> lа kо >ovrаs>sm@ Vоnmsm ®sо оsоwлаs•@ 5an yo" send it@
bm kо >ovrаs>sm л> lо tо€
=m tоkл> iª Mª оsоwлаs• ®sо в
tоƒ kоws>u>{x@
Dill yo" send it to my hotel@
bm vrmvrаs>sm л> vоqxvq>sm
t> lо lоtа}u>€ t> аlrmw@
Mª tоnmsm оsvrав>s• vоqxvq>
uа tой lоtа}u>й аlrmw@
Dill yo" for#ard my p"rchases to my
home address@
L>z >wqал lа tx wm vоwsав>
Zlmлайsm uа ®sоt tоuоkrаttx% I #o"ld like to have this mono!rammed%
Иwqаt >u>{>ал>sm t> вjrzx
Mªkrав>rxйsm, vоnалxйwsа, tо>
I #ant my initials on this%
Vоnm л> lа kо вomtа@ Vоnuо ®sо oаirаs•@ 2ay I pick it "p@
bm wm вjruа vо+qjwuо% f oайlx vоvоonm% I #ill come back later%
uр+n' :/+A/% Qlothing
L>z >wqал qоwsƒt vо vоrj|qа% Vum uxnmu qоwsƒt uа oаqаo% I #o"ld like a c"stom+made s"it%
Иtаsm л> vоlzоl€~о wаqо oа
sоo> vаusалоu@
\ ваw mws• v>lnаq q ®s>t
Bo yo" have a Jacket to match these
Иwqаt v>nаtа% f zоsmл iª qxv>s• v>nаtx% I #o"ld like a pair of paJamas%
L>z >wqал lа kо vrоiваt% f zоsmл iª vr>tmr>s• воs ®sо% I*d like to try it on%
L>z >wqал lа vrоiваt > lваsа% f zоsmл iª vr>tmr>s• оiа% I #o"ld like to try both of them on%
Tjlm m vrоiuаsа@ Nlm vr>tmrо|uа€@ Dhere*s the fittin! room@
Zt€sаsm л>, |m sаo> tаsmr>€ m
Mª lxtаmsm, ®sоs tаsmr>ал
Bo yo" think this material is d"rable@
bm оvrав>sm л> ljлn>uаsа@ Mª vоlkоu>sm ®sо vо lл>um@ Dill yo" adJ"st the len!th@
Vоnmsm л> lа xljлn>sm sова@ Mª wlmлаmsm ®sо vоlл>uumm@ 5an yo" len!then this@
Zsава t>% Z>l>s oаtm|аsmл•uо% It fits #ell%
[вjrlm m s€wuо sxq% M ®sоt tmwsm wл>}qоt smwuо% It*s too ti!ht here%
=m t> wsава% -sо tum um wовwmt vоlzоl>s% It doesn*t ¦"ite fit me%
[вjrlm m qjw% Zл>}qоt qоrоsqоm% It*s too short%
Иwqаt um~о оs vаtxq% f zо|x |sо+u>ixl• >o zлоvqа% I #ant somethin! in cotton%
`>ws vаtxq л> m@ -sо |>wsªй zлоvоq@ Is it p"re cotton@
[jrw€ um~о imnово% f >~x |sо+u>ixl• imnmвоm% I*m lookin! for somethin! in bei!e%
=а rjqа л> wm vmrm@ -sо uxnuо ws>rаs• вrx|uxƒ@ Is it hand #ashable@
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
}>sо vо vоrj|qа uа oаqаo tailor+made
iлxoа iлxoqа blo"se
r>oа rxiа}qа shirt
smu>wqа yxsiолqа )+shirt
wx>s|jr yxyайqа s#eatshirt
r>oа imo rjqав> imorxqавqаGtайqа sleeveless
r>oа w qjw> rjqав> vоло polo „shirt…
vоло wв>smr w воrоsu>qоt t"rtleneck
€qm v>lnаqGqxrsqа Jacket
ln>uw> ln>uwª Jeans
vаusалоu> irƒq> pants
kаtа}> лmkk>uwª le!!in!s
sr> |msвjrs> vаusалоu> qаvr> capri
}оrs> }оrsª shorts
vаusалоu> оs qаl>ym ir>ln> cord"roy
vола ƒiqа skirt
mлmq n>лms vest
i>q>u> i>q>u> bikini
vrа}q> t>u>+i>q>u> thon! bikini
lолu> kа~msа srxwª "nderpants
imл•о u>numm imл•m "nder#ear
wл>vовm srxwª briefs
iоqwmr> iоqwmrª bo&er shorts
qjw> |оrаv> uоwq> socks
vлxвq> vлавq> s#immin! tr"nks
iаuwq> qоwsƒt qxvал•uªй qоwsƒt s#ims"it
wxs>mu iƒwskал•smr bra
qаt>oола qоysо|qа camisole
iлxoа sоv top
qmvm qmvqа cap
}аvqа }аvqа hat
ljnlоirаu vла~ raincoat
vалsо vал•sо coat
lmimл sоvjл vxловmr wв>smr s#eater
vxловmr vxловmr p"llover
vлаs sqаu• fabric
vаtxq zлоvоq cotton
qоvr>uа }mлq silk
аqr>л аqr>л acrylic
vол>mwsmr vол>®wsmr polyester
вjлuа }mrws• #ool
лmu лmu linen
vол>аt>l vол>аt>l polyamide
uайлоu umйлоu nylon
л>qrа лайqrа lycra
wvаulmqw wvаulmqw spande&
rj|uа >orаiоsqа rx|uой rаiоsª handmade
kол€tо „9… iол•}ой „FŸ+IH… lar!e „9…
tалqо „/… tалmu•q>й „F1+FF… small „/…
wrmluо „2… wrmlu>й „FF+FŸ… medi"m „2…
tuоkо kол€tо „´9… о|mu• iол•}ой „IH+I1… e&tra lar!e „´9…
ljлjk rjqав lл>uuªй rxqав lon! sleeve
qjw rjqав qоrоsq>й rxqав short sleeve
rк,+,о%р' rк,+,,0%рc ^ccessories
L>zsm л> t> vоqаoал> >oiоr оs
qоvr>umu> вrаsовrjoq>@
=m tоkл> iª Mª vоqаoаs• tum,
qаq>m x ваw mws• }mлqовªm
5o"ld yo" sho# me a selection of silk
Wvаw€ваt wm, |m sаo>
вrаsовrjoqа m sвjrlm
Lоƒw•, ®sоs kалwsxq wл>}qоt
I*m afraid this tie is too plain%
Vол€, vоqаnmsm t>
вrаsовrjoqа uа rайm%
Xоqаn>sm tum kалwsxq в
vолоwqx, vоnалxйwsа%
8lease sho# me a tie #ith stripes%
L>z >wqал lа в>l€ qоtvлmqs
Vum uxnmu uаiоr lоrоnuªz
I #o"ld like to see a practical set of
[ова >ws>uwqа qоnа л> m@ -sо uаsxrал•uа€ qоnа@ Is this !en"ine leather@
L>z >wqал qоnmu vоrsymйл% f >~x vоrstоum >o qоn>% I*d like a leather #allet%
L>z >wqал |>ys qоv|msа oа
Vum uxnuª oаvоuq>% I #o"ld like a pair of c"fflinks%
[mo> о|>ла wа sвjrlm wлаi> oа
-s> о|q> lл€ tmu€ wл>}qоt
)hese !lasses are too #eak for me%
L>z >wqал lа vrоiваt u€qо>
vо+w>лu> о|>ла%
f zоsmл iª vr>tmr>s• о|q>
I #o"ld like to try some stron!er !lasses%
Иtаsm л> vаtx|u> qjw>
\ ваw mws• zлоv|аsоixtаnuªm
Bo yo" have cotton socks@
Vоnm л> |>ys qjw> |оrаv>@ Vоnuо tum vаrx uоwqов@ 2ay I have a pair of socks@
Ws qаqjв vлаs m@ Иo |mkо ®sо wlmлаuо@ Dhat material is it made of@
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
аqwmwоаr> аqwmwwxаrª accessories
>ws>uwqа qоnа uаsxrал•uа€ qоnа !en"ine leather
>t>sа{>€ uа qоnа qоnoаtmu>smл• imitation leather
tmqа qоnа t€kqа€ qоnа soft leather
sвjrlа qоnа nmwsqа€ qоnа hard leather
uоwuа qjrv>|qа uоwовой vлаsоq handkerchief
qjrvа oа kлава kоловuой vлаsоq headkerchief
}аrmuа qjrvа iаulаuа bandana
qолаu rmtmu•Gvо€w belt
вrаsовrjoqа kалwsxq tie
о|>ла о|q> eye!lasses
rjqав>{> vmr|аsq> !loves
|аusа wxtqа ba!
rаu>{а rƒqoаq backpack
rj|uа |аusа wxtо|qа handba!
|аusа oа qu>nа vоrsymл• briefcase
qалjy oа |mqова qu>nqа оiлоnqа lл€ |mqовой qu>nq> checkbook cover
}ал }аry scarf
|аljr oоus "mbrella
vоrsymйлGvоrstоum vоrstоum, ixtаnu>q #allet
rj|uа |аusаGlаtwqа |аusа lаtwqа€ wxtо|qа p"rse
:J0.к' :J0.i Dhoes
L>z >wqал lа в>l€ |>ys
оixвq> oа tоt|m%
Xоqаn>sm tum, vоnалxйwsа,
iоs>uq> lл€ tал•|>qа%
I #o"ld like to see a pair of boy*s shoes%
L>z >wqал |>ys лmq> лmsu>
Vum uxnuа vаrа лmkq>z лmsu>z
I #o"ld like a pair of li!ht#ei!ht s"mmer
[mo> wа sвjrlm kолmt>% Wu> wл>}qоt iол•}>m% )hese are too bi!%
Иtаsm л> vо+kол€t rаotmr@ \ ваw mws• rаotmr vоiол•}m@ Bo yo" have ones of a bi!!er sipe@
\i>ваs t>% Wu> tum ntxs% )hey pinch me%
[о|uо wа vо t€rqаsа t>% Wu> w>l€s uа tum qаq вл>sªm% )hey fit me like a !love%
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
iоsx}> iоs>uq> boots
tоqаw>u> tоqаw>uª moccasins
tоqаw>u> sxyл>+лоxymrª loafers
wаiо wаiо clo!s
tаrаsоuq> qrоwwовq> sneakers
|mzл> sаvо|q> slippers
оixвq> lmqолsm sxyл> uа qаiлxqm p"mps
оixвq> w qа>}qа оsoаl iоwоuоnq> slin!backs
wаulал> wаulал>> sandals
lnаvаuq> в•msuаtq> thon!s
вrjoqа oа оixвq> }uxrq> shoelace
оixвалqа лоnqа lл€ оixв> shoehorn
sоq|msа qаiлxq> heels
в>wоq> sоq|msа uа вªwоqоt qаiлxqm hi!h+heeled
u>wq> sоq|msа uа u>oqоt qаiлxqm lo#+heeled
rавu> imo qаiлxqа flat
в>wоq> sjuq> sоq|msа }v>л•qа spike heel
lmimла vоltmsqа vлаsyоrtа platform
Z&+к-ро<<' @р+/1+-' {&+к-ро-о.%рc Electronic articles
Иwqаt lа qxv€ аlаvsmr% f zо|x qxv>s• аlаvsmr% I #ant to b"y an adapter%
L>z >wqал lа в>l€ yоsоаvаrаs%
f zо|x вokл€uxs• uа
I #o"ld like to see a camera%
Vоnmsm л> lа t> vrmvоrj|аsm
zxiав yоsоаvаrаs@
Mª tоnmsm vоrmqоtmulоваs•
zоrо}>й yоsоаvvаrаs@
5an yo" recommend a !ood camera@
Иwqаt y>лt oа оwmt
t>л>tmsrова y>лtова qаtmrа%
Vum uxnuа vлmuqа lл€ Ÿ+
t>лл>tmsrовой q>uоqаtmrª%
I #o"ld like a film for an Ÿ millimeter
movie camera%
Иtаsm л> yоsоаvаrаs w
авsоtаs>|mu wвmsлоtmr@
\ Mаw mws• yоsоаvvаrаs w
Have yo" !ot a camera #ith an a"tomatic
li!ht meter@
L>z >wqал lа qxv€ 5B% f zо|x qxv>s• qоtvаqs+l>wq% I #o"ld like to b"y a 5B%
Иtаsm л> iаsmr>> oа ymumr@
\ Mаw mws• iаsаrmйq> lл€
Have yo" !ot any flashli!ht batteries@
Иwqаt u€qолqо lвайwms >
vmsваsов> qrx}q>%
Vum uxnuа vаrа 1I+ваssuªz
I #o"ld like to have a co"ple of 1I+#att
bm t> vоqаnmsm л> qаq
Xоqаn>sm, vоnалxйwsа, qаq
®s>t vол•oоваs•w€%
Dill yo" sho# me ho# to operate it@
Xrmlvо|>sаt vо+vrоws%
f vrmlvо|>sаƒ |sо+u>ixl•
I prefer a simpler style%
Иtа л> kаrаu{>€@ =а ®sо mws• kаrаus>€@ Is there a !"arantee@
bm kаrаus>rаsm л> oа
Mª lаmsm kаrаus>ƒ uа rmtоus@ Dill yo" !"arantee the repairs@
Иtа л> >uwsrxq{>> qjt umkо@ T ®sоtx mws• >uwsrxq{>€@ Boes it come #ith instr"ctions@
L>z nmлал {вmsmu y>лt% Vum uxnuа {вmsuа€ vлmuqа% I #o"ld like a color film%
Иtаsm л> {вmsmu y>лt@ \ ваw mws• {вmsuа€ vлmuqа@ Bo yo" have a color film@
[jrw€ авsоtаs>|mu
f >~x авsоtаs>|mwqxƒ qаtmrx% I*m lookin! for an a"tomatic camera%
Иwqаt лаtv> wвmsqав>{>%
Vum uxnuо umwqол•qо лаtvо|mq
lл€ вwvª}q>%
I #o"ld like some flashb"lbs%
L>z >wqал qаvа|qа oа
Oайsm tum, vоnалxйwsа, qrª}qx
I*d like a lens cap%
[r€iва t> yла} qаrsа%
Vum uxnuа yл®}+qаrsа lл€ ®sой
I need a flash card for this camera%
L>zsm л> wлоn>л> y>лt вjв
yоsоаvаrаsа t>, tол€@
=m tоkл> iª Mª вwsав>s•
vлmuqx в tой yоsоаvvаrаs@
Do"ld yo" please p"t film in my camera@
Иwqаt sоo> y>лt lа wm
Xrо€в>sm, vоnалxйwsа, ®sx
I*d like this roll developed%
L>z >wqал lвm qоv>€ оs вw€qа%
Vum uxnuо vо lвm yоsоkrаy>> w
qаnlоkо qаlrа%
I #o"ld like t#o prints of each%
V>wл€, |m u€qо> оs smo>
wu>tq> wа umlоwsаsj|uо
Vum qаnmsw€, x umqоsоrªz >o
®s>z wu>tqов umlоwsаsо|uа€
I think some of these photos are
L>z >wqал smo> wu>tq> lа
ijlаs xвmл>|mu>%
=m tоkл> iª Mª xвmл>|>s• ®s>
I #o"ld like these photo!raphs enlar!ed%
Tоkа ~m ijlаs kоsов>
Tоklа yоsоkrаy>> ixlxs
Dhen #ill the photos be ready@
L>z >wqал lа w> вomtа
wu>tq>sm% Psо imлmnqаsа%
f zо|x vолx|>s• yоsоkrаy>>%
Mоs qв>sаu{>€%
I*d like to pick "p my photos% Here*s the
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
|xnlоmo>|u> oаv>w> „qаwms>… vmwu> uа >uоwsrаuuоt €oªqm forei!n lan!"a!e records „tapes…
mлmqsrоuuа wвmsqав>{а вwvª}qа electronic flash
qоtvаqsuа wвmsqав>{а qоtvаqs+yл®} compact flash
qаrsа w vаtms qаrsо|qа vаt€s> memory stick
qаwmsqа qаwwmsа cassette tape
в>lmоqаwmsа в>lmоqаwwmsа videotape
y>лt vлmuqа film
kлаu{ово vоqr>s>m kл€u{mва€ vm|аs• !lossy finish
tаsово vоqr>s>m tаsова€ vm|аs• matte finish
аlаvsmr аlаvsmr adapter
iаsmr>€ iаsаrmйqаGаqqxtxл€sоr battery
mv>лаsоr ®v>л€sоr epilator
mлmqsr>|mwqа wаtоirjwuа|qа ®лmqsrоir>sва electric shaver
xljлn>smл xlл>u>smл• e&tension cord
wm}оаr ymu hair dryer
~mvwmл в>лqа pl"!
yоsоаvаrаs „yоsо…qаtmrа camera
в>lmоqаtmrа в>lmоqаtmrа video camera
B?B vлmйjr B?B vлmmr B?B player
5B vлmйjr 5B vлmmr 5B player
в>lmо в>lmоvлmmr video player
oаv>wва~о в>lmо в>lmоtаku>sоyоu video recorder
tаkumsоyоu qаwwmsuªй tаku>sоyоu tape recorder
wвmsqав>{а вwvª}qа flash
yла} qаrsа yл®}+qаrsа flash card
/B qаrsа /B qаrsа /B card
225 qаrsа VVZ qаrsа 225 card
wtаrs+tml>а qаrsа wtаrs+tml>а qаrsа smart+media card
qоtvаqs l>wq „5B… qоtvаqs+l>wq compact disc „5B…
wsmrmо w>wsmtа wsmrmоw>wsmtа stereo system
qоtvƒsjr qоtv•ƒsmr comp"ter
qоtvƒsjrmu l>wq l>wqmsа comp"ter disk
t>}qа tª}• mo"se
tоlmt tоlmt modem
tоi>лmu smлmyоu tоi>л•uªй smлmyоu cell"lar phone
l>k>sалmu {>yrовой di!ital
v0.+<'р' v0.+<'рc DouWenirs
L>z >wqал wxвmu>r оs krаlа%
f zоsmл iª qxv>s• wxвmu>r uа
vаt€s• оi ®sоt kоrоlm%
I #o"ld like to have a so"venir of the
Иwqаt lа qxv€ wvm{>алmu
f zо|x qxv>s• vоlаrоq% I #ant to p"rchase a special !ift%
L>zsm л> t> vоqаoал>
Xоqаn>sm tum, vоnалxйwsа,
Do"ld yo" sho# me some ceramics@
Иtаsm л> qаrs>u> w >okлml> оs
sоo> rайоu@
\ ваw mws• yоsоkrаy>> w в>lаt>
®sой tmwsuоws>@
Bo yo" have any pict"res #ith scenes of
this area@
Иtаsm л> vо~muwqа qаrs>|qа w
>okлml> оs krаlа@
\ ваw mws• оsqrªsq> w в>lоt
Bo yo" have a postcard #ith vie#s of the
[jrw€ qаrs>u> uа >oвmwsu>
yrmuwq> zxlоnu>{>%
f >~x qаrs>uª >oвmwsuªz
yrаu{xowq>z zxlоnu>qов%
I*m lookin! for paintin!s by #ell+kno#n
Crench artists%
Ko wm >usmrmwxваt оs
mвrоvmйwqо >oqxwsво%
f >usmrmwxƒw• mвrоvmйwq>t
I*m interested in "ropean art%
Ws qой vmr>оl m sаo>
T qаqоtx vmr>оlx оsuоw>sw€ ®sа
Dhat period is this sc"lpt"re from@
L>zsm л> t> uаvrав>л> о{muqа
uа sова@
W{mu>sm ®sо, vоnалxйwsа%
5o"ld yo" please !ive me an appraisal for
L>z >wqал lа в>l€ rj|uо
sjqаu q>л>t%
f zоsmл iª vоwtоsrms• qовmr
rx|uой rаiоsª%
I #o"ld like to see a hand+#oven r"!%
[ова qr>wsал> л> m@ -sо zrxwsал•@ 6re these crystals@
M>m qxvxваsm л> wsаr>
Mª vоqxvаmsm wsаr>uuªm
Bo yo" b"y old coins@
L>z >wqал ixqms |mrвmu> rоo>% Lxqms qrаwuªz rоo, vоnалxйwsа% I #o"ld like a bo"¦"et of red roses%
Tаqво >tа в sоo> }оqолаl@ Tаqа€ uа|>uqа x ®s>z qоuyms@ Dhat*s in that chocolate@
L>z >wqал vолов>u q>лоkrаt
rаoл>|u> }оqолаlов>
Xолq>ло }оqолаluªz qоuyms
аwwоrs>, vоnалxйwsа%
I #o"ld like one po"nd of assorted
L>z nmлал lва оi>quовmu>
Oвm vл>sq> оiª|uоkо }оqолаlа,
I #o"ld like t#o bars of plain chocolate%
Tолqо вrmtm ~m >oljrnаs@ Tаq lолkо оu> tоkxs zrаu>s•w€@ Ho# lon! #ill they keep@
N<'K' N<'K' BooHs
Vоnm л> lа rаokлmlаt@ Vоnuо vrоwsо vоwtоsrms•@ 2ay I bro#se@
L>z nmлал lа qxv€
f zоsmл iª qxv>s•
I #o"ld like to b"y a !"ide book%
[r€iва t> аukл>йwqо+
>wvаuwq> rm|u>q%
Vum uxnmu аukло+>wvаuwq>й
I need an n!lish+/panish dictionary%
L>z >wqал qu>nqа w qаrs>uq>
oа vmskоl>}uо lmsm%
Vum uxnuа qu>nqа w
qаrs>uqаt> lл€ v€s>лmsumkо
I #o"ld like to have a pict"re+book for a
five+year+old child%
L>z >wqал lа в>l€ qu>nq> oа
Xоqаn>sm tum, vоnалxйwsа,
I #o"ld like to see some colorin! books%
L>z >wqал lа qxv€ t>ws>|mu
rоtаu uа аukл>йwq>%
f zо|x qxv>s• t>ws>|mwq>й
sr>ллmr uа аukл>йwqоt%
I #o"ld like to b"y a mystery novel in
Vол€, lайsm t> аukл>йwq>
Kukл>йwqxƒ kаomsx, vоnалxйwsа% 8lease !ive me an n!lish ne#spaper%
L>z >wqал imлmnu>q% f >~x iлоquоs% I #o"ld like a #ritin! pad%
L>z nmлал qаrsа w €wu>
оiоouа|mu>€ uа sоo> krаl%
Vum uxnuа vоlrоiuа€ qаrsа
I #o"ld like a clearly marked map of this
Иtаsm л> vоolrав>smлu>
\ ваw mws• vоolrав>smл•uªm
Bo yo" have any !reetin! cards@
Tjlm tоkа lа uаtmr€ lmswq>
Nlm x ваw qu>k> lл€ lmsmй@ Dhere can I find children*s books@
mKр%\к'/mKр' mKр0Cк'/mKрc To5s/(a7es
L>z >wqал >usmrmwuа >krа oа
Vum uxnuа >usmrmwuа€ >krа lл€
I #o"ld like an interestin! !ame for a boy%
L>z >wqал >krа|qа oа tалqо
Vum uxnuа >krx}qа lл€
tалmu•qоkо rmimuqа%
I*d like a toy for a small child%
L>z >wqал lа в>l€
mлmqsr>|mwq> >krа|q>%
f zо|x vоwtоsrms•
®лmqsr>|mwq>m >krx}q>%
I #o"ld like to see some electrical toys%
V>wл>sm л>, |m sова m
vоlzоl€~о oа |ms>r>kоl>}uо
Oxtаmsm, ®sо vоlzоl>s
|msªrmzлmsumtx rmimuqx@
Bo yo" think this is s"itable for a fo"r+
year+old child@
Иtаsm л> лmwu> >kr> oа lm{а@
\ ваw mws• vrоwsªm >krª lл€
Bo yo" have easy !ames for children@
Tаqво tоnmt lа vоlаr>t uа
iолuо tоt|mu{m@
`sо tª tоnmt vоlаr>s•
tалmu•qоtx iол•uоtx
Dhat can #e !ive a sick little boy@
Иtаsm л> kовоr€~> > zоl€~>
\ ваw mws• zоl€~>m > kовоr€~>m
Bo yo" have any dolls that #alk and talk@
Tаqв> qоuwsrxqsоr> >tаsm@ Tаq>m qоuwsrxqsоrª x ваw mws•@ Dhat type of b"ildin! kits do yo" have@
L>z nmлал qоy>|qа > лоvаsqа%
Mmlmrqо w лоvаsqой,
I #o"ld like a pail and a shovel%
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
>krа|q> oа iаu€ >krx}q> lл€ qxvаu>€Gлоlо|q> bath toysGt"bs
wvаw>smлmu vо€w vлаваsmл•uªй qrxk float
vо€w|msа oа rj{m tаunmsª lл€ vлаваu>€ arm floats
lmswqа лоlqа lmswqа€ лоlо|qа baby boat
}uоrzmл lªzаsmл•uа€ srxiqа snorkel
kлавоiлjwqаu>{а kоловолоtq> brain teasers
sаiла uаrlª back!ammon
lаtа }а}q> checkers
}аz }аztаsª chess
wsrmл>|q> lаrsw lrоs>q> darts
vjomл> vаoлª p"pples
vлаwstаwов> >krа|q> vлаwstаwwовªm >krx}q> plastic toys
qоy>|qа > лоvаsqа вmlmrqо w лоvаsqой pail and shovel
qоtvлmqs oа >krа uаiоr >krx}mq play set
qxi|msа qxi>q> blocks set
qоuwsrxqsоr> oа lm{а вmlmrqо w qоuwsrxqsоrоt b"ildin! kitsGb"ildin! b"cket
Umkо Umkо 9e!o
lrjuqалq> vоkrmtx}q> rattles
vrоzоl>лqа zоlxuоq #alker
qxqл> qxqлª dolls
Lаri> Lаri> .arbie
wmrв>o|m oа zrаuа qxqол•uа€ vоwxlа dinner#are set
qxqлmuа qj~а qxqол•uªй lоt dollho"se
vлƒ}mu> >krа|q> t€kq>m >krx}q> st"ffed animals
оловu> войu>{> олов€uuªm wолlаs>q> tin soldiers
srаuwyоrt>rа~> wm >krа|q> srаuwyоrtmrª transformers
sоvqа t€| ball
yxsiол yxsiол football
zвjr|>ло воolx}uªй otmй kite
v>uk+vоuk uаwsол•uªй smuu>w pin!+pon!
r>uk oа wаvxumu> tmzxr> tªл•uªm vxoªr> b"bble blo#er
iалоu воolx}uªй }аr>q balloon
воlmu v>wsолms воl€uой v>wsолms #ater !"n
mлmqsrоuu> оirаoоваsmлu>
®лmqsrоuuªm оix|аƒ~>m
electronic learnin! toys
txo>qалu> > kовоr€~>
txoªqал•uªm > kовоr€~>m
m"sical and talkin! toys
qол> w l>wsаu{>оuuо
tа}>uq> w l>wsаu{>оuuªt
radio and remote control vehicles
'[/+&'B To4acco/^lcohols
L>z nmлал vаqms {>kаr>% Xа|qx w>kаrms, vоnалxйwsа% I #o"ld like a pack of ci!arettes%
Иtаsm л> sƒsƒu oа ljв|mum@
Mª vrоlаmsm nmваsmл•uªй
Bo yo" carry che#in! tobacco@
Tаqв> tаrq> w y>лsjr >tаsm@
Tаq>m mws• w>kаrmsª w
Dhat brands do yo" have #ith filters@
Xаqms {>kаr> w y>лsjr, tол€% Xа|qx w>kаrms w y>л•srоt% 6 pack of filtered ci!arettes%
Tолqо }оqолаl tоkа lа
vrmumwа vrmo t>su>{аsа@
Zqол•qо }оqолаlа tоnuо
vrоumws> |mrmo sаtоnuƒ@
Ho# m"ch chocolate can I take thro"!h
Иtаsm л> qоnmuа qmw>€ oа
\ ваw mws• qоnаuªй q>wms@ Bo yo" have a leather tobacco po"ch@
L>z >wqал lа в>l€ mluа zxiава
f zоsmл iª vоwtоsrms•
lоirоsuxƒ srxiqx%
I #o"ld like to see a !ood pipe%
Иtаsm л> kол€tа, zxiава vxrа@
\ ваw mws• iол•}а€ zоrо}а€
Bo yo" have a !ood, bi! ci!ar@
Tаqв> tаrq> vоrsвайu >tаsm@ Tаq>m x ваw tаrq> vоrsвmйuа@ Dhat brands of port do yo" have@
Tо€ rmqолsа m uай+lоirаsа@
\rоnай qаqоkо kоlа wаtªй
Dhat vinta!e is the best@
Иtаsm л> авsmus>|mu qоu€q@ \ ваw mws• uаwsо€~>й qоu•€q@ Have yo" !ot an ori!inal co!nac@
[ова в>uо wлаlqо л> m@ -sо в>uо wлаlqоm@ Is this #ine s#eet@
L>z nmлал ixs>лqа irmul>% Lxsªлqx irmul>, vоnалxйwsа% I #o"ld like a bottle of brandy%
Vоnmsm л> lа vrmvоrj|аsm
zxiав qоu€q@
Xоrmqоtmulxйsm tum zоrо}>й
qоu•€q, vоnалxйwsа%
5an yo" recommend a !ood co!nac@
L>z >wqал lа в>l€ |а}> oа
f zо|x vоwtоsrms• qrxnq> lл€
I #o"ld like to see some beer m"!s%
Иtаsm л> qr>wsалu> kаrаy> oа
\ ваw mws• zrxwsал•uªm
krаy>uª lл€ в>uа@
Bo yo" have any crystal #ine decanters@
h'A0-%/L%,о.<';' |.+&'р<c+ '[/+&'B }e2elr5/Gatches
[jrw€ u€qаqво tалqо i>nx%
f >~x qаqоm+u>ixl• umiол•}оm
I*m lookin! for a small piece of Je#elry%
L>z nmлал vrjwsmu% f zо|x qол•{о% I*d like a rin!%
L>z >wqал lа в>l€ oлаsmu
f zо|x вokл€uxs• uа oолоsоm
I #o"ld like to see a !old rin!%
L>z >wqал lа в>l€ lаtwq>
f zоsmл iª vоwtоsrms• lаtwqоm
I #o"ld like to see a lady*s rin!%
L>z vrmlvо|mл оs oлаsо
оwmtuайwms qаrаsа%
Ux|}m >o 0Ÿ+qаrаsuоkо oолоsа% I #o"ld prefer one in 0Ÿ carat !old%
Rаqоv|алqаsа uа sаo> оkjrл>{а
olrава л> m@
=а оnmrmл•m uаlmnuа€
Is the clasp on that necklace a stron! one@
Иtаsm л> oлаsu> tоums>@ \ ваw mws• oолоsªm tоumsª@ Have yo" !ot any !old coins@
[ова rj|uа >orаiоsqа л> m@ -sо rx|uа€ rаiоsа@ Is it handmade@
[ова oлаsо л> m@ -sо oолоsо@ Is this !old@
[ова >tа л> wmrs>y>qаs@ =а ®sо mws• wmrs>y>qаs@ Is there a certificate for it@
Tаqjв m sоo> qаtjq@ `sо ®sо oа qаtmu•@ Dhat is this stone@
Иtаsm л> wrmijru> vr>iоr>
оs sоo> tоlmл@
\ ваw mws• wsоловоm wmrmirо w
sаq>t r>wxuqоt@
Have yo" !ot silver#are in that pattern@
Vоnmsm л> lа uаvrав>sm uова
=m tоkл> iª Mª wlmлаs• uовxƒ
5an yo" make a ne# settin!@
`аwовu>qjs t> wm uxnlаm оs
Vо> |аwª uxnuо
2y #atch needs adJ"stin!%
=ав>ва|js m w|xvmu% Rавоluа€ kоловqа wлоtаuа% )he #inder is broken%
L>zsm л> t> vо|>ws>л>
|аwовu>qа, tол€@
=m tоkл> iª Mª vо|>ws>s• tо>
Do"ld yo" please clean my #atch@
L>zsm л> t> wtmu>л>
iаsmr>€sа uа |аwовu>qа, tол€@
Xоtmu€йsm tum, vоnалxйwsа,
iаsаrmйqx в |аwаz%
Do"ld yo" please chan!e the battery in
my #atch@
Vоnm л> lа в>l€ |аwовu>q,
qойsо vоqаoва lаsаsа@
Xоqаn>sm tum uаrx|uªm |аwª w
xqаoаsmлmt lаsª%
2ay I see a #rist#atch that sho#s the
Иwqаt lа в>l€ wmqxulоtmr% Xоqаn>sm tum wmqxulоtmr% I #ant to see a stop#atch%
L>z >wqал lа в>l€ qоnmuа
qа>}qа oа |аwовu>q%
Xоqаn>sm tum qоnаuªй
rmtm}оq lл€ |аwов%
I #o"ld like to see a leather #atch strap%
L>zsm л> t> vоqаoал> i€л
Xоqаn>sm tum |sо+u>ixl• >o
imлоkо yаryоrа%
Do"ld yo" sho# me some #hite china@
[mo> y>kxrq> tuоkо л> wа
-s> wsаsx®sq> о|mu• zrxvq>m@ 6re these fi!"res very fra!ile@
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
qr>wsал zrxwsал• crystal
tml tml• copper
l>аtаus ir>лл>аus diamond
mtайл ®tал• enamel
vmrла nmt|xk pearl
wrmijruо vоqr>s>m wmrmirmu>m silver plate
oлаsuо vоqr>s>m vоoолоsа !old plate
vлаs>uа vлаs>uа platin"m
}л>yоваu qr>wsал zrxwsал•uа€ vоwxlа c"t !lass
qmzл>iаr €usаr• amber
аtms>ws аtms>ws amethyst
аqваtаr>u аqваtаr>u a¦"amarine
wtаrаkl >oxtrxl emerald
umyr>s umyr>s Jade
wлоuова qоws wлоuова€ qоws• ivory
€wv>w €}tа Jasper
tалаz>s tалаz>s malachite
оu>qw оu>qw ony&
rxi>u rxi>u r"by
wаvy>r wаvy>r sapphire
sƒrqоаo i>rƒoа t"r¦"oise
wrmirо wmrmirо silver
oлаsо oолоsо !old
wqjvо{mumu qаtjq lrаkо{muuªй qаtmu• !emstone
vолxwqjvо{muu> qаtju> vолxlrаkо{muuªm qаtu> semiprecio"s stones
i>nxsа >t>sа{>€ i>nxsmr>€ imitation Je#elry
wsrаw wsrаoª strass
оvал оvал opal
S ,0@+р1%рк+-% S ,0@+р1%рк+-+ ^t the suVer7arHet
Tjlm wа qол>|q>sm oа
Nlm вo€s• smлmnqx@ Dhere are the shoppin! carts@
Tjlm tоkа lа uаtmr€
Nlm x ваw qоuwmrвª@ Dhere can I find canned food@
M qой qоr>lоr tоkа lа uаtmr€
M qаqоt r€lx qоuwmrвª@ In #hich aisle can I find canned food@
Иtа л> vmqаru>{а sxq@ Rlmw• mws• ixло|uа€@ Is there a bakery here@
L>z >wqал оs sова% Vum umtuоkо воs ®sоkо% I*d like some of this%
[оo>% Mоs ®sоs% )his one%
[mo>% Mоs ®s>% )hese ones%
Mл€во% Zлmва% )o the left%
[ова m вw>|qо, iлаkоlаr€% Zvаw>iо, lоwsаsо|uо% )hat*s all, thanks%
L>z nmлал vолов>u q>лоkrаt
Xолq>ло €iлоq, vоnалxйwsа% I*d like a po"nd of apples%
L>z nmлал vолов>u lxo>uа
asxq }mws• €>{, vоnалxйwsа% I*d like a half+dopen of e!!s%
Oайsm t> u€qолqо rmomuа
}xuqа, tол€%
=mwqол•qо лоts>qов вms|>uª,
,ive me several slices of ham, please%
Vол€, lайsm t> ml>u wаvxu% Oайsm, vоnалxйwsа, qxwоq tªла% 8lease !ive me a bar of soap%
L>z nmлал lва rmomuа, tол€%
Vum, vоnалxйwsа, vаrx
I*d like t#o slices, please%
Vол€, vrmsmkлmsm t> AHH
Moвmw•sm tum, vоnалxйwsа, AHH
8lease #ei!h me AHH !rams%
=а wаtооiwлxnваum@ Zаtооiwлxn>ваu>m@ /elf+service@
[r€iва л> lа m wkоsвmuо@ -sо uxnuо kоsов>s•@ Boes it need to be cooked@
Vоnm л> lа оv>sаt@ Vоnuо umtuоkо vоvrоiоваs•@ 2ay I taste a little@
Xовm|m% Xоiол•}m% 2ore%
[xq л> lа kо vлаs€ >л> uа
-sо uxnuо оvла|>ваs• olmw• >л>
uа qаwwm@
Bo I pay for it here or at the checko"t@
Vоnm л> sоri>|qа, tол€@ Vоnuо vаqms@ 5an I have a ba!, please@
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
Zаtо в irой [ол•qо uал>|uªm 5ash only
Oоtа}u> vоsrmi> ^оo€йwsвmuuªm sоваrª Ho"sehold !oods
Vаkаo>u oа lmл>qаsmw> Omл>qаsmwª Beli
Xmqаru>{а Lxло|uа€ .akery
Zjzrаu€вайsm в zлаl>лu>q ^rаu>s• в zолоl>л•u>qm ¡eep refri!erated
Oа wm vrоlаlm lо %%% Zrоq rmал>oа{>> %%% /ell by %%%
Zrоq uа kоluоws %%% Zrоq zrаumu>€ %%% .est before %%%
в t>qrовjлuова
lл€ vr>kоsовлmu>€ в
t>qrоволuовой vm|>
Xr>sоvлmsm vrml> lа
Xmrml xvоsrmiлmu>mt rаoоkrms• 3eheat before eatin!
xu{>€ xu{>€ „sr>wsа krаttов… o"nce
yxus yxus „|msªrmwsа krаttов… po"nd
vолов>u yxus vолyxusа „lвmws> krаttов… half a po"nd
lxo>uа lƒn>uа dopen
vолов>u lxo>uа vолlƒn>uª half+dopen
q>лоkrаt q>лоkrаtt kilo
krаt krаtt !ram
л>sjr л>sr liter
qxvоu sалоu, qxvоu co"pon
uаtалmu>m wq>lqа disco"nt
qоr>lоr vrоzоl aisle
qаwов аvаrаs Tаwwа 5ash re!ister
qаwова imлmnqа qв>sаu{>€G|mq receipt
P&%Y%<+ :@&%-% Pa57ent
Tjlm lа vлаs€@ Nlm € tоkx oаvлаs>s•@ Dhere do I pay@
Xr>mtаsm л> qrml>su> qаrs>@
Mª vr>u>tаmsm qrml>suªm
Bo yo" accept credit cards@
Vоnm л> lа >ovолoваt
vmrwоuалmu |mq@
Vоnuо oаvлаs>s• >tmuuªt
5an I "se a personal check@
[ова m vовm|m, оsqолqоsо tоkа
lа vлаs€%
-sо iол•}m, |mt € tоkx
)his is more than I can pay%
_muаsа um m rаoxtuа% _muа umоvrавlаuuо вmл>qа% )he price is not reasonable%
_muаsа m vо+в>wоqа, оsqолqоsо
вjouаtmr€ваz lа vоzаr|а%
_muа вª}m, |mt € rаww|>sªвал%
)he price is hi!her than I planned to
Vоnm л> lа kо qxv€ ta&+free@ Vоnuо qxv>s• ®sо imo uалоkа@ 5an I b"y it ta&+free@
Vоnmsm л> lа t> lаlmsm vо+
lоirа {muа@
Mª tоnmsm lаs• tum лx|}xƒ
5an yo" !ive me a better price@
Mjotоnuа л> m оswsjvqа oа
vла~аum в irой@
Mоotоnuа л> wq>lqа oа rаw|ms
Is a cash disco"nt possible@
=€tа л> krm}qа в wtmsqаsа@ M ®sоt w|msm ums о}>iq>@ Isn*t there a mistake in the bill@
bm vrовmr>sm л> оsuово@ Xrовmr•sm m~m rаo% Dill yo" check it a!ain@
=m t> вjruаzsm sо|uо rmwsо% Mª umvrав>л•uо lал> tum wlа|x% ¢o" !ave me the #ron! chan!e%
Ko вm|m vлаs>z f xnm oаvлаs>л I have already paid
L>z >wqал lа kо vолx|а lumw%
f zоsmл iª vолx|>s• ®sо
I*d like to have it today%
L>z >wqал lа вjruа sова% f zоsmл iª ®sо вmruxs•% I*d like to ret"rn this%
Psо tо€sа yаqsxrа% Mоs tо€ uаqлаluа€% Here is my invoice%
[ова m w|xvmuо% -sо wлоtаuо% )his is broken%
=m, sова um m oа tmu% =ms, ®sо um lл€ tmu€% (o, it*s not for me%
aоA+ /% \0+-+ Sc 1оA+-+ 0,&cC%-i sou 7a5 hear
Zjnал€ваt, oаsвоrmuо m% Иoв>u>sm, tª oаqrªsª% /orry, #e are closed%
Rlrавmйsm, tоkа л> lа M>
`mt tоkx vоtо|•@ Hi, can I help yo"@
Vоkа л> lа M> vоtоkuа@ Vоkx |mt+u>ixl• vоtо|•@ 2ay I help yo"@
=m~о qоuqrmsuо л> sjrw>sm@ И~msm |sо+sо оwоimuuоm@ 6re yo" lookin! for somethin! special@
Иtаtm rаovrоlаniа% \ uаw rаwvrоlаnа% De*re havin! a sale%
[ова m uа rаovrоlаniа% =а ®sо mws• wq>lqа% It*s on sale%
Zвjr}>% \ uаw u>|mkо um оwsалоw•% De are o"t of stock%
Vоnmt lа kо vоrj|аtm oа Mаw% Vª tоnmt oаqаoаs• ®sо lл€ Mаw% De can order it for yo"%
Tаqво sjrw>sm@ `sо Mª >~msm@ Dhat are yo" lookin! for@
Ym}>zsm л>@ Mª оvrmlmл>л>w•@ Bid yo" decide@
Иoirаzsm л> w> um~о@ Mª xnm |sо+u>ixl• вªirал>@ Bid yo" choose anythin!@
^аrmwаzsm л> w> um~о@ Mª uа}л> sо, |sо >wqал>@ Bid yo" find somethin! yo" like@
Tой rаotmr M> sr€iва@ Tаqой rаotmr Mаt uxnmu@ Dhat sipe do yo" need@
Иwqаsm л> lа kо vrоiваsm@ ^оs>sm ®sо vr>tmr>s•@ Do"ld yo" like to try it on@
Vол€, vrоiвайsm sова% Xr>tmr•sm воs ®sо% 8lease try this one%
Xо t€rqа M> m% Z>l>s оsл>|uо% It fits yo" #ell%
\lоiuо л> M> m@ Mаt xlоiuо@ Bo yo" feel comfortable@
^аrmwва л> M>@ Mаt urав>sw€@ Ho# do yo" like it@
Иwqаsm л> lа kо оv>sаsm@ ^оs>sm vоvrоiоваs•@ Do"ld yo" like to taste it@
Иwqаsm л> lа vrоiваsm lrxk
^оs>sm vоtmr>s• lrxkxƒ vаrx@ Bo yo" #ant to try on another pair@
Zjnал€ваt, uо sова m
Zоnалmƒ, uо ®sо vоwлmlu>й% I*m sorry, b"t it is the last one%
Xrmvоrj|ваt M> lа вomtmsm
Ymqоtmulxƒ вo€s• воs ®sо%
I #o"ld recommend that yo" take this
[ова m um Mа}>€s rаotmr% -sо um Mа} rаotmr% )his is not yo"r sipe%
Vоnmt lа kо vrmvrав>t oа
Mа}>€ rаotmr%
Vª tоnmt vоlоkuаs• ®sо vоl
Mа} rаotmr%
De can adJ"st it to yo"r sipe%
[ова m вw>|qо, qоmsо >tаtm% -sо вwm, |sо x uаw mws•% )hat*s all #e have%
Vоnmsm lа kо uаtmr>sm msо
Mª tоnmsm uайs> ®sо sаt% ¢o" may find it over there%
Tаq ~m vлаs>sm@ Tаq ixlmsm vлаs>s•@ Ho# do yo" pay@
Tаwаsа m sаt% Tаwwа sаt% )he cash re!ister is over there%
Иtаsm л> uа}аsа qаrsа oа
\ Mаw mws• uа}а l>wqоusuа€
Bo yo" have o"r disco"nt card@
[аo> qаrsа um m вал>luа% -sа qаrsа umlmйwsв>smл•uа% )his card is not valid%
[rаuoаq{>€sа um m vоsвjrlmuа% Wvmrа{>€ um vоlsвmrnlmuа% )he transaction has not been approved%
Lаuqоtаsjs m esо sаt% Lаuqоtаs воu sаt% )he 6)2 is over there%
Vаkаo>ujs oаsваr€% Vаkаo>u oаqrªваmsw€% )he store is closin!%
Vол€, vоv>sайsm в
Wiwлxnваum uа qл>mus>%
Wirаs>smw•, vоnалxйwsа, q
8lease ask 5"stomer service%
а€ 3epairsG9a"ndry
Pо@р%.к' ?+1о<- _eVairs
Vоnmsm л> lа vоvrав>sm sова@ Mª tоnmsm ®sо vо|>u>s•@ 5an yo" fi& this@
Vоnmsm л> lа vоvrав>sm sоo>
Mª tоnmsm vо|>u>s• ®s> |аwª@ 5an yo" repair this clock@
Rаwлxnава л> w> lа wm
Zsо>s ®sо |>u>s•@ Is it #orth repairin!@
=m rаiоs> lоirm% -sо vлоzо rаiоsаms% It doesn*t #ork #ell%
Xоvrавmsm wаtо оwuовuоsо%
Zlmлайsm sол•qо umоizоl>tªй
§"st do the essentials%
Tолqо вrmtm ~m оsumtm
Zqол•qо вrmtmu> oайtms
Ho# lon! #ill it take to repair@
Vоnmsm л> lа vоvrав>sm sова
lоqаsо |аqаt@
Mª tоnmsm wlmлаs• rmtоus vr>
5an yo" repair this #hile I #ait@
Xоvrавq>sm вл>oаs л> в
-sо tоnuо vо|>u>s• vо
6re repairs incl"ded in the !"arantee@
Иtаsm л> iаsmr>€ oа sова@ \ ваw mws• q ®sоtx iаsаrmйq>@ Bo yo" have a battery for this@
Vоnmsm л> lа wtmu>sm
Mª tоnmsm oаtmu>s• iаsаrmйq>@ 5an yo" replace the battery@
Vоnmsm л> lа vrmvrав>sm
=m tоkл> iª вª ®sо vmrmlmлаs•@ 5o"ld yo" alter this@
Tолqо ~m wsrxва sова@ Zqол•qо ®sо ixlms wsо>s•@ Ho# m"ch #ill it cost@
Pр%<+/y'1'\+,ко \',-+<+ Pр%\+\<%B/y'1\',-к% Laun)r5/Er5 Qleaning
Tjlm m uай+iл>oqаsа vmrалu€@ Nlm iл>nай}а€ vrа|m|uа€@ Dhere is the nearest la"ndry service@
Иwqаt sова lа ijlm >ovrаuо% Vum uxnuо вªws>rаs• воs ®sо% I need this to be #ashed%
Vоnmsm л> lа оswsrаu>sm sова
Mª tоnmsm вªвmws> ®sо v€suо@ 5an yo" !et this stain o"t@
U>vwва mluо qоv|m% Xxkов>{ª ums% )here*s a b"tton missin!%
Vоnmsm л> lа kо oа}>msm@ =m tоkл> iª вª mm vr>}>s•@ 5an yo" se# it back on@
Vоnmsm л> lа vоvrав>sm
=m tоkл> iª вª vо|>u>s•
5an yo" fi& the pipper@
Vоnmsm л> lа oаqjrv>sm sаo>
=m tоkл> iª вª oа}sоvаs• ®sx
5an yo" patch this hole@
Xmsuоsо um wm >ovrа% X€suо um оsws>rалоw•% )he stain didn*t #ash o"t%
[ова um wа tо>sm um~а% -sо um tо> вm~>% )hese aren*t my thin!s%
Tjlm tоkа lа w> vолx|а
Tоklа tоnuо oаirаs• вm~>@ Dhen can I have my clothes back@
[r€iваs t> lовm|mrа%
Wu> uxnuª tum wmkоlu€
I need them toni!ht%
Tаq rаiоs> sова@ Tаq ®sо rаiоsаms@ Ho# does this #ork@
[r€iваs t> lrmiu>% Vum uxnuо rаotmu€s• lmu•k>% I need chan!e%
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
vmrалu€ uа wаtооiwлxnваum vrа|m|uа€ wаtооiwлxn>ваu>€ self+service la"ndry
vmrалu€ w vjлuо оiwлxnваum xu>вmrwал•uа€ vrа|m|uа€ f"ll+service la"ndry
vmrа ws>rаs• #ash
wx}а wx}>s• dry
vmrалuа tа}>uа ws>rал•uа€ tа}>uа #asherG#ashin! machine
wx}>лu€ wx}>лqа dryer
vrаz oа vrаum ws>rал•uªй vоrо}оq #ashin! po#der
оtmqоs>smл qоul>{>оumr lл€ imл•€ fabric softener
imл>uа оsimл>ваsmл• bleach
sm|mu vmr>лmu vrmvаrаs „n>lqоm… tоƒ~mm wrmlwsво „li¦"id… deter!ent
nmsоu nmsоu token
tоums> tоumsq> coins
i€ло vrаum imлоm imл•m #hites
{вmsuо vrаum {вmsuоm imл•m colors
wвmsло vrаum wвmsлоm imл•m li!hts
sjtuо vrаum smtuоm imл•m darks
lmл>qаsuо vrаum sqаu> lл€ lmл>qаsuой ws>rq> delicates
Xmrmsm оslmлuо% Zs>rаs• оslmл•uо% Dash separately%
Xmrmsm w vоlоiu> {вmsовm% Zs>rаs• w sаq>t> nm {вmsаt>% Dash #ith like colors%
Xmrmsm w оvаqоsо uавju% Zs>rаs•, вªвmruxв uа>ouаuqx% Dash inside o"t%
=m kлаlmsm% =m kлаl>s•% Bo not iron%
=m >oimлвайsm% =m оsimл>ваs•% Bo not bleach%
=m uа z>t>|mwqо |>wsmum% =m vоlвmrkаs• z>t|>wsqm% Bo not dry clean%
Zаtо rj|uо vrаum Zs>rаs• вrx|uxƒ Hand#ash only
Zаtо z>t>|mwqо |>wsmum [ол•qо wxzа€ |>wsqа Bry+clean only
aоA+ /% \0+-+ Sc 1оA+-+ 0,&cC%-i sou 7a5 hear
Wvаw€ваt wm, |m um tоnm lа
ijlm vоvrавmuо%
Lоƒw•, ®sо umл•o€ vо|>u>s•% I*m afraid it can*t be fi&ed%
=mвjotоnuо m lа wm vоvrав>% -sо umвоotоnuо vо|>u>s•% It*s impossible to fi& it%
=m tоnmt lа uаvrав>t u>~о w
Z ®s>t u>|mkо umл•o€ wlmлаs•% De can*t do anythin! #ith it%
[ова vmsuо um tоnm lа ijlm
-sо v€suо um xlал>s•% )his stain can*t be removed%
Oа, tоnmt lа kо vоvrав>t% Oа, tª tоnmt ®sо vо|>u>s•% ¢es, #e can fi& it%
Xоvrавqаsа ~m оsumtm
>oвmwsuо вrmtm%
Ymtоus oайtms umqоsоrоm вrmt€% )he repairs #ill take some time%
Zvm}uо л> m@ Mаt wrо|uо@ Is it "r!ent@
bm u> оsumtm ml>u |аw lа kо
Vª vо|>u>t ®sо |mrmo |аw% It #ill take "s an ho"r to repair it%
Vоnmsm lа kо вomtmsm xsrm% Vоnmsm oаirаs• ®sо oавsrа% ¢o" can pick it "p tomorro#%
Vоnmt lа kо vоvrав>t lоqаsо
Vª tоnmt vо|>u>s• ®sо vr>
De can fi& it #hile yo" #ait%
Nаrаu{>€sа um vоqr>ва
Ymtоus um vоqrªваmsw€
)he repairs are not covered by the
Psо M> imлmnqаsа% Mоs qв>sаu{>€% Here is yo"r receipt%
о вrmtmZvоrsGOоwxk /portG9eis"re
N91@'<K N+1@'<K Qa7Ving
Иtа л> qjtv>uk uаiл>oо@ Rlmw• vоiл>oоws> mws• qmtv>uk@ Is there a campsite nearby@
Vоnm л> lа wm rаovолоn>t
Rlmw• tоnuо rаoi>s•
vалаsо|uªй лаkmr•@
2ay #e camp o"t here@
Vоnm л> lа vrmqаrаtm uо~sа
Vª tоnmt оwsаs•w€ olmw• uа
5an #e spend the ni!ht here@
Иtаsm л> t€wsо oа vалаsqа@ \ ваw mws• tmwsо lл€ vалаsq>@ Bo yo" have space for a tent@
Tаqва m sаqwаsа uа lmu@ Zqол•qо wsо>s lmu•@ Dhat is the char!e per day@
Tаqва m sаqwаsа oа vалаsqа@ Zqол•qо w оluой vалаsq>@ Dhat is the char!e for a tent@
Иtа л> xlоiwsва oа kоsвmum uа
sова t€wsо@
=а wsо€uqm mws• qxzоuuоm
6re there cookin! facilities on site@
Ws qjlm tоkа lа вomtа
v>smйuа воlа@
Nlm tоnuо вo€s• v>s•mвxƒ
Dhere can I !et some drinkin! #ater@
Nrаljs lалm|m л> m оs sxq@ Nоrоl lалmqо оswƒlа@ Is the to#n far from here@
Иusmrmwxваt wm оs r>iолов% f zоsmл iª vолов>s• rªix% I am interested in fishin!%
Y>iоловjs rаorm}mu л> m sxq@ Rlmw• tоnuо лов>s• rªix@ Is fishin! allo#ed here@
[вjrlm m wлju|mво sxq% Rlmw• wл>}qоt wолum|uо% It*s too s"nny here%
Xо|ваsа m vrmqалmuо sвjrlа% Xо|ва wл>}qоt sвmrlа€% )he !ro"nd*s too hard%
Иtаsm л> vо+rавuо t€wsо@ Pws• tmwsо vоrовumm@ Bo yo" have a more level spot@
L>z >wqал qаrsа uа
sxr>ws>|mwq>sm vjsmq> в sоo>
Vоnuо tum qаrsx vm}mzоluªz
tаr}rxsов в ®sоt rайоum@
I*d like a map of the #alkin! trails in this
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
qjtv>uk qmtv>uk campin!
q>ir>s wv>|q> matches
ljrвmu> вjkл>~а xkол• charcoal
kаo vrоvаu+ixsаu ixsаu b"tane !as
rmйqа oа vалаsqа rаwvоrqа lл€ vалаsq> tent pole
|xq tолоsоq hammer
uаlxваmt lƒ}mq uаlxвuой tаsrаw air mattress
vаrаy>u vаrаy>u paraffin
qол|msа oа vалаsqа qолª}q> tent pe!s
qmrоw>uова vm|qа qmrоw>uова€ vл>sа kerosene stove
wvалmu |xвал wvал•uªй tm}оq sleepin! ba!
umvrоtоqаmtа vоwsmлqа irmomus !ro"nd cloth
vалаsqа smus tent
wvалuа vоlvлjuqа vmuqа sleepin! pad
лаkmrmu оkju qоwsmr camp fire
qjtv>uk qmtv>uk campin! site
t€wsо oа rаovолаkаum uа лаkmr vло~аlqа lл€ qmtv>ukа camp!ro"nd
Rаirаumuо rаovолаkаumsо uа
Zsо€uqа oаvrm~muа% (o 5ampin!
X>smйuа воlа X>s•mва€ воlа% Brinkin! #ater
Rаirаumuо vалmumsо uа
Tоwsrª um rаoвоl>s•% (o firesGbarbec"es
$% @&%A% $% @&%A% ^t the 4each
Vоkа л> lа qаrаt воlu> wq>
[аt tоnuо vоqаsаs•w€ uа
воluªz лªnаz@
5an I !o #ater+skiin! there@
Tjlm tоkа lа uаmtа wjry@
Nlm tоnuо вo€s• uаvrоqаs lоwqx
lл€ wmry>ukа@
Dhere can I rent a s"rfboard@
Tjlm m uай+iл>oq>€s €zs qлxi@ Nlm iл>nай}>й €zs+qлxi@ Dhere is the nearest yacht cl"b@
Tолqо wsrxва wjry vоl uаmt@
Zqол•qо wsо>s аrmulа lоwq> lл€
Ho# m"ch does it cost to rent a
L>z >wqал lа uаmtа vо+kол€tа
f zоsmл iª аrmulоваs• €zsx
I*d like to rent a lar!er boat%
=mоizоl>tо л> m lа lаt
=xnuо л> оwsавл€s• oалоk@ Is it necessary to p"t do#n a deposit@
Tолqо qоuwq> w>л> m
Tаqова tо~uоws• ®sоkо
Ho# m"ch horsepo#er does the en!ine
Tаqво uав>kа{>оuuо
оiоrxlваum >tа лоlqаsа@
Tаqоm uав>kа{>оuuоm
оiоrxlоваu>m xwsаuовлmuо uа
®sоt wxlum@
Dhat sort of navi!ation e¦"ipment does
the boat have@
Tаqва m tаqw>tалuаsа wqоrоws
uа sаo> лоlqа@
Tаqова tаqw>tал•uа€ wqоrоws•
®sоkо wxluа@
Dhat is ma&im"m speed of this boat@
Tоkа sr€iва lа вjruа лоlqаsа@ Tоklа € lолnmu вmruxs• €zsx@ Dhen do I have to brin! the boat back@
fzsаsа oаwsrаzоваuа л> m в
wлx|ай uа аваr>€@
fzsа oаwsrаzоваuа оs
umw|аwsuªz wлx|аmв@
Is the yacht ins"red in the event of an
Tаqва m vrоkuоoаsа oа
Tаqой vrоkuоo vоkоlª@ Dhat is the #eather forecast@
Иtа л> r>yовm >л> w>лu>
sm|mu>€ sxq@
Rlmw• mws• r>yª >л> w>л•uªm
6re there reefs or stron! c"rrents here@
Tолqо лоlq> wа вqлƒ|mu> в
sаo> rmkаsа@
Zqол•qо лоlоq x|аwsвxms в ®sой
Ho# many boats are incl"ded in this
Vоkа л> lа uаmtа воlолаomu
qоwsƒt > оiоrxlваum@
Vоnuо вo€s• uаvrоqаs
k>lrоqоwsƒt > wuаr€nmu>m@
5an I rent a divin! s"it and e¦"ipment@
Tолqо wsrxва lа wm uаmtm
qоwsƒt oа ktxrqаum uа lmu@
Zqол•qо wsо>s vrоqаs qоwsƒtа
lл€ vоlвоluоkо vлаваu>€ в
Ho# m"ch does it cost to rent a #et s"it
per day@
Rа qолqо вrmtm m oаvаwjs оs
=а wqол•qо tum zваs>s
Ho# lar!e is the o&y!en s"pply@
Rа qолqо вrmtm ~m ws>kum
=а wqол•qо tum zваs>s iаллоuа@ Ho# lon! #ill the tank last@
Tjlm tоkа lа uаtmr€
Nlm tum uайs> >uwsrxqsоrа@ Dhere can I find an instr"ctor@
Vоkа л> lа вo>tаt xrо{>@
Vоnuо л> вo€s• umwqол•qо
5an I take lessons@
=а qаqва ljлiо|>uа tоkа lа wm
ktxrqаt w sоo> qоwsƒt oа
=а qаqxƒ kлxi>ux tоnuо
wvxwqаs•w€ в ®sоt qоwsƒtm@
Ho# deep can I dive "sin! this #et s"it@
Tаqва m ljлiо|>uаsа sxq@ Tаqа€ olmw• kлxi>uа@ Dhat is the depth here@
Иtа л> аqxл> >л> lrxk>
оvаwu> wj~mwsва в smo> воl>@
Rlmw• воl€sw€ аqxлª >л> lrxk>m
оvаwuªm wx~mwsва@
6re there sharks or other dan!ero"s
creat"res in these #aters@
Иtа л> vоlвоlu> sm|mu>€@ Rlmw• mws• vоlвоluªm sm|mu>€@ 6re there "nder#ater c"rrents@
Tаq tоkа lа ws>kuа lо vлаnа
оs sxq@
Tаq оswƒlа vоvаws• uа vл€n@ Ho# can I !et to the beach from here@
Xлаnjs qаtmu>ws л> m >л>
Xл€n kалm|uªй >л> vmw|аuªй@ Is the beach pebbly or sandy@
Lmoоvаwuо л> m lа wm vлxва
Rlmw• um оvаwuо vлаваs•@ Is it safe to s#im here@
Иtа л> оsqr>s iаwmйu
Rlmw• klm+u>ixl• mws• оsqrªsªй
Is there an o"tdoor pool nearby@
Иtа л> y>sumw {musjr sxq@ Rlmw• mws• y>sumw+{musr@ Bo yo" have a fitness center here@
Ko оi>|аt lа vлxваt% f лƒiлƒ vлаваs•% I like s#immin!%
$%/JBK.%<'B/v-%/'о< vк%\к'/v-%/'о< _aces/Dta)iu7
Tjlm m qаwаsа oа i>лms>@ Nlm olmw• qаwwа@ Dhere is the ticket #indo#@
Tолqо wsrxва i>лmsjs@ Zqол•qо wsо>s i>лms@ Ho# m"ch does a ticket cost@
Oайsm t> i>лms uа wrmluаsа
sr>ixuа, tол€%
Vum uxnuо tmwsо uа
{musrал•uой sr>ixum%
,ive me a ticket in the center stand,
Tоkа oаvо|ва >krаsа@ Tоklа uа|umsw€ >krа@ Dhen does the !ame be!in@
Tаqjв m rmoxлsаsjs@ Tаqой w|ms@ Dhat*s the score@
Tой воl>@ Tsо вª>krªваms@ Dho*s #innin!@
Tой оsiоr оsimл€oа rmoxлsаs@ Tsо oаi>л@ Dhich side scored@
Tой оsiоr m оiлm|mu в njлs>
Tаqа€ qоtаulа в nmлsой yоrtm@
Dhich team is #earin! the yello#
M>m uа qой оsiоr wsm ymu@ Rа qаqxƒ qоtаulx Mª iолmmsm@ Dhich team are yo" a fan of@
Tаqjв t>wл>sm ~m ijlm
qrайu>€s rmoxлsаs@
Tаq Mª lxtаmsm, qаqой ixlms
y>uал•uªй w|ms@
Dhat do yo" think #ill be the final score@
Tой ~m vоiml> lumw wvоrml
Tаq Mª lxtаmsm, qsо вª>krаms@ Dho*ll #in today, in yo"r opinion@
Tаqв> qоum x|аwsваs в sова
Tаq>m ло}аl> x|аwsвxƒs в ®sоt
Dhat horses are entered in this race@
Tолqо uаli€kваu>€ >tа lumw@ Zqол•qо wmkоlu€ ixlms oаmolов@ Ho# many races are there today@
Tолqо qоu€ ~m x|аwsваs в sова
Zqол•qо ло}аlmй x|аwsвxƒs в
®sоt oаmolm@
Ho# many horses are r"nnin! in this
Tой qоu m yавоr>s в sова
Tsо yавоr>s в ®sоt oаmolm@ Dhich horse is the favorite in this race@
Tjlm m k>}msо oа oалаkаu>€@ Nlm tоnuо wlmлаs• wsавq>@ Dhere is the bettin! #indo#@
Tаqjв m t>u>tалu>€s oалоk,
qойsо tоkа lа uаvrав€@
Tаqа€ t>u>tал•uа€ wsавqа@ Dhat is the minim"m bet I can place@
Tолqо oалоkа tоkаs lа wm
uаvrав€s oа wлmlва~оsо
Zqол•qо wsавоq tоnuо wlmлаs•
uа wлmlxƒ~>й oаmol@
Ho# many bets can one make on the ne&t
Tаqв> wа }аuwовmsm oа
Tаq>m wsавq> uа yавоr>sа@ Dhat are the odds on the favorite@
Tолqо uаli€kваu>€ m wvm|mл>л
sоo> nоqmй@
\ ®sоkо uаmolu>qа tuоkо
Ho# many races has this Jockey #on@
Tаqва vоrоlа m sоo> qоu@ Tаqой vоrоlª ®sа ло}аl•@ Dhat breed is this horse@
=а qаqва вjorаws m qоu€s@ Zqол•qо лms ®sой ло}аl>@ Ho# old is the horse@
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
nоqmй nоqmй Jockey
srmu•оr srmumr coach
qоu€r qоuƒz stableman
qоuuо uаli€kваum ло}аl>uªm imkа horserace
ws>vл•+|mo „wqа|q> w
uаli€kваum imo vrmv€swsв>€ kлаlq>m wqа|q> flat race
zоl аллƒr !ait
srjw rªw• trot
kалоv kалоv !allop
uаli€kваum oаmol race
qоuƒ}u€ qоuƒ}u€ stalls
*+<',/6о&M *+<<',/6о&iM Tennis/(olf
Tjlm tоkа lа uаmtа ws>qовm >
Nlm tоnuо вo€s• uаvrоqаs
qлƒ}q> > tоsоsmлmnqx@
Dhere can I rent cl"bs and a cart@
Tаqва m sаqwаsа oа >krа uа
Zqол•qо wsо>s vо>krаs• в
Dhat is the !reens fee@
M€sjrjs w>лmu л> m lumw@ Zmkоlu€ w>л•uªй вmsmr@ Is the #ind stron! today@
Tолqо sо|q> oа sаo> lxvqа@ Zqол•qо о|qов oа ®sx лxuqx@ Dhat is par for this hole@
Tолqо lалm|m xlаr>zsm
sоv|msо w sоo> xlаr@
Tаq lалmqо Mª vоwлал> t€|
®s>t xlаrоt@
Ho# far did yo" hit the ball #ith that
Mjotоnuо л> m lа wm вomtm vоl
uаmt smu>w rаqmsа@
Vоnuо вo€s• uаvrоqаs
smuu>wuxƒ rаqmsqx@
Is it possible to rent a tennis racket@
[r€iва л> lа w> uоw€ tо€
Vum um оi€oаsmл•uо vr>uоw>s•
wвоƒ rаqmsqx@
Bo I have to brin! my o#n racket@
Tолqо m sаqwаsа lа wm uаmtm
Zqол•qо wsо>s аrmulа qоrsа@ Dhat is the fee to rent a co"rt@
Иwqаsm л> lа >krаmsm w tmu@ Oавайsm wªkrаmt@ Bo yo" #ant to play #ith me@
Oа >krаmt uа lвойq>% Oавайsm wªkrаmt lвоm uа lвоm% 9et*s play do"bles%
aоA+ /% \0+-+ Sc 1оA+-+ 0,&cC%-i sou 7a5 hear
[r€iва л> M> srmu•оr@ Mаt uxnmu srmumr@ Bo yo" need a coach@
Vоnmsm л> lа vлxваsm@ Mª xtmmsm vлаваs•@ 5an yo" s#im@
=mvrmtmuuо wm wuаilmsm wjw
wvаw>smлuа n>лmsqа%
=m oаixl•sm вo€s• wvаwаsmл•uªй
2ake s"re yo"*ve !ot a life Jacket%
Vоnm lа m оvаwuо% -sо tоnms iªs• оvаwuо% It may be dan!ero"s%
Vоkаs lа ijlаs вoms> vоl uаmt
wq> > оixвq>%
Uªn> > iоs>uq> tоnuо вo€s•
/kis and boots can be rented%
Иwqаsm л> lа uаvrав>sm oалоk@ ^оs>sm wlmлаs• wsавqx@ Bo yo" #ant to place a bet@
Uовjs um m rаorm}mu sxq% Wzоsа oаvrm~muа% H"ntin! is not allo#ed here%
V€wsо oа vо|>вqа% Rоuа оslªzа% 3est area%
а HealthGBr"!store
v'1@-о1' v'1@-о1c D57Vto7s
=m wm |xвwsваt lоirm% Vum vлоzо% I don*t feel #ell%
`xвwsваt wm umrаovолоnmu% f wmi€ umваnuо |xвwsвxƒ% I feel o"t of sorts%
Xовrj~а t> wm% Vmu€ wmй|аw вªrвms% I feel like thro#in! "p%
Иtаt iолqа в kjriа% \ tmu€ iол>s wv>uа% I have a pain in my back%
M>m t> wm wв€s% \ tmu€ qrxn>sw€ kолова% I feel dippy%
Lол> sxq% \ tmu€ iол>s olmw•% It h"rts here%
Иtаt srmwqа% \ tmu€ nаr% I have a fever%
`xвwsваt wm tалqо vо+lоirm%
f |xвwsвxƒ wmi€ umtuоkо
I feel a little better%
Иtаt {>rmй% \ tmu€ uаrªв% I have a boil%
Иtаt аwstа% \ tmu€ аwstа% I have asthma%
`mwsо >tаt kлавоiол>m% \ tmu€ |аwsо iол>s kолова% I !et headaches often%
Lолqаsа m оwsrа% Ymoqа€ iол•% It*s a sharp pain%
Lол> umvrmqjwuаsо% Lол>s vоwsо€uuо% It h"rts constantly%
Lол> wаtо оs вrmtm uа вrmtm% Lол>s вrmt€ оs вrmtmu>% It only h"rts no# and then%
Lол> vовm|m vrmo uо~sа% Lол>s iол•}m uо|•ƒ% It h"rts more at ni!ht%
=оwjs t> m zrmtав% \ tmu€ uаwtоrq% I have a r"nny nose%
Zsоtаzjs t> m rаowsrоmu% \ tmu€ rаwwsrойwsво nmлxlqа% I have an "pset stomach%
U>tyu>sm t> вjoл> wа uаlxs>%
\ tmu€ xвmл>|>л>w•
л>tyаs>|mwq>m xoлª%
2y lymph nodes are s#ollen%
Иoqjл|>z w> rjqаsа% f вªв>zuxл rxqx% I dislocated my arm%
Z|xv>z w> rjqаsа% f wлоtал rxqx% I have broken my arm%
\lаr>z w> qол€uоsо% f xlаr>лw€ qолmuоt% I ban!ed my knee%
=ав€zuаz w> kлmomuа% f rаws€uxл лоlªnqx% I sprained my ankle%
Иtаt smnjq wлx|ай uа t>qоoа% \ tmu€ oаvx~muuªй kr>iоq% I*ve !ot a bad case of athlete*s foot%
Иtаt um~о в оqоsо% `sо+sо vоvало tum в kлаo% I have somethin! in my eye%
Zsrаlаt оs imowju>m% f wsrаlаƒ оs imwwоuu>{ª% I*m s"fferin! from insomnia%
[rmvmr€% Vmu€ qолоs>s% I*m shiverin!%
Wswлаiuаz% f smr€ƒ вmw% I lost #ei!ht%
Zsrаlаt оs tоrwqа iолmws% Vmu€ xqа|>ваms uа воlm% I am seasick%
Иtаt oаvmq% f wsrаlаƒ oаvоrаt>% I am constipated%
\zаvаu wjt% Vmu€ xqxw>л>% I #as bitten%
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
iолqа iол• pain
iолqа iол• „vrоlолn>smл•uа€, sxvа€… ache
>okаr€um оnоk b"rn
uаws>uqа vrоwsxlа cold
qа}л>{а qа}mл• co"!h
вjovалmuо kjrло iол•uоm kоrло sore throat
wвmsовjrsmn kоловоqrxnmu>m dippiness
вsr>wаum оouоi chills
kr>v kr>vv fl"
{>rmй uаrªв boil
yrаqsxrа vmrmлоt fract"re
rаos€kаum rаws€nmu>m strain
vr>}qа волlªr• blister
rаuа rаuа #o"nd
uаsjrsваum x}>i, w>u€q br"ise
ix|qа }>}qа l"mp
>okаr€um оnоk b"rn
vоr€oваum vоrmo c"t
оnxлваum {аrаv>uа !rape
vоlxs>uа оvxzол• s#ellin!
оir>в wªv• rash
xn>лваum xqxw stin!
xzаvваum оs uаwmqоtо xqxw uаwmqоtоkо insect bite
wzваuаs вrаs vrоwsrmл stiff neck
qоrmtu> iолq> iол> в оiлаws> n>воsа abdominal pains
tmuwsrxалu> wvаot> tmuwsrxал•uªm wvаotª period cramps
kлавоiол>m kоловuа€ iол• headache
t>krmuа t>krmu• mi!raine headache
$% &+к%р S'['- к .р%\0 Deeing a )octor
L>z >wqал lа wm vrmkлmlаt uа
Vum uxnuо q вrа|x% I*d like to see a doctor%
Иwqаt lа w> oаv>}а |аw% f zо|x oаv>wаs•w€ uа vr>mt% I*d like to make an appointment%
=mоizоl>tа t> m tml>{>uwqа
Rаv>}>sm tmu€ q вrа|x% I need a medical cons"ltation%
Tаqв> wа |аwовmsm oа
Tоklа vr>u>tаms lоqsоr@ Dhat are the cons"ltation ho"rs@
L>z >wqал |аw oа оwmt xsrm
f zоsmл iª oаv>wаs•w€ uа vr>mt
uа oавsrа uа Ÿ |аwов xsrа%
I*d like an appointment for Ÿ a%m%
Tjlm m uай+iл>oq>€s о|mu
Nlm iл>nай}>й оysал•tолоk@ Dhere is the nearest eye specialist@
Tаqво t> >tа@ `sо wо tuой@ Dhat is #ron! #ith me@
Zt€sаsm л>, |m m wmr>оouо@ Mª w|>sаmsm, ®sо wmr•mouо@ Bo yo" think it is serio"s@
Rаrаouо л> m@ -sо oаrаouо@ Is it conta!io"s@
Vоnmsm л> lа t> lаlmsm um~о
oа vrmtаzваum uа iолqаsа@
Vоnmsm lаs• tum |sо+u>ixl•
5an yo" !ive me somethin! to stop the
Xrml> wа tm лmqxвал> оs €oва% f rаu•}m лm|>лw€ оs €oвª%
I have previo"sly received treatment for
an "lcer%
Vо€sа qrjвuа krxvа m uxлmва
\ tmu€ vmrва€ krxvvа qrов>,
rmoxw vолоn>smл•uªй%
2y blood type is H positive%
Vо€sа qrjвuа krxvа m uxлmва
\ tmu€ vmrва€ krxvvа qrов>,
rmoxw оsr>{аsmл•uªй%
2y blood type is H ne!ative%
Tолqо t> m smtvmrаsxrаsа@ Tаqа€ x tmu€ smtvmrаsxrа@ Dhat*s my temperat"re@
Rа qолqо вrmtm ~m оolrавm€@ Oолkо € ixlx вªolоrавл>ваs•@ Ho# lon! #ill it take to recover@
Tолqо вrmtm ~m vrоljлn>
Zqол•qо вrmtmu> oайtms
Ho# lon! #ill the treatment take@
Vоkа л> lа vrоljлnа
vjsxваumsо w>@
Vum tоnuо vrоlолnаs•
5an I contin"e my trip@
L>zsm л> xвmlоt>л>
wmtmйwsвоsо t>, tол€@
Zооi~>sm tоmй wmt•m,
5an yo" please let my family kno#@
Ko wjt lалmqоkлml% f lал•uоoоrq>й% I*m farsi!hted%
Иokxi>z mluаsа w> qоusаqsuа
f vоsmr€л qоusаqsuxƒ л>uox% I lost one of my contact lenses%
Иokxi>z w> о|>лаsа% f vоsmr€л о|q>% I lost my !lasses%
Xrав>л> wа t> sова
>owлmlваum vrml>%
Vum xnm lmлал> sаqой аuал>o% I*ve had that test done before%
=>qоkа vrml> um wjt >tал
sова oаiол€ваum%
f ®s>t u>qоklа um iолmл% I*ve never had this disease before%
=>qоkа um wjt >ovолoвал
f u>qоklа um xvоsrmiл€л
I*ve never "sed dr"!s%
Mа}аsа qл>u>qа vrав> л>
аuоu>tu> >owлmlваu>€ oа
M Mа}mй qл>u>qm lmлаƒs
аuоu>tuªm smwsª uа ZXИO@
Boes yo"r clinic !ive anonymo"s 6IB/
Ko вo>tаt sова лmqаrwsво% f vr>u>tаƒ воs ®s> лmqаrwsва% I am takin! this medicine%
Ko wjt uа l>msа% f uа l>msm% I am on a diet%
Yаorm}muо л> t> m lа wsаваt
оs лmkлоsо@
Vum tоnuо вwsаваs• w vоwsmл>@ 6m I allo#ed to !et o"t of bed@
L>zsm л> t> uаv>wал> rm{mvsа
oа xwvоqо>smлuо, tол€@
Mªv>}>sm tum, vоnалxйwsа,
rm{mvs uа srаuqв>л>oаsоr%
Do"ld yo" please #rite me a prescription
for a tran¦"iliper@
Vол€, lайsm t> rm{mvsа% Oайsm tum, vоnалxйwsа, rm{mvs% 8lease !ive me a prescription%
Tjlm m rmuskmuоваsа
Nlm olmw• rmuskmuовwq>й
Dhere*s the ´+ray room@
[r€iва lа t> ijlаs uаvrавmu>
rmuskmuов> wu>tq>%
Vum uxnuо wlmлаs• rmuskmu% I need to have some ´+rays taken%
Tолqо ~m wsrxва sова
Zqол•qо uxnuо oаvлаs>s• oа
Ho# m"ch #ill this test cost@
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
оvrmlmлmu |аw vr>mt appointment
vrmkлmlGqоusrолmu vrmkлml оwtоsr e&aminationGcheck+"p
rm{mvsа rm{mvs prescription
лm|mu>m лm|mu>m treatment
аuал>o аuал>o analysis
rmuskmuова wu>tqа rmuskmu ´+ray
tml>{>uwq> vrmkлml tml>{>uwq>й оwtоsr physical e&amination
tml>{>uwqа wmwsrа tmlwmwsrаGtmlirаs n"rse
ло}о zrаuоwt>лаum rаwwsrойwsво nmлxlqа indi!estion
>uymq{>€ >uymq{>€ infection
t>krmuа t>krmu• mi!raine
kаlmum sо}uоsа na"sea
оir>в wªv• rash
>uymq{>€ uа v>qо|u>sm
>uymq{>€ tо|mвªz vxsmй "rinary infection
вmumr>|mwqа iолmws вmumr>|mwqоm oаiолmваu>m venereal disease
kл>ws> kл>wsª #orms
аrsr>s аrsr>s arthritis
vrоiа аuал>o „vrоiа… specimen
аwstа аwstа asthma
irоuz>s irоuz>s bronchitis
алmrk>€ аллmrk>€ aller!y
wjrlm|uо oаiол€ваum iолmou• wmrl{а heart disease
q9Jо&+к%р v-о1%-о&оK Eentist
[r€iва lа оs>lа uа ojiолmqаr% Vum uxnmu oxiuой вrа|% I need to see a dentist%
Tjlm m uай+iл>oqаsа
wsоtаsолоk>|uа qл>u>qа@
Nlm olmw• wsоtаsолоk>|mwqа€
Dhere is the nearest dental clinic@
Xаluа t> vлоtiа% \ tmu€ вªvала vлоtiа% I*ve lost a fillin!%
Иwqаt lа t> wm wлоn> vлоtiа% f zоsmл iª oаvлоti>rоваs• oxi% I #o"ld like to have a tooth filled%
Lол> tm qоkаsо ljв|а% Lол•uо, qоklа nxƒ% It h"rts #hen I che#%
Xаluа t> oji% \ tmu€ вªvал oxi% I*ve lost a tooth%
Lол> tm вmum{js% \ tmu€ iол€s lmwuª% 2y !"ms h"rt%
Vоnmsm л> lа vоvrав>sm
vrоsmo>sm t>@
Xо|>u>sm tum oxiuой vrоsmo,
5an yo" fi& my dent"res@
Vол€, wлоnmsm qоrоuqа uа
sоo> oji%
Xоwsав•sm tum qоrоuqx,
8lease, cro#n this tooth%
=mоizоl>tо л> m lа kо ваl>sm@ =xnuо xlал€s•@ Is it necessary to p"ll it o"t@
=m kо ваlmsm% =m xlал€йsm tum ®sоs oxi% Bon*t p"ll it o"t%
Vол€ M>, uаvrавmsm um~о oа
Xоnалxйwsа, wlmлайsm |sо+
u>ixl• + о|mu• iол>s%
8lease, do somethin! for the pain%
q&о@о&0к'/P9р.% @о1оY
$+,\%,-<c+ ,&0\%'/P+р.%B
@о1оYi ^cci)ents/First ai)
Vол€, >oв>qайsm лmqаr% Xоnалxйwsа, вªoов>sm вrа|а% 8lease call a doctor%
Rавmlmsm tm в iолu>{а
Xоtоk>sm tum lоirаs•w€ lо
)ake me to a hospital
Zsrаlаt w>лuо оs tоrwqа
iолmws% Vоnmsm л> lа lовmlmsm
\ tmu€ w>л•uªй vr>wsxv
tоrwqой iолmou>% Mªoов>sm
I*m very seasick% 5an yo" !et a doctor@
Zvm}mu wлx|ай m% -sо wrо|uо% It*s an emer!ency%
Vо€s w>u m rаumu% Vой wªu rаumu% 2y son is h"rt%
Vо€sа lj~mr€ m rаumuа% Vо€ lо|• rаumuа% 2y da"!hter is h"rt%
[ой m в imowjouаu>m% Wu imo wоouаu>€% He is "nconscio"s%
[ой m wmr>оouо rаumu% \ umkо wmr•mouªm srавtª% He is serio"sly inJ"red%
Ko qjrв€% \ tmu€ qrовоsm|mu>m% I*m bleedin!%
Lлjwuа tm qола% Vmu€ wi>ла tа}>uа% I #as hit by a car%
Rаkxi>z tuоkо qrjв% f vоsmr€л tuоkо qrов>% I*ve lost a lot of blood%
Zvjuаz wm uа wsjлi>sm% f wvоsquxлw€ uа лmwsu>{m% I tripped on the steps%
Xаluаz vо wsjлi>~msо% f xvал w лmwsu>{ª% I fell do#n the stairs%
[r€iва л> lа оwsаuа в
f lолnmu оwsаs•w€ в iол•u>{m@ Bo I have to stay in the hospital@
Psо tml>{>uwqаsа t>
oаwsrаzоваsmлuа vол>{а%
Mоs tой vол>w tml>{>uwqоkо
Here is my medical ins"rance policy%
=xnlа€ л> wm оs оvmrа{>€@ Vum uxnuа оvmrа{>€@ Bo I need an operation@
bm t> sr€iва л> tmwsuа
Vum ixlms uxnmu tmwsuªй
Dill I need local anesthesia@
Kлmrk>|mu wjt qjt
\ tmu€ аллmrk>€ uа
I*m aller!ic to penicillin%
Иtаt rmаq{>€ qjt uовоqа>uа% \ tmu€ rmаq{>€ uа uовоqа>u% I have a reaction to novocaine%
=m wjt алmrk>|mu qjt
u>qаqв> лmqаrwsва%
\ tmu€ ums аллmrk>> uа
I*m not aller!ic to any dr"!s%
Momz smo> zаv|msа% f vr>u>tал ®s> sаiлmsq>% I took these pills%
Ko wjt алmrk>|mu% f аллmrk>q% I*m aller!ic%
r@-+к% r@-+к% Erugstore
Tjlm m uай+iл>oqаsа
lmuоuо~uа аvsmqа@
Nlm iл>nай}а€ qrxkлоwxsо|uа€
Dhere is the nearest all+ni!ht dr"!store@
M qолqо |аwа оsваr€ аvsmqаsа@ Mо wqол•qо оsqrªваmsw€ аvsmqа@ Dhat time does the dr"!store open@
Vоnmsm л> lа >ovjлu>sm sаo>
Mª tоnmsm >okоsов>s•
лmqаrwsво vо ®sоtx rm{mvsx@
5an yo" make "p this prescription for me@
Oа vо|аqаt л>@ Vum vоlоnlаs•@ /hall I #ait@
bm wm вjruа oа sова% f вmruxw• oа u>t% I*ll come back for it%
[r€iва л> M> rm{mvsа oа
Mаt uxnmu rm{mvs uа
Bo yo" need a prescription for sleepin!
[r€iва л> t> rm{mvsа oа sова@ =а ®sо лmqаrwsво uxnmu rm{mvs@ Bo I need a prescription for this@
Vоnm л> lа t> lаlmsm um~о oа
Vоnuо vоvrоw>s• |sо+u>ixl• оs
5an I have somethin! for a co"!h@
Tолqо |mwsо sr€iва lа вo>tаt
Zqол•qо rаo в lmu• uxnuо
vr>u>tаs• ®sо лmqаrwsво@
Ho# often sho"ld I take the medicine@
Tаq sr€iва lа wm вo>tа sова
Tаq vr>u>tаs• ®sо лmqаrwsво@ Ho# sho"ld this medicine be taken@
=а kлаlmu wsоtаz@ =а kолоluªй nmлxlоq@ 'n an empty stomach@
Zлml €lmum@ Xоwлm mlª@ 6fter meals@
Xоlzоl€~о л> m oа lm{а@ Vоnuо lаваs• ®sо lms€t@ Is it s"itable for children@
Иtа л> u€qаqв> wsrаu>|u>
mymqs> wвjroаu> w sова
\ ®sоkо лmqаrwsва mws•
vоiо|uªm ®yymqsª@
6re there any side effects associated #ith
this medicine@
L>z >wqал yлаqоu аwv>r>u%
\vаqовqx аwv>r>uа,
I #o"ld like a bottle of aspirin%
Vоnm л> lа t> lаlmsm
Oайsm tum, vоnалxйwsа,
5an I have some painkillers@
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
Zrоq uа kоluоws Zrоq kоluоws> &piration date
Zаtо oа вju}uа xvоsrmiа
[ол•qо lл€ uаrxnuоkо
Cor e&ternal "se only
Oа um wm vr>mtа вjsrm}uо Muxsr• um vr>u>tаs• (ot to be taken internally
Zаtо w лmqаrwqа rm{mvsа [ол•qо vо rm{mvsx вrа|а 3e¦"ires a doctor*s prescription
вmuоouо вuxsr>вmuuоm intraveno"s
rmqsалuо rmqsал•uоm rectal
оrалuо оrал•uоm oral
|аmuа лjn>|qа |айuа€ лоnqа teaspoon
lоo>rаum lоo>rовqа dosa!e
zаv|m sаiлmsqа „v>лƒл€… pill
sаiлmsqа sаiлmsqа tablet
lrаnm sаiлmsqа в оiоло|qm coated tablet
rаosвоr>t> sаiлmsq> rаwsвоr>tªm sаiлmsq> effervescent tablets
vаws>ла vаws>лqа pastille
qаvwxла qаvwxла caps"le
аtvxла аtvxла ampo"le
qаvq> qаvл> drops
tmzлmt tаo• liniment
t>qwsxrа t>qwsxrа mi&t"re
w>rоv w>rоv syr"p
wвm~>|qа wвm|а s"ppository
vrаz|m vоrо}оq po#der
rаosвоr rаwsвоr sol"tion
wxwvmuo>€ wxwvmuo>€ s"spension
qrmt qrmt cream
лmq wrmlwsво remedy
лmqаrwsво лmqаrwsво dr"!
iолqоxwvоqо€ва~о iолmxsол€ƒ~mm pain+killer
аuалkms>q аuал•kms>q anal!esic
xwvоqо>smлuо srаuqв>л>oаsоr tran¦"iliper
rаowлаi>smлuо wлаi>smл•uоm la&ative
wmlаs>в xwvоqо>smл•uоm sedative
vr>wv>ваsmлu> zаv|msа wuоsвоruоm sleepin! pills
oаtmws>smл uа аwv>r>uа oаtmu>smл• аwv>r>uа non+aspirin s"bstit"te
qаvq> oа qа}л>{а qаvл> оs qа}л€ co"!h drops
qаvq> oа x}> x}uªm qаvл> ear drops
qаvq> oа о|> kлаouªm qаvл> eye drops
wsmr>л>o>rа~ rаosвоr n>lqоws• lл€ wsmr>л>oа{>> sterilipin! sol"tion
vо|>wsва~ rаosвоr о|>~аƒ~>й rаwsвоr cleanin! sol"tion
овлаnu€ва~ rаosвоr xвлаnu€ƒ~>й rаwsвоr soakin! sol"tion
vrоs>воалmrk>|u> zаv|msа sаiлmsq> оs аллmrk>> anti+aller!y pills
wvrmй oа аwstа
anti+asthma spray
qл>otа qл>otа clyster
smrtоtmsjr krаlxwu>q thermometer
i>usовm tаrлmвªm i>usª roll banda!es
лmйqоvлаws лmйqоvлаwsªr• adhesive plaster
z>lrаs>rа~ qrmt xвлаnu€ƒ~>й qrmt moist"ripin! cream
qrmt oа rj{m qrmt lл€ rxq hand cream
ваomл>uGiалwаt oа xwsu> iал•oаt lл€ kxi lip salveGbalm
lmoоlоrаus lmoоlоrаus deodorant
qоum{ oа oji> oxiuа€ u>s• dental floss
|msqа oа oji> oxiuа€ ~msqа toothbr"sh
qrmtGлоw>оu oа smu qrmtGлоw•оu lл€ oаkаrа s"ntan creamGlotion
лоw>оu oа wлml wлju{m лоw•оu vоwлm oаkаrа after+s"n lotion
qrmt vrоs>в >okаr€um wrmlwsво vrоs>в oаkаrа s"n block
yаqsоr „/8C… wолu{moа~>suªй yаqsоr factor „/8C…
uоn|msа oа irjwumum лmoв>€ lл€ ir>sвª rapor blades
аysjr}mйв лоw•оu vоwлm ir>s•€ aftershave
sоалmsuа zаrs>€ sxалmsuа€ ixtаkа toilet paper
wаvxu tªло soap
lаtwq> vrmвrjoq> k>k>mu>|mwq>m wалymsq> sanitary napkins
sаtvоu> sаtvоuª tampons
krmimu rаw|mwqа comb
iалwаt qоul>{>оumr conditioner
v€uа txww mo"sse
лаq oа qоwа лаq lл€ волоw hair spray
}аtvоаu }аtvxu• shampoo
imim}qа zrаuа lmswqоm v>sаu>m baby food
imim}q> qjrv> lmswq>m влаnuªm wалymsq> baby #ipes
vmлmu> vоlkxou>q> diapers
aоA+ /% \0+-+ Sc 1оA+-+ 0,&cC%-i sou 7a5 hear
Иtаsm л> oаwsrаzовqа@ \ Mаw mws• wsrаzовqа@ Bo yo" have ins"rance@
Lол> л> M>@ Mаt iол•uо@ 6re yo" in pain@
M>m л> M> wm wв€s@ \ Mаw qrxn>sw€ kолова@ 6re yo" dippy@
=m tjrlайsm% =m }mвmл>smw•% Bon*t move%
Wsvxwumsm wm% Yаwwлаi•smw•% 3ela&%
=а qолqо wsm kоl>u>@ Zqол•qо Mаt лms@ Ho# old are yo"@
Tаqва m qrjвuаsа M> krxvа@ Tаqа€ x Mаw krxvvа qrов>@ Dhat is yo"r blood type@
Xовrj~а л> M> wm@ Mаt umzоrо}о@ Bo yo" feel sick@
Rлоvолxqа л> vrmsjrv€zsm@ Mª vоvал> в аваr>ƒ@ Bid yo" have an accident@
Tаqво M> wm wлx|>@ `sо w Mаt> wлx|>лоw•@ Dhat happened to yo"@
Oоirm л> wsm@ Mª wmi€ zоrо}о |xвwsвxmsm@ Bo yo" feel '¡@
=>~о wmr>оouо% =>|mkо wmr•mouоkо% (othin! serio"s%
Иtаsm л> l>аims@ Mª l>аims>q@ Bo yo" have diabetes@
Иtаsm л> в>wоqо qrjвuо
\ Mаw vовª}muuоm lавлmu>m@ Bo yo" have hi!h blood press"re@
Kлmrk>|mu л> wsm qjt u€qаqв>
\ Mаw mws• аллmrk>€ uа
6re yo" aller!ic to any medications@
Mo>tаsm л> u€qаqв>
Mª vr>u>tаmsm qаq>m+u>ixl•
Bo yo" take any medications@
Tаqв> лmqаrwsва вo>tаsm@
Tаq>m лmqаrwsва Mª
Dhat medications do yo" take@
Tоkа M> vr>oл€@ Tоklа Mаt wsало vлоzо@ Dhen did yo" feel bad@
Tоkа M> iол>@ Tоklа iол>s@ Dhen does it h"rt@
Lол> л> qоkаsо v>vаt sxq@ Rlmw• iол•uо@ Boes it h"rt #hen I to"ch it here@
Lол> л> qоkаsо vrmkлj~аsm@ Lол•uо kлоsаs•@ Boes it h"rt #hen yo" s#allo#@
Psо rm{mvsаsа% Mоs rm{mvs% Here is the prescription%
Mo>tайsm smo> лmqаrwsва% Xr>u>tайsm ®s> лmqаrwsва% )ake these medicines%
=xnlаmsm wm оs wmr>оouо
Mаt vоsrmixmsw€ wmr•mouоm
¢o"*ll need a serio"s treatment%
Иtаsm л> u€qаqв> zrоu>|u>
\ Mаw mws• zrоu>|mwq>m
Bo yo" have any chronic diseases@
Mа}аsа oаwsrаzовqа um
vоqr>ва sаqова лm|mu>m%
Mа}а wsrаzовqа um vоqrªваms
sаqоm лm|mu>m%
¢o"r ins"rance doesn*t cover s"ch a
Umqxвал> л> wа M> oа sова
Mª rаu•}m оs ®sоkо лm|>л>w•@ Have yo" previo"sly been treated for it@
[r€iва lа M> wm uаvrав€s
u€qо> >owлmlваu>€%
Mаt vr>lmsw€ wlаs• аuал>oª% ¢o" have to do some tests%
Wsвоrmsm w> xwsаsа, tол€% Wsqrойsm rоs, vоnалxйwsа% 'pen yo"r mo"th, please%
bm sr€iва lа >oваl>t ojiа
Rxi vr>lmsw€ xlал>s•% De*ll have to e&tract yo"r tooth%
=€tа lа vо|xвwsваsm u>qаqва
Mª u>|mkо um vо|xвwsвxmsm% ¢o" #on*t feel any pain%
=m wm srmвоnmsm, u€tа lа
=m iойsmw•, ®sо um iол•uо% Bon*t #orry, it #on*t h"rt%
Иtаsm л> rm{mvsа@ \ Mаw mws• rm{mvs@ Bo yo" have a prescription@
Vоnm lа wm вomtm imo rm{mvsа% -sо vrоlаmsw€ imo rm{mvsа% It can be taken #itho"t a prescription%
=mоizоl>tа m rm{mvsа oа sова% -sо vrоlаmsw€ vо rm{mvsx% It needs a prescription%
Zjnал€ваt, uо sова лmqаrwsво
wm vrоlава w rm{mvsа%
Иoв>u>sm, ®sо лmqаrwsво sол•qо
vо rm{mvsx%
/orry, it*s a prescription dr"!%
Nr>n> oа
qrаwоsаsаZалоu qrаwоsª .ea"ty 5are
oр'[iор,к' ,%&о< v%&о< @р'\+,ок ~air salon
Иwqаt lа w> oаv>}а |аw oа
Vоnuо oаv>wаs•w€ uа wsr>nqx@
I*d like to make an appointment for a
Tолqо ~m sr€iва lа |аqаt@ Zqол•qо tum vr>lmsw€ nlаs•@ Ho# lon! #ill I have to #ait@
Tjlm tоkа lа wmluа oа tалqо@ Nlm tоnuо vоlоnlаs•@ Dhere can I sit do#n for a #hile@
Иwqаt uова vr>|mwqа% f zо|x wlmлаs• uовxƒ vr>|mwqx% I*d like to have a ne# hairdo%
Иwqаt uова vоlwsr>nqа% f zо|x wlmлаs• wsr>nqx% I #ant a ne# hairc"t%
Vол€, vоlwsr>nmsm >
>olxzайsm qоwаsа t>%
f zо|x vоlwsr>|•w€ > wlmлаs•
8lease c"t and blo# dry my hair%
Vол€, >ot>йsm qоwаsа t> w
}аtvоаu > t> uаvrавmsm
Mªtойsm > xлоn>sm tum волоwª% 8lease shampoo and style my hair%
Xоlwsr>kваum > irjwumum,
Xоlwsr>k>sm > vоirmйsm tmu€,
Hairc"t and shave, please%
L>z >wqал vоlwsr>kваum% f zо|x vоlwsr>|•w€% I #o"ld like to have a hairc"t%
L>z >wqал qоwаsа t> lа ijlm
f zо|x, |sоiª tum vоtªл>
I #o"ld like to have my hair #ashed%
Xоlwsr>nmsm € qjwо, tол€%
Xоlwsr>k>sm vоqоrо|m,
5"t it short, please%
Zаtо vоlqjw€ваum, tол€%
Xоnалxйwsа, sол•qо
vоlrовu€йsm qоu|>q>%
§"st a trim, please%
Zаtо vоlqjwmsm tалqо
Xоnалxйwsа, umtuоkо
vоlwsr>k>sm qоu|>q>%
§"st take some off the ed!es%
Vол€, vоlqjwmsm irаlаsа t>%
Xоlrовu€йsm tum, vоnалxйwsа,
8lease trim my beard%
=m sвjrlm qjwо% =m wл>}qоt qоrоsqо% (ot too short%
Vоnm л> lа lоiав>sm tалqо
=m tоkл> iª Mª wlmлаs• {вms
5o"ld yo" add some color@
bаl€~о wsxlmuо qjlrmum,
bаl€~xƒ z>t>ƒ, vоnалxйwsа% 6 soft perm, please%
Xоlwsr>nmsm sxq tалqо
vовm|m, tол€%
Zlmлайsm olmw• vоqоrо|m,
5"t a bit more off here, please%
Vоnm л> lа vоlwsr>nmsm
tалqо vовm|m uа вrаsа@
=m tоkл> iª Mª wоwsr>|• m~m
umtuоkо w }m>@
5an yo" c"t a little more off the neck@
Vол€, >olxzайsm t> qоwаsа wjw
\лоn>sm tum, vоnалxйwsа,
волоwª ymuоt%
8lease blo#+dry my hair%
Vол€ M>, wлоnmsm kmл% Z kmлmt, vоnалxйwsа% 8lease "se !el%
L>z nmлал qjwа vоlwsr>nqа% f zо|x qоrоsqxƒ wsr>nqx% I*d like a short c"t%
Vол€, uав>йsm qrа>~аsа
Xоnалxйwsа, qоu|>qаt> вuxsr•% 8lease c"rl the ends in#ard%
Vол€, rаolmлmsm qоwаsа t> в
Zlmлайsm tum, vоnалxйwsа,
vr€tой vrоiоr%
8lease part my hair in the middle%
Vол€, wrm}msm qоwаsа t> оs
|mлоsо uа oаl%
Rа|m}>sm tum волоwª uаoаl%
8lease comb my hair back from the
Vол€, y>qw>rайsm vr>|mwqаsа
w лаq oа qоwа%
Rаy>qw>rxйsm xqлаlqx лаqоt% 8lease fi& the style #ith hair spray%
Lmo лаq, tол€% Lmo лаqа, vоnалxйwsа% Ditho"t hair spray, please%
L>z nmлал tаwаn uа kлаваsа
f zоsmл iª wlmлаs• tаwwаn
I #o"ld like to have my scalp massa!ed%
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
yr>o•оrwq> wалоu vаr>qtаzmrwqа€ hairdresser*s
qоotms>|mu wалоu wалоu qrаwоsª bea"ty salon
ws>л>ws ws>л>ws stylist
kr>t tаq>€n make"p
>owвmsлmu> q>|xr> tmл>rоваu>m hi!hli!hts
qjlr>{> qxlr> c"rls
оulxла{>€ волuª #aves
irmsоu |mлqа ban!s
qоuwqа оvа}qа zвоws pony tail
uƒаuw qrаwqа tint
srайuо uƒаuw>rаum wsойqа€ qrаwqа permanent tint
вrmtmu о{вms>smл оssmuо|uа€ qrаwqа semi+permanent color
q>|xr> w yол>о tmл>rоваu>m uа yол•kx foil #eave
wvа wvа spa
srms>rаum w iалwаt лm|mu>m волоw conditionin! treatment
вjowsаuов€ваum uа qоwаsа воwwsаuовлmu>m волоw hair repair
wsxlmuо qjlrmum qаrв>uk carvin!
аyr>qаuwq> vл>sq> vлmsmu>m qоw>|mq braidin!
xljлnаваum uа qоwаsа uаrа~>ваu>m волоw hair e&tension
xljлnаваum uа uоqs>sm uаrа~>ваu>m uоksmй nail e&tension
uр0K' Pро\++ Other
L>z >wqал lа t> ijlаs
лаq>rаu> uоqs>sm%
f zоsmл iª оsvол>rоваs• uоks>% I #o"ld like to have my nails polished%
L>zsm л> t> оwqxiал>
вmnl>sm, tол€@
Zlmлайsm tum qоrrmq{>ƒ
irовmй, vоnалxйwsа%
Do"ld yo" please pl"ck my eyebro#s@
Xrав>sm л> mv>ла{>€@
\ ваw в wалоum lmлаƒs
Bo yo" do hair removal@
L>z >wqал qола tаwqа uа
qrаqаsа t>%
f zоsmл iª wlmлаs• ®v>л€{>ƒ uа
I #o"ld like my le!s #a&ed%
Иwqаt vrо{mlxr> uа qоnаsа%
f zоsmл iª, |sоiª tum wlmлал>
|>wsqx л>{а%
I #ant to have a skin treatment%
L>z >wqал lа >ov>л>sm >
оyоrt>sm uоqs>sm t>%
Zlmлайsm tum, vоnалxйwsа,
I*d like yo" to file and shape my nails%
Pо&+[<' /01' Pо&+[<c+ ,&о.% pseful 2or)s
qлаw>|mwq> tаu>qƒr qлаww>|mwq>й tаu>qƒr classic manic"re
yrmuwq> tаu>qƒr yrаu{xowq>й tаu>qƒr Crench manic"re
tаu>qƒr w kоrm~ kmл
tаu>qƒr w vr>tmumu>mt
kоr€|mkо tаwла
hot oil manic"re
vml>qƒr vml>qƒr pedic"re
vml>qƒr w tаwаn wvа+vml>qƒr /pa pedic"re
вjowsаuов€ваum uа uоqs>sm воwwsаuовлmu>m uоksmй nail repair
>o|>wsваumGvо|>wsваum |>wsqа p"rifyin!Gcleanin!
mv>ла{>€ ®v>л€{>€ epilation
tаwqа tаwqа mask
tаwаn tаwwаn massa!e
vо|>wsва~а tаwqа v>л>uk peelin!
aоA+ /% \0+-+ Sc 1оA+-+ 0,&cC%-i sou 7a5 hear
Tаqва vr>|mwqа nmлаmsm@ Tаqxƒ vr>|mwqx Mª zоs>sm@ Dhat hairdo #o"ld yo" like@
Tаq nmлаmsm lа M> ijlm
vоlwsr>kаuа qоwаsа@
Tаqxƒ Mаt wlmлаs• wsr>nqx@ Ho# #o"ld yo" like yo"r hair c"t@
Иoimrmsm vоlwsr>nqаsа, qо€sо
M> zаrmwва%
Mªimr>sm wsr>nqx, qоsоrа€ Mаt
5hoose the hairc"t yo" like%
Qmлаmsm л> tаu>qƒr@ ^оs>sm tаu>qƒr@ Do"ld yo" like to have a manic"re@
Tаqjв {в€s vrmlvо|>sаsm@ Tаqой {вms Mª vrmlvо|>sаmsm@ Dhat color do yo" prefer@
Psо uа}>€s qаsалоk >
Mоs uа} qаsалоk > vrайw+л>ws% Here is o"r catalo!"e and price list%
Nоrm~о л> m@ =m kоr€|о@ Is it hot@
Xаr> л>@ =m nnms@ Boes it b"rn@
^аrmwва л> M>@ =x qаq, Mаt urав>sw€@ Ho# do yo" like it@
Иwqаsm л> лаq oа qоwа@ Xоirªokаs• лаqоt@ Do"ld yo" like any hair spray@
bm sr€iва lа vо|аqаsm% Mаt vr>lmsw€ vоlоnlаs•% ¢o"*ll have to #ait%
M>qаum uа
vол>{>€sаMªoов t>л>{>> 5allin! for police
Pо1оY о- @о&';'B-% Pо1оYi 1'&';'' Police assistance
Xоtо~ Xоtоk>sm Help
Xоtоkumsm t> Xоtоk>sm tum Help me
Zvm}uо m -sо wrо|uо It*s an emer!ency
Vол€ M>, >oв>qайsm вmluаkа
=mtmlлmuuо вªoов>sm t>л>{>ƒ% 8lease call the police immediately%
Иwqаt lа wjоi~€ oа
f zо|x wооi~>s• о umw|аwsuоt
I #ant to report an accident%
Ko i€z uаvаluаs% =а tmu€ uаvал>% I*ve been attacked%
Vол€, uаv>}msm lоqлаl oа
=аv>}>sm, vоnалxйwsа,
oа€влmu>m о qrаnm%
8lease fill o"t a theft report%
Tjlm m uай+iл>oq>€s
vол>{mйwq> x|аwsjq@
Nlm iл>nай}mm оslmлmu>m
Dhere is the nearest police station@
Rаkxi>z w> vаwvоrsа% f vоsmr€л vаwvоrs% I lost my passport%
=m tоkа u>qjlm lа uаtmr€
vаwvоrsа w>%
f u>klm um tоkx uайs> wвой
I can*t find my passport any#here%
Vоnm л> lа ijlm >olаlmu
Vоnuо tum vолx|>s• lxiл>qаs@ 5an I have it reiss"ed@
Wsqrаluаzа vаwvоrsа t>% \ tmu€ xqrал> vаwvоrs% 2y passport #as stolen%
Wsqrаluаzа vаwvоrsа t> в
\ tmu€ xqrал> vаwvоrs в tmsrо%
I #as robbed of my passport on the
Wsqrаluаzа t> vоrsymйла% \ tmu€ вªrвал> >o rxq qо}mлmq% I #as stripped of my #allet%
Tоkо sr€iва lа >uyоrt>rаt@ Tоtx € lолnmu wооi~>s•@ Dhom sho"ld I inform@
Tjlm wа Иokximu> вm~>@ Nlm wsол uаzоlоq@ Dhere is the lost+and+fo"nd@
[r€iва lа wm оiаl€ в
Vum uxnuо vоoвоu>s• в
I need to call the mbassy%
[r€iва t> аukл>йwqо kовоr€~
Vum uxnmu аukлоkовоr€~>й
I need an n!lish+speakin! la#yer%
=m в>l€z u>~о% f u>|mkо um в>lmл% I haven*t seen anythin!%
=m ouаt qой m uаvrав>л sова% f um ouаƒ, qsо ®sо wlmлал% I don*t kno# #ho did that%
aоA+ /% \0+-+ Sc 1оA+-+ 0,&cC%-i sou 7a5 hear
Oоirm л> wsm@ Mwm в vоr€lqm@ 6re yo" '¡@
Tаqво wm wлx|>@ `sо vrо>oо}ло@ Dhat happened@
Иtа л> um~о@ `sо+u>ixl• um sаq@ /omethin! #ron!@
Иoв>qаzsm л> vол>{>€sа@ Mª вªoвал> vол>{>ƒ@ Bid yo" call the police@
Tой >oв>qа vол>{>€sа@ Tsо вªoвал vол>{>ƒ@ Dho called the police@
Tjlm wm wлx|> sова@ Nlm ®sо wлx|>лоw•@ Dhere did it happen@
=€qой rаumu л> m@ Pws• vоwsrаlав}>m@ Is anyone h"rt@
Tаqво л>vwва@ `sо vrоvало@ Dhat is missin!@
Ruаt, |m wsm rаowsrоmu@ f ouаƒ, Mª rаwwsrоmuª% I kno# yo"*re "pset%
Zvr€z M> oа vrmв>}muа
Mª vrmвªw>л> wqоrоws•% I stopped yo" for speedin!%
Vоnm л> lа в>l€ Mа}>€
vаwvоrs, tол€@
Xоnалxйwsа, vоqаn>sm vаwvоrs% 5an I see yo"r passport please@
Tаqjв m Mа}>€s аlrmw@ Mа} аlrmw@ Dhat is yo"r address@
Tаqjв m Mа}>€s smлmyоumu
Mа} smлmyоu@ Dhat is yo"r phone n"mber@
=m kовоr€ Mа}>€ mo>q% f um kовоrƒ uа Mа}mt €oªqm% I do not speak yo"r lan!"a!e%
[r€iва lа uаvrав>sm
оy>{>алmu lоqлаl%
Mаt vr>lmsw€ uаv>wаs•
¢o" have to make an official report%
Xrовmr>zsm л> в Иokximu>
Mª оirа~ал>w• в iƒrо
Have yo" checked the lost+and+fo"nd@
Иtа л> wв>lmsmл>@ Zв>lmsmл> mws•@ 6re there any #itnesses@
bm sr€iва lа vлаs>sm kлоiа% Mаt vr>lmsw€ oаvлаs>s• }srаy% ¢o"*ll have to pay a fine%
UWa5lo U3^sLO3

Hello, I m ivaylo{Ивайло} I prefer this article and book in English language and I want to say first; all around the world have so many language and language rule this rules and word meaning doing life style and country, some language is near among them. I want to explain this near language, I interest language because I m interest computer systems{computer science} and all of the internet and when I start the searching something else on the internet. I feel must understand different language for the over informatin, source. One language only giving one culture one information source{and this source is duplicate and repeated} but more language is giving more culture and informatin and source like universal looking this is giving to person more thinking power and be capable on the world. Now I m understand four language and I like learning. This time I found one source on the internet I know main or copy and where arrive and go ... This book is prepared on internet web pages and some article on web again and I give everywhere free like I m geting on web. I' ll give all open encyclopedia, all open article share web pages , I' ll give my E-mail for the information or anything else, finally I want to say next time I' m think prepare like this book but among them German - Netherlands - English language, thank you for the gething this book ...

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