Fleury Park Project

“building in stages”

Stage 1
We are asking the Town to:

Add two courts at Fleury Park; Build an amphitheatre viewing area;
Fund a hydrological study; Provide a support letter for ACTC’s application to Federal Government

This Stage will:

Double the play hours for the public;

Increase the capacity (potential) for Fleury Park to be a “go to” venue for Aurorans and the public;

Demonstrate support for future development that could result in $500,000 in grant money;

Lead to flood plain construction at Fleury Park & other Town assets which will add economic and social benefits to Aurora

This Stage Builds on Research & Studies The Promenade Study
Parks & Recreation Master Plan 2010 Corporate Environmental Action Plan 2011 ACTC Surveys and Resident Consultation

Estimated Cost

$150, 000
• Two court/play areas - $80,000 (quote received)
• Amphitheatre $45,000 estimate • Hydrological Study $25,000 estimate

Stage 2

Apply for Federal Heritage Grant
• Connect Fleury Park Re-development to historic sesquicentennial aspects required by Grant Guidelines • Add more Partnerships & Multi-user groups that support vision and will benefit from the Project • No Cost or Risk to Town

Stage 3

Grant Successful
• Town builds Fleury Playhouse in 2013 – flood plain requirements are met with Smart Vent Technology. • Town adds parking on Irwin Street • Town begins earning revenue from permits and solar panels (see pay down document) • Fleury Park utilized year round by multi-user groups – celebrating our 150 anniversary

Cost 2 – 2.5 Million
See Feasibility Report to learn more about the Fleury Park Project Our estimate is based on 8 months of research on latest cost efficient environmental technologies and receiving quotes from national builders. See Pay Back Schedule to learn when Town begins earning yearly revenue; Fund Sources: Town of Aurora Hydro Funds, Federal Grants, Revenue from Town Permits and solar roof;

Thank You
Presented by ACTC Fleury Park Project Committee

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