Weld Joint Geometry and Weld Symbols

Parts of a Weld Joint Welding Technology Lee Co. ATC

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as well as production welding • Welding personal may required to apply this knowledge once in the industry . you must be able to identify individual features that make up the joint geometry for a particular joint • These features and elements are often essential variables in welding procedure.It may be necessary to describe the exact joint design • Once you can identify the types of joints.

Parts of a weld • • • • • • • • • Joint root Groove face Root face Root edge Root opening Bevel Bevel angle Groove angle Groove radius .

Joint root is “ that portion of a joint to be welded where the members are closest to each other • The joint root may be either a point. line. or an area • The joint roots are shown as shaded areas in (A)-(D) and lines in (E) (F) .

Root Face.Groove Face. and Root Edge • Groove face is “ that surface of a member included in the groove” • Root face (land) is “that portion of the groove face within the joint root” • Root edge is a root face of zero width .

Root Opening and Bevel •Root opening is the separation between the work pieces at the joint root •Bevel (chamfer) is an angular edge preparation .

Bevel Angle.groove welds . and Groove Radius • Bevel angle is the angle between the bevel of a joint member and a plane perpendicular to the surface of the member • Groove angle the total included angle of the groove between members •Groove radius applies only to J-&U. Groove Angle.

Extra information is necessary to describe the exact joint design • For a single-bevel-groove-weld.” Normally the weld configuration is specified by both an angle and a radius . the bevel angle and the groove angle are equal • Groove radius is “the radius used to form the shape of a J.groove weld.or U.

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