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Dade Sobarna ®2009

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CAUSE Irregular air control at BOV. replace seal. Surging Compressor . Several burnt thermocouples or corroded trim probes lead. ground. or switch bleed valve. Clean connection. FIX Clean mettering orifice. High T5 Low T5 T5 Difference between both engine. #1 bearing support and adapter out of round. Trouble Shooting Quick Reference COMPRESSOR SYMPTOM Hooting Sound. FIX Switch bleed valve or swap to other side. Increase oil pressure (within limits). TORQUE SYSTEM SYMPTOM High torque reading T/M reading levels off but actual torque still increasing Dropping torque pressure CAUSE Stuck T/M control valve (return spring or sleeve valve) Leakage from the aft sealing ring Worn T/M Seal FIX Apply Nitrogen to T/M oil pressure port to engine & rock prop. Corroded trim resistor connection. Replace pressure regulating valve or replace T/M valve Fluctuating T/M pressure © Dade Sobarna Fluctuating oil pressure or undersize T/M valve . CAUSE Loose trim stick terminals. Engine with different temperature profiles. Shaft Replace T/M sealing ring. hung start. Swap BOV to other side. T5 SYSTEM SYMPTOM Erratic T5 reading. BLEED VALVE SYMPTOM Very high T5. Hot start. No reading after repair. Bleed Valve closing early. If OK. Check for potential overtorque. Replace trim stick Replace thermocouples Check T5 gauges* by switching from side-to-side. choking/stall.1. no further action required. Replace support and adapter assy. Switch bleed valve BOV on wrong side of engine. change diaphragm. Rumbling Compressor. If pressure continues to drop. verify trim stick by comparing log book trim value to that on stick. Fluttering bleed valve. Thermocouples lockwired to Remove lockwire and correct. Clean the C-D orifice Switch bleed valve. FIX Repair terminal block. CAUSE Open bleed valve or late closure of BOV. Growling sound and possibly vibration.

Excessive oil crossing the #2 rear labyrinth seal. Burnt oil on turbine labyrinth seal Black exhaust smoke during Oversized #3 bearing operation. If oil not present. Erratic oil pressure at altitude. Oil mist in overboard Broken carbon seal breathing. repair or replace check valve. Oil leaking from oil-to-fuel heater. check valve. FIX Remove the housing and clean. Change O-ring on oil filter housing. Check tank pressurizing valve. Excessive oil crossing the #1 labyrinth seal. Remove and repair gas gen section. Check the oil filter element. CAUSE Check valve stuck open. © Dade Sobarna . Install oil filter correctly. High fluctuation of oil pressure at high altitude. Let sit for 10 minutes. Oversized #1 bearing labyrinth seal Oversized #2 bearing rear labyrinth seal Smoke at start up and/or Oversized #2 bearing front shutdown. check and replace the filter housing O-ring. Replace main oil pressure pump. labyrinth seal. and pressure relief valve. Stuck check valve causing bypassing of oil past the relief valve. Replace oil-to-fuel heater. Check diverter valve operation. OIL SYSTEM SYMPTOM Oil leaking at compressor inlet or #1 bearing. Oil leaking out of bleed valve. Diverter valve not diverting oil to oil cooler Cracked main oil pressure pump housing. or the pressure pump drive shaft diaphragm seal. Remove and replace the check valve. or scored pressure relief valve. Low oil pressure. Fluctuating oil pressure. Check O-ring on oil filter housing. Oil filter is bypass due to backwards oil filter. High oil temperature Oil pressure increase with Ng speed. Oil smell in the cabin. mixing with fuel and burning. Low static pressure in oil tank. Replace starter-generator carbon seal Check for proper operation of the tank pressurizing valve. If oil present. 24 psi decrease in oil pressure. High tank air pressure differential. Oil smell in the cabin and oily diffuser pipes. Change O-ring on oil filter housing. Remove and repair gas gen section. Clogged or damage oil filter element. the center tube O-ring. Increase in oil temperature. broken check valve spring.SECONDARY AIR SYSTEM & BREATHER SYMPTOM Oil in compressor (or at bleed valve) Oil smell in the cabin CAUSE FIX Replace labyrinth seal Replace labyrinth seal Replace labyrinth seal Replace labyrinth seal. High oil consumption. Clean or replace oil filter. Blocked oil filter. Static leak from oil tank.