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Published by: Abhilash Pillai on Nov 23, 2012
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Determination of cumulative equivalent standard Axle (Road Note 31).

The steps are as follows; Determine the daily traffic flow for each class of vehicle weighed, using the re sults of the traffic survey and any other recent traffic count information that is available. Determine the Avg-daily one directional additional traffic flow for each class o f vehicle. Make a forecast of the one directional flow for each class of vehicle to determi ne the total traffic in each class that will travel over each lane during design life. Determine the mean equivalence factor for each class of vehicle and for each dir ection form the result of this axle load survey and any other suveys that have r ecently been carried out. the product of the cumulative one directional traffic flows (example, with refer ence to asphalt institute) for each class of vehicle over the design life of the road and the meanequivalent factor for that class should then be calculated and added together to give the cumulative equivalent standard axle loading for each direction. The higher of the two directional values should be used for design.

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