2nd Trimester Exhibition Organizer

Second Trimester Exhibition Organizer Interest Project—Driving Question: *This project is due February 17!

Math Division Problem (write your problem here):


Multiplication Problem:

Decimals Practice Problems (be prepared to solve one like this at your exhibition): 1.34 + 6.9 = _______ 4.5 – 2.32 = ________

Reading—Make a Book Cover Title & Author: ________________________________________________________________________ To Do List: • • • Create a new title and color illustration for your book cover Write a brief summary of your book for the back of your book cover Make sure it’s neat and creative

Writing Examples of hyperbole from my Tall Tale:

Thesis of my Persuasive Letter:

My strongest argument:

Social Studies My project:_______________________________________________________________ Things I learned from my project:

Science Water Cycle Drawing Checklist… Requirements *Transpiration *Neatness *Evaporation *Labels *Precipitation *Percolation *Color *Condensation

AMPP Class you did well in: ___________________________________________________ Why did you do well in this class?

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