Dear Counselor: I have recently been engaged by Counter Punch Magazine to become its Criminal Justice Columnist: http

:// I have also been asked to become a regular commentator on Black Talk Radio: I have been a private investigator since 1979 and formerly served as First Vice President of Newspaper Guild Local 69 (now merged with CWA Local 9400). As such I practice a hybrid form of private investigation mixed with journalism. I frequently formally publicize and/or leak stories to the mass media at the behest of attorneys and other clients using my own blog ( and or conventional news releases and social media dissemination. My new roles with Counter Punch and Black Talk Radio present new opportunities to disseminate newsworthy stories to the public. If you have cases and clients whose stories need to be told, please feel free to contact me at Additionally, should you simply want to provide me with proverbial "leaked" news, email me in complete confidence at with the assurance that if I disseminate the leak, I will invoke the immunity of Section 1070 of the California Evidence Code to refuse to divulge the source. best,

Jan B. Tucker J.B. Tucker & Associates, PI-10143 P.O. Box 433 Torrance CA 90508-0433 Tel: 213.787.5476 Fax: 310.618.1950 AIM: janbtucker Twitter: janbtucker

Facebook: Jan B. Tucker Myspace: Jan B. Tucker

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