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Jody Clute Mass Tort

Jody Clute Mass Tort

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Jody Cllute initiates mass tort action for plaintiffs with dental fluorosis in Phoenix, AZ.

Jody Cllute initiates mass tort action for plaintiffs with dental fluorosis in Phoenix, AZ.

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Published by: Case Against Fluoride on Nov 25, 2012
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Arkansas Citizens for Safe Drinking Water

November 21, 2012 If you know anyone in PHOENIX pass this on....Fluoride Free Arizona has officially obtained a lawyer to commence a mass tort action for plaintiffs with dental fluorosis. I am now seeking those injured by Phoenix's water fluoridation program. If you are the ages between 8-20, have lived in Phoenix, and have damaged teeth, please email me for further qualifications. Also, keep your eyes out for people with damaged teeth (They are easy to spot!) and you can have them contact me directly. The City of Phoenix has a law stating that they cannot be sued for injuries caused by its water but we feel we have a way regardless. We will also have more than just one defendant. Thank you! Jody Clute josepi@doitnow.com

Health News AZfamily.Com
by Jerilyn Forsythe, Credit: Cronkite News Service Phoenix resident Jody Clute's search for fluoride-free water led her to bottled water, and led her to push the city to take another look at its policy of fluoridating its water supply. WASHINGTON - When she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2004, Phoenix resident Jody Clute had no idea it would lead her, and her city, to revisit one of the biggest public health debates of the 20th century water fluoridation. After her diagnosis, Clute read "every book she could get her hands on" about the thyroid and they all said to stay away from fluoride. But that's nearly impossible with fluoride in the drinking water, even in some bottled waters. So Clute started asking questions, and started asking the city to do the same.

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