Classroom Seating Rationale

My classroom is set up for a 2nd grade class with 25 students. I have the desks arranged all facing the white board for classroom instruction and arranged into groups. The students can easily re-adjust their seating to form small groups for discussions. I have left easy access to each student, for my benefit and also to allow the students room to move around the class without knocking into things. This will also allow the desks to be easily re-arranged one by one or more if necessary. I will periodically change students’ seat so they do not always sit with the same students. This will also allow me to change seats, if necessary, if discipline problems arise. I plan on having bulletin boards around the entire room to display student work. I think it is important to show all of the students the teacher is proud of their hard work. I have a horseshoe table situated at the front of the class with my seat facing the students. I placed a teacher desk in the room although I have never really seen a teacher use their desk. I also have book shelves dividing a small portion of the room to make a somewhat private reading section. I have lots of books to allow students to read when their work is complete. I have included 3 computers; I have been in classrooms with 15 computers and in classrooms with 1 computer. I would like to allow the students access to the computers for research and for the reading program AR, Accelerated Readers.

Symbol Key

bulletin board
white board

book case


group table

reading rug

student desk

teacher desk

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