HONG SON Dang Organizational Development Director 10 Nov. 2012 Jakarta CC-By-3.


• Project Leads:
– 1. Mr. QUOC BAO Nghiem (Society Approaching)
• President of Vietnam Association of Young Scientists and Engineers (VAYSE) • General Secretary of Vietnam Intellectual Property Association (VIPA)

– 2. Mr. VIET CUONG Dang (Legal) • Senior Partner of D&N International (No.1
Intellectual Property Law Firm of Vietnam)

• Operating Staff
– 1. Mr. HONG SON Dang (former staff of D&N International)
• Organizational Development Director

– 2. Ms. THUY HANG Vuong
• Domestic Communications Director

• 7 May 2010
– Creative Commons introduced – >> Birthday

• May 2010 – May 2012
– No follow-up activities organized due to
• Lack of resources, esp. quality personnel • No agreement on a strategy for CCVietnam reached

• Late 2011:
– Mr. HONG SON Dang nominated as Organizational Development Director – VAYSE and D&N International reached an agreement on a study to set up a development strategy for CCV

• June 2012 – present:
– Cooperation with Law Consultant Club (LCC) of Foreign Trade University
• Bring laws (esp. Intellectual Property Law) closer to real life via their activities • Set up a sample of a “sharing culture” among club members • Do some training for follow-up CC projects

– Reach agreement with OLYMPIA SCHOOLS (private & high quality provider of education for children 7-18 y.o: pilot program to educate children on
• Differences between proper and improper copying • How to protect their creative works and refrain from stealing others’ • Some other crucial skills

– Assisting Vietnam Open Educational Resources (VOER) during application of CC licenses to the shared works/materials on www.voer.edu.vn (funded by Vietnam Foundation)

• CCVietnam directs its operation towards
– youngsters (a variety of clubs) – educational, legal and cultural projects – assisting organizations/programs which have relevant concept, to gradually build recognition


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