Code: R7410410

(Common to Electronics & Communication Engineering and Electronics & Control Engineering)

B.TECH IV Year I Semester (R07) Supplementary Examinations, November 2012

Time: 3 hours Answer any FIVE questions All questions carry equal marks **** 1

Max Marks: 80

(a) Difference between database system and file system (b) Explain Database Administrator’s responsibilities and functions. (c) Explain the difference between Weak & Strong entity set with example. (a) What is view? How to create view? What are the advantages and limitations of view? (b) Explain selection, projection and join operation in relational algebra. (a) Explain nested and correlated queries. (b) Consider following relation shema Sailors (sid:integer, sname:string, rating:integer, age:real) Boats (bid:integer, bname :sring , color:string) Reserves(sid:integer, bid:integer, day:date) Write the queries in SQL 1. Find names of sailors who have good rating (>=8) 2. Find the names of sailors who have reserved red boat and having rating less than 7. 3. Find the sids of sailors with age more than 20 years and not reserved Interlake boat. 4. Find the colors of boats reserved by Vijay (a) Explain schema refinement in Database design. (b) What is lossless join decomposition? (a) What is transaction? Explain different properties of Transaction. (b) Explain two phase locking protocol. Define strict two phase locking protocol. Explain testing of serializability, explain how precedence graph is used for testing. Write short notes on (a) Cluster index (b) Secondary index (c) Tree based indexing (a) Explain with example static hashing. (b) Explain about RAID. ******





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