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The installation of Windows xp onThe VirtualBox

The installation of Windows xp onThe VirtualBox

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Published by ahmed
this is a great way to show you how to install the windows xp in virtual box ...
this is a great way to show you how to install the windows xp in virtual box ...

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Published by: ahmed on Nov 24, 2012
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Welcome to the installation of Windows xp on virtual box

The installation explanation is prepared by : Ahmed L.Yousify

Copyright © 2012 Ahmed L.Yousify, Inc. All rights reserved.

The first thing to do is to open the virtual box and this window will show

Click new

Enter the name of the virtual machine and choose the type of the operating system , in our case , choose windows xp

After you've entered the name and choosed the type of operating system , click next .

Select how much you want from the memory to be shared with the virtual box when it is Started ...

After you've choosed the recommended or larger memory size , click next .

For creating a virtual hard drive , let it by default and click next .

If you don't need to use other virtulization settings , keep the settings unchanged .

If you want to grow the storage while using choose the dynamicly , and if you want the maximum size of storage , choose fixed size .now let it as it is and click next.

Select the name of the folder you want to create the file in , and Select the size of the virtual hard drive (the recommended is 10Gb or more).and click create.

This window showes the information of the operating system that you created .

Double click on the Operating system

Click Ok

Choose the drive that the installation Cd is in it , and click Start.

Press Enter to continue the setup

Press F8 to agree and continue

To create a new partition choose the size of it and Press Enter .

If you want to create another partition Press C .

Choose the first one for Quick formating and Press Enter to continue

And please wait while setup formats the partition .

At the time setup gets to 33 minutes , this window will appear saying that choose the regional and language (the default is English). click next after that.

Type your name , or anybody's name and click next.

Type the Product Key and click next .

Type the computer name and click next .

Select the date and time and click next .

Keep the networking settings unganged and click next .

Leave it as default and click next .

After you chose a username click it to begin .

And Walla , you’ve made your self a windows xp =)

Now , if you want to insert a usb flash memory do the following

Double Click the usb flash icon

Choose your usb name and click it

And the usb flash will be found

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