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IV B. Tech I Semester (R05) Supplementary Examinations, November 2012 ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES (Common to Computer Science & Engineering & Electronics & Computer Engineering) Time: 3 hours Max. Marks: 80 Answer any FIVE questions All questions carry equal marks ***** 1 Explain what is the need for public awareness about the multidisciplinary nature of environmental studies. 2 (a) What are the different types of renewable energy sources? (b) What are the factors that cause deforestation? Suggest some measures to reduce deforestation. Discuss about: (a) Forest ecosystem. (b) Grassland ecosystem. Discuss in detail about bio-geographical classification of India and explain value of biodiversity. Explain in detail about the effects and control measures of: (a) Water pollution. (b) Soil pollution. What ethical guidelines might be used to help us for a sustainable living? Discuss the ways of controlling population growth. What are the issues involved in enforcement of environmental legislation? *****




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