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Myers - Christian Anti-Intellectualism

Myers - Christian Anti-Intellectualism

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Published by: Emilie Ann on Nov 24, 2012
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57 Jeff Myers Christian Anti-Intellectualism

Questions     What do you mean by that? How do you know that is true? Where are you getting your information from? What happens if your wrong?

Leader – Someone who leads, someone who influences others and creating change

5 approaches to culture 1) Herodians – pretend to be religious but sought power (control culture) 2) Sadducees – avoid any actions that will compromise the wealth and status you have gained as the ‘spiritual elite’ (participate to be high status) 3) Essenes – isolate yourselves from the ‘sons of darkness’ – anyone who doesn’t agree with you (escape from culture) – (john the Baptist) 4) Zealots – insist on a radical overthrow of all secular rule (Elijah) 5) Pharisees – ignore culture and adhere to a complicated system of religious practices based on traditions that seem righteous (Jeremiah and the prophets) Matthew 16:13-19 Great Points on Matthew 16    Wherever the world worships, that is where Jesus intends to build His church Nothing that issues forth from the underworld will overpower God’s plan The kingdom of God is powerful and will affect every aspect of society

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