Firm’s Background:

Popsie’s dormitory is a business establishment exclusively for lady tenants. It is located in Juan Dela Cruz Street, Davao City. Its location is convenient to those studying and also working because it is very accessible and it is very easy to commute. It operates manually and has no computer system to deal with their daily transactions. It is a 4-storey building and it has a total of 33 rooms which are available for occupancy. Not all rooms are occupied and also some rooms are designated for the owner’s relatives. It has a food court in the ground floor. The rooms can accommodate up to 4 persons depending on the type of room. There are two types of rooms: with bathroom and without. Both types cost 2500 pesos per person. It allows reservation of a room yet it needs to be personal meaning the incoming tenant must be there to meet up with the owner and the incoming tenant must personally give the 2000 pesos reservation fee that will be deducted in the 2 months advance and 1 deposit upon the tenant’s occupancy. The reservation fee has no time limit like for example, paying 5 months ahead before occupying the room means the fee will not be forfeited.


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The business can increase sales with a computerized system More tenants will occupy the dormitory

Project Identification:  Computerized reservation system

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