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Dictionary of Islamic Philosophical Terms

Dictionary of Islamic Philosophical Terms

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Published by: johnpoulianakis on Nov 26, 2012
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"Illuminationist theosophy": a school of thought in Muslim religio-philosophical thought which identifies
philosophy with wisdom and gnosis rather than with abstract speculation and rational systematisation.
Accordingly, unlike the Peripatetic philosophers of whom it is mostly critical, it lays greater emphasis on
intuition (attained through invocation, meditation and purification of the soul) than on discursive intellect
to reach the light of wisdom which, it maintains, was first revealed to the prophets and only partly
understood and even misinterpreted by the Greek philosophers. As enunciated in the Hikmat al-Ishraq
(528/1186) by Shihab al-Din al-Suharwardi (549-587/1153-1191), the founder of the school, it integrates
Platonic and Aristotelian philosophy with the Zoroastrian principles of light and darkness along with its
peculiar angelogy and Hermetic ideas and places the whole system within the context of Sufism. the
outstanding among those who kept up the tradition of Ishraqi school were Mir Damad (d. 1041/1631),
Mulla Sadra (d. 1050/1640) and Haji Hadi Sabziwari (d. 1295/1878). See also al-hikmat al-dhauqiyah.

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