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Scenario  Assuming you are specialist researchers  Working for a leading firm of property agents.

 You have been commissioned to investigate  the determinants of commercial property market  Rental values for an investment client.

Brief: Prepare an academic paper      

explaining the determinants of rental values of a commercial property market (in an area market of your choice)

highlighting any display of rental volatility and why (if any), the amplitude of volatility Varies by property sector. Discuss how this, And other relevant factors, might affect property investment decisions across the different sectors.  Illustrate your argument by reference to: a) office, b) retail c) And/or industrial properties. Coverage:        You will need to draw together lecture and reference material on the economics of property markets. You will need to consider how rental values are determined, how they relate to use, investment, and development markets and the wider economy, And how and why volatility of rents varies by sector. You may also use information published by IPD and various real estate service providers a. such as GVA Grimley, b. Ryden, c. Atisreal, d. JLL, e. CBRE, f. Drivers Jonas, g. Knight Frank, h. And DTZ.

Many of these companies publish research findings on their websites and much of this is free of charge.

Style: Note that you are asked for an academic paper and therefore  Explanation of your approach/methodology is essential.  The paper should be no more than 3000 words  and, with so few words to play with,  Needs to be very concise and focused.  The paper should include diagrams and data as appropriate

References:  You should draw on the reference material accompanying the lectures for this course  And search independently for additional relevant information.  This format is used in the key texts and journal articles referred to in this course.  All sources should be acknowledged in the text (author and date)  And listed in full at the end of the report using ‘Harvard format’.Think about the scenario: This is a paper by a specialist researcher designed to Convey the key arguments to a busy investment professional in the most effective manner. .

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