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Dictionary of Islamic Philosophical Terms

Dictionary of Islamic Philosophical Terms

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Published by: johnpoulianakis on Nov 26, 2012
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The logical predicate, i.e. the term (or terms) in a proposition which predicates something about the
subject (maudu‘, q.v.), e.g. the term "mortal" in the proposition: "Man is mortal".

mukhalafah lili-hawadith

The Ash‘arite principle of tanzih that nothing which is applied to created beings should be ascribed to
God in the same sense. More explicitly, terms used to for human beings have altogether different
meanings when applied to God. God’s attributes do not differ from those of humankind in degree only-as
God is wiser and more powerful than human beings-but in kind, i.e. in the whole nature.

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DIPT:- Mim


Imaginative data or premises, i.e. propositions which are stated not to obtain assent of any kind but to
force upon the mind to imagine something to be the case. See also al-qiyas al-shi‘ri.

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