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How to Accelerate Performance of All Kinds

How to Accelerate Performance of All Kinds

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Published by Hal Wechsler

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Published by: Hal Wechsler on Nov 23, 2012
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How to Accelerate Performance of All Kinds – Fast  1. Get this: According to the latest (11.09.

12) neuroscientific research in Japan by Professor N. Sadato: “To the brain, receiving a compliment is as much a social reward as being rewarded with Money”.  2. If you want better learning and increased long-term memory, from yourself, and others (team, family, associates), offer a direct compliment to individuals during an activity. Your words become Power Suggestions for improvement.  3. For Brainiacs: the area of the brain that triggers improvement (up to 70% better performance) because of compliments, is your Striatum.  4. Cash equals a Compliment to your Striatum. It’s part of your Basal Ganglia, part of the decision-making structure of your brain.  5. Fact: the cliché, “Praise to encourage improvement,“ is a scientific reality. Question: how should you use it?  6. For yourself: After you have studied for an exam, compliment yourself for a job well-done. Again, immediately before the exam itself.  7. How? Take 60-seconds to close your eyes & mentally relax by taking four (4) diaphragmatic breaths, on exhaling, visualize getting 100% or an “A” on the test. See yourself “smiling” at

your success. That’s your compliment. A chocolate ice-cream cone is nice too. A steak dinner?  8. Going for an important interview? Making a presentation? What about before an important meeting or negotiation? Yes!  9. Compliment your Significant-Other, business associates, & team members, your will see a greater willingness to consider other points of view. Compliments trigger empathy, reason, and Positive emotions.  10. Is one-minute of your time worth up to seven (7) days of improvement in performance, better learning and stronger longterm memory? It’s your decision. We tested it on executives, and it is a Killer-Application. You and everyone else knows a compliment when they hear it. It’s in your facial-expression, and body-language. It could be just twowords like – “Great job!” or “Big Improvement.” It works.  11. Can you fall down like a corkscrew (slowly into a roll)? Who cares? Millions of Senior Citizens fall daily, and break bones. Often, it creates a life-threatening injury. When a Senior falls, and breaks a hip – it can be followed by a lingering death.  12. You can easily and quickly train yourself to fall in-a-roll, and avoid injury because you are relaxed and control the fall. It takes bending and twisting you truck (hips), and neck. It’s baby-easy.

All you need is a mental intention, to roll-into-a-ball. That mental-image relaxes your muscles, and put a “smile” on your face instead of a frown. The smile informs your brain, “This-is-agame!”, and do-not-stiffen your body. It’s easier to do than to explain.  13. We all “daydream” up to 53% of our waking hours. That’s a real statistic, based on scientific research. Insert as a daydream, you rolling into an intentional-fall, and Smiling!  Now, physically do three (3) rolling falls. Repeat each for oneminute, for a total of four-days, and you have created a physically remembered behavior. You conditioned yourself.  It’s a new Brain-Program, and when the real thing happens (falling), you will roll, not fall-down like a chopped-tree. So what? You will not break a bone or your fragile hip. Result: no hospital stay, and greater health & longevity. Endwords: SpeedReading101™wants you to learn and remember strategies that offer you long-life-health, and accelerated healing. Test it, and if it works, Use-It! See ya, Copyright © 2012, H. Bernard Wechsler --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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