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To Whom It May Concern: As a highly motivated person, I am prepared to give my efforts in the numerous functions that your organization

requests. I truly believe that my knowledge and skills would be for a good value and mean for the work of your organization. Taking into consideration the conditions in our society, especially the one addressed on the unemployment and the weak economical situation, I was fully encouraged to apply on the vacancy note as a perquisite for a new perspective for support and employment of young people. I believe that it would be mutually beneficial for your organization and for me to encounter our efforts, not only for the contribution of the development of your company, but to support this noble idea for the other companies trough out the Macedonia to offer employment for young people. Talking into consideration the fact that your company is an example of success and professionalism in the State, as a young and ambitious person who strives for success and good working results, it would be my exceptional privilege to be a part of the team of a company of such range, where with my knowledge and skills, I would be able to contribute for the prosperity of the company. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Faithfully,