atama - head naka - inside omoi - thought, mind, heart, feelings, emotion, heavy, massive, serious, important, severe

ippai - a cup of, a drink, full, to the utmost, one defeat afureru - to flood, to overflow, to brim over shinpai - worry, concern toriaezu - at once, first of all, for the time being fusagu - to plug up, to shut up, stop up, to close up, to block (up), to occupy hoshii wanted, wished for, in need of, desired

thing - object, person, thing 'tte is generally informal. It makes the phrase directly preceding it into a quote. It can be used when repeating yourself as

well as when quoting another person.

Kinou itta deshou? Nagoya ni ikimasu'tte. I told you yesterday, right? "I'm going to Nagoya."

shitai - suru + tai - want to do koto thing, matter, fact, circumstances, business

ienai - cannot say

dakedo- however kotoba - word(s), language, speech guuzen - by chance, unexpectedly, suddenly onaji - same, identical, equal, uniform, equivalent

leg. to seem mukougawa . to cross. to swell (out). to let one have. to react to. mood taiki . foot.balloon kyuu . to take kureru to get dark.the way be seen. steep ashi catch.atmosphere koeru . to get big mune . method . ascending. sudden. street. to come to an end.ride tonda .kaerimichi .to expand. chest fuusen . to do for one nara float joushou .not yet known. preposterous moto .other side.feeling. to pass through toki .to cross over. road. in case kimochi . to stop the blow. sensation. to end. pace. to be in sight.origin uketomeru.rising. return trip fukuramu .atmospheric current nori . opposite side. occasion mieru . to close.absolutely not. gait uku . way. to look. hour. climbing kiryuu . other party michi .urgent. to give.

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