Blackpool Political Establishment Description: Home: Blackpool (Magic level 4) Alignment: Law Attributes: Force 5, Cunning 3, Wealth 6 Hit

Points: 29 Income: 5 Assets: Marketers (W5), Commodities Brokers (W6), Regular Infantry (F4), Light catapults (F4), Base of Influence: Blackpool (14 hp) Tags: Town government, Plutocratic Goal: Commercial expansion Church of Voor-Yohris Description: Home: (Magic level 4) Alignment: Chaos Attributes: Force 5, Cunning 6, Wealth 3 Income: 4 Assets: Covert transit net (C6), Vanguard cadres (C4), Magical assassins (F5), Surveyors (W2), Base of Influence (somewhere 3 hexes away.) Tags: Secretive Goal: Establish Base of Operations in Stonehell Typical Humanoid Clan Description: The typical monsters -- i.e. orcs, hobgoblins, bugbears -- that in habit Stonehell. Some more organized groups are exceptions to this rule. Dozen s of these groups exist on the different levels. Home: Stonehell (Magic level 3) Alignment: Chaos Attributes: Force 2. Cunning 1, Wealth 1 Income: 1 Assets: Base of Influence (Stonehell), Militia Unit (F1) Tags: Warlike

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