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Tutorials Architecture Me Ten u

Tutorials Architecture Me Ten u

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Published by: leovorig on Nov 25, 2012
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In this exercise, you add windows and doors to the layout created in the previous steps. You load a door
family into the project and place instances of this family in the building.

Training File


➤ Open.

■In the left pane of the Open dialog, click Training Files, and open

Add windows

1In the Project Browser, under Floor Plans, double-click 01 - Entry Level.

2Click Home tab ➤ Build panel ➤ Window.

3On the Element panel, in the Type Selector, select 0915 x 1220 mm.

4On the Options Bar, clear Tag on Placement.

Tags can be added automatically when the object is placed; however, for this exercise, place the
windows without tags.

5Place 6 windows in the upper external wall of the short wing between grid lines 3 and 5, as
shown (exact placement is not important).

NOTEAs you place the window, the exterior side of the window is placed on the side of the wall
nearest to the cursor at the time of placement.

138 | Chapter 8 Adding Basic Building Elements

6Click Modify.

Dimension and constrain the windows

7Click Annotate tab ➤ Dimension panel ➤ Aligned.

You use the dimension tool to position the window elements equally.

8For the windows in the left room, click the left wall, then the center of the 2 windows, then the
right wall, and click to place the dimension.

9Click EQ to equalize the dimensions.

The EQ symbol represents an equality constraint element applied to the references for this
dimension. The references (walls and windows in this case) remain at equal distances from one
another while this constraint is active. For example, if you select one of the windows and move
it, all of the windows move together at a fixed distance.

Placing Windows and Doors | 139

10Using the previous method, dimension and equalize the 4 windows in the room to the right.

11Click Modify.

12Select the dimension strings, and press Delete.

13In the warning dialog, click OK to keep the constraints applied to the window positions.

You can delete the dimension string, but retain the constraints. If you select Unconstrain in the
warning dialog, the windows will remain in the current positions, but will not be equally

Add doors

14Click Home tab ➤ Build panel ➤ Door.

15On the Element panel, in the Type Selector, under M_Single-Flush, select 0915 x 2134mm.

16Place 9 doors, as shown.

NOTEThe opening direction for the door is determined by which side of the wall the cursor is closest
to at the time of placement. The hinge side of the door can be flipped by pressing the Spacebar
during placement.

If the door was placed incorrectly, the door can be flipped (both opening direction and hinge
side) by using the flip controls that display when the door is selected.

140 | Chapter 8 Adding Basic Building Elements

17Click Modify.

Load a door family

18Click Home tab ➤ Build panel ➤ Door.

19Click Place Door tab ➤ Model panel ➤ Load Family.

You load a new door family that is not in the project. You can then change an existing door to
use the new door family style.

20In the left pane of the Load Family dialog, click Training Files, and open

21Click Modify.

Change an existing door

22Select the second door from the left that opens into the corridor.

23On the Element panel, in the Type Selector, under M_Double-Flush, select 1830 x 2134mm.

You change the selected door to use the double door family.

24Close the warning that displays.

You ignore the warning because you will adjust the door position in the next step.

25Select the upper-left temporary dimension, type 1220, and press Enter.

Placing Windows and Doors | 141

26Press Esc.

27Close the file with or without saving it.

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