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Christ Cares - Fall 2012 Update

Scott's Health At the time of our last newsletter, it looked like my heart problem, Atrial Fibrillation, might require surgery or be a lifelong problem. Thank you for your prayers! We praise the Lord that I have now gone three months with no heart problems and we are hopeful that this will continue!

Christ Cares' Evangelism Training Pastor Scott teaching a class of over 30 on "How to Share your Faith"

Lane Reese Please pray for my brother Lane. He is having trouble with his leukemia again. He has already started chemo & will be having another stem cell transplant soon. This is a challenging time for them. The day before he found out it was back, his wife (Marlina) lost her job and then the next week they had a house fire and lost everything in their bedroom. Due to his health he is not able to work much. If you would like to send him a note of encouragement or help, his address is 403 S. Main, Aubrey, TX 46227

Over 1,000 needy children received School Supplies!!!

Every grade school & jr. high child in Ford Heights along with hundreds of children in Chicago Heights, Robbins, and Chicago were blessed with School Supplies. We are grateful for a new relationship with Bob Stine & Elim Ministries that greatly increased the amount of children that were blessed. We also thank First Reformed Church of Lansing, Crete Church, Hillside Community, Calvary Church, the Agape Center, & our supporters for making this possible as well as Schepel Buick/GMC for having a car show fund raiser that helped Elim. We also helped co-sponsor a Back to School Rally in Roseland (see website for video)

The Goal of a Missionary...

is not just activities, programs, or even sharing the "GOOD NEWS" it is also to make disciples, to empower people to do the work of the ministry. Successful missionary endeavors continue long after the missionary. This is why we were excited to see over thirty people show up for an Evangelism Class to learn how to share their faith. This training was held at New Life Baptist Church - those who are long time supporters of Missionary Scott Reese can rejoice that there is now a self sustaining church in a beautiful facility including a gymnasium that started from "scratch" in the projects of Ford Heights over 30 years ago. Another step of empowerment we would love to see soon is to have the funding to hire a part time staff of people from the communities we minister in.

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