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E. V.VENKADESH M. M.SABAREESAN” Who carried out the project work under my supervision.J. Salem. ………………………… Internal Examiner ……………………….SRITHAR. Mr.BALAJI.. SUPERVISOR Assistant professor Department of Mechanical Engineering Tagore Institute of Engineering and Technology.VIVEK. SIGNATURE SIGNATURE Mr.. HEAD OF THE DEPARTMENT Assistant Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering Tagore Institute of Engineering and Technology. External Examiner 2 .. Submitted for the project viva-voce held at Tagore Institute of Engineering and Technology on …………….ANNA UNIVERSITY: CHENNAI 600 025 BONAFIDE CERTIFICATE Certified that this project report “AUTOMATIC GEAR SHIFTING MECHANISM FOR TWO WHEELER”Is the bonafide work of “R.VENKADESH M.. A. Salem.J.E.

faculty members and friends for their affectionate blessings and loving cooperation at all stages of this academic venture.E.PRAKASAM.VENKADESH M.J.D. M. Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Department. for her remarkable guidance which was an inspiration to us. for her unflinching support throughout our project .E.VENKADESH M.J. and thank him for his motivation and moral support towards us to complete this project. We express our deep sense of gratitude and profound thanks to Mr.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We express our sincere thanks to our beloved philanthropic MANAGEMENT of Tagore institute of Engineering and Technology trust for having provided with necessary resources to complete this project.J. We also express our gratefulness to our parents..Tech. We have immense pleasure to express our hearty thanks to our beloved Project Co-coordinator Mr. P. for her enlightening thoughts and meticulous guidance that helped us in doing our project..E. Head of Mechanical Engineering Department.VENKATESH M... Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Department. We extend our extreme gratitude always to our beloved visionary Principal Dr. We have privileged to thank our beloved supervisor Mr. Ph. 3 ..

The passenger bikes that now ply on the road have transmission of manual type of gear changing. The project provides solution for gear shifting for the Bikes. In this project we are doing the gear changing mechanism using with the help of sensors & actuators. In this type manual system of power transmission there is easiness of gear shifting but there is a definite loss of power and mileage. simple and can be fitted to any bikes. This can sure be a standard fitment if proper marketing strategy is carried out. The main purpose of this project is used to automate the gear changing mechanism in vehicles. The gear shifting is achieved by a simple modification to the gear box. This is a fabrication and implementation project. This is very useful for the gear changing mechanism in automobile vehicles. The manual type of transmission is preferred for the perfect performance without a loss in power but a compromise for comfortless. 4 . This is a versatile pack. Moreover the whole set up is small and requires a very small space.ABSTRACT This project titled as “Automatic Gear Shifting Mechanism for Two wheelers”. The main objective of this project is to create a mechanism to reduce the inconvenience caused when changing gears in the bikes.

The power for stepper motor is from the battery. microcontroller & sensors. The power for gear shifting is got from stepper motor.CHAPTER-I INTRODUCTION The paper deals with the real time project. 5 . The project has been started as a concept and it requires a lot more work to be done to put in a bike.2013. “Automatic Gear Shifting Mechanism for Two wheelers” which was done in the academic year 2012. The clutch operation may or may not be put in the bike depending on the user. The bike with this project will have a stepper motor. So a bike with a battery fitment can be easily adaptable to this project. This project is aimed at giving driver the convenience for gear shifting & better performance.

The existing bikes now pose some problems for the drivers. More over the mileage of the bikes and life is also more. These bikes do not give much of comfortless for the drivers in the terms of using the gear lever and the clutch. In the Manual Transmission. But the engineering concept behind this type of transmission paves way for higher power transmission efficiency. 6 . bikes the main problem for the drivers is the gear shifting.CHAPTER-II PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION Whenever a project is carried out there is a reason behind it. These are the problems in the Manual Transmission bikes.



FIGURE 2 Electronic-Circuit diagram of Automatic Gear Shifting Mechanism 9 .

The control unit is nothing but the micro-controller. a small chip that is preprogrammed and feed in the chip for working of our project. For determining the speed of the vehicle a speed sensors is placed in front wheel. 10 . The motor working (rotates) for the increase the gear speed and to decrease the gear speed. According to the speed of the vehicle. The stepper motor is coupled with the gear selector rod. The stepper motor is operated by the help of electric supply and it’s controlled by the control unit. The clutch is operated for electrical power from the battery. The second working of the project is clutch.CHAPTER-IV WORKING In this project we fixed a stepper motor for the gear engagement. The sensor senses the speed & transfers the signal to the control unit. And it is controlled by the electronic control module. as per the program the control unit actuates the stepper motor and clutch. gear is engaged and dis engaged.

11 .CHAPTRER-V CONCLUSION This project yet to be completed.

we planned to do fabrication. programming works.CHAPTER-VI FEATURE WORK The current status of the project is documentation & study. In future. 12 .

and P. no. J. 13 . “Modelling and analysis of automatic transmission engagement dynamic-linear case. Turner and K. Ramsay. and Control. Measurement. J. pp. Deur. 2. 128. “Review and development of electromechanical actuators for improved transmission control and efficiency. Hrovat. 263-277. vol. Kovac. 2004. D." ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems." SAE Technical Paper. J.CHAPTER-VII REFERENCES 1. 200401-1322. June 2006. Asgari.

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