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Code: R7212306


B.TECH II Year I Semester (R07) Supplementary Examinations, November 2012

Time: 3 hours Answer any FIVE questions All questions carry equal marks **** (a) Explain about germ theory of diseases. (b) Write about microbial diversity. 2 (a) Write about general characteristics of bacteria. (b) Write about major characteristics used in Taxonomy Microorganisms. 3 (a) Write about viruses of bacteria. (b) Write about applications of viruses in biotechnology industry. 4 (a) Write about general replication of DNA. (b) Write about animal viruses. 5 (a) Draw the typical structure of virus. (b) Write about assay of viruses. 6 (a) Write about nutritional classes of microbes. (b) Write about types of media. 7 (a) Write about different methods of preservation of microorganisms. (b) Write about staining techniques. 8 (a) Write about diseases causing microorganisms. (b) Write about molecular basis of pathogenesity.

Max Marks: 80