Nav Active/Standby Frequency Switch Nav Active/Standby Frequencies

Com Active/Standby Frequency Switch Com Active/Standby Frequencies

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On/Off Button Nav1 Ident Nav1 Radial Nav1 Distance GPS Waypoint Information Bar area Com/Nav Switch Increase/Decrease Frequency (MHz) Increase/Decrease Frequency (KHz) NAV/GPS Switch Message Button Flight Plan Button Terrain Button Procedures Button

Direct To Button Menu Button Clear Button Enter Button

Change Pages Groups (NAV-WPT-NRST) /Move Cursor Cursor On/Off Change Pages Within Page Groups

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The On/Off button turns the unit on and off. The top number in each radio box correspond to the active frequency, the bottom number correspond to the standby frequency. The Com and Nav Active/Standby Frequency switch toggles the active frequency to standby and vice versa. Nav1 Ident readout is the 3 letter code of the Nav1 beacon tuned in the Nav1 frequency. Nav1 Radial is the radial degrees from the Nav1 beacon. Nav1 Distance is the distance from the Nav1 beacon. The Com/Nav switch is used to toggle between the Com and Nav radios. The CDI switch (NAV/GPS switch) toggles between GPS and Nav1 navigation modes. The CDI, at the bottom of the screen, shows course deviation information in either Nav 1 or GPS navigation modes. In the Nav 1 mode, the CDI works exactly like the standard CDI display found on most aircraft. The deflection distance of the CDI needle corresponds to 1 mile on each side of the desired track in the Nav 1 mode and it corresponds to a 5 miles distance on each side when tracking a waypoint in the GPS mode.

GPS Waypoint Information Bar GPS Waypoint Information Bar Click on the red area of the above picture to make the GPS Waypoint Information Bar appear/disappear. All other buttons and their functions are the same as in the FSX default GPS500 unit and are described in the help section of the simulator. It could be clicked anytime you want. the readout will display nothing. If no waypoint is set in the GPS. The digital display of GPS waypoint information shows values only for GPS waypoints. Please refer to this section for information on the functions. .10.

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