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Sourpuss Longbottom

Sourpuss Longbottom

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Published by Enez
Three magical fairies try their best to keep the future Queen, a half-cat, half-raccoon baby safe from the evil wizard, Gizmo.

Their adventure takes them to the wizard's castle where they must conjure up spells and rely on their magic to save Sourpuss and return her to her royal parents. With the help of their good friends, Babs the raven and Maxila the witch, they succeed!
Three magical fairies try their best to keep the future Queen, a half-cat, half-raccoon baby safe from the evil wizard, Gizmo.

Their adventure takes them to the wizard's castle where they must conjure up spells and rely on their magic to save Sourpuss and return her to her royal parents. With the help of their good friends, Babs the raven and Maxila the witch, they succeed!

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Published by: Enez on Nov 25, 2012
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Sourpuss Longbottom

By Enez Ensenia
Chapter One
In a magical forest far, far away a half-raccoon half-cat named Sourpuss
Longbottom was born. The joyful, royal-magical parents were Mr. and Mrs.
Longbottom, (their long, fluffy tails seemed to go on foreer!. Mr. Longbottom, a
magical raccoon, came from a long line of "ings and #ueens and Mrs. Longbottom came
from a long line of magical cats. The whole enchanted forest loed them, including three
tiny sister fairies.
The sisters were magical fairies. They were about the same si$e of a thimble, but
being magical and all, they could ma"e themseles as short, tall with wings or without, or
een inisible if they wished. They were ery happy here with all their animal friends.
%ne day, in the magical forest the three fairy sisters named& 'indy Sue, Thelma
Lou, and (lo decided to ta"e a stroll and hae a bountiful picnic under their faorite tree.
)*hat a stupendous day+, e-claimed 'indy Sue.
)*hat fabulous weather we hae today+, said Thelma Lou.
)I feel marelous+, added (lo.
).id you hear about the birth of our royal Longbottom/s bundle of joy0 She
arried last night, I do beliee., said 'indy Sue.
The sisters loo"ed at each other and in chorus they sang, )absolutely, positiely
grand+, They continued on, s"ipping along the grassy edge of the path.
)*hen will we hae the chance to bless the dear child0, as"ed (lo.
)*ell dear sister I/m not so sure they want fairy dust all oer the little one just
yet,, replied Thelma Lou happily giggling.
The fairies stopped and loo"ed at each other, and agreed e#ually )preposterous+,
They giggled because they were delighted the forest had a new resident. 1eryone "new
the sisters would bless all the forest children sooner or later.
)2ood heaens, here comes 3abs,, 'indy Sue pointed to the s"y. 4er flying is
erratic today. I wonder what/s the matter., 5 perple-ed 'indy Sue hollered up to the
beautiful raen, )are you all right, Miss0,
The bird stumbled onto the ground and bounced seeral times, then landed on the
fairy (lo.
)2ood heaens bird, what is wrong with you0, Thelma Lou yan"ed the bird up
off her sister.
)%h, than" you Miss Thelma., The raen stood and tested her wings out. )%h, I
do beliee I/e had a rough landing, don/t you agree0,
The sisters shouted, )yes+,
).o sit down 3abs, you/e had a nasty tumble, and do tell what/s wrong0, (lo
The raen loo"ed around #uic"ly, )I heard, and mind you I/m not one to gossip,
that the nasty wi$ard is up to something wic"ed, and in this ery forest+, The raen
pointed toward the forest grounds with her croo"ed feathered wing and then nearly
fainted into (lo/s tiny arms.
)2ood heaens bird, do try and remain calm, old girl,, said Thelma Lou, while
fanning the raen with the tip of a leaf. 3abs said slowly, )4e/s going to "idnap the
)6ow, bird, do sit up straight and tell us all that you "now, about this abduction,
that is to ta"e place,, said 'indy Sue as she tried to help the bird straight.
The raen haw"ed a little got up, spun around and flapped her wings again, just to
ma"e sure they still wor"ed. She wanted to be able to fly away fast if she had to+ The
raen began, )this is how I recall the eents, now don/t be frighten girls I can ta"e care of
myself and7,
'indy Sue interrupted the bird. )4ow long will this story ta"e0 8ou tend to go
on and on7,
9atience was running thin with the fairies. The raen scratched her small head
with her croo"ed feather.
(lo added, )rela- sisters we must remain totally focused on 3abs story. 9lease
continue old girl., The raen suddenly crossed her wings and ignored the )old, fairy.
3abs cleared her throat. )8es, yes, I was s"imming the area for food, this isn/t all
I do, you understand0, The fairies all sighed heaily. She continued, )I came upon the
dar" castle of the eil wi$ard, 2i$mo. I could tell it was his grand castle from of all the
bla$ing torches that surrounded it. (rom the ground, his spells "ept it eiled, but I could
still see the lights far up into the s"y where I was flying. It was actually pretty.,
2i$mo/s lights were a combination of fiery reds and icy blues that when these two
colors came together they loo"ed li"e a giant purple blob running through his castle.
The raen sighed and lost focus of her own story. She continued to babble to the
fairies, not ma"ing any sense. )8ou "now I may as" him for some spells for my tree, to
ma"e it more attractie and magical. *hat do you girls thin"0, She as"ed the fairies that
were now thumping their small feet in mid air, e-asperated with this whole tale.
3ird, do we hae to tie you up and force you to tal" about what you oerheard0,
as"ed Thelma Lou.
The raen #uic"ly got up and started to prance around. )*ell, with that "ind of
attitude it/s no wonder no one wants to tell you what/s going on in the forest+,
)3ird, sit+, shouted 'indy Sue.
)Let/s all remain calm. *e don/t want to cause any scenes,, added (lo. The
whole forest is listening in, most li"ely., The tiny fairy pee"ed around some nearby trees
for anyone lur"ing about.
)%ne more time from the top 3abs, please,, Thelma Lou begged.
The raen started telling her story, again. They couldn/t beliee their tiny ears as
to what this eil 2i$mo was planning. 9oor 3abs fainted at the recollection of the eent.
Chapter Two
The fairies and their trusted friend 3abs decided it was up to them to warn the
royal family Longbottom, before it was too late. They deised a splendid plan. The only
time the fairies were supposed to be in fairy-form was when the blessings too" place.
4oweer, since the baby Sourpuss was in dire straits they would hae to bend the rules.
3efore bending the rules, they would try to reason with the eil wi$ard themseles and
sae the babe from being "idnapped altogether.
(or their journey into the enchanted forest, the fairies would need seeral items&
their special wands, fairy dust, and a trusted guide. 5lthough she sometimes seemed
confused, 3abs was the best one for the job.
)*hat if something ghastly happens to me, then what0 *hat if that eil wi$ard
points something at me and burns me to a crisp0, 3abs waited patiently for an answer.
Thelma Lou glanced at her sisters and giggled. )3abs, I promise he/ll not turn
you to a crisp. I will not lie, though, he may try something wic"ed, but you/re with us, so
no worries old girl.,
5fter conincing 3abs that she would not ignite into flames upon arrial at eil
2i$mo/s castle, she agreed to guide them.
3abs cleared her throat, )I do need my own magical wand, just to feel safe.,
)I suppose that would be all right, sisters, you agree0, as"ed Thelma Lou.
The fairies agreed, reluctantly of course. They spent a few moments instructing
3abs on how to use her wand.
)3abs, listen up bird, you must : and I repeat : you must neer drop your wand
on the ground. If you lose your grip on it accidentally, you must not let it land on the
ground. .o you understand me0, as"ed Thelma Lou.
3abs ignored the instructions, but pretended to understand while flying around in
circles humming a springtime song.
The fairies loo"ed at each other and nodded their heads. It was time to fly.
They didn/t want to the eil wi$ard to detect them just yet, so they all flew low
and cautiously. They landed in a remote area and waited to see if the wi$ard/s castle lit
up, hence, the story of the show of bla$ing torches and multiple lights 3abs spo"e of
)There, loo",, (lo, pointed to the castle, )do you see it0 It/s gorgeous+,
The castle/s lights lit up the s"y with splendid colors.
)'ontain yourself, sister, and don/t stare at the s"y too long you remember your
eyes aren/t as grand as they use to be,, added 'indy Sue.
'indy Sue was #uite right, because (lo was nearly fie hundred years old.
)I do beliee this is our sign, are you ready girls0, as"ed Thelma Lou.
)*ait., 3abs was reluctant to go further toward the castle. )I do beliee that I/e
been beside myself and wish to leae., 3ab/s was nerous so her feathers were flapping
all around.
)5re you mad0, shouted Thelma Lou as she grabbed the bird/s wing.
)I/m so scared+ I don/t want to see that wi$ard. 9lease don/t ma"e me go near
that castle+, 3abs pleated and flew around hysterically and uncontrollably until she ran
into a tree.
The wand flew in the air and then landed on her head, then onto the ground. The
magical wand could sense anyone/s worse fear and change him or her into it.
3abs/ worse fear came into play... 5 sudden flash came from the ground and 3abs
was now a ferret.
)%h, this is completely horrible, sisters. Now what do we do with her0, (lo
They stood oer 3abs the ferret, and as"ed, )*ill you be all right old girl0,
The ferret scratched her ear with her hind leg, )yes, I thin" so, but I
un#uestionably itch #uite a bit. .o any of you hae some type of inch control, anything
at all0,
'indy Sue chanted a spell that would reliee 3abs inching a bit and started toward
the castle.
Chapter Three
The spoo"y castle had seeral guards at the entryway.
The fairies "new they would hae to change themseles into guards in order to
blend in to gain entry of the castle; they wanted the element of surprise for 2i$mo. The
fairies told 3abs to crawl around and loo" for crac"s large enough for her to fit. Then go
find the wi$ard/s potion lab, which they plan to destroy, so that 2i$mo wouldn/t hae any
means of harming anyone, eer.
3abs, the ferret, opposed the idea re#uested, )I don/t hae the body for such an
outlandish idea,, she pointed out.
The fairies e-plained why she had to do this and reminded her that her new body
was ery useful for this tas".
She could s#uee$e and slither into any type of small creasse. )*ell, we shall see
then,, she huffed and pranced around, and began lic"ing her fur. )I do beliee that my
slee"ness is to our adantage. .o you all agree0, 3abs sassed.
The sisters loo"ed at each other and in harmony said, )what is it that you are
getting at, old bird < pardon < ferret0,
)I can see that you little fairies need dear-slee", 3abs. 5m I right0, She sassed
bac" again.
The fairies had all thought the same& They would let 3abs think she was the
heroin of this journey.
)3abs, dear girl, we all thin" that you are the only one that can find the wi$ard
and lead us to him. 5re you ready0, They waited for the ferret to answer.
)*hy, I do beliee that you are correct. Let/s go+, 3abs had some how found a
new attitude and fearlessness.
The ferret went one way; the fairies turned themseles into guards and headed up
the large stone castle steps.
The drawbridge lifted just as they wal"ed into the castle.
)Sisters I smell something awful, I thin" it/s coming from that room,, (lo pointed
to an area at the top of the stone steps. )Shall we change bac" into ourseles, sisters0,
as"ed (lo.
)I thin" not, not yet anyway,, whispered Thelma Lou.
They started up the stone steps, slowly and could hear someone chanting some
type of spell.
)I thin" it/s the wi$ard 2i$mo. Shall we appear into the room0, as"ed 'indy
Thelma Lou nodded, )guard form first, then we/ll surprise him in fairy-form+,
They each too" hold of their magical wands, which they had tuc"ed away, and
had their fairy dust ready. They disintegrated through the door and noticed 3abs dancing
around on top of a large table.
)*hat do you thin" you are doing, ferret0 *hy are you chanting li"e that0,
as"ed Thelma Lou while her sisters loo" on.
Chapter Four
)She/s mine now and you < little inaders < will soon be dissoled in my eil pot
of spells., 5 ery ugly, low oice echoed in the dar" room.
More magical in their own bodies, the fairies #uic"ly turned bac" into their fairy-
The wi$ard had captured the little ferret as soon as she slithered into a crac" in the
potion room. 3abs was in a trance, which the eil wi$ard conjured.
The ne-t thing they "new they were loc"ed up in the eil wi$ard/s dungeon+
2i$mo/s spells were ery powerful against the tiny fairies. 2i$mo had a white clouded
mechanism around the bars of the cell, the fairies tried to brea" free, but to no aail.
The dungeon guards, who loc"ed them up, were sna"e-li"e and hissed at them through
the caged doors.
)This is one of the utmost, disappointing of situations, is it not0, 3abs sassed at
the fairies with one small paw-hand on her slim waist. She was upset that they captured
her and couldn/t proe to her friends that she was witty and brae, li"e the fairies were.
The fairies were upset also, mostly because they should hae planned their
journey better. 5fter all, they were the magical ones, not 3abs.
9risoners as they were, they were also at their wits end and had to thin" #uic"ly
of something else. The fairies wanted 2i$mo to listen to reason, but they "new he was
too eil and powerful to gie them that chance7they would hae to deise another plan.
3abs loo"ed at the fairies, )Ts", ts", this situation does not loo" bright, does it0,
)5re you implying something negatie here0, as"ed Thelma Lou.
)6o, no, miss, just that if I were to plan an escape from this dreadful cell I would
use resources I possessed, that/s all,, 3abs sarcastically rambled sashaying around the
cell. *ithout "nowingly 3abs really did hae a good point.
)%h, you7bird-ferret, or whateer it is you are, do be fran" and spea" so we all
can understand you+, 'indy Sue bar"ed.
)Ladies, please eeryone remain calm. 9lease+, 5 rattled Thelma Lou slumped
to the ground e-hausted. The other two fairies fanned Thelma Lou with their fairy wings.
She needed to remain calm through this fiasco.
)I do, indeed, recall a concoction that would help. .o you want to hear it girls0,
as"ed 'indy Sue.
)*e/re listening, sister. 8ou too bird-ferret,, added Thelma Lou who was aboe
all else weary of the ferret/s attitude.
In the meantime 3abs started to feel hopeless and coninced herself it was her
fault they were in this perilous situation. She did feel bad for not acting more li"e a
friend. She felt a small grumble in her belly and forgot all about being in a dar" dungeon.
She was famished+
)I/m dreadfully hungry girls. 9lease let/s just hurry with it., She was a ery
hungry ferret indeed.
The fairies ignored their famished friend7yes, she was a true friend. Sometimes
een the best of friends do bring the utmost of challenging conflicts to ones heart and
The fairies began to chant and reali$ed they needed one last ingredient. 3ut
getting it would be a challenge. They needed a few cattail hairs, but no cats around. %h
my, they were in a bit of a pic"le.
)8oo-hoo, sisters we need something that we do not hae,, (lo said e-citedly.
)*hat is it sister0, as"ed 'indy Sue.
)I do beliee we/e missed a step, you "now, the cattail and all,, added (lo.
)This is a horrid problem, isn/t it0, Thelma Lou said as she floated around the
)I/e got it+, 'indy Sue e-citedly offered and grabbed 3abs/ thin tail. )*e can
use 3ab/s tail-end+ %h this day is getting much more pleasant, if I do say so myself.,
3abs was not happy about the fairy messing with her tail, and snatched it bac".
She rather too" a fancy to it. It was rather slee" and loo"ed softer than her feathers she
once sported.
3abs/ attitude too" a leap, )well7all right if you must you must, on with it, ta"e
whateer it is that you need., She turned and pointed her tail toward Thelma Lou. )If
this does not wor" I/ll ta"e my sharp teeth to all three of you ungrateful sister fairies+,
3abs promised.
)'alm down ol/ girl. 8ou/ll be just fine. 6ow sit tight and we/ll find something
in this cell that is sharp,, jo"ed Thelma Lou.
5t this moment in time < the ferret < who too" the fairy seriously, fainted.
Chapter Five
'indy Sue fanned the poor ferret, )why must she be so dramatic0 This does not
help our situation, now does it sisters0,
Thelma Lou was busy pluc"ing, (she really didn/t need to cut anything off!, a few
of the ferret/s hairs from her tail for their spell. )9lease, sisters just "eep 3abs comfy.
I/e almost got it+,
(lo was oerloo"ing Thelma Lou/s wor" with the tail hairs when she as"ed,
)Thelma Lou darling, what if this spell of ours does not wor" on the eil wi$ard0 I/m
awfully nerous, as you can see. 5nd my wings are a bit bent with all this e-citement,,
(lo concluded.
)%h dear, I hadn/t thought of that, sister,, Thelma Lou admitted.
3abs was coming out of her fainting spell, )dear ladies what happened to me0 I
thin" I had a chilling nightmare, or something7I was standing right oer there and then I
saw something horrific come after me and7,
)Shhhh 3abs+, The fairies held up their small hands, they could hear someone
coming into the dungeon.
)=uic"ly sisters chant with me, hurry+, Thelma Lou instructed.
They chanted an ancient spell seeral times as 3abs watched closely. 3abs
howeer, notice the person in the dungeon was not the eil wi$ard 2i$mo, but only a
guard, and an ugly guard at that. The spell wor"ed and turned him into a gargantuan
ferret (by using 3abs/ tail hairs he was now a 3abs/ loo"-ali"e!, oh dear+
The ferret calmly tapped (lo on the wing and whispered, )dear girl, loo" hither, it
loo"s frightful doesn/t it0,
(lo loo"ed up at the 3abs loo"-ali"e standing with its humongous weasel-tail
swishing bac" and forth outside the gated cell, )The spell wor"ed but not entirely as
planned, but it/s a start+,
The giant reached in to grab (lo and 3abs when they screamed. 4e had powers
himself, in order to bypass 2i$mo/s mechanism. The other two fairies, which had their
little fairy eyes closed while chanting, spotted the wic"ed loo"-ali"e and its huge claws.
)(ly+, shouted Thelma Lou.
)*here do we go, sister0, cried 'indy Sue as she circled around frantically.
)(ly oer its head and out the cell+ 6ow, hurry it up girls and grab 3abs+ Thelma
Lou screamed. (lo grabbed 3abs the ferret and $oomed past the giant/s mouth.
)%ld girl that was too close+, 3abs pointed out.
)4ush now, we/ll be out of here in a jiffy,, promised (lo.
The four ladies soon found a safe haen on a huge windowsill at the far end of the
dungeon. 5s soon as the giant stepped into the cell, Thelma Lou slammed the gated door
#uic"ly. They would not leae the castle until 2i$mo forgot about abducting Sourpuss,
so they would hae to come up with a fantastic idea7a decoy would be perfect+
They were all huffing, puffing and trying to regain their composure when 3abs
interrupted them.
)I hae a suggestion., 3abs had another splendid idea.
The fairies in harmony as"ed, )*hat is it bird0,
)If you would "indly refer to me as ferret, that would be famous, than" you,, said
In harmony they shouted, )get on with it, ferret+,
)I thin" I will ta"e my leae now7, 3abs flapped her paws, and then
remembering she didn/t hae wings she tried to scurry off toward the other end of the
)%h, no you don/t, you are staying here where it/s safe7for now. *e are all in
this together,, 'indy Sue bar"ed.
3abs replied, )now hear this, friend fairy, I wasn/t supposed to come on this
journey, you forced me to+, She pointed one of her paw fingers at each fairy. 3abs had
forgotten how e-cited she was to be part of this adenture in the beginning, een though
she was scared out of her wits.
)3abs, you are forgetting you wanted to ta"e part in saing the babe, don/t you
remember0, as"ed Thelma Lou.
(lo tried to console eeryone, )I thin" once we are passed the gates of this eerie
castle and after we/e defeated the wi$ard, we can then head oer to our >oyal 4ighness
Longbottom/s ch?teau. 5nd tell him we/e eliminated the eil wi$ard 2i$mo of his eil
ways and his whole nasty "ingdom+, (lo offered.
)*ell, sisters, you are forgetting one little thing : the wi$ard is still out there+,
'indy Sue reminded eeryone.
5ll the fairies stared at one another, but 3abs ignored them by wal"ing in a circle
and then lying down to ta"e a rest.
)Let/s all ta"e a moment to calm down a bit and tal" about another plan, how
about a spot of tea0, Thelma Lou offered. She didn/t wait for anyone to oppose this
delightful idea and conjured up some nice tea and crumpets for eeryone. They all
than"ed her greatly and began to enjoy their treat on the giant windowsill.
Chapter Six
5ll and all they were haing a fabulous tea-time when they heard a roaring
wic"ed laugh deep within the dungeon. They fro$e with fear. The fairies were smart and
"new something was amiss.
)Sisters, listen. 'ould it be the eil wi$ard/s coming0, as"ed (lo as"ed.
)=uic"ly, come with me, I hae a plan+, said Thelma Lou e-citedly.
1arlier, while eeryone was enjoying their crumpets and tea, Thelma Lou "new
once and for all how to rid 2i$mo of his eil ways. She "new that eeryone, een an eil
wi$ard, had to hae something that would melt his heart. Thelma Lou had lied in the
forest a long time and she "new what that something or someone was just the thing. She
just hoped that she could conince this mysterious witch, who lied deep in the forest, to
play along. 5nd of course, she "new, the witch would want something in return.
They hid in a tiny hole, at the other end of the dungeon, which was large enough
for three tiny fairies and one normal si$ed ferret.
)This is a tight s#uee$e old girl. 5nything better out there we could hide in0,
3abs as"ed while adjusting her tail to fit @just so/ in the hole.
)Sorry, miss, but this is the best we can do for now,, said Thelma Lou.
)5re we waiting for the wi$ard0, as"ed 'indy Sue curiously.
)3ut of course,, added (lo.
Thelma Lou grabbed her sisters/ tiny hands, )we hae to contact the witch
Ma-ila,, urged Thelma Lou.
)*hat the deil for0, e-claimed 'indy Sue and (lo. )4ae you gone mad0,
They cried in harmony.
)To be fran", sisters, I thin" this is our best solution to this ghastly problem,,
Thelma Lou assured them.
3abs wanted in on the plan. )I say, let/s do it and fast I/m so dreadfully tired of
this fur coat-of-a-ferret I/m sporting., 3abs cried she missed her feathers.
They changed their fairy dust into a harmless loe potion, for Ma-ila to use on
2i$mo, and sent it to her as a note. %nce the fairy-dust-note reached Ma-ila, she agreed
to catch the eil wi$ard/s eye; hae him fall in loe with her so that the fairies and ferret
could journey on to the >oyal family/s ch?teau. The wi$ard wouldn/t be in loe for ery
long, because the spell would brea" after one day, this is the best anyone of them could
do. This meant they had time to get Sourpuss Longbottom to safety. *here she could
lie out her entire royal life (if need be! in another magical forest called 9in"see. The
fairies still had a lot to do+
They hurried to the other end of the dungeon, after the guards/ laughter had
passed. They saw a few guards laughing at the giant ferret they had conjured, and hurried
along before the guards could see them. %nce there, they could see out into the moonlit
night that Ma-ila was on her way to their specific window. Ma-ila would melt away the
bars so that she could get in and isit with the fairies for a moment, before proceeding
with their plan. 5fter saying hello to her friends she/d find the wi$ard and ma"e him fall
in loe with her.
)This plan of yours is stupendous and magnificent, sister+, (lo danced happily,
as she complimented Thelma Lou on her plan.
)*hy, than" you ery much+, Thelma Lou accepted the compliment and bowed
her tiny fairy-body toward eeryone.
)2reetings fairies and whateer you are7, Ma-ila slurred loo"ing at 3abs as she
melted away the bars with one flic" of her long red nail.
)I/m a ferret < well actually a gorgeous raen < but haen/t got the time to tell
you that story right now, maybe later oer some7, 'indy Sue interrupted.
)(erret, please not now, we hae a lot of wor" to do,, 'indy Sue e-claimed.
Ma-ila primped her witch hair, which was long, blac", and had hairpins stic"ing out, but
the wi$ard < they hoped < wouldn/t mind.
)Ma-ila dear, you hae the note we sent you0, as"ed Thelma Lou.
)8es, but I hae my ery own potion I li"e to use in addition to yours.,
)6o, no, you cannot do that, we/e made that potion pure and cannot be altered,
not one little bit., Thelma Lou said, while all the others nodded in agreement, including
3abs, who had no contribution to the potion < because she had no magical powers < just a
supportie friend.
)3ut, you can use your own magic < as you see fit < on the guards. That way
they/ll let you in and lead you right to 2i$mo.,
)Splendid+, Ma-ila e-posed a toothy grin.
*hen she met the wi$ard, the fairies instructed her to dash a bit of potion on his
cape, or any other spot that proed promising.
Chapter Seven
The potion wor"ed+ They could hear Ma-ila laughing. The wi$ard 2i$mo started
boasting to her about haing the biggest, grandest castle in the forest. They heard the
wi$ard as" her to be his special guest at supper and they waited for Ma-ila to accept the
initation to dine with the eil wi$ard.
)Let/s go hurry+, Thelma Lou led the group out of the window and off into the
dar"ness, while 3abs held on tight to (lo/s wing. *hat a friend+
They reached the ch?teau in minutes.
They flew straight to Aing and =ueen Longbottom/s royal suite.
They "noc"ed, and they waited, and then floated around the balcony.
)%h, dear, what was that, loe0, =ueen Longbottom as"ed her husband.
)My dear I thin" that was a faint "noc" on our window,, the "ing was perple-ed.
)I/ll be right bac"., 4e wal"ed to the window and saw his dear friends, and an odd-
loo"ing creature waing at him to let them in. 4e let them in and they all bowed
profusely at the "ing.
).o forgie this intrusion Sire, but we hae some dire news for you and I/m
afraid it/s not good., Thelma Lou stated.
The #ueen jumped out onto the balcony nerously.
)%h, please forgie us your 4ighness, but we must conerse with you both,, said
'indy Sue.
They met in the grand parlor of the ch?teau and began their story of the eil
wi$ard/s plan. The #ueen fainted and the "ing grew madder.
The "ing slammed his paw on the table, )my daughter will not be ta"en away, and
I refuse to hae her hidden foreer+,
)9lease, your Majesty, we can guarantee her safety only in the magical forest
called 9in"see, where we hae a cottage; there is no other way., The fairies nerously
The royal family decided babe Longbottom would one day rule the "ingdom, and
the fairies would "eep the babe safely away until that day. The wi$ard "new that once
the babe turned nine raccoon-cat years she would be untouchable. The babe/s powers
would be in full force upon that birthday and those powers would be so strong not een a
wi$ard with all his eil powers could harm her or her "ingdom.
Exactly nine years later…
)4appy birthday dear 9rincess Longbottom, happy birthday to you,, they all sang.
)5nd many, many more, ol/ girl,, 3abs said happily. The wi$ard/s spell on the
raen had eaporated away two years after the rescuing of the princess, but 3abs learned
to deal with being a ferret nicely, and rather missed her long tail. %n occasion 3abs
would still loo" at her small-feathered tail and wish it were long li"e the ferret tail she
once had for a brief time.
Bust then a horrible roar came through the roof of the small castle, it was the eil
wi$ard 2i$mo : he found Sourpuss+ 4e reached in and tried to grab 9rincess
Longbottom. She responded #uic"ly, and flic"ed one cat-claw out and scratched the
wi$ard/s long finger. 4e disintegrated right then and there into a gooey-green li#uid
before their eyes.
)%h, my, the 9rincess has e-tinguished the eil wi$ard once and for all,, (lo
pointed to the gooey mess.
They tearfully laughed with joy, and then contacted Aing and =ueen Longbottom
to come fetch their 9rincess Sourpuss Longbottom home.
The En

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