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REF. NO. C12-6251


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2009 年 8 月発行

First published August, 2009

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BACK (RUBBER) TAPE.Pg.0mm CB3-3972 CG2-2641 CG2-2640 CG2-2642 PARTS NO. NO. FRONT RUBBER COVER ASS'Y.7 ℓ=4. EXTENSION TERMINAL COVER.S CB3-5715 (See Page 2) CB3-6231 CB3-5716 CG2-2655 CB3-1815×3 M1. DOUBLE SIDE TAPE. C12-6251 NEW N. BATTERY COVER ASS'Y. INTERFACE . 1 CANON DIGITAL CAMERA EOS 7D PARTS LIST REF. CLASS QTY DESCRIPTION * * * CB3-1815-000 CB3-3972-000 CB3-5715-000 CB3-5716-000 CB3-6231-000 C C C C C 3 1 1 1 1 SCREW CAP. GRIP RUBBER COVER ASS'Y. DOUBLE SIDE * * * * CG2-2640-000 CG2-2641-000 CG2-2642-000 CG2-2655-000 C C C C 1 1 1 1 COVER ASS'Y.

7 ℓ=4.0mm CB3-1816 M1. M1.0mm (See Page 11) (See Page 3) XA4-9170-457 M1.7 ℓ=6.Pg. C12-6251 NEW * XA4-9170-607 M1.7X3 COVER ASS'Y. NO. PH SCREW. PH XA1-7170-307 XA1-7200-407 XA4-9170-457 XA4-9170-607 CB3-1816-000 F F F F F 2 2 1 1 1 SCREW.7 ℓ=4.7X3 SCREW.7 ℓ=5. CROSS-RECESS. CROSS-RECESS.0mm CB3-2115×4 M1.7 ℓ=4.7 ℓ=3. 2 CANON DIGITAL CAMERA EOS 7D PARTS LIST REF. MACH.7 ℓ=3. CROSS-RECESS. CLASS QTY DESCRIPTION CB2-0726-000 CB3-2115-000 CB3-5466-000 CG2-2639-000 XA1-7170-257 C F C C F 2 4 3 1 2 SCREW M1.5mm N. M1. FRONT SCREW.0 ℓ=4.0mm * PARTS NO. PH SCREW.5mm ACD-0484 E J CB3-5466×3 M1.5 SCREW SCREW.S XA1-7200-407×2 M2.5mm CG2-2639 CB2-0726×2 M1. CROSS-RECESS.5mm XA1-7170-307×2 M1. PANHEAD. PH SCREW .7 ℓ=2.5mm XA1-7170-257×2 M1.7X5.

SHAFT CB4-0038-000 CG2-2637-000 CG2-2643-010 CY3-1611-000 XA4-9170-409 B C C C F 3 1 1 1 1 SCREW. PROTECT LIGHT WINDOW. BOTTOM COVER ASS'Y.0mm CB3-5860 CB3-3795 ACD-0517 E J CG2-2643-010 (See Page 12) (See Page 4) XA4-9170-507 M1. M1. C12-6251 NEW CB3-5808 CA1-9407 M1. 3 CANON DIGITAL CAMERA EOS 7D PARTS LIST REF. TOP LABEL.0mm CB3-4985 CG2-2637 CY3-1611 CB4-0038×3 M1. PH .Pg. PH XA4-9170-507 F 1 SCREW. BODY NUMBER SCREW.7 ℓ=4.0mm XA4-9170-409 M1.5mm * * * * * PARTS NO. CROSS-RECESS. DIOPTER CORRECTION SHEET.7X5.7 ℓ=5.0 DIAL. OLC SCREW.7 ℓ=3. CROSS-RECESS.7 ℓ=5. NO. PH COVER ASS'Y. CLASS QTY DESCRIPTION CA1-9407-000 CB3-3795-000 CB3-4985-000 CB3-5808-000 CB3-5860-000 C C C C C 1 1 1 1 1 SCREW. CROSS-RECESS.

C12-6251 NEW CH1-8701 SIDE B CB3-3944 CG2-2660 XA4-9170-457 M1. BOTTOM-MAIN * * XA1-7170-307 XA4-9170-457 XA4-9200-407 VR9-5408-010 F F F C 2 1 2 1 SCREW. S RESISTOR.5mm CG2-2636 XA4-9200-407×2 M2. MACH. M1.7 ℓ=3. CROSS-RECESS.0mm CLASS QTY DESCRIPTION * * * C C C C C 3 1 1 1 1 SCREW CUSHION.0mm CB3-3822×3 M1.0 ℓ=4. 4 CANON DIGITAL CAMERA EOS 7D PARTS LIST REF.0mm ACD-0484 E J XA1-7170-307×2 M1. BOTTOM FPC.7 ℓ=3. TAPPING. 0 OHM (See Page 5) VR9-5408-010 ACD-0512 E J ACD-0487 E J PARTS NO.7X3 SCREW. CB3-3822-000 CB3-3944-000 CG2-2636-000 CG2-2660-000 CH1-8701-000 .7 ℓ=4.Pg. MAIN-CAPACITOR PLATE ASS'Y. NO. BOTTOM PCB ASS'Y. PANHEAD. PH SCREW. CHIP.

CROSS-RECESS.0mm NOTE CY3-1609-000:フランジバック補正値添付なし(*1) CY3-1609-100:フランジバック補正値添付あり *1:CY3-1609-000はフランジバックテスター(RSM-3200/4200)を所持している修理セ ンター専用 CG2-2634 XA1-7170-257×5 M1.5 SCREW.315 (CY9-4031-000) W6mm x L25mm CB3-5882 ×3 CG2-2540 Bond 1663G (CY9-8129-000) CB3-3959×3 M1. IMAGE SENSOR CG2-2634-000 CY3-1609-000 CY3-1609-100 XA1-7170-257 XA4-9170-607 C C C F F 1 1 1 5 1 PCB ASS'Y.Pg. NO. CROSS-RECESS. IMAGE SENSOR WASHER.7 ℓ=1.6 SPRING.6mm Tape No.5mm XA4-9170-607 M1. MAIN CMOS SENSOR ASS'Y.7 ℓ=2. W/O DATA CMOS SENSOR ASS'Y. IMAGE SENSOR FPC ASS'Y. PH SCREW. 5 CANON DIGITAL CAMERA EOS 7D PARTS LIST REF. . WITH DATA SCREW. CLASS QTY DESCRIPTION CB3-3959-000 CB3-5873-000 CB3-5878-000 CB3-5882-000 CG2-2540-000 C C C C C 3 2 3 3 1 SCREW. C12-6251 NEW (See Page 6) * * * * * * * CY3-1609-000 CY3-1609-100 (See NOTE) PARTS NO. HEX M1.7X5. PH CB3-5878×3 CB2-5873×2 M1.5mm NOTE CY3-1609-000: Without Flange Back Offset values attached (*1) CY3-1609-100: With Flange Back Offset values attached *1: CY3-1609-000 is exclusively for repair facilities that own the Flange Back Tester (RSM3200/4200).7 ℓ=6. M1.7 ℓ=5.7X1.

C12-6251 NEW * * * CG2-2629 XA4-9170-457×3 M1.0mm CB3-6238 M1. NO.7 ℓ=4. M1. 6 CANON DIGITAL CAMERA EOS 7D PARTS LIST REF.5mm CB3-3098 M1.5mm CH2-8505 (See Page 7) CG2-2635 XA4-9170-457×5 M1. DC/DC FINDER ASS'Y FPC ASS'Y. CROSS-RECESS. PH XA4-9170-607 F 1 SCREW. LEAD DC/DC-BOTTOM SCREW.7 ℓ=4. PH .4X2.3 SCREW.7 ℓ=6.0mm Bond 1663G (CY9-8129-000) CG2-2625 XA4-9170-457 M1. MAIN BASE CG2-2625-000 CG2-2629-000 CG2-2635-000 CH2-8505-000 XA4-9170-457 C C C C F 1 1 1 1 9 PCB ASS'Y. CLASS QTY DESCRIPTION CB3-2808-000 CB3-3098-000 CB3-5626-000 CB3-6238-000 CG2-2621-000 C C C C C 3 1 1 1 1 SCREW SCREW SCREW.5mm XA4-9170-607 M1.5mm CB3-5626 M1. M1. AF WIRE.7 ℓ=4.Pg.7 ℓ=4.0mm * * * * PARTS NO.3mm CG2-2621 (See Page 10) CB3-2808×3 M1.5 PLATE ASS'Y. CROSS-RECESS.7 ℓ=4.7X2.7 ℓ=2.4 ℓ=2.

Pg. PH . LEAD SHUTTER SCREW. CROSS-RECESS. M1. NO. 7 CANON DIGITAL CAMERA EOS 7D PARTS LIST REF.7 ℓ=4. DUST TRAP FOR SHUTTER SHUTTER ASS'Y * * CG2-2617-000 CH2-8502-000 XA4-9170-457 C C F 1 1 3 MIRROR BOX ASS'Y WIRE.7X6. C12-6251 Bond 1401C (CY9-8011-000) NEW CB3-5852×4 M1.7 ℓ=6.0mm (See Page 9) CB3-5883 CB3-5679×2 Bond 1663G (CY9-8129-000) XA1-9170-457×3 M1.0 TAPE.5mm CH2-8502 CG2-2527 CB3-5641 CG2-2617 (See Page 8) PARTS NO. DUST TRAP WASHER. CLASS QTY DESCRIPTION * * * * * CB3-5641-000 CB3-5679-000 CB3-5852-000 CB3-5883-000 CG2-2527-000 C C C C C 1 2 4 1 1 TAPE. PENTA SCREW.

7 ℓ=4. NO.5mm PARTS NO.5mm Grease NFH-743C (CY9-8125-000) CG2-2618 CB2-0727×2 M1.7 ℓ=3.7X4. CLASS QTY DESCRIPTION CB1-4085-000 CB2-0727-000 CB3-1700-000 CB3-4407-000 CB3-5366-000 C C C C C 4 2 1 1 1 SCREW. MOUNT SHEET. MIRROR CUSHION CUSHION. M2X6.5 SCREW.5 MOUNT SPRING. M1. C12-6251 NEW * * * CB3-5639 * XA4-3170-357×2 M1.Pg.5mm CB3-4407 CB3-5366 CB3-1700 CB3-5640 Grease IF10 (CY9-8088-000) CS2-5020 CF1-1948 CB1-4085×4 M2. COIL XA4-3170-357 F 2 SCREW . MIRROR LENS LOCK PIN ASS'Y CONTACT ASS'Y SPRING. LENS LOCK PIN CB3-5639-000 CB3-5640-000 CF1-1948-000 CG2-2618-000 CS2-5020-000 C C C C C 1 1 1 1 1 BASE.0 ℓ=6. 8 CANON DIGITAL CAMERA EOS 7D PARTS LIST REF.

S 部品です。 PARTS NO. FOCUSING .08mm 0. CB3-5865-000 CB3-5864-000 CG2-2626-000 CG2-2626-010 CY3-1610-000 CLASS QTY C Q C C Q 1 1 1 1 1 DESCRIPTION WASHER.12mm 0.18mm 0. 部品番号が記載されていないイラストは全て N.10mm 0. 9 CANON DIGITAL CAMERA EOS 7D PARTS LIST REF.05mm 0.15mm 0. VIEW FINDER COVERRAGE PENTAPRISM ASS'Y PENTAPRISM ASS'Y SCREEN.25mm 0. FINDER BACK ADJ. NO.Pg.03mm 0.30mm (003) (005) (008) (010) (012) (015) (018) (020) (025) (028) (030) Those parts illustrated without parts numbers are N.28mm 0.20mm 0. MASK.S parts. C12-6251 NEW * * * * * CG2-2626-010 ACD-0498 E J ACD-0504 E J Bond #201 (CY9-8007-000) CB3-5864 ACD-0498 E J (See Detail) CB3-5865-000(XXX) CY3-1610 Service use only CB3-5865-000(XXX) detail A A± SIZE 0.

BATTERY COVER FPC ASS'Y. DOUBLE SIDE TAPE. 部品番号が記載されていないイラストは全て N. CF PIN * CG2-2623-000 XA1-7170-187 XA4-9170-407 C F F 1 3 2 COVER ASS'Y.7 ℓ=1. NO. CLASS QTY DESCRIPTION * * * * * CB3-6064-000 CB3-6180-000 CB3-6239-000 CG2-2542-000 CG2-2544-000 C C C C C 2 1 1 1 1 GASKET. PH .8mm CB3-6064×2 CG2-2544 CB3-6239 ACD-0491 E J CB3-6180 XA4-9170-407×2 M1.8mm XA1-7170-187 M1. CROSS-RECESS.7 ℓ=1.0mm CG2-2623 CG2-2542 ACD-0480 E J Those parts illustrated without parts numbers are N.S 部品です。 PARTS NO. PH SCREW.7 ℓ=4. EMI.S parts. C12-6251 NEW XA1-7170-187×2 M1. CROSS-RECESS. MAIN BASE PLATE TAPE.Pg. 10 CANON DIGITAL CAMERA EOS 7D PARTS LIST REF. MAKE UP FPC ASS Y. CF SCREW.

TFT FPC ASS'Y. TFT HOLDER TAPE. DOUBLE SIDE GASKET. TFT * * * * CB3-5912-000 CG2-2557-000 CG2-2644-000 CH9-1163-000 XA4-9170-307 C C C C F 1 1 1 1 4 GASKET. CLASS QTY DESCRIPTION * * * * * CB3-5718-000 CB3-5721-000 CB3-5722-000 CB3-5723-000 CB3-5910-000 C C C C C 1 2 1 1 1 HOLDER.Pg.S parts. EMI. TFT SCREW. 部品番号が記載されていないイラストは全て N. 11 CANON DIGITAL CAMERA EOS 7D PARTS LIST REF. NO.7 ℓ=3. BACK LCD ASS'Y. TFT COVER ASS'Y. EMI. CROSS-RECESS. TFT HOLDER CUSHION. TFT CUSHION.S 部品です。 PARTS NO. PH . C12-6251 NEW CG2-2644 CB3-5723 CH9-1163 CB3-5721×2 CB3-5912 CB3-5718 CB3-5910 CB3-5722 CG2-2557 XA4-9170-307×4 M1.0mm Those parts illustrated without parts numbers are N.

XA4-9170-457×3 M1. ACCESSORY SPRING. M1. FLASH * * * . RETAINING 1. CLASS QTY DESCRIPTION CB3-3507-000 CB3-3508-000 CB3-4635-000 CB3-5829-000 CB3-5832-000 C C C C C 1 1 4 1 1 SHOE.7 ℓ=4. MAIN SCREW.5mm 部品番号が記載されていないイラストは全て N. ACC. SHOE PLATE SCREW.3MM SCREW COVER. FLASH * * CB3-5806-000 CY3-1617-000 C C 1 1 SPRING. ACCESSORY SHOE C F F C C 1 3 * * CG2-2650-000 XA4-9170-457 XD2-1100-132 CB3-5160-000 CB3-5799-000 2 1 DIAL ASS'Y.Pg. FLASH POP UP CASE ASS Y.S 部品です。 NEW PARTS NO.2mm CB3-3508 CB3-3507 Bond 8008B (CY9-8118-000) CB3-5160 ACD-0487 E J CB3-5832 Grease NFH-743C (CY9-8125-000) CB3-5829 XD2-1100-132 CG2-2650 Those parts illustrated without parts numbers are N.7X5. C12-6251 ACD-0487 E J CB3-5799 CY3-1617 ACD-0487 E J Bond 1401C (CY9-8011-000) CB3-5160 ACD-0487 E J ACD-0487 E J CB3-5806 CB3-4635×4 M1. RELEASE BASE. 12 CANON DIGITAL CAMERA EOS 7D PARTS LIST REF. PH WASHER.S parts. NO.7 ℓ=5. CROSS-RECESS.2 BUTTON.