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Field Notes (E502)

9.6.12 (Music Theory Class led by Ms. Stockhouse)

Teacher Related (Rapport, verbal and non-verbal cues, questioning and modeling techniques, classroom management
techniques; feedback to students)

Through observation of verbal/non-verbal cues, it seems that Ms. Janis Stockhouse has a positive rapport with her students. She is very laid back and down to earth. I sense a great amount of respect for her from the students. Throughout the music theory class, she engaged the students, asking them many questions, which the students were quick to answer. She would provide positive feedback if the answers were correct, and would gracefully correct them if they were wrong. Also, if a student was not able to answer a question, she would ask things such as, does anyone else know the answer? or can anyone help Joe out with this one? Student Related (Level of engagement/involvement/interest; musical skill level, rapport with teacher; rapport with
each other)

The students seemed quite engaged, involved, and interested in the subject matter. This particular group of students skill level seemed pretty high in terms of their knowledge of the theory material. Their seemed to be a nice, friendly rapport with the teacher, as the majority of the students (approximately 20 students) were receptive to her instruction and the class material. Additionally, the students rapport with each other was positive. Subject Matter (Age appropriateness of musical material; ability of material to maintain interest; ability of material
to introduce/reinforce specific musical skills and concepts; sequence of instruction; types of activities utilized)

Ms. Stockhouse opened the class talking about Mozart and Operas. This seemed quite random to what she had in mind to teach for the days theory class. The following were the content areas that Ms. Stockhouse covered in the lesson: Compound meters Echo & Answer Melody & Rhythmic Samples (asked me to write samples on chalkboard) Recap of upcoming exams Intervals (asked me to play interval examples on keyboard) Environment Related (Classroom set-up, musical equipment and materials, classroom management issues) The class took place in the main rehearsal room, with Ms. Stockhouse at the front on the podium, and the students sat within the first 2 to 3 rows that were elevated. They used music stands are their desks, on which they had their textbooks. The following were the two textbooks Ms. Stockhouse utilized: The Logical Approach to Rhythmic Notation The Musicians Guide Workbook

In addition to the textbooks, Ms. Stockhouse utilized the chalkboard to illustrate examples of compound meters. She also amplified a metronome as she conducted Echo & Answer samples. Finally, I used the electric piano when drilling the students on intervals.