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Social Media Marketing- The Power of Wikis and Wetpaint

Social Media Marketing- The Power of Wikis and Wetpaint

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Published by Doug Firebaugh
What is the TRUE marketing power of wikis and how do they work? Where can I find them? Which ones are the best? Read On!
What is the TRUE marketing power of wikis and how do they work? Where can I find them? Which ones are the best? Read On!

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Published by: Doug Firebaugh on Jan 27, 2009
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The first time I heard this word- a few years ago- I was like- “What in the world?

I did not know much about it- but since then, have seen the concept take ahold and really rock the social media zone. But the strangest thing happens. Whenever I mention this powerful and traffic blasting tool/software to people they just laugh and say, “I prefer blogs” or “I prefer facebook.” Ok. But they are missing on what search engines are LOVING and RSS feeds are cranking out. The Super Powerful Secret of: The Wiki. Follow Doug on Twitter

Now i know that wikis may not excite you. But probably because you have never really connected with the idea and the concept of what it can do for your social media efforts. once you understand the POWER behind wikis, you will start including them in your social efforts. Blogs are great as I have several- 2 main ones- and then numerous other ones for traffic purposes. But I have found lately that i am getting as much traffic from the wikis we have out there as the blogs. And that stunned me! That is why you need to revisit the concept of what i call ‘The Super Wiki”- faster than a

speeding blog- more powerful than an article- and able to leap tall searches in a single bound!

Now we are all familiar with “wikipedia.” This is the biggest wiki that is out there. And it has become amazingly popular because of the love that google gives it in most searches. And if you look anything up- if it is in wikipedia, it usuallyis on the first page. there are literally thousands of people that are helping out with wikipedia. What exactly IS a wiki? let’s explain it this way. imagine that you were going to do a painting. You got a canvass, and put it up, got your paint and brushes, and then started. imagine though that a few friends dropped by that night to see you, and then joined in the creative process- and suddenly you had 5 people helping you with your painting. And it really started to rock with everyone’s input and efforts. It was a JOINT effort- not just yours. That is much like a wiki. It is part blog, part social site, part article post, part website, and part forum. It is rocking hot. In your social marketing efforts, a wiki can start to get a buzz about it just with the people that are helping with it. You may have to invite some to start, but others will show up once the word gets out. It is still very underused and underated in social media, but of you start using one now- you will be well ahead of the coming wiki tidal wave. And there are five main parts to a wiki: 1) The Title Banner. This is where the title of your wiki is located- what it is called-and is at the top of the wiki. It the “header” and is first thing you see.

2) The Side bar. This is where you have the different pages of your wiki housed, and can then connect each page to the main page and jump from one page to another- much like a website. here you can add pages to the wiki as well. 3) The Posting Area. This is where the creative part flows. Here you can write, post, upload pictures, upload videos, and many other cool things that will enhance your wiki as well as encourage involvement from others. you can also leave a note for others in a special section for others to see. 4) The Settings Area. Here is where you can design and set your wiki to how you want the look and feel of it to be. Most settings area is very user friendly.

5) The Task bar. This is the bar, usually down at the bottom or at the top, and it says, :Home, Discussion, What’s new, Photos, Members, To Dos’ etc. This is to keep you in sync with what needs to be included in the super Wiki. And also this includes your tags for eachpage you add to your wiki.

And also, there is the social aspect to wikis as well. You can connect with other’s as well as promote each other’s wikis, much like stumbleupon, and help to get your wiki visible. The main wikis that are VERY search engine friendly are: Wetpaint.com

Wikidot.com PBwiki.com Sites.google.com Wikispaces.com Bluwiki.com

For a great video explanation of wikis:

Wikis in plain English There are more, but these are a great start. My suggestion, if you are marketing on the internet and and are into social marketing- get you a WIKI! There is a powerful timing that is coming that will put wikis up where blogs are-because of the social aspects and joint efforts of wikis. You can put up Content daily- and be spidered by the SEs. And you can write about your business topics, educate people, show videos, and tell stories- much like a blog- but with a community effort. Again, for social media marketing, you need to consider using a wiki or 2. That will help you get more traffic, get more exposure, and also blog search engines are stating to pick up wikis as well in their results. Wikis- strange name for a powerful tool in Social media marketing. blessings..doug firebaugh Socisl media Training Home business Social Media

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