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CAD_MID_EXAM_2012 PE-3011 csi

CAD_MID_EXAM_2012 PE-3011 csi

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Published by: Charlton S.Inao on Nov 25, 2012
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ACADAMIC YEAR: 2012 - 2013 SEMESTER: I Date of Examination : 24 /November/2012 Max. Time: Max. Mark: 30 Points
COURSE NAME COURSE CODE Mechatronics PE – 4030

To be filled by the Student:

NAME__________________________________________________________ ID No.______________ YEAR_______________ GROUP No._____________ SPECIALIZATION________________________________________________

Instruction : Answer all seven (7) questions comprising

a total of 30 points


1 Explain the concept of mechatronics and its key control elements. (2Mark)


An electrical resistance of 100 ohms and a gauge factor of 2.0. What is the change of resistance of the gauge when it is subject to a strain of 0.001? (1 Mark) 3
a) Discuss at least two types of temperature sensors and their working principle

(2 Mark)

b) Thermocouple Problem: The copper –constantan Type T Thermocouple has the following characteristic as shown below. What would be the approximate mV output? (2 Mark)


Problem about Wheatstone bridge: Calculate the value of the output voltage (Vo) of the Wheatstone bridge below to 15 kΩ and if the value of R1 varies from 10 kΩ

the Value of Supply Voltage, Vs= 10 V (5 Marks)


Explain the concept of data acquisition and digital signal processing with the use of . block diagram ( 2 Marks)

a) Design hydraulic meter in and meter out circuit using flow control

valves. (2 Marks)

b) An actuator has a stem movement which at full travel is 40 mm. It is mounted on a process control valve with an equal percentage plug and which has a minimum flow rate of 2 m3/s and a maximum flow rate of 8 m3/s. What will be the flow rate when the stem movement is a) at 25% mm b) 50% of the full travel? (4 Marks)

d) Determine the valve size that is required to control the flow of water when the minimum required flow is 0.009012 cu. ft m3/s and the permissible pressure drop across the valve at this flow rate is 300 kPa. Density of water is 62.4 pounds per

(2 Marks) 7

a. A ratchet is made out of 0.45% carbon steel with tooth width to module ratio Ψ of

2 and the allowable pressure per unit length of 400N/cm. The torque on the ratchet shaft is 80,000N-cm and the outside diameter of the ratchet is 100 cm. a) What is the width of the pawl? b) What is the tangential load in Newton? c) Calculate the number of teeth?
(3 Marks)

b. A

compressor is driven by a 900 rpm motor by means of a 10mm by 250 mm

flat belt. The motor pulley is 300 mm diameter and the compressor pulley is 1,500 mm diameter. The shaft center distance is 1.5 meter and an idler is used to make the angle of wrap on the smaller pulley 220 degrees and on the larger

pulley 270 degrees. The coefficient of friction between the belt and the small pulley is 0.3, and between the belt and the larger pulley is 0.25. The maximum stress is 2Mpa and the belt density is 970 kg/m3. What is the power capacity of the drive? (5 Marks)

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